Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers
Reel #84, Hopkins - Huffines
[Note: Reel #87, Johnson-Kieth, S. contains "J" divorces]

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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UPCHURCH, T.B., and UPCHURCH, Rhoda etal. T. B. Upchurch enjoined Sept-Oct 1882 from cutting timber on property following division of land, heirs of Calob and Nancy Anderson. Some were dead trees removed following a storm; greatest controversy was over two poplar trees and about five or six walnut trees. Rhody Upchurch was the widow of Thomas Upchurch, deceased. Her son was Thomas Bradford/T. B. Upchurch.

[Complete list of Caleb & Nancy Anderson heirs on Reel #124, Manerva Wheeler vs R. P. Brooks [Admr of Caleb Anderson's estate - mlj].

Deposition of T[homas] B[radford] Upchurch:

Rhoday Upchurch disposed of lumber on Gillum Upchurch Draw [that portion of land belonging to Calob Anderson "drawn" when estate settled]. Sold logs to Ridley Anderson. T. B. got cleared land in cultivation in 1887. T. B. Upchurch stated he sold some logs from the land that William E. Jones claimed to Bill Jones & Bill Richmond, the same Jones who is claiming the land. "I always acted as the widow's agent since father's death". [Signed] T. B. Upchurch

Deposition of Ridley Anderson:

Age 35, acquainted with parties in suit and with the land in controversy. Went on bond with T. B. Upchurch in injunction, do not remember when. Did not see land "laid off" [divided between heirs by Commissioners]. Know property line on North side of Lot 3; was deadening of trees on Lot 3. Ridley Anderson ran steam mill nearby since 1881, paid $1.50 per cord for wood delivered at the mill. [Signed] Ridley Anderson

[Note in file here: "For reference see Page 123, Book M - 562" - mlj]

Deposition of H. R. Upchurch ["Ross" Upchurch, bro. of Carter Upchurch; Reel #124]

States he knows parties to the suit, and Lot 3 of Thomas Upchurch decd lands; helped clear in 1885 and there was some wood dead on the ground. Rhody Upchurch sold enough timber to J. K. Richmond to buy her a stove. Mat Jones claimed the timber. Did not know if some walnut logs were shipped to Nashville by Ab Jones. States there may have been, as he was in Missouri a while. "I came back from Missouri in 1884." Stated land on the right side of the branch was part of the Adkins land. Aunt Rhoda Upchurch & T. B. Upchurch live on the land in controversy. [Signed] H. R. Upchurch

Deposition of Thomas Gailbreath

Stated he knew the Tom Upchurch place lying on Flynn's Creek. No relationships given.

[Signed] T. M. Gailbreath

Deposition of Putty Wheeler

Testimony gave no relationships; regarded value of wood. [Signed] A. P. Wheeler

Deposition of Alvin C. Wheeler:

Stated [work] hands labor for 50 Cents a day. Stated "Albert my oldest".

[Signed] A. C. Wheeler

Deposition of Mat Jones: "I know the line between Aunt Rhoda lot...timber was on Gillem Upchurch's wife's lot"... " I am acquainted with nearly all the parties. I know Bradford Upchurch, Charles Hopkins & William Young."

Deposition of William Lemons, age 36: Acquainted with nearly all the parties. Know Bradford Upchurch, Charles Hopkins and William Young. Helped T.B. Upchurch haul timber from land think 1882. "I hauled some timber out of the Bill Kirby hollow but do not know who he got it from." William [his X mark] Lemons

Deposition of J. H. Stafford: Occupation farmer. I helped haul timber off Upchurch land think 1882. Hauld timber out of the Bill Kirby hollow. [Signed] J. H. Stafford

Deposition of L. M. Cason: "...age 55". No relationships given. Stated he paid T. B. Upchurch $5.00 gold for timber, and the money was for his mother Rhoda Upchurch; that the timber came from Rhoda Upchurch's land. [Signed] L. M. Cason

Deposition of James W. Medders: W. J. Kittrell bought timber from T. B. Upchurch. Stated he had known T. B. Upchurch nearly 50 years, knew of Mat Allard & Bill Richardson getting out...timber on shares for Bradford [?Upchurch].

[Signed] J. W. Medders

Deposition of Ridley Anderson, age 35. States he knows land in question, does not know date of injunction. "I am on a bond with T. B. Upchurch". Stated he has been engaged in running a steam mill since "early 1881".

Q by atty: Have you ever heard the heirs of Thomas Upchurch say who should hold Thomas Upchurch land after his death?

A: Never heard Bradford say, but heard Rhoda Upchurch say she didn't want to "disadvantage" the farm. [Signed] Ridley Anderson


Deposition of M. R. Chilcutt

"...age 72. "Bought two beech trees; they were in the deadening". [Dead wood]

[Signed] M. R. Chilcutt, M.D.

Deposition of John Young

Rhoda Upchurch is my mother-in-law. Complainants are my brother and sister-in-law. Defendant T. B. Upchurch is my brother-in-law.

Deposition of James E. Wheeler, witness for Defendant [Thomas B. Upchurch]

Taken at residence of James E. Wheeler in Jackson Co., 25 July 1884 in presence of Charles Hopkins & William Young, Plaintiffs and their attorney; and Thomas B. Upchurch & his solicitor. James E. Wheeler aged 70. Acquainted with parties, known "good many years" except Young..."several years". Partially acquainted with land, don't know boundaries. Thomas Upchurch deceased was husband of Rhoda. T. B. Upchurch is Rhoda Upchurch's son. Caleb Anderson & Nancy Anderson were parents of Rhody Upchurch. H___ J____ Atkins & wife Elizabeth Atkins. Thomas Upchurch's health was bad generally. "Borrowed $200 from my father" [Elijah Wheeler m Charlotte McCormack]. Thomas ["old" Thomas decd] and William Upchurch were brothers. "Caleb Anderson the father of Rhoda Upchurch". Was not present when Caleb Anderson's land was allotted to heirs, do not know if Thomas Upchurch purchased any part of land in controversy from H.J. Atkins and his wife Elizabeth. Do not know whether Rhoda Upchurch inherited all the land in controversy from her father know only that Thomas Upchurch had nothing for himself [at time of marriage]. Does not know if lands in controversy were those allotted to Elizabeth Atkins or not. "I don't think there was a cleverer man in the county [than Thomas Upchurch]...him and his daughters worked out [did work for others for pay] and also his wife worked hard". Would guess Anderson estate $7000-$8000, perhaps more.

"Known Rhoda Upchurch near 65 years...long before she married...never conveyed any of her father's land except to Bradford Upchurch recently. I knew Thomas Upchurch husband of Rhoda [since] 1840 or 1841. [Signed] James E. Wheeler

Deposition of Nancy Young:

There was a dower laid off for Nancy Anderson, widow of Caleb. Rhoda Upchurch had an interest in the dower. Nancy Young

Deposition of J. M. Allard: Witness for Defendants at residence of T. B. Upchurch.

Regarding removing downed timber: "...removed ...trees...since death of Thomas Upchurch...don't recall...since storm of 1878".

Deposition of John Young, age 51, 27 July 1885:

After Thomas Upchurch's death Sallie Upchurch intermarried with Charles Hopkins. John was at Rhoda and T. B. Upchurch's the night after Thomas Upchurch was buried. "William Young and T. B. Wheeler asked what I was going to do about the estate of Thomas Upchurch and I told them to do as they pleased that I was not going to have any thing to do with it". [Signed] John Young

Deposition of P. McCarver for Defendant, age near 76, 7 September 1885:

Knew Thomas Upchurch since boyhood, since the death of Caleb Anderson. Understand he married Rhoda Anderson. [Thomas] was pore [poor] before he married and his parents was pore they lived near me and after his marriage he lived near me several years and died near me. Knew Caleb Anderson many years...industrious. At the time land was divided and before Negroes were sold, "I think Joshua Hale hired Jes the first year and about the end of the year Wm C. Anderson bought him." [Note: Possible clue as to approximate date of death of Thomas Upchurch].

Some time after marrying Thomas Upchurch was gone to Western District [Tennessee] to his brother John's, came back before the division of Caleb Anderson's land. William Upchurch got in a fite [sic] with Wesley Raglin, bit off part of his ear. Thomas Upchurch as Security had to pay off; borrowed money from Elijah Wheeler for that purpose.

Was acquainted with H. J. Atkins; believed he sold his claim to the estate [of Thomas Upchurch] and left [the area] before the sale of Negroes. Thomas was considered in bad health for several years.

Q by Atty: Who owns the land where Gillem Upchurch lives/lived?

A: I do I reckon...at his death he only claimed a lifetime estate in it on his answer in the suit we had...I had a deed to it from his former wife's heirs Carter and Ross [Upchurch]

[Signed] P. McCarver

Deposition of Eliza Upchurch for Plaintiff: Stated had not heard Bradford Upchurch say who should hold lands of Thomas Upchurch after his death, but had Rhoda Upchurch say she didn't want to do anything "to disadvantage the farm". Eliza [her X mark] Upchurch

Deposition of Polk Sewell, age 40: Stated he worked for Defendant [Rhoda Upchurch] after the death of Thomas...land controlled by old lady. Heard it said that at some time the land would be divided and that Bradford would not have the benefit of it...Bradford was considered the boss. "I consulted the women folk about Blacksmithing. I went to them for pay." J. P. [his X mark] Sewell

Deposition of T. B. Upchurch: "I am a Defendant. The Complainant Nancy Young and Sallie Hopkins is my sisters. Rhody Upchurch is my mother. I am son of Thomas Upchurch decd and was borned and raised on the land and live there now." Sallie Hopkins lived with Rhody Upchurch from the death of Thomas Upchurch. "I am single". Sisters Harriett and P. Ragland. Rhoda Upchurch claims land since the death of Thomas...she paid the taxes. "Mother told me to give the other heirs $200.00 each and she would make me a deed. I was to maintain her untill her death". "We did cut and carry off timber after the storm...blew it down and it was likely to spoil. My mother the Deft Rhoda Upchurch told me if the children would raft the loggs and carry them off that we might have them." Stated ?Maud & Poole ?Turner, Mary and James M. Allard, "I think that they tuck [took] William in with them to raft". "I sold some timber to Frank Cooper one large walnut tree". [Signed] T. B. Upchurch

Deposition of Joshua Haile 4 August 1885: Knew Thomas Upchurch 35-40 years. Thomas Upchurch married Rhoda Anderson, daughter of Caleb & Nancy Anderson. They drew a lot in division of Caleb Anderson lands, sold Negroes and dower and bought Adkins land.

Q: Was H. J. Atkins gone to the State of Illinois before the sale of the Negroes?

A: Adkins was gone when I came back from Missouri in 1840....Negroes sold in 1842 or 1843. Nancy Anderson lived 20 or 25 years after the death of Caleb.

[Signed] Joshua A. Haile

20 July 1885, Notice of Depositions to be taken at Flynn's Lick Meeting House, Flynn's Lick, Jackson County, Tennessee [Note: All who received notice apparently did not testify; not on microfilm - mlj]:

Gillum Upchurch, John Upchurch, James Murray, John Jones, William Lemons, John Young, W. J. Young, Nancy Young

William Raglin, Sallie Hopkins, William Richmond. Cross examination of Penelope Raglin, Charley Hopkins and wife Sallie, W. J. Young and wife Nancy

Gillum Upchurch age 75:

Conveyed tract of land by deed dated 19 February 1845 to Thomas Upchurch, who kept fenced twenty acres; Lot 3 is bounded on East by W. C. Anderson. My first wife and Thomas Upchurch's wife were sisters. Caleb Anderson purchased some of land of Murdieth Jones. Gillem [his X mark] Upchurch

[Note: All this case is difficult to read; this is especially poor quality - mlj]

Deposition of John M. Upchurch age 34, states he was at Rhoda Upchurch's house the night after Thomas Upchurch was buried and heard conversation between the heirs. Present were T. B. and Rhoda Upchurch, Gillem and Eliza Upchurch and Wm Young. William Young said he was willing for the old lady to live as she had lived [on the land]. Saw Howard Raglin cutting timber on land in controversy and James Jones hauling.

[Signed] J. M. Upchurch

Deposition of James C. Jones: Know parties to suit, drove the team to haul logs for T. B. Upchurch. J. C. [his X mark] Jones

Deposition of William Young, 'lawful age', Complainant: States was at Rhoda Upchurch's night after Thomas Upchurch was buried, was present during conversation. Those others present were "I and wife; James Ragland & wife; Gillem Upchurch & wife; John Young; Dolla Wheeler [Minerva Anderson m/divorced Hopkins Wheeler. mlj]; John Upchurch; Bradford & his mother; & Sallie Upchurch; a portion of my children and some of John Young's children". Defendant James Ragland and Harriett Ragland not living together; separated about 1882. [Signed] W. J. Young

Deposition of James Murray: Stated he J. M. Allard and Bnill Richmond got lots from property in controversy. J. M. [his X mark] Murray

Deposition of Nancy Young of lawful age: States she was present at Rhoda Upchurch's after Thomas was buried...others present "My husband W. J. Young, John Young, James Ragland, Harriet Ragland, Gillem Upchurch, Aunt Eliza Upchurch, John Upchurch, Manerva Wheeler, some of my children and T. B. Upchurch and my mother Rhoda."

