Deed Book A - Pages 200 to 299
Lauderdale County, Tennessee

Abstracted by Bettie B. Davis
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p. 200 - 22 Mar 1837 - Joseph C. Rhea of Giles Co, one of the heirs and legatees of John Rhea, dec'd, to John Rhea, Jr. of Giles Co., power of attorney to sell land in Tipton Co, now in Lauderdale Co, which was devised to me by John Rhea, dec'd; my part is 1/4 of 1250 acres, which 1250 acres is an undivided portion of 2500 acres granted by TN to John Rhea on 12 Mar 1825, and reserved by John Rhea until his death, the part reserved being yet undivided.  Wit: L.P. Black, Tilman Dixon.  Ack in Giles Co same day.

p. 201 - 6 May 1837 - Joseph C. Rhea by John Rhea his atty, of Giles Co to Samuel V. Gilliland of Lauderdale Co, for $1250, 309 acres, part of 2500 acre tract granted to John Rhea, now dec'd, by TN on 12 Mat 1825, and is 1/4 part of lot #1 of the 1250 acres reserved by him until his death as divided a few days ago amongst his divisees...Fitzpatrick's corner on Caney's line.  Wit: A. H. Pope, J. K. Goodwin; ack 6 May 1837 at Ripley.

p. 202 - 6 May 1837 - John Rhea of Giles Co. to Samuel V. Gilliland for $1250, 400 acres, a portion of 2500 acre tract granted to John Rhea, dec'd by TN on 12 Mar 1825, my 1/4 port of lot No. 2 of the 1250 acres reserved by him until his death and as divided amongst his devisees...the wilson tract...Wit: A. H. Pope, J. K. Goodwin; ack 6 May 1837 at Ripley.

p. 203 - 12 Aug 1837 - Deed of trust - G. S. Johnson to Ezekiel Farmer my negroe slave Edmond 3 years old to secure debt of $60 to Farmer.  Ack 12 Aut 1837.

p. 203 - 1 Feb 1832 - Henry Rutherford and Henry F. Rutherford to Henry R. Chambers, all of Dyer Co. for $250 on the waters of Chambers Creek, beginning at the sw corner of Chambers' other tract...northern boundary of Rutherford's 2000 acre grant...Martin Armstrong, Jr.'s se corner...Henry F. Rutherford's line...Elizabeth Crenshaw's (alias Jesse Goodman) corner...J. W. Herndon's corner.  Wit:  Jno.(?) Rutherford, Jr., Wm. Ball, Benjamin Ball, James N. Buck; ack 6 Jan 1838.

p. 205 - 27 Nov 1837 - Jessee P. Fullen in trust to R. H. McGaughey, one set of house carpenters tools to secure debt of $125 to James N. Smith & Co.  Wit: W. D. Cooper, J. J. Pinson; proved 6 Mar 1838.

p. 206 - 27 Nov 1837 - Henderson Clark, sheriff and collector of taxes for Dyer Co to John Wynne in Dyer Co (now Lauderdale Co.), for $12.66, the amount of double taxes, cost, and charges for 1835 for 250 acres in name of Robert Erwin, granted by NC #111 to Henry Rutherford...Adam Boyd's ne corner...Rutherford's corner; also a tract of 250 acres in name of Robert Erwin granted to Henry Rutherford by NC #114...Adam Boyd's ne corner...Rutherford's corner...advertised in the National Banner published in Nashville, and the Truth Teller and Western District Sentinel published in Jackson...sold at courthouse door in Dyersburg.  Ack 4 Dec 1837.

p. 209 - 10 Oct 1836 - Ezekiel Smith, indebted to J. N. Smith & Co. for $179.40, secures that debt by placing an occupant of 100 acres in trust.  Wit: R. H. McGaughey; ack 10 Mar 1838.

p. 209 - 15 Jan 1838 - Alexander Stricklin to my cousin Elijah P. Stricklin for love and affection, one yoke of oxen.  Wit: H. R. Chambers, W. S. Read; proved by witnesses 20 Feb 1838.

p. 210 - 12 March 1838 - John D. Edney in trust to Richard H. McGaughey, cows, 2 beds & furniture, bureau, sugar chest, clock, and hogs, to secure debt of $40 to J. N. Smith & W. T. Morehead.  Ack 12 Mar 1838.

p. 211 - 24 Jan 1838 - Henry Rutherford to Isaac Sampson of Dyer Co for $350, 870 acres in both Lauderdale and Dyer on both sides of the south fork of Forked Deer River in 13 SD r8s2...west bank of the south fork on north boundary of Wm. Hulett's 500 acres near a place on the south fork known by name of Canoe landing...west line of James Conner's 5000 acre Grant #137 as run and marked by Alexander McCullock, Jr. as deputy surveyor of the 13th district in 1823 or corner of Wm. Hawkin's 3510 acres...without warranty.  Ack 5 Feb 1838 in Ripley.

p. 212 - 30 Mar 1838 - James Barfield in trust to John C. Barnes, horses, cows, hogs, w feather beds and furnityre, 15 bbls. of corn, to secure him for the stay of a judgement against me in favor of the admin. of the estate of John Burk, dec'd entered about 10th of January last for $65; also a note to T. D. & W. H. Fisher for $110.  Wit:  Thos. J. Childress, R. H. McGaughey; ack 31 Mar 1838.

