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Lauderdale County, Tennessee

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– 21 –

p. 248 - 6 Oct 1845 - Rezin Porter to Chas. Pierce for $5, all my interest in the estate of Benjm. Porter, dec'd, consisting of land and negroes of great value IN TRUST to secure debt to Y. Pierce & M. D. Fiser.  Wit:  Isaac Sampson, R. P. Caldwell.  Ack in Dyer Co 6 Oct 1845.

p. 249 - 14 Oct 1844 - John Crutcher of Elizabethtown, KY, Edmund Crutcher of Davidson Co, TN, Henry Crutcher, and Sarah Helm (by Henry Crutcher her attorney in fact) of Glascow, KY to James Crutcher of Elizabethtown, KY for $2385, two tracts, one in Dyer Co containing 552 acres, part of Thomas Crutcher, dec'd's tract of 3048 acres bounded by Thomas J. Helm and Henry Crutcher; and the other tract in Lauderdale Co containing 640 acres in 3&4r, s10, granted to Thomas Crutcher by TN 18 June 1822 bounded by Blackfan & Wright, Trimble & Co., and Thomas and Robert Love.  The sellers warrant 4/5 of the title.  Ack by John, Edmund, and Henry Crutcher in Davidson Co 16 Oct 1844.

p. 251 - 3 Sept 1844 - Ellen Kirkman of New Orleans, LA to Mary Jane Louisa Call of Tallahassie in the territory of Florida for $800, the undivided moiety of 160 acres in 13SD,r10,s1, part of Entry #736 for 640 acres made in the name of Henderson & Jones and is the locative interest in the tract which was conveyed by Memucan H. Howard on 15 July 1831 to John Ray.  Ack in Lauderdale Co, Ala on 3 Sept 1844.

p. 252 - 3 Sept 1844 - Ellen Kirkman of New Orleans, LA to Ellen Walker Long of Tallahassie in the territory of Florida for $800, the undivided moiety of 160 acres (same as above deed).  Ack in Lauderdale Co., Ala on 3 Sept 1844.

p. 254 - 13 June 1845 - State of TN #1191 to Alexander Tucker for 12 ½ cents per acre, 192.5 acres surveyed 3 July 1841, in r2,s9 bounded by P. & A. Morphis, R. P. Russell.

p. 255 - 6 Feb 1846 - John A. Williams to H. C. Keller for $5, 50 acres in Dist. 6 bequeathed to me by David Williams, dec'd lying in the ne corner of 151 acres formerly belonging to the said deceased Williams and yet undivided IN TRUST to secure debt owed James Gillespie, executor of the estate of David Williams, dec'd, and a debt owed the estate of James Lacey, and one owed James B. Crook.  Ack 5 Feb 1846.

p. 256 - 22 Jan 1846 - John T. Cain and Peter R. Winningham entered into copartnership on 25 Nov 1845 for the purpose of carrying on the mercantile business in the town of Durhamville under the firm & style of Winningham & Cain with these stipulations:  Peter R. Winningham having previously bought out the entire stock of goods, houses and lots of James G. Henning amounting to $1350, Cain agrees to pay to Winningham half of the original purchase amounting to $675.  Cain, then, is due half of the goods, houses, and lots #26, 27, 28, and 29 in Durhamville.  If either partner wishes to discontinue the business he shall give the other at least 6 months notice, and in case of the death of either partner, the business shall be wound up by the surviving partner in conjunction with the representatives of the said decedent.  Wit:  A. Phillips, Jas. H. Borum, Ivy Chandler.  Ack by John T. Cain 23 Jan 1846; by Winningham 2 Feb 1846.

p. 258 - 8 Sept 1845 - Matthew Barrow of Davidson Co to John Barrow (of Davidson Co?) for love and affection I have for my son and for $1, land in Madison Co, TN on the waters of the south fork of the Forked Deer River, being an undivided half of a 640 acre tract granted by TN to Matthew Barrow by grant #16517 joining the town of Jackson after deducting 62 of 63 acres sold heretofore to Jas J. Talbot not yet conveyed but a bond given for a title on the south.  The land hereby conveyed is the west end of the 640 acre tract and is about 289 acres more or less to be divided by a line due north and south to be the same quantity of acres on each end after taking out that grant sold to Talbot; also 640 acres on the south fork of the Forked Deer River in the 10th SD granted to M(atthew) Barrow by Grant #16519; also 50 acres joining the above on the south granted to Barrow by Grant #17197; also all my interest in a tract granted to Trimble Barrow McLemore & Nichol for 5000 acres on Cane Creek of Big Hatchy River in Lauderdale Co., my undivided interest being 220 odd acres  in a former division my part being with Cage & Nichol.  If a division has since taken place, I don't know it; also another tract of land on the south fork of the Forked

– 22 –

Deer River in Lauderdale Co which was conveyed by J. Rutherford to Barrow and Andrew Hays on 15 Aug 1820 and registered in the Register's office March 22, 1821.  This tract is part of Grant #74 for 3000 acres granted by NC to G(riffith) Rutherford.  Ack in Davidson Co 8 Sept 1845.

p. 259 - 13 Feb 1846 - John C. Barrow to Granville C. Torbitt for $300 all my undivided interest in a tract granted to Trimble Barrow McLemore & Nichol for 5000 acres on Cane Creek of Big Hatchey River, my undivided interest being 220 odd acres in a former division, my part being with Cage & Nichol, it being the same interest conveyed to me by my father M. Barrow in the above described tract of land.  Ack 14 Feb 1846.