[Signed] Nancy Young

Deposition of William Ragland of lawful age: States acquainted with parties to the suit. "I suggested to Mrs. Upchurch the downed timber...sold. Thinks proceeds were divided among the children. Bradford or Mrs. Upchurch paid my wife the money. Mrs. Upchurch and Sally paid Howard Ragland and James Young [?] each for going down the River. William Ragland's wife Penelope is a daughter of Thomas Upchurch and Defendant Rhody.

Q: Are the Defendants James and Harriet Ragland living together or not? If not, when did they separate? [Question objected to and answered]

A: I think she left him three ?years ago. [Signed] W. ?L. Ragland

Deposition of Rhoda Upchurch, age about 73. Property came by [inherited by] me. Negroes were exchanged for portion of land drawn by Lizzie Atkins. Sister Lizzie Adkins drew Lot 4. We bought the William and Jane Haney draw which Adkins had purchased from Haney and wife, Lot #5. [Signed] Rhoda Upchurch

Deposition of A. H. Hoover: Was in Gainesboro when R. A. Cox [attorney] was writing a deed from Rhoda Upchurch to Bradford Upchurch. No other heirs of Thomas Upchurch were present. [Signed] A. H. Hoover

Deposition of J. M. Allard age about 56: . "I am the Uncle by marriage to Complainants and Defendants except Rhoda Upchurch she is my sister in law. I married her sister. I am about 56 years old...I knew Thomas Upchurch in 1849. I married his wife's youngest sister about 1st of May in the year 1849."

Deposition of B. J. Young [Barbara J. Young] age 24: I am a grand daughter of Rhoda Upchurch the other parties are my aunts & uncles. I have lived with my grandmother nearly 2 years since the death of my grandfather. "Aunt Nancy Young, Aunt Ragland, Aunt Sallie Hopkins". Frank Richmond bought Harriet Ragland's interest in the land. T. B. Upchurch was to give the children $200 each and take care of grandmother in her lifetime. Was at Grandfather Thomas Upchurch's burial, not death. Lived with grandmother nearly two years after his death. Grandmother owned and controlled land in controversy. Was present when T. B. Upchurch purchased land from my grandmother. He first offered heirs $150.00, then $200.00. He refused to buy unless Rhoda made him a "right" [gave him a deed]. T. B. Upchurch told Grandmother that if Harriet Ragland sold her interest to Frank Richmond that he would sell his to Pinckny McCarver and leave the country. Grandmother saw all the children about selling the land [to T. B. Upchurch] except Aunt Sallie; all agreed except Aunt Sallie. T. B. Upchurch did go after Aunt [Penelope] Ragland to get her to make him a deed. Grandmother said Aunt Nancy Young was willing to take $200.00 for her interest...if Aunt Sallie Hopkins was not willing to take...$200.00 for her part that she would take the money and give it to her and that would be all she would get. "My mother was a daughter of Thomas Upchurch. My mother is dead. She died before my grandfather". T. B. Upchurch Barbara [Young] $50.00 for her interest. Grandmother made T. B. Upchurch a deed of gift, think after older deed was made. He has paid me $10.00, gave me his note for price of land after contract made. "Uncle Bradford entered credit on the note at Grandmother's. My interest was one fourth of one share and I got $50.00. I seen him give his note to Aunt P [Penelope] and Harret Ragland and my Brother Thomas Young." I was informed Grandmother drew a portion of Thomas Upchurch deceased and paid for balance with her money. T. B. Upchurch ...went after Nep [possibly "Penelope", also called "Aunt P"] B. J. [her X mark] Young

Deposition of J. T. Young age 24 taken 1 Feb 1885 by C & M of Jackson Co. Court:

I am acquainted with the parties. T. B. Upchurch is my uncle; Charles Hopkins' wife is my aunt. Defendant Rhody Upchurch is my grandmother. My mother is dead; died before Grandfather Thomas Upchurch. I am an heir...party to this lawsuit. Never was notified of meeting at Rhody Upchurch's related to settlement of Thomas Upchurch. My mother's name was Mary Upchurch. She married John Young. Brother and sisters are Barbara Jane Young; Rhoda E. Young; John B. Young and myself are the only heirs of my mother. [Signed] J. T. Young


Yes, I sold Defendant T. B. Upchurch my interest. He agreed to pay $50.00. Signed a paper Thomas B. Upchurch said was a deed. I was under the age of 21 at the death of my grandfather...think about age 17 [when he died]. Got about $2.00 from sale of logs from land. T. B. Upchurch came over the River and stated to me that Grandmother had agreed for him to have the Land if he, Bradford, paid the heirs $200.00 each for their share.

[Signed] J. T. Young

Deposition of Penelope Ragland, age about 45: Complainants are my sister and brother-in-law and Defendant T. B. Upchurch is my Brother. "Several of us were together at one time - myself, Bradford, Barber [sic] Young and Mother". We met at my mother's to make the trade. T. B. Upchurch signed note the day after. My mother sold or claimed to sell her part to T. B. Upchurch. [Signed] Penelope Ragland

NOTICE OF SALE OF LAND by order of Chancery Court, Sept term 1891:

At the March term, 1893, Charles Hopkins vs T. B. Upchurch. 9 September 1893, T. B. Upchurch was highest bidder at $101.00 for remainder interest in Upchurch land. Executed promissory note for same with B. A. Butler and ? H. Loftis as securities, due in twelve months [Legal Description filmed - mlj] [Signed] J. M. May[?]nor, C & M

[Following in new case folder, but probably because other one was full; same case. First several pages were miscellanous documents which will not be noted, i.e. notice of depositions to be taken, bill of costs; one gives date of death of Thomas Upchurch - mlj]

RAGLAND, HARRIET vs UPCHURCH, T.B. [Not in new case file] 29 May 1891

Deposition of A. P. Wheeler taken at the house of James Murray: Harriet was going to go to Texas. Said her husband Jim Ragland left her and was off with Belle Hargis; was going to get her children away from James her husband where he couldn't see them. She said she wouldn't live with Jim Ragland no more. Didn't know ages or how many children she had; said one was deformed, a girl. Did not know how long Jim Ragland had been gone with Bell Hargis. [Signed] A. P. Wheeler

Deposition of Eliza Carter, lawful age, taken at her house: Maiden name Eliza Upchurch. Was at Harriett's house before she left for Texas. Also present were Rhoda Anderson, Nannie Steakly, Charley Hopkins, John Haile and Barbery Jane Young. Said she was not going to live with Jim any more and was going to Texas to "get shut of him". She had three small children and the youngest one was eight or nine years, a girl. James was said to have come back for a time after he left with Belle. [When asked if she went to Texas to "get shut" of James Burris or James Ragland, she answered "Probably both of them".

[Signed] Eliza Carter

Deposition of Nannie Steakley taken at her house: Basically same as deposition of Eliza Carter. Nannie [X] Steakley

Deposition of Barbara Jane Young: Harriet was not going to live with Jim any more. Going to Texas and 'get shut of him'. Jim Ragland left the country with Belle Hargis. Been 7 or 8 years since she was at the house of Harriet Ragland. Her husband [Jim Ragland] was not there ... gone with Belle Hargis. James Ragland was of the State of Kentucky. Harret Ragland of the State of Tenn. T. B. Upchurch and Charles Hopkins were Security for Harret Ragland.

Deposition of Thomas Stafford: Stated he knows parties, had been to Texas where Harriet Ragland lived and saw some of her children. Was informed Harriett had abandoned her family and gone to parts unknown and had got so mean they had run her out of the country. "She had one Deformed girl and Harriet set her down in Public Road went off and left her was the Report. [Signed] T. A. Stafford

Bill of Complaint 25 July 1886: T. B. Upchurch vs James Ragland of the State of Kentucky and Harriet Ragland of the State of Tennessee and James T. Young, Barbery Young, William A. Ragland and wife Penelope Ragland all of Jackson County, Tennessee. Stated Harriet Ragland went to Texas about 30 September 1882; that her husband had not abandoned here and that she went to Texas to avoid making him a legal conveyance to land as an heir of Thomas Upchurch. She agreed to sell her interest and he executed a note. [Signed] T. B. Upchurch [Signed] John P. Murray, Sol.

Prosecution Bond 6 August 188[?]9: T. B. Upchurch as Principal and Charles Hopkins, Security bound to Harriet Ragland for $500.00.

Copy of Deed for sum of $1,000.00; notes payable 1 April 1883: Penelope Ragland and husband William Ragland; Harriet Ragland; J. T. Young; Barbery Young; Nancy Young and husband William Young as Grantors sell to T. B. Upchurch...land in Jackson Co, Tennessee bounded on the East by Flynn's Creek, on the South by Gilliam Upchurch, West by land of W. G. Dowell and Gabe Medders Tract and the Dolly Wheeler Tract; North by Cooper and ?Futrell formerly owned by _______ being 200 acres more or less.

Notary Acknowledgement [document missing]: J. F. Goss of Fannin County, Texas; "Harriet Ragland' filled in blank space, gives date of document as 30 Sept 1882 and signed 10 December 1885.

Privy Examination of Harriet Ragland of Fannin County, Texas, dated 18 June 1889 states she executed the deed voluntarily and apart from her husband James Ragland.

[Signed] J. F. Noble, Judge

Demurrer of Harriett Ragland, etal, states Rhoda Upchurch was the widow and relict of Thomas Upchurch. Denies all allegations. [Signed] Joshua Haile, Sols.

[Signed] harret ragland

[Several other documents, most of them repeating above, due to lower court decision being appealed to the Supreme Court of Tennessee, which decided T. B. Upchurch was absolute owner of Lot No. 3, and that Dower and Homestead not allotted to Rhoda Upchurch. Case remanded].

Answer of Charles Hopkins and wife Sallie Hopkins; William Young and wife Nancy Young to

William Ragland and wife Penelope Ragland; James Ragland; Thomas Young; Harriet Ragland; John Young; Rhoda Young. Bill filed May 1887. Mentions Thomas Young, B. J. Young, John Young and Rhoda Young are children of deceased daughter of Polly Young who died before her father.

To Honorable W. G. Crowley, Chancellor of Jackson County, Tennessee 24 Nov 1882

The bill of Charles Hopkins and wife Sally Hopkins, William Young and wife Nancy Young of Jackson County, Tennessee VS

William Ragland and wife Penelope Ragland, Thomas B. Upchurch, Rhoda Upchurch, Thomas Young, B. J. Young, Rhodda Young of said county; Harriet Ragland of the State of Texas; John Young of Mousouri and James Roland [Ragland] parts unknown. States Thomas Upchurch died on or about 25 January 1877. States Rhodda Young and John Young are minors.

HOPKINS, John O. & others vs R. P. Brooks & others - 1855 [Note: Writing is small, page is dark. TSLA copy may be better - mlj]

Complainant John Hopkins & Alvira his wife of Jackson Co, TN


Richard P. Brooks and wife Mary A.; Albert W. W. Brooks; James [?] Lee and wife Angel[ine] A. Lee; and ?F.T. Brown and wife Pricey A. Brown; Mary Jane Brooks, John G. Brooks, Richard ___ Brooks, Elen W[or M] Brooks, Elvira ___ Brooks, last five of whom are minors, heirs of said Richard P. Brooks and Mary A. Brooks. John G. Brooks of Smith Co, Tennessee, William C. Burkes, Polly ______, Al____ Graves and wife Permelia Graves of the State of Missouria; Logon Berkes and Washington Moore and wife Patcy of Wilson Co, TN; Franklin P. Berkes of State of Missouri; Frances M. Berkes of Illinois; Thomas D. Simpson and wife Elisabeth Simpson of the State of Texas; ?CeCora ?J Murphe; James P. Burkes; America __ Burkes; Emily [?] Burkes; Rhoda M. Burkes; Janas E. Burkes the last four minors, heirs of John Burkes decd all of Jackson County Tennessee.

Amended Bill of Complaint states John Burkes departed this life. R. P. Brooks and William C. Berkes appointed administrators. At the death of said John Berkes your orator Alvira Brooks was a minor; Elizabeth Simpson wife of Thomas Simpson also, and probably other heirs of said John Berkes.