p. 213 - 25 Sept 1834 - Jesse Blackfan of Nashville to M. H. Howard of the same place, power of attorney to sell any lots or land I own or may own in the state, to convey any land I may have sold, to collect any money owing, to rent or lease any property I own...Ack in Davidson Co 29 Sept 1834.

p. 213 - 25 May 1837 - Alfred Hargett of Obion Co. to Wm. H. Howard of Henry Co. and John R. Howard of Callaway Co, KY, power of attorney to convey all interest I have to land warrants #3143 & 3148 for 166 2/3 acres said Wm. H. Howard purchased from me; also to convey all interest I have to land warrants #3141 & 3146 for 333 1/3 acres each issued to Fredrick Hargett, dec'd, my part being 41 1/3 acres out of every 100 acres of the same, Wm. H. Howard having purchased and paid me for them.  Ack. in Obion Co. 29 May 1837.

p. 214 - 25 December 1837 - James Blair to Wm. O'Mohundroe for $700, 150 acres on south side of Mill Creek, part of 3 grants--one to Griffith Rutherford #37 for 3000 acres, one to Henry Rutherford by Grant #34 for 2000 acres and one to David Crawford by Grant #379 for 2000 acres.  Wit: H. Rutherford, W. M. Omohundroe, Allen Omohundroe; proved by the Omohundroes in Ripley 5 March 1838.

p. 215 - 21 April 1838 - John Laird in trust to Richard McGaughey for $170, wagon, yoke of oxen, hogs, cows, feather bed, to secure debt to Wm. T. Morehead & Co.  Ack 21 April 1838.

p. 216 - 19 Feb 1838 - Henry B. S. Williams, adm. de bonis non on the est. of Phenbo(?) Williams, dec'd, to Walter K. Dobyns for $350, negro man Jack.  Wit:  G. L. Rutherford, M. A. Posey; ack 19 Feb 1838.

p. 217 - 31 Mar 1838 - John Fullen in trust to Andrew J. Fullen to secure a debt to Able H. Pope for $53, 30 bbls corn, a bed and furniture, hogs, clock.  Ack 31 Mar 1838.

p. 217 - 2 Feb 1838 - John H. Rudder to James S. Turner for $200, a negro man slave named Cuff.  Wit: Nathaniel W. Barnes, Edward H. Rudder.  Ack 28 Mar 1838. 

p. 218 - 28 March 1838 - Jas. S. Turner to Saml. V. Gilliland for $200, a slave named Cuff.  Wit: James Price, G. L. Rutherford; ack 28 Mar 1838.

p. 218 - 30 Jan 1838 - Henderson Clark, sheriff and collector of taxes for Dyer Co. to John Wynne for $53.50, double taxes, costs and charges, 5538 acres (less 607 1/2) in Dyer Co. (now in Lauderdale Co.) about 15 miles from the Mississippi River in 13 SD r6&7s1&2, part of NC Grant #401 to Benjamin Smith beginning on the south boundary of 4350-acre grant to Archabald Murphy in the middle of the south fork of Forked Deer River, up the main channel of the river to the sw corner of 100 acres sold out of said tract to James A. Turpen, east with his line to his se corner to the west boundary of the original grant, south to se corner of the original grant and the ne corner of Grant #407, then west to a stake then north to a stake then east passing Murphy's sw corner and with his line to the beginning excepting and reserving 607 1/2 acres heretofore sold Gibbs and Fogg out of the tract... advertised in the National Banner published in Nashville and in the Truth Teller and Western District Sentinel published in Jackson...sold at the courthouse door in Dyersburg.  Ack in Dyer Co 14 Feb 1838.

p. 221 - 26 May 1838 - Richard Wright in trust to R. H. McGaughey 7 cows, 20 hogs, 1 horse wagon & harness, 1 cherry bureau, 1 man's saddle, 1 side saddle, 1 large kettle and the present crop now growing to secure debt of $200 to Wm. T. Morehead & Co.  Ack 26 May 1838.

p. 222 - 25 June 1832 - Tipton Co. - Wm. Barmoe/Bannoe(?) to Isaac Braden $25, as my agent to buy 2 cows and calves for my two grandsons, Jas. Braden & Wm. Braden, sons of Wm Braden, Sr. & Sally Braden, my daughter.  Isaac to keep possession & see that the boys take good care of them; the boys shall not trade the cattle until they become 21 years of age at which time Isaac is to give them full possession.  Wit: Reuben Braden, Jno. Wallace; proved 2 June 1838 by witness Reuben Braden, and by Wm. P. Gaines who said he has frequently seen Bannoe(?) write and believes this his signature.

p. 222 - 16 Feb 1838 - Charles C. Dyer to Martha L. Childress for $200, 74 1/2 acres, part of 1250 acres belonging to heirs of Stephen Childress, dec'd; this is lot #13 designated to Charles C. Dyer, bounded on north and west by Martha L. Childress, on east by Levy Gardner, on south by John C. Barnes.  Wit: Jno. D. Edney, Thos. J. Childress; ack 20 Feb 1838.

p. 223 _ 17 Feb 1838 -Martha L. Childress to my sister Sarah Edney, for love and affection,  74 acres, part of a 1250 acre tract belonging to the heirs of Stephen Childress, dec'd, allotted to the said Martha L. in a division, designated as lot #12 bounded on east by Levy Gardner, north by Saml. Gilliland; west by Martha L. Childress, south by Charles C. Dyer.  Wit: Thos. J. Childress, B. F. Childress, C. C. Dyer; proved 20 Feb 1838 by T. . Childress and Dyer.

