Jackson County, Tennessee
Newspaper Records

Transcribed by Kara Porter


[Jackson County, Tenn.]

***** Roll No. 173763 ******

January 29, 1910

p. 2:3 (Town and Country). "Esq. J. M. Ray died at his home on Wartrace creek Monday after an illness of only a few days of pneumonia fever.

W. A. Crawford, of Cookeville and Walter Keith, of Nashville, attended the funeral of Mrs. G. W. Birdwell last Friday.

R. J. Gailbreath, of Carrollton, Ga., and Miss Daise Belle Harris, of Piedmont, Ala., were married Sunday January 23rd at the bride's home. Rev. Geo. Harris, father of the bride, performed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Gailbreath will reside in Carrollton, where Mr. Gailbreath is Auditor of the Georgia Division of the Gainesboro Telephone Co. His many friends in Gainesboro extend congratulations."

p. 3:2 (Cookeville Route 3). "Mrs Cleve Bartlett died last week and was buried at Dodson's Branch.

Perry Smith, of Goree, Texas, has returned and located in sight of his hold home he sold before he left. That shows that the flitter pond has gone dry in the west.

Cleve Bartlett has move back to his father's and will go to California soon.

Cook Allen, of Cal., was at Dodsons Branch Saturday."

p. 3:4 (Cub Creek). "S A Speakman is selling out to go to Kentucky to make his home."

p. 3:6 (Rough Point). "Mack Wilson and family left Wednesday on the Str. Rhea for Nashville, there they will hit the iron horse for Tex."

p. 3:6 (Granville). "Frank Clark, who has been visiting relatives in Texas for the past month has returned."

February 5, 1910

p. 2:3 (Harris-Gailbreath). "The wedding of Miss Daisy B. Harris and Mr. Robert James Gailbreath, which occurred Sunday, Jan. 23, at 5 o'clock, at the home of bride's parents, at Piedmont, Ala., came as great surprise to their many friends.

The ceremony was performed by the bride's ather, Rev. Geo. D. Harris, in the most impressive manner. . . .

Mrs. Gailbreath has for the past several years made her home in Carrollton . . .

Mr. Gailbreath is a splendid business man and for a number of years has held an important position in this city as auditor of the Gainesboro Telephone Co. . . . The Carroll County Times (Carrollton, Ga.) Thursday Jan. 27."

p. 2:4 (Town and County). "The many friends of Pembroke Tinsley will be sorry to learn of his death, which occurred at his home in Dalhart, Tex., Jan. 21, after a short illness of pneumonia fever. Mr. Tonsley who was a former resident of this county, moved to Dalhart some eight years ago, and has been engaged in the real estate business meeting with marked success.

Mrs. L. B. Anderson was taken suddenly ill Monday morning while en route to Nashville on the Str. Ed Myer. Her condition was so critical that she was transfered to the Str. Rhea and returned home. Her condition is much improved at present. Mrs. Anderson had received a message from her sister, Mrs. W. W. Robinson at Pauls Valley, Okla., that she was sick, and was en route there when taken ill accompanied by Mr. Anderson and children."

p. 2:5 (Cookeville Route 3). "Perry Smith and family, of Goree, Texas, have moved to Lander Smith's farm."

p. 3:1 (Rough Point). "Marvin Jones and family, Vance Denton and Benton Williams and wife will soon leave for Ky.

Will Speakman and wife, who has been in Kentucky for the last few months, returned last week.

John Corter [sic] and wife attended the burrial of Uncle Ben Smith Monday in the Free State.

Sam Speakman and family, Jenie and Mrs Jones of this place left on the Str Rhea Thursday for Grove Center, Ky."

p. 3:2 (Dycus). "John Ray, of Kentucky, attended the burrial of his father Tuesday."

p. 3:3 (Gainesboro Route 1). "Mr Akra, of Kentucky, is visiting his father, W T Akra."

p. 3:5 (Gainesboro Route 1). "El Trisdale has returned to California after an extended visit with relatives and friends here."

p. 3:5 (Granville Route 1). "Mrs Charlie Keith, who has been sick for several days, departed this life Tuesday, Jan. 25. She leaves two children to mourn her death. . . ."

February 12, 1910

p. 2:5 (Ivy Gap). "Aunt Sally Goolsby, of Double Springs, died Saturday night and was burried beside her husband in the family burrying ground near Adam Polk's Sunday afternoon. She leaves 3 sons: B S, D H and Geo Goolby, and one daughter, Mrs McBroom, all of Double Springs, and a host [of] friends to mourn her death. She was over 90 years of age.

Rev Landon J Jackson, of Losangeles, California, who has been visiting his father for the past two weeks, preached at Philadelphia Sunday. He left for his home Tuesday; he seems to be enjoying the best of health."

p. 3:6 (Dycus). "John Carver and wife, of Illinois, are the guests of Esq Carver and wife."

February 19, 1910

2:3 (Town and County). "Luke Dennis left Saturday for Coalinga, Cal., after a two month's visit with his parents, W. M. Dennis and wife.

Walter Burris left Saturday for Coalinga, Cal., where he will seek employment."

p. 3:4 (Cookeville Route 3). "W T Ray has bought a part of M M Ray's farm in Oklahoma."

p. 3:6 (Granville Route 1). "Mrs Polly Burgess, of Gabatha, departed this life Feb 7. She leaves a host of friends to mourn her death."

February 26, 1910

p. 2:1 (Mrs. Martha A. Pate.) "Mrs. Martha Angeline Pate died at her home at Bagdad, Monday, Feb. 21st, after a lingering illness of several months, age 73 years, 8 months and 9 days.

The funeral service was held at the resident Tuesday by Rev. Parrish of the Methodist church, and Rev. B. S. Hall. The remains were interred in the family grave-yard near her home.

Mrs. Pate was married in 1857 to Hampton Pate to which union was born six children, one girl and five boys, all of whom are living. Her husband died in 1869 leaving her the care of the cildren, who were small. . . . She lived to see them all grown and married, except one, and above all Christians, and members of the church she loved so well. . . .

Mrs. Pate is survived by her children: Mrs. Bettie Hardcastle, of Nashville; Messrs. E., S.L., O.H., and H.T. Pate, of this county; two sisters, Mesdames Letha Tittle and Susan Pruitt, of this county; and two brothers, Matthew Holleman, of Granville, and T. J. Holleman, of Smith county."

p. 2:3 (Town and County). "S. L. Pate attended the funeral of his mother, Martha Pate at Bagdad Tuesday.

Mrs. Walter Rush will leave Sunday for Coalinga, Cal., where they will make their future home.

M. C. Haile was passenger on the Str. Ed Myer Monday en route to Caney, Okla., where he will locate. Mr. Haile will be associated with Mr. J. W. Clark in the practice of law. They are both graduates of Cumberland University at Lebanon, and will make a strong team."

p. 2:4 (Dry Fork). "Bill Carter, of Nashville, is here. He came to be at the burrial of his brother-in-law, Lambert."

p. 2:5 (Granville Route 1). "Sallie Flatt departed this life Feb 14. She leaves seven children and a host of friends to mourn her death. Rev J M Horn conducted funeral services."

p. 3:3 (Haydensburg Route 1). "John Carver and wife, of Illinois, are visiting S A Carver and family."

p. 3:5 (Bloomington Springs Route 2). "Pharis Balden, of Bloomington Springs died Saturday."

March 5, 1910

p. 2:3 (Town and County). "Jodie West, Jim Poston, Newton Keith, Andrew Poston, Chas. Hopkins, Jake York left Tuesday for Coalinga, Cal."

p. 2:5 (Haydensburg Route 1). "Robert Hunter, of Boles, Ky., is visiting relatives on East Fork at this writing.

Jowel Brazzel, of Elkton, Ky., is visiting his father and mother at this writing.

p. 3:1 (Haydensburg Route 2). "Siscero Long and family, of Kentucky, spent some few days with J W Carter and family."

p. 3:1 (Haydensburg Route 1). "John Carver and wife, of Illinois, spent Saturday with his cousin, Walter Dixon."

p. 3:4 (Gainesboro Route 1). "martha Netherton has broke up house keeping, she intends to visit her children in the Western States.

James Poston and family will leave Tuesday for Coalinga, Cal., accompanied by his brother, Andrew Poston and George Netherton.

Andrew Haney moved his family to W E Smith's. He has gone to California."

p. 3:6 (Cookeville Route 3). "S B Presley, of Martins creek, wsa here last week to attend the burial of Jennie Presley, his daughter, who died with consumption.

Burrel Haney Jr.'s little 5 days old infant was burried at Dodsons Branch cemetery last week."

p. 3:6 (Whitleyville). "Zoner Carlile died at her home at Miles X Roads on the evening of Feb. 18th, after a lingering illness with tuberculosis. . . . She was just entering into womanhood when life's promises should be the fairest. . . . Funeral services were conducted by Rev Will Rich, and the remains interred Sunday in the cemetery at Miles X Roads. She leaves a widowed mother and a host of friends to mourn her death. . . .

Mrs Aggie Davis, who was frightfully burned at her home on Trace creek some few days ago, died Feb. 12."

March 12, 1910

p. 2:2 (Town and County). "Mrs. L. C. Purcell, died at her home on Route 2, Thursday night, after an illness of short duration.

Norman Willard, the four months old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Herod died Friday morning at 10 o'clock, from locked bowels. The little fellow was stick only a few days."

p. 3:1 (Meagsville). "The death angel visited the home of Jim Spivey March 2, and claimed his loving companion. Leaving two little twins a girl and a boy. On the 6th the little girl was taken to join her mother. Mrs Spivey was the daughter of Lee and May Richardson and was married to Jim Spivey several years ago, she is survived by 6 children and husband. . . . She obeyed the gospel in the Christian church under the preaching of Bro T C Fox in 1905. . . ."

p. 3:2 (Pharris Chapel). "Pasco Swearingin, who has just arrived from California, was in our midst Monday."

p. 3:6 (Whitleyville). "Ruth Vinson, widow of Stewart Vinson, died March 5th at the home of Ead Browning near Miles Cross Roads. She was a highly respected old land. . . ."

March 19, 1910

p. 2:2 (Gainesboro Route 3). Dated Gainesboro Route 3, March 14, 1910. "The infant born to Ed Vickers and wife Friday, was burried Friday evening.

Exalander [sic] Jackson, of Ivy Gap, who has been on an extended visit to Coalinga, Cal., and Missouri has returned home."

p. 2:3 (Town and County). "Dow Murray, of Oklahoma City, Okla., is visiting relatives here and elsewhere in the county."

p. 2:4 (Haydensburg Route 2). "Bee Jones and wife, Willie Speakman and wife, Bee Speakman and Molissie Hix left last Sunday on the Ed Myer for Grove Center, Ky."

p. 3:1 (Granville Route 1). "Mrs. W. M. Neill, who has been sick for some time departed this life March the 10. She leaves a husband and 7 children to mourn her death. Mrs. Neill was 63 years, 4 months and 29 days old. She was a devout Christian. She joined the M. E. Church in 1864, and lived up to her duty until she died. . . . Rev. J. M. Horn conducted funeral service.

