The bible the property and possessor of Mrs. James R. Meadows (nee Rasa lee
Tinsley) daughter of John M. Tinsley and granddaughter of Amos K. Tinsley.
The initials "A.K. and M. J. Tinsley" in gold letters stamped on front

A. K. (Amos) Tinsley and Araminta Kirkpatrick (1st wife) was married October
12, 1843.

A. K. (Amos) Tinsley and Margaret J. Kirkpatrick, Roberts, (2nd wife) was
married May 29, 1853

(Margaret Jane Kirkpatrick first married Jonothan Roberts. They had one son,
F. H. (Ferd) Roberts.)

P. S. Tinsley and Lizze K/ (Cunningham) Tinsley was married Sept. 15, 1867

W. H. Denton and Annie F. (Tinsley) Denton was married February 10, 1870...

Daniel N. Johnson and Alice M. Tinsley was married November 5, 1879.

Jessie P. Williams and Kibby A. Tinsley was married August the 6th, 1884.

W. K. Tinsley and Ada Anderson was married December the 15th, 1885.

J. M. Tinsley and Lizzie Little was married August the 25th, 1890.

JR. Meadows and Raselee Tinsley was married August 21, 1915.


A. K. Tinsley was born December 7, 1821.
Araminta Kirkpatrick Tinsley was born October 15, 1822.
Margaret J. Kirkpatrick, second wife of A. K. Tinsley, was born May 13, 1832.
Children of A. K. and Araminta Tinsley:

Pembrooke S. Tinsley was born July 23, 1846.
Anna F. Tinsley was born April 14, 1847.
Alice M. Tinsley was born March 16, 1848.
Mary J. Tinsley was born November 15, 1849.
Nancy H. Tinsley was born November 10, 1851.

F. H. (Ferd) Roberts was born November 16, 1851 (son of Margaret Kirkpatrick
Roberts and Jonothan Roberts)

Children of A. K. and Margaret Kirkpatrick Roberts Tinsley:

Kibby A. Tinsley was born May 22, 1854.
William K. Tinsley was born December 25, 1855.
Emma A. Tinsley was born March 3, 1859.
John M. Tinsley was born March 21, 1861.
Edgar Anderson Williams (son of Kibby A. Tinsley Williams and Jessie
Williams) was born May the 9th, 1895
Children of John M. Tinsley and Elizabeth Little Tinsley:

William K. Tinsley was born July 1, 1891.
Shelah Oskar Tinsley was born February 21, 1893.
Rosa Lee Tinsley was born June 15, 1894.
Maude Glenn Tinsley was born February 8, 1896.
Jacob Fred Tinsley was born December 5, 1897
Margaret Tinsley was born November 18, 1899.
Jessie D. Williams (son of Edgar Williams and Aramanda Roberts Tinsley) was
born January 4, 1902.

William Tinsley Meadows was born May 17, 1917 (son of Rasa Lee Tinsley
Meadows and James R. Meadows.)


J. P. Williams died March 14, 1888
A. K. (Amos) Tinsley died July 1, 1889.
E. L. Gardenhire died March 29, 1899.
Lizzie Cunningham Tinsley died November 22, 1901.
John M. Tinsley died February 12, 1902.
Margaret J. (Kirkpatrick, Roberrts) Tinsley died May 7, 1910.
William K. Tinsley died February 6, 1918.
Jake Tinsley died ----
Maude Glenn (Tinsley) Rose died April 29, 1937 (wife of Barlow Rose)
Anna Lillian Johnson died February 25, 1886 (daughter of Alice Tinsley
Johnson and Daniel Johnson).