p. 224 - 12 July 1837 - Alfred Hargott of Obion Co (by his agent and atty in fact Wm. H. Howard) to Memucan H. Howard of Davidson Co for $442, all interest in 166 2/3 acres on the bank of the Miss. River, 11 SD...bounded by B. F. Jordan's 200 acres; also 166 2/3 in Hardin Co on an island in the Tenn. River; 137 3/4 in Laud. Co. 11 SD r5s10 in the Miss. Bottom, one undivided part of 333 1/3 acres entered in name of the heirs of Fredrick Hargett, dec'd; also 137 3/4 acres in Hardin Co. near the mouth of Indian Creek on Tenn. River, an undivided part of 333 1/3 acres entered in the name of the heirs of Fredrick Hargott.  As an heir of Fredrick Hargott, my interest in the last two named tracts is 41 1/3 acres out of every 100.  Wit: Jas. B. Ferguson, Robt. A. Barnes; proved by witnesses at Davidson Co 26 Mar 1838.

p. 226 - 28 December 1837 - John C. McLemore (by agent Wm. Conner) to Christopher Strong of Dixon Co for $1200, 428 acres in 11 SD r4s11 which was granted by TN to me...bounds: Blackfan and Wright...Christopher Strong...section line between 10 and 11...McLemore...Moses Roberson.  Wit: R. C. Campbell, John Conner; ack by Wm. Conner at Haywood Co. 4 Jan 1838.

p. 227 - Occupant Claim (plat shown) of 200 acres including his improvement in 11 SD r6s8 (bordering Jacob Tipton entry) was issued to James Tompkins, assignee of Elisha Evans, by A. H. Pope, county surveyor (L. A. Henry & A. Henry, chain carriers).  On 4 April 1838 James Tompkins assigned it to J. M. Alexander; ack 15 May 1838.

p. 227 - 9 June 1838 - Wm. T. Morehead of Lauderdale Co, Armstead Morehead & James N. Smith, both of Tipton Co, merchants and partners in firm of Wm. T. Morehead & Co. to Richard H. McGaughey to secure Jacob Tipton and Preston Thomas, endorsers on a note given for the benefit of Caruthers Harris & Co. of New Orleans for $1730 given by James N. Smith & Co.; also James D. Holmes and Saml. A. Holmes, merchants & partners in firm of Jas. D. Holmes & Co., and Saml. Rice & James N. Smith, late merchants & partners in firm of Samuel Rice & Co. are endorsers to a note given by James N. Smith & Co. for $1000 given for benefit of Morgan Allison & Co of Nashville; also Preston Thomas endorsed a note given by Jas N. Smith & Co to Crockett Bankett & Co of Nashville for $361; also Joseph G. Boon endorsed a note given by James N. Smith & Co. for $900; also Preston Thomas, Wm. Cathren, John W. Morehead, Joseph S. Morehead and Samuel Rice & James N. Smith, the last two late merchants & partners in firm of Samuel Rice & Co. endorsed two notes given by James N. Smith & Co. to Robert and Lewis Glass, merchants and partners in firm of R & L. Glass & Co for $2837 each; also Samuel Rice and James N. Smith (Saml. Rice & Co.) endorsed for Wm. T. Morehead & Co. a note to Snow Runlett & Snow of New York for about $1500     to hold harmless by their being securities for James N. Smith & Co. and Wm. T. Morehead & Co. (the firms have the same members--only the name was changed), all the goods in possession of Wm. T. Morehead & Co. in the town of Ripley and all notes, bonds, and accounts due them...if necessary to (foreclose) any residue to be applied to payment of claims against A. Morehead & Co. of Covington which has this date given a deed of trust to James H. Johnston to secure his endorsers on a note.  Ack 11 June 1838 in Tipton Co.

p. 231 - 20 March 1838 - Martin R. Hatcher to West Harris for $875, a negro man named Allen.  Wit: C. C. Harris, Thos. Fitzpatrick; proved 18 June 1838.

p. 231 - Jeremiah Cheek in trust to R. H. McGaughey 73 acres held as an occupant in 2nd Civil District, part of an occupant entered on the general plan by Gehu Inman on which I now live, to secure a debt of $120.87 owed to James N. Smith & Co.; also debt of $67.63 to David Gilliland, admr. of Gehu Inman; ack 16 June 1838.

p. 232 - 2 December 1837 - Henry Rutherford to Lanson H. Dunaway for $300, 100 acres on south side of Mill Creek; bounds:  David Crawford 2000-acre grant ...James Salsberry...Rutherford's 2000-acre grant.  Ack 6 Jan 1838.

p. 233 - 1 April 1838 - Henry Rutherford to Matthew Porter of Haywood Co. for "a reasonable consideration," an estimated 3 acres on south side of Forked Deer River and on both sides of the branch known as Key Corner Branch joining heirs of John Kennelly, Wm. F. Crenshaw & James J. Crawford to include all the land that Rutherford has not previous to this date conveyed at that place except such as was laid off for town lots, a piece on the top of the hill north of the branch and the hillside west of the drain above a point opposite the house occupied by James J. Crawford.  Stipulation:  if Porter or some person by his authority does not within five years erect some kind of machinery on the above land, this indenture is null and void.  Ack 2 April 1838.

