Deed Book A - Pages 101 to 199
Lauderdale County, Tennessee

Abstracted by Bettie B. Davis
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p. 101 - 8 Feb 1837 - Thomas Brown of Columbus, MS, at present of Laud. Co, TN to Joseph Wardlow for $1248.75, 215 acres & 87 poles on waters of Cane Creek ...northwest corner of Brown's Mountain tract in Charles McDowell's survey of 5000 acres, east to a stake the nw corner of the town of Ripley...west boundary of Elizabeth Cesnu's tract.

p. 102 - 28 Jan 1837 - Thomas Brown of Lowndes Co, MS, at present of Laud. Co., to Joseph Wardlow for $3350, 670 acres & 146 poles commonly known at Brown's Valley tract, in the west boundary of Chas. McDowell's 5000 acres...west line of Eliz. Cisnu's (Cemm's?) tract.

p. 103 - Geo Andrews, in right of his late wife Caty and their sons John N. Andrews and James E. Andrews "upwards of twenty one years of age," Wm. Barr, Saml. Barr, John Barr, John Houston & wife Margarett, all of Rowan Co. NC, and James Adams and wife Amelia of Iredell Co., children of the late John Barr of Rowan Co., (devisees by will dated 26 Apr 1830) appoint their friend Samuel King of Iredell Co NC their atty to sell their interest in 302 acres in Tipton Co in 11 SD r2s9 which TN granted to John Barr, late of Rowan NC on 17 Jan 1825 ...(boundries) Hardee Murfree, Robison Mumford...Witnesses Perry Roberts and Absalum B. Blackburn proved in Iredell Co November 1836.

p. 106 - 28 March 1837 - Wm. Barr, Saml. Barr, John Barr, George Andrews [in right of his late wife Caty and their sons John N. Andrews and] James E. Andrews (upwards of 21 years of age) John Houston & wife Margaret of Rowan Co (NC), James Adams & wife Amelia of Iredell Co. (NO), children of the late John Barr of Rowan Co. to Margaret Burke[see footnote 1] for $500, 151 acres surveyed 13 Oct 1823 in Tipton Co, now Lauderdale, 11th SD r2s9.  Sold by their attorney, Samuel King.  Proved by witnesses Saml. V. Gilliland and David Gilliland 3 April 1837.

p. 108 - 28 Mar 1837 - Wm. Barr, etc. (same grantors as above) by their attorney Samuel King to Sampson Smith for $500, 151 acres surveyed 13 Oct 1823 in Tipton Co., now Lauderdale, 11th SD r2s9.  Proved as above.

p. 110 - 1 May 1837 - John Stone, agent & atty in fact for James Morphis of Henry Co. to Walter Glawson/Glasson for $400, 107 acres...Robert Walker's line...Blount's line...(Stone signs with "X")  Witnesses C. A. Phillips, Jas. G. Anthony.  Ack 1 May 1837.

p. 111 - 23 Mar 1837 - Elizabeth Sinclair of Macoupin Co., IL to James Morphis of Henry Co. for $500, all her part as an heir of a tract in Laud. Co, formerly Tipton, granted to John & Alexander Morphis.  Wit: Rodger Snell, Elbert (x) St. Clair.  Elizabeth's signature appears "Elizabeth (x) St. Clair."

p. 112 - 10 Apr 1837 - Elizabeth Sinclair, Henrietta Montgomery & Wm. Montgomery her husband, Sarah Sinclair, Mary Whitten and Stephen Whitten her husband, heirs of John Morphis, dec'd, late of Orange Co, NC to James Morphis for $5, all their interest in a grant for 2560 acres which their father, John Morphis, and his son Alexander Morphis, got in 11 SD r2s9&10 on Cane Creek.  John disposed of his part by several deeds which were not fully proven "according to law and the witness being now so disposed as to render it difficult to fully affect," and the grantors heretofore having sold to James Morphis their rights, they make this deed.  Sarah Sinclair acknowledged the deed in Henry Co.; William and Henrietta Montgomery in Gibson Co.

p. 114 - 18 Apr 1837 - James Morphis of Henry Co. by his atty in fact, John Stone, to James F. Jett of Haywood Co, (no amount noted), 4/6 interest in 704 acres in Haywood in 11 SD r10s9, part of TN Grant 21674 to John and Alexander Murphy [see Footnote 2], Ass.& C. for military services; the part of the 704 acres hereby conveyed being the interest of Elizabeth Sinclair, Sarah Sinclair, Wm. Montgomery & wife Henrietta, heirs of John Morphis, dec'd, late of Orange Co., NC which had heretofore been conveyed to James Morphis, also one of the heirs of John Morphis, and James' own interest....bounds:  Walker's south line...Alfred Moor's sw corner...Allen's line...Dorherty's corner.  Witnesses Wm. Conner and Saml. Oldham proved.

