Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #81
Hamlet, A. - Harris, M.

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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SUMMONS: Daniel Hamlet to appear 1st Monday in November next to answer Bill of Divorce and Attachment. 1st Monday in July 1902.

AMENDED BILL OF COMPLAINT: Agnes Hamlet against Daniel Hamlet. Filed original bill 29 September 1902... inhumane treatment, impossible to cohabit, he has abandoned. 7 November 1902. /s/ Aggie Hamlet

ANSWER: Daniel Hamlet. Admits to marriage. Denies assaulting complainant. He abandoned her due to her ill tempered conduct. Admits owning personal property... corn was mortgaged to L. Washburn prior to filing bill, growing on land of Mrs. Amarilla Poston. Married 1 June 1902. Dated 1st Monday in July 1902.


SUMMONS: Nancy J. Hamlett to answer Bill for Divorce, 2nd Monday in May, 1883. Dated 1st Monday in January 1883.

COMPLAINT: Married [blank] of [blank] 1876, Jackson Co. One child about three years old, Margarett Lou Hamlett.

Defendant became false to him and the interest of their little daughter, departing from the path of virtue... guilty of adultery with Asberry Loftis, Thomas Trisdale and Daniel Poston, perhaps... others.

She is not a proper person to have custody, asks care and control of said Margarett Lou Hamlett. 1 March 1883. /s/ John J. Hamlet

[NEW] HANSE, AMANDA (HOUSE) vs HANSE, WM Chancery 1871

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Amanda Hanse against William Hanse, a non resident of the State of Tennessee, residence unknown to Complainant. Married in Putnam Co. 3 - 4 years ago last April. Defendant some time in January or February 1869 abandoned her, without support for her and her children [sic; note plural]. One child the issue of marriage, a girl named Ann. She is able to raise children, desires custody and control [Lists personal property]. 18 August 1871. Amanda [her X mark] Hanse

[NEW] HANCE, M. W., Admr of HANCE, MILDRED, deceased County 1899

SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY: 27 November 1897. Following purchased property at sale, executed notes:

W. P. Wheley $1.00, A. C. Wilson $2.65, E. D. Gillock $10, G. J. Jenkins $46, W. S. Hance $10, Bobo Simpson $10.15, T. J. Davis $8.30. Other personal property sold for cash total of $76.90.

Three notes listed deemed "Doubtfull": S. H. [Can't read], W. S. Hance, J. T. Petcock. Jan 3, 1898. /s/ M. W. Hance

SETTLEMENT REPORT: Recorded Wills & Inventory Book C, pages 475 & 6, total $198.99.

RECEIPTS: Paid J. W. Donaho for coffin, $12.00; Paid taxes 1 March 1897; A. G. Keith for acting as auctioneer at sale.


Bobo Simpson and Manda Simpson, $15.

John H. Hance and Mary E. Hance, $15.

W. S. Hance, $15.

Ellen Petcock and J. T. Petcock, $16.02

S. H. Hance, $23.47

W. J. Pedigo and Mary Pedigo, $7.22

Retaining my [M. W. Hance] distributive share as heir at law, $15.

Alexander Hance, 1/8 part of the Mildred Hance, deceased, $15.

NON-RESIDENT NOTICE: To John Hance & Alexander Hance, heirs at law of Mildred Hance who are non-residents of the State of Tennessee. Will make settlement 28 February 1899 at the court house in Jackson Co., Tenn.

[NEW] HANCOCK, JOHN R. vs SETTLE, LEROY B., et al Chancery 1856

[Note: Several different lawsuits filed, relating to estate of James W. Hancock].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Joseph Hancock against Garrett Fitzgerald and wife Elizabeth Fitzgerald, all of Jackson Co.

Several years ago James W. Hancock departed life having published his Last Will & Testament [not filmed here], devised to Orator two tracts of land. 3rd Clause of will, one 50 acre tract and one 100 acre tract. Orator at the time will was made lived on the 50 acre tract and defendant lived on the 100 acre tract.

James W. Hancock had prior to making his will given defendants all he ever intended to give them and stated in his will, 5th Clause, it was his wish defendants live where they then lived and occupy as long as they might think proper.

Orator believes this will conveyed no title to defendants but was only by way of recommendation.

After the making of the will, defendants abandoned the land... if they ever could have taken any interest in the land it was lost by the abandonment.

Orator states that after the death of testator, defendants brought action of ejectment against him for said 50 acres and by bad management on part of Orator, they recovered. Subsequent to recovery they brought action for _____ profits which is pending... prospect of reversal. [No date].

CAUSE HEARD 10 February 1854: Action of Wm F. Dunlap and wife vs Joseph H. Richmond, John R. Richmond, Robert F. Richmond; and John M. Richmond, guardian ad litem to all of said defendants.

Land mentioned in Bill of Complaint belonging to Complainant and all of the defendants except John M. Richmond who is the guardian ad litem of defendants and was bequeathed to them by the Last Will & Testament of James Hancock, deceased... but it not appearing to the satisfaction of the court whether lands are susceptible of partition... take proof.

INJUNCTION: Whereas 17 March 1855 Joseph Hancock filed against Garrett Fitzgerald and wife Elizabeth Fitzgerald, said Garrett and Elizabeth Fitzgerald are enjoined from prosecuting until further order of court.

ANSWER: Garrett Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Fitzgerald to Bill of Complaint. True James W. Hancock departed life as stated, and died possessed of tract described by simple boundary. Deny there are two farms but suppose are covered by two grants. [Both signed, but looks like same handwriting]. 1st Monday in October 1855.

ANSWER: Leroy B. Settle to Bill of Complaint of John R. Hancock against respondent and Joel W. Settle [Partner in Samuel E. Stone & Co. - mlj]. In 1850 or thereabout James W. Hancock departed life in Jackson Co... Complainant was appointed Executor by will. Testator owed debt to Leroy B. Settle & Samuel E. Stone & Co... notes signed by James W. Hancock. Debts are long-standing and considerable interest accrued. Leroy B. Settle had promised not to press for payment during lifetime of deceased. Dated 18 May 1857

PROSECUTION BOND: John R. Hancock, Principal to Leroy B. Settle. Securities are John P. Murray [Signed] and Joseph [his X mark] Hancock

BILL OF COMPLAINT: John R. Hancock of Jackson Co. against Leroy B. Settle and Joel W. Settle of Jackson Co. James W. Hancock departed life March 1850... Orator was residuary and Principal legatee... by said will he was appointed Executor... duly qualified. A pretended indebtedness was presented to Orator by Joel W. Settle, some $470 - $480... notes given by Testator in 1833... represented to be just... remarkable that they should have held said notes so long when his father during that whole period _____ _____ ____ and having the indebtedness of his father... false representations they induced your Orator to give his own note in place of his father's.

PETITION: William F. Dunlap and wife Martha (formerly Martha Richmond) of Jackson Co. against Joseph H. Richmond, John R. Richmond & Robert F. Richmond of Macon Co., TN... by the Last Will & Testament of James Hancock, deceased, there is bequeathed to them and to the defendants a certain tract of about 100 acres in Jackson Co. on the north side of Cumberland River on Hensley Creek, District 1. Said land bequeathed to them and to the said defendants, minors as the bodily heirs of Cynthia Richmond, daughter of James Hancock, deceased. Cynthia Richmond's children were Martha Richmond [who married William F. Dunlap], Joseph H. Richmond, John R. Richmond and Robert F. Richmond. Said Cynthia Richmond has recently eloped with one Martin Hudson and gone to the State of Texas and does not intend returning to help provide a support for petitioners and defendants, minors who are all her children... destitute condition. Land worth but a trifle... to their interests to sell. March [blank] 1853. /s/ William F. Dunlap, Martha ?J. [or F.] Dunlap

ANSWER: John M. Richmond, guardian of Joseph H., John R. and Robert F. Richmond, minors. True James Hancock died, bequeathed to Complainant Martha and these defendants tract of land. True the mother of Complainants and Defendants eloped. July 14, 1853. /s/ John M. Richmond

DEPOSITIONS 3 Feby 1854:

John N. Watson, about 55. Know land willed to heirs of Cynthia Richmond. Not susceptible of partition, believe worth $200. /s/ John N. Watson

Alexander Coppage about age 65. Adopt John Watson's reply. /s/ Alexr Coppage

DECREE: 12 July 1854. William F. Dunlap and wife Martha Dunlap vs Joseph H. Richmond, John R. Richmond and John M. Richmond, guardian for all defendants. Land belonging to Complainants and defendant devised to them by James Hancock where John M. Richmond was living 26 November 1846, has sold to Robert F. Richmond on notes. When notes are collected, costs to be paid and money distributed.

LETTER: Gainesboro, Tennessee 6 January 1849

Uncle Jim, I wish I could see you and talk with you... I fear from what Mrs. Kinnaird told me that [you thought] I wished to collect what debt you was owing to me When I told you if your girl was for sale that I would like to buy her.

Now Uncle Jim... ought not sell your girl or your land... my advice as your best friend... so far as the debt is concerned... will not call on you for money... knowing you will pay...

I hope your health is improving... Very truly, your best friend, Joel W. Settle

[NEW] HANEY, BURL & others vs MAYBERRY, ROBERT N. Chancery 1910

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Burl Haney & wife Martha Haney of Jackson Co. and A. H. Mayberry of Shelby Co., TN against Robert N. Maberry, Jessie C. Maberry, Susan Webb, Alvin Wheeler & wife Amanda Wheeler, all of Jackson Co., defendants. On the [blank] of 189[blank] Seth Maberry & wife Rebecca, being joint owners in fee simple... land on road leading from Blackman's Fork of Dodson's Ferry branch... with Burl Haney's line to Bud Burris' line... to Jessie Maberry's line, to Bob Allen's line, to Cook Terry's line, to Monroe Allen's line, to Leander Allen's line... 100 acres more or less... did sell and convey said tract to their afflicted daughter Nannie Maberry for a valuable consideration. Deed was executed and delivered to daughter Nannie who remained in possession until her death [blank] 1907. Since her death, defendant Robert Maberry has been in possession.

At the time of execution & delivery of deed to Nannie, said Settle & wife Rebecca had the following children living:

Sarah Webb

Jessie C. Maberry

A. H. Maberry

Robert H. Maberry

Martha Haney

Amanda Wheeler,

who were still living at the death of Nannie Maberry.

Rebecca Mahaney departed life intestate [blank] 1901. Seth Maberry departed life [blank] August 1909. Nannie died intestate and without issue, having never been married.

POVERTY OATH: Unable to bear expense of suit due to poverty. 17 January 1910. /s/ Burrell Haney, Martha [her X] Haney

[NEW] HANEY, J. H., Guardian, HANEY, ELIJAH, Heirs County 1898

[NOTE: Only one settlement made, one name overwritten and cannot read, other name cannot decipher. There is a receipt of B. A. Butler, attorney, services in connection of Mary Way vs Elijah Haney, so it's possible more might be found if record of this suit is extant/was filmed - mlj].

SETTLEMENT: October term 1897.

[NEW] HANEY, JOHN R. vs HANEY, NANCY Chancery 1860

BILL OF COMPLAINT of John R. Haney. Married 20 May 1856. About two months ago, she left Orator and taken up with other men... become a common prostitute... adultery with James M. Allard and others too numerous to mention... now living at a house of ill fame at one John Skermehorn's which he believes a bad place for a virtuous woman.

By said marriage, has one child a boy named William now about two years old... desires custody. 16 July 1860. /s/ J. R. Haney

PROSECUTION BOND: John R. Haney, security C. W. Anderson [Both signed].

[NEW] HANEY, SARAH vs HANEY, CALEB Chancery 1858

DEPOSITIONS 15 April 1859, house of David Denham, Esq., DeKalb Co., TN:

James Parish age 43. Know parties. Complainant and defendant at my house before they separated... he was so jealous he would not go to the stable without her. Caleb Haney is a nephew to my wife.

Question: Are you acquainted with the character of Sarah F. M. [Cantrell marked through] Haney?

Answer: Good as far as I know. /s/ J. H. Parish

Isaac Adcock age 27. Character of Sarah F. M. Haney is good. /s/ Isaac Adcock

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sarah F. M. Haney of DeKalb Co., TN against Caleb Haney of Jackson Co. About 22 November 1857 she intermarried in Jackson Co. with Caleb Haney... dutiful wife. To her astonishment he charged her with adultery.