March 26, 1910

p. 1:6 (A Former Jackson County Lady Dies in Colorado). "Every old time in Conejos county will be greaved to learn of the death of Mrs. Joseph C. Pursley, which occurred at her home three miles west of La Jara last monday evening at 9:30 o'clock, as the result of a stroke of paralysis. For twenty-five years she had been a resident of this county, living upon the homestead, where they settled in 1885, up to the time of her death. It was here she reared her children, withstood the hardship of pioneer times . . . Mrs. Pursley, after fifty-one years of a busy and useful life, died as she had lived-honored, trusted and loved. . . . She was a member of the Christian church from girlhood, but of recent years became a Christian Scientist, having been miraculously restored to health through its agencies after having received the assurance from her physicians that she had at best a few hours to love. . .

Sarah E. Carter was born in Jackson county, Tennessee, May 19, 1849. Was married to Joseph C. Pursley, February 15, 1872, and died at her home west of La Jara March 7, 1910. She was the mother of seven children, three of whom preceded her to the great beyond. She leaves a husband, four sons, Frank, of Nampa Idaho, Charles, of Solomonsville, Arizona, and Erastus and James, of La Jara, and one brother and three sisters to mourn her loss.

The funeral occurred from the home this afternoon and was largely attended, Mr. Joseph Creswell, clerk of first Church of Christ, Scientist, Denver, conducting the impressive and comforting Christian Science service. -- The La Jara Chronicle.

p. 1:1 (Non-resident notice). John J. Gore v. Kirl Sircy Et al, in Chancery Court. Defendants John Sircy, Dave Sircy and ---- Sircy are residents of the State of Oklahoma . . . 22 Mar 1910.

p. 2:2 (Route 1, Haydenburg). "Mrs. Asberry West died at her home near Haydenburg last Friday. The bereaved ones have our sympathy.

The little daughter of John Ray's died Saturday and was buried Sunday."

p. 2:2 (Beach Grove). "Paskel and Hattie Carver attended the burrial of John Ray's baby at Rough Point last Sunday."

p. 2:4 (Town and County). "Bob Meadows who killed his brother in law, Tom Upchurch, last fall, was convicted of murder in second degree and sentenced to 20 years in the penitentiary. An appeal will be taken to Supreme Court.

'Uncle' Peter Backs died at the County Asylum Tuesday age 77 years."

p. 3:1 (Whitleyville). "E S Jackson is visiting his home at Summerset, Ky.

Capt. William Roddy, of Tompkinsville, Ky., is here attending to some legal business.

Mrs Asberry West died at her home near Haydensburg last Friday. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Mrs Henry Allen attended the funeral of her sister-in-law, Mrs West Saturday."

p. 3:1 (no heading). "Mrs W W Bybee and daughter, Florence attended the burrial of Mrs Josie Young, near Gainesboro Friday.

Austin Terry returned from Livitgton [sic] Sunday, where he attended the funeral of his brother-in-law, Frank Irwin, who died at Memphis."

April 2, 1910

p. 1:1 (Elizabeth Annie Keith Birdwell). "Elizabeth Annie Keith, the daughter of Alexander and Mary Keith, was born July 23, 1841, married to George W. Birdwell July 31, 1862, and died at their home in Whitleyville, January 20, 1910. She was the mother of five children. One daughter and the only son died many years ago, but her husband and three daughters -- Mrs. Alice Herod, of Whitleyville, Mrs. T. D. Ford, of Cookeville, and Mrs. Walter Fowler, of Oklahoma, are left to mourn their loss. Mrs. Birdwell gave her life to Christ more than thirty years ago . . . [Extensive flowery memorial]. Clara Cox Epperson.

p. 1:3 (young Man Must Answer Bigamy Charge). Guy from Bloomington springs -- is this Jackson Co.

p. 1:6 (Liberty Hill, Tex.) Letter from N. H. Brown describing the area.

p. 2:2 (Frank C. Gore) "Frank C. Gore died last Saturday at 12:30 o'clock p. m., at the home of Mrs. S.A. McAllister, Nashville, after an illness of eleven days with typhoid fever. The news of his death was received here with much sadness, and a gloom was cast over our town.

The remains were brought home Sunday, accompanied by his mother, and brother, Mrs. M.L. Gore and J.J. Gore; Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Timberlake and Mrs. T.H. Armstrong. The funeral was held Monday at 2 o'clock p.m., Bro. Henry Hall conducting the service. The remains were intered (sic) in the family cemetery.

Mr. Gore was a son of the late Col M.L. Gore, and was born May 8, 1871. He was educated at Burrett and Doyle Colleges. At the age of 21 he accepted a position with Murray, Dibrell Shoe Co., as a traveling salesman. He remained with this firm nine years, after which he went to St. Louis, where he was a stockholder in the Kelly, Goodfellow Shoe Co., and salesman for several years. His health being imnpaired he returned home three years ago, where he remained until the first of this year, when he accepted a position with Lyles Black & Co., of Nashville, and was with them at the time of his death.

Mr. Gore is survived by his mother, two sisters, Misses Carrie and nellie Gore, and one brother, J.J. Gore, of Nashville.

We join the many friends of the deceased in extending sympathy to the bereaved ones."

p.2:2 (Mrs. Delcena Emmert Purcell) "Mrs. Delcena Emmert Purcell, wife of Andy Purcell, was born January 9th 1843 and died March 10th 1910. She was married to Andy Purcell July 31st 1864. Obeyed the Gospel under the preaching of Isaac T. Raeno in 1861. She is survived by her husband and 8 children, 6 girls and 2 boys. Funeral services were conducted at her home, after which she was laid to rest in the grave yard at Henry Spivey's. The bereaved ones have our sympathy. A Friend."

p. 2:3 (Town and County) "Mr. and Mrs. Dave Mahaney and three children, of Oklahoma City, Okla., are the guests of J. M. Morgan, Sr., and family, and other relatives here.

A number of our citizens attended the funeral of Frank C. Gore, Monday.

Job Morgan, of near Springfield, Mo., is visiting relatives here, and elsewhere in the county. Mr. Morgan was a former resident of this county, but has been away twenty years.

Mrs. S. B. Fowler, left Thursday morning for Levenworth, Kan., where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. R. H. Richmond."

p. 3:1 (Dodson's Knob) "E Haney, of Oklahoma, is visiting relatives and friends of this place."

p. 3:3 (Star Light City). "Mrs A B Norwood has returned to her home in Louisville, Ky., after spending a month with her daughter, Mrs M Sampson."

p. 3:5 (Haydensburg). "Ruth Baker was buried here Tuesday."

p. 3:6 (Route 1, Haydensburg). "Jane Barker died at her home Monday and was buried Tuesday.

p. 3:6 (Meagsville). "Pascal Smith and Pascal Cherry had a fight Saturday morning. Cherry cut Smith very badly with his knife and Smith shot Cherry, and he died Saturday night. Smith is getting along very nicely.

Jim Spivey's other little twin baby boy died Sunday."

Saturday, April 16, 1910

p. 1:6 (Frizzell Case Affirmed). "The verdict of the criminal court of Jackson county was affirmed in the case of D. C. Frizzell vs. the State, convicted of voluntary manslaughter. It seems that the plaintiff in error had rented a house from the deceased, Spurlock, and that a pasture lot of the deceased was close by his property. On the day of the killing the deceased was going out to plant corn with his children. The children went on ahead, and what happened at the residence of Frizzell is known only from his testimony. He states that the deceased stopped, and that after a few angry words he (Frizzell) went into the house and got a shotgun. When he came out, he states, the deceased had gone up a hill and threw a rock as soon as he appeared at the door, and that he fired at him and later saw him fall dead a few steps from where he had been shot. Although this is the only direct testimony, the physical facts in the case show that Frizzell's statement was not correct. It was known that Spurlock was carrying a plow on his shoulder and shots were found in the plow later. Also the left side and back of the deceased was filled with shot, and this could not have happened if the testimony of Frizzell had been true; for it was evident that the deceased was just about to turn into the field at the time he was shot. Judge Shields stated that the only thing in this case which the supreme court did not understand was that the jury had affixed such a light penalty as three years in the state prison. The case was affirmed.

p. 2:2 (Town and County). "Miss Nell Gore, who has been spending the winter in Florida, returned Sunday."

p. 2:4 (Whitleyville). "Mrs Susan Carlile died at her home April 6th.

Henry Ford, of Gregoryville, died April 5.

Aunt Betsy Leonard, of Red Springs Route 2, died some few days ago."

Saturday, April 23, 1910

p. 2:2 (Route 1, Haydenburg). "On the morning of 15th an angel left home on high to gather flowers for Heaven, and intered the home of W C Forkum and wife, and took from them, and our midst, their darling and beloved little daughter, Offie. . . ."

p. 3:3 (Dodson's Knob). "Harlie Brown died Monday, after a long spell of sickness. We have sympathy for the bereaved ones."

p. 3:4 (Rough Point). "J N Wilson, of Ft. Worth Texas, arrived at this place last week. He will remain here through the Summer."

p. 3:6 (Haydensburg). "Cicero Forkum has recently erected new tombstone over his wifes' grave at the Quarles grave yard. His wife died last fall.

Van McCoin left here Saturday for Texas. Mr McGoin went to Texas about nine years ago and come back last fall. We wish him well."

Saturday, April 30, 1910

p. 1:5 (Bloomington Springs Route 1). "Mrs George Cannon, of Bloomington Springs, died Thursday.

Cleveland Grogan, who has been in Oklahoma for some time, has returned."

p. 1:6 (Tribute of Respect). "On the 14th day of this month just as the sun was rising in all its beauty and glory, and the birds were so gleeful warbling their sweet songs, a lowering cloud of the deepest sorrow overheaded the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Forkum. The death angel removed from their home the only darling child little Offa, who was five years, seven months and fourteen days old. . . . By a friend."

p. 2:2 (John L. Billingsley). "In memory of John L. Billingsley, who was born Oct. 11, 1859, being a son of Wat and Sallie Billingsley, who lived in the 12th Civil District of Jackson County, Tennessee. John's father died while he was a boy, leaving him in the care of a widowed mother. Living with her until Oct. 18, 1877, when he was married to Martha Petty, which union was blessed with ten children, five of whom are surviving him. One boy and four girls, all married except the baby girl. John continued to be a citizen of the county in which he was borne until March 23 1910, when death claimed his body, which had been suffering from that dreadful diabetus. . . .

Dear ones, the near relationships have been broken by the strong arms of death, and or dear one has been called hence, to reach the reward of a faithful life lived in the cause of his master, who he has been serving for about thirty years. . . . John W. Fox."

p. 2:3 (Town and County). "One of the twin babies of J. D. Young's died the first of the week and was buried beside its mother in the Stafford cemetery."

p. 3:6 (Rough Point). "Quite a number from this place attended the funeral of M S Forkum, on Cub Creek Friday."