p. 116 - 6 Aug 1831 - John C. McLemore to Wm. Clark, both of Davidson Co. for $500, 200 acres in 11 SD r4s11 on waters of Cole Creek, part of McLemore's entry for 640 acres, 120 of which has been taken out of the ne corner by the interference of Adam Boyd's 5000-acre tract.  Wit: M. H. Howard, J. M. Walker.

p. 117 - 14 Feb 1837 - Thomas C. Trimble of Davidson Co. to Wm. W. Lea of Gibson Co. for $978, 173 acres east and north and adjoining the town of Fulton, part of the 760 acres out of which Fulton was laid off...joins J.C. McLemore's land ...Matthew Barrow's land.  Ack. in Davidson Co 14 Feb 1837.

p. 119 - 16 Feb 1837 - Matthew Barrow of Davidson Co to Wm. W. Lea of Gibson Co for $3995, 209 1/2 acres on the Mississippi River, part of the 760-acre tract assigned by commissioners to Matthew Barrow...joins John C. McLemore, James Trimble, Town of Fulton; also all his 1/8 interest as one of the original proprietors of the Town of Fulton in the lots unsold or which have reverted, all of the notes on the purchasers of lots; also 135 acres, part of 261 acres joining the 760 acre tract on which Fulton was laid out, assigned by the Commissioners appointed (to divide it) to Barrow...joins heirs of James Trimble; also all his interest (2/5 after deducting the locator's part) in 232 acres on north side of Hatchie River granted to James Trimble on which John Vassor formerly lived.  Ack. in Davidson Co. 16 Feb 1837.

p. 121 - 2 May 1837 - Alexander B. Bradford of Madison Co. to John C. McLemore of Shelby Co. and Wm. W. Lea of Gibson Co. for $200 his interest in the 100 acres on which Fulton on the Miss. River was laid out being an undivided third of 1/8 part, the other parts, owned by Wm. Stoddert & James Caruthers, have also been  to McLemore and Lea.  This sale is not to affect the right of Bradford & Alexander Patton to purchase of a lot in Fulton.  Ack in Madison Co. 23 May 1837. 

p. 122 - 15 May 1837 - John Shelby, Thos. Crutcher, and Wm. B. Lewis of Davidson Co., endorsers on a bill of exchange drawn by Edwin R. Wallace on (a bank) in New Orleans which the endorsers had to pay, and Wallace and his wife Mary L. having given them a deed of trust on 1/9 part of 707 acres in Laud. Co., part of 5000 acres in name of heirs of Charles McDowell, also 1/9 part of 1000 acres in Obion Co, part of 2500 acres entered in name of Robert Naul, each of which fell by inheritance to the heirs of Joel Lewis, the undivided interest to the tracts were sold at public sale in Nashville to Shelby, Crutcher, and Lewis, and they now sell them to Wm. W. Lea of Gibson Co. for $200.  Ack 17 May 1837 in Davidson Co.

p. 123 - 14 Jan 1837 - John C. McLemore of Davidson Co. to John W. Campbell of Madison for $260, one undivided half of 640 acres granted by TN to Trustees of Cumberland College 28 Jan 1825 in 11 SD r6s10 on Miss. River.  Wit:  John Cromwell, Matthew Porter, H. B. Howell, Wm. Conner.  Proved by Cromwell and Conner in Haywood Co 26 April 1837.

p. 124 - 28 Apr 1837 - Barry Gillispie of Mississippi to John Knox and James Boggs of Philadelphia for $798 on waters of the Forked Deer River, an undivided (one-half) interest in 532 acres, part of NC Grant #74 for 3000 acres to Genl. Griffith Rutherford.  Proved by witnesses Timothy Scurlock and R. C. Brinkley.

p. 125 - 16 Sept 1830 - John Rutherford to John Titsworth, both of Dyer Co. for $100, 100 acres west of Robt. P. Currin's land.  Proved on 10 Sept 1836 by James Rutherford & Thos McG. Rutherford who swore that they had frequently seen John Rutherford write and that they believed the signature to the deed to have been written by him. [see Footnote 3]

p. 126 - 23 Nov 1832 - John Rutherford to Christopher G. Titsworth, both of Dyer Co., for $50, 70 acres west of tract granted from John Rutherford to Thomas Knight.  Wit:  Francia A. Edney, James Rutherford.  Proved on 10 Sept 1836 by James Rutherford, a witness, and Thos. McG. Rutherford who swore that he had seen John Rutherford write and believed the signature on the deed to be his.