During the time she lived with him he refused to provide. Believes he has been guilty of adultery with one Pat_ _ Scimerhorn and others. 17 May 1858. /s/ Sarah, F, Mc, Haney

Acknowledged: S. Cantrell, J.P. for DeKalb Co.

POVERTY OATH: 6 July 1858, /s/ Sarah F. Haney

[NEW] HANNAH, MARIAH vs MONTGOMERY, WM et al Chancery 1860

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Mariah Hannah against William Montgomery, et al, of Jackson Co. and Hiram Brown of Putnam Co.

Some 8 - 10 years ago her sister, the wife of defendant Hiram Brown, died leaving a child, a boy about six weeks old at her death. Before she died, she requested Oratrix to take the child and raise it. Your Oratrix consented, the father of the child agreed... She took the child and has done the best she could... child now nine years old. Defendant Hiram Brown abandoned the child whose name is William Logen... 9 years old the 20th of last March... during seven years or more he did not see the child though he lived in the county all the time, never more than 10 - 12 miles... nor furnished provisions. She is very much attached, tenderest feelings.

Defendant William Montgomery and defendant Hiram Brown on 21st July 1860 came to house of Oratrix, found the child and forcibly and against the will of the child took him... defendant Hiram Brown has the child... about to carry him to the State of Alabama. Defendant is very poor, has a considerable family and is not able to take as good care as Oratrix. Denies he has right to custody, asks he be enjoined and child William Logen Brown be attached. 26 July 1860. /s/ Mariah Hannah


SETTLEMENT: 30 Jany 1891. Guardian Settlement with A. H. Strode, Guardian of Martha, Thomas and Henry Hardcastle, minor heirs of Carrell Hardcastle, deceased.

Received from sale of personal property 1 April 1884, $23.00.

Received from rent on ward's lands 1886 $10; 1887-88-89-90 $75.

Paid taxes 1883.

Paid for coffin Feby 17, 1885, B. C. Trousdale $8.00.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Thomas & Henry Hardcastle, minor heirs of Nancy Hardcastle, deceased, by their next friend M. W. Hance. About 2 September 1889, A. H. Strode was appointed guardian of Thomas & Henry Hardcastle. Made two settlements, submitted fraudulent vouchers. Has been more than two years since he qualified, refuses to renew bond. 4 January 1893.

WITNESS: F. P. Buchanan. Know A. H. Strode. Guardian for heirs of Nancy Hardcastle since 1884 til 1891. /s/ F. P. Buchanan

SETTLEMENT: 2 Feb 1893 with Martha, Thomas and Henry Hardcastle. A. H. Strode, guardian.

ORDER 7 December 1892... Martha Young, formerly Martha Hardcastle...

BILL OF EXCEPTIONS: M. J. B. Young and wife Marthy Young

SETTLEMENT: J. A. Dycus, guardian of David Hardcastle heirs.

SETTLEMENT: September 1878. J. A. Dycus, Guardian to W. D. Hardcastle, minor heir of P. M. Hardcastle, deceased.

SETTLEMENT: February term 1885, J. A. Dycus, guardian of David Hardcastle, minor heir of P. M. Hardcastle.

SETTLEMENT: September term 1899, H. A. Crabtree as guardian of Hugh Hardcastle [Includes receipt of J. H. Hardcastle as his distributive share].


HANCE vs VINSON Chancery 1874 - 1902

DEPOSITIONS [About 1 July 1902; adjourned to July 2, 1902]:

Sarah E. Brockett age 43. Am niece of Rebecca Crabtree, deceased. Lived about one-fourth mile from her when she died. About six years ago, noticed her mind not right. Eyes looked glassy, not like they did when she was of sound mind. [I am] a daughter of defendant Hannah Davis. /s/ Sarah E. Brockett

Mrs. E. G. Clark age 32. Knew Rebecca A. Crabtree... up to three years ago lived one-fourth mile. About six years ago I was at her house of my aunt Lizzie Hance and Rebecca Crabtree... Aunt Lizzie Hance lived with Aunt Rebecca Crabtree.

Her [Rebecca] step-son H. A. Crabtree, an attorney at law... winter or spring 1898 H. A. Crabtree was at my mother's house... her mind was not good, but he thought it best not to have her declared insane as she might get worse.

Question: What experiences have you had with people of unsound mind?

Answer: Aunt Rebecca, and Lassie York who is now in the asylum.

Aunt Rebecca was afraid of Thomas Hardcastle. She said if he ever got a dollar of her money, he would steal it. She didn't want Wolford Hance to bring him there. They raised him from a boy. /s/ E. G. Clark

Miss Rudia Davis, of lawful age. I was Rebecca Crabtree's niece. She died 7th February last. Lived one-fourth mile of her. She lived with her sister Lizzie Hance after her husband died many years ago. Her sister's husband M. W. Hance also lived with them. Thomas Hardcastle lived there, no kin to them. M. W. Hardcastle carried him there against their wishes.

Rebecca Crabtree had a strong feeling for her relations... her brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews visited her often.

I have heard Aunt Rebecca say they did not want or need [Thomas Hardcastle]. I am a daughter of Mrs. Hannah Davis. /s/ Prudie Davis

ADJOURNED to July 2, 1902:

Mrs. L. L. Hudson age 51. I am Rebecca A. Crabtree's sister-in-law, the wife of her brother. In 1871 I lived in the house with her. Since, about 3 1/2 miles. /s/ L. L. Hudson

J. W. Griffith [No age, nothing new - mlj]. /s/ J. W. Griffith

A. C. Wilson, age 40 [Nothing new]. /s/ A. C. Wilson

T. P. Hudson age 34. Lived about 2 1/2 miles. Had worked for Rebecca Crabtree, cut wood for Aunt Becky... Had a talk with Aunt Liz and she said Rebecca's mind was bad. [My brother is] Meredith Hudson. /s/ T. P. Hudson

Mrs. M. A. Furguson [No age, nothing new]. M. A. [her X] Furguson

Isaac Vinson about age 55 [No age, nothing new].

Dr. G. W. Webb, age 54, physician. Degree from Medical Department of University of Tennessee. Examined her [Rebecca Crabtree] for guardian hearing. /s/ G. W. Webb

F. C. Hudson, lawful age. My brother Harley Hudson is about age 24. I am a son of Obadiah Hudson. Have spoken to Thos Hardcastle since he married, was at his wedding about five years ago. We have not spoken in 4 - 5 years. Hardcastle's wife and her sister Vonce Thomas... /s/ F. C. Hudson

DEPOSITIONS - 17 October 1901, Inquisition Unsound Mind/Guardian Appointment for Rebecca A. Crabtree:

J. N. McCoin [No age]. Was Administrator of the estate of R. A. Crabtree. Settlement was 12 May 1904. /s/ J. N. McCoin

M. Hudson age 56, am a farmer. Petitioner is my brother, defendant is my sister. Her mind has been off about 4 - 5 years. She and her sister Lizzie Hance owned one-half interest in a tract where they live. [No signature; part may be missing - mlj].

H. A. Crabtree age 53, am a farmer. I am a son of the husband [Buckner Crabtree] of Defendant [Rebecca Crabtree]. He died in 1881. I practiced law about ten years, recently retired. Been taking care of Rebecca Crabtree's legal matters since my father died. My son [not named] put money in the bank for me. Collected money of Taylor Hudson. I was Administrator of my father's estate. /s/ H. A. Crabtree

W. S. Hance. Known defendant about 20 years, live about 1 1/2 miles. /s/ W. S. Hance

Obadiah Hudson [First part missing - mlj]. My wife died ___ years last August... my sister Elizabeth Hance... M. W. Hance brought Thomas Hardcastle there as a boy and they raised him. /s/ Obadiah Hudson

G. W. Webb age 53, occupation Physician. Know Petitioner Obadiah Hudson and Defendant Rebecca A. Crabtree. Don't consider she is of sound mind. Unsoundness due to lunacy... she is not an idiot. /s/ G. W. Webb

C. H. Donaho [No age]. Lived 1 1/2 miles of Defendant 20 years, waited on her sister Elizabeth Hance in her illness in 1900... was their family physician. /s/ C. H. Donaho

Alice Ferguson, gave deposition before. Aunt Lizzie Hance wanted me to come and stay. I am the daughter of a sister to Petitioner [Obadiah Hudson]. Aunt Lizzie said Aunt Becky couldn't do the cooking unless someone showed her. M. A. [her X] Ferguson

Vira Clark [No age]. Used to sew for her. I lived at Pine Lick. Mrs. Thomas Hardcastle said Rebecca did not have mind enough to do anything. Am a niece of the Petitioner. My husband's sister is now in the Asylum. /s/ Vira Clark

Henry Davis [No age]. My aunts came over to my mother and reported they were run from home by Thomas Hardcastle. Aunt Lizzie wanted me to come home with her. I said I didn't want to meddle in other people's affairs. /s/ Henry Davis

Isaac Vinson [No age]. Known Defendant 30 years. M. W. Hance and his wife separated.

Question: You and your first wife's children are interested in the old lady's estate... that she be declared a lunatic, having her will set aside.

Answer: My children is interested... don't know that I am. I. [?Init] Vinson

S. T. Hudson [First part missing - mlj]: Rebecca Crabtree's husband was Buck Crabtree. She had money before they married.

Question: How did she rank with the rest of you children, her brothers and sisters, as a money maker?

Answer: She seemed to be a better money saver than any of us. /s/ S. T. Hudson

M. Hudson [No age]:

Question: Did you and your brother Riley administer your father's estate?

Answer: Yes. Final settlement has been 30 plus years. Last receipt taken was Ike and his first wife. I gave my old home place to my children. Rebecca was 68 years old last March.

Question: State who would be her heir or next of kin.

Answer: She has no husband or children. O. Hudson, Riley Hudson, M. Hudson, Taylor Hudson are her brothers. Sallie Gist, Hannah Davis and Elizabeth Hance are her sisters. Martha Vinson was her sister, she is dead, left four heirs. James Hudson and William Hudson, her brothers, is dead. Jim left three heirs, William left [blank] heirs. I live in Macon Co., about 2 1/2 miles from here. Our father Richard Hudson died Spring 1867.

Cap Hudson is a son of Obadiah Hudson. /s/ M. Hudson

DEPOSITIONS [No date, possibly July 1902 after Rebecca Crabtree's death Feb 1902]:

S. T. Hudson. Live 5 1/2 miles from here. She is my sister.

Meredith Hudson [Recalled. Nothing new - mlj]. /s/ M. Hudson

Simp Clark age 56, live 4th District, Jackson Co. /s/ S. Clark

H. L. Sadler [No age]. Have heard that Thos Hardcastle was abusive to Rebecca Crabtree and also Elizabeth Hance. /s/ H. L. Sadler

Mrs. Elizabeth Hance [No age]. Am a sister of Mrs. Rebecca Crabtree, the deceased. We lived together all our lives except five years she lived with her husband. He has been dead 20 years or more. Tom Hardcastle was eight years old when Wolford Hance brought him there in the month of October, been there since.

She sent Tom after H. A. Crabtree to write her will. She said she wanted property left to Thos Hardcastle.

After M. W. Hance left nine years ago, Tom Hardcastle was the only man person left. We raised Tom. My husband said him or Tom had to go. This was in the Spring. My husband has been gone, will be nine years ago next December 20th. E. [her X] Hance

[NOTE: M. W. Hance's name appears on many of these documents as the Justice of the Peace - mlj].

PETITION of H. A. Crabtree: Buckner Crabtree departed life intestate in Jackson Co. January 1881. Rebecca Crabtree was his widow. Following Complainants were his children and heirs, to wit:

J. M. Crabtree,

H. A. Crabtree,

G. R. Crabtree,

Amanda Clark intermarried with Smith Clark,

Newton Crabtree,

Rachel M. Crabtree

and the Defendants hereto,

L. F. Crabtree,

A. J. Crabtree,

Lourana Crabtree; also

Ider O. Crabtree and Mary Good, grandchildren of said deceased, the parents of whom died before said Buckner Crabtree. The last five are minors except L. F. Crabtree who recently attained her majority.

Buckner Crabtree at his death owned land on Jennings Creek, District 4 of Jackson Co., bounded west by land of John Donaho, east by widow Hudson tract, south by land of Samuel Shoulders and north by Mounce Gore, deceased, being 465 acres.

Widow is entitled to dower.

