St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Ripley, TN
Walked and Photographed by Leigh Ann Smalley-Ward
Additional Information gathered by Leigh Ann Smalley-Ward
Transcribed 8/18/2009 by Leigh Ann Smalley-Ward
St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church

St. Matthew MB Church is Located at 148 St. Matthews Road, Ripley TN 38063 in the Lightfoot Community. The road is the first road to the left after you turn off of Hwy 19 on to Lightfoot Luckett Rd. The church is also known as St Matthews Baptist. It is an African American Church. The cemetery is across the road from the church. The cemetery is kept but there are sunk in graves so be careful if you are walking it. Please note I could have missed graves because of the grass and the large size of the cemetery.

The cemetery was walked in the 1980's by an unknown source that cemetery list is filed in the Lauderdale County Library. I have included information from those notes. If there is no stone or no record then most of the information was gained from the Library information and/or from funeral home records. I also gathered some of the information from census records. All information is subject to correction.

NBD and NDD mean No birth date and No death date.

St Matthew M. B. Church Sign
Alexander Elaise 5/1/1926 4/22/1971 no stone
Alexander Minnie 6/1/1889 4/16/1926 "Rose of Sharon Chamber #2339 Ripley, Tenn" tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Anderson Andrew J 2/18/1876 2/16/1931 tombstone-photo
Anderson BB 3/14/1912 4/20/1981 tombstone-photo
Anderson George NBD 5/18/1928 44 years old; father Belford Anderson
Anderson Mary Elizer 11/1/1919 8/24/1985 "Mother of Mary J"; name is Eliza in notes tombstone-photo
Anderson Mary Jo 6/27/1957 1991 daughter of Mary Elizer Anderson tombstone-photo
Anderson Olivia 9/25/1913 10/8/1976 tombstone-photo
Anderson Pearl A 8/15/1886 7/28/1950 tombstone-photo
Anderson Val 1/23/1923 7/5/1982 TEC5 US Army WWII tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Arnold Eliza 10/13/1970 5/2/1944 "Gone but not Forgotten"; triple stone tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Arnold RE 5/18/1886 11/19/1953 "Gone but not Forgotten"; triple stone tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Arnold Taxana 8/9/1909 7/16/1931 "Gone but not Forgotten"; triple stone tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Barbee Marshel . . no record, no stone
Barbee Recel . . no record, no stone
Barlow Annie Cathryn J 6/7/1927 1/27/1992 tombstone-photo
Barlow Annie Marie 10/29/1924 6/9/2000 double stone; wife of JC tombstone-photo
Barlow JC 4/30/1919 10/25/2008 double stone; husband of Annie Marie tombstone-photo
Barlow Joe Eddie 1/14/1927 NDD double stone; husband of Sallie Smith tombstone-photo tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Barlow John B Lee Sr 8/10/1884 2/25/1965 triple stone tombstone-photo
Barlow RM 10/11/1916 5/9/1981 tombstone-photo
Barlow Robert Harrison 3/1/1921 1/22/1951 "Babe"; triple stone tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Barlow Roberta 1883 1/6/1986 103 Years Old
Barlow Rozelle 8/19/1900 . Death Date Covered by Grass tombstone-photo
Barlow Sallie Smith 11/9/1930 1/30/1998 double stone; wife of Joe Eddie tombstone-photo tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Barlow Will E . . "WWII"; hard to read picture tombstone-photo