Prosecution Bond November 1854: John G. Burke William C Burke R P Brooks and others for the sum of $500.00. Whereas John Oty Hopkins and his wife Elvira Lavinder Hopkins commissioned suit against afore mentioned John C. Burke William C. Burke Richard P Brooks and others. [All Signed]:

John O Hopkins, Charles Hopkins, James Draper, J.P. Murray, Saml ?Jenning

To: Bromfield B. Ridley, Chancellor, 4th Chancery Court, Jackson County, Tennessee. Answers of Elen L. Burke William W Moore & Pari_ _ _ _ wife of [smear] Moore, three of the defendants in the amended bill of John O. and Elvira Hopkins sworn and say they are heirs of John Burks deceased...at the time of his death he owned large tract on Cumberland River near mouth of Wartrace Creek where Polly Darwin now lives. After the death of John Burke, Richard P. Brooks and William C. Burke were appointed Administrators. R. P. Brooks also appointed Guardian for minor heirs. Deny guilty of corruption with intent to dispossess minor heirs.

[Signed] William H. Barksdale, atty

State of Tennessee, Wilson Co. 1 July [no year]: Affirmation of foregoing being true. [Signed] E. L. Burke, [Signed] W. W. Moore, Par_ _ _ssely [X] Moore

Answer of Richard P. Brooks:

John Burke departed this life several years ago in Jackson Co, TN. R. P. Brooks and William C. Burke appointed admrs; took into possession perishable [personal] property, which was sold; made full settlement to court. Respondent R. P. Brooks appointed guardian of Complainants except John O. Hopkins. John Burke owned land on both sides of Cumberland River. Minimum price fixed by court included the John Ramsey tract where Polly Darwin now lives and William Jackson lived at the time of the sale and at the death of Burke and he [Brooks] had a bond for title to three fourths of the Daniel Ramsey tract that said John Burke purchased of Respondent and at his death owned Respt for the same $687.50 including interest of $243.75 which was due June 1st 1841 and the balance of $443.75 due June 1, 1842 by note bearing interest above stated. Stated land owned by John Burke was not susceptible to partition including Daniel Ramsey tract. Respondent joined other heirs in petitioning court for sale, proceeds to be divided. The widow of John Burke was a second wife and was not the mother of any of the adult heirs, "and it is not presumable that she would have avoided or cnsented to anything against the interest of her children in favor of her step children..." Respondent further stated that he bid against the adult heirs and some of it was "knocked off" [sold] to him as highest bidder...that he did not want the land and after the sale at the request of John G. Burke he took the bid off his hands - $15 or $20 going to the minor heirs. Respondent says after he was appointed guardian of minor heirs he left the state and he is informed and believes that during his absence Mrs. Mary H. Brooks settled with Andrew McClelland the then guardian of said minor heirs for all of the [?] estate of John Burk decd. [Signed] Quarles, Sol.

Affirmed [blank] September 1855 [Signed] R. P. Brooks

Answer of John G. Burke states John Burke died intestate, sale of land ordered which was well advertised and attended. Denies collusion with R. P. Brooks, states charges false. Respondent wanted to buy tract on north side of river, but felt he couldn't pay for it all; agreed with John Carver and William C. Burke and Henry Jones to bid it off if it did not go over $1,000, and they were to divide the land and pay according to what they would get of it. Bid was $1,015.00, which exceeded their agreed limit. Carver refused to take his part and R. P. Brooks took the bid. Respondent to have a certain part at $330.00 on three annual payments; balance was sold to W. W. Goodall and Henry Jones.

[Signed] ??? Fite, Sol for Deft.

Affirmed: John G. Burke 7 Febr 1856 [Signed] John G. Burke

Deposition of George M. McWhirter, age about 40: States he was Solicitor for Plaintiffs in the case of William C. Burks and others vs Alva Graves and wife as Defendants. Does not remember if petition to court prayed for sale of both slaves and real estate. Lands were metes and bounds description except that purchased by Wm G. Darwin which was a more general description. States he drew up letter of authority for heirs to sign, which was returned signed by adult heirs and by the guardians of minors. "I do not recollect who the witnesses were." [Signed] G. M. McWhirter

Answer of Polly Darwin: It is true...father John Burke departed life in Jackson County, Tennessee at his residence in June 1842. Defendants R. P. Brooks and W. C. Burke were appointed Admrs. Brooks was Guardian of Complainants except John O. Hopkins. Perishable property was sold; Negroes not hired out; land not rented until after the sale.

3 September 1855 Mary [X] Darwin

Answer of William C. Burke: It is true John Burke is father of Complainants except John O. Hopkins and [of] Defendants except Richard P. Brooks. John Burke died [blank] June 1842 and he took into possession personal estate but not real estate. Perishable property sold 18 and 19 of August next after their appointment as Admrs. Each negro sold for more than the minimum price set by court. Most of said lands remained uncultivated from the death of John Burke until the sale Jany 1845. Remainder in widow's dower also sold. Brooks was appointed guardian of minors at the request of their mother. At the time petition to sell lands was filed Complainants too young to be consulted...land sold for more than minimum price fixed by court. [Signed] Quarles, Sol.

5 March 1855 [Signed] Wm C. Burke

Bill of Complaint by John O. Hopkins and wife Alvira Hopkins [?] America B L Burke Emelia J Burke and Rhody S M Burk by their next friend John O Hopkins and Jonas E Burk an infant by next friend Hopkins vs

Richard P. Brooks Admr of John Burke deceased John G Burke of Smith County, Tennessee and William C Burke of Jackson County Tennessee, Polly Burke late Polly Darwin, Alvin Graves and Permelia Graves his wife late Permelia Burke of Missouri, Logan Burke of parts unknown, Frances M Burke of Davidson County, Tennessee, Franklin P Burke of Missouri, Washington More and wife Patsey of [unreadable] county, Tennessee, Thomas D Simpson and wife Elizabeth of [unreadable] James ?T Burke of Jackson County, Tennessee. "Several years ago their father and the father of Defendants except Brooks"... [charges repeated]. [Signed] Turney Murray & Draper Sols

Bill of Costs, Jackson County, Tennessee, Submitted Feby term 1859: John O. Hopkins and als vs R.P. Brooks and als...Total $603.14.

Answer of James W. Burke to bill of complaint, John Hopkins & others. Complainants Elvira America A H Milly ?I/J Rhoda S. M and Jonas E. Burke were minors; thinks defendant Brooks was their guardian. On 28 September 1843, states he sold all his interest in land of his deceased father to co-defendant Brooks for what he thought was a fair and reasonable price, which has been paid to him; also his interest in reversion of the Dower. Denies being party to any fraud. [Signed] Quarles & McWhirter, Sol.

Jackson County, Tennessee 3 Febr 18[??] [Signed] James W Burke

Prosecution Bond: John O Hopkins Alvira Hopkins John P Murry to R P Brooks Mary H Brooks, A W W Brook James H Lee Angeline Lee Uriah T Brown Cyprissa A Brown Mary Jane Brooks John J Brooks Richard D Brooks Elen W Brooks Elvira E A Brooks John G Burke William C Burke Polly Darwin Alvin Graves Permelia Graves Logan Burks Washington More Franklin P Burkes Frances M Burks Thomas D Simpson Elizabeth Simpson Cecia L Murphy Jane Burks James T Burks, sum of $250.00.

[Signed] John P Murry

Defendant Richard P Brooks makes oath that Milton Draper, guardian of Complainants is absent from the State of Tennessee. George M. McWhirter, a material witness, will remove to the State of Texas about the middle of this month.

3 September 1855 [Signed] R. P. Brooks

Unsigned/undated piece of paper microfilmed:

"Widow Burks dower boundered on the East by Polly Darwin on the South by Milton Draper on the west by R P Brooks on the north by Cumberland river supposed to bee one hundred and eighty acres moore or less - Sold to R P Brooks for Six hundred Dollars"

HOWARD, Lizzie v HOWARD, John Z. etal; 1907-1909

Witness P F Vanhoozer age 39, lives Gainesboro, Tennessee, occupation farmer. States he knew John W. Howard, who died 12 March 1907. Stated John W. Howard married Complainant Lizzie "who is my sister". John W. Howard died intestate. Petitioning that deceased's property in Gainesboro consisting of two lots on which there was a house, smokehouse and stable be sold in order to buy a farm where his sister could raise vegetables and some small stock in order to feed and care for her and John W. Howard's children: John Zollicoff age 10, boy; Zella age 7 girl; Addie age 4 girl.

[Signed] P F Vanhoozer

William H. F. Lynch, Sheriff of Jackson County, Tennessee, affirms sale 16 Jany 1909, value $400.00. Lizzie Howard, Guardian of minor children.

Deposition [not dated] of Lizzie Howard age 38 states she is healthy. States children are John Z. 11, Zella 8, Addie 5. "My father is 77 and living...mother dead at nearly age 50 of Lagrippe. Father's health is good, walks three miles whenever he wants to. No hereditary disease in family. Grandfather on father's side died at 94 and on my mother's side was 63. Grandmother on father's side was somewhere in 70 [age seventies] at his death. [Signed] Lizzie Howard

W. W. Draper was made guardian ad litem for children.

HOWELL, A. J. v HOWELL, Bailey; 1907-08 Chancery, Land Dispute

[Note: This case filmed beginning with depositions. Complaint and Answer appear at end, making it difficult to follow; may want to read Complaint and Answer first - mlj]

A. J. Howard deposition 23 ?Jan/Jun 1908. States he was present when M.J. Dixon and D. B. Johnson agreed to take depositions any time they could get the witnesses together, and give Complainant oral notice. [Signed] A. J. Howell

17 July 1908, written notice of depositions to be taken 18 July 1908 of R. V. Brooks, Bailey Howell and Frank Howell. [Signed] Frank Howell, by D. B. Johnson, Solicitor

Bailey Howell, sworn, states he is one of the defendants and one of the owners of land mentioned in the bill. States his father "made the trade with John Howell", but it would have to be made in Jim Howells name..."that the law didn't allow him to hold anything that they would jump on it for his debts". John Howell brought the title bond "signed by James A. Howell is my recollection". Stated his father held the land from the time of his purchase and from date of title bond "up to the time he sold to us...held as his own...since our purchase me an[d] Frank and Mary" in possession.

Q: John Howell dident sell youre father all the Botts land did he?

A: No Sir!

Q: Who redeemed the land...

A: John G. Howell claims he did and Andrew Howell claims he did...records of Chancery Court show A. J. Howell and Pleasant Howell [redeemed the land].

[Signed] B. P. Howell

Witness R. V. Brooks for Defendants states he lives at Rough Point, Tennessee, is acquainted with Pless and Triphlena Howell; that he wrote a deed for J. P. and Triphena Howell 28 October 1898 to Mary Jones Frank and Baily Howell and Jerry Ray; that he wrote it at the house of Pleas and Triphenia Howell . [Signed] R. V. Brooks[not dated].

Deposition of John G. Howell, age 64, resides Highland, TN states "Pleas Howell was my father and A. J. Howell is my son." Further, that he is the same John G. Howell who purchased land from W. H. Botts, deceased.

[D. B. Johnson, Solicitor, questioning John G. Howell, states: "Pleas Howell is deceased".]

Deposisiton of John G. Howell continues: "My father first got possession as a rentor under me, when I let J. A. Howell take charge of the business he sold it to my father"; that he held under that trade until Botts' administrator brought suit; land sold for the purchase money, then he [Pleas Howell] again became renter for two years. "Don't know who he rented from, whether from J. A. Howell or Botts. Deponent further stated John Howell transferred his right of redumption to A. J. Howell, states "...afterward my father...asked me...to make him a deed and I told him that I couldn't...he then wanted me to get J. A. Howell to make him a deed. I told him that J. A. Howell couldn't...that he had nothing to do with it...belonged to A. J. Howell. I never had any deed myself, only a title bond."

[My father Pleas Howell] came 3 or 4 times [to John G. Howell's house to talk about redeeming land]...first time he brought R. V. Brooks with a deed and wanted me and my wife and A. J. Howard to make him a deed...we told him we couldn't...until he payed [sic] the costs, lawyer fees and the balance that was due on the land; he said he couldn't do that and Brooks went off...he later told me that Andrew sent him word to pay rent or get off...[John G. Howell] said he would talk to Andrew...[Pleas] wanted Andrew to make him a deed again and Andrew said 'I can't make you a deed Grandpa but if you will pay the taxes and keep up the place you may stay there as long as he lived'. "Pleas agreed a week or ten days later that if he and his wife could stay there as long as they lived and told Andrew, who then said he had sold the place to Frank, Bailey and Mary [Howell]. The next thing I had any thing to say to any of them, him or mother, Baily or Frank, he [?Pleas] came to the pasture where I was and asked me to go down hom with him to the Shop. We sat there, me and my father and Frank and Bailey and...then mother and Mary brought their deed out there and wanted me to sign it." John G. Howell said he left and didn't sign the deed..."Bailey and Frank said I should sign it - that I had got their [fathers marked through] money...I never went back any more until the morning he [father Pleas Howell] died. "Dr. White and I were there when he died...we laid him out...never went back until Frank got sick and sent for me....My father has been dead six or seven year...My mother has been dead eight or nine months. Stated A. J. Howell owned the share of J. [?] Botts after it was laid off to the Botts heirs.

