Jackson Co., TN Loose District/Chancery Court Papers Reel #101
Moore, N. - Morrell

Genealogical Abstracts by Mary Lu Johnson

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[NEW] MOORE, NEWTON, et al vs McCREA & TERRAS Chancery 1879

SYNOPSIS: James Eaton in his lifetime became indebted to McCrea & Co., aka Hugh McCrea & John Terras of Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, apparently for building materials. A lien was placed on property owned by James Eaton's wife M. A. C. Eaton, aka Polly Ann Newton, daughter of James W. Lock. The property was sold for the debt; however James W. Lock in his lifetime had deeded the property to his daughters which would be separate and apart from their husbands.

DECREE: Bill to set aside land sale filed 11 March 1879. Pending this suit, complainant Sallie Sadler has died, and John F. Sadler, William T. Sadler and Castroina F. Sadler who are minors are her children. M. G. Butler, Esq appeared in Court and moved to revive suit in the name of said children... appearing from whole record that sale of the town lots in Gainesboro made by C & M to McCrea & Terras was irregular, defective & void, sale annulled, possession be restored to Complainants and Defendants Polly Ann Eaton. Defts McMcrea & Terras perpetually enjoined... interfering. The rights of James W. Lock or his children not to be affected by this decree. Polly Ann Eaton to recover reasonable rent from McCrea & Terras and jointly against Benj. A. Smith.

PROSECUTION BOND: Hugh McCrea & John W. Terrass to Newton Moore, Catherine F. Moore, James A. Sadler, Sallie Sadler, William Lock, Augustus S. Lock, M. A. C. Frost [aka Polly Ann Lock/M. A. C. Eaton], James W. Lock for $500. 5 Apr 1879.

PROSECUTION BOND: Newton Moore, Catherine F. Moore, James A. Saddler, Saddle Saddler [sic] William Lock & J. D. Bennatt & W. T. Bennatt indebted to Hugh McCrea, John McCrea, James Eaton, Polly Ann Eaton, John P. Murray, James W. Lock, Thomas H. Butler & B. A. Smith for $250. 23 Mar 1877.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: [No date, possibly c1867-1868].

Newton Moore, Catherine F. Moore of Jackson Co.; James A. Sadler, Sallie Sadler & William Lock of Texas; Augustus S. Lock of Smith Co., TN against

Hugh McCrea & John Terress of Davidson Co., TN, James Eaton, Polly Ann Eaton, John P. Murry, James W. Lock, Thomas H. Butler & Ben A. Smith.

Orators and Oratrixes are children of James W. Lock.

Complainant Newton Moore intermarried with C. F. Lock, a daughter of James W. Lock.

Complainant James A. Sadler intermarried with Sallie Lock, a daughter of James W. Lock.

William Lock and Augustus Lock are sons of said James W. Lock.

The defendant James Eaton intermarried with Polly Ann Lock, a daughter of said James W. Lock.

ANSWER: Mounce G. Butler, Guardian ad litem of minor children of Sallie Sadler, deceased, a daughter of James W. Lock. Children's names are John F. Sadler, William T. Sadler & Catherine F. Sadler. Dated 30 May 1871.

ANSWER: M. A. C. Eaton, designated as Polly Ann Eaton. Respondent is a daughter of James W. Lock. At commencement of this action she was the wife of James Eaton, he having since died. 19 March 1878. s/s M. A. C. Eaton

DEPOSITION: A. A. Swope, of law office of said Swope in Carthage, Smith Co., TN. Practiced law since 1847, took some of the proof in the case. s/s A. A. Swope

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Hugh McCrea, John Terras of Davidson Co. and Mary Cornwell of Jackson Co., TN against

James & Polly Ann Eaton, James W. Lock, William Lock, Augustus S. Lock, Catherine F. Lock of Jackson Co., TN and James A. Sadler & wife Sally Sadler of the State of Texas, defendants.

24 Dec 1857, received judgment against James Eaton & Co. for $370.26, levied on tract of land on north side of Cumberland River, 340 acres. Debts was to be paid out of sale of negroes decreed July 1859, was not sufficiency of proceeds.

Mary Cornwell states she is an accommodation endorser of James W. Lock, and paid $304 to the Bank of Tennessee; he further owes her about $200 secured by mortgage on negroes and land.

Defendants have a negro woman named Jenny, to be sold to remove debt... nice town lots in Gainesboro, asks be sold to pay debts. Filed 17 Nov 1859.

DECREE: August Term 1861, title to the negro Jenny be divested out of defendant and in Mary Cornwell and her heirs. Order for sale of land and lots is revived.

REPORT OF SALE: August Special Term 1866 [Case delayed due to courts in area closed during Civil War], McCrea & Thomas became purchaser of land and town lots.

DEPOSITION: 7 January 1879, James W. Lock age 62. I am the father of Augustus born 6 Dec 1845, William born 9 Jan 1842 & Catherine Lock, now Catherine Moore, born 8 June 1844.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: George G. Patterson & William H. Patterson of Jackson Co. TN against James W. Lock of Macon Co., TN. Land known as James W. Lock land in Dist. 1 on the Cumberland River, Jackson Co., settled upon the children of said Lock, who was to have a life support out of the rents. There are five children of said Lock.

PROSECUTION BOND: John G. Patterson, William H. Patterson to James W. Lock for $250. s/s John G. Patterson, W. H. [his X] Patterson, Samuel [his X] Chapman, s/s Newton Moore

John G. Patterson & Wm H. Patterson answer garnishment served on them... indebted to Augustus S. Lock for about $59 or $60. Rented from A. M. Johnson as agent of A. S. Lock, about 17 acres at $3.50 per acre in 1874.

[NEW] MOORE, S. A., Administrator of DENTON MOORE, and S. A. MOORE vs NEWTON MOORE County 1875

Estate Settlement, Samuel A. Moore, Administrator, estate of Denton Moore, deceased, 1st Monday in October 1875. Personal property sold 19 July 1873, $519.90 plus notes on numerous individuals [17 pages], no relations given, total personal assets of $1112.26.

