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Lauderdale County, Tennessee

Abstracted by Bettie B. Davis
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p. 300 - 4 Nov 1828 - Wm. Watson of Dyer Co to Robert Watson of Dyer Co., for $125, 1/2 of 3/4 of 2 shares out of 29 1/2 shares (see above description).  Ack March 1829 in Dyer Co.  On 27 Oct 1837 the Dyer Co. register certified the above as a copy of the deed on pp. 165-6 in Dyer Co. Book B.

p. 302 - 22 Dec 1838 - J. Cheek to Amos C. Latham for $300, "my entire stock" of cattle,, horses, hogs, 1 bed and clothing, 2 sheep.  Wit:  G. L. Rutherford, James McElyea; ack 24 Dec 1838.

p. 302 - 14 Dec 1829 - Robert Watson of Dyer Co to Wm. Jordan for $95, all his interest in the 5000 acre tract ne of the Key Corner [see pp. 299, 300].  Wit:  John Jordan, W. Watson, Wm. K. Wells.  On 23 June 1838 Henderson Clark and Edward G. Strange appeared before Isaac Sampson, clerk of Dyer County Court, and swore that they were acquainted with the writing of the witnesses and that the signatures were theirs, and that the witnesses now lived out of the state.

p. 303 - 26 Dec 1838 - John Chapman in trust to Joseph Wardlow, household and kitchen furniture, 1 mule, cattle, hogs, 3 beds and bedding, saddles, to secure debt to Samuel V. Gilliland...Wm. J. Connerly...David Gilliland...James Braden...  Wit: James Whitson, Wm. McClelland; ack 26 Dec 1838.

p. 305 -  3 April 1838 - John Laird in trust to R. H. McGaughey 150 acres (the occupant on which Wm. Laird now lives, bounded on east by Donelson's 1001 acres, on north byMcElyea, on the west byE. Cesney, on the south by James N. Smith & Wm. T. Morehead) to secure debt to Bird B. Barnet for $86.69.  Ack 23 Apr 1838.

p. 306 - 23 July 1830 - Wm. Jordan of Dyer Co to Benjamin F. Jordan of Dyer Co. for $95 all his interest in Martin Armstrong's NC Grant #27 for 5000 acres, entered Oct 29, 1783, surveyed Sept 2, 1785.  Wit:  W. B. Jones, B. F. Rounsaville.  Proved on 3 Dec 1838 by Stephen M. Sullivan and Robt. Jordan who say they have frequently seen Wm. Jordan write and they belive this his signature.

p. 307 - 3 Dec 1838 - Benj. F. Jordan of Haywood Co to Edith Keneley, Pascal W. Saunders and Susan C. Saunders, his wife, and Edith Ann Keneley, heirs of John Keneley, dec'd, for $250 all his interest in Martin Armstrong's NC Grant #27.  Ack 3 Dec 1838.

p. 308 - 1 Oct 1838 - John C. Barnes, Sheriff and collector of taxes, to Wm. Conner, for unpaid taxes of $6.25 on 1001 acres in Civil Dist. 2 of which John Donelson, Jr. and John Sturett are reputed owners, entered in their name 17 March 1821 founded on John Armstrong warrant #1632 bounded by Daniel Wheaton's 640 acre entry...Jones and Hackedy.  On 20 Feb 1837 Circuit Court gave judgment in favor of St. of TN for taxes, costs and charges due and unpaid for 1836 against tract and Guy Smith (then sheriff) advertised in Jackson Truth Teller and Western District Sentinel (published in Jackson) that the sale would be at the courthouse the first Monday in July 1837.  Conner was successful bidder and the year having passed without the owners having redeemed it, the sheriff issues deed.  Wit:  Jas. M. Strother, Samson Smith.  Ack 17 Oct 1838.

p. 310 - 1 Oct 1838 - John C. Barnes, Sheriff and Collector of taxes, to Wm. Conner, for $6.53, 300 acres reputedly owned by John Donelson in Civil Dist. 3, entry 501 dated 17 Mar 1821 founded on Warrant #3204 issued for 320 acres bounded by Chas. McDowell's 5000 acre entry #440...unpaid taxes (sale same as above).
Wit:  Jas. M. Strother, H. F. Rutherford; ack 17 Oct 1838.

p. 312 - 22 Nov 1838 - Dabney P. Phillips to Monroe Pinckney Estus for $400, 100 acres in SD 11 r2s9, the land Phillips purchased of Robt. Maxwell, part of John Younts (sic), bordering Yount's 320 acre tract.  Ack 22 Nov 1838.

p. 313 - 2 Oct 1838 - Henry & Henry F. Rutherford to Samuel Hooper for $375, 100 acres on south of Mill Creek...Denton's line on east, part of NC Grant 37 to Griffith Rutherford for 3000 acres...Ack 1 Oct 1838.

p. 314 - 11 Jan 1839 - George S. Johnson in trust to Samuel V. Gillilandnegro man Dave, 2 beds and bedding, 1 table, 1 bureau, 1 clock, 1 bay horse, 1 gray mare, 1 waggon, 1 carryall, 1 yoke of oxen, cattle, hogs to secure debt to Elias Johnson for $440.  Wit: D. Gilliland; ack 14 Jan 1839.

p. 315 - 19 Jan 1839 - John Buckannon in trust to John Thompson, horses, harness, wagon, cattle, hogs, 4 beds and bedding, household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils, 1 rifle gun, to secure debt to Thos. Fitzpatrick for $300, to John Gilliland for $157.50, also to R. S. Byrn assignee of W. T. Morehead & Co. for $60, also Johua (sic) R. Stone as security for the stay of a judgment that J.M.C. Robertson recovered for $30.  Ack 19 Jan 1839.

p. 316 - 20 Jan 1839 - Lee H. Burks in trust to R. H. McGaughey cattle, mare and colt, hogs, 3 beds and furniture, 1 shot gun, 2 tables, the corn and fodder on hand and the crop for the present year to secure debt to Wm. T. Morehead & Co. for $307.52.  Wit: Wm. H. Fuller, Mark Watson; ack 20 Jan 1839.

