"Old Cemetery" in Ripley, Tennessee
(partial listing, many unreadable tombstones)
Directions: Approximately 1/2 mile Northwest of Court Square on the north side of Lake Drive (Highway 19).
Old Cemetery in Ripley, Lauderdale County TN
Transcription and Tombstone photos by Martha Morgan O'Dell (2007)

Anderson, Eliza A. Tombstone - Eliza A. Anderson
Wife of J. T. Anderson, Daughter of D. J. McLeod
Born July 20

Baxter, Ann A. Tombstone
May 26, 1829 -- 1871

Braden, ______ Tombstone - Braden
Feb. 12, 1871 -- Oct 22, 1872

Brodie, Eugene TombstoneTombstone
Son of Dr. Lucian L. and Addie E. Brodie He is at Rest
May 5, 1868 – Aug 11, 1907

Brodie, Mary Louise Tombstone
Wife of H. S. Brodie
Daughter of B. A. and S. J. Sinclair
July 5, 1850 – Oct. 6, 1931

Brodie, Sarah Jane Tombstone
Daughter of H. S. & M. L. Brodie (double stone)
Jan 7, 1878 – Nov. 26, 1952
Brodie, Lucian
Son of H. S. and M. L. Brodie
June 5, 1873 – Aug. 28, 1928

Byrn, Thomas J.
Husband of Theresa Carson; son of Rezin and Frances Craddock Byrn
(Information for Thomas J. Byrn furnished by a descendant from fragments of his tombstone found at the cemetery in the mid 1980's, and personal research).

Carson, Cynthia Tombstone
Died Mar. 16, 1904
A precious one from us has gone A voice we loved is stilled A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled

Carson, Louise A. Tombstone
Infant of J. B. Carson
Entombed Mar. 27, 1858
Be ye therefore ready Also for the son of man cometh At an hour when ye think not Luke 12 C 10 V7

Chapman, Francis Scott Tombstone
Feb. 22, 1847 – Nov. 5, 1881

Chapman, Virginia L. Sinclair Tombstone
Wife of F. Scott Chapman
1858 -- 1946

Chapman, James Benjamin Tombstone
Son of F. S. and V. L. Chapman
1879 – 1933

Chapman, Narcissa Tombstone
1877 – 1968

Chapman, Robert H. Tombstone
At Rest
Feb. 13, 1849 – Oct. 27, 1914

Chapman, Robert Scott Tombstone
April 3, 1881 – Jan. 5, 1916

Davenport, Mary E. Martin (double stone) TombstoneTombstone
Feb. 1, 1836 – Nov. 17, 1924
Davenport, Marquis D. Lafayette Tombstone  (obit)
Jan 26, 1834 – March 14, 1898

Ferguson, Infant Tombstone
Dau. of J. B. and Lela G. Ferguson
Born and Died Nov 16, 1883

Ferguson, Margaret L. TombstoneTombstone
Wife of S. D. Ferguson
Died June 17, 1859 Aged 31 years

Ferguson, Martha J. TombstoneTombstone
Wife of Thos. Ferguson
Born Oct. 6, 1829 – Died Feb. 1, 1885

Ferguson, Thomas TombstoneTombstoneTombstoneTombstone
Born April 19, 1821 – Died Sept. 23, 1875

Given, (Sa)muel A. Tombstone
1824 – 1883

Glass, S. C. TombstoneTombstone
Daughter of H. Partee and wife of P. T. Glass
Born April 3, 1831 – Died July 2, 1852
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord and their works do follow them

Green, Armstead A. Tombstone
Born Aug. 12, 1810 – Died Oct. 17, 1879
When Christ who is our savior shall appear thou shall ye also appear with him in glory

Hamil, A Sen Tombstone
Died Jan. 1849 Age 65 yrs

Hamil, Alexander TombstoneTombstone
March 11, 1838

Hamil, Isabella TombstoneTombstone
Wife of A. Hamil
Oct. 8, 1808 – Jan 11, 1915

Hamil, Nancy E. Tombstone
Wife of A. Hamil
Died Aug. 11, 1882 Age 29 years
Infant child of A. and N. E. Hamil

Jackson (Family Plot, no readable tombstones) Tombstone

Johnston, Annie Ross Tombstone
Wife of J. R. Johnston and Daughter of O. R. and M. A. Larimore
Born Aug. 22, 1858 – Died June 27, 1882