CREDIT FOR DISBURSEMENTS [Listing only those of genealogical interest]:

1. Receipt from Tabitha Moore, widow, for year's support allowed by Commissioners dated 5 Aug 1873 for $79.00, interest to 1 Nov 1875 of $10.66;

2. Fifa [abbrev. for fieri facias, common law writ for judgment] on land belonging to Newton Moore in Dist 1, Jackson Co., north side of Cumberland River. Begin west bank of Cumberland River on the Lock & Moore corner, up the river with its meanders... lands of Denton Moore, deceased in the partition and sale of Moore land. 9 Jan 1892;

3. Receipt Received of W. B. Roddy, my guardian in Jackson Co., the sum of $230, being a part of the real and personal estate of my grand father Denton Moore, deceased. 22 Feb 1884. Arkansas, County of Newton} s/s Samuel A. Moore

4. Power of Attorney - James P. Phillips presented this day power of attorney executed by Roxanna Rowe and her husband Adam Rowe of the State of Missouri empowering him to collect for said Roxanna Rowe her distributive share of ... Denton Moore, deceased, late of Jackson Co... It is ordered by the court that Samuel A. Moore, Admr of estate of Denton Moore, decd pay to James P. Philips distributive share of said Roxanna in the estate of her grand father Denton Moore.

5. I, J. Jasper Moore of Tarrant Co., Texas, appoint W. B. Roddy of Jackson Co. as power of attorney to collect money from the estate of my grand father Denton Moore, deceased, late of Jackson Co., TN. 19 July 1878. Jasper [his X] Moore

6. Invoice from D. K. Fink for Medical Service, visits and medicines May 16, 25, 28, 31; June 5 & June 9.

7. List of Debts, Denton Moore to S. A. Moore, year 1866: $15 for County Court claim; $3.75 to H. M. Ausgathorp in 1866; $3.75 to H. M. Ausgathorp in 1865; $40.00 one oxen. Total $62.50. Foregoing account of S. A. Moore against Denton Moore is just. Dated 20 Jan 1874. Tabitha [her X] Moore

8. Burial clothes & trimming coffin of Denton Moore, invoice dated 1 Sept 1873, from Son Newton & Andrew Purcell. Total $12.45 5/12 [rounded to $12.45].

9. Denton Moore's account with Jno H. Stafford:

1873 - Qt of whiskey, $.75 } Got by self

16 drinks @ $.10 } Got by self

May 28 - 1 pt whiskey $.40, 1 pt rum $.50 } Got by N. Moore Jr. by order

May 29 - 1 qt whiskey $.80........................} Got by N. Moore Jr. by order

PROSECUTION BOND: Newton Moore, Orpha VanHooser & Benton McMillin to Samuel A. Moore, Tabitha Moore & others, $100. 7 August 1875.

s/s Newton Moore, Benton McMillin

SUMMONS: J. B. Anderson & Tabitha Moore, widow of Denton Moore, deceased, to appear 1st Monday in October 1875.

ANSWER: Samuel Moore Jr., [blank] Moore, minor heirs of Alfred Moore deceased, Roxanna Harris, Tabitha Harris, Jasper Moore, by guardian ad litem M. G. Butler to Bill of Complaint Newton Moore & others. Denton Moore died about time stated in bill. 4 October 1875.

ANSWER: Newton Moore to Cross-bill of Orpha VanHooser filed 8 Dec 1875. Denton Moore gave Samuel A. Moore $700 in land by way of advancement. Alfred Moore was advanced in real estate $400. Respondent denies his father Denton Moore advanced him $705. Respondent and his aforesaid two brothers and another brother labored for their father and aided him in paying for the land on which he lived. In consideration for his labor, his father gave $400 out of the $700 charged as an advancement. Also his father gave the same in substance to [respondent's] brothers Samuel A. Moore and Alfred Moore. Does not know what advancement was made to Orpha VanHooser.

Respondent Newton Moore's wife owns land adjacent Denton Moore, deceased on the south. It is therefore much to his interest to have his portion adjacent his wife's land. 12 Jan 1875.

ANSWER: Samuel A. Moore, Orpha VanHooser & Wm B. Roddy, regular guardian of Samuel Moore, Jr. and Moore children and heirs of Alfred Moore deceased, Roxanna Harris, Tabitha Harris & Joseph Moore, minors.

Denton Moore died, Samuel A. Moore appointed Admr.

Samuel A. Moore, his son, $700 in real estate, $80 personal.

Alfred Moore his son, received $400 in real estate.

Newton Moore, his son, received $705 cash and personal property.

Daughter, respondent Orpha received $5.00.

There are six heirs, 3 living 3 dead, each deceased having children.

Report: Denton Moore, deceased had six children. Dated 22 Mar 1876:

1. Samuel A. Moore, a son.

2. Newton Moore, a son.

3. Alfred G. Moore, a son, deceased. Children Samuel A. Moore Jr. and Susannah Moore.

4. Jasper Moore, a son, deceased. Children Jasper Moore, Jr., Newton Moore, Jr., Roxanna Roberts.

5. Orpha VanHooser, a daughter married Valentine VanHooser.

6. Mary Harris, a daughter, deceased, left children Roxana Harris and Tabitha Harris.

Now having three living children and seven grandchildren as distributees.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Newton Moore & Orpha VanHooser of Jackson Co. against

Samuel A. Moore of Clay Co., TN; Samuel Moore and [blank] Moore of the State of Missouri and both minors; Roxana Harris & Tabitha Harris the one of State of Missouri the other State of Texas and they too minors; James Roberts and wife Roxana Roberts; Newton Moore and Jasper Moore of State of Missouri, last mentioned a minor; J. B. Anderson of Jackson Co., TN, Tabitha Moore widow of Denton Moore. Denton Moore departed life [blank] June 1873 in Jackson Co., TN. Dated 7 Aug 1875.

POWER OF ATTORNEY: Robert Drum of Bollinger Co., MO to receive share of my grand father Denton Moore's estate. Acknowledged Bollinger Co., MO 28 Decr 1875. Roxana [X] Roberts, s/s Thomas J. Roberts, s/s Jasper Moore.

