Jackson County, Tennessee
Newspaper Records

Transcribed by Kara Porter

Roll 173763

[Note: all issues between Dec. 11, 1911, and July 20, 1912 are missing.]

Saturday, July 20, 1912

p. 1:2 (Local News) "Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Butler returned Sunday from an extended visit to points in Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Eaton and daughter, of Mantoon, Ill., were the guests of Mr. [sic] Eaton's mother, Mrs. T. J. Williams last week.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Loggins, of Anglenton, Tex., Mrs. H. F. Self, of Dixon, Tenn., and Miss Elsie McCauley, of Denver, Tenn., were the week-end guests of Dr. and Mrs. H. N. Shepherd."

Saturday, July 27, 1912 - No entries.

Note: issue of Aug. 3, 1912 is missing.

Saturday, August 10, 1912 - No entries.

Saturday, August 17, 1912 - No entries.

Saturday, August 24, 1912 - No entries.

Saturday, August 31, 1912 - No entries.

Saturday, Sept. 7, 1912

p. 2:3 (Local Items) "Miss Mattie Ann Hampton is visiting her uncle, Will Eaton at Mantoon, Ill.

Luke Gore returned to Onalaska, Texas, after a two weeks visit to his sister, Mrs. M. Y. Settle.

Mrs. Ruffo Young and children left last week for Coalinga, Cal., where she will join her husband, who has been there for some time.

Walter Burris arrived here last week from Coalinga, Cal., where [he] has been for the past three years. He is visiting his parents, J. V. Burris and wife on Roaring River."

Saturday, Sept. 14, 1912

p. 2:2 (Dead, Yet Liveth. Miss Jennie McCue Reported Dead of Ptomaine Poison, Caused From Eating Canned Goods. Investigation Made by H. G. Glase, Representational Canners Associational -- Young Lady in Perfect Health and Teaching School -- Statements of Miss McCue, R. L. McCue and Dr. O. M. White) This lengthy article concerns an erroneous report of the death of Jennie McCue, daughter of Bal McCue. Upon investigation by a representative of the canned food industry, it was discovered that Jennie was in good health, but that her sister, Myrtle McCue, "who was afflicted with diabetes for anumber of years, and of which disease she had died." Jennie McCue issued a statement to that effect, as did her father, R. L. McCue: "About Aug. 15, 1912 she was thrown from a horse and suffered a slight wound on her ankle, this wound was treated by Dr. O. M. White and readily healed. The only death I have had in my family was a daughter aged 11 years, who died of diabetes." Dr. White also issued a statement to the effect that his only treatment of Jennie in the past five years was on August 15, 1912, when he was called to the home and found Jennie "suffering from a wound caused by being thrown from a horse and striking a wire fence." No explanation of the origin of the erroneous article.

p. 3:2 (Granville News Items) "Mrs. Dr. Shelly, of Waco, Texas, is visiting her brother, Chas. Brown."

Saturday, September 21, 1912

p. 3:4 (Local Items) "Miss Mattie Lyton Young left last week for Thomkinsville, Ky., where she is instructing a large music class. Miss Young recently returned from Boston, Mass., where she took a special course of music in the New England School of Music, the best of its kind in the United States."

p. 4:3 (Non-resident notice) J. S. Burgess, et al v. William Lambert, et al. Chancery Court. Unknown heirs of Letha Knapp, whose names are unknown, are non-residents of the state.

p. 4:4 (Non-resident notice) E. J. Norton v. Charley Norton. Chancery Court. Charley is a non-resident.

Saturday, September 28, 1912

p. 1:3 (Granville Department) "J. C. Jackson and family are visiting relatives in Providence, Ky."

Note: issue of October 5, 1912 is missing.

Saturday, October 12, 1912

p. 3:4 (Local Items) "Jim West and family have gone to Coalinga, Cal., where he is employed in the oil fields.

Mrs. Letha Young has gone to Coalinga, Cal., on a visit to her children, Mrs. Martin West, Bennett, Ruff and Marlin Young."

Saturday, October 19, 1912 - no items.

Saturday, October 26, 1912

p. 2:4 (Local Items) "Dr. V. L. Shepherd and wife, of Providence, Ky., were the guests of Mrs. Mary Gore and family on Roaring River last week."

Note: remaining issues between Oct. 26, 1912, and Feb. 1, 1913 are missing.

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