Saturday, May 7, 1910

[p. 1:5 (Whitleyville). "Owing to the rude conduct of some of the residents of Pine Lick, Miss Theo Hogg while enumerating the census at Sampson's Store, found it necessary to discontinue her work, and retreat to a private dwelling. She was followed and again offended. Sorry our country has reached such a state of immorality. But too much 'booze' was probably the cause."]

p. 1:6 (Route 1, Haydenburg). "Merit Forkum, of Cub Creek, died at his home one day last week. Merit was a young man and had been married only 15 months. . . ."

p. 1:6 (Haydensburg). "P T Clark and wife returned Monday from a trip to Kentucky, where they have been visiting Mrs Clark's sister."

p. 1:6 (Big Branch). "Uncle Jack Carter died Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, aged somewhere in 80. He was burried Monday evening at his home on Dry Fork. . . .

Several from this place attended the funeral of uncle Jack Carter on Dry Fork Monday."

p. 2:3 (Town and County). "Mrs S. B. Fowler returned Thursday from a month's visit to her daughter, Mrs. H. R. Richmond, of Ft. Riley, Kan. Mrs Richmond and children accompanied her home."

p. 2:5 (Gainesboro Route 1). "Clarence Meadows has returned from Coalingo Cal.

[p. 2:6] Elmore West was called to attend the burial of his sister-in-law Saturday."

Saturday, May 14, 1910

p. 3:6 (Non-Resident Notice). L. B. Anderson v. Lee Carmack, Pearl Carmack, William Carmack, Willie Carmack, ---- Lawson. In Chancery Court at Gainesboro. Lee Carmack, one of the defendants, is a nonresident of the state of Tennessee, and ---- Lawson another one of the defendants, a female and a minor whose given name and residence is unknown, is also perhaps a nonresident of the state.

Saturday, May 21, 1910

p. 1:4 (Martha D. Mercer). "Sister Martha D. Mercer, daughter of Mathew and Mary Brooks was born Oct. 20, 1826, and died April 20, 1910, age 83 years, and 6 months. She was married to Jones J. Mercer Feb. 24, 1846, survived him 23 years 9 months and 8 days. To this union there were no children born . . .

She was born, raised, and lived in Jackson County. She remained on the home farm on Roaring river till death, that her loving and affectionate husband left her in possession of, and remained his widow.

She became a christian at about 16 years of age . . .

. . . A very large assembly of neighbors, friends, brethren and sisters paid the last tribute of respect in joining the services held by the writer after which her deceased body was placed by the side of her affectionate husband in Mercer Semitary to wait the dawn of the eternal day. Hiram Pharris."

p. 1:6 (A Misspent Life). "I only ask for a little space, being born in Jackson County, and a lover of the same, and having just received and read the dear old Sentinel, it brought back to memory some days that have come and gone, which makes me feel an inclination, too strong to resist, to write a few lines to the dear old paper, which has many times cheered my lonely hours since I have been in the West. . . . Booster Cook."

p. 3:6 (Haydensburg). "Went Wilson, age about 29, died at his fathers home on Cub Creek one day last week. He was burried at the Richmond grave yard at the mouth of Indian Creek. . . ."

Saturday, May 28, 1910

p. 2:3 (Town and County). "W. F. Sadler returned Sunday from a visit to Nashville and Bridgeport, Ala.

Mrs J. T. Loggins, of Angleton, Tex., is visiting her sister, Mrs. H. N. Shepherd."

p. 3:4 (Dodsons Knob). "The One Henry Dodson is now taking a flying trip, and reported that he was on his journey to California. . . ."

Note: June 4, June 11, June 18 issues are missing.

Saturday, June 25, 1910

p. 2:4 (Granville Department). "Mrs Jackson is visiting her grandmother, who lives in Frankford Ky."

p. 2:6 (Non-Resident Notice). D. L. Hammock v. Mary Hammock, in the Circuit Court of Jackson County. Mary Hammock is a non-resident of the state of Tennessee.

p. 3:1 (Haile Hollow). "Several people of this community attended the funeral at Pharris cemetary Sunday.

Ida and Sarah Wheeler, Kate and Hallie Jones, of near Flynns Lick attended the funeral at the Pharris cemetary last Sunday."

p. 3:2 (Cookeville Route 10). "W C Smith of Ala., has been visiting friends and relatives here."

p. 3:5 (Gainesboro Route 1). "The funeral of Mrs Elizabeth Young will be preached at Dudneys Hill 5th Sunday in July."

Note: July 2 issue is missing

Saturday, July 9, 1910

p. 1:3 (Non-resident Notice). Luther Lawless et al vs. J A Montgomery et al and J A Montgomery et al vs. Luther Lawless et al, pending in Chancery at Gainesboro, Tennessee.

"In this case the death of deft Clennie Sidwell was suggested and proven in open Court at June special term 1910, and on motion and it appearing to the court that she left surviving her the following children: and heirs-at-law, to-wit: Uri O. Sidwell and Nethie O. Sidwell, both of whom are minors, under the age of 21 years, and that they are nonresidents of the State of Tennessee, . . . and it further approving that deft Otta Lawless and Lena Lawless, whose names were not known when publication was originally made and that they are also nonresidents of the State. . . .

p. 1:4 (Non-Resident Notice). L B Anderson vs. Lee Carmack et al, pending in Chancery Court at Gainesboro, Tenn. William Carmack, one of the defendants, is a nonresident of the State.

Saturday, July 16, 1910

p. 3:1 (Gainesboro Route 1). "The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Young will be preached at Dudney's Hill the 5th Sunday by Bros Leander Allen, Geo Cooper and others. . . ."

p. 3:6 (Town and County). "Misses Mary and Lenora Lowe, of Columbia, Ky., are the guests of relatives here."

Saturday, July 23, 1910

p. 1:6 (Granville Route 1). ". . . On July 6th the angel of death visited us and took from our midst J M Lambert. Bro Lambert lived to be only 29 years old. He leaves a wife and one child, besides other relatives and friends to mourn the loss of a devoted husband and father. Rev J M Horn conducted the funeral services, after which his body was laid to rest. He was a christian and a member of the M E Church. . . ."

p. 3:5 (Thomas Armstrong Sadler). "Thomas Armstrong Sadler, the seven month old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Sadler died Tuesday at 5 a.m. after an illness of short duration. . . ." [Note: item under Town and County states that Mrs. T. G. Armstrong, of Nashville, is with her daughter, Mrs. W. G. Sadler. Card of thanks from Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Sadler is on p. 3:6]

p. 3:6 (Town and County). "Miss Mamie Mamie [sic] Mogan, who has been the guest of Miss Sissie Morgan for several weeks, left Wednesday for Gamaliel, Ky.

Mrs W B Fishburn and daughter, Miss Fay, Mrs A Hunstable and Mrs Martha Jackson, who have been the guests of W M Gailbreath and family, the past three weeks, left Saturday morning for Gallatin. After a visit with relatives at Hartsville and LaFayette, Mesdames Fishburn and Hunstable will return to their homes in Ft Worth and Dallas, Tex. . . .

Mitchell Holleman, an inmate of the County asylum committed suicide last Thursday. The deed was done in a very parcular way, taking a strap he buckled it around his neck and the bed post and run a stick through the strap between his neck and post twisted it until he was chocked to death. Mr. Hollaman was 70 years old, and came from one of the best families in the county, and was at one time in good circumstances. At times he had insane spells, which supposed to be the cause of the deed."

Saturday, July 30, 1910

p. 1:1 (Cookeville Route 10). "Aunt Rebecca Anderson age about 85 died last Saturday at 10 p.m."

p. 1:5 (Town and County). "Mr John Reeves and wife, of Texas, are the guests of his brothers, C. E. and Clay Reeves. They arrived Thursday from Red Springs, where they have been visiting relatives.

[p. 1:6] Mrs. Nancy Jane Roberts died at the home of her son, Carrol Roberts Thursday morning at 12,30 o'clock. She had been sick for some time and her death did not come unexpected. She was about 70 years old and had been a member of the Methodist church for 35 years. She is survived by her husband and 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls. The funeral service was held at Dodson Branch cemetery Friday morning, after which her remains were laid to rest."

Note: August 6 issue is missing.

Saturday, August 13, 1910

p. 1:1 (Haile Hollow). "Several from this place attended the funeral at Dudney's Hill last Sunday."

p. 1:1 (Liberty). "Mat Burgess left Sunday for Kentucky.

John Williams and his son, Sam, left for Bowling Green, Ky., Saturday."

p. 1:2 (Whitleyville). "Grank [sic] Bailey died at his home at this place a few days with choloramobrus.

The little baby girl of A D Stafford and wife died Saturday."

p. 1:4 (Rebbecca Clark). "On the 22nd day of last month the death angel visited this community and summoned the immortal spirit of Rebecca Clark before the judgement bar of God . . . She lived to the biblical age of three score and ten. . . .

Her last request was that all her friends be thanked for their kindness towards her and especially Mr. and Mrs. Bascom Brown. . . . Mrs. Cora Burton."

[p. 4:3 (Granville Department). "Bro Rehorn is well versed in history prior to the Civil War, for it was a reality to him. Excuse us we didn't say a word about your age."]

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "M. B. Hix, of Atlanta, Ga., who has been at the bedside of his sister, Miss Ida Hix at Whitleyville for the past ten days, returned to Atlanta Tuesday. His sister is improving.

The Gainesboro High School will open for the fall session Monday August 15th the following faculty: Principal, S B Yeargon; Intermediate Dept, Geo. G. Draper; Primary Dept., Miss Ethel Johnson; Expression, Miss Ora Crabtree of Gamliel, Ky. . . ."

Saturday, August 20, 1910

p. 1:1 (Gainesboro R. 1.). "James McCoin, of Coalinga, Cal., is visiting relatives and friends at this place.

Henry West, of Coalinga, Cal., passed through here Saturday enroute to his home near Flynns Lick.

The death angel visited the home of Bill Elkins and wife Monday at 9 o'clock p m and claimed for its own their darling little babe. . . ."

p. 1:3 (Haydenburg R. 1.). "Dock Carver, of Illinois, is visiting relatives here."

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "Henry West, of Coalinga, Cal., is here for a three weeks visit with his parents, Joe West and wife on Route 4.

Jim McCoin, of Coalinga, Cal., is visiting his father, Dr. N. M. McCoin on Route 3.

John Reeves who has been visiting his brothers, Dr. C. E. and Clay Reeves left Sunday for his home in Edmunds, Texas.

Clyde Darwin, who is connected with the U S Navy, and at present stationed at Pensacola Fla, is spending his furlough here with his grand-parents, J M Johnson and wife. Mr Darwin will complete his four years service in January. He is first engineer on a Tug of War."

Saturday, August 27, 1910

[p. 1:2 (Reminiscences of the Civil War). Interesting column about soldiers' experiences during the war. Signature line says Kutuwa, Hazel Dell, Tenn.][A second column on the subject appears on p. 4:5 of the December 10, 1910 issue. Signature is Kuttuwa.]

p. 1:5 (Granville Department). "Judge James Tolbert, of Okla., is visiting his sister, Mrs Hannah Hargis. A brother to the gentleman Zona Tolbert, who was in other years Supt. of Jackson County."

[p. 4:4 (Town and County). "Several of our boys attended the ball game at Cookeville last Friday between the team of that place and a lady team of St. Louis. The former won the game by a score of 4 to 3 in 13 innings."]