p. 127 - 11 Aug 1836 - Christopher G. Titsworth to John Titsworth for $100, 60 acres.  Ack 10 Sept 1836.

p. 128 - 25 July 1829 - John Rutherford of Dyer Co. to Christopher G. Titsworth of Tipton Co for $62.50, 75 acres.  Wit:  Jas. J. Thomas, Jas. Rutherford.  Proved 10 Sept 1837 by witness Jas. Rutherford and Thos. McG. Rutherford who made a deposition about having seen John Rutherford write.

p. 129 - 12 Jan 1836 - Jessee Russell of Tennessee to Christopher G. Titsworth of Dyer Co. for $70, 74 acres in Tipton Co. on Rutherford's southern boundary.  Witnesses Benjamin F. Fisher, John (x) Titsworth proved 7 Nov 1836.

p. 130 - 24 Feb 1837 - Elijah B. Foster to James Braden to secure a debt of $107 to Terry H. Wilie, in trust an occupant on which Foster now lives west of John C. McLemore's 428 acre tract; also a bay mare called Pigeon, 5 head of cattle, 2 milch cows, 3 yearlings, 40 head of stock hogs.  Ack 3 Apr 1837.

p. 131 - 24 Oct 1836 - Wm. Evans of Overton Co to Geo. William of Haywood for $637.50, 303 acres in 11th SD r4s10.  Witnesses David Williams and Geo. R. Williams proved on 1 May 1837.

p. 132 - 29 Apr 1837 - Geo. Williams to David Williams of Haywood Co for $300, 151 1/2 acres in 11 SD, r4s10, part of 2500 acres in name of Crawford & Purdam, the west half of 303 acres from p. 131.  Wit:  Wm. D. Crook, Daniel Williams.
Ack. 1 May 1837.

p. 133 - 15 Jan 1836 - Henry Rutherford to James Salsberry, both of Dyer Co, for $260, 130 acres in Dyer Co., alias Lauderdale, on the south side of Mill Creek ...Samuel Weakley's se corner...south boundary of Rutherford's claim...Willis Chamberlain's corner.  Wit: Claburn Rounsaville, Lanson H. Dunaway.  Ack 19 June 1837.

p. 134 - 16 June 1837 - Wm. Nash to John C. Barns in trust, to secure a debt of $115 to James B. Crook, one bay mare, 6 cows and calves.  Wit:  W. S. Read.  Ack 17 June 1837.

p. 135 - 14 July 1837 - Robt. Blow to Thomas Etheridge, Wilson B. Webster, Phillip T. Jones, Willis Wilkins and Curtis J. Berry for $769.42, in trust, all my claim in an occupancy of 200 acres purchased of Bird Jones; also a lot of oak timber on a tract near Randolph in Tipton Co. purchased of Joseph White of Covington, TN; also a parcel of white oak staves (supposed to be 80,000 pieces or staves of 1200 pieces or staves to the thousand) lying in the woods in the vicinity of the above occupancy purchased from Jones; also 5 froes, 9 cross cut saws, 1 grindstone, one drawing knife, 31 axes, 1 saw set, 1 wire sieve, 1 tea kettle, 1 water pole, 1 square, and 2 meal bags.  Wit:  James W. Strother.  Ack 17 July 1837.

p. 136 - 10 March 1836 - Henry Rutherford to John Lee Witter for $256, 128 acres on waters of Mill Creek...Saml. Stricklin's line...Ball's branch...part of NC Grant 37 to Griffith Rutherford, conveyed to Henry Rutherford 11 July 1798.  Ack June 1836.  On 11 March 1836, Henry F. & Sarah Rutherford, "representatives of Griffith Rutherford [see Footnote 4], deceased" quitclaim their interest in the above tract.

p. 138 - 8 May 1837 - John Lee Witter in trust to Henry F. Rutherford, to secure Griffith L. Rutherford, of Lauderdale Co., and John Branch of Dyer Co. who have become "my securities" as adm. on estate of Priscilla Velts(?), dec'd, 128 acres (described above) to be sold if necessary to indemnify Rutherford and Branch, with any balance to go to Henderson Clark of Dyer Co.  Wit:  Malcolm Gwinn.  Proved 5 June 1837 by James Blair who swore that he has frequently seen John Lee Witter write and he believes the deed of trust to have been done by him; Malcolm Gwinn says Witter acknowledged the deed as his in his presence.