p. 234 - 7 Jan 1826 - Griffith Rutherford of Dyer Co bond to Henry Rutherford, also of Dyer Co., for $20,000.  Condition:  Griffith Rutherford on 16 June 1825 received from Robert Armstrong of Nashville a quitclaim deed for land in Dyer Co, originally NC Grant #37 to Griffith Rutherford, dec'd, for 3000 acres, and provided the above bound Griffith Rutherford does, when requested, convey to Henry Rutherford or any person that he may direct a quitclaim deed to all or any part of the above mentioned tract (except a certain lot previously conveyed by Henry Rutherford to Griffith Ruitherford estimated at 525 acres and two other lots conveyed to Benjamin & Matthew Porter) the above obligation to be void...Wit: Jno. Rutherford, Laborn (x) Jones, H. F. Rutherford; proved by John Rutherford and Henry F. Rutherford on 10 April 1838.  [Property of Henry Rutherford was levied on and sold by the sheriff of Madison Co. on 17 June 1823 by virtue of an execution from Williamson Co. Court and purchased by Robert Armstrong at the sale.  Armstrong, on 16 June 1825, sold it to Robert Weakley as agent of Henry Rutherford for the purchase money plus 10%.  The deed, it appears, was made to Henry's son, Griffith, who signed the above bond that on request he would quitclaim it to Henry or someone he designated.]

p. 235 - 27 Oct 1835 - Jessee Day of Dyer Co [and Wiley G. Day] to Edmond P. Lea/Lee of Franklin Co for $600, 150 acres in Tipton Co [now Lauderdale Co.] on waters of Cole Creek and Knob Creek...John Rutherford's south boundary line.  Wit: Bolling Fisher, Henry Sumrow; proved by Henry Sumrow and ack. by Wiley G. Day "the other bargainor" on 24 April 1838 at Lauderdale Co.

p. 236 - 24 March 1838 - Phillip Mallet and Easter Mallett appoint Reason S. Byrne to give a deed to Martin R. Hatcher our interest in 162 1/2 acres joining lands of Joseph Wardlaw & Jacob Niswanger, dec'd on the north, lands of Samuel King on the west, the heirs of Daniel Mallett, dec'd of NC on the south and east.  Wit: Wm. J. Crocker, James Wardlaw; proved by witnesses 15 May 1838.

p. 237 - 8 June 1838 - George S. Johnson in trust to John N. Golding to secure a debt to Dabney P. Phillips for $270.49, and the firm of Chandler & Clark for $92, one negro man Davy about 35 years, horses, wagon & yoke of oxen, hogs, 3 feather beds & furniture, 1 dining table, cattle, and his crop now growing.  Wit:  Wm. H. Fisher, Martial Starnes; ack 18 June 1838.

p. 238 - 2 Jan 1838 - George S. Johnson to Dabney P. Phillips for $282.63, a negro boy James, 7 years old.  Ack 18 June 1838.

p. 238 - 19 June 1838 - Edward H. Rudder in trust to John Thompson, a road wagon, 1 11-year old bay mare to secure my debt to him of $110.  Ack 19 June 1838.

p. 239 - 8 Nov 1828 - Wm. Gore of Overton Co., Mounce Gore and Ellener Gore his wife of Jackson Co., John Bowen of Dyer Co., to Wm. Evans of Fentress Co., for $300, all our interest in 600 acres as heirs and representatives of John Crawford, dec'd which we assigned 200 acres each to Wm. Evans.  A grant was issued in the name of John Crawford for 600 acres in Tipton Co in 11 SD r4s10 on Cane Creek, it being part of an undivided 2500-acre tract granted to Elisha Purdom and John Crawford, both dec'd, by virture of Warrant #2546 issued to Phillip Voss for 2500 acres and transferred from Voss to James Scott and from him to Spencer Griffin and from him to John Crawford.  Wit: Alfred Linn, John Reynolds, Arthur Bowen & G. J. Gentry; proved in Jackson Co by Alfred Linn and John Reynolds in November 1828.

p. 240 - 23 April 1836 - Polly Gore of Overton Co to Wm. Evans "of the same county" all my undivided interest as an heir of John Crawford, dec'd, to 600 acres in Tipton Co. on Cane Creek in SD 11 r4s10.  Wit:  John Gore, James Cook; proved by both witnesses in Overton Co 23 April 1836.

p. 241 - 12 June 1838 - Leonard Dunavant to James Chambers for $350 121 acreson waters of Mill Creek...Griffith Rutherford's line...being part of NC Grant #37 to Griffith Rutherford conveyed to Henry Rutherford, by him to Matthew Porter, by him to Dunavant.  Wit: H. Rutherford, Erasmus D. Thurmond; ack 7 May 1838.

p. 242 - 11 July 1838 - A. B. Gaines to P. G. Gaines for $1200, 3 negroes:  a woman named Harriet about 16 years and her child Minervy about 13 month, and a boy Hampton about 12 years.  Wit: Joseph Wardlaw, M. A. Posey; proved 11 July 1838.

p. 242 - 11 July 1838 - Jacob Tipton in trust to Fredrick R. Smith 3 tracts of land:  one containing 640 acres in r3&4s7&8 bordering Mark R. Cockerill's 100-acre entry...Jacob Blount's 5000-acre grant...which was conveyed to me by Alfred W. Taylor 17 Nov 1825; another tract of 200 acres (less 15 which have been sold) bounded by Mark R. Cockrill's 100-acre entry...Harriet Hadly's east boundary line...Tyre Rhodes...James 11 SD r3&4s7&8 on waters of Flat Creek; the third tract of 200 acres in 11 SD r6s8...which I hold by Grant #16047 issued by TN on 26 Oct 1821...I am indebted to West Harris as security for debts to A. Morehead & Co. for $3396.51 for which judgment was obtained at the June term of Circuit Court of Tipton Co 1838 for that sum with $188.78 damages and to James N. Smith & Co. for $1352.60 upon which a judgment was also obtained against me as security for Smith & Co. for that sum and $98.39 damages at June term of Circuit Court of Tipton Co.  Ack in Tipton Co 11 July 1838.