Cross-Examination of John G. Howell:

John G. Howell stated he didn't want his father to "make a trade for the land...that Huffines was lawing Botts about it...didn't know the result".

Q: J. A. Howell was your oldest son living with you?

A: "He was my oldest son living with me. J. A. Howell carried the notes [on the land] to Texas and sent them back here to A. J. Howell...nearly a year later. John G. Howell stated J. A. Howell and A. J. Howell were both his sons.

Q: Didn't you have J. A. Howell set free [declared legal age] at age 18 to handle your affairs?

A: Age 19, to hold property to keep from having it taken for a debt. Stated he had settled a [property] line dispute with Jerry Ray.

Q: You have been talking with your sisters and heirs or a part of them to your father's estate about suing Baily Frank and Mary...so you and other heirs could share a child's part?

A: I think I have I told them Andrew would throw them out but that if father had any title to the land it belonged to us all.

Q: Your Father, Jim Wolf and yourself as agent for A. J. Howell settled a disputed line?

A: J. L. McCarver had given Jim Wolf a title bond that loped [sic] over on the land in dispute. The [?steers] I got from my Father belonged to my brother Wade who was dead.

John G. Howell stated he was the same John Howell put in jail for contempt of court. "A. J. Howell is Andrew Howell". [Signed] J. G. Howell

20 April, 1908

Deposition of R. B. Hufhines, age 45, lives 2nd District, Jackson County, Tennessee. Stated he lived about 200 yards from Triphena Howell after her husband died. Stated Philena Howell, who was not a party to this suit..."called me in, read me a deed or a will and said she was going to burn it...didn't at that time. Guy Dixon and Mary Howell were present. Stated the deed was to Frank Howell, Mary Howell and Bailey Howell made by Pleas Howell. "She handed the deed to me and I handed it back to her after the death of Pleas Howell."

Q: Frank and Mary Howell lived with their mother Triplena Howell at that time?

A: Yes sir.

[Signed] R. B. Huffines

W. T. Brown, sworn, for defts, age 32 live 2nd District, Jackson Co., TN. Know the parties to the suit. Stated John Howell sold the land to J. P. Howell. Stated he was the same W. T. Brown who filed a bill recently against T. S. or Sanders Howell, and that he took a pauper's oath in that case [free legal representation]. Stated he had sold Pete Pully a mule for $100.00 with the understanding if he didn't like the mule, he [W.T. Brown] would take it back. [Signed] W. T. Brown

Uriah Lee deposes for defendants. States he knew Pleas Howell in his lifetime, and was present when Andrew J. Howell collected money from Pleas; that he saw "pleas and the old lady pay Andrew $50 or $60 payment on the land". Lee stated he lived with Pleas about two years and after that lived with old man Dr. Furgersons, then with Harrison [or ?Harman] Minchys, "then I built me a house...live there now." Uriah [X] Lee

28 April 1908

Jeramiah Ray, age 68, live 14th District, Jackson County, Tennessee. States he is acquainted with the parties to the suit, that he examined the title bond - "I wrote it...J. A. Howell signed it and delivered it to J. P. Howell." [Signed] Jeramiah Ray

Sanders Sisco, age 75, 2nd District, Jackson County. Asked brief questions as to character of witnesses, answered in affirmative. S. C. [X] Sisco

Pless Knight for Defendant, age 33, live 3rd District:

Q: State whether you know any thing about A. J. Howard collecting money off of Ples Howell for the land.

A: I think I know of A. J. Howell getting some money at one time from Grand Pa or Grand Ma. Bailey Howell was present...A. J. Howell agreed to make them a deed when it was all paid for".

Lee Huffhines for Defendants, age 36, live 2nd District, states he bought a tract [of land] from A. J. Howell. "I believe John G. Howell close the bargaining but A. J. Howell was the owner...paid $50 down...executed notes for balance...my brother paid $50.00...got afraid of title...wrote J. A. Howell in Texas...relinquished title while I was in Texas with J. A. Howell. Stated character of W. T. Brown and Jerry Ray was good.

[Signed] E. L. Huffines

Deposition of Mary Howell, who states she is one of the Defendants in the case. "Age 52 last January...I am a daughter of Pleas and Triphenia Howell, deceased". Stated John Howell gave a title bond in the name of James Howell.

Q: State whether Sanders Howell furnished much or little when he lived there?

A: ...best of my recollection...he lived there about eleven months...put in one quarter of a dollars worth of sugar and one quarter of a dollars worth of coffee...Father in bad health before his death. Mary J. [X] Howell

Deposition of R. V. Brooks states he is the same one who gave testimony regarding delivery of the deed. [Signed] R. V. Brooks

Bailey Howell states he is the same person who previously gave testimony. Stated John Howell made a trade with my father Pleas Howell...title bond signed by Jimmy Howell delivered to father in the fall at father's house. "They say Jimmy Howell is dead".

[Signed] B. P. Howell


Except for one-fifth undivided interest in said land, it being [that of] J. F. Botts, Complainant's bill is dismissed. Deed made by Pleas and Triphena Howell to Frank Howell, Bailey Howell and Mary Howell is good.

ANSWER of Bailey Howell, Frank Howell and Mary Howell to Complaint:

W. H. Botts died about 1891 in Kentucky intestate as to Tennessee property. J. T. Anderson was made Administrator. Purchase and notes executed by J. G. Howell to J. T. Anderson, Admr for collection. About 1892 J. T. Anderson, Admr filed against J. G. Howell and J. F. Botts. Land was sold and bid in. Please [sic] Howell died in Jackson County, Tennessee about 1900 intestate, left wife living on said land. She died about 1907. Respondents were in possession of and living on land under a deed from their parents Please and Trifena Howell. Respondents deny allegation in Complainant's bill that he permitted his grandmother or grandfather to live upon said land holding or claiming under him. Sepr 20, 1907 Bailey Howell, Frank Howell, Mary Howell

[Signed] By: D. B. Johnson, Solicitor

[Signed & Affirmed] Frank Howell

BILL OF COMPLAINT of A. J. Howell vs Bailey Howell, Frank Howell and Mary Howell, property in 3rd District north of Cumberland river known as Adam S. Huffines place bounded by land of J. G. or A. J. Howell on west, on south by lands in litigation (at that time).

J. H. Botts, a son of W. H. Botts...land sold by court decree and struck off to E. T. Ellison and wife Elizebeth Ellison, Louis McQuown and wife Dona McQuown, J. S. Botts, Ella Louis Botta and Agnis Kinner Botts they being highest bidders. 15 March 1897 John G. Howell sold to Orator his right of redemption. 18 March 1897 redemption money was paid by Orator except a small amount paid by Pleas Howell. 20 September 1895 J. F. Botts, one of the heirs of W. H. Botts decd and defendant J. T. Anderson, Admr vs J. G. Howell and J. F. Botts transferred to Orator all his interest in said land. Soon after purchase by J. G. Howell he permitted his father Pleas Howell to move on said land under contract of rents...after right of redemption was sold to your Orator he still permitted Pleas Howell to remain...being the grandfather of Orator and old and feeble. Pleas Howell died intestate in 1900 and left widowed grandmother of Orator living on land unto her death June 1907. [Signed] M. J. Dixon, Sol.

[Signed and Affirmed 7 Sept 1907] A. J. Howell

HOWELL, Ida v. HOWELL, Harvey; 1904

Divorce. Ida Howell states she and defendant were married in Jackson County, Tennessee about 1 August [date was changed; can't be sure whether it is 1887, 1897, or 1898]. Stated Defendant kicked Petitioner, accuses of cruel and inhumane treatment and of adultery with Daisy and Mary Gore. Have two children Charley age 6 and Flora E., five months, requests custody. Asks that property be attached. M. J. Dixon, Attorney

Affirmed: Ida [X] Howell

HOWELL, George E. vs HOWELL, Hugh B.

[NOTE: This was not in a new folder, but appears to be separate case from Guardianship above - mlj].

Complaint states 14 November 1906, J. W. Howell conveyed to E. D. Wheeler two tracts of land secured by notes. 15 August 1910, the same land was conveyed to Hugh B. Howell by E. D. Wheeler and wife.

Deposition of E. D. Wheeler: States he is also known as Duke Wheeler, age 28, live in Sumner Co., TN..."sign my name E. D. Wheeler...I bought the land from George Howell and John Howell".

Q: State whether John Howel Geo Howell and Hugh B. Howel are related.

A: "I suppose they are brothers".

Q: Is or not your wife their sister?

A: "Yes, sir".

E. D. Wheeler stated there was $185 or $200 owed to George and John Howell when he sold the land to Hugh B. Howell. The debt was assumed by Hugh B. Howell in the deed. George and John Howell were "supposed" in California when the land was sold to Hugh B. Howell.

Q: Did you receive any communication from G. E. Howell that influenced you to sell the land to Hugh Howell?

A: I received several letters from G. E. and John Howell both...

Q: Who delivered up the notes you executed for the land...?

A: My father. George Howell wrote that he had sent the notes to Henry Jones and I sent Hugh's by my father to Henry Jones.

Q: What relation...is Henry Jones to George and John Howell?

A: I suppose they are brothers in law. Stated Hugh B. Howell is called Bedford by members of the family, and sometimes Hughey. [Signed] E. D. Wheeler.

Deposition of Henry L. Jones: Stated he purchased the land at Clerk & Master's Sale. Stated Putty Wheeler is the father of Duke Wheeler, and that he [Jones] married the sister of George E., John and Hugh Howell. Bought the land for himself and his brother West [or Wess] Jones. Further, that George E., John and Hugh B. Howell were all in California. [Signed] H. L. Jones

Deposition of B. M. Hail: Stated he is a member of the firm Hail & Son. Stated A. P. Wheeler is the father of E. D. Wheeler. [Signed] B. M. Hail

Cross-Bill of:

George E. Howell, citizen of California, McDearman Stafford Co., a Tennessee Corp. of Gainesboro, Tennessee; Bank of Gainesboro VS

Hugh B. Howell, a resident of California

Complaint states E. D. Wheeler and wife Ollie sold to Hugh B. Howell on 15 August 1910 land running from Buffalo Hill/New Salem Churchyard, excluding churchyard running to Flynn's Lick and Cookeville Road to J.M. Loftis' corner to Peyton's Branch being fifty acres; from Peyton branch to the northeast corner of W. C. Howell land, Flynn's Lick & Cookeville road to M.J. Spurlock's corner being 25 acres. Defendant Hugh Howell, who signed notes in amount of $100.00 to E. D. Wheeler. Hugh Howell is insolvent. John E. Brown was security. This note was transferred to McDearman-Stafford Co. Note in amount of $307.70 by Hugh Howell to E. D. Wheeler was transferred to the Bank of Gainesboro.

[Signed] T.M. Gailbreath & W. W. Draper, Sols. for Compt

Copy of deed dated 15 August 1910 from E. D. Wheeler and wife Ollie Wheeler to Hugh B. Howell included as Exhibit. [Signed] E. D. Wheeler, Ollie Wheeler

HOWELL, Geo E. v HOWELL, Hugh B.; 1912-13

Stated J. M. Loftis was named Guardian of W. C. Howell heirs who were minors, namely Dena Lee and James B. Howell. January term 1914. Settlement 27 December 1911 Hue [sic] B. Howell through his attorney M. J. Dixon. James B. and Dena Lee Howell, minor heirs of W. C. Howell, deceased. Income $347.00; expenses $343.47. Due heirs this date $4.53. H. B. Howell the Guardian has been in California since March 191?2 and sends in claim for Boarding wards and clothing them to the amount of ?$19.00 but the Chancellor of the County Court does not allow said H. B. Howell any credit for same.

HOWELL, J. H. v HOWELL, George E. & others; 1909

"Others": H. P. Howell, John Gipson & wife Ester, Duke Wheeler & wife Ollie, H. L. Jones & wife Jane, J. B. Howell, & Dena Lee Howell. W. C. Howell died intestate 26 June 1909. W. C. Howell died intestate in Jackson County, Tennessee 26 June 1909, leaving Complainants and Defendants only children and heirs at law. Complainant was Administrator of W. C. Howell's estate and Guardian of J. B. and Dena Lee Howell, minors. States not sufficient money to pay indebtedness; that W. C. Howell owned 100 acres in Flynn's Lick. States minor children J. B. and Dena Lee Howell have Homestead interest in land which is worth $1000-$1200, and ask that property be sold to pay indebtedness.