Petitioner purchased of said Rebecca A. Crabtree her right of dower. Petitioner is also owner by purchase the interest of J. M. Crabtree, G. R. Crabtree, Amanda Clark, Newton F. Crabtree and Rachel M. Crabtree. 6 February 1882. /s/ H. A. Crabtree



[Note: New folder, continuation of above; sanity hearing, will contested - mlj].

CONTEST ON WILL of Rebecca Crabtree, deceased...came brothers and sisters, she dying without issue in Jackson Co. [blank] February 1902. H. A. Crabtree resigned as Executor, J. N. McCoin appointed Administrator ad litem [No date].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: M. W. Hance against Isaac Vinson, William Vinson, Tad Vinson, Jim Vinson, Allice Ferguson & husband Henry Ferguson, Obediah Hudson, S. T. Hudson, Hannah Davis, Mollie Glover and husband R. W. Glover, Jim Hudson, Robert Hudson, John Hudson, Rena Hudson, James Pritchett, Meredith Hudson, Riley Hudson, the children and heirs at law of William Hudson deceased whose names are unknown but who is in court by publication, Sallie Gist, T. L. Hardcastle, Elizabeth Hance, Verna Pritchett, Ollie Belle Pritchett, W. C. Pritchett, Sylvanus Pritchett.

Elizabeth Hance and Rebecca Crabtree owned one-half interest in land, descended from their father Richard Hudson. Rebecca A. Crabtree prior to her death executed an instrument, purports to be Last Will & Testament... bequeathed entire interest of Rebecca A. Crabtree to Thomas L. Hardcastle, which was contested... now pending.

DEPOSITION 8 November 1902:

Dallas Crabtree. L. D. Crabtree sworn, age 23, live Jackson Co. Known Rebecca A. Crabtree as long as I can remember, live one-half mile. In 1897 or 1898, was called on to witness her will. My father H. A. Crabtree wrote the will. When witnessed, my father was present and Mr. Haywood Hix and the old lady. Don't remember anyone else, except the home folks were about the house somewhere. H. A. Crabtree read the will over to all there, and asked Rebecca A. Crabtree if that was what she wanted and she said yes, and made her cross mark and Mr. Haywood Hicks asked if she wanted us to witness it and she said yes.... we signed as witnesses. /s/ L. D. Crabtree


I, Rebecca Ann Crabtree do make & publish this as my last will and testament, hereby revoking & making void all others by me at anytime made.

First, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any money that I may die posesed [sic] of or may first come into the hands of my Executor.

Second, after this has been done I give and bequeath to Thomas L. Hardcastle the Residue of my estate personal [smear] landed Estate owned by me at my death including my wearing apparel, beds & bed clothing & all my household & kitchen furniture, live stock of all kinds horses hogs & cattle: All money that I have on hand... my entire undivided one-half interest in the home place where I know [sic] live: my sister Elizabeth Hance & myself own the farm jointly. Each own one half... West of Jennings Creek, 4th Civil District of Jackson County bounded east by land of Hannah Davis, west by H. A. Crabtree, north by land of the Gore heirs and south by land of Samuel Shoulders & others... the same that Decended [sic] to me from my father Richard Hudson Decd... said Thomas L. Hardcastle to him and his heirs forever... nominate and appoint H. A. Crabtree my Executor. 2 August 1898. Rebecca Ann [her X mark] Crabtree

Witness: H. H. Hix, L. D. Crabtree

CAUSE HEARD: Thursday March 10, 1904, in favor of Thomas L. Hardcastle. Each to pay half of expense of cost. Jury: A. B. Smith, W. F. Swann, J. B. Stafford, John Brazzell, John Lee, Bill York, B. P. Savage, J. B. Billingsley, C. J. Reeves, John Williams, G. W. Flynn, S. M. Tinsley.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: M. W. Hance of Jackson Co., Tennessee against Ike Vinson, Wm Vinson, Allice Ferguson & husband Henry Ferguson, Obediah Hudson, S. T. Hudson, Hannah Davis, Mollie Glover and husband R. W. Glover, Jim Hudson, Robert Hudson, John Hudson, Rena Hudson, all of Jackson Co., James Pritchett & wife Emma Pritchett, children and heirs of James Hudson of Smith Co., Tennessee, Meredith Hudson, Riley Hudson citizens of Macon County. The children & heirs at law of Wm Hudson deceased who reside in the State of Illinois whose names & ages & sex are unknown to Complaint. Sallie Gist who intermarried with John Gist now deceased of the State of Illinois and T. L. Hardcastle of Jackson Co., Elizabeth Hance of Jackson Co.

Richard Hudson died many years ago in Jackson Co. leaving a widow who died soon after his death.

After his death, lands were divided among his heirs. Lands hereinafter described were allotted to his daughters Rebecca A. Crabtree and Elizabeth Hance.

4th District of Jackson Co., TN bounded west by Gore heirs, east by Hannah Davis, south by Sam Shoulders and west by Bent Crabtree and Silas Shoulders being 200 acres more or less. [Blank] 1902 said Elizabeth Hance conveyed her one-half interest to Complainant by deed.

Said Rebecca Crabtree recently died without issue. Her husband died many years ago, and she had no children by their said marriage. She had several brothers and sisters, to wit [Numbering is mine - mlj]:

1. Wm Hudson, a brother, deceased, children unknown, resided Illinois.

2. Sallie Gist, a sister, resided Illinois, husband John Gist, deceased.

3. James Hudson a brother, died leaving children [A]. Emma Pritchett & husband James Pritchett of Smith Co.; [B]. Quade Hudson a son of James Hudson is now dead and left Mollie his wife who has since remarried to R. W. Glover of Jackson Co. and the issue of Quade and Mollie are Jim Hudson an adult, Bobby Hudson, John Hudson, Rena Hudson and last three are minors without legal guardians also [C]. Jim Hudson and his wife Anna Hudson, citizens of Kansas.

4. Patty married Ike Vinson. Patty is dead and left her husband and the following children: [A]. Wm O. Vinson [B]. Tade Vinson [C] Jim Vinson [D] Allice Ferguson married Henry Ferguson, all of Jackson Co.

5. Obadiah Hudson of Jackson Co., TN.

6. S. T. Hudson of Jackson Co., TN.

7. Hannah Davis, a sister, who married Richard Davis, of Jackson Co.

8. Meredith Hudson a brother of Macon Co., TN.

9. Riley Hudson a brother of Macon Co., TN.

10. Elizabeth Hance who conveyed her interest in land to Complainant.

Said Rebecca Crabtree departed life February 7, 1902 in Jackson Co.

DEPOSITIONS 10 July 1902:

B. D. Clark age 46, known land 35 years, can be divided. /s/ B. D. Clark

M. G. Cassetty age 48. Know land about 15 years, about 200 acres, could be divided in two parts. /s/ M. G. Cassetty

ANSWER: Vernia Pritchet, ?Allit Pritchet, W. C. Pritchet, minor heirs of Emma Pritchet, deceased by guardian T. M. Gailbreath. Suppose bill of complaint of W. M. Hance is correct. 8 July 1902.

CAUSE HEARD: Obediah Hudson vs Rebecca Crabtree, lunacy hearing. Rebecca Crabtree of unsound mind... has existed during time set forth by jury. H. L. Sadler appointed Guardian. 20 March 1902.

PETITION: Obadiah Hudson & Riley Hudson of Macon Co. administered the estate of Richard Hudson, recovered judgment against James W. Smallwood, same county & state and Thomas Hufhines principal. Petitioner W. C. Purcell security and R. F. Richmond as Stayor.


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Sis Hardy, col., of Jackson County, Tennessee against Bedford Hardy a citizen of the State of Kentucky. Married [blank] in Jackson County, together a year or year and a half. Defendant refused to support, wouldn't work. She would wash to bring in something to eat and he would bring in a gang and eat it up. She complained about his conduct, he struck her with a plank - nearly put out one of her eyes. Could not live with him safely, separated. He has since married in Clay County, Tennessee and they are living in the State of Kentucky. One child of the marriage, a minor Alvis Hardy about eight years old. His father drinks, gambles and cusses... not a suitable parent. Asks custody. 2 May 1914. /s/ Sis Haile Hardy

24 July 1914, case heard, granted.

Copy of marriage certificate: 31 July 1911, Clay County, Tennessee, Bedford Hardy (col) and Jenetta Allen (col).

[NEW] HARE, ACHILLES & others vs TOLBERT, JAMES B. & others ca 1858?

[NOTE: File folder does not have court or date shown. Probably Chancery - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Achilles Hare, Toliver Kirkpatrick and Robert C. Kirkpatrick of Jackson Co. against James R. Tolbert, Sarah G. Cason of Jackson Co.

Edward S. Cason departed life intestate in Jackson Co. 1858, left Sarah G. Cason his widow. Defendant James R. Tolbert, Administrator.

Achilles Hare on 7 January 1856 sold land in Dist. 1, Jackson Co. to Edward S. Cason, 89 acres more or less, being the same land he purchased from James Young, R. M. Kinnaird, Nathan Montgomery and Toliver Kirkpatrick, adjoining land of Wade Woodfolk, Nathan Montgomery and Polly Cornwell. Cason paid $500, executed note for $500 dated 4 Jan 1856, was due 1st January 1857. Estate of Edward S. Cason insolvent, remains unpaid.


[NOTE: Both these in the "Hare & Cook vs Polly Henry" folder, but one doesn't appear to have anything to do with the other. Absolum Johnson case possibly misfiled - mlj].

DEPOSITIONS 23 January 1849:

John C. Clemmons, about 35.

Question: State what you know about the agency between Henry Carter & Dale Carter in winding up Henry Carter's business.

Answer: It was my understanding [Dale Carter was acting for Henry Carter].

Question: Did Dr. Absolom Johnson perform medical services for a family of negroes belonging to Henry Carter while in the possession of Dale & James Carter?

Answer: I never knew him tending but one... ?minah [or minch]. John [X] Clemmons

Thomas L. Bransford age about 35. In the Fall 1846 or Spring 1847, think the latter year, Dr. Absolum Johnson & Dale Carter came in to our counting room. A note was written for $100... to my best recollection, one was signed "Henry Carter by his Atty Dale Carter". /s/ Thomas L. Bransford


BILL OF COMPLAINT: Samuel E. Hare and Watson M. Cooke against Polly Henry. Michael Henry died seized and possessed of a tract of land in Jackson Co., Tenn south of the Roaring River joining lands of Mounce Gore, Nimrod Johnson & Robert Young, which tract was conveyed to said Henry by Jonah McClelland, about 60 acres more or less. Polly Henry of Jackson County is the widow and relict of said Michael Henry, is entitled to dower. Said Polly Henry being indebted to Orators for $157.83. Polly Henry on 20 April 1841 executed a deed of mortgage for her dower in said tract... still due and unpaid. Dower has not been assigned and the heirs of said Michael Henry deceased are James Henry, William Jordan Henry and Michael P. Henry, all minors and residents of said county.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: 16 March 1849 Polly Henry filed a Bill of Complaint against Sam E. Hare and Watson M. Cooke... Said Hare and Cooke are enjoined from having writ of possession issued for land where she now lives pending further notice of Court.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: [Note: Severe ink bleed-through, almost impossible to pick out but a few words - mlj].

Polly Henry... she is a widow with small children... fraudulent designs... without taking account of any balance... she be permitted to pay off same... and be permitted to raise her children upon said dower. Polly [her X mark] Henry

DOWER ASSIGNED: 28 January 1848... Polly Henry indebted to Complainants $72.82.

PLAT MAP: Dower of 53 acres bounded on west by Roaring River... Robert Young deceased line, including mansion house of Michael Henry, deceased. Balance 85 acres. Commissioners assigning dower were Thomas Gaw, John Stamps, John M. Burris, Joseph [his X] Stafford, William Gray

BILL OF COMPLAINT: George D. Allen against Hugh P. Allen, Admr of Michael Henry, deceased.

Sometime in the beginning of Winter 1838, orator & Michael Henry entered into a partnership by parol to ship boat load of produce from Jackson County where they both resided to the City of New Orleans... equal partners, share expenses and profits. Said Henry provided a boat and loaded it with cattle, each party equal in purchasing same, total $568.50. Spring 1839 Orator and said Henry descended the river, sold same in New Orleans. After paying all hands except a small sum owed Hugh P. Allen, proceeds amounted to $1129. Both bought personal articles at Nashville from partnership money, Henry by at least $41 more than Orator. About 11 June 1839 Michael Henry died at Jackson County, intestate.

Letters of Administration issued to Hugh P. Allen, who has refused to make final settlement. [Note: Settlement made 2 November 1840, on film - mlj].