p. 245 - 12 July 1838 - A. B. Gaines in trust to James Wardlaw to secure debts to Wm. P. Gaines, A. H. Pope, T. D. & W. H. Fisher, W. K. Dobyns & Co., a sorrel mare blind in her right eye 13 years old, one grey mare 4 years old, cows, hogs, 2 feather beds and furniture and bed steads, 2 stands of curtains, 2 trunks, 1 table, 5 chairs, one woman's saddle, clock, one-year old colt with a blaze in his face.  Wit: Wm. Weddle, Ezekiel Smith; proved 12 July 1838.

p. 246 - 17 July 1838 - Wm. Calhoon in trust to Ellison P. Fuller 300 acres in Dist. 2 joining lands of the heirs of J. P. Taylor, Sabert Wood, and D. P. Posey, q negro woman Jane and 4 negro children--Mary Ann, Matthew, Washington, and Perry, to secure debt to Samuel V. Gilliland of $1450.  Ack 19 July 1838.

p. 247 - 22 June 1838 - Judge B. Moseley in trust to John N. Golding to secure debts to Chandler & Clark, James G. Anthony, hogs, 1 bed and furniture, and the crop now growing.  Wit: Wm. H. Fisher, A. Pate.  Ack 23 June 1838.

p. 248 - 2 March 1838 - Henry Rutherford to Wm. Omohundro for $55, 34 acres on south side of Mill Creek binding Omohundros 150 acre tract that he lately purchased of James of the creek...Wit: Thos. W. Omohundro; ack 5 Mar 1838.

p. 249 - 9 December 1837 - John G. Thurmond to John Walpole (no money shown), 150 acres... Erasmus D. Thurmond corner...John Rutherford's line...part of NC 2000 acre grant #379 to David Crawford.  Wit: Benj. H. Walpole, Thos. D. Walpole, Wm. S. Walpole; proved by all witnesses 15 May 1838.

p. 250 - 26 March 1838 - Wm. Conner of Haywood Co. to Rezin S. Byrn for $450 150 acres on waters of Cane Creek in 11 SD r2w10...John McIver sw corner in Jones & Haggerty's line...Saml. Oldham's line...Wit: James W. Strother, W. K. Dobyns; proved by both witnesses 18 June 1838.

p. 251 - 7 August 1837 - Milton G. Young of Madison Co. to Wm. Parker of Haywood Co. for $150, 100 acres on John Rutherford's west boundary line...Wit: M. D. Anderson, E. G. Young; proved by witnesses14 Aug 1838.

p. 252 - 28 June 1838 - Wm. P. Campbell of Williamson Co in trust to Robt. P. Currin "of said county" to secure a debt of $1681.98 of the firm of Wm. P. Campbell & Co. to Robert Black, executor of Wm. Black, dec'd, an undivided interest of 1/3 of 1220 acres formerly owned by Barrow Cage & Nichols, part of 5000 acres granted by TN in 1821 to John C. McLemore, James Trimble, Matthew Barrow & John Nichols, lying on Cane Creek; the land conveyed hereby is that conveyed to Wm. P. Campbell by John Nichols 23 August 1834.  Ack 5 July 1838.

p. 253 - 29 Nov 1836 - James H. Graves of Fayette Co. to Bernard M. Patterson for $1500, 350 acres, 150 of which is my locative interest in 700 acres granted by TN to the said Patterson; also 200 acres of an undivided interest in an entry for 400 acres granted 3 Oct 1836, all of which is in 11th SD r6&7s10 on the bank of the Mississippi River and bounded by Wm. Polk's grant of 3000 acres on the bank of the river.  Wit: E. Dashull, James McConnell.  Proved in Fayette Co. by E. Dashull on 16 Aug 1838 and James McConnell on 30 Aug 1838.

p. 254 - 4 May 1838 - James McConnell of Shelby Co. binds himself in the penal sum to Edward H. Chaffin and John Kirk [see Footnote 1] of Columbia, TN, A. Vanwick of Nashville, and John M. Bell of New Orleans, LA to make a deed before 1 Mar 1843 for:  600 acres in r6&7s10 granted on 2 Oct 1836 lying immediately past a 3000 acre tract granted to Wm. Polk; also 400 acres (TN grant to James H. Graves, P. M. Tipton,     Rice & Bernard M. Patterson lying east of the aforesaid 600 acres), all lying on the bank of the Miss. River and making in all 1000 acres for which he has been paid $500.  Wit: W. G. Lathum C, Jg. Higgins; ack in New Orleans 5 May 1838.

p. 256 - 4 May 1838 - James McConnell of Shelby Co. binds himself in the penal sum of $22000 to Edward H. Chaffin & John Kirk of Columbia, TN, A. VanWyck of Nashville, and John M. Bell of New Orleans, LA, to make a deed before 1 March 1843 for:  200 acres granted to Benjamin F. Jordan on 10 Dec 1834 in r6s10 on which Jordan is now living lying on the Mississippi River bounded by land D. A. Sullivan land; also a tract of 292 acres granted to Jacob Byler on 8 Jan 1835 in r6s10 bordering a B.F. Jordan grant; also 250 acres granted to Jacob Byler on 8 Jan 1835 in r6s10 bordering another Byler tract; also 200 acres entered in name of Jacob Byler r6s10 bordering another of his grants and one of B. F. Jordan.  Wit: W. G. Lathum C., Jg Higgins; ack in New Orleans 5 May 1838.