Johnston, Ray Larimore Tombstone
Infant son of J. R. and A. R.
Born July 14, 1879 – Died Oct. 1, 1879
_____is the kingdom of heaven

Johnston, Thomas P. Tombstone
April 25, 1824(?) – Jan. 17, 1914
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

Lackey, Dr. B. F. TombstoneTombstone
Born June 15, 1836 – Died Nov. 9, 1887

Lackey, Dr. James A. TombstoneTombstone
Born Feby. 14, 1810 – Died May 21, 1885

Lackey, James Hugh M.D. Tombstone
Born Sept 17, 1870 -- Died Nov 17, 1926

Lackey, Mary A. Tombstone
Wife of A. R. Lackey
Born May 23, 1823 – Died Oct. 28, 1901

Larimore, Walter Bruce Tombstone
Son of D. R. and M. A. Larimore
Born Feb. 8, 1860 – Died June 15, 1886
All things work together for good to them that love God

Lea (Memorial) In memory of the Lea family Tombstone
William Wilson Lea
Julia Clark Lea
Anna Hargrove Lea
Albert Lea – CSA M. W. Lea
Clark Lea W. W. Lea
Re-interred June 5, 2004 by Simonton-Wilcox Camp No. 257
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Lindsay, Frances TombstoneTombstoneTombstoneTombstone
Daughter of M. M. and J. B. Lindsay
Born March 31, 1900 – Died Jan. 22, 1905
I knew how quickly fades away
Each brighter lovelier thing
And did not deem that thou couldst
Stay thou fairest bud of spring

In Memory of
Lindsay, M. Motte TombstoneTombstone
Born Dec. 11, 1833 – Died Dec. 20, 1891
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith Heb. XII 2
(Following battles are listed on the side of this stone):
Dranesville, 2d Manassas, Fredricksburg, Chancelorsvile, Spottsylvania, Court House, Seven Pines, Before Richmond, The Wilderness, Mine Run, Harpers Ferry, Antietam, South Mountain, Gettysburg, 2d Bull Run, Fraziers Farm, Malvern Hill, Cold Harbor, Petersburg

Lindsay, Virginia Butler (double stone) Tombstone
1878 – 1959
Lindsay, Mellish Motte
1873 – 1933

Majors, Ida Landrum Tombstone
Wife of M. D. Majors
Born Oct. 11, 1854
Died Aug 13 1876

Marley, Narcissa H. TombstoneTombstone
Wife of J. C. Marley Daughter of H. Partee
Born April 24, 1833 – Died Aug. 29, 1871
Blessed are they that keep his last ____ and ___ Him with their whole heart

Marrow, Steven D. TombstoneTombstone
Born May 12, 1854
Died May 22, 1887
Parted friends again may meet
From the toils of nature free
Crowned with mercy O how sweet
Will eternal friendship be

McCabe, Freeland M. TombstoneTombstone - footstone
Nettie his Devoted Wife
1873 – 1919
At Rest

Murphy, Charles W. Tombstone
July 11, 1816 – Nov. 6, 1876

Murphy, Lenora J. Tombstone
Wife of C. W. Murphy
Born Sept. 28, 1832 – Died May 19, 1896

In memory of
Neighbours, Susie May Tombstone
Infant Daughter of W. R. & Eulah Neighbours
Born May 22, 1878 – Died Aug. 16, 1879

Neighbours, W. R.  (obit)
First wife: Miss Fannie Hearing
Second wife: Miss Ella Kennedy
Died January 31, 1907 at age 65, in Memphis

Oldham, Laura TombstoneTombstone
Our Mother
Feb. 23, 1834 – July 22, 1912

Oldham, Louama C. TombstoneTombstoneTombstone
Daughter of R. H. and L. E. Oldham
Born Mar. 10, 1854 – Nov. 9, 1855

Oldham, Dr. R. H. Tombstone
By his loving wife Laura and his two little children Robert and Nina
Died April 20, 1862 in his 38 year.

Palmer, William E. Tombstone
Presented by his wife Mary E. Palmer
Born Sept. 13, 1818 – Died Oct 10, 1862

Palmer, Mary Ella Tombstone
Wife of W. E. Palmer, Daughter of Jane Holloway and Dr. Edward Davie Mother Gone to be an angel
Born Feb. 3, 1827 in Huntsville Ala.
Married Jan 1, 1851 in Haywood Co.
Died Sept 23, 1917 at Ripley, Tenn.