p. 317 - 5 Dec 1838 - N. Cannon, Governor, St. of Tenn. to Jacob Byler, assignee of Alexander McCullock (by entry #89 in Lauderdale Co. dated 27 November 1838 made in name of Jacob Byler for 100 acres founded on R.W.T. Warrant #6919 issued 5 March 1833 to Alexander McCullock) for 100 acres surveyed 28 Nov 1838, in 46s10 on bank of the main channel of the Miss. River.  Bounds include A. Sullivan's 200 acres, B. F. Jordan's 200 acres.

p. 318 - 13 Jan 1838 - John C. McLemore of Shelby Co and Wm. W. Lea of Lauderdale Co. to Henry Willard for $100 and for Willard's binding and obligating himself to improve the property hereby conveyed by building a commmodious framed house on the same suitable for a house of entertainment with the necessary appurtenances before the 1st day of January 1840, two lots in town of Fulton--# 139 and 140.  Wit: Thos. C. Lewis, James Wakefield.  Ack. by Lea for himself and as atty in fact for McLemore on 16 Oct 1838.

p. 319 - [Plat included] - 6 Feb 1837 - On 19 June 1837, John Read, Judge of 10th Judicial Circuit Court heard report of Rezin S. Byrn, Griffith L. Rutherford, Archibald Phillips, Hiram C. Keller, and Joseph Taylor, commissioners appointed by the court at the February term 1837 to lay off and set apart 100 acres for Caroline Niswanger, widow of Jacob Niswanger, dec'd, that it has been surveyed in r3s9; bounds include 5000 acre entry of Daniel Malott, John Estes 5000 acres, 2500 acres of John Rea and John C. McLemore, Joseph Wardlaw, spring branch.  A. H. Pope, C(ounty) Surveyor; William Crocker and Joseph Taylor, chain carriers.  The judge ordered that the title be divested from the heirs of Jacob Niswanger, deceased, and vested in Caroline Niswanger and her heirs.  Commissioners to be allowed $2.00 per day for 3 days services each except Rutherford who is to receive for 2 days only; Able H. Pope be allowed $4.50 for plat and certificate. 

p. 321 - 18 Dec 1838 - Amos Rounsaville, Sr. to Joseph Crocket of Williamson Co. for $1000, 200 acres, part of Grant #407 beginning at nw corner of Crocket's tract.  Wit: Wm. Baxter, John Russell, Allen H. Howard.  Proved by Baxter and Russell 7 Jan 1839.

p. 321(a) - _ Jan 1839 - James McElyea to Isaac D. Maxwell for $75, 2 mare2, colt foaled last spring, cow and calves, heifer, sheep, geese, sow and shoats 1 bed, bedstead and furniture and 6 chairs.  Ack 8 Jan 1839.

p. 321(a) - 5 Dec 1838 - Martin R. Hatcher to George Moore for $900, 162.5 acres in Dist 1.  Bounds include Pleasant G. Davenport...a bluff...Joseph Wardlaw.  Wit: John C. Barnes, Wm. A. Cleaves, A. S. Durham; ack 22 Dec 1838.

p. 322 - 2 July 1838 - John Swayne of Henry Co to James M. Taylor of New Orleans, LA for $3750, 398 acres in 11 SD on Island #30 in the Miss. River opposite franctional r7s10, it being the tract granted by TN to Mimecan H. Howard by grant 3214 on 10 July 1837.  Wit: W. L. Williams, Jno. J. Matth  son; ack in Henry Co 2 July 1838.

p. 324 - 19 Feb 1839 - Wm. Calhoun to James A. Calhoun for $1200, negroes:  Jane about 26 years; Mary Ann 4 years; Matthew 2 years; Clarkson about 3 months.  Wit: W. T. Morehead.  Ack 19 Feb 1839.

p. 324 - 19 Feb 1839 - Wm. Calhoun to Thos. Fitzpatrick for $475, negroes: Washington about 8 years; Perry about 4 years.  Wit:  W. T. Morehead; ack 20 Feb 1839.

p. 325 - 4 March 1837 - Pleasant M. Tipton to Bernard M. Patterson both of Fayette Co for $125, an undivided interest of 100 acres in a 400-acre grant in 11th SD r6s10 on Miss. River granted to James  . Graves, P. M. Tipton, B. M. Patterson and Aaron Rice by grant #2993.  Wit: James H. Gaines, J. H. Allen; ack. in Fayette Co 5 Feb 1839.

p. 326 - 2 Oct 1836 - #2974 - St of TN - Cert. #34_8 dated 25 Jan 1834 issued to Levin(?) Powell for 500 acres and Certificate #3442 dated 25 Jan 1834 issued to Wm. B. Nelson for 500 acres, the whole of #3438 and 100 acres of 3442 entered in 11 name of Bernard M. Patterson, assignee of Powell & Nelson, there is hereby granted to Bernard M. Patterson 600 acres surveyed 12 Oct 1836 in r6&7s10.  Bounds include Wm. Polk, bank of Miss. River.  Newton Cannon, Governor

p. 327 - 21 Feb 1839 - John Flippin in trust to John L. Flippin, 100 acres on which I have lived for the last 10 years, 3 cows and calves, yoke of oxen, 2 young cattle 2 years old, set of blacksmith tools, spinning machine, cupboard and all cupboard furniture, bed, bedstead and clothing, all of my castings of every description, 1 negro woman named Hannah & child Roda and a girl named Liza, to secure debt to Hale & Clark of $150 on which they have judgments in Stith Richardson's office which is stayed by John L. and Thomas A. Flippin; also W. T. Morehead has a judgment against me for $16.00 which is staid by T.H. Flippin.  Ack. 21 Feb 1839.

p. 328 - 8 Oct 1838 - Martin R. Hatcher in trust to Wm. A. Cleaves to secure Michael Cleaves who has stayed sundry debts for Hatcher amounting to $262.48 due Bolling Lacy, R. S. Byrn, and Larkin Gaines, all the corn except 10 barrels, a horse, 2 beds and furniture, 4 rifle guns, 2 trunks of dry goods, a parcel of hats, 2 boxes cards, 1 of wool and the other of cotton, 1 box glass, 1 bag of spice, 1 of ginger, 2 men's saddles.  Wit:  J. L. Atkinson, A. R. Carrigan, Milton G. Turner; ack 15 Oct 1838.

