War Diary of Lt. George H. Morgan

Historical Sketches and Traditions of Jackson County
from the Jackson County Sentinel, September 19, 1935
Compiled by Ruby Tinsley Swan, December, 200l

By Lewis K. Smith, formerly of Gainesboro, Tennessee

The communication of my young friend, Garland Draper, in last week's issue of the Sentinel reminds me of a promise to write additional articles for the readers of this interesting paper. Besides the great volume of documentary history accumulated by my uncle, Judge George H. Morgan and others, I have in mind many interesting reminiscences which I would like to leave on record when I go hence. . . . .

I have a diary of Lt. George H. Morgan covering the movements of Gen. George G. Dibrell's brigade, Tennessee Cavalry, from August 8, 1864, till the close of the war when they were paroled near Washington, Georgia, on May 11, 1865, the return of the Tennesseans to their homes. Lt. Morgan reached his home in Jackson County on the 22nd, having traveled 334 miles from Washington, Ga. On the 23rd he wrote: "My career as a soldier ended yesterday, at least for the present. I expect to keep sacred the obligation taken and believe the U. S. Government will keep their agreement sacred also. I am proud to feel conscious that I have done my duty to my state and country. I have nothing in my course to regret. Four years in my youthful life have been spent in the apparently fruitless struggle. I will not murmur. "Man proposes. God disposes." Sic transit Gloria Mundi."

On the fly leaf of the little book he used as a Diary I find this reference: "2nd Corinthans, 4 chapter, 8 and 9 verses." Read these verses and get an idea how a young soldier was consoled in many a trying hour of difficulty, privation, and danger. . . . .

Would the editor of the Sentinel care to have the copies of the Diary and the War Sketch of Judge Morgan which I have made and would the readers of the paper care for them? May I hear from you either through the Sentinel or direct to me at Carrollton, Ga.


Jackson County Sentinel, October 3, 1935.:

Note: I am enclosing a copy of the War Diary of George H. Morgan for publication in the Sentinel as requested by the Editor. You will note an occasional parenthesis thus: (illegible). It is rather remarkable that the little book is so well preserved and there are so few passages which have blurred by the fortunes of war and the corrosion of time.

It will be observed that the narrative begins with events occurring at Flat Shoals, Ga., Monday, August 8, l864, though the writing of the record was commenced at Athens, Tennessee, August 19, 1864. It is a detailed statement of the movement of Gen. Dibrell's command from that time to the time of the surrender near Washington, Ga. Excepted from this statement should mentioned the time Lieutenant Morgan was wounded and in hospitals or going to and returning from hospitals, all of which is narrated in the Diary. Respectfully submitted, September 24, 1935. - Lewis K. Smith


Note: The diary itself appeared in segments in the following issues of the Jackson County Sentinel, Gainesboro, Tennessee: October 3, 1935; October 10, 1935; October 31, 1935; November 7, 1935; November 14, 1935; November 21, 1935; and November 28, 1935. Jackson County Sentinel published by F. L. Tardy and B. G. Cassetty.


War Diary of Lt. George H. Morgan

Headquarters Dibrell's Brigade, Athens, Tenn., Aug. 19, '64. Record of events, beginning Monday, August 8, 1864. We left Flat Shoals, Ga., marched through Covington, camped at Bethel Church about midnight. Remained in camp 9th and 10th. Marched on night of 10th through Monroe.

11th passed through Jug Tavern and camped near Chattahoochee River.

Aug. 12th crossed the Chattahoochee at Brown's Bridge, marched all day, crossed the Etowah late in the evening.

August 13th passed through Jasper County, hung some bushwhackers, camped at night on Carter's farm on Cosawattee River.

Sunday August 14th went to Dalton, took the town, tore up the Railroad, etc.

15th Yankees reinforced from Chattanooga and we retired to Spring Place after losing several men, among them A. G. Settle of the 4th Tennessee cavalry killed on skirmish line. He was a kind friend and gallant soldier and fell nobly discharging his duty. In the evening continued our march toward Benton, Tenn., camped in Pleasant Valley nine miles from the Tennessee line.

Tuesday 16th lay over until evening, then marched 4 miles toward Benton and camped. Lt. Revis started at midnight with a scout of 50 men to Athens, Tenn.