Erected by their children Laura Charles Frank
Partee, Hiram TombstoneTombstoneTombstone
In Memory of Our Father
Born March 12, 1799 – Died Aug. 25, 1874
Partee, Louama Tombstone
In Memory of Our Mother
Born Feb 24 1845
Died Sep 15 1851

Partee, Tennie Tombstone
Daughter of Hiram and Louama
Born Dec 1 1811
Died Sept 16 1855

Partee, __rey Tombstone
Daughter of D & S___ Partee
Died Sept. 15, 1851 Age 36 years 7 mo

Pillow, (Th)ornton H.
Son of H. C. & J. O. Pillow
Died Sept. 15, 1872

Roundtree, Infant TombstoneTombstone
Son of W. T. and R. Roundtree
Born Sept. 20, 1864 -- Died Sept. 21, 1868
With thee my boy____ ____ departed

Sinclair, Ann Eliza TombstoneTombstone
Daughter of B. A. and S. T. Sinclair
Born Jan. 20, 1852 – Died Sept 8, 1852

Sinclair, Benj. Alfred Tombstone
Mar. 26, 1827 – Jan. 10, 1912
Sinclair, Sarah Jane Tombstone
Mar. 27, 1831 – Sept 9, 1914
Sinclair Wm. Peter Tombstone
Feb 20, 1856 – Sept 24, 1895

Smith, Mrs. Amanda V. TombstoneTombstone
Died Mar. 22, 1918
Farewell Auntie but not forever

Smith, Doctor A. W. TombstoneTombstone
Born Apr. 7, 1844 – Died Apr. 7, 1904
Bright was his motto and charity was his shield

Smith, Parham Tombstone
Born Feb. 29, 1809 – Died Jan. 27 ____

Sparks, James Lawrence Tombstone
Son of Jas. L. & M. C. Sparks
Born in Jonesboro, Tenn. June 6, 1847 Died in Ripley, Tenn. Mar 17, 1883

Steele, Dr. David P. Tombstone
Died Sept. 14, 1888 Age 54 years

Steele, Ike TombstoneTombstoneTombstone
Born Nov. 1, 1875 – Died Apr. 15, 1895
Just in the morning of his day in youth and love he died

Steele, Issac TombstoneTombstone
Born Mar. 7, 1805 – Died May 18, 1893
Steele, Mrs. Jane TombstoneTombstone
Born Jan 5, 1811 – Died Mar 16, 1889

Threshley, Henry S. TombstoneTombstone
Son of Dr. David and S. M. Brodie
Born June 16, 1842 in Montgomery Co. Tenn. Died January 3, 1890

Trimble, J. D.
Born Nov. 26, 1819 – Died May 4, 1896  (obit)

Vines, Lucy Tombstone
wife of Turner Vines
Born __20, 1830 – Died ____ 29, 1873

Vanderbilt, Amanda J. TombstoneTombstone
Consort of M. Vanderbilt & Daughter of ______

Wilkerson, Rev. Wm. D. TombstoneTombstone
Born in Montgomery Co. Tenn. March 23, 1810 – Died Sept. 19, 1880
I am the resurrection and the life John X__
The pain of death and sorrow cease
And life’s lone warfare closed at last
His soul is found

Williams, Joseph S. TombstoneTombstoneTombstone
Born Sept. 23, 1814 – Died Feb. 8, 1878
Memorial Plaque reads: Tombstone - placque
“The Fort Prudhome Chapter, NSDAR Honors the Memory of Joseph S. Williams early settler in the Big Hatchie Country, Lawyer, Raconteur and Author of Old Times in West Tennessee”
His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory

__ou_irit, Charles R. Son of __ou_irit
Born April 21, 1864 Died Feb. 22, 186_

There are many fallen and broken tombstones in this cemetery.
If you can help us to identify these tombstones, please let us know.

broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstones
this partial tombstone was identified as James Hugh Lackey
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
this broken tombstone was identified as
Ann A. Baxter
broken tombstone
broken tombstone
broken tombstone

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2007 Martha Morgan O'Dell
So far, two partial broken tombstones identfied by Barbara Jean Hathcock

April 27, 2016