[NEW] HARE, SAMUEL E. vs GRIFFITH, NANCY, et al Chancery 1847

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Samuel E. Hare against Nancy Griffith, Lindsey B. Griffith, David Griffith, Elisha Vinzant, John VanHoozer, Jonas C. Griffith, Francis K. Griffith, Wilson H. Gains, Gustavis Griffith, citizens of Jackson Co. except Lindsey B. Griffith, a citizen of Macon Co., TN.

Jonas Griffith departed life about eight years ago leaving above named defendants his only heirs except Nancy Senr who is the wife of Jonas Griffith decst and such of the children of said Jonas as have since departed this life as hereinafter set forth [This document does not include married daughters of Jonas Griffith, but does list their husbands; better list on another doc - mlj].

Said Jonas died seized and possessed of a tract of land in Jackson Co., TN, about 450 acres, whereon the widow now resides.

Orator indorsed [sic] a note to Bank of Tennessee at Sparta for $500 about 1st July 1846 for Defendants Nancy Griffith Senr, James P. Griffith who has since departed life intestate and in ?solvent and Defendant David is his Administrator, Wilson H. Gains, Francis K. Griffith, Jonas C. Griffith. Your orator is the last indorser [sic] upon said note. No probability of prior indorsers paying... will fall to orator.

Orator also holds note of Nancy Griffith Senr, Wilson Gaines, Francis K. Griffith, Jonas C. Griffith and the same James P. Griffith, Decd for $680.27 due 2 July 1846.

Also note of Jonas C. Griffith and James P. Griffith, deceased for $41.61 due 2 July 1846.

Also note of Francis K. Griffith and Jonas C. Griffith due 1 July 1845.

Also note of Samuel K. Griffith, son of said Jonas Griffith deceased who died intestate without issue since his father, and has no administrator for $34.47 due 1 April 1844.

Defendants Hoozer, Vinzant & Gains intermarried with daughters of said Jonas Griffith, deceased.

Land has not been partitioned nor dower assigned. There is little personal property, no means to pay. Asks land be sold to pay debts. 6 March 1847. /s/ Sam E. Hare

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Make known to Nancy Griffith and David Griffith, Admrs of James P. Griffith deceased, Jonas C. Griffith, Francis K. Griffith, Wilson H. Gaines. Samuel Hare filed bill of complaint. They are enjoined from transferring assets.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Samuel E. Hare of Wilson Co., TN against Watson M. Cooke of Davidson Co., TN, Lindsey B. Griffith, Augustus P. Griffith, George Walton & Mariah Walton his wife of Macon County, TN, Sally M. Vinzant [Vanzandt] of the State of Missouri, Jonas C. Griffith a non resident of Tennessee but what state is unknown, Wilson H. Gaines & Polly Gaines his wife, Mary J. and Mariah Clay Griffith, John VanHooser & Nancy VanHooser his wife, Francis K. Griffith of Jackson Co., TN.

Jonas Griffith departed life intestate in Jackson Co., TN, seized and possessed of tract of land in Dist. 16 on Cumberland River of about 450 acres which descended to his children & heirs being eleven in number as follows [Numbering is mine - mlj]:

1. Polly Gaines married Wilson H. Gaines

2. Jonas C. Griffith

3. Nancy VanHooser married John VanHooser

4. Francis K. Griffith

5. Lindsey B. Griffith

6. Augustus P. Griffith

7. Mariah Walton married George Walton

8. Sally Vinzant whose husband is dead.

9. Samuel K. Griffith [Deceased, unmarried, no issue; see below - mlj].

10. James P. Griffith who has since died, left two children Mary J. Griffith and Mariah C. Griffith, both minors and widow Sally [sic; given as "Polly" in another document, "Sally" in yet another - mlj].

11. Elizabeth Hancock married Edward R. Hancock. She has since died, leaving one child and it died in infancy.

On 23 May 1843 Samuel K. Griffith executed a deed of trust for his 1/11 to S. B. Griffith to secure a debt. Samuel K. Griffith departed life leaving no wife or children. Orator qualified to administer his estate.

Orator has purchased all other ten children's undivided interests, subsequently sold same to Thadeus C. Quarles and James W. Draper.

Doesn't have clear title to share of Samuel K. Griffith, although money Samuel K. owed him was more than share was worth.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Samuel E. Hare of Wilson Co. against Mary Josephine Griffith and Mariah Clay Griffith. James P. Griffith departed life intestate in Jackson County, left widow Sally C. Griffith and two children Mary Josephine and Mariah Clay Griffith, then and now minors under age 21.

DEED: John vanHoozer & Nancy vanHooser his wife to Edmond R. Hancock, our interest in following five tracts of land in Jackson County, Tennessee on Jennings Creek, north side of Roaring River in Dist. 10:

TRACT 1: 50 acres granted by State of Tennessee to Moses Smith, Jonas Griffith & David Dixon... line of David Griffith's 80 acres by virtue of Entry No. 379.

TRACT 2: Entry No. 147 of Jonas Griffith by State of Tennessee, Grant No. 2244.

31 1/2 acres conveyed by David Dixon and Moses Smith by Quit Claim deed 13 November 1818 to Jonas Griffith.

TRACT 3: 18 acres conveyed by John Griffith to Jonas Griffith, deed 16 November 1837... line of John Wilson... line Moses Smith

TRACT 4: 130 acres conveyed by John Griffith to Jonas Griffith by deed dated 26 May 1851... bank of Jennings Creek.

TRACT 5: John Griffith to Jonas Griffith 26 May 1831... where Wilson line & Payton line intersects.

Registered 6 January 1846. /s/ John vanHooser, /s/ Nancy vanHooser

DEED: Edmond R. Hancock to James W. Draper... interest in land of Jonas Griffith which I purchased of John & Nancy vanHooser. 8 July 1847. /s/

DEED: Elisha Vanzandt & Sarah Vanzandt his wife to Samuel E. Hare, interest in undivided landed estate of Jonas Griffith, deceased. 21 April 1849 [Acknowledged in Jackson Co., TN /s/ Elish Vanzandt, Sarah [her X] Vanzandt

DEED: Sarah Griffith to Sam E. Hare, interest to my Dower... estate of Jonas Griffith deceased, being wife of said Griffith. 25 March 1851. /s/ Sarah Griffith

[NEW] HARGIS, JAMES P., Guardian of HARGIS, JEFFERSON heir County 1878

SETTLEMENT: James P. Hargis, guardian of Thomas Hargis, minor heir of Jefferson Hargis. 1st Monday in April 1878. Assets included rent of ward's land, December 1877.

PHARRIS vs MAIZE & MYERS Chancery 1870-74

BILL OF COMPLAINT of James Pharis of Jackson County against White Myers of DeKalb Co., James Hargis, Leroy Carter of Jackson Co. and Rial Maise a none-resident, defendants.

James Hargis & Leroy S. Carter filed their original bill of complaint and amended bill against Orator and Rial Maise, James Keith, John Hughes, which is still pending. Allege James Keith is indebted to James Hargis for notes: Due 1 March 1859 for $15; Due 25 December 1860 for $94; Note made 27 December 1859 for $12. Also LeRoy S. Carter is Stayor for said Keith, case of A. W. Thaxton against Mark Keith & James Keith, 16 June 1860 for $42.00. James Keith is insolvent.

That Rial Maise sold to Nancy Keith and made her a title bond land in Jackson Co. Dist. 15, about 50 acres, bounded by land of Joseph Jared and others. That she is dead, but prior to her death she devised the same by will to James Keith and said James Keith sold same for $400 to James Pharis, and that John Hughes is her Administrator.

The bill and amended bill of Hargis and Carter charges said sale is fraudulent but if bona fide, that Orator be decreed to pay liabilities of said James Keith to said Hargis and Carter.

Orator will show legal title is in Rial Maise - that he sold the land to Nancy Keith and executed a title bond, that she conveyed same to her son James Keith which has been registered, and that said James Keith sold to your Orator for $400 and executed a title bond; that it is not fraudulent.

Orator executed two notes of $200 each to James Keith, one due 25 December 1861 and the other due 25 December 1862.

Since which time, James Keith departed life intestate and White Myers is his Administrator and not John Hughes as erroneously alleged.

Orator paid in full to White Myers as Administrator $200 on note which was due 25 December 1862 and paid $150 on the other note, and presented an account against the estate of James Keith for $45, which was credited to the note, on 5 December 1862.

At the time payments were made, said Hargis & Carter were in the Confederate Army and William Hargis, the father of said James Hargis, told your Orator that James Hargis had authorized White Myers to receive and collect money due him... said pay the money to him and he would send it to James Hargis and L. S. Carter... not with an intention of violating an injunction but honestly and in good faith.

Orator did not know of indebtedness of James Keith, or if claims were just. Court was not being held in Jackson Co. on account of the Civil War, so he could not have paid it into court... there was no one except White Myers he could pay... that if anyone owes, it's White Myers. /s/ Quarles, Sol.

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: On 7 December 1860 James Hargis & Leroy S. Carter filed Bill of Complaint against James Keith. Feby term 1866 the death of James Keith since filing bill was suggested and proved in open court. White Myers was appointed Administrator. 8 March 1868.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of James Hargis and Leroy S. Carter. James Keith is indebted to them... unpaid notes. Also Leroy Carter staid execution by A. W. Thaxton against James & Mark Keith. Haram [sic; Hiram?] Keith is also in two of said notes... insolvent. James Keith and Mark Keith are insolvent.

Rial Maise sold about 50 acres to Nancy Keith. She is now deceased. Before death willed it to James Keith on his paying up the balance of money due Rial Maise. Believe James Keith is about to fraudulently dispose of property, asks injunction. 2nd Monday in August 1860.

DEPOSITIONS September 1871::

___________ [Note: First and last part missing. Have no idea who made statement - mlj]: Hiram Keith was alive when the notes were signed, lived near Granville. Don't know if he's dead or alive now.

Benjamin B. Washburn age 53 [Identified White Myers' writing]. /s/ B. B. Washburn

James Hargis [No age]. James Keith owed... Receipt of White Myers dated 5 December 1862.

DEPOSITIONS 10 October 1874:

James Carter [No age]. Was present when James Pharis paid White Myers some money. James Hargis was in the Southern Army at that time, believe he was at Murfreesboro. James [his X] Carter

James Pharis [No age]. Paid some money to White Myers that I owed to James Keith. James [X] Pharris

REPORT OF CLERK, JACKSON CO: Whereas on the 7th Oct 1861 the death of Nancy Keath and James Keath late of the County of Jackson was suggested in open court and that he departed this life intestate... White Myers is appointed Administrator. 1st Monday in October 1861

COPY OF TITLE BOND: James L. Keith to James Pharris, registered Decr 5, 1860, Book L, pages 141 & 142... Land to be conveyed after making last payment. Dated 4 December 1860, /s/ James L. Keith, attested by Terrill Byrne & J. C. Spurlock

ANSWER: White Myers to Bill of Complaint. Was administrator of estate of James Keith. Did not tell James Pharris to pay him and he would send it to James Hargis. Denies he is liable to Carter, Hargis, Complainant or anyone for said sum of money.

Respondent White Myers relys [sic] upon his discharge in Bankruptcy, states that 21 May 1873, Middle District of Tennessee, U. S. District Court, he filed voluntary bankruptcy under U. S. Bankruptcy laws, particularly Act of March 2, 1867. J. W. Campbell was appointed assignee... whereas White Myers of Overton Co. has been totally adjudged a bankrupt. 9 May 1874. /s/ White Myers


John Cale [No age]. Know land where Nancy Keith lived at death. She lived there one or two years before her death in 1860 as well as I recollect. James Keith lived there two or three years before his death in 1862. Both lived there at death. Rial Maise bought the land from Joseph Jones. Rial never moved on the land that I know of. /s/ John Cale

James Pharris age 69. Am defendant. Paid the money after Keith died. James Keith died in 1861 or 1862. Complainant Hargis states 1861. James [his X] Pharris

DEPOSITIONS 23 April 1873:

Joseph Jones about age 51. Once owned land which James Pharris bought of James Keith. I purchased from James W. Smith. Did not sell all I purchased to [Rial] Mayse, only a part. Rial Maize moved from this country. Last I heard he was in the State of Illinois. Made a deed to Nancy and James Keith at the direction of Rial Mayse, think before the year 1860. Nancy and James Keith both died. Don't know when she died. He died in the fall of the year 1861. James Keith was unmarried at the time of his death, had no legal issue. He had an only sister and no brother. His sister is also dead and had no children. Can not tell when she died.