17th we took Athens about 1 P.M. without resistance. Supplied ourselves with suttlers goods, then retired and camped at Savannah farm. The brigade moved to Knoxes on the Hincossee after tearing up Railroad near Cleveland.

Thursday August 18th rejoined the Brigade near Hall's farm where we camped 9 miles from Athens.

19th tore up Railroad from Athens to Mouse Creek, camped for the night at Mouse Creek.

August the 20th destroyed the Railroad from Mouse Creek to Philadelphia, marched all night, crossed Little Tennessee at Davis' ford, 4 miles above Loudon.

August 21st marched through the rain to near night and camped one mile from Louisville on the Holston River.

Monday August 22nd stayed at Louisville all day. William's Brigade captured Maryville with 28 Yankees.

23rd marched all day up the Holston, crossed Little River, passed through Maryville, camped on the banks of the French Broad.

24th crossed the French Broad at (illegible) ford. Moved on and crossed the Holston near S. B. Plevins, camped on Clinton river at Black's ford, camped 4 miles out Robertsville road.

August 26th after marching all day we crossed Big Emory river and marched till 2 o'clock in the morning when we camped near Post Oak Springs.

August 27th the 8th Tennessee came via Crossville to Sparta, arriving about midnight, having marched 55 miles.

August 28th General Wheeler arrived at Sparta, the balance of Dibrell's Brigade arrived with General Kelley. Horne's & Allens division arrived in the vicinity of Sparta. Capt. Gore and I started home about 5 o'clock P.M. traveled nearly all night. Slept an hour near Mathew Smith's.

Monday August 29th arrived at home about one o'clock P.M.

30th Remained at home.

Wednesday August 31st went to Gainesboro.

September 1st went to Gainesboro. Stayed all night at Mrs. Beeck's.

Friday Sept. 2 - Left home, marched nearly all night, passed through Chestnut Mound, camped near Caney Fork River.

Sept. 3 - Passed on through Alexandria, reached Lebanon about midnight, camped six miles out on Murfreesboro Pike.

Sunday, Sept. 4th - Went in direction of Old Jefferson six miles from Baird's Mill, heard of Yankees, counter marched - went near the railroad above Murfreesboro and camped about 3 A.M. at Phillip's farm 1 1/2 miles from Joe Morton's.

Sept. 5th - Determined to cross the railroad, went near Christiana, found the enemy in heavy force, retired toward Lebanon, met Col. Dibrell with a portion of his brigade and detachments of other commands, counting in all to about one thousand men. We all marched to Readyville and camped a while after dark.

Sept 6th - The Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry attacked our camp at Daylight and stampeded the command. We collected that night on the Caney Fork.

Sept. 7th - Moved up the river and camped on Moore's farm. Heard from Gen. Williams command.

Sept. 8th - Moved to Gillentines, formed a junction withWilliams.

Sept. 9th - Moved camp.

Sept. 10th - Moved to Gooches in Putnam County, and 7 o'clock at night Lt. Beck and myself started with a scout of twenty men to Roaring River.

Sunday, Sept. 11th - Reached home about 8 A.M. Started back to command at 3 P.M. Camped at Crawford's Mill about midnight.

Sept. 12th - Reached home about 8 A.M. Started back to command at 3 P.M. Started up the mountain at 3 1/2. Camped at Bledsoe Stand in Morgan County.

Sept. 13th - Marched till near daylight. Passed Montgomery and Wartburg. Camped one hour.

Sept. 14th - Marched all day and all night. Crossed the Clinch in Anderson County.

Sept. 15th - Passed Tazewell at daylight. Camped two hours.

Sept. 16, 17, 18th - Continued to march through Hancock and Hawkins counties. Camped on the Carter Valley road at Watersons 8 miles from Rogersville on Sunday evening Sept. 18th.

Monday, Sept. 19th - Moved camp to Lynn's Store on the stage road on the Holston River.

Sept. 20 and 21st - Remained at Lynn's Store.

Sept. 22nd - Moved up the Holston, crossed near Kingsport.

Sept. 23rd - Moved to within 7 miles of Jonesboro and crossed on Greenville road in Washington County.

Sept. 24th - Remained in Camp. At midnight all effective men ordered to Greeneville to reinforce Gen. Vaughn.

Sunday, Sept. 25th - Remained in camp.

Monday, Sept. 26th - Were ordered to Bristol. Camped on the Clinch River.