Barlow Zankie Wardlow 11/9/1899 5/12/1957 triple stone tombstone-photo
Barnes JW NBD 3/31/1963 no stone
Blackwell AJ . . no record, no stone
Blackwell BJ . . no record, no stone
Blackwell James Andrew 4/2/1913 12/29/1993 tombstone-photo
Blackwell James W 1892 1958 no stone, maybe named George tombstone-photo
Blackwell Mattie 3/8/1892 4/22/1983 no stone
Blackwell Vernita 1928 2004 funeral home marker tombstone-photo
Bonard Leaner NBD 11/18/1963 no record, no stone
Borum C. Dee 4/14/1871 2/20/1919 "Mt Vernon Chamber Ripley, Tenn"; Note: in the 1880 and 1910 Census, he is listed as being Mulatto. The 1880 census says his father is born in TN and his mother in AL. His wife's name is Annie tombstone-photo
Brantley Louna NBD 1/25/1929 70 years old
Brantley Nealie 9/19/1927 1/21/1982 no stone
Brantley Simon 5/1/1843 4/1/1928 father Isaac Brantley, mother Jane Pettis born NC
Burks AJ . . no record, no stone
Burns Jim NBD 5/3/1925 40 years Farmer; father Jim Burns, mother Anna Bell Gillcrence
Campbell DC . . no record, no stone
Campbell Linnie 12/27/1903 10/20/1950 maybe named Fannie tombstone-photo
Cates McKinley 9/4/1916 6/27/1995 "Daddy" tombstone-photo
Cipps Berry NBD 2/20/1932 "TN PVT S or 45 P of W Escort Co"; hard to read tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Last name may be Gipps instead of Cipps
Coleman Harrison 3/26/1894 4/12/1924 father Levi Coleman, mother McClish
Crook Ada Bell 1900 8/5/1928 "At Rest"; 26 years old (this does not match up to date from the stone dates) tombstone-photo
father Wallace Glass, mother Beard
Crook Ada B 8/18/1869 6/25/1968 double stone; wife of Frank tombstone-photo
Crook Charlie 1897 1977 US Army WWI
Crook Clara B . . No Record, no stone, maybe a double listing for Clara S Crook
Crook Clara S 10/15/1895 2/17/1962 "Father and Daughter"; double stone, tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
death date listed as 18th not 17th in notes; daughter of Ed
Crook Dee Frank 1908 1982 TC4 US Army WWII
Crook Ed 4/7/1874 3/23/1967 "Father and Daughter"; PVT US Army WWII; father of Clara S tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Crook Frank 1869 1959 double stone; husband of Ada B tombstone-photo
Crook Grover Cleveland 2/29/1902 3/7/1969 "TN PVT US Army WWII" tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Crook Jerry Did 6/15/1900 11/17/1979 "Husband" tombstone-photo
Crook Joe Eddie 8/26/1927 12/6/1975 CPL US Army Korea, No Stone
Crook Mandy 1898 1913 "At Rest" tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Crook Neal 1899 1984 PVT US Army WWI, No Stones
Currie Booker T NBD Jul-83 no stone
Currin Martha 3/4/1916 12/21/1984 no stone
Curtis Anna 1892 1952 "Mother At Rest" tombstone-photo
Curtis Gald . . no record no stone
Davis Laure M Wilson 7/15/1919 NDD "In Loving Memory" tombstone-photo
Douglas Joe William 3/31/1924 6/17/1983 tombstone-photo
Douglass Edna 1885 1958 "Masonic Symbol on Stone"; last name more than likely with just one s tombstone-photo
Douglass Gorgie A 1888 19?? tombstone-photo
English Warlene NBD Nov-80 no stone
Green Annie 3/9/1910 8/20/2008 "Sister"' double stone; sister of Fannie Crook Thompson tombstone-photo
Green Charlie NBD 10/23/1963 no stone
Gresham Albert . . "PVT"; stone is partially sunken in ground tombstone-photo
Haley JP 7/24/1938 3/13/1984 "AMSAN US Navy" tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Haley Luella 4/22/1917 1/18/1972 tombstone-photo