Question: Say whether Nancy Keith was ever married in her lifetime.

Answer: I never knew of her being married, her children were illegitimate I suppose. She had a daughter named Manerva. She had children. I suppose some of them are living and I think Manerva's husband is also living.

Question: Say whether Knight Huff claims any of the land described in the deed from James W. Smith to you...

Answer: Knight Huff wanted to claim a spring on the land. I ran my fence above it and held it.

... James Murray the husband of Manerva, a daughter of Nancy Keith... said he intended to see his children got part of it [the land].

Question: Which Jim Murray was setting up his claim... was it the Devil Jim Murray or the Lousy Jim Murray?

Answer: It was the one that married Nancy Keith's oldest daughter Manerva. I have heard him called by the latter name. Manerva... died before her mother did. Do not know where Murry is now. Joseph [his X mark] Jones

James Hargis 36, Complainant. Father is William Hargis. He sent me $10 or $15 while I was in prison in 1864. I learned from Mr. Pharris that father got it from him. I was a Rebel soldier in Ft. Delaware prison. I settled with Mr. Pharris.

[Note: There's a sentence here that doesn't make sense to me; am mentioning case should someone wish to refer to it - mlj] ... case of Lambert vs Pharris for slander, Jackson County Court.

I wrote to my father to get money White Myers owed me for a horse. I did not authorize my father or White Myers to collect money from James Pharris. /s/ James Hargis

Robert Mansell age 27. Now Register of Jackson Co. Court house burned 14 Aug 1872.

CROSS-BILL: James Pharis of Jackson Co. vs James Hargis, LeRoy S. Carter, Rial Maize & White Myers of said county and John Hughes of Davidson Co., TN. [Nothing new other than some of these individuals are not where other documents "placed" them - mlj]. Filed October 1870.

DEPOSITION 7 April 1874, Overton Co., TN:

White Myers age 49. Was born and raised in Jackson Co., lived there until 1868. Knew James L. Keith, administered his estate. James Pharris came to me to pay off notes due James Keith in Confederate money. He said William Hargis told him the money was going to his son James Hargis and he would take Confederate money. I took $280 in Confederate money and $70 on a note of William Robinson which I later collected. Balance is unpaid. I sent after William Hargis to come get the money. He said he had never talked to Pharis, that he didn't have the notes... that if he had them, he would take the money, and that was the end of that.

William Hargis is now dead. He died after the close of the late war. At the time James Pharis paid the Confederate money, I believe James Hargis was in Tullahoma.

I was James McClarin's successor as Justice in the 15th District of Jackson Co., got his docket. No judgment in favor of A. W. Thaxton against James L. Keith came to my hands. Not sure there was one. 8 April 1874. /s/ White Myers

[NEW] HARGIS, JAMES, Guardian of HOGAN, HUGH County 1883

[Note: Above is case title on file folder. James Hargis was Guardian of Ida Hogan, George Ann Hogan, Hugh Hogan, Alice Hogan - all minor heirs of M. C. Hogan, deceased - mlj].

Earliest settlement filmed was 1st May 1879, recorded Guardian Settlement Book A pages 157 & 8, with Ida.

"James Hargis, guardian to Ida Gailbreath wife of John P. Gailbreath who was formerly Ida Hogan, heir of M. C. Hogin, deceased".

There was an itemized list of items on this settlement for each child. These were the only settlements listed for Ida and Alice:

Ida Hogin's Bill [fabric, thread, ink, paper, shoes, gloves], Total $7.42

Alice Hogan's Bill [same items], Total $6.07.

Annie Hogin's Bill [same items except no ink/paper], $4.70

H. Henry Hogin's Bill [same items except no ink/paper], $4.03

The last date a settlement is shown for G. A. [George Ann "Annie"] was 5 May 1891.

The last date a settlement is shown for Hugh is April 6, 1895.

"Mrs. Mary Hogan in acct with John G. Duke, Cookeville, Tenn for Hugh Hogan 1883, per James Hargis, $7.75.

"Mrs. Mary Hogan in acct with John G. Duke, Cookeville, Tenn for Ann Hogan 1883, per James Hargis, $7.75.

[NEW] HARGIS, JAMES, Admr vs REESE, ISABELLA, et al Chancery 1866

BILL OF COMPLAINT of James Hargis, Admr against Isabella Reese and husband Con Reese, Katharine Hargis, Polly Hargis and James Hargis, the last three minors with no guardian, all citizens of Jackson Co.

Abram Hargis died intestate, Orator is Administrator, appointed December term 1865. Defendant Isabella Reese is his widow, since his death intermarried with [blank] Reese. Defendants Katharine Hargis, Polly Hargis and James Hargis are his only children and heirs at law and are minors.

Abram Hargis died seized and possessed of tract in District 15, on Dry Fork of Martin's Creek, about 50 acres. Isabella Reese as his widow is entitled to dower. No personal assets to pay debts of at least $250; notes due Orator of $250. Necessary to sell land...

ANSWER: Katherine Hargis, Polly Hargis & James Hargis by Guardian ad litem H. H. Dillard to Bill of Complaint by James Hargis. Admit death of their father Abram Hargis. Not advised of personal assets, amount of land, will leave to court.

DOWER ASSIGNED: Plat map 135 acres to Issabella Reece (formerly widow Hargis) waters of Martin's Creek... Wade's line... which in our opinion constituted one-third value of total. /s/ Danl M. Morgan Senr, A. J. Vantrease, Terrell Byrne, Commissioners

CAUSE HEARD Feby 1867: James Hargis, Admr vs Isabella Reese and husband Cown [sic] Reese, Katharine Hargis, Polly Hargis and James Hargis. Title vested out of defendants Katherine, Polly, & James Hargis, heirs at law of Abram and into purchaser James Hargis subject to dower. James Hargis to take absolute title to all after the life estate of widow. Debts paid from sale proceeds. Should there be funds left after payment of debt, distribution to be made to heirs.


[NOTE: This was inserted at top, above "Bill of Complaint"; don't know if it was added later, or was an original part of the case: "his father on his death bed to make said deed promising to let her and the children have the land after his death intending all the time to appropriate the property to his own use. Doctor Fink a creditor of the deceased, made defendant pay him a good horse out of his own means to keep him from ?setting aside said deed" - mlj].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Rhody Hargis against James Hargis. She is the widow of William Hargis, deceased who died intestate in Jackson Co. 18[blank]. Said intestate a short time before his death deeded to his son James Hargis a tract of land intestate owned and resided upon for many years. Oratrix has six small children of said William Hargis, deceased, who left but little personal property. Defendant James Hargis procured himself to be appointed Administrator... land in District 15, Jackson Co. worth $700-$800. Defendant James Hargis did not pay anything like adequate consideration if any at all.

Said James Hargis a son of William Hargis by the wife of his first marriage, fraudulently procured said intestate... purpose of defrauding Oratrix out of dower. Intestate was sick a considerable time with a lingering disease before his death... defendant led him to believe that if he did not make the deed that D. K. Fink the physician for which he charged something like $400, Fink would sell all the land from his widow and children and leave them destitute. Defendant has turned Oratrix out of doors. [Blank] November 1869. Rhody [her X mark] Hargis

POVERTY OATH: Not able to bear expense of trial due to poverty. 18 April 1870. Rhody [her X] Hargis


AFFIDAVIT: Came Jefferson Hargis... recovered November term 1861 against said Novell Chaffin $8.00... judgment has not been paid. Records burned 1872. 11 May 1874. Jefferson [his X] Hargis

[NEW] HARGIS, JAMES vs CLEMONS, JOHN C., et al Circuit 1913

CAUSE HEARD: Non-jury case, in favor of Plaintiff, that he be restored to possession of land sued for.

DEEDS LISTED AS EXHIBIT "A" [Copies not filmed]:

G. R. Holleman heirs to James W. A. Hargis

F. A. Kelly to James S. A. Hargis

Thula Eller to James W. A. Hargis

W. A. and Alice Hargis to James W. A. Hargis dated 7 November 1905

NOTICE TO SHERIFF: Complaint made by James Hargis of forcible and unlawful entry by John C. Clemons and Robert Reece... land bounded north by Alic Clemons (deceased) and a conditional line made by G. R. Holliman, decd & J. G. Holliman, west by John C. Clemons and F. A. Kelly, south by other land of James Hargis, being about 1 1/2 or two acres. 7 November 1912. /s/ T. D. Hargis, J. P.

DEPOSITIONS February 18 & 19, 1914:

James Hargis age 77, live Granville. F. A. Kelly conveyed to W. A. Hargis and myself the undivided interest in said land belonging to Lura Burton a grand daughter of G. R. Holleman. Also a deed by Darthuler Eller to W. A. Hargis and myself dated November [blank] 1903, acknowledged December 4, 1903.

My understanding is John C. Clemons and Henry Reece and Jno C. Clemons has been in possession since the death of his step mother which I think was in 1912. Alex Clemmons died in 1909. He was the father of Jno C. Clemmons. He showed me the corner... wanted to buy the land in controversy. I wouldn't sell it because it would cut me off from other land. I let him use it for a garden. Someone put up a fence. After Alex died, his widow came over to my house. I told her she didn't have to give up her garden. She said she knew the land was mine. I was at the disputed property talking to Jno C. Clemons, and Bud Spiva showed us the lines. He said he used to live near by and showed us where his house and barn were. /s/ Jas Hargis

E. M. Hargis. Am the wife of plaintiff James Hargis. Knew Mrs. Clemons, wife of Alex C. Clemons... had a conversation with her after her husband died in the Spring of the year, don't remember what month or don't remember the year. She was the step mother of defendants. /s/ Mrs. E. M. Hargis

G. R. Maddox age 68, live near Granville. /s/ G. R. Maddox

W. H. Daniel age 51, live Granville. Rented the Hargis farm. Mr. Hargis told Alex Clemmons he could cultivate a garden there if I had no objections. /s/ W. H. Daniel

J. E. Reece, will be age 60 in September. Live 5th District, north side [of] river, farm. Spoke with Geo R. Holleman. He thought a tree I cut off my wife's land was on his... said to get Peggy Finn to show me the line and I did and the tree was not within 20 feet of him. Geo R. Holleman died. My boy has been dead 15 years, and he died before my boy.

When I saw Holleman, he had been blind a number of years. He was one-half mile from where I cut the tree.

Henry Farley (col.) helped me cut up the tree. Don't know if he's living. 4-5-6 years ago he was in Kentucky. J. E. [his X] Reece

A. M. Duke. Lived on the George Holleman land 19 years ago. Rented from J. G. Holleman while he had the place in charge for Sallie Finn. /s/ A. M. Duke

James G. Holleman. Am a son of George R. Holleman. I once owned the A. C. Clemmons land, sold it to my son R. B. Holleman, deed 23 May 1903 from J. G. and Matilda F. Holleman to Robt B. Holleman. R. B. Holleman is dead. After he died, his wife Hetty Holleman sold it to A. C. Clemons.

Question: Did you have a conversation with your son Roy Holleman and James Hargis about the fence?

Answer: Yes, after old man Clemons died... Roy is dead, little over a year.

My father bought the upper land from John Kelly. /s/ J. G. Holleman

Leona Clemons. I am a daughter of Alex Clemmons. I lived with my father on his land. /s/ Leona Clemons

[NEW] HARGIS, JAMES, et al vs WILLIAMSON, THOMAS C. et al Chancery 1876

[Note: Depending on who filed bill, made deposition, there are differing versions as to who Joseph H. Williamson's grandchildren are. The Bill filed by Washburn & Morgan, Sol. is particularly confusing. I typed verbatim as names appeared - mlj].

DEPOSITIONS: 16 February 1877

James M. Williamson, age 33. Children of Joseph H. Williamson and his grand children whose parents are dead are all parties to this suit, either complainants or defendants. Children are: A. K. Williamson, J. M. Williamson, Thomas R. Williamson, I. K. Williamson, J. R. Williamson, M. B. Watts and J. H. Williamson.

Grand children whose parents are dead: M. A. Wade, F. E. Wade, Isam Wade.

Joseph H. Williamson died about the year 1868.

I saw the will of Nancy Williamson. I suppose the will was admitted to probate. Milton Kirkpatrick was appointed to execute the will. Kirkpatrick and Martha M. Goodall, subscribing witnesses to the will, are both dead. I think Exhibit B is a substantial copy of the will.