PETITIONER: Tabitha Moore states her husband Denton Moore, a citizen of Jackson Co., died on or about 21 June 1873, asks dower & homestead be assigned. Several tracts:

1. 100 acres to Denton Moore by B. B. Washburn, Trustee of Polly Cornwell on 7 Apr 1868.

2. 200 acres to Denton Moore 15 May 184?7 by State of Tennessee, north side of Cumberland River, adjoins east corner of John Van Hooser's.

3. 50 acres conveyed by John & Dorothy Van Hooser to Denton Moore 26 July 1851, Jackson Co., being part of 200 acre estate of Valentine Van Hooser bearing date 9 Dec 1835, Grant No. 958, 150 acres, Jackson Co.

4. Land conveyed to Denton Moore by State of Tennessee 28 May 1849, Jackson Co., waters of Sugar Creek.

5. 180 acres in Clay Co., headwaters of Big Trace Creek, known as Wood's Sulphur Springs Tract.

6. Court sale & indenture 22 July 1846 rendered upon petition of Admrs of John Gott decd against his heirs at law it was decreed that a tract of land... north side of Cumberland River adjoining lands of Hoover where John Gott lived at his death & containing 100 acres more or less... land ordered sold, Denton Moore became purchaser. Registered 12 Jan 1847.

AFFIDAVIT: James F. Philips upon examination of account of Jas [?or Jos] P. Philips, owed by Denton Moore. Jas/Jos P. Philips did all or nearly all of Denton Moore's smith work and that he, James F. Phillips was in the shop when work on invoice was done. 1 Nov 1875. s/s James F. Phillips

DISTRIBUTION: Made 1877. Detailed receipts on file.

[NEW] MOORE, T. D. & S. A. vs MOORE, DENTON Estate Chancery 1890

[NOTE: This is in a separate file, but now the grandchildren join the litigation - mlj].

ANSWER: Samuel A. Moore, Sr. & Newton Moore Sr. to Bill of Complaint by Thomas D. Moore & Samuel A. Moore Jr. filed 27 Aug 1876 [Nothing new].

ANSWER: Vanhooser Mosley, William Mosley & Moore VanHooser, minor defendants by Guardian ad litem N. B. Young.

Denton Moore died Jackson Co., Tennessee 1873. Bills filed. June term 1876, was a decree to sell land including reversionary interest in dower assigned to Tabitha Moore, widow of Denton Moore.

Alleges disproportionate share were allotted based on "intent of Denton Moore", cites a sworn deposition by Samuel A. Moore 4 Aug 1876: "My father advanced to me $700 in land, he also paid a note for me of $5600 with interest for three years and perhaps more; he also gave me $18.00 in cash. He gave to Alfred Moore a tract of land, that I afterwards gave him $400 for; he advanced to Newton Moore $705.50 as shown by deed"...

INDENTURE [Appears to have been recopied by a clerk from the original]: 15 June 1832 between James Guine of the City of Nashville & Joshua H. Gott of County of Jackson, Tennessee. James Guine in consideration for $500 paid by Gott do grant, sell, convey a tract on north side of Cumberland River adjacent Hooser lower boundary line... meanders of River... running westward, making an equal division of said [sic - only time Brevard mentioned] John Brevard's 226 acre Grant No. 2329... have & to hold to said Joshua H. Gott. s/s James Guine [*]

Witt: ?James Smith, John R. Welch, James Young

[*] "Guine" appears to have been changed from "Green" the first time it appeared in this document; another place it looks like "Guire", another place could be "Givens" - mlj].

ENDORSED on back 9 July 1855, from James Guin [clear this place only] to Joshua Gott... James Young to Mary Cornwell, Denton Moore became the purchaser "boundary of James Givens old survey".

DEED: In consideration of $1.00... sold to Samuel A. Moore title to two tracts:

300 acres in Jackson Co. south side of Cumberland River, begin southwest corner of 67 acre Survey in name of Robert G. Anderson owned now by the heirs of Erasmus Denton and in the north boundary of 150 acre survey in the name of R. G. Anderson and John VanHooser and running east to 5000 acre survey in the name of Mounce Gore... southeast corner of a 50 acre survey name of Robert Montgomery granted by State of Tennessee to Denton Moore and John Van Hooser, No. 9792 on 28 May 1849. My interest is undivided 1/6 part.

Tract in Dist. No. [blank] Clay Co., TN on north side of Cumberland River... begin northeast corner of Isaiah Vanzandt's survey in George Miles' line... interest is undivided 1/6. Made for the sole purpose and no other than I am indebted to the estate of Denton Moore, my father, for the sum of $705.40 advanced to me. 29 Jan 1874. [Signed] Newton Moore Wits: A. C. [his X] Hammons, W. M. [his X] Steavens

COPY OF GRANT: State of Tennessee No. 8140, Entry No. 2719, 13 Jan 1841, act passed 9 Jan 1830, to Denton Moore, 200 acres.

Sale of personal property inventory, 19 July 1873, approx. 50 pages.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Newton Moore and Orpha VanHooser [against other heirs; nothing new]. Dated 7 August 1875.

DEPOSITION: Sam Moore states children of Denton Moore are Samuel A. Moore, Polly Moore, Alfred G. Moore, Newton Moore, Jasper Moore, making six.

His daughter Polly intermarried with Thomas B. Harris.

His daughter Orpha intermarried with Valentine VanHooser.

Three of his children are dead, Polly Moore, Alfred Moore and Jasper Moore.

Polly Harris at her death left living children as I am informed their names are Roxana and Tabitha.

Alfred Moore at his death left two living children as I am informed their names are Sousana Susanah [sic] and Samuel A. Moore.

Jasper Moore at his death left three living children. As I am informed their names are Roxana Moore, Newton Moore and Jasper Moore. s/s S. A. Moore 7 Aug 1875.

