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Transcribed by Kara Porter

Note: issues from Jan. 3, 1901-Jun 27, 1901 are missing.

Thursday, July 4, 1901

p. 1:1 (Local and Personal). "The Supreme Court recently decided that a woman could not practice law in the State of Tennessee.

Mrs. Walter McClain and son Victor of Franklin, Ky., are visiting relatives and friends at Cookeville and will visit in Gainesboro before returning."

p. 4:5 (Whitleyville). "Dave Whittaker and his charming family have left Whitleyville they will make their home in Milwawkee Wisconsin, several of our boys are in mourning.

George Birdwell and Claude Gains were called away to visit the bedside of Miss Eliza Birdwell, daughter of Blake Birdwell, but unfortunately the lady died before her bereaved uncle Mr. George Birdwell, and her cousin Mr. C. C. Gaines could get to see her alive . . ."

Thursday, July 11, 1901

p. 1:1 (Local and Personal). "Sanford Loftis has returned to his home in Texas after a visit of several days with Jackson county relatives.

Mrs. W. S. McClain, of Franklin, Ky., who is visiting the family of her father-in-law, Dr. L. R. McClain, at this place, is quite sick with typhoid fever.--Press."

p. 1:2 (James Warren Captured). Account taken from The American: . . . Gainesboro, Tenn., July 8.--James Warren, who waylaid and murdered Tip Ransom, about eight miles from here on Sugar Creek, last August, and who has successfully eluded the officers since that time, was brought to town Saturday, and now occupies one of the cells at the jail. . . ."

p. 1:3 (Circuit Court). "The action of the State in asking for a continuance in the case of A. B. Hastend, J. M. G. York and Monroe German charged with killing Wm. Roberts, would tend to strengthen the impression that the case is not so strong as was thought, as the defense was ready for trial.

The case against Wm. Henson for killing Henry McBride was set for next term."

p. 2:3 (Whitleyville). "We must correct the report that we sent last Saturday, about the death of Miss Eliza Birdwell. It was a false report that came over the phone from Spivey. The young lady is still living but she is very low. Dr. Fowler passed through Whitleyville Sunday evening on his way to see Miss Birdwell and said she is suffering from brain fever.

Ike Meritt is talking of going to Oklahoma.

Bud Carter is talking of going to Missouri.

Proff. Bed Hicks arrived home from Ky., where he has been appointed principal of a school in Carroll Co.

Friends on S. Fork have received a letter from Dave Whittaker and his charming family, who have arrived at their destination, Milwaukee Wis., safe. They are very much in love with that country."

p. 4:3 (Whites Bend). "Sanford Loftis has returned to his home at Rogers Texas after a very pleasant visit here."

p. 4:4 (Leon). "Frank Johnson who has been away for some time to Arkansas has returned home."

p. 4:6 (Non-resident notice). [no caption] Defendant --- McNair and wife Jennie McNair are non-resident citizens of the State of Tennessee and citizens of the State of Missouri.

Thursday, July 18, 1901

p. 1:1 (Meagsville). July 15. "Elmer E. Boyse, of Benton, Ill., is visiting relatives here. He will probably remain until cool weather for his health."

p. 1:2 (Local and Personal). "Mrs. Sarah McCoin, wife of Dr. N. M. McCoin, died at her home near McCoinsville last Friday." [Obituary on 1:3 mentions Sarah E. McCoin was wife and mother, but no new information.]

p. 1:3 (From Arkansas). COPY - letter from Ben A. Fox.

p. 1:4 (no heading). "A little son of Newt Forkum, was struck and instantly killed by lightning Tuesday evening, at his home near Haydensburg. It seems that two little children were playing in the front yard and one was leaning up against a tree and the lightning struck the tree killing him. The other child was unhurt. The little boy was about 9 years of age."

p. 4:3 (McDearman). July 16. "Little Burt Langford, who was reported very sick last week, died Friday morning. . . ."

p. 4:4 (Whitleyville). July 15. "Dr. Fowler passed through yesterday inrout to Blake Birdwells where he finds Miss Eliza Birdwell a little improved but one of her little brother with malarial fever and it is reported Blake Birdwell with an abscess on his jaw. This family has many inquiring friends at this place."

p. 4:5 (Bagdad). July 16. "There were two deaths on this creek last Sunday, Luke Young's baby and Elmore Smith's baby. They were both buried at the same grave yard and at the same time.

Several people of this place attended the burial of Addie Dycus, at Dycus, last week."

p. 4:6 (Mayfield). July 15. "Mrs. Walter Clinton died July 5th. She was sick only a few days."

Thursday, July 25, 1901

p. 1:1 (From Kentucky). Bowling Green, Ky., July 15. Letter from Sanford Mayberry: "Will you please print a letter to my many Jackson county friends. I left there on June 26 and arrived here on the 28. I am in good health and well satisfied. I am working for Albert Brooks at $19 a month, on a farm. . . . I am going to Cincinnati after while. I am not coming back until I see the greater portion of this country of ours. . . ."

p. 1:2 (Local and Personal). "The infant of J. E. Stafford and wife died Wednesday night.