Question: State who was meant by "my brother Henderson" in the will of Nancy Williamson and her relationship to Joseph H. Williamson, your father - and by what name your father was usually called in your family and neighborhood.

Answer: It was Joseph H. Williamson... and he was her brother. He was usually called Henderson Williamson.

I know the tract of land mentioned in Nancy Williamson's will. The mother of testator Nancy Williamson is dead. My father died first. There was eight shares of my mother's interest. They have all sold [their share] to James Hargis except James H. Williamson and the Wade heirs and myself. I sold to J. K. Williamson and he sold both his and the share I sold him to James Hargis.

Do not believe the land could be partitioned so 2/8 could be laid off to the children of Rachel Wade and to J. H. Williamson, the minors. Think it best to sell and distribute proceeds. /s/ J. M. Williamson

Terrell Byrne age 50. I wrote the will for Nancy Williamson at her request, believe Exhibit B is substantial if not a literal copy. I lived on the adjacent land last 25 years. Is well timbered, only two springs and one of them fails in Summer. Don't think it could be partitioned or 2/8 laid off to minor heirs. /s/ Terrell Byrne

Emily Williamson age 60. W. H. and Nancy Williamson were brother and sister and were my brother in law and sister in law. I think William H. died in 1866 [written over - could be 1856 - mlj] in December and Nancy died 1867.

I know the land that was bequeathed to her mother during her life and then remainder to J. H. Williamson and his heirs. Nancy Williamson purchased said tract from W. A. Williamson. I have seen the deed. It was burned when my house burnt. She gave him $900 for the land. After her mother died it was to go to J. H. Williamson and then his heirs.

Question: State relationship of Thomas C. Williamson, Finis E. Quarles, Julia Terry, Angelina Hix, James W. S. Williamson, John B. Williamson, Martha Mitchell, Martha McDonald and Margarett McDonald and Sallie Brown to Testate Nancy Williamson.

Answer: J. B. Williamson, Thomas C. Williamson and J. W. S. Williamson are her brothers. Martha Mitchel was her sister. Martha McDonnell and Margaret McDonnell are her nieces, children of her dead sister. Finis E. Quarles is her nephew and Angeline Hix and Julia Terry are nieces and Sally Brown her great niece.

Question: State whether or not the above with the children of J. H. Williamson and his grandchildren of his daughter Rachel Wade and children of Wm A. Williamson are the only heirs at law of Nancy Williamson.

Answer: They are all I know of. I am the widow of Joseph H. Williamson. I sold my interest [dower] in the tract to James Hargess. My husband was usually called Henderson. He died August 1868.

James Hargis age 40. Purchased six shares of the tract including the widow's interest and have contracted for A. K. Williamson's share. I am owner of all shares except the minors - J. H. Williamson and the Wade heirs.

John H. Chaffin age 32. Cannot find deed mentioned indexed in the two remaining Registers Books. All the rest burned in the fire 14 August 1872. /s/ J. H. Chaffin

DEPOSITIONS RESUME Friday July 17, 1877:

James W. Wade age 38. I am the father of the Wade children, M. A. Wade, F. E. Wade, L. A. Wade, S. V. Wade and Isham Wade. The Wade children are children of Rachel Wade.

I am the brother in law of J. H. Williamson. They are all minors. /s/ J. W. Wade

W. G. Cox age 40. Was Clerk of County Court. All books burned Aug 14, 1872 except a few files pending that were in lawyers' offices. /s/ W. G. Cox

RECONSTRUCTED DEED [Doesn't say who conveyed, no signature at bottom - mlj: To Nancy Williamson... land in District 15, Jackson County, Tennessee, south side of Cumberland River... T. Byrne's line to Gainesboro & Granville Road, south with John Pharis' line to Wm Keith to A. J. Vantrease's line, to Hargis line. 100 acres more or less. [Blank] day of [blank] 18{blank]

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Emily Williamson, Amos K. Williamson, Joseph M. Williamson and wife Tennessee Williamson, Thomas B. Williamson, Ira K. Williamson, Huston Watts & his wife Margarette B. Watts formerly Margarette B. Williamson, James W. Wade, Joseph M. Williamson, Claudius A. W. Williamson, James Hargis, citizens of Jackson Co., TN, complainants against

Thomas C. Williamson, Martha A. Wade, F. E. Wade, L. A. Wade, Sydney Thomas Wade, M. T. Wade, I. Wade, Finis E. Quarles, Julia Terry and husband Hugh Terry, Angelina Hix and her husband C. C. Hix, Sallie Brown and James H. Williamson, citizens of Jackson Co.; James W. S. Williamson, John B. Williamson, Martha Mitchell, Martha McDonald and husband [blank] McDonal, Margarette McDonald all citizens of the State of Texas as defendants.

Complainants would show that Wm A. Williamson, late of Jackson Co. who is now dead, conveyed to his sister Nancy C. Williamson land in Jackson Co., District 15. Said deed was destroyed when the house of Emily Williamson burned, and registration destroyed when court house burned.

Nancy Williamson left a Last Will & Testament, bequeathed a life estate to her mother then the remainder to her brother Henderson Williamson. Nancy Williamson's mother died [blank] in Putnam Co., TN after the death of Nancy and after the death of testator's brother Henderson - being same as Joseph H. Williamson. Complainant Emily is the widow of Joseph H. Williamson.

Complainants Amos K. Williamson, Joseph M. Williamson, John R. Williamson, Thomas B. Williamson, Ira K. Williamson, Margarett B. Watts wife of Complainant Huston Watts and defendant James H. Williamson are the only living children of Joseph H. Williamson and they with defendants

Martha Wade, Thomas Wade, Leaner Wade, Sidney Wade, Margarette T. Wade and John Wade are children of Rachel, a deceased daughter of Joseph H. Williamson, who intermarried with complainant James W. Wade are his only heirs at law.

Defendants Thomas C. Williamson, John B. Williamson, Martha Mitchell who is a widow and sister of Nancy Williamson together with Martha McDonald, Joseph McDonald and Malinda McDonald, a deceased sister of said Nancy Williamson, Testator and defendants Finis E. Quarles, Julia Terry, Angeline Hix and Sallie Brown were nieces, nephews and a great niece. F. E. Quarles and complainants except Emily Williamson James Hargis, James W. Wade and defendants - the children of said Complainant Wade, and defendant James H. Williamson are the only heirs at law of the Testate Nancy Williamson.

Defendant J. H. Williamson and the children of Rachel Wade, to wit Martha, Thomas, Leann, Sidney, Margarett, Isham Wade and defendant Sallie Brown are minors. 9 Jany 1876. Washburn & Morgan, Sol.

CAUSE HEARD: James Hargis, Emily Williamson, Amos K. Williamson, Joseph M. Williamson and wife Tennessee Williamson, Thomas B. Williamson, Ira K. Williamson, John R. Williamson and wife Mary I. [or J.] Williamson, Houston Watts & wife Margarett Watts, James W. Wade, Joseph M. Williamson & Claudius A. Williamson


Thomas C. Williamson, Finis E. Quarles, Julia Terry and husband Hugh Terry, Angelina Hix and husband C. C. Hix, Sallie Brown, James H. Williamson, M. A. Wade, F. E. Wade, L. A. Wade, S. T. Wade, M. T. Wade, Isham Wade, James W. S. Williamson, John B. Williamson, Martha Mitchell, Martha McDonald & husband [blank] McDonald and Margarett McDonald, and N. B. Young guardian for minors.

The shares of J. W. Wade's heirs and the share of James H. Williamson be divested out of them and to purchaser James Hargis.

ANSWER: N. B. Young, guardian of minors J. H. Williamson, the Wade children and Sallie Brown. William A. Williamson, who executed a deed to Nancy Williamson, is dead. /s/ N. B. Young

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Emily Williamson. Emily Williamson is the widow of Joseph Henderson Williamson. Children of Joseph Henderson and Emily Williamson were: Amos K. Williamson, Joseph M. Williamson, Thomas B. Williamson, Ira K. Williamson, John R. Williamson, Margarette B. Watts married Houston Watts, James H. Williamson.

Joseph H. Henderson's siblings were Nancy Williamson; John B. Williamson; Thomas C. Williamson; James W. S. Williamson; William H. Williamson, died 1856/1866; Martha Mitchell [widow]; Rachel Wade, deceased md James W. Wade; Malinda McDonald, deceased [husband unknown] were parents of Martha McDonald, Joseph McDonald, Margarette McDonald who resided in Texas.

[Note: No mention of how Claudius Williamson fits, nor parents of minors other than Wade children - mlj].

[NEW] HARRIS, AMERICA vs LOCKE, JAMES W. et al Chancery 1849

CAUSE HEARD: March term 1876 of America Harris vs James W. Locke, A. B. Botts, James T. Quarles, N. B. Williams, Cora Williams, Timothy H. Williams and Thomas Nixon.

A. B. Botts was appointed Admr of Polly Cornwell, deceased. Complainant purchased from Mary Cornwell land in Dist. 1 about 1 1/4 miles west of Gainesboro on the Gainesboro and Flynn's Lick Road... John M. Gipson's line to Gainesboro & Granville Road (or Flynn's Lick Road)... crossing to Hancock's or Murray's corner, 20 acres more or less. Mary Cornwell is now dead, no deed was executed and title bond accidentally lost. America Harris is entitled to land, asks it be vested in her. 21 April 1873.

DEPOSITIONS 11 March 1876:

James T. Quarles age 76. Knew Complainant by the name of America Young long before she married Thomas K. Harris. [No signature].

Elizabeth Eaton, age 71. America bought the land of Mrs. Cornwell - said she wanted it to keep her children from being bound out, and Mrs. Cornwell said "Of course, child, I'll sell you the land". It was 20 acres more or less at $5 an acre. She paid $35 down. Mr. and Mrs. Cornwell signed. It was paid off in whatever America could spare - a cart at $20, Bacon at two different times and half of a beef and dishes, knives and forks and a tea kettle. America made three pair of pants for Thom Nickson, a suit of clothes for Coley Cornwell and two fine shirts - that is not the Funny part she sold her fine juelry [sic] to get the money to pay Mrs. Cornwell - sold a find Gold and a diamond breastpin, 21 diamonds, to James Eaton - sacrificed to pay for that land to keep her children from being bound out to get such things as Mrs. Cornwell wanted - Now Negro attention as a midwife and doctoring she doctored Jane's child at James Eaton's in a case of croop [sic]. Mrs. Cornwell sent Billy Hawkins as many as three times and told him she wanted him to make America a deed. The land was run out [surveyed] by Wm Hawkins. Persons along were Z. VanHooser, Kirk Gipson, John Gipson, Coleman Cornwell, Mrs. Cornwell, myself and America.

The contract was made the same year Wilson C. Young was born and he is grone [sic] he is nearly a man. Mr. Cornwell rote [sic] the receipt on the bond for the money. Complainant was at that time a single woman. She married Thomas K. Harris at the close of the war. Can't say what time he died.

I saw the title bond go into the river at the Show Boat. It slipped out of America's lap into the river through a morticed [sic] hole - it was never got out of the river. Myself and Merica and the show man and several others went out to look for it but never found it. It was in her pocketbook. She never went anywhere without it [the title bond].

Silas C. Cornwell died before his wife. America left this country and went to Nashville and then Memphis, left the land in care of Tip Settle one year to put a fence around it and when she left here she left it in my possession. She was then married to T. K. Harris. She had a house built on it and lived there 3 - 4 years.

I can't read writing. Elizabeth [her X mark] Eaton

James Young age 24. Complainant is a midwife. I am her son. Thomas K. Harris died 23 Decr 1866.

Question: What relation is Mrs. Eaton to your Mother?

Answer: She is her mother. Elizabeth Eaton is my Ma's mother. /s/ James Young

William Hawkins age 65. I surveyed land for Mrs. Mary Cornwell between waters of Doe Creek and Hancock branch on the road from Gainesboro to Flynn's Lick, Dist. 1, Jackson Co. Was requested by Mrs. Cornwell to write the deed to America Young, now America Harris. The deed wasn't made because I lost the field notes, intended to resurvey... the war was coming up and it put a stop to surveying and I never did it. [Signed] William Hawkins

M. A. C. Eaton alias Polly Ann Eaton, age 36. I knew Mary Cornwell, deceased, know America Harris. The first year I visited Complainant after she took possession of the land was 1856, has had possession ever since so far as I know.