p. 329 - 22 Dec 1838 - Wm. H. Loving of Haywood Co and Alexander B. Bradford of Madison Co. to Henry B. S. Williams of Haywood Co. for $200, 200 acres, part of a 5000 acre tract granted to Daniel Mallett by NC grant #276 on 25 April 1789 in 11 SD R2&3s8&9.  Ack by Bradford in Madison Co. on 5 Jan 1839; by Loving in Haywood Co on 12 Jan 1839.

p. 330 - 17 Nov 1837 - Marquis Calmes, Sheriff and Collector of taxes for Tipton Co to Wm. W. Lea of Gibson Co and Rezin S. Byrn of Lauderdale for $39.21, taxes, charges, and costs on 3568 acres in name of heirs of Charles McDowell, Entry #499 in 11 SD r2&3s10, part of TN grant of 5000 acres...advertised in the Randolph Recorder published in Randolph once a week under the date of 1 July 1837....that the sale would be at the courthouse door in town of Covington on 7 November 1836.  The 3568 acres is known in the plan of the division of the 5000 acre tract as lots 1 and 2 in the name of the heirs of J. Lewis.

p. 333 - 7 Nov 1836 - Marquis Calmes, sheriff & collector of taxes for Tipton Co to Wm. W. Lea of Gibson Co and Rezin S. Byrn of Lauderdale Co. for $39.21, 1400 acres of the 3568 acres in name of Chas. McDowell Entry #499 in 11 SD r2&3s10, part of 5000 acres granted to Chas. McDowell by Grant #17495 by TN...advertised in the Randolph Recorder published in Randolph 10 July 1835 and in the Whig & Banner published in Nashville the sale to be 7 Nov 1835 for double taxes, costs & charges due for the year 1834.  The 1400 acres is anundivided part of 4 lots, part of a 5000 acre tract granted to Chas. McDowell by Grant #17495, which lots are known as lots #1 and 2 in the name of the heirs of C. McDowell and lots No. 1 & 2 in the name of the hairs of J. Lewis.  Wit:  G. D. Searcy, Sampson Smith; ack in Tipton Co 17 Nov 1839.

p. 335 - 25 Feb 1839 - Josiah Blankenship in trust to Nathaniel Barnes 50 hogs..., cows...yoke of steers, bed and clothing, to secure debts to John C. Barnes of $200, one note executed by Blankenship and John C. Barnes to James B. Crook.  Ack 25 Feb 1839.

p. 336 - 17 Dec 1838 - Joseph Wardlaw and wife Mary Ann to David Fitzpatrick of Charlotte Co., VA for $2000, 261 2/3 acres in 11 SD r3s9.  Bounds include Rhea's line...Pendleton G. Gaines land, formerly the locator's interest of the tract...Estes line.  Wardlaws acknowledged 17 Dec 1838.

p. 337 - 12 March 1839 - Abner Benton in trust to Griffith L. Rutherford to secure debt of $68 to Wm. W. Lea, all of his books, medicines, shop furniture and other fixtures, a horse about 5 years old.  Ack 12 March 1839.

p. 338 - 6 May 1839 - Abner Benton to R. H. McGaughey to secure debt to W. T. Morehead & Co for $105, a horse about 3 years old.  Ack 6 May 1839.

p. 338 - 1 Oct 1838 - Martha M. Williams for love and affection to her children ---Samuel J.M., H.B.S., Joseph S., William T., Gideon J., Martha M., Pheuba M. and Elizabeth Ann Williams--a life estate she has by virtue of the will of Joseph N. Seawell on tract in Lauderdale Co being 1/6 of 5000 acre tract granted in the name of David Mallett by Grant #276 in 11 SD, r2&3s8&9 on the Big Hatchie River.  This part claimed by Seawile/Seawell as locator, having been laid off and set apart...slough below the ferry.  Ack. in Haywood Co 13 Oct 1838.

p. 339 - _ Oct 1838 - Joseph S. Williams to Henry B. S. Williams for $625 my undivided share on the Big Hatchie River, part of 5000 acres t6ract granted to Daniel Mallett Entry 1253, Grant #276 containing 1/6 of the 5000 acres being the interest in the said land claimed by Joseph N. Seawell by virtue of a contract or as locator and by him divised to Martha Williams during her natural life and at her death to the heirs of her body, the life estate by Martha Williams having been surrendered by her for the benefit of her heirs among whom both the parties to this deed are.  Ack in Haywood Co 10 Oct 1838.

p. 340 -25 Feb 1839 - John C. McLemore of Davidson Co (by his agent and attourney in fact Wm. Conner) to James L. Green of Lauderdale Co for $1718, 577 7/16 acres on both sides of Cane Creek, being one equal undivided half of 1154 1/8 acres which was alloted to the locator as their locative share of 5000 acres granted by TN to Chas. McDowell in 11 SD r3s10; bounds include Wm. Lytle's 910 acres on the section line between sections 10 and 11...422 acres belonging to Jo Lewis heirs.  Wit: Thos. Hazelwood, James Johnson; ack 4 Mar 1839.

p. 341 - 19 Feb 1839 - Wm. Calhoon in trust to Ellison P. Fuller 300 acres at Hurricane Hill joining land of the heirs of J. P. Taylor, Sabert Wood, and D. P. Posey, to secure debt to Samuel V. Gilliland for $1349.  Wit: Wm. T. Morehead; ack 19 Feb 1839.
[This statement follows the above:]  We hereby release all the land contained in the within deed that was purchased of R. P. Russell by Wm. Calhoon and by him conveyed to us it being 240 acres; this release covers all the land named in the within except what was purchased of S. V. Gilliland for $948.22  May 27 1839.  Signed Ellison P. Fuller, Trustee, Saml. V. Gilliland; ack 27 May 1839.