p. 259 - 4 Sept 1838 - John Hafford of Haywood Co to Isaac D. Coachman of "said county & state" for $1750, 206 12 acres in Lauderdale Co 11 SD r2s9 joining lands of Matthew Pickett, Smith Kent and others...the Haywood-Lauderdale county line, John Fizackley's ne corner...Camp Creek.  Wit: James Boyd, J. P. Jett, Chas. H. Boyd; proved by Jett and Boyd in Haywood Co. 4 Sept 1838.

p. 261 - 21 Aug 1838 - An agreement and covenant between George W. Hopkins of Warren Co, TN and Thomas H. Hopkins of Hinds Co., Miss. Act 1) Geo. W. Hopkins is entitled to money and property as one of the heirs of the estate of his brother Thos. Hopkins, dec'd, late of Warren Co., TN, and George is willing to sell his entire interest in his brother's estate. Thos. H. Hopkins has agreed to purchase it for $20,000 and to release and relinquish any claim that he might have upon George. Act 2) (includes the payment schedule).  Act 3) Any part of the land that George may want out of the part which may be allotted to Thomas as his assignee may be deducted from the last two payments.  Act 4) George agrees to convey all his interest in the estate of the said Thos. Hopkins, dec'd, whether in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia or any other state or country, and to make any deed, etc., that may be required.  Act 5)  Thomas binds himself to secure to George property as collatteral security as required, either in Tennessee or Mississippi. Act 6)  Each of us shall have a copy of this agreement.  Act 7) The administrator or collector having any of the estate of the deceased Thos. Hopkins in their hands shall deliver the same to Thos. H. Hopkins.  George directs the Clerk of the Chancery Court at McMinnville to convey his part to Thomas.  Wit: Hord Watts, John P. Hopkins; proved by witnesses in Warren Co 10 August 1838.

p. 263 - 19 Sept 1838 - James H. Johnson in trust to Wm. Deason to secure debts of $240 to James M. Scott, hogs, two fields of corn, fodder, 1 horse, saddle & bridle, one occupant tract of land of about 25 acres, 2 feather beds and furniture belonging to them, 2 bedsteads, one stand of curtains, one press, one crib, 3 tables, 4 sitting chairs, 3 trunks, 1 set of chinaware, 1 set knives and forks, 1 wood clock.  Ack 21 Sept 1838.

p. 264 - 21 Sept 1838 - Arthur Totty in trust to Thomas Fitzpatrick to secure debts of $94 to Thomas B. Cousins, a colt one year old next spring (1839).  Wit: John Holmes, Maston Henry; ack 21 Sept 1838.

p. 265 - 21 Sept 1838 - John McCall in trust to Richard H. McGaughey, 3 acres in Dist 2 on which I live near the town of Ripley to secure debt of $155 due Mark Watson; ack 21 Sept 1838.

p. 266 - 18 June 1838 - Circuit Court, Hon. John Read, judge, hear the report of Stith Richardson, Wm. Jordan, John Soward & Benjamin Porter, commissioners who were appointed at last term of court to lay off to Edith Kennely, Pascal W. Sanders & Susan C. Sanders, his wife (late Susan C. Kennelly), and Edith Ann Kennely, heirs of John Kennelly, dec'd, their part of Martin Armstrong, Jr's 5000-acre Grant #27 from NC:  the original grant, beginning at a large leaning sycamore (at the Key Corner), then east 234 chains, then north 250 chains, then west 234 chains and south to the beginning contains by actual measure 5850 acres, and it is believed by the commissioners that an additional 872 1/2 acres would also be included on the north if the original ne corner of the grant is established which it is thought it may yet be done.  But as the corner may never be established, the commissioners allotted the Kennelly heirs' part based on the 5850 acres already identified and established, their interest being 263 acres and 20 poles beginning at the Key Corner, north with the original west boundary line 265 poles, then east 180 (poles), then south 245 poles, and west to beginning (plat included shows Kennely heirs' portion as well as that of B. B. Watson).  Commissioners hold opinion that the 263 acres so allotted to the Kennelly heirs is not more valuable than their interest of 160 acres of average value with the whole tract would be.  The heirs release all claim to the surplus.  Pascal W. Sanders is to pay the cost of this proceeding out of the assets in his hands as administrator of John Kennely, dec'd, and each of the commissioners is to be allowed $2.  Report accepted and issued from the Circuit Court on 6 July 1838.

p. 269 - 6 Oct 1838 - John McCall in trust to Thomas J. Childress, the bay horse that I have rode for the past 12 months, one book case and 2 desks to secure debt of $47.50 due John Lockart.  Ack 6 Oct 1838.

p. 269 - 6 July 1838 - Edward H. Rudder in trust to Sam. V. Gilliland, 1 sorrel mare 3 years old, 1 bay horse 10 years old, 1 dun colt 1 year old to secure debt of $86.62 1/2 to John and David Gilliland.  Wit: Wm. Harlan; ack 6 Aug 1838.

p. 270 - 12 May 1838 - George W. Tatum in trust to Dabney P. Phillips, a man slave named Gilbert and a girl named Nancy to secure debt of $645.56 to John and Saml. V. Gilliland.  Wit: J. N. Golding; ack 3 Aug 1838.