Coalinga, Fresno County, California: Geo E. Howell sworn at office of W.H. Kerr, J.P., states "I am a son of W. C. Howell of Jackson County, Tennessee"...that he has unpaid claim of $285.00 claim on the estate of said W. G. Howell, deceased.

[Signed] Geo E. Howell

17 November 1919, Letter from J. M. Loftis, County Court Clerk, Jackson County, TN to Dona Lee Howell, Cotton Town, Tenn, RFD #1: Stated he is sending check for $166.45 for ..."your share of your Father's estate...all amount due". [Signed] J.M. Loftis

Letter in file to: John Loftis & Dian

"Coalinga, CA Mch 10, 1910

"Dear bro & sis

"This leaves me as well as common and at work for the same company firing KTO 25...the oil work goes on just the same...roads and streets are very dusty...I guess me and George will come back the first of the year. [Signed] John Howell

Deposition of John Loftis age 26, occupation farmer, live 11th District, Jackson County, Tennessee. States he was acquainted with W. C. Howell in his lifetime "I married his daughter". Stated W. C. Howell died 26 June 1909, John H. Howell administered his estate. "John H. and George E. Howell are my brothers in law. They live in Coalinga, CA...been gone right close to three years". [Signed] J. T. Loftis

Deposition of Dena Loftis states she is party to the suit; is a sister to J. H. Howell and was the daughter of W. C. Howell...her brother is Hugh Howell. [Signed] Dian Loftis

Deposition of W. C. Reed age 59, lives near Gainesboro, occupation farmer. Stated he knew Mr. Howell in his lifetime, knew land, worth $400-$500. Stated he was a commissioner appointed to lay off homestead and a year's support for the minor children.

[Signed] W. C. Reed

Deposition of A. B. Hestand, no age, same testimony as W.C. Reed.

[Signed] A.B. Hestand

Deposition of Hugh B. Howell age 21, stated he lives on the Howell farms, is a party to the suit and is a son of W. C. Howell deceased. Stated W. C. Howell had two minor heirs, James B. Howell and Dona Lee Howell, ages 13 and 11. "I am general guardian". Listed personal property, stated he purchased tombstones for the graves of father and mother and paid $20.00... "the children all agreed to it and John Howell the Administrator told me to". [Signed] H. B. Howell

Deposition of P. W. Mahoney age 56, states he lives at the head of Hail Hollow, 1st District, Jackson Co. Knew W. C. Howell and the land. [Signed] P. W. Mahanay

Answer of John Loftis and wife Dian [gives no new information].

[Signed] Geo W. Haile & Sons, Sols. for Respts.

M. J. Dixon age 41, states attorney fee for Haile of $15 is reasonable.

[Signed] M.J. Dixon

J. M. Dudney age 48, lives near Gainesboro, occupation Rural Route Carrier. No relationships given. [Signed] J. M. Dudney

John H. Howell of Jackson County, Tennessee vs H. B. Howell, George E. Howell, John Gipson and wife Etta Gipson, John Loftis and wife Dian Loftis, Duke Wheeler and wife Ollie Wheeler, H. L. Jones and wife Jane Jones, J.B. Howell and Dona Lee Howell, only children and heirs of W. C. Howell [Lists estate debts]. [Signed] M.J. Dixon, Atty.

HOWELL, Mollie E. v HOWELL, Henry; Circuit 1889

Divorce, wants personal property attached. Scheduled for 1st Monday in March 1888.

Answer of R. C. Lovelady to Bill of Complaint by Mollie E. Howell, stated Henry Howell dooes not own two bay horses; produced bill of sale dated 20 Oct 1888.

[Signed] Hail, Sol.

Mollie E. Howall Principal and James H. Majors Securities, dated 25 February 1889, M. Butler, atty.

Stated lived 5th District, Jackson Co., TN. Married 26 July 1885, together until 13 February 1889. Defendant abandoned her; charged diverse lewd acts with Micy Shade. She is mother of one child by Henry namely Mattie May Howall. He has small crop of tobacco about 1000 lbs in barn of Wade H. Graves, household furniture at residence of Wm Dilbeck worth about $35.00. [Signed] M. B. Butler, Sol.

Affirmed: Mollie Howell

HOWELL, Sarah v HOWELL, Ellis; Circuit 1883

Divorce. Plaintiff and Defendants both residents of Jackson Co. Married 6 December 1876 in Jackson Co., TN, were together until 1 February 1883 when Defandant abandoned her "confined...bed of affliction five weeks unable to turn herself unattended except by her two little children who was too small to wait on or administer to her in her affliction...is destitute". Stated Defendant has not provided for them for six or eight months, and if not for her father and mother she and her children would have suffered. Since Defendant abandoned her she has moved to her father's home and is confined to a sick bed. Asks personal property be attached, custody of their minor child, a son Henry T. age 4 years. [Signed] M. B. Young, atty

HUDDLESTON, Francis v HUDDLESTON, Charles etal; 1867

Affidavit of William G. Cox, Clerk of the Jackson County Court re case pending. "Night of 14 August 1872 ... Court House destroyed". Wilson M. Huddleston departed life intestate, owned three tracts of land [Exhibits A, B, C mentioned]. Francis Huddleston is his widow. Charles Huddleston and William Huddleston are his only children and heirs. Personal estate is sufficient to pay debts; in best interest of widow and children to sell lands and it would materially depreciate property to divide same. Francis entitled to dower.

Deposition of James W. Draper ____ day of _____ 1867. James W. Draper age about 64 sworn, states he is acquainted with lands, would not be susceptible to partition; not sufficient quantity tillable, not sufficient timber nor building points nor water; subject to overflow by Jennings and Pine lick creeks...injure the land and carry off large quantities of the rails or fencing. Knows widow of Wilson M. Huddleston and that he left two children at his death both under age 14, does not know exact ages. [Signed] James W. Draper

Deposition of William C. Purcell age about 49, states has read James W. Draper's deposition and concurs. [Signed] W. C. Purcell

Answer of A. B. Botts, Guardian Ad Litem of Charles and William Huddleston, asks strict proof that sale of land is in their best interest. [Signed] A. B. Botts

Land ordered and was sold by Jackson County Court to A. M. Dewitt:

Tract 1, Jackson County, Tennessee, corner between Samuel Dewitt and Luke S. Price; A. C. Dixon's line; to land deeded by David Myers to Samuel Dewitt; between William H. Dewett and Thomas G. Painter to tract deeded by Sport Cherry to Wilson T. Henderson, being 18 ac.

Tract 2 originally owned by Luke L. Price where said Huddleston lived at his death near Pine lick creek up mouth of Creek with line of Thomas T. Painter where Reubin Price once lived; line made by Thomas Price & W.H. Dewitt; to top of ridge with center of ridge to W.J. Quarles line containing [blank] acres.

Tract 3, W. J. Quarles' east boundary line, containing 10 acres.

Petition of Francis Huddleston widow of Wilson M. Huddleston states he departed life [blank] 1867, that he died in a northern prison a prisoner of war, but at the time was a citizen of Jackson County, Tennessee. Petitioner appointed Administrator, petitions land be sold. [Signed] A. W. DeWitt, Atty for Petitioner

A. W. Dewitt age about 54 states he was her attorney, examined papers, and they are a substantial copy of the original papers. [Signed] A. W. Dewitt

W. G. Cox, Clerk of Court age about 37, was Clerk in 1866 and 1867, knows all papers are in substantial conformity with originals. [Signed] W. G. Cox

HUDSON, Obadiah v DRAPER, Thos J.; Chancery 1866

To Sheriff of Putnam County, Tennessee, 9 October 1866: Obediah Hudson filed Bill of Complaint in Chancery, Jackson County, Tennessee against Thomas J. Draper, Achison F. Draper, James M. Draper, Brice Draper, Milton Draper, Lawson Draper, Jane Draper, Sarah Draper and Elizabeth Draper, heirs at law and widow of Thomas L. Draper dcd. Since filing Bill of Complt, one Edward Evans citizen of Putnam County married Defendant Jane Draper. Ordered to summons said Edward Evans to appear 1st Monday in December next. Dated 1st Mon in Aug 1867. [Signed] R. A. Cox, Clerk & Master

Prosecution Bond, Obediah Hudson & A. W. DeWitt, 9 Nov 1866, $300 to Thomas J. Draper and others, against Thomas J. Draper of Missouri.

Obediah Hudson States Defendants indebted for $300 for two horses in the year 1863; that said Defendant absconded and left State of Tennessee about [blank] day of [blank] 1865 and is now a resident of the State of Tennessee and has no property in the County of Jackson, Tennessee. Jas Draper of Texas, ?Rich Draper of Wilson County, Tennessee; Milton Draper, Lawson Draper, Jane Draper and Sarah Draper; and Elizabeth Draper of Jackson County, Tennessee, except a one-eighth interest in lands of Thomas L. Draper died seized of in District 4, Jackson County. Adjoined by land of Martha Strode, Wade H. Graves, and Obediah Hudson containing [blank] acres...said Defendant is non resident of Tennessee and still owes said sum to your Orator...Elizabeth Draper is the widow of deceased and other Defendants are the children and heirs of said Thomas L. Draper. [Signed] Dillard & Dewitt, Sols. for Compt.

[Signed] Obadiah Hudson, dated 8 November 1866

2nd Monday in August, 1866, interest in land ordered attached...bounded by the lands of the heirs of James Strode, deceased and others, lying upon Jennings creek containint [blank] acres. [Signed] R. A. Cox, Clerk & Master

Answer of Thomas Jefferson Draper states he is not indebted to Complainant in the sum of $300 for two horses in the year 1863 as alleged. Denies any indebtedness and requires proof, requests attachment be discharged. [Signed] J.T. Quarlers, Sol. for Respt.

State of Missouri, County of Pike: Before me, the undersigned Clerk of the Louisiana Court of Common Pleas within said county and state, Thomas Jefferson Draper makes affidavit facts set forth in foregoing are true... [Signed] Thomas Jefferson Draper

[Signed] B.F. He?fner Clerk of the

Louisiana Court of Common Please, Pike Co, MO, 2 November 1867

HUDSON, Obadiah, Admr of James HUDSON v HUDSON, Riley County 1873

Riley Hudson was Gdn of minors Quade & Toby Hudson, heirs of James & Mary Hudson, decd. Earliest date is inventory of personal property 15 March 1866.

Receipt from M. A. Graves, Guardian to Minor heirs of James Hudson, deceased dated 14 April 1866. Receipt from Mary J. Hudson, Guardian of minor heirs of James Hudson, decd dated 1 June 1869.

Receipt $97.00 from Chancery Court, Macon County, Tennessee, 3 August 1872.

Amount $823.25 due wards 1 April 1873.

1st Monday Feb 1874, M. G. Butler, Guardian to Quade Hudson and Tob Hudson; James Pritchett, Admr of Mary J. Hudson.

Note on Obediah Hudson and J. M. Crabtree and Riley Hudson, due November 1874 for the rent of land the present year.

Receipt of James Pritchett and wife Sarah Pritchett; statement of assets of minor heirs of James Hudson deceased received 22 April 1873 of James Pritchett, Admr of Mary Hudson, decd, former guardian of said heirs.

Receipt from R.S. Crabtree $2.64 for Boarding, books, tuition 19 April 1876.

Final settlement with Quade Hudson, minor heir of James & Mary Hudson, decd 26 Aug 1878. [Possibly reached age of majority shortly thereafter - mlj]

Accounting of Estate, Riley Hudson, Guardian of Toba [sic] Hudson, minor heir of James Hudson. Net amount $333.40 due ward 1 October 1880 [latest date listed - mlj].

HUDSON, RILEY, Admr of GIST, John County 1881

G. B. Murray deposes Riley Hudson; states services as Admr worth $25.00.

Final settlement with Riley Hudson, Admr of John Gist, decd, states all heirs [not named] have been notified. January term 1882. Mentions affidavit regarding lawsuit on file. Receipts from Joel Thompson, Clerk Clay County Circuit Court, dated 4 February, 1879.

J. R. Hampton, Trustee, Clay County, Tennessee Circuit Court.

A. J. Carter, Sheriff, Clay County, Tennessee dated 14 October 1880 for taxes.

NOTICE TO: R. F. Gist, J. R. Gist, W. T. Gist, Rebecca Gist, Arminda Gist, heirs at law of John Gist, deceased. Will make settlement 17 December 1881 with Riuley Johnson, Administrator.

HUFF, Lenord, Admr of Huff, Peter, decd County 1875

Estate Settlement. Granville 15 February 1873 Peter Huff Dr [?debtor, or possibly amount due Peter Huff's doctor? - mlj] to Shirley & Gar[?]dan. Lists five separate charges of $2.50 each; total $12.50.