p. 260 - 19 April 1845 - Wayne Co., NC - Hannah G. Slocumb of Wayne Co gives power of attorney to James G. Slocumb to sell 1350 acres on the north side of the Big Hatchie devised to me by the late Col. Joseph Green and fell to me in a division made between me and my sisters Mary boon and Nancy allen and my brother Robert G. Green.  Wit:  Hiram W. Housted, J. A. Bunting; proved by Housted 12 May 1845.

p. 262 - 4 Nov 1837 - Caroline Niswanger, widow of Jacob Niswanger, dec'd, to make title to Pleasant G. Davenport on 100 acres in the northeast corner of a 5000 acre grant to Daniel Malett whereon Caroline now lives in r3,s9 when he shall pay her $625 for which she holds his notes.  Wit:  James S. Cowan, John Fullen.  Proved on 2 Feb 1846 by James M. Barbee who swore that he was acquainted with the handwriting of James S. Cowan who has departed this life; proved on 16 Feb 1846 by John Fullen.

p. 263 - 5 Nov 1845 - Benjamin S. Tyus of Haywood Co and Lysander M. Campbell of Lauderdale Co are tenants in common of lots 36 and 43 in Ripley.  Now they want to divide each lot in half to hold their halves separately.  Wit:  Isaac M. Steele, Wm. Barry Grove.  Proved by both wits 16 Feb 1846.

p. 264 - 15 Mar 1839 - John Soward to Laban Jones and Violet, his wife, for the love and affection I bear to my beloved daughter Violet Jones, negro woman Cintha aged about 20 now in the possession of Laban and Violet Jones; also the children of Cintha--Mary about 4, Betsey about 3, and Farmer a boy about 1.  Ack 15 Mar 1839.

p. 265 - 30 Sept 1841 - James Long to Edmund Wright for $825, 252 acres, the same tract that Benjamin Porter, agent in fact for Alfred Sturgis, sold to James Long, being a part of a 2000 acre tract granted by NC to David Crawford by grant #379 on 20 Dec 1791 and conveyed by Crawford to Alfred Sturges.  Beginning at Henry Crihfield's southeast corner running north 87 1/2 degrees east 158 poles, then north 2 1/2 degrees west 256 poles, then south 87 1/2 degrees west 157 poles, then south to the beginning.  Wit:  Samuel Hooper, Henry Sumerow.  Proved by wits 16 Feb 1846.

p. 266 - 2 Feb 1846 - Hermis Champ to Frederick R. Smith for $1400, town lots 21 and 15 and improvements in Ripley.  Wit:  Jos. H. Borum, J. L. Hearring.  Ack 2 Feb 1846.

p. 277 - 28 July 1834 - Agreement between Matthew Rhea of Maury Co, Samuel Rhea, James D. Rhea, John Rhea, and Joseph S. Rhea of Sullivan Co.  Our relation the late John Rhea of Sullivan Co by his last will and testament devised and bequeathed to us 5000 acres in Tipton Co on the north side of Big Hatchie River in SD11, r3,s9&10 to be equally divided between us according to quality and quantity.  Last November Matthew Rhea, Jas. D. Rhea, and Joseph S. Rhea divided it into five lots equal in value.  Lot 1 fell to Jas. D. Rhea, 2 to Joseph S. Rhea, 3 to Matthew Rhea, 4 to Samuel Rhea, and 5 to John Rhea.  Lot 1 (968 acres) mentions Childress Creek and a field cleared by Wardlaw.  Lot 2 (968 acres), on the east on lot 1 and on the south boundary of the 5000 acres mentions the Hurricane.  Lot 3 (984 acres) mentions the Hurricane) is east of lot 2 on the south boundary of the 5000 acres and mentions Farmers Creek.  Lot 3 (1000 acres) mentions Farmers Creek.  Lot 4 (180 acres) mentions Farmers Creek, McClung & Taylor's corner.  Ack in Sullivan Co by Samuel, Jas. D. John and Jos. S. Rhea on 5 Sept 1834; in Maury Co by Matthew Rhea on 8 Dec 1834.

– 23 –

p. 280 - 16 Feb 1846 - Samuel S. Gause to David M. Henning for $350, negro man slave Bun.  I warrant the title no further than the same is vested in me by virtue of a deed of trust executed to me on 24 Feb 1845 for the benefit of S. W. Green, S. M. Sweet and Richard W. Green who were jointly and separately liable on a bill of exchange drawn by G. W. Green for the benefit of John W. Durant.
Wit:  G. L. Rutherford, A. Phillips.  Ack by Gause 16 Feb 1846.

p. 281 - 28 Jan 1846 - William Omohundro to Richard Carnal for $260, 106.5 acres on the south side of Mill Creek bounded by P. F. Crihfield and the Creek.  Wit:  Wm. B. Sawyer, Wm. H. Wright.  Proved by Sawyer and Wright 16 Feb 1846.

p. 282 - 14 Feb 1846 - Henry and Henry F. Rutherford to William Owen of Haywood Co for $400, 143 acres on the south side of Mill Creek beginning at the northeast corner of a tract owned by the heirs of Samuel Weakley, south 43.5 chains to Lanson H. Dunaway's corner and with his line east to his northeast corner, then north to the center of the Creek, then up the creek to the beginning.  Wit:  Wm. B. Sawyer, W. J. Pitts.  Proved 16 Feb 1846 by Sawyer and Pitts.