DEPOSITIONS 20 May 1876 [Testimony regarding land and children, nothing new]:

H. P. Spivy age 49. [X mark]

Elias Gaw age 52. [Signed]

James P. Phillips age 65 [Signed]

Newton Moore, age 50. Was about 10 when my father Denton Moore, deceased bought the home farm, also known as the river farm. My wife owns 1/5 interest in the adjoining Lock farm. [Signed]

B. B. Washburn age 58, occupation lawyer.

Albert Kirkpatrick age 54.

POWER OF ATTORNEY: Appoint Wm Harris for Wm Thacker and Tabitha Thacker to receive money from estate of Denton Moore, deceased due Tabitha Thacker, formerly Tabitha Harris, (a daughter of Polly Harris) and Wm Thacker, her husband, of Bollinger Co., MO. 12 May 1879. s/s Tabitha Thacker, Wm Thacker

POWER OF ATTORNEY: Appoint H. W. Williams of Gainesboro, Tennessee to receive money due Thomas D. Moore, son of Alfred G. Moore, late of the State of Missouri, now deceased, who was a son of Denton Moore, my grandfather... pay the same over to [can't read] of Point Peters, Sircy County, Arkansas. 12 June 1886. Thomas D. [his X] Moore [Acknowledged Searcy Co., AR]

POWER OF ATTORNEY: Appoint H. W. Williams to receive money due me from estate of Denton Moore, deceased, late of Jackson Co., Tennessee, my grandfather... [Signed] Newton Moore [Acknowledged Tarrant Co., TX]

ESTATE SETTLEMENT: Estate of Denton Moore, decd [about 30 pages].

CAUSE HEARD BY COURT 1892: Thomas D. Moore and S. A. Moore against

Newton Moore, Sr.; Jasper Moor; Newton Moore Jr.; Roxana Roberts; Charles Row; Tabitha Thacker; Andy VanHooser; Moore VanHooser; Orpha VanHooser; Vanhooser Mosley; William Mosley; Samuel A. Moore; Newton Moore guardian of Charles Rowe; Roxana Harris; Thomas B. Harris; W. B. Roddy, guardian of W. J. Roddy; Samuel A. Moore's securities H. J. Harly, James W. Stafford; Newton Moore Exr of the will of Orpha VanHooser.

September term 1892, land sold 12 December 1892, J. T. Anderson became purchaser, being highest bidder. Dower Tract, 1st District, Jackson Co., TN, beginning at a stake near the graveyard, Moore & Lawson's corner.

List Polly Harris' heirs as Roxana Rowe now dead and her son Charles Rowe.

Lists Jasper Moore's heirs being Roxana Roberts, daughter of Jasper Moore, decd. Newton Moore Jr., heir of Jasper Moore, decd; Jasper Moore, Jr.

DEED: We, Jasper Moore & Alice Moore... I Jasper Moore being one of three heirs of Jasper Moore deceased, and heir of Denton Moore deceased late of Jackson Co., TN convey to J. T. Anderson my interest in estate. 8 Feby 1894, acknowledged Los Angeles County, State of California. s/s Jasper Moore, Alice Moore

DEED: I, Roxana Roberts, a daughter of Jasper Moore and grand daughter of Denton Moore convey to J. T. Anderson my share... Roxana [her X] Roberts

Wits: M. E. Rolens, Mary J. Rolens

Acknowledged: State of Mo, Bollinger Co} Roxana Roberts, a single woman over age 21. 6 February 1894

DEED: Newton Moore, Jr., son of Jasper Moore, deceased and grand son of Denton Moore late of Jackson Co., my entire interest to J. T. Anderson. s/s Newton Moore Acknowledged: Tarrant Co., TX 9 Feby 1894.

DEED: I Thomas D. Moore son of Alfred G. Moore, deceased, convey to J. T. Anderson my share in grand father Denton Moore, deceased, late of Jackson Co., TN... estate. Thomas D. [his X] Moore

Acknowledged: Newton Co., Arkansas 10 Nov 1892

DEED: S. A. Moore... transfer my interest in my grand father Denton Moore, deceased estate. s/s S. A. Moore

Acknowledged: Denton Co., Texas 1 Feby 1893

DEED: We, W. R. Thacker & wife Tabitha Thacker... our interest to J. T. Anderson in Denton Moore's estate, our interest being one-half of the share of Polly Harris, deceased... being the same heretofore sold to Andy VanHooser and Orpha VanHooser. s/s W. R. Thacker, Tabitha [her X] Thacker

Ack: Bollinger Co., Missouri [Date] 189_.

[NEW] MORGAN, A. C., Admr et al vs MORGAN, EFFIE Chancery 1909

ANSWER: Effie Morgan to Bill of Complaint. Effie Morgan's husband, W. Charley Moore died and A. C. Morgan was appointed administrator. As widow, she has life estate in his land.

DEPOSITIONS: Taken 27 September 1909, recommend land be sold.

R. P. Morgan, age 42, live Cookeville, Tennessee, occupation produce dealer.

J. D. Morgan, live Cookeville, Tennessee, am a traveling salesman.

A. C. Morgan age 55, live Cookeville, Tennessee, am Minister of the Gospel, am administrator of my son W. Charlie Morgan, deceased. His widow is Mrs. Effie Morgan, he left no children. His brothers and sisters are: Mrs. Nora E. Glasscock, Mrs. Janie Bagwell, Mr. A. M. Morgan, Wayne Clinton Morgan, Mary Ann Morgan, Perry Viola Morgan.

Wayne Clinton Morgan is a minor, age 19 years, 5 months, 28 days.

Mary Ann Morgan is a minor, age 17 years, 1 month, 5 days.

Perry Viola Morgan is a minor, age 13 years, 2 months 8 days.

W. Charley Morgan, a citizen of Putnam Co., Tenn, died in Putnam Co. 1 August 1908. Owned land in 9th District, Jackson Co. on Roaring River, about 125 acres.

Defendant Effie Morgan has a life estate as his widow. Jennie Bagwell, Nora E. Glasscock, A. M. Morgan, W. Clint Morgan, Annie Morgan & Perry Viola Morgan are his brothers and sisters.

Jennie Bagwell and her husband Arch Bagwell.

