The following record was copied from the Family Bible of Daniel M. Morgan.
Copied by Mrs. Maude McGlasson, Gainesboro, Tennessee - 1936

This is to certify that, Mr. Daniel M. Morgan and Miss Susannah Smith were
solemnly united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at Absolam Smith's on
the 28th. day October in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and
Twenty Eight, conformably to the ordinances of God and the laws of the State.

In the presence of Respectable Witnesses,
William P. Hampton
By D. M. Morgan

Daniel M. Morgan was born April 7, 1809
Susannah Smith Morgan born Jan. 25, 1813

Eliza Jane Morgan born June 17, 1831
Job M. Morgan born Nov. 4, 1833
James Harvey Morgan born Oct. 15, 1835
Louisiana Francis Morgan born Jan 1837
Perry Franklin Morgan born Dec. 7, 1838
George H. Morgan born Sept. 5, 1841
Sallie C. Morgan born Oct. 14, 1844
Nancy Luverna Morgan born Feb. 19, 1847
Samuel Austin Morgan born March 14, 1850
Lucinda Settle Morgan born Set. 8, 1853
Louis Anderson Morgan born Feb. 4, 1858
Louis Kerry Smith (Grandson) born Sept. 24, 1860

Daniel M. Morgan and Susanah M. Smith were married Oct. 28, 1828
Sanford Smith and Eliza Jane Morgan were married July 13, 1859
Job M. Morgan and Palina M. Gore were married Oct. 14, 1862
John VanHooser and Sally Celina Morgan were married Sept. 5, 1867
Stewart Richmond and Nancy Louverna Morgan were married Feb. 18, 1869
George H. Morgan and Mary Ann Butler were married Apr. 15, 1869
Samule Austin Morgan and Loucetta Ammonette were married July 6, 1873

Other Marriages not recorded in the bible

Loucinda Settle Morgan to Joseph F. Ballard, the date after the death of her
Father, and I think before the death of her Mother. They moved to California
and lived at Sange when they died.

Louis Anderson Morgan married Fannie Washburn, but am not able to recall the
date. It was somewhere in the Seventies.

Louis K. Smith and Leonora Byrom were married at Santafee, Murry County,
Tennessee, July 3, 1895


Dead born (Son) May 17th, 1829 (Untimely)
Dead Born (Daughter) Feb. 14, 1830 (Untimely)
James Harvey Morgan died Dec. 18, 1835
Louiesas Francis Morgan died July 30, 1843
Eliza Jane Smith died at her Home in Allen County, Kentucky, July 9, 1863
Sanford Smith died at his Home in Allen County, Kentucky, July 3, 1864
Perry Franklin Morgan died July 22, 1864. He fell in battle near Atlanta,
Ga. while acting as Adj't. of the 8th Tennessee Regiment, Tennessee Infantry,
Rebel Army.
Daniel Morgan Morgan died August 19, 1872, and his wife,
Susanah Morgan died at their home, First District in Jackson County,
Tennessee, Dec. 31, 1873, and were both buried at Old Antioch Meeting House,
District 6, in Jackson County, Tennessee, where they first met each other.
Louis Anderson Morgan died Aug. 2, 1880
Sally Celina VanHooser died Aug. 21, 1894, at old Morgan Home place.
George Hampton Morgan died July 27, 1900. Buried at Cookville, Tenn-.