Sept. 27th - Moved at 3 A.M. Reached Bristol about 10 A.M. Camped near town.

Sept. 28th - Moved 17 miles on the P___1 Gap road.

Sept. 29th - Moved to the Clinch Valley in Russell County, Virginia, and camped on a beautiful grassy hill on Gilmer's farm.

Sept. 30th - Remained in camp.

October 1st - Started at daylight for Washington Salt Works to meet Yankee Raiders. Camped at foot of Clinch Mountain, Russell County, Virginia.

Sunday, Oct. 2nd - Marched before day, reached Saltville about 10A.M. After skirmishing until about 2 P.M., the Yanks made a regular attack and were badly whipped. Lay in line of battle all night. Waked up next morning, found the enemy gone.

Oct. 3rd - Part of our command started in pursuit of Burbridge and his negroes.

Oct. 4th - Came to Abingdon with unserviceable horses. Camped near town.

5th - Remained in camp. Was inspected by Gen. John C. Breckindridge.

6th - Remained in camp.

7th - Ditto.

8th - Moved to Poperville.

Sunday, October 9th - Removed camp.

10th - Rejoined the brigade and came to Jonesboro.

11th - Remained in camp.

12th - Removed to Chucky River.

13th - Remained in camp.

14th - Started to Georgia. Camped 9 miles from Greeneville, Greene County

15th - Entered North Carolina at Paint Rock. Marched up French Broad River, camped near Warm Springs.

16th - Continued to march up French Broad. Passed through Marshall, Madison County, North Carolina, and camped in Buncombe, seven miles from Asheville.

17th - Marched all day, passing through Asheville and camped at Carlans, in Transylvania County, N. C.

Oct. 18th - Marched 22 miles and camped on the Blue Ridge at Jones Gap.

19th - Marched 26 miles and camped at Phillips farm 7 miles from Greeneville, South Carolina.

20th - Passed through Greeneville and camped 7 miles south of Greeneville Court House, S. C.

21st - Marched half the day, camped near Anderson, S. C.

22nd - Plunk Stone and myself left the command at Anderson, S. C., and stayed all night 13 miles from Abbeville, S. C., at Mr. T. J. Hill's.

23rd - Passed through Abbeville and stayed at Dr. Lewis' near Liberty Hill, 19 miles from Edgefield, C. H.

24th - Passed through Edgefield C. H. and stopped ten miles out on Columbia road at Dr. J. C. Beady's.

25th - Traveled all day and stopped for the night at Mr. Jesse Johnson's.

26th - Reached Major Morgan's about 12 o'clock, M.

27th - Went to Blackville.

Friday, Oct. 28th - Plunkett left me and started to Aiken. I remained at Cousin Joseph's till the first of November.

Nov. 1st - Went to Blackville and got my boots. Stayed all night at Mr. Hankin's, 12 miles from Atkin.

2nd - Overtook W. P. Stone at Augusta.

Thursday, Nov. 3rd - Left Augusta, stopped all night at Berzillia.

4th - Passed through Warrenton and stayed at the widow Wheeler's, 10 miles out.

5th - Came 40 miles to Wm. Green's near Oconee River.

Thursday, Nov. 6th - Came to Eatonton.

7th - Reached Montecello.

8th - Remained at Montecello, stopping at Judge Merriweather's.

9th - Left Montecello (___ having written flag of truce letter home to S. C. M.), about 2 o'clock P.M. Stayed all night at Mr. Haley's 2 miles west of Ocmulgee River, etc.

10th - Passed through Griffin and stayed with Mr. H. Travis, 7 miles from town in direction of Newman.

11th - Reached Newman at sundown, camped 3 miles from town in an old field, subsisted on potatoes.

12th - Plunk and I got breakfast at Capt. Buchanan's and met the command in Newman. Camped 5 or 6 miles from town in direction of Atlanta.

Sunday, Nov. 13 - Remained in camp.

14th - Marched to Fayetteville.

15th - Marched to Bear Creek.

16th - Yankees advanced from Atlanta. Had a little brush with them a few miles below Bear Creek. Fell back to Griffin.

17th - Marched from Griffin to within 9 miles of Forsyth.

18th - Rather illegible but appears to be: Shaws Battalion was ordered to report to Gen. Dibrell. Reached his brigade after dark at Forsyth. Marched all night and got to Macon at daylight.