p. 343 - 27 May 1839 - Wm. Calhoun of Tipton Co. to James F. Ruffin of Fayette Co. for $1900, 200 acres in 11 SD r3, the same trace which Calhoon purchased of Robt. P. Russell; bounds include John & Alexander Murphy's sw corner on James P. Taylor's line...conditional line between Robt. P. Russell and Saml. V. Gilliland...McClung's line.  Wit: Saml. V. Gilliland, Nicholas Long; ack 27 May 1839.

p. 344 - 12 Feb 1839 - John C. Barnes, Sheriff and Tax Collector, to Calvin Henderson, executor of Thos. Henderson dec'd, 400 acres of 640 acres belonging to Thos. Henderson on which 1836 taxes were not paid in Lauderdale Co. No. 6, r10s11; bounds include 500 acre entry in name of John Pope...3000 acres in name of Benjamin Smith...John McIver's 766 acre entry.  Nicholas Reynolds became the purchaser of 400 acres of said tract and transferred it to Calvin Henderson, executor of Thos. Henderson, dec'd, on which judgment an order of sale issued and came to the hands of Sheriff and Collector of Taxes on 3 May 1837; advertised, and sale was first Monday of July 1837; Nicholas Reynolds highest bidder at $4.69.  Ack 19 Feb 1839.

p. 345 - 8 Oct 1830 - Robert Love of Haywood Co., NC, to Thomas Love, power of attorney to go to Tennessee to superintend the division of any land that I have an interest in or to sell any of my land, or transact any of my business. Ack in Haywood Co., NC 9 Oct 1830 at office of the Clerk of the County, John B. Love.

p. 346 - 3 June 1839 - Stephen Gardner to James B. Crook for $50 to secure the payment of the $50, mare and colt, 5 cattle, wagon, bed and furniture and 2 saddles.  The property may be redeemed by Gardner by paying the $50 by 1 Jan 1840.  Wit:  J. J. Pinson.  Ack 3 June 1839.

p. 347 - 10 Oct 1838 - Agreement between Wm. T. Morehead of Lauderdale Co., Marina/Mevena O. Marley of Haywood Co. and H.A.G. Lee of Mississippi:  A marriage is shortly intended between Wm. T. Morehead and Marena O. Marley; she desires to secure for herself decent and comfortable support and set on herself sufficient property, so she places in trust to H.A.G. Lee her undivided interest in the estate of her father Adam Marley, dec'd, which has not as yet been divided: slaves Moses  Emanuel  Solomon  Orleans  Mathew  Sydna  Dick  Bow(?)  Julius  Jason  Mary  Dilcy  Nancy  Delphy  Harriet  Leak  Tabba  Louiza and 2 or more infants; also 448 acres on Cumberland River partly in Smith and partly in Jackson Co bounded by the river, by Lewis Franklin's tract, by Wm. Massy, and by Anderson; also 100 acres on the Cumberland River in Smith County joining Hubbard, Strother, Hugs; Marena's part being 1/5 of the slaves and 1/7 of the land, and she is to have possession and use of the property.  Wit: Benj. F. Fisher, Wm. D. Lee.  Proved by witnesses in Haywood Co 6 Dec 1838.

p. 349 - 20 Feb 1839 - Lease - Calvin Henderson, executor of Thos. Henderson of Madison Co. to Nicolas Reynolds, for $5, use of 640 acres in 11 SD r10,s11, Grant #22993 to said T. Henderson, (bounds include John Pope's 500 acre entry...Benjamin Smith's 3000 acres...John McIver's 766 acres) for 9 years from this date on condition that Reynolds clear not less than 15 acres and regularly list it for taxes and give up peaceable possession at the end of the time.  Ack 20 Feb 1839.

p. 350 - 19 Feb 1839 - J. J. Crawford of Lauderdale Co. and H. R. Crawford of the Republic of Texas by his atty J. J. Crawford to Smith Kent for $233, 172.5 acres, the sw corner of a 5000 acre tract, NC Grant #92 to Adam Boyd on waters of Cole Creek.  They warrant against any claim through Adam Boyd or Francis McMurdie.  Wit: Sam. V. Gilliland, David P. Posey; ack 19 Feb 1839.

p. 351 -  27 Feb 1839 - Rezin S. Byrn, Hiram C. Keller, Robt. C. Campbell, and G. L. Rutherford, Commissioners for town of Ripley to Walter K. Dobyns for $166, 3 lots in Ripley:  #11 on se corner of Water and Washington streets; #45 on nw corner of Washington and Randolph; #81 on Randolph at the north boundary of the town.  Ack 17 June 1839.

p. 352 - 20 May 1839 - Bird B. Barnett of Haywood Co to Ellison P. Fuller of Lauderdale Co. for $350, 100 acres granted to Barnett by TN Grant #3994...founded on post duplicate John Armstrong #484 issued to Redding Blount for 5000 acres and bounded by Isaac Braden's occupant claim...Entry #505 for 900 acres.  Ack 20 May 1839.

p. 353 - 11 June 1839 - David L. Hatyley of Gibson Co for $85.06 1/4 to John Hayley of "Loddelle" Co, a brown stud horse which John has in his possession; if David pays him the above amount by 10 July "next" the obligation is void.  Wit: G. B. Holland, F. Barfield; proved 17 June 1839.

p. 354 - 27 Mar 1839 - Wm. Laird to John Laird for $177.07 a cow and calf, a heifer, 2 feather beds & furniture, 2 pots, an oven, one skillet, 1 wood chest and 1 trunk, 1 pair fire dogs.  Wit: Simon Butler, David Reynolds; proved 27 Mar 1839.

p. 354 - 26 Mar 1839 - Samuel Laird to John Laird for $97.50, 3 head of cattle (described), 2 feather beds and furniture, 2 pots, 1 oven, 1 frying pan, 300# bacon, and the lease whereon I now live, and 1 trunk.  Wit: Simon Butler, David Reynolds; proved by witnesses 27 Mar 1839.

p. 355 - 24 March 1839 - J. B. Mosely/Mosby in trust to P. G. Gaines to secure debt to Wm. P. Gaines for $60.91, 28 hogs, 1 bed weighing 30 pounds and furniture.  Ack 26 Mar 1839.