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "D. R. Tase and two daughters, Misses Lucile and Bessie, of Kuttwa, Ky., who have been visiting J. T. West and family on Route 4, and other relatives in the county, returned home Friday. Mr. Tase is a former Jackson countian, but has been a resident of Kentucky the past ten years."

Saturday, September 3, 1910

p. 1:3 (Cookeville R. 10). "Duke Allen died last week, and was burried in the family grave yard on Blackburnsfork.

W C Smith, of Ala., is on a visit among his relatives.

The school at Gentry marched from the school campus to the cemetery at C K Allen's, to attend the burrial of Duke Allen.

W L Jackson left for Cal. last Monday."

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "Jace Stafford arrived Thursday from Coalinga, Cal. He will visit his father, J. H. Stafford."

Saturday, September 10, 1910

p. 1:1 (Gainesboro R. 1). "Zola Lois, the infant daughter of Isaac Vickers and wife, died Sunday at 12 30 a.m. She was only 11 days old."

p. 1:2 (Granville Department). "Jeff Pharris wife and little daughter are visiting the formers brother, Andy Pharris. This is Mr Pharris' second visit in twenty four years, a great span in the life time of a man.

Mrs. J. C. Jackson, who has been visiting in Louisville, Ky., for the past few months returned Sunday."

p. 4:1 (Liberty). "Jeff Pharris and wife, of Mississippi, are visiting A J Pharris."

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "Charittie Martin Col., died at the home of her son, John Martin in Gainesboro Wednesday at 12 m. [sic] after a weeks illness of typhoid fever, age 72 years. The remains were interred in the Gainesboro colored cemetery Thursday evening, Bro. Fay Walker, Sr., holding services. 'Aunt' Charittie, as she was most familiarly known, both amount the blacks and whites, was brought to this country from Virginia when a child and sold to Willette Martin, who lived near Celina. She remained with him up to the war, and afterwards, preferring [to] remain with him, having been treated kindly by him and his family. About fifteen years ago she came to Gainesboro making her home with her son, John. Aunt Charittie was a member of the Christian Church . . ."

Saturday, September 17, 1910

p. 1:1 (Haile Hollow). "Rev. J. B. Spurlock will preach a funeral at Dodson's Branch the 3rd Sunday in Sept. The public is invited to hear him."

p. 1:5 (Cookeville R. 8). "Wiley Roberts wife's funeral was preached at Dodson Branch Sunday by Rev. Spurlock."

p. 1:6 (Obituary). "Ora Love darwin was born at Flynns Lick, Tenn. Jan. 24 1889. She was one of a family of seven children of Geo. C. and Harriett Darwin.

She being the youngest of the family. She became a member of the Church of Christ in 1903, at Montery, Tenn.

She accompanied by her mother, sister and brother came west for her health in 1908 and located first at Benson, Arizona, where they remained 6 months, finding the altitude too extreme to make a change, and came to Amarillo, Tex., where they remained 8 months, when it was found advisable to make another change and she was moved to Gage in May 1909. But the disease while it ultimately, took her off was too deeply located and all that human hands could do was unavailing, and after the most heroic struggle she surrendered to the foe of all on Aug. 28, 1910. She was a faithful and devoted Christian attending church service when at all possible, being conveyed thither in her wheeled chair. She expressed a desire to have the Lords' supper administered and twice before her death it ws the privileg of the writer to attend this holy institution with her and the family in the home. . . .

Her remains will be taken to her old home community in Flynns Creek Cemetery, Tenn., where at her request she will be burried by the side of her father there to await a glorious resurrection in her glorified body. J. D. Houston, Minister Church of Christ of Gage, Okla."

p. 4:3 (Non-Resident Notice). J. W. Stafford et al v. Esco Purcell, in Chancery Court at Gainesboro, Tennessee. It is sworn that Esco Purcell is justly indebted to J. W. Stafford and John J. Gore, and that he resides out of the state.

Saturday, September 14, 1910

p. 1:4 (In Memoriam). "A tribute of respect to the memory of Bro. Lafayette Washburn.

Bro. Lafayette Washburn was born July 5th, 1832 in Smith county, Tenn. He was raised on a farm, came to Gainesboro in 1854 as a carpenter, followed that trade for only a short while, when he went into the goods business with Toliver Kirkpatrick and followed that business until the Civil War.

Bro. Lafayette Washburn volunteered in the Southern army, Wm. Gore's Company in 1861, and was at Camp Trousdale with his regiment from May 1861 to July 21, 1861. He was a private soldier in Gore's Co. 'K' of the 8th Tennessee Infantry commanded by Col. Alfred S. Fulton.

Bro. Washburn was a faithful soldier, always with his command. Although in bad health, part of the summer and fall of 1861, he went with his command on many long and weary marches. SEE COPY.

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "G. A. Maxwell and son, Frank Cooney, of Cookeville, attended the funeral of his father-in-law, Lafayette Washburn Sunday.

Capt. John S. Quarles, of Cookeville, attended the funeral of his war comrad, Lafayette Washburn, here Sunday."

Saturday, October 1, 1910

p. 1:4 (Gainesboro R. 3). "'Uncle' Thomas Davidson, of Bloomington Springs R. 1, who has been sick for several months died Monday Sept. 26 at 7 o'clock A. M. He was past 80 years old. He was a member of the Christian church, and had been for several years. While he was unable to attend church he would have the emblems brought to him, and take the Lord's supper most every Sunday. . . . He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his death, three boys, Richard who is now in the U.S. Army, Squire J. H. Davidson, of Ivy Gap, and Jimmie Davidson, and two girls, Mesdames James B. Billingsley and Byrd Fox. . . ."

p. 1:5 (Town and County). "A. A. Cherry, who has been connected with the Sentinel for the past three years, left Friday for Atlanta, Ga. [Another entry: "Mrs. Settie Cherry, who has been employed by the Gainesboro Telephone Co., as operator here for the past three years has resigned. Mrs. Cherry has made an efficient and accomodating operator, and the patrons regret to see her leave."

p. 1:6 (Granville Department). "Bee Jones and Van Wakefield are in Oklahoma as home-seekers."

Saturday, October 8, 1910

p. 1:3 (Stone). "James Perdue has purchased a farm on McFarland creek in Kentucky, and will move to it at once.

Josh Hanner has gone to Christopher, Ill., to see his brother, who is very sick."

p. 1:6 (Town and County). "Benton Walker left last Saturday for Coalinga, Cal., where goes to cast his fortune with the other Jackson county boys that are there. At present there is over hundred boys from county located at Coalinga, and have good paying jobs."

Saturday, October 15, 1910

p. 1:3 (Rough Point). "Benton Williams and wife who has been in Kentucky for some time returned last week."

p. 1:4 (Gainesboro R. 1). "Jim McCoin left Monday for Coalinga Cal."

p. 1:4 (Non-resident Notice). Henry Hall et al v. Henry Bailey et al. Defendants Sam Parrish and wife Angeletta Parrish are non-residents of the state of Tennessee.

p. 1:6 (Town and County). "John Williams died at the home of his daughter's, Mrs. John H. Chaffin on Route 3, Tuesday Oct. 11, age 89 years and 5 days. . . .

B. D. Johnson and J. S. Raggio have returned from an extended visit to Spivey and Mammoth Cave, Ky."

Note: October 22, October 29, November 5, November 12 issues are missing.

Saturday, November 19, 1910

p. 1:3 (Granville Department). "A. A. Duke another Confederate soldier has answered to the last 'Taps' and gone to join his companies upon the nether shore, in the evecing [sic] of a well spent life he past away. Bro. Duke was a member of the Granville Lodge of F. A. M. . . ."

p. 1:6 (Gainesboro R. 3). "John F Flatt is contemplating going to Illinois before long."

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "Geo. Stafford arrived here Wednesday from Coalinga Cal., for a visit to his father, John Stafford."

Saturday, November 26, 1910 - no entries.

Saturday, December 3, 1910

p. 1:3 (Granville R. 1). "Davie McNabb and family, who have been in Missouri for the past two years arrived here last Thursday this their home. We welcome them into our midst."

p. 1:4 (Haydenburg R. 1). "B. F. Lee and wife, who returned from Georgia a few days ago, are making their home on East Fork."

p. 1:6 (Dycus). "Mrs. Mary McCarver died at her home in Carthage Nov. 24, and was brought to this place for burial Nov. 25. She wsa 74 years, 1 month and 7 days old. She leaves 2 children, 6 grandchildren and a host of friends to mourn her dead. [sic]. . ."

p. 4:3 (Town and County). "Rev. Landon Jackson, of Valdosta, Ga., is holding a meeting at the Christian church this week, and will continue until Sunday night. Rev. Jackson is here on a visit to his parents, who live on Route 3. He has held other meetings in the county during the past two weeks.

NOTICE--All parties indebted to me will please call and settle before Dec. 20, 1910. I leave for my home at Glasgow, Ky., on that date, and desire to see you all face to face, so there will be no misunderstanding between us. Your Physician, S. B. Fowler, Gainesboro, Tenn.

Dr. Ben Fowler, lately of Gainesboro, Tenn., last Monday bought Mr. Strong Hill's residence in the edge of town for $13,000. This is the property recently sold by Mr. A. Lancy to Mr. Hill, and is one of the choice residences around town. Dr. Fowler has also taken offices in the La Point building, next door to The Times office, and will at once commence the practice of his profession here. He is a very accomplished surgeon and physician, and, The Times hears, is considering opening a sanitarium -- a very much needed institution -- here. Glasgow (Ky.) Times.

Mr. Strong Hill sold his fine home on Main street to Dr. Ben Fowler, of Gainesboro, Tenn., Monday for $13,000 and will give possession Christmas. This is the place Mr. Hill purchased of Mr. A. Lany last spring for which he paid Mr. Lany $12,000. It includes about twenty acres of land, and is one of the most desirable homes in Glasgow. Dr. Fowler is a surgeon of wide reputation, right in the prime of life, and is coming here to practice his profession. Glasgow is wide open to such men and has room for many more. Dr. Fowler is the father of Mrs. Norris Warder. Glasgow (Ky.) Republican.

[p. 4:4] Jeff Reeves and family will leave some time early in 1911 for the oilfields of California, where they will make their future home. We regret to see them leaving Gainesboro."

Saturday, December 10, 1910

[p. 1:6 (Gainesboro R. 3). "Some people may be surprised at the decrease in population of Jackson Co. in the last decade. While the decrease was only 3, it should have been increased nearly as many thousand. But when we consider our having no County High School, no pikes, no railroads, no respectable highways, no factories, in fact no inducement for emigration, the cause of decrease in population is easily answered. . . ."]

p. 4:1 (Resolutions Adopted). Resolutions regarding Dr. S. B. Fowler's removal from this State to Kentucky. Jackson County Medical Society.

Saturday, December 17, 1910

p. 1:6 (Gainesboro R. 3). "Bob Pippin, of Lawlon [sic] Oklahoma, visited Willis Meadows Sunday. Him and his family will return to their home soon.

p. 4:4 (A Letter from Panama). Dateline Colon, Panama, Dec. 4, 1910. Signed "A Sailor Boy. Board U.S.S. Tacomo." Account of some of his ship's activities.

p. 4:4 (Gainesboro R. 1). "Andrew Haney returned last week from Coalinga, Cal."