Mrs. J. P. Haile and daughter Miss Ora, of Kingman City, Kansas, who has been visiting relatives and friends in Nashville and Carthage, are at Dr. H. P. Loftis of this place for a two weeks visit. They expect to go to Red Boiling Springs and remain during the month of August."

p. 1:2 (From Arkansas). Wilmar Ark., July 8, 1901. Letter from J. H. Loftis calls himself "one of your County boys," mentions those who helped him procure the Principal-ship, Commercial Department, of Beauvoir College.

p. 1:3 (Sherman Welch). Died Saturday Morning From Injuries Caused By a Kick. "William Sherman Welch died Saturday, July 20, at the home of his mother, Mrs. Margaret Welch, on Spring creek, in Overton County, at the age of 34 years, the date of his birth being March 11, 1867. His death was the result of injuries inflicted by a kicking mare, near his home, on the Thursday preceding his death. He had started from the barn with two horses to water, and was followed by a colt. The mare missing her colt, ran after them, and overtaking them, kicked at one of the horses, and kicked Mr. Welch in the abdomen. He was taken to the house near by, medical aid summoned, and everything possible done for him, but without avail, and he died Saturday morning after great suffering. The remains were interred Sunday at Dodson's Branch burying ground. . . . He leaves a mother and several sisters, among whom are Mrs. W. H. Settle and Mrs. N. B. Young, of Gainesboro."

p. 4:5 (Cabinet). July 22. "O. Hudson visited his daughter Mrs. Jess Willmore, of Gamaliel, Ky., last week."

Thursday, August 1, 1901

p. 1:2 (Local and Personal). "Mrs. Hamilton, of Franklin, Ky., was a visitor in Gainesboro Tuesday.

Mrs. J. P. Haile and daughter, Miss Ora, of Kangman City, Kan., after a week's visit with H. P. Loftis and family, left last Sunday for Red Boiling Springs, where they will spend this month before returning home."

p. 1:3 (From Indian Territory). Claremore, I.T., July 28. Letter from Sipio Young. Describes Claremore and the Territory. "I worked on the Claremore Progress up till two weeks ago, when I resigned my position there and accepted another with the Sanger Milling Co. as day watchman. One of my sisters works for the Claremore Lumber Co., the other is book-keeper in the Star store. My younger brother is working at the barber shop and makes pretty good wages. . . ."

p. 1:3 (From Texas). Paducah, Tex., July 18. Letter from O. O. Mayberry. ". . . When I left Jackson county, Oct. 10, 1900, I went direct to Collin county, where I stopped with my Texas brother and remained there working on a farm for two months. From there I went to Scurry county, where I built seven houses, taking till the 10th of March, after which I returned to Collin where I help build another. After this I started to Cattle county in a wagon on a trip of 11 days. Two families of us had a nice time camping on the prairie. This writing still finds me in Cattle county . . ."

p. 4:3 (Gabbatha). July 28. "Newton [sic] and wife, of Texas, are visiting relatives here."

p. 4:3 (Parmer). July 30. "Edward Cason, of Rienzi, Tex., is a visitor at this place this week."

p. 4:3 (Ivy Gap). July 29. "Jessie and Dave Petty attended the burial of Sherman Ipock at Mine Lick Saturday."

p. 4:4 (North Springs). July 29. "Jesse Jenkins, since his return from Ky., has been taking a vacation, this hot weather, and will not return to Ky., till October."

Thursday, August 8, 1901

p. 1:4 (Local and Personal). "S. S. Dudney, who has been working at Molones Landing, Miss., is visiting Jackson county relatives."

p. 2:1 (no heading). "Chas. Davis was lynched at Smithville last Friday for assaulting Miss Kate Hughes. The lynching occurred about 9 o'clock in the morning. The young man it was claimed, had forcibly committed the outrage while out driving with Miss Hughes the Sunday previous."

p. 4:3 (Difficult). Aug. 5. "Boss McDanal was drowned Saturday evening while seining in the river near Buffalo. The body was not found until Sunday evening."

p. 4:3 (Flynn's Lick). Aug. 6. "Dora Hopkins and wife have been in San Antonia Texas for the past few years and are in on a visit to his father Esq. Chas. Hopkins."

p. 4:3 (Rough Point). Aug. 5. "Mrs. Nannie Tinsley died at her home, in Hilham, July 30th. The remains were brought to this place and interred in the Rocky Mound burying ground. She was a daughter of Mrs. N. D. Hall, of this place. . . . [Mrs. Eugenia Cooper and Miss Willie Underwood, of Cookeville, attended the funeral of Mrs. Tinsley Wednesday. Mrs. Annie Butler was prevented from returning to Hilham with the funeral party by her child's sudden illness.]

Oscar Draper, of Franklin, Ky., is on a visit to his grand-parents, D. H. Draper, and wife, of this place.

p. 4:5 (Defeated). July 30. "Capt. E. S. Hance died the 24. Rev. John B. Jordan, of Carthage, conducted the funeral services. He was buried at home. . . .

Mrs. Sue Chapman and daughter, Miss Bessie, of Fort Worth, Tex., are visiting her sister Mrs. Hance.

Jack Moss and sister, Miss Jemmie, of Riddleton, attended the funeral of their uncle, Capt. E. S. Hance."


obit of Willis McDearman, son of Sterling B. McDearman, on p. 1, Oct. 17, 1901

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