Haynes Family Cemetery

By Jack D. Wood
Jackson, TN

Located in the front yard of a house at 185 Williams Switch Rd., Ripley, Tennessee, owned by Demetra Mills.  I first visited the cemetery with my paternal grandmother, Mrs. Annie Mae (Jackson) Wood of Dyersburg, TN, on January 27, 1981.

Writing about the Haynes family in Kate Johnson Peters’ Lauderdale County From Earliest Times (Ripley, TN, 1957), Ethelynde Roberson states that Mack William Haynes, Sr. “Donated two acres of land, to be a public burial ground.” She further supposes that this occurred as a reaction to the deaths of three of his children, Emily, Susanna, and Robert, in 1860.   In this cemetery were buried many individuals with the Haynes and Glimp surnames.  Undoubtedly other surnames could be found buried here.  Unfortunately, most of the gravestones are gone, having been removed many years ago.  Seven stones presently exist amidst trees, hedges, and various plants near the road, and are tended by the Mills family.

Joyce Hambleton Whitten, of Monette, Arkansas, whose mother-in-law is a Haynes and Glimp descendent, confirmed the identity of this cemetery.  She had learned from a cousin that property owners had “destroyed a few of the stones before they were stopped.”

On August 22, 1998, my wife Jackie and I spoke with Demetra Mills and her daughter, Juanita Pufpaf, while visiting the cemetery.  During this conversation we learned the following information: The property was bought by Leonard and Demetra Mills in 1965, and they built the house in 1968, having moved back to Tennessee from California. While clearing the underbrush toward the road, Leonard found several gravestones indicating the presence of the graveyard.  Apparently a previous owner had removed most of the stones, to make the property more “sellable.”  Leonard, however decided to clear around the stones and plant shrubs and flowers, etc. and he continued to maintain it the remainder of his life.  In 1990, their son, Roger Mills and his wife Judy, suffered the loss of their unborn child, whom they named Ryan Howard Mills.  He was buried in this cemetery, thus adding yet another family surname to the list of names buried here.  After Leonard passed away, the Mills family continued to tend the cemetery.

Gravestones existing in the
Haynes Family Cemetery
(as of 1998)
J. Elender wife of H. J. Haynes
Born May 15, 1823
Died May 30, 1896
John J. son of H. J. & J. E. Haynes
Born Aug 15, 1867
Died Oct 24, 1867
Aged 2 mos & 9 dys
H. J. Haynes born Mar 12, 1819
Died Oct 6, 1908
our father & grandfather
Lewiser Brogdon Glimp
1860 - 1934
J.W. Glimp
Born Aug 29,1861
Died Nov 16,1908
Winnie daut of V.B. & J.W. Glimp
Born May 10, 1891
Died Aug 16, 1914
Ryan Howard Mills
Mar 21, 1990
no gravestone, but obituraries were found for the following

John T. Glimp (died: March 6, 1932 at 66 years of age)

At an early hour Sunday morning Mr. John T. Glimp after an illness of several months died at his home at Luckett. He was 66 years of age and had lived practically all his life in this community where he leaves a host of friends and relatives.

Source: Lauderdale County Enterprise, March 11, 1932

obituary furnished by Rosie Lemons

Mack William Haynes, Sr. (born: Dec. 1822; died: Feb 23, 1907)

Obituary: Mr. Mack Haynes died February 23, 1907, at his home three miles south of Ripley after a long and lingering illness. One of the old and honored landmarks of the county, he was age 87. He was one of the early settlers of the county and had lived at his home near town for more than 50 years. He was buried in the old family graveyard across the public road near his dwelling by the side of his faithful wife who preceded him to the grave a few years. He was a member of the Baptist Church at Old Herman as long as it stood. His son Abram stayed by his side for years.

obituary furnished by Rosie Lemons

Winnie Haynes (born: 1822; died: Feb 26, 1901

Obituary: Mrs. Mack Haynes born in 1822, died February 26; she was a member of Durhamville Baptist Church.

From the book LAUDERDALE COUNTY FROM EARLIEST TIMES edited by Kate Johnson Peters, Haynes family information by Ethelynde Roberson: "Mack William Haynes, a farmer, and family, came from Rutherford County, TN in a wagon pulled by four horses. The family consisted of Mack William Haynes, his wife, Winnie, five little daughters, namely, Emily, Mary, Susannah, Sarah, and Tennessee Texas, and a little son, George Abram."

furnished by Rosie Lemons

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