Halliburton Rosetta Pitts . . "In Loving Memory"; stone is partially sunken in ground tombstone-photo
Halls James . . no record, no stone
Hammond Brenda Joyce 12/13/1944 5/12/1996 tombstone-photo
Hammond Buster 1/20/1882 2/19/1984 no stone
Hayes Carvie 1899 1940 tombstone-photo
Hayes Jim NBD Aug-59 no stone
Hayes Millie NBD 3/24/1949 no stone
Henderson Melinda K 12/5/1970 6/14/1975 "Our Daughter Little Ones to Whom Him Belong" tombstone-photo
Horton Indonna 1851 1937 no stone
Ingram Malcolm 5/23/1916 10/17/1985 no stone
Isom Miles 4/5/1891 1/5/1986 no stone
Jackson Fannie 4/15/1892 9/8/1913 "Age 27 Gone but Not Forgotten"; stone broken tombstone-photo tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Jackson Samuel M 1886 1967 stone is partially sunken in ground tombstone-photo
Jarrett Blanch 9/20/1911 1/16/1923 "Our Beloved Ones"; double stone tombstone-photo
Jarrett Georgia 9/3/1912 12/5/1924 "Our Beloved Ones"; double stone tombstone-photo
Jarrett Gladys M 7/3/1921 4/23/1924 father Morris Jarrett, mother Matthews
Jarrett Ida 9/1/1901 9/13/1959 tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Jarrett Jeremiah 9/9/1925 NDD double stone; husband of Verna Mae tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Jarrett Joe NBD 3/12/1941 PVT 804 US Army tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Jarrett Miles . . no record, no stone
Jarrett Sarah Ann NBD May 1919? "Gone to Rest Age 87"; hard to read stone; stone broken tombstone-photo tombstone-photo tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Jarrett Unknown NBD 1/25/1920 "Age 29 Gone to Rest"; same stone as Sarah Ann; stone is broken tombstone-photo
Jarrett Vadie V 4/29/1935 5/5/2001 tombstone-photo
Jarrett Verna Mae 7/23/1923 4/11/2003 double stone; wife of Jeremiah tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Jennings Meatrice Spence 9/9/1907 9/22/2003 "Skeeter In Loving Memory The Grandchildren" tombstone-photo
Johns ???a 12/16/19?? 2/19/19?? partially buried tombstone-photo
Johnson Etta 12/16/1884 2/19/1923 no stone
Johnson John W 7/14/1908 11/4/1983 double stone; husband of Ophelia tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Johnson Lensey . . no record, no stone
Johnson Mary Eliza 1884 1953 tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Johnson Ophelia R 12/8/1912 NDD double stone; wife of John W tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Johnson Ruth 2/28/1924 3/22/2005 "Our Loving Mother" tombstone-photo
Joiner Joe 12/26/1906 3/22/1992 double stone; husband of Minnie Monteen tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Joiner Minnie Monteen 6/28/1905 3/28/1991 double stone; wife of Joe tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Jordan Enola 1/4/1911 4/7/1986 double stone; wife of George W tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Jordon George W 2/22/1904 1/27/1986 double stone; death date listed in notes as the 25th not 27th; husband of Enola tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Leckard Rosie B 2/22/1897 4/4/1981 no stone, maybe Lockard
Lee Daisy 1887 1921 Age 34 tombstone-photo
Lee Earnestine 5/30/1919 4/30/1926 father Josh Lee, mother Vandiver
Lee Henry 1868 1940 "Gone Not Forgotten"; stone broken; double stone; husband of Savannah
 tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Lee Irene 1898 1944 .