p. 356 - 26 Nov 1838 - M. H. Howard of Davidson Co quitclaims to Thos. M. Fletcher of Conway Co., Arkansas for $1, 36 acres, part of 485 acres granted by TN (#3212) to Howard in 11 SD r7s9 on the bank of the Mississippi River, bounded by the River, Thos. M. Fletcher entry of 200 acres.  Ack in Lauderdale Co 1 Dec 1838.

p. 357 - 11 Jan 1839 - Henry Rutherford to Wm. M. Omohundro for $300, 100 acres on Chambers Creek, beginning at se corner of Martin Armstrong Jr. 5000 acre grant and Henry R. Chamber's corner, south with Chamber's line 10 degrees east 35 chains to a forked buck his corner on Henry F. Rutherford's line, with his line south 87.5 degrees west 28 chains & 60 links to a poplar Wm. Aspy/Espy corner; with his line north 10 degrees west 35 chains to Armstrong's line, then with line to the beginning.  Wit: Wm. Omohundro, Sr., Allen C. Omohundro.  Ack 19 Feb 1839.

p. 358 - 9 Aug 1839 - Lucy Wright, wife of Elijah Wright has executed her note to Joshua Wright for $400 due 1 Oct next; Elijah, her husband, administrator of John Wright, dec'd being in debt to Joshua, his unsettled part of his father John Wright, dec'd, and Joshua Wright, atty in fact for James Wright, his unsettled part of his father's (estate); Lucy assigns cows, several horses (described), yoke of oxen, a cart, hogs to secure the note.  Wit: J. H. Maxwell, J. D. Maxwell; ack 12 Aug 1839.

p. 359 - 1 Jan 1839 - Thos. Black and wife Mary, James P. Smith and Orpha his wife, all of Bedford Co, TN claim title by warranty deed from Robert Love of Haywood Co NC and Thos. Love of Henry Co, TN to 280 acres, part of 2000 acre grant #15917 to Robert & Thomas Love in 11 SD r2; bounds include Chas. McDowel's corner in the section line...Nelson's se corner...674 acres deeded by Robt & Thos. to Isaac D. Maxwell and Nancy his wife, John H. Maxwell for himself and the minor heirs of the body of his wife Elvira, dec'd, of Laud. Co., and Thos. Black and Mary his wife & James P. Smith & Orpha his wife of Bedford Co.  Isaac D. Maxwell is in possession of the land and claims the land adversely to our title, but to keep peace and quiet we, the Blacks and the Smiths, for $600 release and quit claim to Isaac D. Maxwell.  Ack in Shelbyville, Bedford Co., 1 Jan 1838.

p. 361 - 15 Feb 1839 - Robert Love of Haywood Co., NC and Thomas Love of Henry Co, TN to Isaac D. Maxwell & Nancy his wife, John H. Maxwell for himself and the minor heirs of the body of his wife Elvira, dec'd, of Lauderdale Co, Thos. H. Black and Mary his wife, James P. Smith and Orpha his wife of Bedford Co for (a total of $830) 624 acres, part of 2000 acre grant #15917 to Robt and Thos Love in 11 SD r2; bounds include Chas. McDowel...Nelson.  [Deed also mentions] all of our several parcels and interest in the following tracts:  one granted James Welborn for 1000 acres in Gibson Co; 1 granted to Ch     and Poindexter for 500 acres in "the county and state aforesaid"; and a tract granted to Robert Love and Thos. Love for 320 acres under a warrant from Cathey lying in Weakley Co; which several parts of said tracts was willed by Abraham Byler, dec'd formerly of Bedford Co to his four daughters, wives of the above mentioned parties.  Wit: W. N. Baker, John J. Nelson; ack by Thos. Love for himself and as atty in fact for Robt. Love on 16 Feb 1839.

p. 363 - 20 May 1839 - Isaac D. Maxwell to Thos. W. Baker for $1250, 156 acres in 11 SD r2; bounds include south boundary of 2000 acres entered by T & R Love Warrant #15917, in the north boundary of an entry for 126.5 acres made in name of Farmer & Wardlaw; this tract is part of 2000 acre entry in name of T & R Love and part of 624 acres conveyed by T & R Love to I. D. Maxwell and others...refer to deed from Thos Black & wife and James P. Smith & wife to Isaac D. Maxwell.  Wit: David Gilliland, John J. Nelson; ack 21 May 1839.

p. 365 - 20 Nov 1838 - John Walpole to Edmund Wright of Haywood Co. (no money mentioned) 150 acres bounded by Erasmus D. Thurmond on west and John Rutherford's line on south, part of 2000 acre NC grant #379 to David Crawford.  Wit: Richard Parr, Wm. S. Walpole, John P. Walpole.  Ack 4 Feb 1839.

p. 366 - 20 Dec 1838 - John C. Crenshaw and Louisa J. Crenshaw to Richard Parr of Haywood Co. for $1000 on north side of Mill Creek, an undivided interest of 250 acres or one half of a 500 acre tract conveyed by Henry Rutherford to Elizabeth Crenshaw; bounds: north bank of creek at the north point of a bend and at the lower end of an old cut-off; n 2 3/4 degrees west 65 chains, east 66.5 chains, south 2 3/4 degrees east 72 chains to the center of the channel, up the meanders to the beginning, 500 acres, part of a tract granted to Henry Rutherford for 2000 acre grant #34, and by him conveyed to Elizabeth Crenshaw, our part being 1/2 of the 500 acres.  Wit: Stith Richardson, E. H. Hinton, Samuel Hooper.  Proved by Richardson and Hooper 4 Feb 1839.