p. 284 - 30 Dec 1845 - Matthew Pickett to William Conner for $100, 10 acres in the Mississippi bottom near Ashport, part of the Ashport lands which was allotted to Pickett in the division as Lot 6 in Section A bounded by the Ashport Turnpike and the Mississippi River; also 14 acres and 127 poles (Lot 13 in Section B) bounded by the Ashport Turnpike; also Lot 53 in Section G (6 acres and 112 poles) bounded by the Turnpike Road.  Wit:  Willie Jones, C. P. Taliaferro.  Ack in Haywood Co 23 Feb 1846.

p. 285 - 9 Mar 1846 - Joseph Wardlaw to Anna Conner for $75 to be paid by two cows and calves ($20) and the other payment to be paid on 25 Dec 1847 in cotton, pork or young cattle, 50 acres in Dist 3 bounded on the east by James B. Crook, on the north by McGavock, and on the south by the Hatchey connection.  Ack 9 Mar 1846.

p. 286 - 27 Sept 1845 - Samuel J. Hays to Ed Burke Pickett for $1500, 640 acres in the Mississippi bottom bounded by Jas. Elrod and Jas. S. Lyon near the old channel of the south fork of the Forked Deer River.  Ack in Madison Co 27 Sept 1845.

p. 287 - 7 July 1837 - Rezin S. Byrn, Hiram C. Keller, Robert C. Campbell, and G. L. Rutherford, commissioners for the town of Ripley, to David Williams for $27, lot 51 on Franklin St. Ack 18 Feb 1840.

p. 288 - 5 Jan 1837 - Ferdinand Durham (with consent of wife Susanna) of Holmes Co, Mississippi, to Milton G. Turner of Lauderdale Co for $295, 59.25 acres in 11SD,r2,s9, part of Charles       2500 acre entry and part of Brown's locative interest in the tract deeded from Brown to Wm. R. Durham and a part of the tract deeded from W. R. Durham to Dudley Durham and by Dudley Durham to Ferdinand Durham.  Wit:  Thos. Durham, Ansel Edington.  Ack in Holmes Co, MS on 5 Jan 1837.

p. 291 - 1 Nov 1844 - Susan H. Thornton now of Fauquier Co, VA, Felicia C. L. Thornton, Susan S. Thornton, and Mary J. Thornton, daughters of the said Susan H., and Howard Thornton and Phillip Thornton, trustees, of Rappahannock Co, VA to William A. Anthony of Haywood Co and James G. Anthony of Lauderdale Co, for $2000 to be applied to the purchase of land in Gloucester Co., VA, their right, title and interest to dower slaves and their increase in the possession of Mrs. Mary J. Lee, now of Lauderdale Co, TN, their right being one equal undivided half of the following slaves:  Bridgett, Louisa, Maria and her three children, Soloman, Dolly, Peter, James, John, Nancy, Virginia, West, Harriet, Milly, William, Ellen, Joe, Esther, Sophia, Ewell, Betsey, Nelson, Henry Lewis, Henry Bragg, George Nelson, Lewis Nelson, William Dangerfield, Little Edmund, and Sally Bragg IN TRUST to secure the payment of $2000 for land bought of Mary S. Anthony in Gloucester Co, VA.  John S. and Susan H. Thornton by deed dated 31 March 1825 recorded in the clerk's office in Westmoreland Co., VA, had sold to Howard F. Thornton their claim in and to the reversion of the dower slaves and their increase held by Mrs. Mary J. Lee then of Westmoreland Co, VA which were assigned to the said Mary J. Lee in the division of the estate of

– 24 –

Phillip Lee, deceased, in Trust for the separate use of Susan H. Thornton, but reserving to Susan H. the right by and with the consent of the Trustee to sell the slaves or otherwise dispose of them and invest the proceeds in other property.  On 12 July 1834 Susan, by and with the consent of her Trustee, Howard F. Thornton, by deed recorded in Clerk's office of Westmoreland Co, conveyed to Phillip Thornton and Howard F. Thornton the slaves for the separate use of herself during her life and for the use of any or all of her children as by deed or last will and testament she might appoint, reserving to herself the right, with the consent of the trustees, to sell or otherwise dispose of them and invest the proceeds in other property.  Now Susan and Howard F., as her Trustee under the first-named deed, and Felicia C. L. Thornton, Susan S. Thornton, and Mary J. Thornton in whom the reversion under the second deed is, and Phillip Thornton and Howard F. Thornton as trustees under the second deed, for $2000 to be applied to the purchase of land in Gloucester Co, VA make this trust deed.  Mary J. is not now 21, but the others guarantee that she will ratify it when she reaches that age.  Ack by Howard F. and Phillip Thornton 1 Nov 1844 in Rappahannock Co, VA; by Susan H., Felicia C. L., Susan S. and Mary J. Thornton in Fauquier Co, VA 15 Nov 1844.

p. 296 - 26 Mar 1846 - Josiah M. Alexander to James P. Anderson for $876, 150 acres in Dist 4 bounded by Jacob Tipton's entry and Fisher.  Wit:  Joel Lewis, J. H. Flowers.  Ack 6 April 1846.

p. 297 - 22 Jan 1846 - Matthew Brandon to John B. Bailey for $200, 56 1/4 acres in 8th Civil District, being part of 5000 acres granted by NC to Martin Armstrong, Jr. by grant #27 and being Lot 1 in the division of the grant among the heirs of Alexander Work and bounded by Lots 5, 4, and 2.  Wit:  A. G. F  son, Charles P. Clark.  Ack in Dyer Co 22 Jan 1846.