Complainant is a good doctor and midwife. She has practiced and given medicine among Mary Cornwell's family among the negroes. She caught two children for Jane and waited on Rachel in a spell of sickness. Rachel had a tedious and long spell which was [Internet "Old diseases" search: scrofula - tuberculosis of neck lymph glands, progresses slowly, young person's disease - mlj]. /s/ M. A. C. Eaton

Z. VanHooser age 54 [Nothing new]. /s/ Z. VanHooser

George Flynn [No age]. Was living with Mrs. Cornwell when America Harris went to Memphis. She wanted Mrs. Cornwell to take the land back but Mrs. Harris wouldn't take $37 in Confederate Mrs. Cornwell offered - so no trade was made. George [his X] Flynn

BILL OF COMPLAINT: America Harris of Jackson Co., Tenn against James W. Locke, A. B. Botts and James T. Quarles of Jackson Co.; N. B. Williams and wife Cora and Timmy Williams of Smith Co. and Thomas Nixon of parts unknown.

About March 1855 when her name was America Young she purchased of Mary alias Polly Cornwell land in Dist. 1, Jackson Co. between Hancock's branch and Doe Creek, paid $45 cash and $61 services... total $106.

Mary Cornwell was a widow and childless, departed life about 16 October 1867 intestate, except a tract on Doe Creek which she devised to her great niece Catherine Locke, now Moore. James W. Locke of Jackson Co., Cora Williams wife of N. B. Williams of Smith Co. and Thomas Nixon if living of parts unknown, are the heirs of Mary Cornwell.

Believe Thomas Nixon died without issue, having never been married.

A. B. Botts is Administrator of estate of Mary Cornwell, filed to have her land sold to pay debts. Her pocketbook containing bond for title fell into the Cumberland River. Dated 10 June 1873.

DEPOSITION 10 June 1873:

Tipton C. Settle age 37. Think it was Spring 1864 when I went to Mary Cornwell to rent land and she said to see America Harris, she didn't have anything to do with it any more. Think she [America] Harris moved from Gainesboro Fall of 1864 or Spring of 1865. [Signed] T. C. Settle

[NEW] HARRIS, EDNA P. vs HARRIS, H. P. Chancery 1898

SUMMONS: Andy Carter, Joseph Carver, R. D. Sircy, Hamp Butler, John Herrod, Emziah ["Emzire" one place] Pate and John McCully, 22 Sept. 1898.

BILL OF COMPLAINT of Edna P. Harris. Married Jackson Co. 188[blank]... H. P. Harris guilty of adultery diverse times with Lizzie Pate, don't stay at home of nights... stays with said Eliza Pate, comes home days and sleeps and when not asleep is cursing Complainant and family. Said acts committed 14th District, Jackson Co. First time she knew it was last June. Cruel and inhumane, struck defendant. Lists personal property. Four children the issue of marriage, William P., Author, ?Lyzzie and Sam. 6 July 1898. Edna [her X] mark P. Harris

OATH OF POVERTY: Cannot bear expense of trial... same date. Edna P. [X] Harris

[NEW] HARRIS, F. M. vs YOUNG, W. H. Chancery 1911

ANSWER: Defendant John L. Young, Admr of W. H. Young, deceased states whatever contract his intestate had with F. M. Harris was made for the benefit of said Harris jointly with his wife Martha Harris and also K. J. Stafford, T. G. Stafford, Rowland B. Stafford, Robert L. Stafford, Rhoda A. Stafford and Birdie L. Harris. Deposition of Complainant in the case of A. C. Stafford et al against G. W. Chapman, et al.

AMENDED ANSWER: John L. Young to Bill of Complaint of F. M. Harris against W. H. Young, deceased. W. T. Bennett received judgment against J. T. and A. C. Stafford. W. T. Bennett died, and W. H. Young was appointed Administrator.

W. H. Young conveyed land to Complainant F. M. Harris and his wife Martha during the life of said Martha, then to her children K. J. Stafford, Robert L. Stafford, T. G. Stafford, R. B. Stafford, Rhoda Stafford and Birdie L. Harris for $225 being the amount of said Bennett's bid on redemption of land.

Said Martha being the widow of deceased J. T. Stafford; married Complainant F. M. Harris after the death of J. T. Stafford.


Martha Harris, age 52, live on Roaring River. Marion Harris is my husband. We have been married about 22 years. My husband bought the Rhoda Stafford dower tract on Roaring River from W. H. Young. M. A. [her X] Harris

T. G. Stafford, about age 27... Uncle Anderson Stafford said the deed were no account. T. G. [his X mark] Stafford

Birdie Harris, age going on 21, live on Roaring River, am a farmer. F. M. Harris is my father. I am not related to W. H. Young that I know of. W. H. Young sold land to F. Marion Harris, promised to give him all his money back if he couldn't get clear title. Birdie [his X mark] Harris

J. T. (Babe) Stafford. [No age, nothing new]. J. T. [his X mark] Stafford

[NEW] HARRIS, J. T., Executor of W. H. Givens County 1901

SETTLEMENT December term 1901, "heirs having been notified" [not listed here]. Inventory reported June term 1900, Wills, Inventory & Settlement Book D, p. 11 & 18.

Some expenses: Receipt, W. A. Hargis, Medical Aid for W. C. Givens, date of invoice to estate 5/21/1900.

Settlement indicated W. C. Givens made a will which was contested. Net due estate after attorney expenses, $534.04.

[NEW] HARRIS, MARION, Guardian of Hix, Ida County 1902

Guardian Settlement 7 March 1902.

Marion Harris, guardian of Ida Hix, minor heir of Marion Hix, deceased. Last Settlement February 5, 1905, Guardian Settlement Book B page 588.

[NEW] HARRIS, MARION et al vs McCOIN, W. H. Circuit 1913

WILL PROVEN: Will of John I. McCoin, deceased. Probate bearing date 20 November 1905, attested by Palo McCoin, Anna Harris, W. W. Draper, W. W. Rogers & G. Lee McGlasson. Codicil 17 September 1907, attested by Ellis McCoin, Lee Painter & W. H. Painter. John I. McCoin died [blank] May 1910, Jackson Co. M. L. Gore, person first named as Executor is dead. Marion Harris by terms of will entitled to Executorship, is appointed. Bond $4000.

DEPOSITIONS 17 July 1913:

John W. Holloway age 42, live 13th District. Knew John I. McCoin 15 years, lived within one mile 9 years on adjoining farm, left there 3 years next December. We talked about the property line, corners, he pointed out Mrs. Hix line. /s/ John W. Holloway

Dr. J. D. Quarles age 40, live Whitleyville, Dist. 13, practicing physician. Knew John I. McCoin about 30 years. Treated him beginning 1907, waited on him in last sickness. Physician since 1896, graduated from University of Nashville. Believe him of sound mind. Afflicted with bladder trouble, with cystitis. Had byportrophy prostogland. Urema condition killed him.

Question: Did he tell you he had a large log roll over his head... made his eyeball stick out and he had to put it back with his finger?

Answer: Believe impossible without producing fracture. /s/ J. D. Quarles

S. B. Gaines age 53, live 13th District, farmer. Live one-half mile away, adjoining farm. He sent me word he had a calf he wanted to trade. Uncle John was in his room, maybe in bed. He wasn't well. Was of sound mind as far as I know.

Question: Mrs. Luisa McCoin left her husband John I. McCoin because he cut James N. McCoin out of his will and staid [sic] away until John I. changed it, didn't she?

Answer: Not that I know of. /s/ S. B. Gains

J. L. Taylor age 65, live Pine Lick, 13th District, am a farmer. Lived there 35-40 years, was in Kentucky 5 or 6 months in 1895. Known John I. McCormick 35-40 years, furthest I lived from him was 3-4 miles. I moved on his land in 1900, stayed 3 years, about one-fourth mile from him. Good sound mind. Am a tenant - my son Fowler rented John I. McCoin land and I rented from him. J. L. [X] Taylor

S. T. Hix age 52 live Pine Lick Creek, am a farmer, live little over a mile from John I. McCoin 20-25 years. /s/ S. T. Hix


B. F. Taylor age 33, live Pine Lick Creek, 13th Dist., am a Rural Route Mail Carrier. Known John I. McCoin since old enough to know anybody. Raised within 2 mile of him, moved on his land with my father 1903 or 4, moved early part of 1907. He had about $2700-$2800 in his safe when he died.

Question: Did you ever know a man by the name of George Myatt who used to run a peddling wagon in this county?

Answer: Have seen a man passing through called George Myatt.

Question: Did he ever have a son with him called Alfred?

Answer: If he did, don't remember.

I am son-in-law to J. N. McCoin, one of the defendants. My wife has one sister and one brother.

W. H. McCoin wanted to take his Mammie to the Spring and talk to her and she and J. N. McCoin said talk to her on the porch.

John I. McCoin didn't use profanity much except when he was repeating what someone else said. I considered him a Christian. He didn't oppose preaching but he didn't like night meetings, don't know why.

I have been married twice, first time June 1904 or 1905. I lived with my father a good deal of the time until 1907. I went to Oklahoma then, and stayed until August 1908 when I came back here. My wife lived with me on the McCoin place part of the time. Don't know where she is now. /s/ B. F. Taylor

Lee Painter age 25, live Kneeling [or Keeling] Branch of Pine Lick Creek, 13th Dist., am a farmer. Lived there all my live, adjoin John I. McCoin farm, witnessed his will. Was of sound mind. /s/ Lee Painter

W. H. Painter age 29, live 13th District, am a farmer, witnessed codicil to his will, was on the portico of his house. Knew John I. McCoin all my life, lived one mile. Think he was of sound mind. If unsound, somebody would have known it. /s/ W. H. Painter

PETITION of Wade H. McCoin. May term 1910, will of John I. McCoin admitted to probate. Legatees were Louisa J. McCoin, his widow; J. N. McCoin, Cansada Hall, Josephine Plumlee, Wade H. McCoin, Bedford H. McCoin & Settie B. Cherry also known in will as Settie B. Harrison and Radford McCoin, Averett Cherry, Zera Draper and husband Elden Draper.

Petitioner is a son and heir.

Radford McCoin died intestate before John I. McCoin, leaving no isue.

Further, he believes John I. McCoin of unsound mind... unduly influenced by Cansada Hall and John N. McCoin, who are Legatees.

Petitioner states John I. McCoin practically cut out Lousettia Harrison who is his daughter in the original will... made her a beneficiary in codicil. 11 November 1912.


I John I. McCoin, of Whitleyville, Jackson County, Tennessee...

1. Debts paid.

2. Executor have me buried at the graveyard on the J. M. Johnson farm at the mouth of Jennings Creek where my father and mother and two of my children are buried... build brick house over it [specifies size].

3. Beloved wife Louisa J. McCoin... tract where I now live, household and kitchen furniture, other exempt property I may own.

4. I have heretofore given my son Wade H. McCoin the sum of $300... all I wish him to have.

5. Have heretofore given my son J. Bedford McCoin about $j300... all I wish him to have.

6. Given my daughter Lucetta B. Harrison formerly Lucetta B. Cherry about $300... all that I wish her to have.

7. Heretofore given my son Radford about $300, all that I wish him to have.

8. After payment of debts... personal property equally divided between my three children James N. McCoin, Canzada Hall and Josephine Plumlee.

9. My wife all property for life... descend to my children James N. McCoin, Canzada Hall and Josephine Plumlee. If my wife should die before I do, it is my will & desire... said three children James N., Canzada and Josephine... [to inherit].

10. My lifelong friend M. L. Gore... token of high respect... my iron safe in which I keep my papers and valuables.

11. Friend Mounce L. Gore... Executor. If he should die... be unableto act... alternate nominate Marion Harris.

20 November 1905 /s/ John I. McCoin

Attest: Palow McCoin, Annie Harris, W. W. Draper, W. W. Rogers, G. Lee McGlasson



Direct Executor to have monument installed... order I have given to Rehorn Monumental Works of Nashville. Directs brick house described in will not be built. All other provisions remain. 17 September 1907. /s/ John I. McCoin

Wit: Ellis McCoin, W. H. Painter, Lee Painter



I John I. McCoin of Jackson County, State of Tennessee, being of sound mind and disposing memory... will and bequeath my daughter Settie B. Cherry one-fourth undivided interest in property I own... her own benefit of her and her two children Averith A. Cherry and Zora Cherry.