Nora E. Glasscock and husband E. H. Glasscock.

DEPOSITION: Effie Morgan, taken at Cookeville, Tennessee 9 October 1909. Am the widow of Charley Morgan, live at Pleasant Fill, Cumberland County. Husband died at Monterey, Putnam Co., TN. Husband owned land when we married, we never lived on it. Were married 7 1/2 months. I am 23 years old. I live about 45 miles from the land. I am living with my father. Father, mother, sister and I compose the family at this time. Believe is in my best interest to sell. s/s Effie Morgan

[NEW] MORGAN, A. H. vs ANDERSON, F. M., et al County 1870

1st Monday, being 3 December 1866. Paul Anderson departed this life last term of this court intestate. A. H. Morgan appointed Administrator, John Read & David Johnson his Securities, amount of bond $600.

Estate Inventory 14 December 1866, consisted primarily of carpenter tools, also blacksmith tools and farm implements.

January Term, 1867, year's support allotted to Susanah Anderson, widow of Paul Anderson.

Defendants Robert Anderson, Martha Anderson, Fannie J. Anderson, Missouri Anderson, Thomas E. Anderson & William Anderson and Elizabeth Garrison are minors, also Elizabeth Garrison is a feme covert, has no regular guardian, ask that John S. Washburn be appointed guardian ad litem.

September term, 1867: A. H. Morgan, Admr of Paul Anderson, Susan Anderson, William Loftis & wife Victoria vs

Robert Anderson, Martha Anderson, Thomas E. Anderson, William Anderson, Malbern Garrison and wife Elizabeth Garrison. This 7 Oct 1867.

Complainants and Defendants are the only children and heirs of Paul Anderson:

1. Victorie J. Loftice

2. Robert Anderson

3. Martha Anderson

4. Frances J. Anderson

5. Manerva J. Anderson

6. Thomas E. Anderson

7. William Anderson

8. Elizabeth Garrison

William Loftis is husband of Victoria J. Loftis.

Malbern Garrison is husband of Elizabeth Garrison.

All are minors except Malbern Garrison. Widow is entitled to Dower in land. Assets of $300, debts $1300, ask land be sold to pay debts. Susanah, widow of Paul Anderson, to have one-third value as Dower, including Mansion House, out houses and timber land. Dower 128 acres & 50 poles, Dist. 9 on Roaring River, Blackburn's Fork bounded by ... Roberson old place, corner tract in name of William G. Anderson, corner to Thomas Anderson tract... Anderson's Spring Branch Hollow... Hannah corner... boundary line of Judith Anderson dower. s/s Elias Gaw, Wiley Gaw, Daniel M. Morgan

REPORT OF SALE: William Loftis became purchaser, land on west side of Blackburn's Fork, at $430.00, $52 down, balance two notes with Henry Loftis & Labun Loftis, Security.

Frances M. Anderson purchased east side of said creek, $400; $48 down, notes on balance with George M. Putty & Henry Jackson & R. A. Cox, Security.

ANSWER: A. H. Morgan to Bill of Complaint of F. M. Anderson against Susan Anderson, William Loftis & wife Josephine Loftis, Malvern Garrison & wife Elizabeth Garrison & others.

Paul Anderson died. Respondent is his administrator. Defendants are widow and heirs except William Loftis & Mal Garrison. Loftis intermarried with Josephine and Garrison with Elizabeth.

Respondent also admits the death of Thomas Anderson and that Complainants and Respondent's intestate Paul Anderson were the join administrators of his estate. That they are brothers, and also distributees of the estate of Thomas Anderson, deceased, being his sons. The estate of Thomas Anderson has land and negroes. Admits sale of personal property (except the negroes) of the estate of Thomas Anderson deceased by complainant and respondent's intestate as his administrator.

Sale of negroes and land of said Thomas Anderson was ordered by decree and sold by W. H. Botts, Clerk & Master. Thomas Anderson's estate about $15000. Will made by Thomas Anderson found after his death and appointment of Complainant and Respondent's intestate as Administrator.

Paul Anderson executed a note to his father Thomas Anderson for a negroe girl, does not know if paid. Judith Anderson, widow of Thomas Anderson has her dower in his land. Intestate Paul Anderson purchased his father Thomas Anderson's land at Clerk & Master's sale for $1500, executed his note, afterwards paid full amount to Clerk & Master of purchase money.

Respondent admits Paul Anderson's estate is insolvent. 5 [or 6] July 1868.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: F. M. Anderson against

Susan Anderson, William Loftis, Josephine Loftis, Malvin Garrison, Elizabeth Garrison, R. F. Anderson, Martha Anderson, Faney [sic] J. Anderson, Manerva Anderson, Thomas Anderson and William Anderson, all of Jackson Co.

Thomas Anderson died intestate in Jackson Co. on or about [blank] 1858. After administrator named, will of Thomas Anderson found. They had disposed of a portion of the property of estate before said will was found... sold all the personal property except the negroes which were sold by the Clerk & Masper per Court order for $1,099.25, sent to the hands of Paul Anderson as the co-administrator with your Orator, out of which he paid $740.36, leaving a balance of $358.89 which amount remained in hands of Paul Anderson up to the date of his death 30 October 1866.

Paul Anderson died intestate in Jackson County, defendant A. H. Morgan appointed administrator [blank] Term 1867. Defendants herein are the widow and heirs of said Paul Anderson, who died seized and possessed of lands in the 9th District, Jackson Co., being same owned by Thomas Anderson in his lifetime. Widow of Thomas has a dower interest in said lands. Paul Anderson purchased at Clerk & Master's sale & according to his purchase would be entitled to his mother Judith Anderson's dower interest at her death.

Paul Anderson at his death was considerably indebted... personal property about $300, debts $1200-$1500.

After sale of real and personal property of Thomas Anderson, a large sum remained to be distributed to the heirs of Thomas Anderson, to wit:

F. M. Anderson

Paul Anderson

?Glant Anderson

William Anderson

Ned Anderson

Catherine Mahoney

Anna Bartlett.