p. 298 - Arthur Totty to Archer Phillips for $5, 51 3/4 acres joining D. M. Henning, M. G. Turner, John Price and others, a roan mare and cole, a small two-horse waggon IN TRUST to secure debts to D. M. Henning and to Henning as adm. of George Thum's estate, one to Joseph S. Rhea, and one to William Williams.  Wit:  Jas. Price.  Ack 6 Apr 1846.

p. 300 - 28 Dec 1841 - Henry F. Rutherford, adm. of John Rutherford, dec'd, by authority vested by decree of the Circuit Court of Dyer Co at October term 1841 and for $500, sell to Samuel Hooper a negro woman Malinda aged about 23 (the health of Malinda is not warranted.)  Wit:  S. Richardson, Wm. Curtis.  Ack 7 Feb 1842.

p. 301 - 2 Jan 1842 - Samuel Hooper to Henry F. Rutherford for $500, negro woman Malinda aged about 23 (her health is not warranted).  Wit:  S. Richardson, Wm. Curtis.  Ack 7 Feb 1842.

p. 302 - 7 July 1839 - Rezin S. Byrn, Hiram C. Keller, Robert C. Campbell, and G. L. Rutherford, commissioners for the town of Ripley to Daniel Williams for $15.25, Ripley town lot #73 bounded by Main Street and Lafayette Street.  Ack 18 Feb 1840.

p. 303 - 21 April 1846 - Benjamin T. Porter to John Soward for $1, negro woman slave Ona aged about 37, warranted to be sound, sensible and healthy IN TRUST to secure debt of $165.94 owed to Soward.  Ack 21 April 1846.

p. 305 - 27 April 1846 – L(ysander) M. Campbell to George A. Campbell of Haywood Co. for $1, Ripley town lot #101 on which I now live, 1 mahogany front bureat, 2 father beds and bedsteads, 1 Lowel carpet containing 30 yards, 1 small workstand, 1 common stove and pipe, 1 franklin stove & pipe IN TRUST to secure debt of $234 owed Alex. A. Campbell of Madison County.  Ack in Haywood Co 2 May 1846.

p. 306 - 10 March 1846 - James M. White and wife, Ann W., the only heirs at law of John Smith T. deceased, to Cornelius A. Reading and John F. Pierson for $5000, the undivided 4/5 part of 3,119.5 acres in Lauderdale County in the Western district of Tennessee on the Mississippi River.  It is the same tract granted Wm. P. Anderson on 21 March 1823 by grant #18862 in the 13 SD and afterwards sold at a public sale by Robert Purdy, United States Marshal, and purchased by John Smith T (deed dated 3 May 1825 and

– 25 –

recorded in the Register's office of Dyer Co).  Bounds of the land are the bank of the Miss. River near the line dividing Sections 1 and 2 in Range 10 and James Boon's entry.  Reading and Pierson are to have recorded a deed of trust to secure the payment of the amount owing the Whites for the land.  Ack 10 March 1846 in Saint Lewis Co., MO.

p. 308 - 10 March 1846 - John F. Pierson and Cornelius A. Reading of Lauderdale Co., TN to John Simonds and John A. Dougherty for $1, the undivided 4/5 part of 3119.5 acres (same description as above deed) IN TRUST to secure two notes of $1352.41 each, the balance due on the land, owed James M. White and his wife, Ann W.  In case of default, public notice of the time, terms, and place of the sale which is to be at public vendue shall be advertised in some St. Louis newspaper and one printed in Trenton or Jackson.  Ack in Lauderdale Co. 4 May 1846.

p. 310 - 22 November 1845 - Peter R. Winningham to Archer Phillips for $500, negro girl Rachel and boy John, who were conveyed to Jarred Winningham by a deed in trust.  Jarred Winningham hereby releases and conveys all his claim to the negroes to Phillips.  /s/ Peter R. Winningham, Jarrel Winningham; witnesses Thomas J. Winningham, Ann Winningham.  Ack by Peter R. Winningham 4 May 1846.

p. 311 - 10 April 1846 - William Conner of Haywood Co to Hiram C. Keller of Lauderdale Co. for $70, all his interest in a tract in the 3rd civil district on the waters of Cane Creek joining land of James L. Green and others, it being the land originally owned by John Donaldson by entry #501 for 320 acres and which Conner obtained at a tax sale in 1837.  It is bounded by Charles McDowell.  Wit:  Isaac M. Steele, Henry H. Richardson.  Proved by both witnesses 11 April 1846.

p. 313 - 6 April 1846 - G. L. Rutherford to W. W. Lea:  A judgement was given in favor of the state by the Circuit Court on 20 Feb 1838 for unpaid taxes for 1837 ($7.65) on 500 acres reputedly owned by Anthony Bledsoe in Civil Districts 3 and 4 bounded by the road from Ripley to Fulton, lands of Jacob McGavock, James P. Taylor,  crossing Cane Creek to the range line, lands of "said Bradshaw", Purdom & Crawford.  The judgement came to the hands of John C. Barnes as sheriff and collector on 28 Feb 1838, and after advertising, he sold the land at the court house on the first Monday of July 1838 to Wm. W. Lea for $7.65, the best bid.  Rutherford, as successor of John C. Barnes as sheriff and collector, hereby transfers the tract to Lea.  Ack 4 May 1846.