p. 139 - 1 Feb 1837 - Benjamin Porter as atty in fact for Alfred Sturgis of Columbia Co., GA (p/a dated 29 Aug 1834 and registered in Dyer Co. 3 Nov 1834, BK C, pp 253-4) to Philip F. Crihfield for $365, 146 acres (north of) Henry Crihfield's land, part of NC 2000-acre grant to David Crawford #379, sold by Crawford to Andrew Sturges who bequeathed to his children Henry, Joseph & Alfred Sturges & Nancy Thurmond 200 acres each; Joseph, Henry & Alfred Sturgis sold their (600 acres) to Francis Gideon who also got 60 acres of Nancy's 200 from George Goodman.  The 660 acres on 13 May 1833 was sold by Gideon to Alfred Sturges.  Proved by witnesses, Henry Crihfield & John Hodge5 Feb 1837.

p. 140 - 9 June 1837 - Deed of trust - John G. Thurmond to Zachariah Mitchell for $304, 150 acres beginning at Erasmus D. Thurmond's corner on John Rutherford's line..., part of NC Grant #379 for 2000 acre to David Crawford.  Wit:  Henry Crihfield, Wm. Crihfield.  Ack 27 June 1837.

p. 141 - 19 June 1837 - Robt. P. Russell to Saml V. Gilliland for $135, 97 acres in 11 SD r5s9&10 on Cole Creek founded on grant #21582 to James Copeland bounded by Wm. Bradshaw's 200 acres...James Taylor...which Wm. L. Byler deeded to me on 8 Feb 1834 to secure S. V. and D. Gilliland; the debt not being paid, Gilliland bought it at auction.  Wit: Wm. Turner Moorehead, R. H. McGaughey.  Ack 19 June 1837.

p. 143 - 2 Feb 1837 - Marriage Contract between Shaderic Elkin and Mary Baker who wish to secure all her property to her children.  Wit: J M C Robertson; ack 4 July 1837

p. 143 - 10 June 1837 - Griffith L. Rutherford, agent and atty in fact for Nancy, James, Thomas McG., Wright H., John H., Mary E., and Alfred Rutherford to Henry Sumerow for $75, 97 12 acres west and north of Sumerow's other tract...Lee line...Stephen M. Sullivan's corner.  Ack at Dyer Co [see Footnote 5], 21 June 1837.

p. 145 - 24 Sept 1834 - John Rutherford of Dyer Co. to Henry Sumerow of Tipton Co. for $400, 99 acres on waters of Knob Creek...on the county line.  Ack in Dyer Co 25 March 1835.

p. 146 - 9 Oct 1837 - Wm. Nash to Wm. Braden 10 acres in trust to secure Ira Gaines for debts of $126.08.  The land is bounded on north and south by vacant land, on west by the Trimble tract, on east by Wm. Braden's land; also (mare, cows, hogs, ox cart, side saddle, clock, steel mill.  If defaulted, property to be advertised in the "Truth Teller" published in Jackson and sold at auction.  Wit:  Jas. Braden, R. A. Braden.  Ack 9 Oct 1837.

p. 149 - 9 June 1837 - Benjamin Porter, atty in fact for Alfred Sturges of Columbus Co, GA (p/a recorded in Dyer Co 3 Nov 1834 in Bk C, pp 253-4) to Erasmus D. Thurmond (no amount of money mentioned) 100 acres at the ne corner of the 800-acre tract (part of the original NC 2000-acre grant #379 to David Crawford) and situated between John Rutherford land and Jno. G. Thurmond.  Wit: H. Rutherford, John H. Mitchell; ack 6 Sept 1837.

p. 150 - 28 July 1837 - Edward Williams, exr. of Edward Williams, dec'd, of Madison Co. to John H. Mitchell of Lauderdale Co. for $111, a negro girl called Isabell Ann, aged about 17 months.  Wit: Henry F. Rutherford, John W. Nearn.  Proved by witnesses 6 Oct 1837.

p. 150(a) - 6 Sept 1837 - Rezin S. Byrn, Hiram C. Keller, & Robt. C. Campbell, comm. for town of Ripley, to Walter K. Dobbins for $25, lot #27, in Block H, at sw corner of intersection of Randolph and Washington.  Ack 18 Oct 1837.

p. 151 - 19 Oct 1836 - Wm. Evans of Overton Co to James N. Smith of Tipton Co for $460, 203 acres on Cane Creek, part of 2500-acre grant to Elisha Purdum and John Crawford in 11 SD r4s10, bounds: Bleadsoe, James Chism/Chisholm.  Wit: Jos. Wardlaw, Levi Gardner, James Whitson; proved by Wardlaw and Whitson 20 Oct 1837.