Saturday, December 24, 1910

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Fowler left last for [sic] their home at Glasgow Ky.

L. B. Anderson will move to his property opposite the school building the 1st of January. He has rented his property where he now lives to Sam Boone, of Kentucky, who will conduct a hotel."

Note: no issue for December 31, 1910. Missing or not issued?

Saturday, January 7, 1911

p. 1:3 (Granville Department). "Dr Fox, of Oklahoma City, Okla., is visiting his father at this writing.

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "Dr. S. B. Fowler, of Glasgow, Ky., is here on business.

Edgar Rhodes, of Ft. Worth, Tex., was in Gainesboro the first of the week."

Saturday, January 14, 1911

p. 4:4 (Town and County). "Dr. S. B. Fowler, formerly of Gainesboro, but who now resides at Glasgow, Ky., was in the city Tuesday. Putnam County Herald.

B. S. Minor and daughter, Miss Annie Minor, were called to Hartsville Wednesday by the serious illness of Robert Hall, the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Cullom. The child died Thursday."

Saturday, January 21, 1911

p. 1:3 (Town and County). "Uncle John Welch died at his home near Gainesboro Friday Jan. 13. Aged 75 years.

Eugene Tardy, of Vevay, Ind., arrived in Gainesboro Tuesday for a visit to his sons F. L. and E. W. Tardy.

Clyde Darwin, who has been in the Navy for the past few years, is here visiting relatives. He will go from here to his home at Snyder, Tex.

H. A. Whitefield and family, who have been living at Liberty Hill, Tex., for several years, have returned to Jackson county. We are glad to have Mr. Whitefield and his family back in our county.

Austin Webb, who has been in Greenwood, Miss. for the past six years, moved back to his old home on route 2 last week. He came back on account of the climate. We are glad to welcome him and family back.

Robt Poston formerly of this county died at his home in Cookeville, Tuesday January 10th. The remains were interred in the Pharris graveyard, 6th district. Burial services were conducted by the local lodge of Odd Fellows.

Dr. S. B. Fowler returned to his home at Glasgo, Ky., Wednesday after a two weeks visit in Gainesboro. He was accompanied home by Miss Carrie Gore."

p. 4:3 (A Navil Letter). Dateline Puerto Cortez, Honduras. On board U. S. S. Tacoma, Jan. 8. Letter from W. T. Phipps ("A Sailor Boy") detailing activities of his ship.

Saturday, January 28, 1911 Note: this issue appears to be identical to the January 21, issue. No new entries.

Saturday, February 4, 1911

p. 1:3 (Town and County). "F. C. Smith died at the home his son, Osco, in Buck Branch Wednesday. The body was taken to Monterey for interment.

Mrs. Penelope Minor left Monday for California where she will visit Jordon Montgomery and Jim Botts and their families.

B. L. Quarles went to Nashville Sunday and was called to Macon county from there on account of the death of W. H. Quarles. He returned home Friday.

Jeff Reeves and family left Monday for Los Catos, Calif., where they will make their home. We regret to loose them from our town, but hope that they will prosper in their new home.

W. H. Quarles died at his home in Macon county Tuesday night, his death being caused from injuries received by a log rolling on him. Mr. Quarles was formerly a citizen of Jackson county and has many friends here who will regret to learn of his death. He was a half-brother to our fellow-townsman B L Quarles."

p. 1:5 (White's Bend). "H. H. Brown left Monday for California on a visit."

[p. 4:4 (Granville Department). "It seems that the suffragettes of Colorado are exercising their right to the elective franchise. They have elected 6 matrons to the legislature. Mere man will be a nonentity in the Colorada Assembly."]

Note: issue of February 11 is missing.

Saturday, February 18, 1911 - no entries.

Note: issue of February 25 is missing.

Saturday, March 4, 1911

p. 1:5 (William Campbell Lundy). "William Campbell Lundy was born Feb. 22, 1849 and died Jan. 24, 1911, aged 62 years.

He joined the C. P. church at the Arbor on Roaring river, and later in 1910 he joined the Presbyterian church U. S. A. at Granville. He lived a consistent member until his death, which occurred at the home of E. G. Lundy, North Nashville.

He was married to Sarah Jane Berry in 1870 near Gainesboro.

He had been in failing health for the past eight years. He made his home with his son, Thomas Lundy, but had gone on a visit to his son in Nashville, where he was taken ill and only lingered four days. His remains were brought to Thomas Lund's, and the interment took place at the family burying ground of Allen Gore's near Granville. J. P. McDonald and W. P. Bush conducted the funeral services.

He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his death, besides a host of friends. . . . A Friend."

p. 1:5 (Comer L. Young). "Son of James L. and Ellen Young was born June 18, 1897 and died February 26, 1911.

He is survived by a father, mother, three brothers, two sisters, and a number of other relatives and friends.

He was taken sick about the last of January with pneumonia. All that medical skill could do or loving hands perform, was done for him, but without avail.

Services at the grave were conducted by E.d Hiram Pharris in a very touching, tender manner. . . .

Among the songs his friends and schoolmates sang were two of Comer's favorites 'No More Good-bye's' and 'Meet Me Over There.' . . .

Comer was a beloved pupil of the writer for three consecutive terms and greatly endeared himself to me and his schoolmates by his kind and loving disposition. . . . His Teacher."

p. 1:5 (Lorenzo). "Andy Robinson moved his family and household goods to Hopper's Creek Friday, returning in the same wagon Friday evening. He left for Kentucky Saturday."

p. 1:6 (R.F.D. No. 2, Gainesboro). "The angel of death entered our midst Feb. 26 and claimed one of our loved ones, A. C. Lynn. He had been sick quite a while. He was one of the old soldiers of the Civil war, being 79 years of age. He leaves three children, Mrs. A J Murphy, A H and D C Lynn, a loving wife and a number of relatives and friends. . . ."

p. 1:6 (White's Bend). "Wash Johnson and Hurbert Haile arrived Thursday from Washington after an extended stay there. Glad to welcome them back again."

p. 3:5 (Town and County). "T. G. Haile left this morning (Saturday) for Caney, Okla., where he will visit his brother, M. C. Haile.

Eugene Tardy, who has been the guest of his sons, F. L. and E. W. Tardy the past eight weeks, left Friday for his home in Vevay, Ind.

E. M. Tardy, of Chandler, Okla., was the guest of his brothers, Fred and Earle Tardy last week. He was en route home [from] Columbus, O., where he had attended the National Corn Show, having charge of the Oklahoma state exhibit, and took a number of prizes for himself. . . .

Mrs. Lawrence Warder gave a beautiful valentine card party on Friday afternoon complimentary to Miss Gore, who is the attractive visitor of Mrs. Norris Warder. . . . The guests were: Mrs. Brents Dickinson, Mrs. Logan Porter, Mrs. D. C. Bettison, Mrs. W. C. Taylor, Mrs. Flavious Taylor, Mrs. Harry Smith, Mrs. R. B. Triug, Mrs. E. N. Caldwell, Mrs. W. C. Moss, Mrs. D. B. Strange, Mrs. Robt. Barton, Mrs. W. P. Mansfield, Mrs. Norrss Warder, Misses Jennie Jean Smith, Lotta Bohannan, Maymie Depp, Jean Delvaux, Bettie Crenshaw, Sarah Jones and Miss Gore, of Tennessee. The Glasgow (Ky.) Times.

[p. 3:6] We note that one of Jackson county's former and distinguished citizens Wint Williams of Carthage has pasted away. He was a valuable asset to any community."

Note: no entries in March 11, 1911 issue.

Saturday, March 18, 1911

p. 1:3 (Cookeville R 8 (Lorenzo)). "N H and D C Martin and families left of ?? Missouri a few days ago."

p. 1:5 (R.F.D. No. 2, Gainesboro (Meagsville)). "W S Johnson and family will leave for Coalinga, Cal., Wednesday. We regret to give them up, but joy go with them."

p. 1:6 (In Memorium). SEE COPY. Wm Henderson Young.

p. 2:3 (From Breezy Kansas). "Noble, Kans., March 7, 1911." Letter from "A Tennessee Guy." ". . . I was born and reared on Roaring river, Jackson county, (the best country in the world) but I finelp [sic] strayed away from my native state . . ." Mentions M. L. Smith, Bob Judy, High Aumiller.

p. 2:6 (Town and County). "Dr. S. B. Fowler, of Glasgow, Ky., is the guest of relatives here. His many friends are glad to see him."

Note: issue for March 25, 1911 is missing.

Saturday, April 1, 1911

[p. 1:6 (Circuit Court Proceedings). "Martin Scott vs Russell Kinnard; judgment for complt. $15.00 for killing dog.

Every dog must have his day,

This dog had his and passed away;

He did not drain lif's bitter cup,

'Cause Kinnard killed him while a pup."]

p. 2:6 (Town and County). "Grundy Parish and family, who have been making their home in Illinois the past eighteen months, have returned to their former home on Roaring river."

Saturday, April 8, 1911

p. 1:4 (Gainesboro R. 1. (Dodson's Knob)). "Grundy Parish and family have returned from Ill. He will make his home."

p. 3:3 (Non-resident Notice). W. K. Tinsley, et al, v. Willie K. Tinsley, et al, Chancery Court at Gainesboro, Tenn. Defendant Maud Tinsley is a nonresident of the state of Tennessee, and resides in the state of Texas.

Saturday, April 15, 1911

p. 2:6 (Town and County). "James McCoin returned from Coalinga, Cal., where he has been for the past six months. He reports times hard there, and a number of the Jackson county boys out of employment. This is caused by the Standard Oil Co., forcing the smaller companies out of business, and it not being able to handle all the oil, caused a number of wells to close down, throwing a large number of men out of employment."

Saturday, April 22, 1911

p. 2:6 (Town and County). "Mrs. Jeff Reeves and children have returned from Coalinga, Cal. where they have been for the past three months. Mr. Reeves remained in California.

Smith Reeves returned from Coalinga, Cal., Monday, where he has been sojourning for the past month. He is suffering from an attack of rheumatism, but is some better.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Johnson, of Flynns Lick, died Wednesday, and was buried Thursday in the family cemetery. Rev. Horn conducted the funeral service."

p. 3:3 (Liberty Hill Tex.). ". . . Mrs. George Dycus, who has had two operations performed for pelegra, is very low, and is not expected to live. . . .

J. P. Whitefield, daughter and son-in-law made a business trip to Liberty to-day.

Mrs. John Law who was taken to Austin a few days ago, and had an operation performed for pelegra, is improving nicely." From Lonely Boy [a Lonely Boy used to report for .

p. 3:5 (R. F. D. No. 2, Gainesboro). "The home of Will Flynn and wife was made sad Sunday Mar 8 by their darling infant catching fire and burning so near to death that it died on Monday night. . . .

The Lord claimed for its own the little infant of George Spivey, and wife Sunday 16th. . . ."

Saturday, April 29, 1911

p. 1:5 (Gainesboro R. 4. (Whites Bend)). "Mrs. Lizzie Kieth, died Saturday night and was buried Sunday. . . ."