Lee John Ray 1/18/17 3/26/1967 no stone
Lee Leeroy 2/1866 Oct-43 Another name for him may be Terry; husband of Joanna. I am unsure if she is buried in the cemetery. tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Lee Savanah 1877 1936 "Gone Not Forgotten"; stone broken, double stone; wife of Henry tombstone-photo
Lee Steven L 10/3/1967 10/7/1967 no stone; mother Darlene Lee
Lee William 1878 4/4/1958 tombstone-photo
Lee Esquire . . no record, no stone; wife of William
Lee Isaiah 4/8/1881 4/10/1957 no stone
Legins Albert 6/1/1883 12/29/1961 Last Name might be spelled Legines tombstone-photo
Legins Laura 3/21/1889 7/24/1980 Last Name might be spelled Legines tombstone-photo
Legins Lincon 10/21/1903 3/8/1945 Last Name might be spelled Legines tombstone-photo
Lockard Elbert H 11/6/1912 1/14/1973 no stone
Lockard Lee Buckmorn . . no record, no stone
Lucus James . . no record, no stone
Manley Anna Bell NBD 10/13/1930 19 years old, no doctor, District 11, born Lauderdale Co TN; father Vula Manley born Madison Co TN, mother Lucy Whitelaw born Haywood Co TN
Martin Sonnie 12/25/1887 1/8/1968 no stone
Martin Willie 1/3/1923 10/19/1926 father Son Martin, mother De Voss
McClish Sam . . no record
McDaniel Samuel H 4/8/1924 7/10/1971 (Sr) tombstone-photo
McDaniel Samuel H Jr 4/14/1947 4/15/1947 tombstone-photo
McGee Annie Sarah 1916 1985 no stone
McGee Pearl 11/22/1911 7/29/1975 no stone
McGee Sam . . no record, no stone
Moody DeAngelo Deon 11/1/1977 8/23/1996 tombstone-photo
Moses Shaquilla L 8/4/1996 8/4/1996 tombstone-photo
Moton Emma Lou 10/4/1918 7/21/2008 tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Nelson Chester . . no record, no stone
Nelson Ira D 4/8/1927 12/6/1992 "US Army WW11" tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Nelson James C 5/22/1921 4/24/2000 "PFC US Army WW11" tombstone-photo
Nelson JR . . no record, no stone
Newbern Mary NBD 12/19/1928 30 years old; father Lee Hart
Nixon Rondy Varkenus 6/6/1989 7/1/1994 "Puggy" tombstone-photo
Owens Ida J 1872 1965 no stone
Palmer Eva Lee 5/17/1918 12/27/1979 double stone; wife of Leonard tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Palmer Leonard 10/11/1911 1/1/1980 double stone; another name for him may be Jack; husband of Eva Lee tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Parker Elise Lean 3/8/1948 7/5/2002 "Loving Mother" tombstone-photo
Peete George Jr "Mi'Joey" 3/10/1912 3/15/2004 tombstone-photo
Peete Ora B 9/26/1920 9/23/1980 tombstone-photo
Pitts Willie Kate 4/25/1915 5/1/1998 "A Loving Wife and Mother" tombstone-photo
Qualls Shirley J Barlow 2/24/1944 4/3/1995 tombstone-photo
Rice Jeff . . no record, no stone
Rodgers Betty F 2/3/1889 8/24/1959 tombstone-photo
Rodgers Bob Mass John . . no record, no stone
Rodgers John NBD 1940 double stone tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Rodgers William NBD 1941 double stone tombstone-photo
Ruffin George 2/15/1882 11/13/1969 "Father"; husband of Priscilla tombstone-photo
Ruffin Priscilla 3/10/1892 1/31/1984 "Mother"; wife of George tombstone-photo
Sanders Elnora 7/20/1922 NDD double stone; wife of Tom Sr tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Sanders Tom Sr 4/5/1907 6/6/1987 double stone; husband of Elnora tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Sanders Henry . . 1st baby buried in cemetery in 1800's
Sanders Joe . . 51 Years as deacon of the church
Sanders Joseph NBD Apr-12 no stone
Shaw Neal . . no record, no stone
Singleton JW . . no record, no stone
Smith Addie . . no record, no stone
Smith Edmonia 1902 1932 no stone
Smith Green . . no record, no stone
Spencer Will 3/5/1898 12/13/1972 Has a small tree blocking view of stone tombstone-photo