My will heretofore made... estate to Jas N. McCoin, Canzada Hall and Elizabeth Plumlee is expressly revoked... make my said daughter Settie B. Cherry equal with the other three above named in the division of my estate so as to give each of my said four children above named a one-fourth interest and neither one of my said children is to be charged with any advancements.

I will this be taken as a codicil to my original will written by W. W. Draper... bequeathed my property to my three children J. N. McCoin, Elizabeth Plumlee and Canzada Hall as aforesaid... No wise to affect benefits in former will made to my wife or any other bequest or provision. April 1, 1908. /s/ John I. McCoin

Wit: J. H. Smith, F. J. Keith, W. W. Draper

DEPOSITIONS 22 June 1914 [All: Character of Mrs. Josie Plumlee good - mlj]:

M. E. Sanders, 34, Celina, Tennessee, Sheriff.

G. W. Barksdale, 34, Celina, log & lumber dealer.

M. J. Kyle 39, Celina, farmer.

H. H. Kyle, 63 in November, Mayor of Celina.

DEPOSITION 22 June 1914:

J. M. Gray, 40, Clerk of County Court. Hereby certify, cause of State of Tennessee vs Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McCoin were arrested, prosecuted and convicted on charges of tippling [selling whiskey without a license. Copies of indictments/sentences indicate W. H. McCoin sentenced to six months hard labor. Others charged with W. H. McCoin 1900 - 1902 were: W. A. Davis, A. D. Green, W. T. Long, J. M. Odle, W. A. Wright, A. J. Odle, G. S. Long, Bill Long.

DEPOSITIONS of Marion Moss & John Cherry were scheduled for M. Sampson's store but on account of bad feeling between Sampson & Council for contesters, to be taken at residence of Montgomery Hufhines.

Marion Moss age 41, farmer, live Clay Co. Born on Ben Hix farm in Jackson Co., moved from there to Sugar Creek, lived there until grown. Moved to Pine Lick in 1894, to Tinsley's Bottom about November 1895. Knew John I. McCoin, lived at the Cherry residence known as the John Hix farm part of the time, and part of the time with brother Allen Moss. /s/ M. F. Moss

John Cherry age 40, farmer & merchant, live Brimstone Creek in Clay Co. Knew John McCoin. Saw him at Whitleyville 7 - 8 years ago, showed me some finger rings he had made, and said "Now could a crazy man do that". Said he had been accused of being a little crazy. /s/ J. W. Cherry

DEPOSITION 15 July 1914, taken at Penelope, Hill County, Texas:

Mrs. Annie Young age 24. My name before marriage was Annie Harris. Lived at John McCoin's 11 - 12 years, left 1906. He was afraid of robbers, would open the door and shoot the gun out at night. Was jealous of his wife, would get made at her and stay up at night and quarrel with her. He would use indecent language before grandma when he was mad. He got so abusive she left and went to her son Jim McCoin's for about two weeks. I did not leave. He stayed, and often went and begged her to come back.

Heard him say a log rolled over on his head, but never heard him complain about it.

He had been robbed of about $1000 when I was small. Someone came in while we were eating supper and stole his money. He was about 76 when I ceased to live at his home. I called him grandpa. I think he knew what he was doing. /s/ Mrs. Annie Young

DEPOSITION June 17, 1913:

P. T. Bills 41, live Clay Co., TN. Left Jackson Co. in 1899. Am lumber manufacturer. Visited W. H. McCoin when he lived in Oklahoma. /s/ P. T. Bills

W. C. Bills age 59. Told W. H. McCoin that Wilmore's store in Whitleyville was robbed and burned and it was rumored J. N. McCoin did it. /s/ W. C. Bills

Dr. Harry Lee, age 38 the 6th of May last, live at Spivey, Clay Co., am a physician. Lived Jackson Co. September 1903 - Sept 1907. /s/ Harry Lee

DEPOSITION [June 16, 1913]:

Mrs. Martha Crowder age 39, live Whitleyville, housekeeper. Before marriage was a neighbor of John I. McCoin. Was there 2 or 3 times when his daughter Vicie was sick. People said she had consumption. /s/ Mrs. Martha Crowder

Montgomery Hufhines age 57, live Brimstone Creek, Clay Co., am a farmer. Lived there since 1881. Before that, Pine Lick at the Harrison place, two years on Bill Roddy's land. When I lived on the Harrison Smith farm I rented from France Price. Uncle John [John I. McCoin] said the farm was in law. Uncle John said he was selling it to get a debt that France Price and Sandy Bybee owed him.

If I remember right, Lege Hufhines and my mother rented it for '83. Lege rented from Howell Williams and subrented to my mother.

Don't know what year I was born in. Montgomery [his X] Hufhines

L. H. Hufhines, am going on age 70. Live Miles Cross Roads, Clay Co. Lived Pine Lick Creek all my life except while in the war and one year in Kentucky. About 12 years ago I moved out here. L. H. [his X mark] Hufhines

H. B. Speakman age 56 or 57, live Miles Cross Roads, Clay Co., am a stone Bricklayer. /s/ H. B. Speakman

DEPOSITION 11 November 1914:

Mrs. Mollie Price [No age]. Know Mrs. Catharine Hall, daughter of John I. McCoin since I married in 1873. Moved to Kentucky in 1900, lived in six miles of her. Her husband died about three years ago. Her and her two daughters' character is good. Her daughter Lou Brown died recently. Her other daughter is Mrs. Eva Cothran.

Wade H. McCoin came to Kentucky about May 1901, staid [sic] at my house some and Mrs. Hall's some and other places. He said he had been indicted in Tompkinsville or Celina on about eleven cases for dealing whiskey. Mrs. W. H. Wade came later. She said she couldn't come sooner because she was tied up with the courts. Said she was indicted for selling whiskey and had to stay and get her case attended to.

I knew John I. McCoin since I married into the Price family in 1873. He was my brother in law.

Mrs. Hall had a right smart temper. Heard she and her boys rocked her neighbor's house in Hopkinsville... didn't hear she got arrested, heard that [her husband] Mc had to pay a fine. [No signature].

DEPOSITION 29 October 1913:

Maggie McCoin age 43, live 13th District, Jackson Co. Am a housekeeper for my brother. Am a first cousin of the legatees... Uncle John I. McCoin. /s/ Maggie McCoin

Watt Allen age 44, live 13th District, am a farmer.

Question: Can you name a case in your neighborhood you haven't been a witness in?

Answer: Divorce of Jack Miles and his wife and case of Brock Jenkins and M. Sampson.

Bailey Carter age 72 past. Live Pine Lick, mouth of Keeling branch farm. Known John I. McCoin 50 years or upwards, live about one-half mile. Bailey [his X] Carter

DEPOSITION 12 November 1913:

H. C. Martin age 60, live Cookeville, been a physician since March 1875, graduated Medical Dept., Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. /s/ H. C. Martin

W. W. Rogers age 45 [Nothing new, no residence].

W. A. Wright age 68, live Red Boiling Springs Rt. 2, am farmer and attorney. Knew McCoin 20-25 years. /s/ W. A. Right

Josephine Plumlee [No age]. Live Clay Co. near Celina. John I. McCoin was my father. I am married. My husband is N. Plumlee. /s/ Josephine Plumlee

BILL OF SALE: On letterhead of A. M. LOFTIS, Grocery, Hardware & Furniture, Holdenville, Oklahoma, dated 9/27/1912.

I, J. B. McCoin, this day sold to W. H. McCoin my interest in my father Jho I. McCoin's estate. /s/ J. B. McCoin

Notarized 16 December 1913, Adams Co. Clerk


Willis Smith age 34, live near Whitleyville. Knew John I. McCoin 12 - 13 years before his death.

Question: Tell how Annie Harris came to live at John I. McCoin's.

Answer: She became pregnant by Walter McCoin as she sed [sic]. Walter McCoin is a son of W. H. McCoin.

Question: Don't you know that about all the boys in the cuntrey [sic] was going to see Annie at that time?

Answer: No Sir they weair [sic] not.

Question: Did you hear her say anything about B _ _ Keeling, Barlow McC_ _ _ or Bent Taylor going to her about that time?

Answer: No Sir I never heard of that. Willis [his X] Settles

PETITION: J. N. McCoin [No age]. I am the only beneficiary living in Jackson Co. who is attempting to sustain said will.

Plaintiff Mrs. C. C. Hall of Hopkinsville, KY was here several months, then was called to Hopkinsville to the bedside of her daughter Mrs. [blank] Brown who is expected to die.

Contestor while living in the State of Illinois wrote letters to his father... against this witness... untrue. Contestor charged Cansada Hall and her daughters who lived in Hopkinsville of improper conduct... untrue. Mrs. Hall, their sister, is a good and chaste woman. 22 July 1914. /s/ J. N. McCoin


W. R. Johnson age 56, live Clay Co. Knew Jno I. McCoin 18-20 years. Had an iron safe he kept money in, slept with a knife under his pillow.

Question: Did you ever hear him say why he hoarded up his money and lived hard himself?

Answer: He sed [sic] he was saving it for his children to law away. /s/ W. R. Johnson

G. W. Johnson age 65, live Clay Co. Lived at mouth of Jennings Creek about four miles from Jno I. McCoin. G. W. [his X mark] Johnson

[NOTE: This case was finally settled about 1914. Other heirs contributed additional money to those who were 'shorted'. Details on film - mlj].

[NEW] HARRIS, MARY vs GEARHEART, ABRAHAM, et al Chancery 1867

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William Harris, Matilda Harris and Marion Harris, all of Jackson County against J. R. J. Langford of same residence.

Orators and Oratrix state that Sterling Harris departed this life after publishing a Last Will & Testament many years ago, owned land in Jackson Co. bounded by Denton Moore... Cumberland River known as Sterling Harris farm. Said William Harris is only a tenant at will. /s/ John P. Murray, Solicitor for Complainants

PROSECUTION BOND: William Harris, Matilda Harris, Mary Harris and Mary Harris, Principal and John P. Murray and Absolum Pharris, Security to J. R. J. Langford, $250. [All Complainants signed].

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Mary Harris and William Harris of Jackson Co. against Elizabeth Pharris, Polly Langford, William Johnson and wife Susan Johnson, Newton McGlasson & wife Emily McGlasson, all of Jackson Co., Lucetty Langford & Francis Langford of Jackson Co. and minor children of Julian [Possibly Julie Ann - mlj] Langford whose maiden name was Julian Harris, Abraham Gearheart and Nancy Gearheart of Scottsville, [Can't decipher county; maybe "Green"], Illinois, Thomas B. Harris of Missouri.

Complainant William Harris and defendants are the only heirs at law of Sterling Harris who died in Jackson Co. August 1856. Mary Harris is his widow. Orator William Harris named Executor in Last Will & Testament. Will was destroyed during the late rebellion, substantially as follows:

I Sterling Harris... debts paid... have given part of my children certain property. Children Thomas B. Harris, Nancy Gearheart wife of Abraham Gearheart, William Harris, Elizabeth Farris, Susan Johnson, Julian Langford married John Ruffin Langford, Polly Langford know [sic; possibly should be "now"] Polly Roberts.

To make other heirs equal... my negro woman Lucinda and her three children Isaac, James and Nanna to my wife Mary Harris, farm at the mouth of Sugar Creek during her widowhood and if she remarries only a child's part [also stock, household goods, crops... mlj]. Balance sold and divided among my heirs equally. At her death [remainder] divided among my children.

Hereby appoint my son William Harris and son in law James Farris Executors. [Blank] day of 1854. /s/ [Sterling Harris]

Witnesses: [David R. Buchanan, James Moss]

DEPOSITIONS 12 December 1867:

David R. Buchanan age 57. I witnessed the will. Not included in bill, but in Last Will & Testament, was special bequest to John Price's child of $200, to be kept in fund by Executor until arrived at age. The child died before old man Harris.

James Moss lives near Nashville.


Serena Jane his daughter married John V. Minor. She died and left a living child who is now dead. /s/ David R. Buchanan

ANSWER: John V. Minor to Bill of Complaint. The Last Will & Testament of Sterling Harris there was a specific bequest to Emily Lucetta Price, a grand daughter of Testator, child of his deceased daughter Sarah Harris who married John J. Price and died before her father. Complainants left this out inadvertently in their bill.

There was a specific legacy to Serena Jane and Emily, daughters of said Testator.

Emily married Newton McGlasson.

Serena Jane married Respondent after death of Testator. They had a child named [Blank]. After Serena died, the child died. That he is entitled as heir at law of his child who is dead. 30 November 1867. /s/ John V. Minor


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