p. 152 - 16 Sept 1837 - Samuel Laird in trust to Wm. T. Morehead, 1 lease of 3 years, hogs, a horse, and crop of corn, to secure debt to James N. Smith for $150.  If in default Morehead to give notice in writing at the Courthouse and at the election ground of the second district and other public places and expose property to public sale.  Proved by witnesses R. H. McGaughey and Jesse K. Davis 20 Oct 1837.

p. 153 - 20 July 1837 - John Blackwell in trust to Josiah K. Goodwin, male slave Edmond, to secure debt of $338.62 1/2 to Saml. V. and David Gilliland.  Wit: A. H. Pope, W. T.(F?) Read.  Ack 20 July 1837.

p. 154 - 6 Oct 1836 - Caleb Arnold of Mississippi in trust to Thos D. Fisher of Lauderdale Co. 55 acres to secure the payment of $223 for 155 3/4 acres bought by Arnold from Wm. Conner, agent and atty for Benj. S. Tappan, for which Michael Cleaves has become security.  The land in 11 SD r3s9 borders Thos. Fitzpatrick and "Lot 2" in a division of 620 acres.  Wit: Phillip Tuggle, S. P. Holloway; ack 14 Aug 1837.

p. 155 - 20 June 1837 - Elijah B. Foster in trust to Armistead Wood to secure debt to him of $26.50, mare and colt.  Wit: John Lockard; ack 20 Oct 1837.

p. 156 - 13 Dec 1836 - Geo. W. Gibbs of Nashville to John Russell for $300, 100 acres south of Tisdale's tract, part of my 625 acre tract laid off by Lawrence McGuire, part to me and part to Gibbs and Fogg.  Wit: John Walpole, Benj. Walpole; proved by witnesses 16 Aug 1837 in Lauderdale Co.

p. 157 - 12 July 1837 - John Titsworth and Christopher G. Titsworth to Samuel Hooper for $600, 141 acres.  Wit: Stith Richardson, Absalum F.    ; ack 7 Aug 1837.

p. 158 - 29 Sept 1836 - James Carter of Hardeman Co to Robt. P. Russell for $300, 110 acres in 11 SD r2s10...Chas McClung's corner...Lofton Barns.  Wit: Wm. Moorehead, Geo W. Hall, Henry Murry; ack 26 Jan 1837.

p. 159 - 1 Sept 1837 - Thos. D. Fisher of Lauderdale Co and Robt. H. Warren of Mississippi to Joseph Wardlaw for $1300, 261 2/3 acres in 11 SDr3s9 bounded by Rhea's line, Pendleton G. Gaines, Estes line...Ack in Laud. Co 3 Nov 1837.

p. 160 - 23 April 1831 - John Rutherford of Dyer Co. to the heirs and representatives of Jessee Russell, dec'd of Haywood Co. for $76, 76 acres in Haywood Co. [this area is now in Lauderdale Co.] bounded by Robt. P. Currin...Jas.  . Thomas.  Wit: John and Christopher G. Titsworth.

On 14 July 1832 Jessee Russell and Henneta Russell assigned their interest in this land "as legatees."  On 7 Aug 1837 Christopher G. Titsworth swore to having witnessed the deed, and James Blair swore that he has frequently seen John Rutherford write and he believes the signature to have been done by him.

p. 162 - 5 June 1837 - Dabney P. Phillips to Thos. L. Clark of SC for $475, lots in Durhamville:  two 1/2 acre lots #12 & 13 bounded on the east by 1st alley west of Watter St., north by 2nd alley south of Main St.; two 1/2 acre lots #18 & l9 "lying presisely of #12 & 13" bounded on north by 2nd alley south of Main St.; also two acre lots due west of #18 & 19; one 1/2 acre lot #17 bounded on east of second alley west of Watter St fronting 107 feet and on south by second alley south of Main St. fronting it 214 feet; also 5 1/4 acres in lots as follows:  beginning at the south corner of my 1/4 acre lot, then west 29 poles to a creek R. K. Millers east line, then with the meanders of the creek north to the point where Fullens ferry road crosses the creek 28 poles, then east of the road to the nw corner of the Meeting house lot 22 poles, then south 6 1/2 poles, then east with the Meetinghouse line 26 poles to third alley and then south 8 3/4 poles, then west 26 poles then south 13 poles to the beginning.  Wit: Wm. H. Carroll, Wm. H. Fisher; ack 6 Sept 1837.