Springfield McCord Lee 6/7/1953 3/12/1977 "In Loving Memory, Gone but Not Forgotten" tombstone-photo
Taylor Mattie L 7/17/1886 10/15/1964 double stone; wife of Samuel L tombstone-photo
Taylor Samuel L 2/16/1886 4/4/1969 double stone; husband of Mattie L tombstone-photo
Thompson Fannie Crook 7/7/1906 6/25/1985 double stone; sister of Annie Green tombstone-photo
Tucker Emma NBD 10/4/1928 38 years old; wife of Will Tucker
Turner COA . . no record, no stone
Turner James . . no record, no stone
Turpin A . . no record, no stone
Turpin Buster NBD 3/5/1926 65 years old widower
Tyus Mary Jain 5/20/1864 4/20/1910 "To My Wife, She is the mother of 9 children, joined the church at fifteen, stayed with her dear family until the Lord called her; Dear Mother Hope I will meet you, am trying to, Good Mother and Good Neighbor for the community. She is gone, but not forgotten. Was also a good member to her order sleep on dear cousin, I am working to meet you."; middle name more than likely spelled Jane, married Dec 31 1881 (on stone) tombstone-photo tombstone-photo tombstone-photo tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Tyus Sanders . . no record, no stone
Vandiville JL . . no record, no stone
Wardlaw Earl 7/14/1930 7/31/1930 No Doctor, born TN; father Rozelle Wardlaw, mother Lucille Rogers. Both parents born in TN.
Wardlow Annie . . no record, no stone
Wardlow EW . . no record, no stone
Wardlow Henry NBD NDD Some kin to Mahalia
Wardlow Horace 3/16/1921 NDD double stone; husband of Sarah Edner tombstone-photo
Wardlow James 1898 NDD no stone
Wardlow JB 2/10/1912 1/7/1989 triple stone tombstone-photo
Wardlow Jeff . . no record, no stone
Wardlow Jim T 12/4/1908 6/5/1986 "Sadly Missed by Wife Pauline Nieces and Nephews" tombstone-photo
Wardlow John 8/10/1884 2/25/1965 tombstone-photo
Wardlow JW . . no record, no stone
Wardlow Lucy Bell 12/19/1902 12/7/1974 mother of 4 children
Wardlow Mahalia 5/1883 6/8/1922 stone partially covered; wife of Henry Wardlow Sr. The Census lists name as Wardlaw; maiden name Thompson; married in Lauderdale Co TN tombstone-photo
Wardlow Mary B 1/1/1917 NDD triple stone tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Wardlow Richmond 9/19/1900 3/2/1964 no stone
Wardlow Roberta . . no stone, no record
Wardlow Rozelle NBD 6/4/1983 .
Wardlow Sarah Edner 8/9/1923 NDD double stone; wife of Horace tombstone-photo
Wardlow Sherrin Denise 6/20/1970 2/16/1994 triple stone tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Webster Coaster NBD 6/4/1983 .
Webster Dayton 1920 1991 "TEC 5 US Army WW11" tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Webster Eligah 4/10/1903 6/4/1983 .
Webster Henry . . no record
Webster James F 1936 1944 "At Rest" tombstone-photo
Webster Ruth Blackwell 11/24/1903 12/27/1996 double stone; wife of Willie tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Webster Shedrick . . no record
Webster Willie 7/15/1895 6/22/1979 "US Army WW11"; has two markers one military annd the other a double stone with wife; husband of Ruth tombstone-photo tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Wells Willie L 1915 1936 "At Rest" tombstone-photo
Whitelow Clarence . . no record
Wilson Addie 10/22/1880 1/22/1954 double stone; wife of William tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Wilson Lee Franklin 1921 1941 "At Rest" tombstone-photo
Wilson William 12/25/1875 2/1/1955 double stone; husband of Addie tombstone-photo tombstone-photo
Wilson Margaret NBD 2/21/1930 abt 50 years old, housekeeper, died of cancer of the uterus, lived in District 5, born TN; husband Nelson Wilson, father Charlie Shaw b TN, mother Millie Bond b TN
Wynn John H 7/30/1953 8/29/1991 "US Army" tombstone-photo
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