p. 314 - 29 Jan 1844 - G. L. Rutherford to Wm. W. Lea:   William Moore recovered a judgement for $1131.37 debt and $10 cost against John C. McLemore in the Circuit Court of Shelby Co. on 17 Feb 1843 on which a writ of fieri facias issued on 26 Nov 1843 and came to the hands of Griffith L. Rutherford as sheriff of Lauderdale Co on 4 December and there being no personal property of McLemore's sufficient to satisfy the execution, Rutherford levied on 900 acres of McLemore's in District 3 on the Hatchie River, and sold it at the courthouse door on 29 Jan 1844 to William W. Lea, the highest bidder, for $74.25.  Ack 4 May 1846.

p. 315 -  10 Dec 1845 - James Marshall to Frederick Halfacre, title bond to 384 acres in Dist. 2, 11 SD, S10,42, bounded by Daniel Wheaton.  When Halfacre has paid $1152 in several stated payments Marshall is to give him title.  Wit:  Isaac E. Maclin, Thomas Simmons.  Ack in Williamson Co. by Marshall and Halfacre 25 April 1846.

p. 317 - 26 Mar 1845 - James A. King of Livingston Parish, LA, executor of Samuel King, dec'd, late of Iredell Co, NC to Pleasant G. Davenport of Lauderdale Co. for $250, 400 acres north of the Hatchey River, part of the King & McLemore tract and bounded by William Moore, Thomas Boyd, Hatchey River, and Peoli Collier.  Wit:  Wm. J. Crocker, James M. Barber.  Ack in Lauderdale Co by both witnesses 2 Feb 1846.

– 26 –

p. 318 - 16 Feb 1846 - Richard D. Williams of Orange Co, NC by Henry F. Rutherford, his agent and attorney in fact of Lauderdale Co., to John B. Childress of Williamson Co, TN for $205, 36.75 acres on Chambers Creek of the south fork of Forked Deer River, part of 5000 acre tract granted by NC to Martin Armstrong, bounded by William Espy.  Ack 16 Feb 1846.

p. 320 - 4 Dec 1845  - G. L. Rutherford to Henry Pitts: A judgement was given in favor of the state by the Circuit Court on 5 Feb 1844 for $6.72 for taxes for 1843 against 214 acres in District 8 of which James W. Herndon is reputed owner.  The land begins on Benj. Jordan's corner on Henry Rutherford's line and borders on tract once owned by Elizabeth Crenshaw.  An order for sale came to the hands of Sheriff G. L. Rutherford who advertised and sold it at the courthouse door on the first Monday of July 1844 at public sale to Thomas D. Hart for $6.72, and Hart transferred the certificate to Henry Pitts.  Ack 2 May 1846.

p. 321 - 28 Jan 1846 - William Omohundro to William Richardson for $340, 74.75 acres on the south side of Mill Creek of the South Fork of Forked Deer River bounded by Phillip F. Crihfield and Mill Creek.  Wit:  Wm. B. Sawyer, Wm. H. Wright.  Proved by both witnesses 16 Feb 1846.

p. 322 - 13 Oct 1822 - Noah Wilson of Sampson Co., NC to Kimbrough and Nathaniel Jones (C Tree), for $800, 640 acres (excepting the locator's part which is not to exceed 1/4 of the acreage) in 11SD,3R,9S bounded by William Russell, John Rhea, amd Hardy Murphrey.  The 640 acres was founded on Military Warrant #361  issued by NC for the military services of Wilson's father, John Wilson, who was a soldier in the Revolutionary War in the line of the state of NC, and was transferred by John Wilson to his son Noah.  Wit:  Richard Smith, Peter Porter.  Proved by Richard Smith in Wake Co, NC August 1842.  In August 1843 Allen Adams and Adam G. Banks swore that Peter Porter was dead and they are acquainted with his handwriting and they believe the signature to the above deed is his.

p. 328 - 30 April 1846 - W(illiam) B. Chambers to S. M. Blair for $300, 128 acres where Chambers now resides, it being a part of a tract granted to Griffith Rutherford for 3000 acres by NC #37 dated 10 July 1788 and conveyed to Henry Rutherford 11 July 1798, beginning on Balls branch at Samuel Stricklin's line.  Wit:  H. Rutherford.  Ack 16 May 1846.

p. 329 - Will of John J. Gause of Brunswick Co, NC; 1) my soul to God;
2) executors to sell all my lands except my stock park plantation as soon as they think practicable and the money applied to my debts. 
3) I have already given to my three grandchildren by my dec'd daughter Elizabeth Blackwell sundry negroes and 3 quarter-sections of land in the territory of Arkansas which is a full proportion of my estate for them. 
4) to Saml. Frink and John P. Gause in special trust for my daughter Ann M. Wilson and her children all the negroes and their increase which I delivered to her on her marriage with William Willson to be in no way subject to liabilities of her husband, and have also executed a deed to James G. Basford for the land given her on her marriage which has since been sold by her husband William Willson.  To my granddaughter Emiline Willson a negro girl named Hester and to my grandson John J. Willson a negro boy named Jack, and in case of his death before arriving at age of 21 or married, for the boy to go to my granddaughter Julia Willson. 
5) to my son Samuel S. I have given eight negroes and have deeded his full portion of land except two hundred acres on Shallotte called Stand Land Mills for which he has no deed; therefore, I devise it to him. I have also given him some stock timber wheels and black smith tools, all has been delivered to him, and is his full proportion of my estate.
6) To my son George W. Gause I have given eight negroes, one tract of land on Shallotte called McMilly but have not executed a deed to him; therefore, I devise it to him; also half of my Laurel Grove Plantation, five cows and calves and one yoke of oxen.  I also give negro boy Isaac, the son of Lydia, to the first son of my son Geo. W. Gause called John Julius, and if no such child, then to his other children if any he shall have all of this property has been delivered to him and is his full proportion of my estate.