[p. 2:1 Brook's Bend. Miss Lida Duke entertained. Present inc. Henry Thaxton and Ben McDonald of Elmwood.]

p. 2:6 (no heading). "On Wednesday morning April 19 God in his infante wisdom saw best to remove from earth to the beautiful realms of the beyond, Marion Johnson, Jr. infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Johnson, of Flynns Lick, Tenn. . . .

. . . But to the bereaved parents brothers and sisters; may his little mission not have been in vain. . . ."

p. 3:3 (Order of Publication). R. L. Duke [subsequent notice says Robt. L. Duke] Exr. [of A.A. Duke, decd] Ect. vs. M. Duke et al. Frank C. Duke is a nonresident of the state of Tennessee.

Note: no paper was issued for May 6, 1911.

Saturday, May 13, 1911

p. 1:2 (Fort Blunt). "Mrs. Stanton Keith, died Saturday, and was burried Sunday. She leaves a vacancy in the home that can never be filled. She leaves a husband six children to mourn her death. The bereaved ones have our sympathy."

p. 1:2 (Liberty Hill, Tex.) "Mrs. G. W. Dycus who we mentioned in our last letter, went through the third operation for that dreaded disease pelegra, but to no avail. She died the 13th of last month. The bereaved ones have our sympathy.

Mr. Vaughan, who attempted to end his life is getting along nicely.

O. D. Foust lost a fine young mare last week, he has since bought a pair of young mules paying $350.00 for them.

Mrs. J. M. Montgomery has been visiting on the coast the past four weeks will return home soon.

C. S. Howland, Lawson Davis and N. H. Brown made a business trip to L. H. to-day.

I think from the way Arther Malone is visiting John Law's we will have a wedding to report soon.

[p. 1:3] Rev. Sutton's son, who had been sick since Oct. died some days past and the Apostlies had what they called a Reserection Service, but the Lord failed to do what they asked him to do, and the result was Rev. Sutton said that the Lord was not a man of his word.

Eurnett Whitefield and wife, of Alba, Mo. is contemplating on coming to Texas in the near future.

C. S. Howland and wife visited the formers brother, Will Howland Saturday and Sunday. On account of the creek being up they did not get home until Monday morning.

. . . The Concord school under the management of Miss Feol Cornwell will be out next Saturday. All seem to be pleased with her work. . . . Lonely Boy."

p. 2:6 (Town and County). "Benton Walker, who has been in Coalinga Cal. for the past ten months, returned home Tuesday morning.

J. A. Mongomery left last week for Merced, Cal. where he was called by the illness of his son, Jordon Mongomery [sic]. His condition is critical.

Jeff Reeves returned from California last week, where he had been for the past three months. He reports business dead in the oil section of the state.

p. 3:6 (Non-resident Notice). Lawrence Sadler, Col. vs Daisy Sadler, Col. Defendant is a nonresident of the State, has fled to parts unknown to the complainant.

Saturday, May 20, 1911

p. 2:3 (Town and County). "Frank Gailbreth, returned Sunday from Carrollton, Ga., where he had spent a week with his brother, R. J. Gailbreth.

Russel Fuqua one of Jackson county's oldest and most respected citizens died at his home on Route 1, Tuesday night for a strock of paralysis. His remains were intered in the Hawkins cemetery Wednesday at 3 p.m., Bro. J. T. Draper conducting the funeral service. . . . He is survived by a wife and seven children. . . .

[p. 2:4] Mrs. Bertha Warder, of Glasgow, Ky., was the week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Birdwell on Jenning creek.

Mrs. Mollie Price, of Elkton, Ky., was the guest of S. L. Pate and family several days this week. Mrs. Price will visit relatives at Dycus before returning home.

Dr. S. B. Fowler, of Glasgow, Ky., was in Gainesboro Saturday. He is well pleased with his new home, but retains the warmest feeling for Gainesboro and Jackson county.

[p. 2:5] Geo. A. Dudney returned Monday from Coalinga Cal. where he has been for several months.

John B. Billingsley, of Route 3, was in Gainesboro Thursday on business. While here he dropped in to see the editor, and ordered the Sentinel sent to Scott Fox, Dodd City, Texas."

Saturday, May 27, 1911

p. 1:2 (Gainesboro R. 4. (Whites Bend)). "H. H. Brown likes Coalinga Cal. fine."

p. 2:3 (Town and County). Portions missing, but item mentions Herod ---- . . .Gainesboro We---- . . . a, Cal., where he . . . past two years. . . . ninty days vac---- . . . he will return. His many friends . . .

Saturday, June 3, 1911

p. 1:6 (Gainesboro R. 1.). "Chester Young has returned from Boswell, Okla."

p. 2:3 (Town and County). "Geo. West left Thursday for Coalinga, Cal. He will make the trip this time without fail.

Miss Pauline Biggers, of Glasgow, Ky., is the guest of Mrs. A. M. Holland.

James Eckles in came [sic] Friday from St. Louis Mo., where he has been working past four months.

Mrs. Maxey Kirby died at her ome near Hartsville last Monday, and her remains were intered in a family graveyard near her home the same day. Mrs. Kirby was a daughter of C. E. Hix, and formerly lived at Rough Point, this county. She is survived by a husband and son, and two brothers. Mrs. Kirby was a devout christian woman . . ."

[note: issues for June 10, June 17 (part) missing.]

Saturday, June 17, 1911 (part)

p. 5:3 (Order of Publication). R. L. Duke Exr v. M. Duke et al. [Other notices re same case indicate Robert L. Duke is executor of A. A. Duke, decd.] Frank L. Duke is a nonresident of the State of Tenn.

Saturday, June 24, 1911

[portions of pp. 1-4 missing]

p. 2:3 (Town and County). "Dr. B. S. Fowler, of Glasgow, Ky., was in Gainesboro Saturday.

Mrs. Talbert Crowder died Wednesday at her home at Stone after several months illness of consumption. She is survived by her husband and two small children. Funeral service was held thursday at the home, after which the remains were intered in the grave yard. We extend sympathy to the bereaved family.

John S. Draper died at his home near Whitleyville Wednesday night from old age. His remains were intered in the Quarles grave yard Thursday. Mr. Draper was a confederate soldier and served with distinct[ion] throughout the Civil war. He has been a resident of Jackson county all his life . . .

[p. 2:4] Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Montgomery and little son, of Merced, Cal., arrived in Gainesboro Tuesday for a visit to their parents, J. A. Montgomery and wife, and Robt. Meadows and wife.

The localOddfellows Lodge will decorate the graves of their deceased brothers, W. H. Brooks at Rough Point and Martin Johnson at Whites Bend Sunday, June 25 at 10 a.m. and at 3 p.m."

Saturday, July 1, 1911

p. 1:1 (Gainesboro R. 3) "Simon Shanks and family, of Kansas, visited John I. Pippin and wife last week.

M. W. Johnson contemplates a visit to Oklahoma in July."

p. 1:2 (Town and County) "Mrs. J. V. Minor, who has been visiting relatives at Merced, Cal., for the past five months, returned Tuesday.

Miss Mary Settle left the first of the week for Horse Cave, Ky., where she will visit her sister, Mrs. E. W. Davis."

[note: issue of July 8, 1911 missing]

Saturday, July 15, 1911

p. 1:1 (Jordan Steward Montgomery). "On January 6th, 1875 near Flynns Lick, Jackson County, Tenn., Jordan Stewart Montgomery was born, and on May 19th, 1911 at his home in Merced, Calif., he sweetly fell asleep . . .

Between these two dates [MADE COPY-long obit]

The many friends of Jordan Montgomery in this county . . . will sympathize with his widow, father and two brothers . . ."

p. 1:2 (Rough Point). "Jay Witcher was accidently killed by his younger brother last week with a knife."

[1:3 - Dr. S. B. Fowler moves back to jackson co. built splendid practice but missed jc.]

p. 1:4 (Town and County). "Miss Mary Settle is the guest of her sister, Mrs. E. W. Davis, of Horse Cave Ky.

Fowler Kirkpatrick, of Coalinga, Cal. arrived in Gainesboro Friday for a visit with home folks."

p. 4:4 (non-resident notice) F. M. Mayberry and wife v. Lee Burggis et al. County Court. Defendants Lee Burgis, Clarence Burgis and Hallie Burgis are non-residents of the state of Tennessee.

Saturday, July 19, 1911

p. 1:2 (Haydenburg R. 1) "John Forkum died the 14th of this month, and Wale [sic] H. Ray died the 23rd. Three others of Mr Ray' family have fever.

Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Carver left the 21st for Illinois, where they will visit their sons, Kirk and Sam Carver and other relatives."

p. 1:3 (Local and Personal) "Jace Stafford and Jim Poston have returned from Coalingo Cal.

Messrs. Chas. C. Fowler and Davis Ralston, of Glasgow, Ky., have been the guests of Harlan Reeves, this week.

R. Garland Draper, of jackson county, journal clerk of the house, and the youngest representative in the house of the fifty-sixth general assembly, will leave Tennessee today for Boise, Idaho, where he will reside. Mr. Draper will practice law at Boise, and those who know him, predict a bright future. Jackson county will vote on a bond issue of $150.00 for good roads in the next few weeks, and Mr. Draper who had the bill passed while he was representing that county in the house, says the voters will decide for the bonds by a good majority. Mr. Draper spent Wednesday night in Nashville and will leave this city for Idaho. Though only 21 years old in 1909, Mr. Draper took a leading part in the enactment of the prohibition and election bills. -- Nashville Tennesseen and American.

Wade Ray died at his home in the 3rd district Sunday, July 23rd, age 60 years. The funeral service was held Monday, July 24 at the home, after which the remains were intered in the family grave-yard near the home. The deceased is survived by a wife and several children. Mr. Ray was born in the 3rd district, where he spent his entire life. . . .

Addison Richardson, one of the oldest and best known citizens of the 3rd Dist., died at his home near Highland Thursday, July 27, after an illness of several weeks . . . Mr. Richardson was born Apr. 17, 1844 in the 3rd district, where he spent his entire life. He was a member of the Methodist church at Dycus, and a member of the Masonic order at Defeated. . . .The funeral service was conducted by Rev. J. M. Horn and the Masons, after which the remains were laid to rest in the Campground cemetery on Wartrace creek. Mr. Richardson is survived by his wife and several children to whom we extend sympathy."

p. 1:5 (Obituary) "Sister Clearinda [sic] Loftis, wife of Bro. William Loftis (Billie Lim), daughter of John and Elisabeth Priar, was born Oct. 18, 1857, and died July 14 1911, age 53 yrs. 8 mo. and 26 days.

She was married to Bro. William Loftis Feb. 9, 1872, and they lived together in Jackson County where they were born and raised till the death of Sister Loftis. To them were born 8 children, 2 son, and 6 daughters, 6 of whom survive her, but 2 of them passing over this river of death when young.

She became obedient to God, Aug. 1876, under the preaching of Bro. H. J. Boles, and has since meet with the disciples of Christ engaging in the worship of the living God . . .