State of Tennessee: Before me, D. H. Armisted, J.P. of Jackson County, Tennessee, above sums remain unpaid. [Signed] John M. Shirley, D. H. Armisted

1st Monday April, 1875, Lenard Huff, Admr, Est of Peter Huff [several receipts].

Amount of charges 1st April, C. D. Allard, the Admrs for Receipt, services & etc.

Receipt from A. B. Holeman 29 March 1875

D. A. and C. West, Admr Paul Clay's Estate dated Jan 27, 1873. 1 April 1873.

From T. C. Settle March 29, 1873, int on same to 1 April 1875.

From Lansden & Shirley, int. to April 1, 1875.

From J. T. Armstead 12 January 1875

From James Hargis

From Robert Hollin

From Ned Apple

James Kerby

Asa Young for serving notice.

State of Tennessee, Jackson County, we the undersigned Commissioners having been appointed by Jackson County Court to lay off March term 1883 and set apart a year's support for MARTHA HUFF, widow of LEONARD HUFF decd, hereby make and submit the following report:

Corn, Wheat, Bacon, Lard, Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Black peper [sic] Soda, Ginger, Money allowed for Clothing and Shoeing purposes $25.00. March 17th 1883.

[Signed] Richard Terry, H. B. Smith, Terrell Byrnes

HUFF, Mary v HUFF, Tom CIRCUIT 1913

Divorce. Married Jackson County, Tennessee [blank] September 1911. Defendant became abusive. About 1 Jan this year were moving, moved all beds but one. He wouldn't let her go to bed; uncle [unnamed] lived short distance. She was pregnant. Said he visited where "lude women lived". She phoned her father to meet her and went home for protection. One child a girl six weeks old, the issue of their marriage [unnamed], asks custody and all personal property be attached; no means of support except for her father who is "very poor, works day labor". [Signed] S. M. Tinsley

Affirmed: 22 April 1913 [Signed] Mary Huff

Statement of A. H. Roberts, Chancellor, Jackson County, Tennessee "Her face exhibits unmistakable evidence of violence". Tom Huff enjoined from selling property.

[Signed] A. H. Roberts

HUFFINES, Amanda C. v HOWELL, John G. & others; 3 Jan 1885

Depositions of Amanda Huffines, John Draper, William Halliburton and Sarah Huffhines taken at the store house of John G. Howell 3 January 1885 before Jeramiah Ray, J.P.

AMANDA HUFFINES states she is Adam Huffhines' widow; he has been deceased three years. Acquainted with land in litigation. He lived there ?seven years. Lived Highland [Tennessee] when he died. Adam Huffines and Shaver Richardson made a deal for Richardson to buy land because he thought Logan Mclaren "would run the land up on him" [at auction] and would not on Shaver. Shaver was to bid for the land and they would pay for it together, own on halves. Adam Huffines and Shaver Richardson agreed if either became dissatisfied, the other was to buy him out. "Shaver lived their four year and we lived there seven years all together". "Shaver Richardson was a son in law of Adam Hufhines when the land was purchased...Shaver...poor man no more able to pay for land than Adam...They made crop together each year...Adam moved to Highland because he thought he could get into business". Part of each tobacco crop went towards paying for the land. "Adam said he paid over $300.00". Amanda [X] Hufhines

DEPOSITION OF MEDA DRAPER, of lawful age states has known lands in litigation...all my life; that Adam Huffhines and Shaver Richardson lived there together about four years...been eleven years since they first lived there. Stated Adam and Shaver paid money on the land to R. P. Brooks [a Jackson Co. court clerk - mlj]...said they "thought they would get it paid for without any trouble...I heard Pap and Shaver..."

Q: State whether or not Adam Huffines [?sold] the land to John Draper at any time...

A: "He came to John to buy just before him and shaver bought it...Shaver Richessen was my brother in law". Meady [X] Draper

DEPOSITION OF SARAH HUFFINES, lawful age, states she has been acquainted with land all her life. "I am the daughter of Adam Hufhines...I lived with my father on the land and Shaver lived on it also at the same time...Adam Huffines sold his half to William H. Botts for Highland [land in Highland, TN]. When Botts bought it Shaver moved off. Sarah [X] Hufhines

DEPOSITION OF JOHN DRAPER, lawful age, testified both Shaver Richardson and Adam Huffhines owned the land; Shaver was to bid it off for fear of McCarver running it higher..."gave a Joint note was my understanding and Brooks was to go security But tuck the note and hold it against them and collected it. Shaver always sed that Adam had not paid only $300 but Adam sed it was more". [Signed] John Draper

Jeramiah Ray, J.P. certified as to depositions being taken 9 March 1885.

WILLIAM HALLIBURTON, of lawful age, knows land, knows Hufhines and Richardson bought the land together, never had [shares in land] divided. Stated he lived about one-half mile from them. William [X] Halliburton

DEPOSITION OF BENJ RICHARDSON, lawful age, states he was present when the trade was made between Botts, Adam Huffhines and Shaver Richardson. "Botts had Adam's wife called in and she said she was not willing to the trade."

Signed [Benj Richardson


Q: State whether...William H. Botts before he purchased the land in dispute had been informed of the circumstances of Adam Huffines having bought the land as you stated and of Adam Huffines having paid for the land as you have stated.

A: "They talked about it before they traded...both was informed...I was called in from the kitchen in the presents of Botts and Adam Huffines when the trade was made I was not in favor of the trading Botts sed they would sell it From Adam for his debts."

Amanda [X] Hufhines


J. G. Howell, James Howell, R. S. Richardson of Jackson County, Tennessee and W. H. Botts of Kentucky. [blank] day of December 1883, adds R. S. Richardson as Defendant. States A. S. Huffines paid off one-half of note on property; she is widow of A. S. Huffines and is entitled to Homestead. [Signed] Amanda C. Hufhines

NOTICE OF DEPOSITIONS to be taken 26 January 1885, store house of J. G. Howell at Highland of: Shaver Richardson, John Draper, Amanda C. Hufhines, Vina Hufhines, Sarah Hufhines, Meda Draper, J. G. Howell.

[Signed] J. G. Howell, W. H. Botts, Shaver Richardson, J. C. Howell

[Signed] by J.T. Anderson, Atty

NOTICE OF DEPOSITIONS to be taken at house of Amanda Hufhines 6 March 1886 of T. J. Forcum, William Haleyburton, Josie Richardson, John Draper. Amanda Hufhines to be cross examined.

7 March 1888, Amanda Hufhines states due to poverty she is unable to bear cost of case.

Amanda [X] Hufhines

DEPOSITION OF T. J. FORCUM age about 36, states knows parties and land. Adams Huffines & S.R. Richardson lived on land after purchase at Clerk & Masters sale in the case Thomas and A. S. Huffines vs R. F. Richmond and others; that E.L. Jackson ran the [property] line between their and L. H. McCarvers land; that he lives "betwix a quarter and a half a mile [from land]". T. J. [X] Forkum

AMANDA HUFHINES, lawful age, 8 March 1886 states "I am widow of A.S. Huffines...dead five years...John G. Howell...told me before he purchased the land that I could hold a homestead in the land. I never told John Howel to buy the land."

Amanda [X] Hufhines

DEPOSITION OF WILLIAM HALLIBURTON, lawful age, stated he worked for Adam and Shaver. William [X] Haliburton

DEPOSITION OF JOSIE RICHARDSON states she knows land; Adam Hufhines and Shaver Richardson lived on it about four years, cultivated and divided crops equally.

Josie [her X mark] Richardson

DEPOSITION OF JOHN DRAPER stated Adam Hufhines and Shaver Richardson bought the land jointly. [Signed] John Draper

CROSS-EXAMINE R. S. RICHARDSON, stated land was in litigation.

[Signed] R. S. Richardson

DEED as Exhibit on file: R. S. Richardson to W. H. Botts. Witnesses were Ben Richardson and Adam S. Hufhines

DEPOSITION OF J. G. HOWELL, states "Me and Mrs. Hufhines talked about it she sed if I bought it let John Draper her sun in law or A. R. Draper her grand sun buy it from me or else she wanted to rent it. Mrs. Amanda Hufhines was living on the place at the time as a tenant under John Draper who had rented it from Botts. [Signed] J. G. Howell

NOTE: What appears to be a notation of earlier decree on Court Case is in microfilm:

"Malinda J. White etal vs A. S. Hufhines Guardian of J. [?] Draper and [?] L. Hix his Securities. Decree in favor of Complainants vs Defendants 12 Feby 1869 for $915.07 and costs. See page 25, Execution Docket 3".

DEPOSITION OF R. S. RICHARDSON taken 26 January 1885, states he is same R. S. Richardson, party to lawsuit. "Adam could not hold title...judgement against him in favor of William A. Hufhines heirs...Ben Richardson and Adam Hufhines witnessed deed from R. S. Richardson to W. H. Botts." [Signed] R. S. Richardson

ANSWER OF R. S. RICHARDSON, W. H. BOTTS & J. G. HOWELL to Amended Bill of Amanda C. Hufhines. Respondent Richardson by separate answer says land sold by Clerk & Master, and he became the purchaser at $830 on two years' credit. A. S. Huffines his security. That he bought land for himself and Huffines bid against him; that there was no agreement with Hufhines to bid at the time of said sale...A. S. Hufhines was wholly insolvent. He was father in law to Respondent. Respondent sold land to Botts, they all moved to Highlands tract and lived there five years. "Respondent took the note of W. B. Huffines complainants son". Stated on 12 February 1869 Malinda J. White and others children and heirs of William Huffines received a judgement against A. S. Huffines as Guardian and his Securities for the sum of [?]. Botts knew nothing as far as he knows. Respondent W. H. Botts denies that when he sold the land to Richardson he was the attorney of A. S. Huffines. Botts owned land in Highland, traded with the purpose of conveying to W. B. Huffines...Complainant seemed to understand all about the matter and Respondent wanted to give...W. B. Huffins the benefit of money and gave Richardson that much difference.

Respondent John Howell "know nothing" of claim to the land; that he was the innocent purchaser of said land. R. S. Richardson, J. H. Howell, W. H. Botts

19 March 1883 By: J. T. Anderson, Solicitor for Respondents

Land in 3rd District bounded by Thomas J. Hufhines, L. H. McCarvery, Mary Jones & others.

[NOTE: There are three pages of microfilm and end of this case; can only read an occasional word. The film at TSLA may be better quality. Do not know if any other relationships detailed - mlj].

HUFFINES, A. S., Administrator vs BROOKS, R.V. etal County 1904

Answer of Guardian Ad Litem J. M. Johnson states land to be sold to highest bidder, one-third cash day of sale, balance on notes. Decreed by Court that all right, title and interest to said land shall be vested out of parties to the suit and vested in Dave Hardcastle.

[Signed] D. B. Johnson, Attorney

Debts against Estate of R. H. Huffines, deceased, R. V. Brooks for note $160.00 plus interest; Dr. O. M. White about $11.00; Dr. [?] Donaho $5.00; C. E. Wilson, tombstone for Vienna Huffines $12.50. Gross personal estate estimated at about $155.50.

John H. Chaffin, Clk by G.B. Settle, D. [Deputy]

A. S. HGufhins, Complainant in case appointed Admr of R. H. Huffines by this Court. R. H. Huffines died in Jackson County, Tennessee 22 July 1904. Six of the children are minors. [Signed] A. S. Huffines

ANSWER OF Alice Hufhines, Arthur Hufhines, Maston Hufhines, Vallie Hufhines, Drury Hufhines and Lexter Hufhines, Minors, by their Guardian Ad Litem J. M. Johnson.

PROCONFESSO of R. V. Brooks, Joe Huffines, Newton Henry Hufhines, Henry Morgan and wife Rutha Morgan, Defendants.

YEAR'S PROVISIONS FOR MINORS set aside: 40 barrels of corn $80; 1 bushel of salt 50 Cents; one-half interest of sorghum mill $15.00; A. S. Hufhines debt $10; Rents due $15; Newton Hufhines Debt $2.50 and money out of Tobacco crop $126.00.

[Signed] J. L. McCarver, G. H. White, A.R. Draper, Commissioners

A.S. HUFFINES, Admr of R. H. Huffines decd vs R. V. Brooks, Newton Henry Huffines, Rutha Ann Morgan and her husband Henry Morgan, Alley Huffines, Author Huffines, Maston Comer Huffines, Vallie Huffines, Drewy Huffines and Lexter Huffines, residents of Jackson County, Tennessee. Defendants and Complainants set out in caption are R. H. Huffines' only heirs, except R. V. Brooks who is a creditor and Henry Morgan who is husband of Retha Ann formerly Retha Huffines. Alley, Auther, Maston, Valley, Drewy and Lexter Huffines are minors under age of 21 years. Land in 3rd District bounded by Howard Huffines, Dave Hardcastle, Short Wiggins and Seth Carver being 42 acres. Dated 18 Nov 1904. [Signed] A. S. Huffines

DANIEL HUFFINES, etal vs A. S. HUFFINES, etal Chancery 1868-1872

20 August 1869, Jackson County, Tennessee, before Hon. Charles G. Smith, Chancellor 7th Chancery Division. Margaret Huffhines vs Thos Huffhines and other cases consolidated. Order confirming report of U. W. Williams.