7) Although I believe the act of assembly permitting the entailment of negroes to be unconstitutional yet for

– 27 –

the purpose of giving satisfaction I leave all the negroes that came by my wife Emily R. to her and at her death to be divided agreeable to Mr. Frederick Miller's will.  I also give her all the furnitire that she purchased with money that came from the estate of William Lord two beds and furniture, two mattresses, my horse Commet, carriage, five cows and calves and one yoke of oxen and during her natural life (in lieu of her dower) my summer residence Stock Park and after her death to be divided among my heirs not heretofore mentioned.  This bequest is made upon the following conditions alone To wit that if she be satisfied with my will but if she be dissatisfied my will then is that it all be considered as my own absolute property and that she come in but for a child's part.
8) If there is any surplus from the sale of my lands and the perishable property after my debts are paid, that surplus with all my negroes to be equally divided among my following children:  John P., Julius L., Jane M., Margaret L. Frederick B., Moriah T. B. and Julia E. Gause, reserving from the above a sum sufficient to build a family vault for the interment of my remains and that of my family as herein after directed.
9) It is my request that my body should be placed in the vault with my two dec'd wives until a new one can be built at the old family ground on the plantation late the residence of Samuel Gause dec'd estate then I request my executors to have my own remains interred therein, those of my two wives, Mr. and Mrs. Bronard, and my children that are within the vault or be intered in the old burying ground.  This I enjoin on my executors to have carried into effect immediately after my death.  To my son John P. I give my gold watch chain and seal and it is my wish in the lot of negroes assigned to him my negro fellow William to be consider as one.  To my son Julius L. I give my gold sleave buttons.  To my son Frederick B. I give a set of silver table and tea spoons, my portrait, the sorrel mare, and in the lot of negroes assigned to him I wish my boy Henry to be considered as one.  To my daughters Jane M. and Margaret L. I give each a bed and furniture.  To my daughter Moriah T. B. I give a silver ladle marked J.E.B. a sett of tablespoons marked J.J.M.T.G. and the picture Rural Scenery and to my daughter Julia E. a set of Table and tea spoons to be purchased by my executors and to be engraved with the initials of her name.
10) It is my will that the property which will be coming to my son Julius L. when my estate is divided shall be left in trust to John P. Gause and George W. Gause for the use and maintenance of the said Julius L. Gause and such child or children that he may have and in no way subject or liable to the debts or contracts of the said Julius L. Gause.
11) The definite meaning of the 7th and 8th items are and it is my will that upon my demise all the negroes with their increase which came by my wife Emily R. should be valued and delivered to her and that after my executors have paid all my just debts I wish all my negroes that came by me to be divided among my children John P., Julius L., Jane M., Frederick B., Margaret L., Moriah T. B. and Julia E. Gause taking first into view the negroes that were delivered to my wife and let them be divided among the children which I have by her agreeable to the will of Mrs. Miller and then as much out of the negroes that came by myself as will make them share equal with my son John P. and Julius L. Gause.
12) It is my will that in case it becomes necessary to make sale of any of my negroes to satisfy debts then I direct my executors to sell to the best advantage the following negroes to wit Baccus & Cuffy.  Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my friend and kinsman Samuel Frink my sons John P., Samuel S., and Gor. W. Gause executors to this my last will and testament hereby revoking and disannulling all former will or wills by me made and ratifying and confirming this to be my last will and testament, given under my hand and seal at Stock Park this 3 day of May, 1836.  /s/ John J. Gause  Wit:  Wm. Basford, Jas. G. Basford, John Basford.  The last will and testament of John J. Gause was proved in open court September 1836 by the oaths of Wm. Basford and James G. Basford and ordered to be registered.

p. 333 - 2 May 1846 - S. M. Blair to Henry F. Rutherford for $500, 127 acres on the drains of Ball's branch bordering Samuel Stricklin, one white or grey stallion called Chancellor, one jack called Osceola, also the present crop of corn which Blair is cultivating and each succeeding crop grown on the above tract of land for eight succeeding years from this date, one ox cart on Samuel Stricklins shop, also two sows and ten pigs, one table, two bedsteads, 6 chairs, 2 feather beds and bed clothing IN TRUST to secure debt of $900 owed H. Rutherford.  Ack 16 May 1846.

p. 335 - 30 April 1846 - Henry Rutherford to William B. Chambers for $375, 7 acres on the north side of

– 28 –

Mill Creek, beginning in the center of the creek at the eastern boundary of Rutherford's claim of a 2000-acre grant, with the line north to the southeast corner of Josias Chamber's tract, with his south line to Richard Parr's line, then south to a corner of a mill acre and a half tract conveyed by said Rutherford to Parr and Wm. B. Sawyer, then with their line east to their N.E. corner, then south with said line E. to the middle of Mill Creek, and down the creek to the beginning.  Wit:  S. M. Blair.  Ack 11 May 1846.

p. 337 - 8 June 1846 - Wm. J. Timmons to Archibald Phillips for $600, negro man Reddick, 18 years of age.  Wit:  Henry W. Willard, James W. Willard.  Ack 15 June 1846.