Land of Paul Anderson to be sold 7 Decr 1867. Believes estate of Thomas Anderson has lien on the estate of Paul Anderson, should settle Thomas Anderson estate first.

Defendants Elizabeth Garrison, the wife of Malvin Garrison, R. F., Martha, Fanna J., Manerva, Thomas E. and William Anderson are all minors with no regular guardian. 4 Decr 1867.

ANSWER: Frances M. Anderson to Bill of Complaint of Robert A. Cox and Allen W. DeWitt... admit they defended him in State of Tennessee against him for killing Sam Swearingen, but denies services worth $150.

Admits they defended him on charge of killing Jack Maxwell, believes charge of $500 is exorbitant.

The note on Mat Beale and Henry Jackson was for $108 instead of $20 as alleged.

True his wife had filed a bill against him. He has always been willing to pay a fair fee... charges too large for services performed.

Respondent negotiated with Elijah Wheeler and C. M. Wheeler and took the notes of Elisha Wheeler and the other before mentioned, but no money was paid. The Wheelers now refuse to buy and confirm the trade because your respondent's title is not cleared, purchase money yet being due and owing to Clerk & Master. Lands by decree of the County Court descended to the heirs of Malinda Loveall, deceased, and has not been paid. E. and C. M. Wheeler purchased the property and their father Elisha Wheeler signed as Security.

A short time prior to filing of Complainant's bill the father of your respondent's wife died and left her some property, among it a fine yoke of steers. Respondent agreed with his wife to sell the yoke of steers, and apply to legal fees. The sorrel mare is the property of respondent's sons who lived with him.

Respondent has no control or right to property that came to his wife. 1 July 1870.

s/s John P. Murray, F. M. Anderson [Note: Writing hard to decipher - mlj].

TO SHERIFF OF JACKSON CO. Cox & DeWitt filed bill of complaint against F. M. Anderson, Almeda Anderson, Elisha Wheeler, A. H. Morgan and others. Anderson indebted to them for $570. Attach five head of horses heretofore attached, cause of Frances Almeda Anderson against F. M. Anderson... also whatever amount Elisha Wheeler may be indebted to F. M. Anderson. 27 November 1879.

ANSWER: Elisha Wheeler states Elijah N. Wheeler and Caloway M. Wheeler made a pretended ['deal fell through'] purchase of a small tract of land on Blackburn's Fork of Roaring River known as the Loveall land, executed notes for $300 due 20 Dec 1869 and $200 due 21 Aug 1871... title bond was invalid. Respondent signed notes as Security for said E. N. and C. M. Wheeler. 21 May 1870.

REPORT OF SPECIAL COMMISSIONER: April term 1871, finds F. M. Anderson indebted to Cox & DeWitt as follows:

Defending said Anderson in the Circuit Court of Putnam Co., State of Tennessee vs him for murder of A. J. Maxwell, $500.00.

Same court for murder of Sam Swearingin, $200.00.

Defending Anderson for forfeiture of bail, State vs Laycock, $25.00.

Defending damage suit, Putnam Co., case of Admr of A. J. Maxwell & others, $75.00.

Prosecuting W. H. Marcum Shanks & others, Cir. Court of Putnam Co. on an indictment for Murder, $100.00.

W. W. DeWitt as attorney for Anderson, case of Anderson vs A. H. Morgan, Admr, et al $700.00.

F. A. Anderson vs F. M. Anderson, divorce & alimony, W. H. Botts as solr for F. A. Anderson, $100. [Total $1700.00] s/s B. B. Washburn

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Robert A. Cox & Allen W. DeWitt against

Francis M. Anderson, Frances Almedia Anderson, Elisha Wheeler, A. H. Morgan, Admr of Paul Anderson & F. M. Roberts of Putnam Co.

Practice law in Jackson, Putnam & Overton Counties. F. M. Anderson owes for services:

Indictment for murder, Sam Swearingen, Putnam Co. $ 100.00

Indictment for murder, Jack Maxwell, Putnam Co. 500.00

Damages, Matilda Maxwell & others, murder of Jack, Putnam Co. 100.00

F. M. Anderson vs A.H. Morgan, et al, Jackson Co. 50.00

Forfeiture of bond, Security for Lacock, Robbery 25.00

Also F. M. Anderson against A. H. Morgan 75.00

F. M. Anderson, Indictment, going armed 10.00

$ 910.00

Have given other advice, 1866, 1867, 1868 and continuing, cases now pending, seek to charge.

Credit given for yoke of oxen $75.00, note on Wm Beal & Henry Jackson $90, mule at $175, total credits "about $340".

Recently Frances Almeda Anderson filed for divorce and alimony for her and children... entire estate of F. M. Anderson has been attached, is pending in court. Wife has considerable estate... came by her deceased father.

CAUSE HEARD: 4 August 1869. Susan Anderson, widow of Paul Anderson. Children: [1] Josephine Loftis wife of William Loftis

[2] Elizabeth Garrison wife of Malvin Garrison

[3] R. F. Anderson [minor under 21]

[4] Martha Anderson [minor under 21]

[5] Fanny J. Anderson Anderson [minor under 21]

[6] Manerva Anderson [minor under 21]

[7] [Thomas E. Anderson [minor under 21]

N. B. Young, guardian ad litem of minor children.

[NEW] MORGAN. A. H., Guardian of DAILY, WILLIS County 1886

Guardianship Settlement: Came into my hands as guardian of Willis Daily from H. W. Williams [Clerk & Master of the Court], $74.45, plus interest of $2.25, total $76.70. Dated 27 December 1886. s/s A. H. Morgan


Paid to [?J. J.] Mabery for boarding Dailey November, $18.25

May 2, 1886, paid J. D. Webb, 2 weeks board, $1.50.

May 5, 1886, paid A. C. Terry, 9 1/2 weeks board, $7.13.

Aug 6, 1886, paid J. H. Hollaway 4 1/2 mos, school year $4.50.

Apr 17, 1886, paid D. L. Law for schooling, $6.01 1/2

Nov 20, 1886, paid J. D. Morgan, suit of clothes, $9.50.