19th - Crossed the Ocmulgee and camped 2 miles from town.

Sunday, Nov. 20th - Had a fight with Yankee cavalry on Clinton road 8 miles from Macon. Sydney Roberts was killed.

21st - Moved to within 4 miles of Gordon.

22nd - Marched all day in direction of Dublin. Camped 5 mi. from town.

23rd - Moved to Dublin.

24th - Remained in camp.

25th - Crossed the Oconee and camped 12 miles from the river.

26th - Marched to Station No. 12 Central R. R., fed and then marched all night on Augusta road after Kilpatrick's raiders.

27th - Overtook the raiders a little before day. Alabama brigade in front skirmished with rear of Kilpatrick all day.

28th -Reached Waynesboro at daylight. Dibrell's brigade and Harrisons pressed Yankees all day and defeated them in several engagements.

29th - Little done. Camped near where battle was fought on the previous day. Shaw's battalion went on picket.

Wednesday, Nov. 30th - Marched to Walker's Bridge, Briar Creek.

Dec. 1st - Remained in camp at the bridge.

Dec. 2nd - Move 3 miles from Waynesboro, then double quicked back to the bridge.

Dec. 3rd - Marched to Waynesboro and camped 1 1/2 miles from town.

Sunday, Dec. 4th - Fought the battle of Waynesboro, fell back to Walker bridge.

Dec. 5th - Left the command, crossed Briar Creek, left Sydney Roberts' clothes consisting of one jeans coat, one jeans roundabout, one pair of jeans pants, one pair striped cotton drawers, one stripped cotton shirt at the home of Mr. Olver H. Stephens, one mile from Thompson's bridge, on the north side of Briar Creek, 10 miles from Waynesboro, Burke County, Ga.

Dec. 7th - Went to Gen. Walker's plantation near Savannah River.

Dec. 8th - Crossed the Savannah River into Barnwell, S. C., stayed all night at Mr. Blake's.

Dec. 9th - Stayed in a chapel at Mount Roundtree. Swapped horses, etc.

Dec. 10th - Crossed Savannah River into Ga. Stayed at Parson Wade's.

Dec. 11th - Stayed at Dismukes all night.

Dec. 12th - Got bogged, etc., in Ebenezer swamp.

Dec. 13th - Reached the command and learned that Major Shaw had been wounded on the 7th. Camped at Dr. Longstreet's.

Dec. 14th - Remained in camp.

Thursday, Dec. 15th - Moved up the river and camped at Maynard's.

Friday, Dec. 16th - Moved to Williamson's Ferry. Our loved commander, Maj. Shaw, died at 4 1/2 o'clock P.M., at the home of Mr. William Enoch, Effingham County, Ga. A brave soldier, true patriot, and unfaltering friend. His death is an irreparable loss to his command. We mourn as a band of orphans.

Saturday, Dec. 17th - We buried Maj. Shaw with the honors of war. Our command crossed the Savannah River and camped on Col. Martin's plantation.

Sunday, Dec. 18th - Moved camp a few miles near Bentonville, Raufort District, S.C.

Dec. 19th - Marched at daylight, continued all day and camped at 8 P.M. near Hardeville.

Dec. 20th - Moved a few miles and camped on Shivers rice farm. Savannah evacuated.

Dec. 21st, 22nd, and 23rd - Remained in camp. I wrote to my M. on 23rd.

Saturday, Dec. 24th - Christmas Eve. We surrounded Col. Dibrell and Breckinridge and made them speak.

Sunday, Dec. 25th - Christmas. Marched to the vicinity of Hardeville.

Dec. 26th - Moved to Robertsville. Camped near town.

Dec. 27th and 28th - Remained in camp. Dress parade commenced.

Dec. 29th - I commenced staying with Col. McLemore.

Dec. 30th and 31st - Remained in same camp.

Sunday, Jan. 1st, 1865 - Busy all day making our reports. Remained in camp.

Jan. 2nd - Remained in same camp.

Jan. 3rd - Moved at daylight. Marched to Grahamville.

Jan. 4th and 5th - Remained at Grahamville.

Jan. 6, 7, 8, and 9 -Remained in camp at Grahamville.

Jan. 10th - Weather cloudy and rainy. Remained in camp at Grahamville.