p. 367 - 28 Aug 1839 - [This instrument is written very poorly, is very hard to read]  John G. Chalmers to Joseph H. Talbot for $5, 20 acres in Tipton Co, entry #73 in name of John G. Chalmers, Wm. H. Long, Da    L. Lyons & Ransom H. Byrn; 84 acres on Island 40, entry #136, in Shelby Co in name of Ransom H. Byrn; 219 acres in Tipton Co. on Island 34, entry #40, in name of John G. Chalmers, Thos. P. Hall/Hale, Ransom H. Byrn, & Wm. H. Long, all of Chalmers interest beine one undivided third; also 135 acres in Tipton Co. on Island 37, entry #35 in name of James A. Lyons, John G. Chalmes, Wm. H. Long and Ransom H. Byrn; Entry #36 in Tipton Co in name of the last mentioned persons for 274 acres on Island #37; one tract Entry #37 in Tipton Co with the name of the last mentioned persons for 180 acres all of Chalmers interest in the last mentioned tracts beine one undivided fourth; also 640 acre tract entered in name of Thos. P. Hall on Island #37 in Tipton Co; a tract entered in name of John Trigg and Thos. P. Hall of 407 acres, being part of 660 acres in different entries--the last two tracts on Island 37 in Tipton County bought of Thos. P. Hall all of Chalmer's interest in last mentioned being one undivided third; 640 acres in Lauderdale Co in the divides of Forked Deer entered in name of John G. Chalmers, all of Chalmer's interest being one undivided third; 480 acres on Island 26 & 7 in Lauderdale Co. entered in names of Thos. P. Hall, Ransom H. Byrn, Wm. H. Long and John G. Chalmers, Chalmers interest being one undivided fourth; 340 acres in Laud. Co in the Plum Orchard entered in name of the last mentioned persons all of said Chalmers interest being 1/4; 53 acres in Laud. Co adjoining the town of Ripley entered in name of Thos. Brown being 1/2 of 107 acres; 400 acres in Tipton Co on But(?) Creek entered in name of James Lyon, Ransom H. Byrn, Wm. H. Long, John G. Chalmers, Chalmers interest being one undivided fourth; 174 acres on Island 37 entered in last mentioned persons, Chalmer's interest being one undivided third; ...W. Pinson in Madison Co; 640 acres, entry #9 Grant #1837 ; 312 acres called the Long entry on    ; 216 acres bought of Daniel Hawkins; 200 acres of Daniel Hawkins, Jr.; 100 acres bought of Newman Hanes; 178 acres bought of        Anderson and entered in his name as occupant; 200 acres entered as occupant in name of Wm. Johnson; 200 acres in name of Wm. Smedly; 200 acres bought of Handy(?) W. Byrn entered in his name; 13,000 acres on both sides of the north fork of the Cumberland River in Wayne Co., KY, 400 acres of which is entered in the names of Marcus  . Halsey(?) and the balance in the name of John G. Chalmers, all of Chalmers interest in the last mentioned being one undivided third; also the following slaves and these personal property:  Jack age 65; Shasper 14; Mike 60 Philli  , Carpenter 1,     50; Caleb 27; Tom 24' Henry 18; Pick 30; Carot 17; Fortune 14; Adolph 17; Adam 40; Jesse 23; Patrick 21; Tom 16; John 28; Blacksmith John adison 20; Triken Ephraim 12; Armstead 20; Nelson 12; Woman mary Surea 35 and her child Jack 6; Lewis & Jenney her 3 children Chlora 38, Morian 28, Celia 19, Mary  urford 22; endire 15 Ruth 19, Fanny 21, Sally 2, Ruth, 3 children Sarah 5 and Jo 6 years of age and all and every the owner of land and slaves, said Chalmer's carriage and carriage horses and his riding horse N(apoleon?), 10 feather beds and furniture, 1 side board, 1 bureau, chairs, table, 1 pianoforte, household and kitchen furniture; also negro man Bob 21 years.
   Joseph W. Chalmers, Clement R. Jamison, James L. Lyons, Ransom H. Byrn, James Elrod, Robert Farmer(?), Barnwell Leats, Calvin Henderson and the mercantile firm of Meacham McRee & Persons are indorsed and securities of and for Chalmers individually and the mercantile firm of Williams & Chalmers of which firm John G. Chalmers and Wm. B. Williams are the partners.  Debts:  note by hand of John G. Chalmers endorsed by Joseph W. Chalmers, Clement B. Jamison & James L. Lyong for $4815; note endorsed by Joseph W. Chalmers, Wm. B. Williams, James Elrod & James L. Lyons for $4500; note endorsed by Jos. W. Chalmers, Meacham McRee, Ransom H. Byrn & Jones $6570; note drawn by Williams & Chalmers endorsed by Jos. W. Chalmers, Meacham McRee & Persons for $3200; note by Williams & Chalmers endorsed by Jos. W. Chalmers, Meacham McRee & Persons & Robert Termeen  for $8050; bill drawn Williams & Chalmers endorsed by Clement R. Jamison, Ransom F. Byrn & Burwell C. Leats for $3000; note made by Williams & Chalmers endorsed by James Elrod, Mracken(?) McReed Persons for $180; note made by Williams & Chalmers endorsed by Clement R. Jamison, Ransom H. Byrn, Burnwell C. Feat for $2250; note made by Chalmers endorsed by Jos. W. Chalmers, Robt. Termeen & Calvin Henderson for $4600.7  to the Planters Bank of Tenn at Nashville and one draft drawn by John G. Chalmers on Lawrence Chalmers endorsed by Jos. W. Chalmers, Robert Termer & Calvin Henderson for $2000, Bank of Tenn at Nashville; a bill attested by John G. Chalmers drawn by Jos. W. Chalmers & endorsed by Robt. Fermer & Calvin Henderson on which judgment was obtained at April term of Circuit Court of Madison Co for $2547.79, Planters Bank of TN at Nashville; bill drawn by Williams & Chalmers endorsed by Jos. W. Chalmers, Meakever (McIver) McKee & Persons for $4000; bill drawn by Williams & Chalmers endorsed by Jos. W. Chalmers & Neadham McRee & Parsons for $3500, Branch of Bank of Tenn at Trenton; John G. Chalmers desaires to secure and save securities...Branch of the Union Bank of State of Tenn at Jackson...Signed--John G. Chalmers, Joseph W. Chalmers, Ransom H. Byrn, Rob. C. Fenner, Clement R. Jamison, C. Henderson, B. C. Reatts, Meacham McRee & Persons, James Elrod; Acknowledged in Madison Co by John G. Chalmers, Joseph W. Chalmers, Ranson H. Byrn, Robert Fenner Clement R. Jamison, C. Henderson, B. C. Reatts, Benjamin R. Persons, one of the firm of Meacham McRee and Persons, James Elrod and Jos. Talbot 28 Aug 1839.