BILL OF COMPLAINT OF DANIEL HUFHINES by Guardian and next friend Asbery W. Draper, both of Jackson County, Tennessee vs

Adam S. Hufhines, Thomas Hufhines, Riley W. Hufhines, John S. Draper, Marion Hufhines and wife Harriet Frances Hufhines, Amanda Alisabeth Hufhines, Jeana Josephine Hufhines, Daniel Asbery Hufhines, Thomas W. Hufhines, Robert F. Richmond, Milton Lee and his wife Mary Lee, Napoleon Richmond, Cansada Richmond, Sarah Richmond, Angelina Richmond Addiville Richmond of said County of Jackson, Tennessee; Abraham Proctor & his wife Vetore Proctor of Arkansas, Martha Hufhines, Newton Hufhines, Monroe Hufhines, Mary Hufhines, Timothy Hufhines of Indiana; Charles White and his wife Malinda White of Illinois; John D., Mary and William [init ?S or D] Dycus of Jackson County, Tennessee; and W. W. Berry and Felix [looks like] Demonal and Sam vanbr of Davidson County, Tennessee; William H. Botts of State of Kentucky and Daniel H. Hufhines of Jackson County, Tennessee, defendants.

5 December 1860 Compt Daniel Hufhines sold and conveyed to his son George A. Hufhines & his heirs land in Dist. 3 on War Trace Creek bounded by Samuel Hanah to a conditional line made by Adam Teel [or Tul] and Deton Teel/Tul...between Daniel Hufhines and R. F. Richmond...corner John veach & William Richardson being 120 acres more or less, excluding one acre where old meeting house and 1 1/2 acre where new meeting house stands for $850...Book L page 432, deed by Adam S. Hufhins to W. D. Dycus as Trustee dated July 1st 1865 to R. F. Richmond to secure note. George A. Hufhines departed this life intestate on [blank day of [blank] 18[blank]. Heirs are:

Complainant Asbery W. Draper and Defendant Adam Hufhines; Thomas Hufhines; Riley W. Hufhines; John S. Draper; Harrit Francis Hufhines wife of Marion Hufhines; Jana Josephine Hufhines; Daniel Asbery Hufhines; Amanda Elisabeth Hufhines [last four minors with Thomas W. Huffines their general guardian]; Thomas W. Hufhines, Mary Lee wife of Milton Lee; Napoleon Richmond, Cansada Richmond, Sarah Richmond, Algenine Richmond, Addiville Richmond [latter five Richmonds being minors with no general guardian]; Vetore Proctore wife of Abraham Proctor of Arkansas; Martha Hufhines, Newton Hufhines, Monroe Hufhines, Mary Hufhines, Timothy Hufhines [Martha, Newton, Monroe, Mary and Timothy of Indiana with no guardian known to Complainant]; Malinda White wife of Charles White of the State of Illinois and the heirs of the said George A. Hufhines and Robert Richmond is Admr of Estate. Alleges cannot find deeds in Registers Office, Jackson Co., Tennessee. [Signed] Quarles, Sol.

COMPLAINANT Asbery W. Draper shows said Daniel Hufhines on [blank] day of [blank] 1865 by a jury of inquest at the August term 1865 was found of unsound mind. Asbury Draper was appointed his guardian, Daniel continues unsound mind. Dated 9 Feb 1869.

SUMMONS dated 1st Monday in February 1868. Following to appear 1st Monday in August next: Adam S. Hufhines, Thomas Hufhines, Riley W. Hufhines, John S. Draper, Marion Hufhines, Harriett Francis Hufhines, Joanna Josephine Hufhines, Daniel Asbery Hufhines, Amanda Elizabeth Hufhines, Thomas W. Hufhines, Robert F. Richmond, Milton Lee and wife Mary Lee, Napoleon Richmond, Cansada Richmond, Sarah Richmond, Angelina Richmond, Addorelle Richmond, John D Murry, W.D. Dycus, Daniel H. Hufhines.

ANSWER of Adam S. Hufhines and William H. Botts filed 22 Nov 1869. Daniel Hufhines conveyed land 5 Dec 1860 to George A. Hufhines who sold it to Adam Hufhines, who gave a deed to James T. Quarles, Complainants' solicitor and hasn't seen it since. Quarles said deed was lost or mislaid. "said bargainor George A. Hufhines is dead he left no wife or children and Complainant is his father but he is now dead and all the heirs of said George A. Hufhines are before the court in this case. Deed was never registered.

PROSECUTION BOND We, Robt F Richmond, Geo C Darwin, Riley W Hufhines are bound unto Ashley W. Draper and others.

[Signed] R.F. Richmond, Riley W. Hufhines, G.C. Darwin

[NOTE: Next case possibly filmed out of sequence, should be on Reel #83? or it could possibly have been a part of these consolidated cases but doubtful - mlj].


Case finding, Gainesboro Chancery Court. L. E. Hawthorne withdraw original bill, T. Y. & William Harthorne dismiss cross-bill vs L. E. Hawthorne who is withdrawing the suit against Y. M. Lee as party to said suit. T. Y. and Wm Horne to draw money deposited in Clerk's Office and have 8000 feet of lumber owned by Y. M. Lee.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of R.A. COX & A.W. DEWITT and JOSHUA HAILE of Jackson Coounty, Tennessee vs David Graham of Overton County.

R. A. Cox C & M of Chancery, Gainesboro, and R. P. Brooks, Administrator of Geo A. Hufhines deceased, all of Jackson County.

Complainants charge David Graham indebted for legal fees, cases in Jackson and Overton County, Tennessee. David Graham placed in their hands claim against estate of George A. Hufhines, dcd; brought suit against R. F. Richmond, Admr.

Also with J. W. McHenry, judgement against Abraham Pharis Admr of George McClenden, Circuit Court, Jackson Co., TN March 1868.

Also represented Graham in Abraham Pharis vs John M. Gipson to sell land for benefit of creditors.

ANSWER OF DANIEL HUFHINES by Guardian Asberry W. Draper. About 25 January 1861 Daniel Hufhines being then old, infirm & a widower...negroes sold at public sale with understanding between him and children and sons in law that they and his grand children alone should bid as to prevent them from going out of the family. Negro Lawney? bid and purchased by Complainant Robert F. Richmond who was then his son in law for $781.50. Robert F. Richmond and security George A. Hufhines executed note due twelve months after date 25 Jan 1861. Daniel Hufhines executed bill of sale. Complainant at time of sale was a son in law of Daniel and lived within two miles of him. Richmond was much in debt and made or pretended to make a sale of negro to Co-complainant and brother in law Adam S. Hufhines.

Said Daniel Hufhines is now old and infirm in body and mind...found of unsound mind and Asbury Draper appointed his guardian...Daniel now lives with his son Thomas Hufhines.

AMENDED CROSS BILL of W. W. Berry and Demouille to Bill of Complaint by Daniel Hufhines by Guardian A. W. Draper against Adam S. Hufhines, Thomas Hufhines, W. H. Botts, John P. Murray, B. F. Richmond etal. Bought land from W. H. Botts, a non-resident of Tennessee, not here, so paid money to Clerk of Court on 4 January 1869 and redeemed land. Ask deed from W. H. Botts to Daniel H. Hufhines be set aside. [Signed] Butler & J.M. Morgan, Sols. for Compt

ANSWER of W. W. BERRY and FELIX DEMOUILLE states A. S. Hufhines executed deed in trust to R. F. Richmond, Trustee, about 12 August 1865. Richmond sold land on 5 January 1867. W. H. Botts purchased same; Deed Book M page 360. Deed to same land from Botts to Daniel H. Hufhines registered Deed Book M page 408.

SUMMONS to Sheriff of Overton Co., TN for David Graham to appear 4th Monday in April 1872. Bill filed by Cox & DeWitt.


"Mr Brooks

"I am informed that you have obtained a decree for me and if so please send my land deeds to me by the bearer and also the amount of the cort cost if there bee any I have money due me on my land and am in great need of my deeds to have a deed wrote by for Mr Lovelady who bargained for my land twelve months ago I will be able to pay you for tending to my business as soon as I can obtain my deeds and make Mr Lovelady a write to the land. [Signed] Sarah A Crantz"

HUFFINES, D. S., Guardian of HUFFINES, PERCY & WALTER County 1895

Percy and Walter Huffines, minor heirs of F. A. Huffines. Receipt of Frank Richmond for Board; receipts of W. L. Dixon for Percy Huffines' tuition; G. P. Huffines, tuition; Walter Huffines' tuition. "By one receipt of Grdn for $25.00 from E. W. Hufhines to bring him self back from Texas" dated Aug 15, 1899.

Receipts in file, earliest dated 7 November, 1892, give no relationships.

"Received of D. S. Hufhines Gdn $31.73 in full...my part of my mother's estate this Feby 5, 1900...and that I will give him another receipt when I reach 21 years if I am living.

[Signed] E. W. Huffines

HUFHINES, GEO W. vs RAY, WILLIAM etal Chancery 1873

Wm Ray vs Riley Hufhines now deceased and since his death [suit] revived against Wm Draper his Admr and children and heirs of Riley Hufhines, 25 Sept 1877 before Wm G. Crowley, Chancellor. Logan H. McCarver became purchaser, sale of land excluding widow's dower interest, said deceased R. W. Hufhines. Widow Sarah Hufhines. After dower interest laid off, deed to McCarver for remainder.

SUMMONS Riley W. Hufhines and Daniel Hufhines, 2nd Monday January next, dated 19 Dec 1873 to answer F. M. Price. Land on Wartrace Creek, Dist 3, Jackson County, TN bounded north by Carnelius Carver and Joe Carver; east by Sneeds heirs; west by James H. and John S. Carver, being 300 acres.

BAGDAD, TENN, Apr 29th/76. William Draper, Admr of Riley W. Hufhines deceased Dr [?debtor] for Mrs Hufhines [looks like widow's year's provisions]: 50 lbs coffee 25 cents = $12.50; 60 lbs sugar 12.5 cents = $7.50; 10 lbs Soda 8 cents = $.80. Total $20.80. [Signed] Williams & Russell

[NOTE: This may be of interest http://genforum.genealogy.com/cgi-bin/pageload.cgi?Sentinel::draper::1388.html - mlj]

Riley W. Hufhines Dr to Williams & Russell for burying expense March 2nd/76. Cloth coat $9.00, Vest $2.50, gloves $.25, cloth shoes $2.25, Fur hat $2.50, Total $16.50.

14 December 1875, Medicine $.40.

12 Feb 1876, Items for Shrouding total $13.70.

STATE OF TENNESSEE, SMITH COUNTY, Anderson Williams of Williams & Russell, lists all that remains unpaid May the 29th, 1876. [Signed] Anderson Williams

RAY, WILLIAM vs HUFHINES, RILEY W. dated 23 Feb 1866, states four months before Defendant filed Voluntary Bankruptcy, he placed a lien against land. William Ray filed his Bill of Complaint against Riley W. Hufhines, J. T. Goodman and James Lee.

COPY OF DISCHARGE from Bankruptcy, Riley W. Hufhines 12 September 1873.

PETITION TO COURT, undated, states William Ray cannot go safely to trial for want of depositions of J. T. Goodman, Elam Russel and Daniel Hufhines. William [X] Ray

PETITION BY DEBTOR Riley W. Hufhines, Village of Highland, Tennessee, 20 January 1873, listing unsecured indebtedness and assets:

Wm Ray, Jackson Co, Tenn, $401.05 Judgment

Jacks Hogis, Macon Co., Tenn, $190 Sec for J. F. Goodner

Sampson Gains, Jackson Co., Tenn, $150, Sec L. C. Hall

Polk Corvins, Admr J.S. Corvins $40.00 Judgment

J. S. Ray Ext J.A. Ray $1.00

W.F. Richmond $500, Sec pending lawsuit

Joel W Suttle, Nashville, Tenn, $86 Judgment

Graham Clark, Admr of Len Shoulders, Gum Spgs, Jackson Co, Tenn, $53 Judgment

Wm B. Young, Difficult, Smith Co, Tenn, $20.00 Bal on note

E.A. Cassety $25 Note - Sec of P.E. Woods

Wm Dycus, Gibbs XRoads, Tenn $50 bal note

W.H. Botts, $100 Note

W. H. Botts, $100 Note

James H. Young, Dixon Spgs, $75 & $150, Endorser James Myers

Asberry W. Draper, Whitleyville, $30 Endorser for D Hufhines

W.H. DeWitt, layer Carthage $100, lawyer fee

Wm Cullom, Livingston, $100 lawyer fee

Heirs of Wm A. Hufhine $100, Security for D.A. Hufhines who owes debt.