Jan. 11th - Dibrell's Division reviewed. I went an oyster hunting. Returned to camp after dark.

Jan. 12th - Battalion had a fight with citizens. Lieut. (Pembroke -rs) Tinsley was wounded.

Jan. 13th - Remained in camp. Nothing important occurred.

Saturday, Jan. 14th - Remained in camp till midnight. Moved then to Beaver Dam. Camped at daylight.

Sunday, Jan. 15th - Remained in camp.

Jan. 16th - Moved camp near Steep Bottom Church, Stafford's Cross Roads.

Jan. 17th - Reviewed by Gen. Wheeler and Harden, Inspector General.

Jan. 18, 19, 20, and 21 - Remained in camp near Steep Bottom Church.

Sunday, Jan. 22 - Remained in camp.

Jan. 23rd - Moved to Steep Bottom Church.

Jan. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 - Remained in camp.

Jan. 30th - Yankees having come to Robertsville, we moved to Lawtonville.

Jan. 31st - All quiet.

Feb. 1st - Remained quietly at Lawtonville.

Feb. 2nd - Yankees came. Battle of Lawtonville Swamp. Rode nearly all night getting around the Yankees.

Feb. 3rd - Marched to Fiddle Pond and camped near midnight.

Feb. 4th - Went to Barnwell Courthouse. From there to Dowlands Bridge.

Sunday, Feb. 5th - Yankee Calvary came. Skirmished a little and retired. We lay in line of battle at the bridge on the Little Salkahachie all day.

Feb. 6th - After a little fight at Dowlands Bridge, the Yankees flanked us out and we retired and camped near Grahams Turnout.

Feb. 7th - Started to Blackville at daylight. Met the Yankees pursuing the 1st Ala. Division. Drove them back, then crossed the Eddiston and camped near Willow Swamp Church.

Feb. 8th -Moved to Davis Bridge. I stayed at Cousin Joe's.

Thursday, Feb. 9th - Remained in camp.

Feb. 10th - Remained at Davis Bridge. I went to Cousin Joe's. Yankees crossed the Eddiston at New Bridge.

Feb. 11th - Moved at daylight (i.e.) our division encamped at Horsey's Bridge north Eddiston.

Feb. 12th - Remained in camp.

Feb. 13th - The enemy having crossed at Jeffcotes Bridge, we moved out and fell back to Giger's Mill, 12 miles from Columbia.

Feb. 14th - Retired in the direction of Columbia to the old State Road. Camped 5 miles from Columbia.

Wednesday the 15th - Fought the Yankees all day, falling back gradually toward Columbia. Joseph Lee of my company, a brave and gallant soldier, was killed. We crossed the Congaree River into Columbia about midnight. Moved up across Broad River and camped near Saluda Bridge.

16th - Yankees crossed Saluda. We fell back across Broad, towards Columbia, after a hard fight. Several men were severely burned crossing the bridge.

17th - Yankees crossed Broad River. Columbia surrendered and burned. We camped on Crane Creek.

18th - Fell back five miles towards Winnsborough.

Sunday 19th - Moved to Wynnsboro.

20th - Went to Youngsville.

21st - Command moved up the road and camped near Chester C. H. I. I was wounded about 10 o'clock, A.M., near Brice's Mill, twelve miles south of Chester.

22nd - Started to the hospital, accompanied by Johnny Darwin.

23rd - Continued our journey. Stopped and stayed all night at Mr. Spring's, four miles from N. C. line.

24th - Arrived at Charlotte and entered General Hospital No. 11.

Feb. 25th - Rainy, dreary weather. Hospital accommodations very bad. Transferred to another hospital. Could not get off on cars. I and Ridley started to Salisbury by carriage. Went five miles. Stopped at the widow Alexander's.

Feb. 26 - Started early. Could not cross Rockey River. Stayed till next day at widow Howie's.

Feb. 27th - After a hard drive through the mud, during which my wound pained me considerably, and the carriage broke. We reached Salisbury. Went to General hospital No. 12. Got a leave of absence. Met Judge Ridley. Stayed all night at hospital. (I am not sure about this reading - it may be got a leave of absence with Judge Ridley.)

Feb. 28th - Got on cars for Raleigh at 10 A.M., traveled all day, lay over at Durham's Depot till next morning.

March 1st - Arrived at Raleigh. Lay over.