p. 163 - 27 Feb 1837 - P/A - Henry R. Crawford doth intend and expect to be absent from the county and perhaps by the limits of the state for some time.  In order that my private business may not be affected or injured...I do hereby appoint my trusty friend J. J. Crawford my true & lawful attorney (to take care of my business).  Wit: W. M. Sullivan, Wm. Jordan; proved by both 23 Sept 1837.

p. 164 - 12 Mar 1837 - H. R. Crawford to J. J. Crawford for $250, all interest in a negro boy, Isom, age about 21.  Wit: Wm. Jordan, S. M. Sullivan; proved 25 Sept 1837.

p. 164 - 12 Mar 1837 - H. R. Crawford quitclaim to all interest to 165 acres, the north end of a tract conveyed by H. Rutherford to J. J. & H. R. Crawford 22 Mar 1832, also to lote #13, 15, 29 & 31 in town of Canton.  Wit: Wm. Jordan, S. M. Sullivan; proved 25 Sept 1837.

p. 165 - 16 Dec 1837 -John Rhea of Giles Co to John K. Yerger "of said county" for 968 acres in Lauderdale Co. on waters of Childress Creek, it being the west lot and lot #1 of a 5000 acre tract granted to John Rhea now dec'd as divided amongst his devisees near where Thos. Childress formerly lived on sw corner of the 5000 acre survey to secure Yerger for endorsing notes of John Rhea and Joseph C. Rhea, late partners in trade under the name Joseph C. Rhea & Co. who are indebted to the Planters Bank of Tenn for $1244; to John Phillips for $1800; to Thomas & George of Baltimore, Maryland, for $1500; to Richard Ashhurst & sons of Philadelphia, PA for $1600; to T. Jones & Co., Baltimore, Maryland, for $450; and John Rhea is indebted to James D. Rhea of Sullivan Co., TN for $2600.  Wit: E. D. Jones, R. H. Clayton; ack Giles Co. 16 Dec 1837.

p. 167 - 26 Dec 1837 - John Trimble to Thos. C. Trimble for $3000, 740 acres on both sides of Cane Creek in 11th SD r4s10, part of Grant #16213 for 5000 acres, the part of the grant allotted the heirs of James Trimble in a division between the original parties as lot #5...crossing the Byler road to Ashport...crossing the Hurricane branch of Cane Creek 3 times...road from Brownsville to Ashport...  Ack. 26 Dec 1837.

p. 168 - 22 January 1838 - John B. Crenshaw mortgage to Mildred H. Lewis of Dyer Co for $200, 16 1/2 acres near Key Corner on waters of Mill of Balls branch above Benjamin Ball's tanyard; also one sorrel horse about 4 years old, one cow, 54 hogs, and a mahogany bureau and a walnut and cherry table now in her possession.  Ack in Dyer Co 22 Jan 1838.

p. 169 - 13 Mar 1837 - J. J. Crawford relinquishs claim to 137 1/2 acres in Tipton Co on waters of Cole Creek conveyed by Wm. C. Cowan & A. J. McMurdy, exrs. of Francis McMurdie, dec'd, on 12 Apr 1834 to J. J. & H. R. Crawford; also quitclaims 121 acres lying in the southern part of a tract conveyed by Henry Rutherford to J.J. & H. R. Crawford for 286 acres on 22 Mar 1833, also lots #16 & 18 in town of Canton conveyed by Rutherford to J. J. & H. R. Crawford on the same date.  Wit: S. M. Sullivan, Wm. Jordan; proved 23 Sept 1837.

p. 170 - 26 August 1836 - Lusk Colville of Warren Co. to all the heirs at law of Thos. Hopkins, dec'd, late of the county and state aforesaid, now of Tenn, Miss. and Va., for $6000 paid by Thos. Hopkins in his lifetime on 17 Mar 1825, 1700 acres on Cane Creek which was granted to Elisha Purdom by Grant #16184 and John Crawford for 2500 acres dated 10 Nov 1821, survey dated 2 Jan 1821, entered on 21 Dec 1820 by #332, warrant #2546 dated 12 Jan 1785--the 2500 acres granted to Elisha Purdon & John Crawford (out of which the 1700 acres is an undivided moiety) is in 11 SD r4s10...Bledsoe's nw of a bluff...range line.  Ack in Warren Co. 29 Aug 1836.