p. 271 - 14 Sept 1838 - Briant F. Buck in trust to John N. Purcell 70 acres in Dist. 8 on north side of Ball's branch at H. F. Rutherford's corner...Jas Buck's line...Witter's corner, 1 bed and clothing, 30 head hogs, and my crop of corn now growing to secure debt of $500 due Connell Paine & Co. of Dyersburg.  Ack 14 Sept 1838.

p. 272 - 17 June 1838 - James Morphis of Henry Co to Joseph Taylor of Laud. Co. for $400, 100 acres in 11 SD r2.  Wit:  D. P. Phillips, John Thompson; ack 20 June 1838.

p. 273 - 22 Oct 1838 - Ezekiel Farmer in trust to Wm. Weddle to secure debt of $350 to John Lockard 1 wagon, 2 yoke of steers, (7 horses, one described as "fleebitten"), cows, hogs, corn, 1 clock.  Ack 22 Oct 1838.

p. 274 - 25 Feb 1838 - William Conner to Lance Graves for $750, 300 acres in 11 SD, r2s10, part of TN's 5000-acre grant #625 to Afred Moore of NC...bounds--James A. Morris sw corner...John G. Blount...Seth Conner's offset corner...Champ C. Conner's south line.  Wit: Champ C. Conner, A. Bray.  Ack 10 June 1838.

p. 275 -  17 March 1838 -Lance Graves to Wm. Hafford for $226, 69 acres in 11 SD r2s10, part of TN's grant to Afred Moore of NC Entry #625 for 5000 acres...James A. Morris corner...John Burns corner...Seth Conner's west line...C. C. Conner's south line...Ack 16 June 1838.

p. 276 - 3 July 1837 - Epps Gibbons of Madison Co. to heirs of John Chisum, dec'd for $640 paid by John Chisum in his lifetime 200 acres on Cane Creek, part of 2500 acre tract granted to E. Purdom and John Crawford by Grant 16184...Evans Conner's line...Thos. Hopkins line...Wit:  John Gillum, John Smith; ack 4 July 1837.

p. 277 - 29 June 1838 - Wm. Conner to John B. Byrne for $300, 100 acres in 11th SD r2s10, part of TN grant #625 to Alfred Moore for 5000 acres.  Bounds:  James A. Morris...Champ C. Conner...Ack in Haywood Co 30 June 1838.

p. 278 - 24 Jan 1830 - Thos Durham received of John Stone $700 for a negro woman named Lunor (age 20) and her 3 children, Mariah (age 5), Harriet(age 3), and Susan (age 1).  John Blackwell said he witnessed the receipt, and Wm. H. Fisher said he was familiar with Thos. Durham's signature on 6 Aug 1838.

p. 278 - 24 Sept 1838 - Abner B. Gaines to Joshua R. Stone for $200, my interest in a negro girl named Mary of yellow complexion about 15 years old, the property of the estate of Maddison Y. Gaines, dec'd, said girl a slave for life; all my inheritance or one third part of the said negro girl I warrant and forever defend...Wit: Wm. Weddle, Albert W. Posey.  Ack 25 Sept 1838.

p. 279 - 7 August 1838 - Robert Maxwell to Dabney P. Phillips for $300 (no acreage noted) in 11 SD r2s9, part of a tract John Younts bought from James Huggins...Wit: J. N. Wardlaw, J.M.C. Robertson; proved by both witnesses 19 Sept 1838.

p. 280 - 17 Oct 1838 - Absalam Vickory to Isaac D. Maxwell for $450, 124 acres in Dist. 2, an undivided 1/6 part of the purchase made by John H. Maxwell, Isaac D. Maxwell and myself from Thos & Robt. Love on which I now live.  Ack 17 Oct 1838.

p. 280 - 21 July 1838 - Rezin S. Byrn, Robt. C. Campbell & Hiram C. Keller, commissioners for the town of Ripley, to Richard H. McGaughey for $135, Lot #87 in Block T (at southeast corner of) Randolph Street and Lafayette St.  Ack 25 Aug 1838.

p. 281 - 15 August 1838 - Richard H. McGaughey to Walter K. Dobyns for $275, Lot #87 in Block T (described above).  Ack 15 Aug 1838.

p. 282 - 3 Sept 1838 - Thos. D. Fisher of Warren Co, MS to David M. Henning of Haywood Co, TN for $275, lot #50 in Durhamville (3 acres on south side of Watter St.) which was sold by Thos. Durham to Charles Cullen in January 1830 and afterwards repurchased by him and sold to J & R Boyd in May 1838 and held by them by bond until 1834 at which time Durham made a deed to Fisher.  Ack 3 Sept 1838.

p. 283 - 20 Nov 1837 - John Shelton, Sr. of Amherst Co, VA in trust to Seaton B. Burks, a negro slave girl Eliza, who has been taken to Lauderdale Co. for the benefit of my daughter Elizabeth K., wife of Lee Harris Burks, formerly of Virginia, now of Lauderdale Co, and the children of her body.  When Lee Harris Burks moved from Virginia, as well as now (as is generally believed) he was in debt beyond his abilities to pay, and this trust has been set up to keep this property from being subject to any of his debts.  Shelton has made his will leaving Eliza to Elizabeth and her children and appointing his sons Edwin L. and Ralph C. Shelton, now of Amherst Co, VA, trustees to carry out his wishes, but the laws as such that a trust must be set up in TN also.  Proved in Amherst Co, VA by Ambrose Rucker and David Patterson, two justices of the peace, 20 Nov 1837. 