March 2nd - Remained in Raleigh.

March 3rd - Took the train at 11 A.M. on the R. and Gaston R.R. Went to Henderson, N. C., stayed all night.

March 4th - Went to Oxford, N. C., stopped with Dr. R. at his grandmother's.

March 5th - Went to the Episcopal Church to preaching.

March 6th, 7th, 8th , 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th - Stayed at Oxford.

Thursday, 14th - Went to Henderson.

Mch. 15th - Got on cars and went to Raleigh.

Mch. 16th - Started to the command in an ambulance. Stayed all night near Clayton depot.

Mch. 17th - Meet some of our Brigade. Camped a few miles from Smithfield.

Mch. 18th - Went down on the north side of Neuse (?) River, within 12 miles of Goldsboro. Crossed the River and went back up towards Smithfield. Reached the brigade about three miles from Bentonville at nine o'clock at night.

Mch. 19th - Our division went out and skirmished with Yankees till our infantry got in position. After some heavy fighting, the Yankees were repulsed and driven back some distance. Two pieces of artillery were captured.

Mch. 20th - The 15th army corpse came up the Goldsboro road in our rear and caused a change of our lines. There was considerable skirmishing but not much heavy fighting. The 14th and 20th corps of Sherman's army were badly whipped yesterday.

Mch. 21st - Skirmished all day, not much fighting. Army retired across Hannah Creek at night.

Mch. 22nd - Our command picketed all day and camped in the Sand Hills.

Mch. 23rd - Moved through Smithfield and camped 9 miles and on the Goldsboro Road. Moved camp at dark over on RR.

Mch 24th - I went to telegraph office. Saw General Johnston. The troops cheered him wherever he went. Lafayette Allison charged a houseful of Yankees and was killed. We camped near Boon Hill. Wagons came up.

Mch. 25th - Remained in camp. I wrote (rode? rs) by flag of truce to T. H. R.

Mch. 26th - Command moved late in the evening to Pikeville. Gen. Dibrell was notified of his promotion. I returned to company.

Mch. 27th - I came up to the command with the dismounted squadron. Gen. Dibrell headquarters near Whitley's Mill.

Mch. 28th - Remained in camp.

Mch. 29th - The Batt. went to Little River on picket. I stood picket tonight.

Mch. 30th - Was relieved at 2 o'clock. Went fishing at night and didn't get any fish.

Mch. 31st - Remained in camp.

Saturday, April 1st - Had plenty of fish for breakfast.

April 2nd - Came to the Brigade with cos. Arthur.

April 3rd - An abscess having formed on the under side of my leg, near my wound, I cannot ride horseback and am reduced to crutches again.

April 4th - Still (word illegible) with brother Job. Abscess lanced, suppuration commenced today. Started upon application for leave of absence.

Wednesday, April 5th - Came to Smithfield in ambulance. Stopped with Maj. Bransford.

6th, 7, 8, 9 - Remained at Smithfield. Army commenbced moving towards Raleigh. News of Gen. Lee's defeat received. I went with Maj. B's officers to Raleigh.

10 and 11 - Remained in R.

12 - Command came through and I joined it. Gen. Dibrell ordered with his division to Greensboro. Camped six miles west of Raleigh.

13th - Marched to Hillsboro. Camped two miles west of town.

14th - Reached Greensboro about midnight. Camped near town. Gen. Dibrell reported to Gen. Breckenridge, Sec. of War.

15th - Remained in Camp till 4 P.M., then moved out 4 miles on Salisbury road as an escort to the President and his cabinet.

16th - Marched (Sunday) all day - camped near Leamyton (not sure of the word)

17th - Marched all day and camped near Salisbury.

18 -Moved out about 11 o'clock A.M., and marched to Concord, arriving about sundown. Moved out about 10 o'clock P.M., and marched to Charlotte, N.C., arriving about sunrise on the 18th.

19th - Remained in camp. A flag of truce has been sent out to Gen. Stoneman. It is said to inform him that an armistice has been agreed upon between Johnston and Sherman. I do not know how it is. Lincoln reported killed.

20th - Battalion went on picket twenty miles above Charlotte on Catawha river. Brigade moved to Tuckasaw ford in evening. I remained at C. to get clothing made.

21st - I and brother Job "broke fast" with our friend Maj. Bransford. He says he has lost all hope of earthly happiness but looks confidently for bliss in the world to come.