p. 172 - 29 Jan 1838 - John Albison/Alberson in trust to Joshua R. Stone to secure debt to S.P. & D. Gilliland, 75 bbl. corn, 2 stacks of fodder, 2 cows & calves, 2 yearlings, hogs, 3 beds & bedding, kitchen furniture, 500# pork, 3 ploughs, one rifle, one keel boat Haily(?).  Wit: John Gilliland.  Ack by Alberson and Stone.

p. 173 - 26 Sept 1837 - Ellen W. Walton of Giles Co to my friend Samuel S. Smith of said county, power of attorney to sell my interest as one of the heirs at law of Rus Porter to an undivided third of 5000 acres granted by NC to Robinson Munford and sold by him to one Beck, and sold by Beck to my father, Rus Porter, in 11 SD, r2&3s8&9.  Wit: Rus W. Porter, E. L. Porter; proved in Giles Co 26 Sept 1837.

p. 174 - 4 Oct 1837 Rus W. Porter and Ellen W. Walton by her atty in fact, Samual S. Smith, all of Giles Co to John and Shadrack Rice of Haywood Co for $15500, 5000-acre NC grant 306 to Robinson Munford, sold by him to one Beck, and by Beck to Rus Porter, now deceased, in 11 SD r2&3s3&9...Robinson Munford's corner ...Porter and Walton covenant with the Rices that they with Saml. S. Smith and his wife Jane B. lawfully own the land.  Ack in Haywood Co by Rus W. Porter and Saml. S. Smith 4 Oct 1837.

p. 176 - 4 Oct 1837 - John P. and Shadrack Rice (who this day have purchased from Ellen W. Walton, Rus W. Porter, and Samuel S. Smith and his wife Jane B., formerly Jane B. Porter, of Giles Co. for $15000--payment schedule included the name of Thomas Rice also--make trust deed to James W. Strother.  Description same as above deed.  Ack in Haywood Co 4 Oct 1837.

p. 178 - 16 November 1834 - Henry Rutherford to Henry R. Crawford, both of Dyer Co., for $110, 45 acres on drains of Mill Creek, on the west boundary line of Grant #37 for 3000 acres originally made to Griffith Rutherford, south of 287 acres Rutherford earlier sold to J. J. & Henry R. Crawford, and west of Benjamin Porter's tract.  Ack. 30 Aug 1837.  Henry F. Rutherford & Sarah Rutherford, "representatives of Griffith Rutherford, deceased" relinquish all claim to this property.

p. 180 - 15 Nov 1837 - James J. Crawford for himself and as atty in fact for Henry R. Crawford (p/a dated 27 Feb 1837 registered in Bk A, p. 163) to Pascal W. Saunders of Dyer Co for $660, 330 acres south of Wm. F. Crenshaw land and on the dividing line between NC Grant #37 of 3000 acres to Griffith Rutherford and a 5000 acre grant to Benj. Smith; Benj. Porter owns tract to se.  Ack 16 Nov 1837.

p. 181 - 1 Sept 1837 - Robt. H. Warren of Miss. and Thos. D. Fisher of Lauderdale Co. to the lawful heirs of Benjamin Fisher dec'd, by Nancy Fisher, his widow & relict, who is entitled to a life estate in a tract in Lunenburg Co., VA which was sold by decree of that county court for $1100 on condition that it be vested in land for her benefit for her lifetime and then revert to the heirs of Benj. Fisher, 271 2/3 acres in 11 SD r3s9...Hardy Murfree of a branch...Rhea's line...Joseph Wardlaw's ne corner...Estes entry.  Ack 6 Sept 1837.

p. 183 - 28 Sept 1837 - John D. Eding to Martha L. Childress for $300, 74 1/3 acres part of a 1250 tract bounded by heirs of Fe   forde Green's 2000 acres...John Rice entry...John Estes' grant...heirs of Green; the tract being conveyed is the part "designated to Hermis Champ by Stephen Childress, dec'd, lot No. 11."  Wit: John C. Barnes and C. C. Dyer; proved 27 Nov 1837.

p. 184 - 29 Aug 1837 - Jacob Tipton of Tipton Co. to Margaret Burk of Lauderdale Co. for $200, 96 1/4 acres bounded on south by the Bass tract, on west by the Murphey tract, on north and east by Tyre Rhodes, it being the locative interest which Tipton has in the tract of Tyre Rhodes.  Ack in Tipton Co on same day.

p. 185 - 8 Jan 1835 - St of TN #2682 to Ezekiel Farmer 51 acres of 333 1/3 acre certificate issued to Scott and Benj. Cray, 67 acres of which are entered under the Occupant laws, in 11 SD r3 (Farmer is their assignee); bounds - Thos. Henderson...
5 Nov 1836 - Ezekiel Farmer assigned the above grant to Samuel Lusk.  Wit: Rezin S. Byrn, Carter Whitson, A. H. Pope; proved by Whitson & Pope 7 Jan 1837.