p. 373 - 30 Nov 1838 - Joseph Jones of Haywood Co. to Thomas J. Mulhollan power of attorney to make one or more attorneys under him to unite with the other proprietors of Ashport in a bond for $50,000 to the President & Directors of the railroad company to construct a railroad from the town of Jackson in Madison Co to Ashport on the Mississippi River, and to give a deed to the President and Directors of the railroad company for 400 acres on the Mississippi River as per contract, and to convey any lots that may be sold by a majority of the proprietors of Ashport.  My individual proportion of the $50,000 is $10,000, and for the further purpose of making such a compromise with Col. Wm. Wynne & James H. Wilson of Williamson Co, TN in regard to certain debts due me from Wynne to the amount of nearly $50,000 as he may consider to be just and proper. Ack at Haywood Co 30 Nov 1838.  Ack in Haywood Co. 30 Nov 1838.

p. 374 - 15 Aug 1839 - Leonidas Polk & Geo. W. Polk of Maury Co to John H. Bills of Hardeman Co. power of attorney to contract, sell, and convey 2250 acres, being all that portion of 2500 acres granted to Geo. Dougherty and was decreed to us in severalty the eastern half to G. W. Polk and the western to Leonidas Polk, being lots #15 & 16 in the decree for division of the estate of the late Col. Wm. Polk.  Ack. in Maury Co 25 Aug 1839

p. 375 - 15 July 1838 - John C. Barnes, sheriff and tax collector to Robt. C. Brinckley and Samuel Lancaster of Madison Co. for $38.25, 1/3 part of 3840 acres.  Guy Smith, sheriff in 1837, had reported to court unpaid taxes on 3840 acres owned by McLemore Bryant and Henderson in Civil Dist. 5, 11th SD r5s10&11 (on the Mississippi River), exposed it to sale 3 July 1837; Brinkley and Lancaster bought it for the taxes, costs, and charges.  Twelve months have now expired without redemption except 2/3 of the tract claimed as the undivided interest of McLemore and Bryant and the other 1/3 not having been yet redeemed, deed is hereby made. Ack 18 June 1839.

p. 377 - _ Oct 1839 - Wm. W. Lea in trust to J. M. Alexander negro slaves:  Sam 40 years; Ritta his wife 38; Harriet a girl 12; Abraham 40; Rachel his wife 35; her three children Frederick 6, Susan 4, Huga 6 months to secure a bill of exchange for $800 on the House of Goodwyn Sublet & Nye of New Orleans on 18 Sept 1839; a bill of exchange for $1800 on the same house dated 19 Sept 1839 on which John C. Barnes and Hiram C. Keller are securities.  If default, notice is to be given at the courthouse door and at the election ground in the 4th district and 3 other places in the neighborhood, and negroes exposed to sale.  Ack 21 Oct 1839.

p. 378 - 7 Feb 1839 - John C. Crenshaw to Zachariah Mitchell for $1000, negro man Bedford aged 23.  Ack 19 Feb 1839.

p. 379 - 19 Feb 1839 - George W. Gibbs of Obion Co to Zachariah Mitchell for $300, 100 acres; bounds include John Walpole's tract whereon he lives, Mary Wheaton's 250 acres, and (John) Russell.  Wit: John Russell, John Walpole, H. Rutherford; proved by Russell and Walpole 21 Mar 1839.

p. 380 - 25 Oct 1839 - W. D. Cooper indebted to R. H. McGaughey for $106, places in trust 300 tier of cypress timber in the Forked Deer swamp.  Wit: John Blackwell.  Ack 25 Oct 1839.

p. 381 - 26 Sept 1838 - Jordan G. Stokes in trust to Richd. H. McGaughey, an occupant of 200 acres on the Forked Deer River on which I now live to secure debt of $165 to Wm. T. Morehead & Co.  Wit: A. H. Pope, J. C. Barnes; ack 8 April 1839.

p. 382 - 27 Nov 1837 - Granville D. Searcy to Mary J. Lee 608 acres around Durhamville.  Thos. Durham's trust deed on 27 Dec 1833 to Robt. G. Green conveyed 608 acres on which Durham lived around the town of Durhamville, and Green's deed dated 3 June 1834 transferred all power as trustee to Granville D. Searcy (the deed was ratified by Searcy, J. Tipton and Thos. Durham, parties to it), and on 8 Sept 1835 Thos Durham sold the land to Mary J. Lee for $5 per acre and Searcy, trustee, received of Mary J. Lee $2500 and a note executed on the same day by Mary S. Anthony for $540; Searcy appropriated the $2500 to fulfill the trust.  In the title bond the land was described as lying in Tipton Co on the north of Big Hatchie River and adjoining and around the town of Durhamville, the bounds not known but to be run out and surveyed, supposed to contain 608 acres.  Now Mary J. Lee wants a deed which Searcy provides, subject to a lien in the amount of the note.  Wit: Mary S. Anthony, James G. Anthony; proved by both witnesses 3 Feb 1837.

p. 384 - 19 Feb 1839 - George W. Gibbs of Obion Co to John Walpole for $700, 193 acres and 143 poles; bounds include John Russell and Zachariah Mitchell on the west, and on the east the line run this date by Henry Rutherford separating Francis B. Fogg's and Gibb's property.  [Fogg and Gibbs were awarded some of the Wheaton-Tisdale property for their work in that case.  This property is now part of Halls.]  Wit: H. Rutherford, Lanson H. Dunaway, John Russell; proved by Dunaway and Russell 21 Mar 1839.

p. 385 - 4 Feb 1839 - Monroe P. Estes to Mary J. Lee for $400, 100 acres in 11 SD r2s9, the land purchased by Estes from Dabney P. Phillips who purchased it from Robert Maxwell, it being part of John Yount's tract, lying on the south boundary line of that tract.  Wit: A. Pate, James G. Anthony; proved 22 Oct 1839 by both witnesses.