p. 337 - 12 June 1846 - Wm. J. Timmons to Henry Willard for $3500, eight negroes:  Chap, 40 years of age; Charles, 30 years; Cate, 33; Mary Ann, 14; Sam, 16; Claton, 14; Belinda, 9; Harriet, 7.  Wit:  Jacob Harrell, Henry W. Willard.  Ack 15 June 1846.

p. 338 - 22 May 1846 - Jonathan Laney to Milton F. Lake for $1, to secure Elijah Lake and James B. Crook who are securities to a bond of $1200 dated January 4, 1841, Laney places IN TRUST 200 acres in Civil Dist. 4, r6, s9, bounded by Trustees of E.T. College and McLemore, a gray horse four years old, a sorrell mare, 5 years old, an old bay mare, a bay filly three years, 20 head of cattle, a yoke of oxen, 17 cattle, a waggon, 2 feather beds and furniture.  Henry W. Willard, James W. Willard.  Proved by the witnesses 15 June 1846.

p. 340 - Whereas Robert Weakley, Dec'd executors on the 3 November 1828 under seal to Henry Rutherford of the county of Lauderdale & state of Tennessee his bond or obligation as follows to wit:  Know all men by these presents that I Robert Weakley of Davidson County have this day come to a settlement with Henry Rutherford of Dyer County, TN and said Rutherford has given me his note for $264.40 bearing interest from this date.  Now know ye that when said Rutherford, his heirs, executors or administrators shall have paid me or my heirs or assigns the above sum with interest then I will relinquish all claim which I now hold from Robert Armstrong as described in said deed unto the said Henry Rutherford, his heirs or assigns as witness my hand and seal.  Wit:  Saml. Weakley and the same Henry Rutherford having paid to us in full the balance due on the note specified in the above obligation amounting with interest to this date to the sum of $422.12, now therefore this indenture made and entered into this 27 May 1846 by and between Robert L. Weakley and Robert M. Patton, administrators of Robert Weakley, Dec'd of the one part and Henry Rutherford of the county of Lauderdale and state of Tennessee of the other part.  Witnesseth that the said Ro L. Weakley and Robert M. Patton, adms of Robert Weakley, Dec'd for and in consideration of the sum of $472.12 to us in hand paid the receipt which is hereby acknowledged, it being in full the balance due on the above note do hereby rem    , release and forever quit claim to the said Henry Rutherford his heirs & c all the right title & interest held by Robert Weakley dec'd at the time of his death in and to the following described lands being the land referred to in the obligation above as follows:  a grant of land containing 3000 acres known by its No. 37 originally owned by Griffith Rutherford, also a grant originally to said Henry Rutherford containing 2000 acres known as No. 34, also a grant to W. T. Lewis No. 156 containing 1490 acres also of which are situate and lying in the county of Lauderdale & State aforesaid, also a grant originally to Archabald Murphy known as grant No. 339 containing 4350 acres situated and being in the county of Dyer and state of Tennessee.  Given under our hands & seals this day and date above written.  Wit:  Franklin Sen(?), Andrew Ewing, F. B. Fogg.  Proved in Williamson Co. by Andrew Ewing and Francis B. Fogg 27 May 1846.

p. 341 - 29 May 1846 - William Conner of Haywood Co to Thomas Hazelwood of Lauderdale Co for $256, 56.5 acres, part of Alfred More's entry #625 for 5000 acres on the waters of Cane Creek joining land of Robert F. Maclin, Robert Walker and others, R. C. Campbell's Blount tract.  Wit:  Charles Conner, Lewis A. Conner.  Ack 16 June 1846.

p. 343 - 9 May 1846 - James H. Givens to Hiram C. Keller for $1, an occupant claim for 99.75 acres

– 29 –

entered in the name of Sally W. Johnson on 14 Jan 1837 in Ranges 5 & 6, Section 9 of 11 SD and joined by land of the Trustees of E.T. College, and slaves Mary about 24, Fanny 22, Albert 7, Martha 5, Harison 4, Ellis 4, and Wesley 1 IN TRUST to secure Keller as the security of Givens on several bonds as the guardian of Polly W. Johnson and Sally A. Johnson.  Wit:  J. F. Goodson, S. T. Evans.  Ack 15 June 1846.

p. 344 - 13 June 1846 - John C. McLemore of Shelby Co to Sarah T. Moore, relict of William Moore, dec'd of Gibson Co for $325.50, 447 acres on the north side of Hatchey River in Civil District 1 bounded by a grant of the Hatchey Connection in the name of John Estes, land owned by said William Moore, dec'd, and Saml. King, the Hatchey River, and heirs of Mallette.  This land was bought by said Moore, dec'd, on 31 May 1844, having been sold as the property of said John C. McLemore to satisfy a judgement in favor of Moore.  Also McLemore, for Sarah T. Moore, relict of Wm. Moore, dec'd, and John M. Moore, executor of Wm. Moore, dec'd, having agreed to receive one other tract of 900 acres in the 3rd Civil District in full satisfaction of the remainder of the judgement and all cost and charges, conveys part of grant #341 of the Hatchey connection bordered by Grant #281, Hatchey River, James Trimble's lot of Grant #341.  Wit:  Wm. W. Lea, A. J. Henry.  Ack in Shelby County 13 June 1846.

p. 346 - 21 Dec 1842 - John C. McLemore to Charles D. McLean of Shelby County, power of attorney to convey to my creditors as may be willing to receive land in payment of their claims on me, any of my lands in the western District of Tennessee not included in the mortgage to the Messrs. Donalson & others, and 3200 acres in Arkansas in the counties of Layfayette, Hempstead, and Clark on the Washatau & Red River.  Ack by John D. McLean 3 Mar 1843.