Dec 1, 1886, paid A. C. Morgan, clothing, $34.76.

Full amount paid out $76.85.

[NEW] MORGAN, A. H. vs KINNAIRD, GEORGE Chancery 1869

ORDER REVIVING SUIT: Austin H. Morgan against George Kinnaird. Death of George Kinnaird suggested and proven September term 1878. Sallie Kinnaird is widow and Russel Kinnaird, John Kinnaird and Betty Goodston who intermarried T. P. Goodston are only children and heirs.

7 May 1877 land District 9, Jackson Co. purchased by George Kinnaird from W. B. Allen, bounded by lands of William Henley on south, James Peak on east and Evans Bartlet on north, being same land where George Kinnaird lived on the 24th day of May 1875 when John P. Murray became purchaser for himself & W. H. Botts. Filed 24 Sept 1877.

TO SHERIFF OF OVERTON CO., TN: A. H. Morgan on 7 Dec 1869 filed bill of complaint against George Kinnaird, still pending at his death. Sept term 1878, death suggested and admitted. Widow Sallie Kinnaird. Betty Ray, Russell Kinnaird and John Kinnaird are his only children.

Summon Betsy Ray and her husband [blank] Ray to appear on 3rd Monday in December 1879. Dated 4 Mon in Sept. 1879. Isued 12 Nov 1879.

TO SHERIFF OF JACKSON CO., TN: Isabelle Goodson is one of the children of George Kinnard, intermarried with T. P. Goodson. Summon to appear 4th Monday in September next.

[Note: 1880 US Census Index of Jackson Co., by Sistler & Associates, p. 201:

*Goodson, Tomas 25, Isibill 32. [*] indicates other or others in hh - mlj].

[NEW] MORGAN, A. H., Admr of PHILLIPS, J. P. County 1883

TO SHERIFF OF JACKSON CO., TN: Summons the following, Final Settlement 27 March 1883, to make settlement with heirs of J. P. Phillips, deceased. 12 Mar 1883.

Clovis Gaw and wife Francis J. Gaw,

Olympus Gaw & wife Sarah Gaw,

Thomas E. Warren & wife Lee Ann Warren,

Lafayette Upchurch & wife Sisie Upchurch,

C. W. Upchurch,

Jessee Lawson and wife Mary Lawson,

and heirs of W. C. Phillips.

[Some of] Assets: M. G. Butler, Admr of Roxannie Rowe, note dated 14 Sept 1882 with interest to 27 March 1883, total $25.80; J. T. Anderson, agent for W. H. Botts, judgment 12 March 1883, $9.40.

NOTICE TO: Clovis Gaw & wife F. J. Gaw; Washington Richardson & his daughter Mary Richardson; Jackson Gordon, James Gordon, William Harris & John Harris

Heirs at Law of J. P. Phillips. 27 March 1883, will make settlement with A. H. Morgan, Admr of J. P. Phillips, deceased. dated 12 March 1883. [Posted Court House door, Gainesboro, Jackson Co., TN].

Receipt to J. R. Crabtree, $20 for balance of judgment obtained vs J. P. Philip about 1860.

[NEW] MORGAN, A. H., Admr of TERRY, JAMES, decd County 1883

INVENTORY SALE: Filed July 13, 1885, Will & Inventory Book B, pages 180 & 181, $173.25 [total receipts].

[Some of] expenses:

Note paid by Admr given by James Terry in his lifetime dated 24 June 1883.

Coffin from C. C. Allen, invoice dated 15 Aug 1884, $1.50.

We, the undersigned Commissioners appointed to lay off and supply Mary Terry and her family for 12 months from the 11th day of June 1883 to 11 June 1884 [Itemized]:

30 bu old corn, 90 bu new crop, 10 bu wheat, all the bacon on hand - the hogs on hand, 25 lbs coffee, 10 lbs rice, 20 lbs sugar, all of the lard on hand, pepper & ginger & spice & soda, one dollar in sole leather... set apart the foregoing. s/s David Johnson, J. T. Smith

INVENTORY OF PERSONAL PROPERTY [Verbatim]: 1 lounge, 1 small table, 3 books, 1 chest with drawers, 2 beds, bed clothing & bed stids, cross cut saw, 1 pr horse shoe pintches, hand saw, 1 rasp & horse shoeing hammer, 1 drawing knife, 1 pr blue geens [sic], 5 ?buttoning plows, frow, 1 crow bar & 1 stone hammer, pitch fork, 1 chopping ax and one single tree, 1 mowing sythe & ?sneed, 1 ox cart & ?Bed, 4 buttongrass plows & stacks, 43 bu of corn, 1 pr Trace chanes, 3 augers, 1 long handed shovel, [can't read this item], 1 acct of Perry Bartlet 225 its bad.

Above personal property sold for $38.75 total [itemized list - purchasers, each item cost].

[NEW] MORGAN, B. M. VS RICHMOND, JIMMIE, et al Chancery 1904

BILL OF COMPLAINT: B. M. Morgan & B. J. Franklin, both of Jackson Co. against Jimmie Richmond & Dolph Richmond of Jackson Co. and Leslie Lynch of Smith Co.

6 Feb 1904, filed original Bill of Complaint. Geo W. Lynch died intestate in Jackson Co. [blank], owned land. Left surviving his widow, since died and H. J. Lynch and Leslie Lynch and the defendants Jimmie Richmond, Willie Richmond & Dolph Richmond, the last 3 minors and children and only heirs of Julia Richmond, a daughter of said G. W. Lynch, who died before her father.

At the death of G. W. Lynch, the land descended to his children, H. J. Lynch inheriting one-third and defendants Richmond one-third jointly, or 1/9 each. Defendant Leslie Lynch is their regular guardian.

On 5 Oct 1903, H. J. and Leslie Lynch sold their entire undivided 1/3 interests to B. M. Morgan for $1333 1/3, took notes. These notes were sold to Complainant B. J. Franklin, are past due and unpaid. Best interest land be sold. 23 Feby 1904.