It is said that she died of conumption. So after skillful physicians, a loving hearts and hands, a dear husband and children, kind neighbors, and all had done all they could for life, yet death came -- July 14, 1911, and called her spirited home. On the following day after services by the writer in the presence of a large assembly of people, her body was laid to rest it a grave in Phyrris Cemetery 4 miles south of Gainesboro, Tennessee . . . Hyram pharris."

p. 4:3 (Non-resident notice) Mary J. Long v. Andrew S. Long. Chancery. Andrew S. Long and George C. Long two of the defendants are non-residents of the state.

[note: issues of July 26, August 5 are missing]

Saturday, August 12, 1911

p. 1:2 (Perlina Etter Pharris) "Perlina Etter Pharris, wife of Hiram Pharris, daughter of Curtis and Perlina Hall, born Nov. 8, 1850, died Aug. 1, 1911, at 7:30 P. M., aged 60 years, 8 months and 23 days.

Sister Pharris MADE COPY."

p. 1:3 (Local and Personal) "Misses Ora and Ina Gore, of Hopkinsville, Ky., are the guests of relatives here.

H. K. Richmond, of Wanette, Okla., is visiting friends and relatives at this place.

James Ray and wife, of Okla., are visiting their children at this place."

Saturday, August 19, 1911

p. 1:1 (Cookeville R. 6) "The death angel has visited the home of Warren Mayberry, and claimed his two year old daughter, as its victim. . . ."

p. 1:2 (Bloomington Springs R. 1) "The little child of M. L. Carrington and wife died last week. The remains were laid to rest in family cemetery. . . ."

p. 1:2 (Gainesboro R. 4) "Mrs. Nora Brown, of Liberty Hill, Tex., came in about the middle of July to visit her brother H. A. Whitefield, of this place, and her sisters at Livingston and Cookeville and other relatives at Gabatha. She will return about the middle of Oct.

Jno. Norton, Smith and Argo Stidham left last week for Hickman, Ky.

Luther Chaffin and family, who have been near Springfield, Mo., for the past six years, have returned. They are living on Wash Johnson's place. . . .

[p. 1:3] Sunday evening Aug. 6th, at about 6 o'clock the death angle called in our community and claimed for one of its victims, W. M. Brown. He was born Oct. 3, 1822. Died Aug. 6th 1911. He leaves five sons and one daughter: John, James, Tom, George and Sigh. He was laid to rest in the Whitaker graveyard in Whites Bend, by the side of his mother. He has blind since he was eleven years old. He was a member of the Methodist church. His wife has been dead 40 years living the children small. The father raised the children to be grown and married. He made his home with John. . . . The funeral services were conducted by Mr. Estus of Dry Fork."

Saturday, August 26, 1911

p. 1:2 (Gainesboro R. 2) "Mrs. S. J. Mabry is improving. Think she will be walking real soon, as she hasn't walked any for 4 years.

Several of the boys of this place will leave for California next week. Among them are Magan Murphy, Fowler Loftis and Marvin Barlow."

p. 1:3 (Cookeville R. 8) Parts missing: "The death angle visit[ed] W. W. Robert- and claimed for its victim Etter --- She leaves 4 brothers, 3 sisters --- and mother to mourn her - - -.

p. 1:4 (Cookeville R. 7) "Waine Webb's child of tick, was buried at Didson Branch last week, and the next day Etter Smith was burried at the Branch."

p. 4:4 (Non-resident notice) Martin Ray v. Perley Ray. Defendant Perley Ray (female) is a non-resident of the state of Tennessee.

Saturday, Sept. 2, 1911

p. 1:3 (Pettit, Okla.) August 21, 1911. Letter from John F. Chesney. ". . . I am now teaching a country school and it is in prosperous condition. I have 19 Cherokee and 14 white students enrolled, but no fullbloods. The Cherokees are easy controlled and quite intelligent. I enjoy teaching here. My school will run six months, and my salary is $50.00 per month. [Note: many additional details are provided about Oklahoma and its educational system.] . . . W. A. Jackson and family are well and satisfied with the country. He has a fine cotton crop. John Flatt says Oklahoma just suits him. John sure has fine cotton. . ."

p. 1:4 (Granville) Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jackson and daughter, Helen Page, are visiting relatives at Frankfort, Ky."

p. 1:4 (Rough Point) "Mrs. Mary Lee, of Franklin, Ky., visited her father, W. B. Richmond, last week.

Mrs. Bedford Richmond died the 22nd [p. 1:5] of this month, leaving a husband and two children to mourn her death. . . ."

p. 4:2 (Cookeville R. 8) "The infant child of Will Allen and wife, of Cookeville R 4, died last Thursday.

The little son of Tom Bean and wife died Saturday and was laid to rest in the Mansel grave-yard."

p. 4:2 (Gainesboro R. 2) "Henry Crabtree left Saturday for Coalingo Calif.

Dallis Allen, who has been in Okla. for the past three years, is visiting his parents at this place."

p. 4:2 (Bloomington Springs R. 1) "Mitchell Jackson has returned home from a visited to Oklahoma. He was greeted by his friends and neighbors most heartily."

Saturday, Sept. 9, 1911

p. 2:2 (Local and Personal) "Miss Mary Settle has returned from an extended visit to Cave City, Ky.

Mrs. E. W. Davis and two children, of Cave City, Ky., are visiting her parents, W. H. Settle and wife. [Sept. 16, p. 2:2: Mrs. E. W. Davis and children have returned to their home at Cave City, Ky.]

S. R. Jackson, of the 7th district, won the prize for having the largest family at the Cookeville Labor Day Celebration, Monday. He has eleven boys.

The farm belonging to the heirs of W. H. Young, which lies between Gainesboro and the river, was sold at public auction Monday. Oplis Smith was the successful bidder, his bid being $6600.

Dr. S. B. Fowler and son, Chas. C. Fowler, of Glasgow, Ky., were here the first of the week on professional business. The Dr. is always busy when here. Charles will return to Nashville the 20th of September, where he is attending Vanderbuilt University."

p. 2:3 (Beach Bottom) "Perry Hall, of Texas, has been visiting his brother, Comer for the past two weeks."

p. 2:3 (Cookeville R. 7) "Millard Gentry, of California came in last week to visit his parents and relatives.

Jeff Peek, of Goree, Texas, has been visiting his parents and relatives here."

Saturday, Sept. 16, 1911

p. 1:4 (Georgie Ann Bowington) "Georgie Ann Bowington, wife of Simpson Bowington and daughter of George and Manervie Flatt, was born Aug. 27, 1884 and died June 18, 1911. Her body was intered in the Anderson Fox cemetery some three miles from her hom on Flynn's creek, Jackson county Tenn.

Of a family of six children, Georgia Ann was fourth in birth and first in death, leaving father and mother, four sisters and one brother surviving her. Mrs. Vinie Hoover, of Bloomington Springs, Tenn., Mrs. Mary Ragland, Mrs. Fannie Chaffian, of Gainesboro R 2, and Cleavie the youngest sister, and Ridley the only brother, who are single and live with their parents.

Georgia Ann was married to Simpson Bowington Sept. 1902. This union was blessed with two little boys and one little girl. . . .

Georgia Ann became a member of the church of Christ in early life and seemed to be faithful and devoted, but being tempted she allowed herself to be overcome (as most of us do) in which she did wrong. On realizing her mistakes she had the courage to cut loose from them and come fourth with renewed energies in the service of her Master. . . .John W. Fox."

p. 2:3 (Local and Personal) "Mrs. Walter Fowler and son, Walter Fowler, Jr., of Quinton, Okla., were Gainesboro [sic] today (Saturday) en route to her father's, G. W. Birdwell on Jenning Creek."

p. 2:4 (In Memorium) "Addison Richardson was born in Jackson county April 15, 1844 and his life was spent in the country of his birth.

Bro. Richardson was married at the age of 27 years to Miss Eliza Williams. This union resulted in the birth of nine children. . . . Bro. Richardson has been a member of the M E Church S., since 1866. . . .

Bro. Richardson was made a Mason in Difficult Lodge No 451 May 27th, 1874. . . . He was buried with Masonic honors on July 28, 1911 in the presence of the largest congregation ever assembled on Wartrace for a funeral occasion. . . .

Resolution by Difficult Lodge No 451, F & A M. . ."

p. 2:6 (Non-resident notice) Fannie M Stafford v. Thomas E Stafford. Chancery. Thomas is a non-resident of the state.

Saturday, September 23, 1911

p. 1:3 (Gainesboro R. 4. Rough Point) "Miss Mary Ray, of Dallas, Ky., is visiting relatives and friends at this place."

p. 1:3 (Gainesboro R. 4. Whites Bend) "Daniel Johnson, of California, was in this community visiting Saturday and Sunday.

Jno. Norton, who has been to Hickman, Ky., for about two months has returned."

p. 1:4 (Cookeville R. 8) "Millard Gentry, of California visited W C Allen last Saturday and Sunday.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Jackson died last Friday, age 10 years and 6 months. The remains were laid to rest in the family cemetery. . . ."

p. 1:6 (Cookeville R. 7) "Mrs. Mary Jane Langford died last Thursday and was buried at West schoolhouse. The funeral service were conducted by Rev. Swearingim.

Armol Gaw's little girl died last Saturday and was buried at West cemetery last Sunday."

p. 2:3 (Non-resident notice) Lydia Flatt v. Wesley Flatt. Bill for divorce in chancery court. Wesley is a non-resident of the state.

Saturday, September 30, 1911

p. 1:3 (Cookeville R. 7) "Harrison Smith intends to go to California soon."

p. 1:3 (Cookeville R. 8) "The death angel has visited our community and claimed as its victim Mrs. Mary Lengford. She leaves a husband, father, 4 brothers and a host of friends to mourn her death. She was a member of the Christian Baptist church and a devoted Christian woman. Her sickness was of short duration . . ."

p. 1:3 (Cookevillr R. 4 (Cummin's Fall)) "The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Edgbert Wassom died Saturday night."

p. 1:4 (Alvin Kinnard, of Cookeville, Horribly Mangled by Train on Tennessee Central) "COOKEVILLE, Tenn. Sept. 25 - Alvin Kinner, of this place, the 19-year-old son of Thomas Kinner, was run over and horribly mangled by the west-bound Tennessee Central passenger train near Hickman about 3:30 o'clock yesterday morning. He was an employee of W C Maxwell's livery stable in this city. While returning from the state fair at Nashville, on the night train, it is alleged, that he was drinking, or in the act of taking a drink of liquor, when an officer or trainman put him off the train at Holmans' Gap.

He had paid all of his money that he had with him for his railroad ticket to Cookeville, and when put off the train he started towards Cookeville on foot and he walked about eight miles to Hickman, where he was run over. His mangled body was brought home yesterday.

His remains were interred today at the family burial ground, two miles north of this city."

p. 4:3 (Local and Personal) "Mrs. John Hestand and three children, Misses Martha and Jennie and John Jr., of Paducah, Ky., are the guest of A B Hestand and family on Route 3. They will remain two months.

Miss Martha Johnson left Thursday morning for Scottsville, Ky., where she will have charge of the millinery department of one of [the] large mercantile establishments in that city."