Schedule of Assets:

Wife and two children

William Ray vs Riley W. Huffines and J. T. Goodman. Goodman of Barren County, State of Kentucky June 22, 1866.

Death of Riley W. Hufhines March Term 1876. September term 1876, George Hufhines, Melissa Russel wife of Elam Russel, Daniel Hufhines, Samuel Gillespie Hufhines, Rufus Hufhines, Amanda Hufhines wife of Frank Hufhines, Mary Russel wife of ?Semp Russel, Howard Hufhines, Wade H. Hufhines, William B. Hufhines, Sarah Hufhines are heirs of Riley W. Hufhines deceased. William Draper is Administrator. All to appear before court to show cause why suit should not be revived.

DEPOSITION 7 October 1871, Riley W. Hufhines age about 46, states James Lee rented land from Elam Russel 1866 for $180.00. [Signed] Riley W. Hufhines

DEPOSITION James Lee age 48, states rented land. [Signed] James M. Lee

DEPOSITION Elam Russel age 38 states rented land to James Lee October 1865.

[Signed] Elam Russell

DEPOSITION George W. Hufhines age about 25, states redeemed land bid off by Cornelius Carver. Was age 23 at that time. "My father Riley W. Hufhines...I was then unmarried and lived with my father...sent my tobacco to New Orleans and got the money to redeem". [Signed] George W. Hufhines

DEPOSITION George M. Putty states William Ray was security for Riley W. Hufhines' note to Thomas Hufhines, Guardian of Dennis Hufhines. [Signed] G. M. Putty, J.P.

Acknowledged: W. W. McCue, J.P.

J.F. HAILE, Guardian Ad Litem of minor heirs Howard Hufhines, Wade Hufhines, Wm B. Hufhines and Sarah E. Hufhines, asked to show cause why suit should not be revived.

WILLIAM RAY, COMPLAINANT, 4 Dec 1865 states Thomas Hufhines as Guardian of William A. Hufhines recovered a judgment on note executed by Riley W. Hufhines and Complainant. William Ray and Robert A. Cox seek to restrain sale of Hufhines land.

HUFFINES, Geo. W. v WEST, Claiborne etals; 1875

Claiborne West and D. A. West were admr of Paul Clay, dcd 15 July 1871.

HUFFINES, L.R. vs CASSETY, P.P. Chancery 1912

P. P. Cassety was Guardian of Lexter R. Huffines, then about age 17. Brothers of petitioner are Asberry Huffines and N. H. Huffines. Oliver Williford is brother in law of petitioner. Itemized list of items sold and Purchasers at Guardian's sale 26 December 1912, totaled $510.55. Itemized list of charges 19 May 1917.

L. R. Huffines' interest in land is Homestead until he becomes 21 in September 1919. Land in 3rd District, Jackson County, Tennessee, Jenkins Branch Wartrace Creek bounded on North by A. F. Huffines; on East by A. R. Draper; on South by Howard Huffines; on West by R.S. Wiggins. Land was the property of R. H. Huffines now deceased, was laid off to minor heirs Arthur Huffines, Allie Huffines now Brown, Maston Huffines, Vallie Huffines now Williford and Lexter Huffines, all age 21 now except Lexter. R. H. Huffines died 22 July 1907.

HUFFINES, Margaret & others v HUFFINES, Thomas Chancery 1875

[Lengthy, approximately 250 pages, bills and cross-bills filed. Apparently filed to clear title to land subsequent to Court House Fire on 14 August 1872 - mlj]

George A. Huffines died 1864 siezed of land near Highland bounded by John Burks, Henry Jones, James Jones, William A. Huffhines, being approximately 200 acres. 1865-1868 verbal agreement existed between A. S. Huffhines and Thomas Huffhines that Thomas was to have all land south of the Highland and Gainesboro road and another five acres. A third man, R. H. Richmond, was called in as umpire. 20 April 1872 petitioner filed original Bill of Complaint in Chancery Court at Gainesboro against Thomas Huffhines her husband, for Divorce and alimony, and had said lands attached as the property of Thomas Huffhines, and that R. P. Brooks was her counselor. One Paul Clay apparently had an interest in land jointly with Thomas Huffhines and was in a tobacco brokerage business with him.

31 December 1874, Amended Bill of Complaint filed by Margaret Huffhines.

Margaret [X] Huffhines [Signed] Joshua Haile, Atty.

DEPOSITION OF ALEXANDER CLARK, age 73, states was acquainted with Thomas Huffines in his life, new him for 30 years, "I bought tobacco for him".

[Signed] Alexander Clark

DEPOSITION OF D. H. DRAPER, age 67, dated 8 August 1887. Knew Thomas Hufhines, stated he handled a great deal of money. "I heard Thomas Hufhines say he put the money in Adam Hufhines drawer...pay for land they bought from L. H. McCarver; that Thomas Hufhines traded with Paul Clay in tobacco. Land in litigation near War Trace Creek on mouth of Cumberland River. Stated Thomas Hufhines left and came back on business. "It is the reputation in the Hufhines family that Thomas Hufhines is deceased. I think he died about four years ago near Franklin, Kentucky.

[Signed] D. H. Draper

DEPOSITION OF MARGARET HUFHINES dated 9 August 1887, "of lawful age". Stated she and Thomas Hufhines married in June 1856 or 1857. Said L. H. McCarver sold High Land property to H. C. Huffines...poor man...heard Thomas paid for the land. H. C. Huffines always called Clay his name was Henry Clay Hufhines, known him about 30 years. Margaret was questioned regarding William B. Young.

A. William Young was at our house not a good while before ?Wm Huffines left home it might have been two or three years. ?Wm Huffines put a [can't read] and a note and some Bee ?Gums in his hands, Wm Young told me that Wm Hufhines did not owe him One Cent that he was...befriending Tom Hufhines that they were kinfolks...Beating a Carver lawsuit...$500 note...Buck Young said that they were going to use the note to beat the Carver suit. Margaret [X] Hufhines

DEPOSITION OF D. F. HUFHINES, Witness for Complainant Margaret Hufhines states "I am 39, son of Thomas Hufhines deceased Margaret is my step mother". Stated she was the 2nd wife of Thomas. Said he was acquainted with Paul Clay and William Young. "I remember my father and L. H. McCarver making a settlement...father got on drinking spree and Buck Young got with my father at Dixon Springs as William Young told me, and sent him to Parson Hanie's. I went and got...him and brought father home. He had $3600 [cash on him]. [Signed] D. S. Huffines

DEPOSITION OF JOEL RICHARDSON for Complainant, age 69, live Jackson County, Tennessee. Stated he worked for Thomas Hufhines at Highland 1868-1872 drying tobacco. "I heard a conversation between Thomas Hufhines and his son H. C. Hufhines in which I heard Thomas Hufhines tell his son H. C. Hufhines to go and trade for the McCarver interest in the Highland tract...that he would furnish the money...and H. C. Hufhines did go and trade for the Highland..." Stated H. C. Huffines was gone [or had been gone] from the County some ten or twelve years, first to Missouri and then to Texas. [Signed] Joel Richardson

DEPOSITION OF MARY McCARVER states "I am the widow of L. H. McCarver...died Jan 26, 1886, married Feb 1863". Acquainted with Paul Clay, William Young and Thomas Hufhines - all dead. [Signed] Mary N. McCarver

DEPOSITION OF R. A. COX, lawful age, dated12 August 1887. Thomas Hufhines lived on the land up to the time he abandoned his family. [Signed] R. A. Cox

MARGARET HUFHINES vs W. H. Botts and Alexander Carver of Kentucky; Bill Clay of Overton Co. [TN]; William Young, Sally Cornwell, Lee Cornwell, Mastain Clay, Betty Herod, George Herod, Robert Clay, Buck Clay, Susan Clay, Ridley West and Drury West all of Smith Co. [TN]; Thomas Hufhines of Missouria; John P. Murry, R. P. Brooks, R. A. Cox, H. C. Hufhines, Wm Carver, Emiline Scisco, Sanders Scisco, James Carver Jr, Isaac Carver, Mary J. Hufhines, Wm Hufhines, Angeline [Hufhines marked through] Dixon, Robert Dixon, S. T. Carver, all of Jackson County, Tennessee. Complaint states she sued for divorce 30 April 1872 from Thomas Hufhines; settlement granted June 1873. Alimony still pending, wants land settled on her.

DEPOSITION of J. L. McCarver states he acquainted with land. [Signed] J.L. McCarver

DEPOSITION of ?John/Jerome Draper age 30, acquainted with land. "I am Margaret Hufhines son in law...now living on land." [Signed] J. Draper

ANSWER: "These defendants answer by their guardian say they are minors. Maggie, Harriett and Josie Richardson. By W. W. Draper, Guardian Ad Litem

DEPOSITION of Joshua Haile 16 September 1892, of lawful age, occupation lawyer, live Jackson Co., TN. States was employed by Margaret Hufhines in 1874 as her lawyer.

[Signed] Joshua Haile

NOTICE OF DEPOSITIONS given by C. W. West and D. A. West, Admr of Paul Clay, deceased. Depositions to be taken at dwelling of W. B. Harris at Highland, Jackson County, Tennessee, September 1877 of Adam S. Hufhines, Amanda Hufhines and John Draper.

DEPOSITION of James Alexander, states he is Defendant, was Executor of Wm Young, decd. [Signed] James Alexander

SOLICITORS for Dr [?debtor or doctor] Paul Clay...death of Betty Herrod a daughter of Paul Clay. Suggested also that Peter C. Herrod born March 31, 1876, ?Sitley D. Herrod born Aug 29, 1878, Na[?]calla Herod born March 27, 1881 and her only child and heirs on motion of Dr [debtor or doctor?] G W Herod they review in their names as Plaintiffs the case of Paul Clay vs W. H. Botts, Thomas Hufhines and others. Dr George W Herrod since the last term of this court has intermarried with Hetty Clay another of the children and heirs of Dr Paul Clay.

[These pages difficult to read; faded, small writing. TSLA copy may be better - mlj].

PROSECUTION BOND of Margaret Hufhines 17 Dec 1886: We Margaret Huffhines, R. B. Huffhines, J. Draper, E. A. McCowley, T. J. Huffhines, C. S. Huffhines...J. C. Ray security. [Signed] M. N. Huffines

SOLICITORS for Margaret Hufhines, states Thomas Hufhines is in parts unknown. Paul Clay is in Smith County, Tennessee. Margaret Hufhines bore children by Thomas Hufhines:

Harriet Francis 15 ["Fannie" married J. Draper per other testimony]

George 13,

Robert 8,

Noomia D.B. 11,

?Hugh L. M. 4,

Edward Lee 17 months.

Margaret W. or N. [her X] mark Hufhines [Signed] R. P. Brooks, John P. Murry

COMPLAINT of Margaret W. Hufhines vs

William H. Botts of Kentucky; Thomas Huffhines and H. C. Huffhines of Missouria; John P. Murry, R. P. Brooks, R. A. Cox, William Carver, Emeline Sisco who married Saunders Scisco, James Carver Jr, Isaac Carver, Mary ?Y. [Carver marked through] Huffhines who married William Huffhines, Angeline Dixon who married Robert Dixon, Samuel T. Carver of Jackson County, Tennessee; Alexander Carver of Kentucky; Sallie Cornwell who married Lee Cornwell, Masten Clay, Betty Clay, Robert Clay, Buck Clay, Hattie Clay, [Blank] Clay, Ridley West Admr of Paul Clay all of Smith County, Tennessee, William B. Young of Smith County, TN.

John S. Carver departed this life in 1864 and his heirs to wit William Carver, Emeline married Saunders Scisco, James Carver Jr, Isaac Carver, Mary J Carver, Angeline Carver, Samuel T Carver, Alexander Carver [the last five minors suing by their next friend Wm Carver and Jeremiah Ray his Admr. 23 Nov 1874 Margaret [X] Huffhines

JOINT & SEPARATE ANSWERS of T. J. Huffhines, W. Buck Huffhines, ?Dube or Duke Huffhines, Jerome Draper & his wife Fannie, J. C. Ray and his wife B. Ray, Clay Richardson, Harret Richardson, Mary Richardson, heirs of Thos Huffhines.

John Huffines and Francis Carver heirs of H. C. Huffines deceased to Bill of Complaint of Paul Clay vs Thomas Huffhines and H. C. Huffhines.

Richrad P. Brooks, Defendant in case, cannot answer in time allowed; ill health, thigh broken, not walked in over two months. Dated 19 August 1875. [Signed] R. P. Brooks

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