p. 347 - 30 May 1846 - Wm. W. Lea to Sarah T. Moore, relict of the late William Moore, dec'd, all of Gibson County, the said deceased having recovered a judgement in circuit court of Shelby County against John C. McLemore for $1131.37 on a bill of exchange for $1000 drawn by McLemore on Morton Pleasants & Co of New Orleans on which Wm. W. Lea was the first endorser, and Moore, dec'd, was the last endorser and Lea was bound to Moore to secure and indemnify him against all loss and damages, and Lea had executed a deed of trust to Moore on certain lands in Gibson Co., and a writ of fieri facias from Shelby Co was directed to the sheriff of Lauderdale Co and was levied on a tract as the property of McLemore containing 900 acres in the 3rd Civil District bounded by John Rice, Hatchey River, heirs of James Trimble.  It is the portion of Grant #341 of 5000 acres which was laid off to McLemore as one fourth of the tract from the executors of Patience Westcott on 1 Jan 1837 registered in the Register's office at Covington on 15 October 1836(sic), this being all of that portion of said tract owned by McLemore on the north side of Hatchey.  It was advertised according to law by Griffith L. Rutherford, sheriff of Lauderdale County and offered at public sale on 27 Jan 1844 and Wm. W. Lea was the highest bidder at $74.25, which was paid by the agent of Wm. Moore, dec'd, and the sheriff made a deed for the tract to Wm. W. Lea on 29 Jan 1844.  Now that Sarah T. Moore and John M. Moore, executor of Wm. Moore, dec'd, have agreed to accept this 900 acres in settlement, Lea hereby conveys the property to her.  Ack Wm. W. Lea 16 June 1846.

p. 350 - 20 June 1846 - Wm. Lemons and Jane L. Lemons his wife to Mary Ann Little for $300, a negro girl named Winny.  Wit:  W. L. McKinley, John A. Hogsett.  Proved by both witnesses 20 June 1846.  Private examination of Jane L. Lemons taken by L. M. Campbell 20 June 1846.

p. 352 - 29 June 1844 - William Smith, executor of Samson Smith, dec'd, to David A. Bradford for $1510, 151 acres bounded by lands of George Young, Daniel Cherrys heirs, Tyre Rhodes, and D. A. Bradford.  Wit:  James Thomson, G. S. Bradford.  Proved by G. S. Bradford 29 June 1844, by James Thomson 23 September 1844.

p. 353 - 15 Dec 1845 - Robert Hewit to Joseph Hays for $500, 75 acres, part of "John Wilsons tract Rice or parcel of land" on the waters of Russell's Creek of big Hatchey River.  Wit:  R. W. Green, James Brown.  Ack 16 June 1846.

– 30 –

p. 354 - 23 June 1846 - Griffith L. Rutherford to Napoleon B. Hamilton, Patrick A. Hamilton, and William C. Hamilton, the heirs of John W. Hamilton, dec'd, late of Sumner Co, TN - Tax sale of 480 acres of (blank) Swanson and (blank) Boden's in Civil District 5, SD11, 46, s10 for $6.4475 cents for 1844.  Land was sold first Monday of July 1844 to Isaac M. Steele and Steele transferred it on 3 January 1845 to the Hamiltons.  Ack 23 June 1846

p. 355 - 15 June 1837 - Howell Taylor, Jr., Nicholas T. Perkins, and David Hay, commissioners appointed unter the fifth section of an act of the General Assembly of the State of TN entitled "An Act to Establish the County of Lauderdale" to fix on a place and locate the seat of Justice in said county, to Rezin S. Byrn, Robert C. Campbell, Hiram C. Keller, Henry R. Crawford, and Griffith L. Rutherford, commissioners appointed by the county court of Lauderdale County at the May Term 1836 to superintend and sell lots in the Town of Ripley, the county seat of the county.  Thomas Brown of Lowndes Co, Miss. on 24 Feb 1836 deeded to Taylor, Perkins, and Hay as commissioners 62.5 acres on waters of Cane Creek beginning in the eastern division line between the lots of land of Brown and the heirs of Joel Lewis made by Wm. H. Henderson, commissioner appointed to divide Charles McDowell's tract of 500 acres as will more fully appear by reference to the records and papers filed in the Clerk's office of the Federal or the Circuit Court in Nashville in the suit of Lewis against McDowell.  Wit:  D. P. Phillips, A. Phillips.  James L. Green swore on 6 April 1846 that he was acquainted with Howell Taylor who acknowledged the deed as his act and deed on 29 Oct 1845.  Robert H. Hamil swore on 2 May 1846 that he was acquainted with David Hay and Howell Taylor and they acknowledged it to be their act and deed on 29 Oct 1845.  Howell Taylor, Nicholas T. Perkins and David Hay ack 23 June 1846.

pp. 358 and 359 missing on the film.

p. 360 - 6 July 1846 - Jeremiah B. Moseley to Wm. P. Posey for $43.43 and $80 due by notes all my present growing crop of cotton and the proceeds therefrom. (Caption says it is a trust deed).  Ack 6 July 1846.

p. 361 - 6 July 1846 - William Corley to Henry Willard for $5 2 cows and calves, 20 hogs, a bay mare 4 years old last spring IN TRUST to secure debts to James B. Crook.  Ack 6 July 1846.

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