22nd - I went to camp 7 miles from Charlotte after getting some clothing made by Miss Kate Taylor, Miss Ann E. Harrison, and Miss Maggie F. McGilvery. It is understood today that peace is to be made on some terms. Lincoln's death is confirmed.

Sunday, 23rd - removed camp to Steel Creek 13 miles from Charlotte. Passed in sight of Kings Mountain of Revolutionary memory.

24th - Brigade remained in camp. I came to C., stayed all night with Maj. Bransford.

25th - Remained in Charlotte nearly all day. Rejoined the command at midnight. Watson ford Catawha river. (Not sure I got the name Watson right.)

26 - Crossed the river and camped at the cross roads near Ry. The armistice is said to have ceased.

27 - Remained in camp till evening. The President came up and we moved to near Yorkville.

28 - Passed through Union C.H., camped at night on the Pacolett having crossed Broad River during this, a rainy night. I am suffering from abscess.

29 - Capt. Williams of the 1st Ky. was killed in an affray with a citizen. We marched all day, crossing the Emeree and camping at Youngs Cross Road Laurens District. (The writing here is in pencil and very dim. I cannot be sure of the names.)

Sunday, 30 - Marched to within fifteen miles of the Salunda River. (Not sure of name.)

May 1st - Marched to the river, crossed the wagons over, and commenced crossing the command about midnight.

May 2nd - Moved on through Cokesberry and reached Abbeville in the evening. Moved out at 10 p.m. and marched for Georgia on the Savannah River.

May 3rd - Reached the Pontoon bridge and crossed into Wilkes County, Georgia, about sunrise. Camped near river. At night heard of the convention and agreement between Gens. Johnston and Sherman.

May 4th - Remained in camp. Sent Capt. Lindsey with a flag of truce to Anderson C.H.S.C.

May 5th - Moved camp 3 miles up the river.

May 6th and 7th - Remained in camp.

Monday, May 8th - Moved to Washington, Ga., to be paroled.

May 9th - There is some disagreement about terms, and the matter is postponed till we can hear from Augusta.

May 10th - Moved out 14 miles on the Lexington road and camped. Our arms were stacked at Gen. Dibrell's Headquarters tonight. Officers kept arms.

May 11th - We were all paroled, and marched 6 miles in the direction of Lexington.

May 12th - Marched through Athens, and camped 10 miles from town on Jefferson road, making 34 miles today, and camped 5 miles from J.

May 13th - Passed through J. and on 21 miles to Gainesville, then across the Chattahoochee, in all 33 1/2 miles, today.

Sunday, May 14th - Crossed the Chessapee River, passed through Knucklesville, traveled 21 miles.

May 15th - Marched to Ellijay (24 miles) and on across the mountain in all 42 miles, camped at Gregory's.

May 16th - Marched half the day and camped at Browders, 14 miles from Cleveland (18 miles today).

May 17th - Marched to Cleveland. Were detained nearly all day. Moved out 9 miles on the Chattanooga road, in all 23 miles.

May 18th - Marched to Chattanooga. Privates turned over their horses and all U.S. property. Crossed the Tennessee River and camped 7 miles up in the valley, in all 28 miles today.

May 19 - Moved up the valley to Poe's, crossed Walden's Ridge, and camped a mile and a half above Col. Robertson's, 29 miles today.

May 20th - The command moved 3 ways. Overton boys up the valley; the Bate by Spencer; and the balance by Pikeville. Gen. Dibrell with a few others came ahead to Caney Fork, 40 miles, where we arrived at 3 1/2 P.M. and found the river very full.

21st - We swan our horses and came to Sparta, then to Gen. Hampton's, 16 miles today. 334 miles from Washington to G.B.

Monday, May 22nd - Reached home about dark.

May 23rd - My career as a soldier ended yesterday, at least for the present. I expect to keep sacred the obligation taken and believe the U.S. Government will keep their agreement sacred also. I am proud to feel conscious that I have done my duty to my State and country. I have nothing in my course to regret. Four years in my youthful life have been spent in an apparently fruitless struggle. However, I will not murmur. "Man proposes. God disposes."

Sic transit gloria mundi.

2nd Corinthians, 4 Chapter, 8 and 9 verses. (This in the back part of the little book.)

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