p. 287 - 3 November 1838 - Wm. Calhoon to John H. Edmunston of Lawrence Co, AL for $3935 the following slaves:  Nancy, a woman about 60; Jack, a man about 33; Jenny, a woman about 18, with her female child about 6 months; Green, a boy about 15; Washington, a boy about 11; Townly, a boy about 3.  Ack. 3 Nov 1838.

p. 288 - 7 June 1837 - Wm. H. Fisher to Thos. L. Clark of Newberry Dist., SC for $25, lots #6 & 7 (of 1/2 acre each) in Durhamville bordering Water Street on the east, the 2nd alley south of Main on the north, and on the west the 1st alley west of Water Street.  Ack 17 Nov 1838.

p. 289 - 6 Oct 1838 - Peter Swanson of Giles Co. to Memucan H. Howard of Davidson Co., 152 and a fraction acres, in consideration of other lands conveyed to Swanson this date.  The 152+ acres represents the locative interest in 333 1/3 acres in 11 SD r5s10 in the Miss. bottom entered in name of the heirs of Fredrick Hargett; 166 2/3 acres in r6s10 on the bank of the Miss. River entered in name of Alfred Hargett.  Wit:  J. A. Clark; ack in Davidson Co 11 Oct 1838.

p. 290 - 5 Nov 1838 - Henry T. Chisum in trust to Pleasant G. Davenport, hogs, cattle, corn, 1 bed and furniture, 1 clock, 1 mare, to secure debt including $42.73 levied in a judgment before Esqr. Atkinson, and a debt of $11 to Samuel V. Gilliland.  Ack. 5 Nov 1838.

p. 291 - 29 Oct 1838 - Thos. J. Childress in trust to Mark Watson, horses, cattle, hogs, 1 steel mill, 1 bed and furniture, 1 churn and 4 stone jars to in debt to Landy Shumake, John C. Barnes, Bird B. Baird(?), Mark Watson.  Ack 29 Oct 1838.

p. 292 - 19 Oct 1834 - James Greenlee, late of Buncombe Co., NC, now of Yancy Co. NC to Ezekiel H. McClure of Buncombe Co., NC power of attorney to make a deed and amicably and fairly settle in my name with the parties holding claim to land in Tipton Co. which I owned and which I have learned has been sold for taxes.  Wit: Joseph Henry, Richd. T. Lewis; proved by Joseph Henry 24 Oct 1834 and by Richard T. Lewis in January 1835 at Ashville.

p. 293 - 8 Sept 1838 - James Greenlee of Yancy Co, NC (by his atty in fact E. H. McClure) to Jonathan & Robt. P. Webster of Maury Co, TN, part of an 1840-acre survey granted to the said James Greenlee in 11 SD...R & T Love's corner; Jonathan to get 300 acres and to Robt P. to get 533 acres.  Wit: Thos Brown; Stephen Jones; proved by both witnesses at Maury Co. court 25 Sept 1838.

p. 294 - 16 Nov 1837 - Tennessee Grant #3274 - 200 acres in r6s10 to Jacob Byler, assignee of Wm. W. Woodfork based on Certificate warrant #3502 in name of James G. Brehin ...Jacob Byler's grant for 293 acres...B. F. Jordan...surveyed 25 Oct 1836.

p. 295 - 27 Dec 1837 - Tennessee Grant #3384 - 91 3/4 acres in r6s10 on the Mississippi River to Jacob Byler, assignee of S. Cantrell Exd(?), based on Warrant #2481 issued to heirs of G. M. Deadrick dated 28 April 1836, surveyed 25 Oct 1836...200 acres of B. F. Jordan...

p. 296 - 19 Feb 1838 - Walter K. Dobyns to Henry B. S. Williams for $400, a negro man purchased from him as the administrator of Phinebe Williams, dec'd.  Wit: M. A. Posey; ack W. K. Dobyns.  Ack. 18 Oct 1838.

p. 296 - 15 Sept 1838 - Lancy Graves to David Walker 50 acres in 11 SD r2s10, part of TN grant to Alfred Moore of NC (Entry #625 for 5000 acres)...J. G. Blount land... W. Hafford's line...Seth Conner's line.  Ack 3 Nov 1838.

p. 297 - 27 Oct 1838 - James Barfield in trust to Pendleton G. Gaines for $117, 40 bbls. corn because Gaines holds a judgment against him in that amount.  Wit: Wm. P. Gaines; ack 3 Nov 1838.

p. 298 - 3 July 1838 - Matthew Pickett of Haywood Co. to Smith Kent for $813, 271 acres partly in Haywood and partly in Lauderdale Co, part of the locator's interest in NC's grant to Neil for 2560 acres...John Hafford's corner.  Wit: Jas. C. Coggeshal, G. S. Bradford, John Kent; proved by Bradford and Kent 5 Nov 1838.

p. 299 - 12 April 1828 - George Locke of Dyer Co. to Wm. Watson of Giles Co for $100, 1/2 of 3/4 of 2 shares out of 20 1/2 shares of an estimated 5000 acres, NC Grant #27 to Martin Armstrong, Jr., ne of the Key Corner.  Wit: James P. Purcell, John Watson; ack 17 Dec 1828.

      [Footnote 1] This name is given as John Vanwick in one place in the deed; as John Kirk in four other places.
Abstracted by Bettie B. Davis

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