p. 186 - 16 Feb 1836 - Christopher G. Titsworth of Dyer Co. to Thos. Pewitt of Haywood Co for $120, 74 acres, 3 roods, one perch in Tipton Co...John Rutherford's southern boundary line.  Wit: Benj. F. Fisher, John I.(?) Smith; ack 7 Aug 1837.

p. 187 - 18 Feb 1832 - John Titsworth of Dyer Co to John Smith of Tipton Co for $35, 34 acres, 3 roods, 3 poles in Tipton Co...Robt P. Currin's west line.  Wit: J. W. Kirby, Thos. Pewitt; ack 7 Aug 1837.

p. 188 - 23 June 1837 - Levi Gardner in trust to John C. Barnes to secure his indebtness to James Hubbard and Benjamin S. Tappan for $179.51 by two notes executed to J. Hubbard & Co., and to Lewis R. Leonard for $96.77, cattle and hogs, a clock, 2 feather beds and furniture, 2 horses, a 5-yr lease on land belonging to McCampbell with 14 or 15 acres cleared; ack 10 July 1837.

p. 190 - 9 Jan 1838 - Hermis Champ in trust to W. H. Fisher to secure indebtedness of $300 to firm of Chandler & Clark of Durhamville, a horse, a carryall, 2 beds and furniture, a sugar chest, table, press, 2 looking glasses and other household and kitchen furniture, hogs, cow, corn, 2000# pork.  Ack 15 Jan 1838.

p. 191 - 27 Nov 1837 - Henderson Clark, sheriff and collector of taxes for Dyer Co, to John W. Cook of Henry Co, for $50.65, amount of double taxes for 1835, cost and charges on NC Grant #165 for 5000 acres to Benj. Smith in Dyer Co (now Lauderdale Co) in 13th SD r9&10s1&2 [sw of the Key Corner] borders Armstrong's and Griffith Rutherford's corner.  Property was advertised in the National Banner published in Nashville, and in the Truth Teller and Western District Sentinel published in Jackson and sale held in Dyersburg.  Ack 4 Dec 1837.

p. 194 - 27 Nov 1837 - Henderson Clark, sheriff (etc.), to John W. Cook of Henry Co., for $41.30, double taxes for 1835 on 4000 acres granted to Benj. Smith by NC Grant #84, about 4 miles south of the Key Corner in 13th SD r9&10s1...Griffith Rutherford's corner.  [Same advertisements and sale as above deed.]  Ack 4 Dec 1837.

p. 196 - 28 Nov 1837 - Henderson Clark, sheriff (etc.) for Dyer Co., 3000 acres to Samuel Hawkins of Henry Co., for $50.65, amount of double taxes for 1835, cost and charges on 5000 acres granted to Benj. Smith by NC Grant #89 in Dyer Co., now Lauderdale Co.,in 13 SD, r9&10s1, 2 miles south of [the Key Corner]...borders Griffith Rutherford grant. [Same advertisements and sale as above deeds.] Ack
4 Dec 1837 at Dyer Co.

p. 199 - 9 Nov 1837 - John H. Mitchell to Wm. B. Sawyers for $575, 100 acres on waters of Mill Creek joining lands of John Oliver on the west and (Samuel) Weakley heirs on the north and east...Henry Rutherford's south boundary...Blair's branch...Oliver's branch.  ack 4 Dec 1837.

       [Footnote 1] Probably the widow of Arnold Burke, one Margaret Burk married David A. Bradford 12 Feb 1839 in Lauderdale County.

       [Footnote 2] This is a clerk's error; the Grant number, etc. conforms to the Morphis grant.

       [Footnote 3] John Rutherford died 8 Sept 1835; James and Thomas McGuire Rutherford were his sons.

       [Footnote 4] "Griffith Rutherford, deceased" was the son of Henry Rutherford and the former husband of Sarah Rutherford who, in 1836, was the wife of the deceased Griffith's brother Henry Franklin Rutherford.  Griffith, Henry's son, had an interest in this Grant #37 which had originally been his grandfather Griffith's; thus it was necessary for Sarah and her present husband (who was also guardian of her children by Griffith) to execute a quitclaim.

       [Footnote 5] The land was in Lauderdale County; however, G. L. Rutherford was clerk of the court in Lauderdale County and it may have been necessary for some other clerk to take his deposition and receive his state tax.

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