p. 386 - 1 Nov 1839 - Jacob Byler, formerly of Lauderdale Co, now of Cole Co., Missouri, and Benjamin F. Jordan of Lauderdale Co. to Edward H. Chaffin & John Kirk of Maury Co, John K. Yeager of Giles Co., Abraham Vanwyck of Davidson Co, and John M. Bell of New Orleans, LA for $2747, 200 acres granted to Benj. F. Jordan on 10 Dec 1834 (#2605) in r6s10 on the Bank of the Mississippi River, also 34 acres and 136 poles, being the balance of a tract of 91 3/4 acres granted to Jacob Byler on 27 Dec 1837 in section 10 (#3384) (bounds include Grant #2605 James H. Graves, P. M. Tipton,     Rice, & B. M. Patterson, Jacob Byler, Benjamin F. Jordan), also 292 acres granted to Jacob Byler on 8 Jan 1835 (#2681) in r6s10 joining the first tract mentioned above; also 250 acres granted to Jacob Byler 8 Jan 1835 (#2672) in r6s10 joining the last mentioned tract; also 200 acres granted to Jacob Byler on 16 Nov 1837 (#3274) r6s10 joining the first and third above mentioned--in all 976 acres and 136 poles.  Wit: Bernard M. Patterson, Abel H. Pope; proved 16 Nov 1839 by both witnesses.

p. 388 - 5 Nov 1839 - Bernard M. Patterson of Fayette Co to Edward H. Chaffin & John Kirk of Maury Co, John K. Yerger/Yeager of Giles Co, Abraham Vanwyck of Davidson Co. and John M. Bill/Bell of New Orleans, LA for $5000, 400 acres granted to James H. Graves, P. M. Tipton, Aaron Rice and Bernard M. Paterson on 2 Oct 1836 (#2993) in r6&7s10 on Mississippi River immediately below and joining the land granted to Jacob Byler by #2681 & 3384; also 600 acres granted to Bernard M. Patterson on 2 Oct 1836 (#2994) in r6&7s10 on Miss. River below and joining the first above described tract of 400 acres and east and joining 3000 acres granted to Wm. Polk--in all 1000 acres.  Wit: Langston Cooper, Wm. B. Hamlin; ack in Fayette Co 6 Nov 1839.

p. 389 - 21 Oct 1839 - James Braden in trust to Thomas Wardlaw for $5, a horse, 12 cattle, hogs, 6 beds & 3 bedsteads, a chest, 10 chairs, 4 pots, 3 ovens, 24 plates, 10 dishes, 2 sets of knives and forks, to secure a debt of $407.75 to Joseph Wardlaw.  Ack 23 Oct 1839.

p. 390 - 29 Jan 1839 - Joseph G. Boon of Tipton Co., D. A. Boon of the Republic of Texas (by his atty in fact Joseph G. Boon), John O. Whitfield and Mary H. Whitfield of Hinds Co, Miss. (by their attorney in fact Joseph G. Boon), and Robt. G. Boon (now deceased formerly of Tipton Co by the adm of his estate the said J. G. Boon) to Thomas J. Gardner of Lauderdale Co. for $400, 125 acres in Civil Dist. 3 (bounds include John Estes Grant #335, Mrs. Childress corner, Slocumb's corner), part of John Estes Grant #335.  Ack in Tipton Co. 1 Feb 1839.

p. 392 - 19 Feb 1839 - B. F. Jordan of Haywood Co to Blair Lee for $300, 100 acres (bounds: John Rutherford's west boundary line).  Ack 19 Feb 1839.

p. 393 - 4 Mar 1839 - Green B. Temple in trust to Robert Walker 5 head of cattle, 50 stock hogs to secure debt to S. V. & D. Gilliland of $85.87.  Wit: Jas. A. Lackey, R. H. McGaughey; proved by Lackey and McGaughey 18 Nov 1839.  [Green B. Temple is probably the "Old Screwcutter/Bear Hunter" in Jos. S. Williams' "Old Times in W.TN"].

p. 394 - 13 Mar 1839 - John Soward to Labon Jones & Violet his wife for love and affection, 80 acres on south side of Chambers Creek (bounds: Wm. Miskelly, Henry R. Chambers, Jordan), reserving 1 acre on the south side of the creek at any point Soward or any person claiming under him may choose for a mill seat of any description.  Ack 18 June 1839.

p. 395 - 22 Jan 1839 - Thos. J. Brown in trust to Claborne Rounsaville to secure him for a debt of $60.15 which was to have been paid 25 Dec 1838, 90 head of stock hogs (mark described), a crib of corn (50 bbls), 1 pen of oats, 2 stacks of fodder, 1 black horse colt 1 year old next May.  Wit:  Wm. G. Rounsaville; ack 3 Feb 1839.

p. 396 - 26 Aug 1839 - Elijah B. Foster in trust to Edward Ballinger the occupant on which I reside in Dist. 6, horses, cows (described), hogs, to secure debt to Terry(?) H. Wiley for $140.88 on which Armstead Wood is my security.  Ack by Foster and Ballinger 1 Sept 1839.

p. 397 - 21 Oct 1839 - Byrn, Keller, Campbell and Rutherford, commissioners for town of Ripley to Walter K. Dobyns for $70, lots #48 and 49.  Lot 48 fronts on Main Street 66 feet from the intersection with Washington, and lot 49 is directly east of 48 and fronts on the west side of Randolph.  They are 66' x 107 1/4' each.  Ack. 21 Oct 1839.

p. 398 - 8 Jan 1839 - St. of TN Grant #3861 to M. H. Howard, assignee of the heirs of F. Boyle, 640 acres in r6s10, entry #1 by M. H. Howard, founded on CWT Warrant #3388 issued to the heirs of F. Boyle for 640 acres, survey dated 9 Nov 1836.  Bounds: F. Hargett entry for 198 acres, Entry #1471 for 250 acres of Jacob Byler, 292 acres in name of Jacob Byler.

p. 399 - 28 Aug 1839 - John C. McLemore & James Vaulx by their agent and atty in fact Wm. Conner, to Thos Wardlaw for $320, 75 acres, part of a 640 acre tract entered originally in the name of Jon Wilson.  Ack. 28 Aug 1839.

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