Saturday, October 7, 1911

p. 2:2 (William W. Hunter) "One more old Confederate soldier gone from labor to reward, William W Hunter, was borned May 14th, 1835. Departed this life Aug. 25, 1911, age 76, years, 3 months and 12 days, married to Martha An Carver 1856. He was greatly afflicted for quite a while and made a strong fight for life, but had to surrender to the ruthful hand of death. He told me just a few days before death, he thought he was ready, if he had to die. . . . He leaves his aged and afflicted wife, 2 daughters and 4 sons and a host of grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren to mourn his death. He was a true democrat and contended for its principals. . . . Bro. Horn and I preached his funeral to a large congregation. S. B. Hall."

p. 2:3 (Non-resident notice) Flora Keith v. Walter Keith. Circuit court. Walter is a non-resident.

[note: p. 2:5: statistics. Total deaths from June 30, 1910 to June 30, 1911: 172. Total births 555.]

p. 3:3 (Cookeville R. 7) "Harrison Smith and Noah Webb left last week for California."

Saturday, October 14, 1911

p. 1:2 (Whitleyville R. 2) "Henry Rehorn, Jr., has moved his mill to Boles, Ky."

p. 1:6 (Pettit, Okla.) Oct. 10, 1911. Letter from [unreadable] Bugar. ". . . The little infant of John F Chesney's is some better at this writing. . . . J F Chesney attended the Teachers meeting at Tahleguah Friday and Saturday. Owen Miller is still chilling, and says some pretty girl and a bottle of Chill tonic will cure them. Pearl Daws visited her uncle, Jesse Leaman at Blackgum Sunday. W A Jackson and Tom Daws made a business trip to Tahleguah Saturday. Tom Daws is improving his mountain farm for renters. I was sorry to hear of the death of Alvin Kinnard, of Cookeville, and also my cousin George Ann Bownington. . . . Bill Burgless is still a candidate and likes to visit Bill Terrell's. Frank Miller made a trip to Muskogee last week on business. John Flatt is still in the cotton patch. . . ."

p. 1:6 (Liberty Hill, Tex.) "Emmitt Whitefield is here from Mo. He seems to think Texas is good enough for him. Since our last report there has been several weddings: Oscar Baker and Myrtle Law were married the 13 of last month. . . . Also Homer Jackson and Lona Allmon. Will Allmon and Emma Long. It is reported that Will Allne and Lucy Lane marrys to-night. We think from the way Arthun [sic] Browns visiting Mr. Grovers we will have some more weddings to report. C S Howland is contemplating moving to East Texas soon . . . Mr. Curtiss' daughter who was operated on yesterday died this morning. J P Whitefield and wife rae on the sick list. T T Haines, of Mills county, is down seeing after some business. We are glad to have him among us. H B Stephans has a child that is very sick at this writing, with something like Flux. There was quite a number from our place that went to Georgetown the first Monday. Among them were J D Shuffield Cliff, Bob and Tom Simmons, N H Brown and son, a D Foust. Lonsome Boy."

p. 4:4 (Cookeville R. 8) "Miss Monteolie Bourough, of Arkansas, is visiting her grandparents, B P Anderson at this writing."

Saturday, October 21, 1911

p. 2:1 (In Memory of Little Velma) "On Oct. 13 the white wings messenger of death visited the home of Walter and Ida Craighead and took from them their infant daughter, Velma. [T]he little liked [sic] five days of being two months old . . . A Friend."

p. 2:5 (Local and Personal) "Miss Eula Moore, of Gamaliel, Ky., is the guest of relatives here."

p. 3:3 (Bloomington Springs R. 1) "Gone! Mrs. Nansie Davidson, wife of Thomas Dovidson [sic], deceased, died last Wednesday. She has lived in our vicinity for a number of years. She was some 65 or 70 years of age and has been a member of the Church of Christ for many years and continued steadfast in the faith until God called her away.

The body was laid in the Petty Cemetery where many of her kindred and friends have been lain heretore. A number of sons and daughters survive her. . . .

The little child of Mr. and Mrs. K. Dyer died last Friday. The remains were laid to rest in the family Cemetery. . . ."

p. 3:3 (Gainesboro R. 4) "Mrs. Nora Brown, who has been visiting relatives in this county for some time, left Friday for her home at Liberty Hill Tex."

Saturday, November 4, 1911

p. 2:1 (Judge B. M. Webb) "Judge B. M. Webb, of Smithville, one of Tennessee's best known lawyers and juriest, died here last Thursday evening, Oct. 26 at 6:30 o'clock.

Judge Webb came to Gainesboro on October 15 to hold court for Judge A. H. Roberts, accompanied by his wife. He opened court at 1 o'clock the same day, and was in the best of spirits. Tuesday morning (Oct. 16) he was taken with an attack of acute indigestion, and apparently was recovering from this, and on Sunday morning (Oct. 22) talked of going home, but was persuaded to postpone the trip until he had fully recovered. On Monday morning (Oct. 23) he was taken with convulsions, caused by uric poison, and was unconscious from that on until the end. When it became apparent that there was little hope of his recovery his son, Robert Webb, two daughters, Mrs. Cantrell and Mrs. Foster, and grandson, Bethel Foster, were summoned to his bedside. He was attended by Dr. Potter, of Smithville, and Drs. Loftis and Reeves, of this place.

The remains were taken to Smithville Friday morning.

The birth-place of Judge Webb was Warren county, Tennessee. He was born there September 21, 1847, and was of Irish, Scotch, English and French descent. He was reared on a farm, received a common school education. When quite young his mother was widowed, and Judge Webb was the principle support of his family, which numbered seven children. He read law by night and while earning a livelihood, and was admitted to the bar.

Being endowed with marked intelligence, he was successful in his profession, and was appointed chancellor of the Fifth Chancery Division by Gov. Taylor, and later was elected to the same position. He was a candidate for the supreme bench last year, withdrawing from the field on march 23, his withdrawal and announcement cards both being unique documents, couched in strong language.

On January 11, 1867, Judge Webb was married to Miss Helen Ware, whom he survived. His second wife was Miss Cassie Boykin, a woman of unusual beauty, to whom he was married on January 29, 1905.

Judge Webb was a member of the Masonic, Knights of Pythias and Odd Fellow orders, and stood high in fraternal circle. He was an active member of the church, being connected at the age of 25. At the time of his death he was engaged in the preparation for publication of a book, touching mainly the judiciary of Tennessee.

Probably the most noted litigation in which Judge Webb was ever retained was that of Elijah Dowie, the alleged prophet, against Veliva and other followers of the Zionite cult. For a number of years Judge Webb was the attorney for Dowie, and represented him in suits where large amounts were involved."

p. 2:3 (Local and Personal) "Jack Patten, of Birmingham, Ala., was in Gainesboro the first of the week. Mr. Patten formerly lived here, but has been away 35 years. Many changes have taken place since then, and but few of his old acquaintances remain."

p. 3:2 (L. A. Fox) "Wednesday evening about 4 o'clock, while working at the Fox saw mill on Flynn's creek, L. A. Fox fell against the saw and his left leg was severed at the thigh causing his death at 6:30 o'clock.

The accident happened in this way. Mr. Fox had run one line through the log, but it being unusual large the saw could not reach through it, leaving the slab to be cut off. The log was run back, and Mr. Fox took an axe and stepping on the carriage between the log and the saw made several strokes at the slab, the last one had made his axe caught on a board over-head, throwing him backward, his leg hitting the saw with the above results.

Mr. Fox was the son of Frank P. Fox and wife, and was thirty years and six days old. He was married to Miss Ada Lock in July 1898, to which union was born six children, 5 boys and one girl. In August the same year he joined the Christian church, and remained a faithful member until his death.

Funeral services were held at the home Thursday evening, Bro. Henry Hall being in charge. The remains were intered in the Richmond graveyard on the Fox estate.

Mr. Fox is survived by a wife and six children, father and mother, 9 brothers and 1 sister, who have the loving sympathy of a host of friends."

p. 3:2 (Mrs. Mattie Wilson) "Again we drank from the cup of sorrow that made its way to every heart. When on Oct. 25, 1911, the death angle claimed Mrs. Mattie Wilson as its victim. She is survived by a husband and one dear little boy; a father and mother; 4 brothers and one sister . . . Mattie was 20 years, 7 months and 12 days old when God called her from among us. . . .

Funeral services were conducted by Bro. J A Craighead, after which her remains was laid to rest in the Cub Creek graveyard there to await the resurrection morn.

I hope to meet with sister again . . . M L Rry [sic]"

[p.3:4 Cookeville R. 7] T R Holloway had about 60 visitors last Sunday to see his twin babies]

Saturday, November 11, 1911

p. 1:3 (Granville Department) "The sudden death of the little daughter and only child of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Grisham was a shock to their many friends. Reaper was a sweat child and just budding into the 3rd year of sweet childhood. . . .

Prior Grisham, aged 8?8, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. Lewis near Cookeville. He was a member of Hamilton's Command."

Saturday, November 18, 1911

p. 1:2 (Cookeville R. 7) "Bro. Hiram Pharris put up a nice tombstone at Will Warren's grave last week."

p. 1:2 (reginald Elma Murphy) "On Nov. 12 the death angel came into our midst and claimed as his own little Elmo Murphy. Age 2 years, 4 months and 24 days, the oungest child of Andrew and Marry Murphy. He was burned on Oct. 24 by falling backward from a chair into an open fire, but was thought to be getting along well until Nov. 11, when he was suddenly taken worse and died in an hour or so. . . . Zander Lynn."

p. 2:3 (In Memory of Clara Hix) "The death angle visited the home of Haywood Hix and wife and claimed for its own their little daughter, Clara. She was borned Dec. 31, 1907, departed this life Nov. 5, 1911. She leaves a father, mother, three brothers and two sisters to morn her death. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Wm. Dycus. Her remains were laid to rest in the family grave-yard near Haydenburg. [Followed by lengthy poem.] Vallie Webb, Haydenburg, Tenn."

[note: issue of November 25, and Dec 2 are missing]

Saturday, December 9, 1911

p. 2:1 (Mary Luverna Loftis) "Mary Loverna Loftis, widow of W A Loftis and daughter of James E Andersot [sic], was born June 22, 1855, died Thursday morning November 23, 1911 5 minutes after 12 o'clock, age 55 and 5 months. She was married to William Asberry Loftis in the year of 1873, who was accidentally killed by a woggon October 20, 1908, while hauling lumber, as many will remember his shocking death. He was borned march 24, 1855. Four children were borned to this union 3 girls and 1 boy, all of whom are living except the oldest girl, who died several years ago. The remains of Mrs. Loftis were laid to rest at or near Smiths Chapel in Putnam county, Tenn., by the side of her husband. . . . She was industrious and energetic and after the death of her husband she kept up all the affairs of the home and farm with untiring effort until her son returned from California. She was a woman of great hardihood and strong will power, and held up well until the spring of 1911, when she became afflicted with that dreadful disease "Cancar" and gradually grew weaker until the end. . . . A Friend."

p. 3:4 (Cookeville R. 7) "Mrs. John L Peek died and was buried at Dotson Branch last Thursday. Rev. Tom Berry conducted the funeral services. She leaves a husband and several children to mourn her death.

Samson Bartlett, who left Little Putnam about 10 years ago, died a few days ago at Goree, Texas."

[Note: all issues between Dec. 11, 1911, and July 20, 1912 are missing.]

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