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Dolph, Jimmie & Willie Richmond by their guardian Leslie Lynch. Land in Dist 11, Jackson Co. bounded by Frank Richmond & Tom Ragland, east by Riley Spurlock, south by Riley Spurlock, west by B. J. Franklin & Frank Richmond. Complainants state land was owned by their grand father Geo Lynch, died intestate in Jackson Co. about two years ago. About 49 2/3 acre, worth about $2000. Complainants need their part of estate to be educated on, have no other funds.

DEPOSITIONS RE LAND VALUE: George G. Haile [no age given] and T. M. Gailbreath, age 50. 24 March 1904.

PEITITON: H. J. Lynch states understood minor children of his deceased sister were to get rents for 1904 when land was knocked off [auctioned/sold] to B. J. Franklin for $2375. His brother lives in Smith Co... fell to them to look after the interest of sister's children. Asks sale be set aside and bidding reopened. 25 June 1904.


Geo H. Morgan & Mounce G. Butler against Andrew Chapman and Joseph A. Loftis. 19 March 1883 compts received lien on land of Andrew Chapman, $100 for attorney's fee, Dist 9 Jackson Co. on Roaring River, about 100 acres granted by State of Tennessee to J. D. Hawkins, bounded by lands of the late James Terry & others; 2nd tract, about 15 acres adjoining; 3rd tract, 31 acres and 14 poles adjoining other two tracts. Bounded on one side by Roaring River, being the late Benjamin Chapman homestead place where he resided at his lifetime and at his death. Total about 156 acres.

Defendant Andrew Chapman sold said land to defendant J. A. Loftis to avoid paying death.

Morgan & Butler represented Andrew Chapman and the other heirs of Benjamin Chapman, finally determined between said Andrew Chapman and the other heirs aforesaid and C. E. Reeves.

[blank] March 1883, Chancery Court final decree found on Minute Docket J, page 371, said land was decreed to Andrew Chapman and a lien was declared 3 Feby 1892.


PROOF TAKEN: 24 October 1872, B. B. Washburn, [giving evidence and case synopsis] states William Stafford and wife and others filed vs Windfield S. Burris, Eliza Jane Burris, etc.

Stafford & wife and Elijah Burris filed alleging J. M. Burris was not of sound mind when he executed deeds conveying the land claimed by Stafford & wife to W. S. Burris & Eliza J. Burris and the land claimed by Elijah Burris to James R. Burris, and that said deeds were consequently void. Cox & DeWitt defended for all the adult defendants and for some minors, to wit W. S. and Eliza J. Burris.

Court decreed Burris was of sound mind, complainants appealed. Land involved is worth at least $8000 in my opinion.

A. B. Botts was guardian ad litem of minor children of William Burris, Daniel M. Morgan was administrator of John M. Burris. s/s B. B. Washburn

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Daniel M. Morgan, Administrator & Elizabeth Burris of Jackson Co. against

Winfield S. Burris, A. W. DeWitt, Robert A. Cox, John P. Murray and Eliza Jane Burris of Jackson Co., Watson M. Cook of Davidson Co., Wm H. and A. B. Botts of Barren Co., KY, defendants.

John M. Burris departed life in Jackson Co. about 26 Dec 1861, left a last will and testament. Wiley Gaw, Executor, who refused to serve. Complainant appointed [blank] term 1862 with co-administrator Sampson W. Cassetty, who is now dead. They sold the property during discharge of their duties. Following Cassety's death, complainant Morgan was sole administrator, with will attached.

Received one note dated 4 July 1861 of $922.44 on Watson M. Cooke, now of Nashville.

John M. Burris was twice married. He had three children by his first wife Elisabeth to wit, Elijah Burris, Elisabeth Stafford wife of William Stafford and William Burris. He had two children by his last wife, the Complainant Elisabeth Burris; to wit defendants Winfield Scott Burris & Eliza Jane Burris, infants at the death of said Testator being twins and they are now minors under the age of 14, and Complainant Elisabeth Burris is their legal guardian. Testator in his lifetime conveyed to his said infant children a large portion of his real estate to the exclusion of three children of his first marriage.

COPY OF LAST WILL: I, John M. Burris... of sound mine...

1st Pay debts, funeral expenses...

2nd Son William Burris $100.00...

3rd My daughter Elisabeth Stafford, wife of William Stafford, $140.00 to her sole & separate use apart from husband. If she or her husband contests, this sum to pass to my two children Eliza Jane and Winfield Scott Burris. Bequest to William Burris... like consequences.

My wife Elisabeth Burris 50 acres, it being the place where she lived [?prior to] our marriage, adjacent the Kentucky line and on the headwaters of the McFarland.

Remainder of my estate, my two children Eliza Jane and Winfield Scott Burris... That portion to Eliza Jane free from control, contracts... any future husband she may have...

Appoint Wiley Gaw... permit my friend Watson M. Cooke to keep what he owes me until my children become 21 except such sums as the guardian may see proper to use... support my two children Elija Jane and Winfield Scott Burris.

Guardian to pay taxes on land willed them and their mother out of their money willed them. If Wiley Gaw does not accept as Executor, appoint Sampson W. Cassetty. 15 Sept 1861. s/s John M. Burris Wits: Daniel M. Morgan, Joel W. Settle

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Elisabeth Burris against Watson Cooke of Davidson Co., TN. Elisabeth Burris states Wiley Gaw & Sampson W. Cassety refused to accept guardianship of children Winfield Scott Burris and Eliza Jane Burris. Your Oratrix Elisabeth Burris was by said court appointed and executed bond as guardian. Oratrix Elisabeth Burris states defendant Watson Cooke has grossly violated the trust confided in him by Testator regarding the borrowed money which he owed Testator. About 1 Jan 1869, she through her attorney A. W. DeWitt tried to receive interest or renew the note. Cooke refused, failed to pay sufficient support, education, or pay taxes; has paid only $50.00. Cooke is wholesale merchant in Nashville, heavily involved in his business, has not seen she or children since death of Testator, asks he be removed, and note paid to Trustees in Jackson Co. Suggests Robert A. Cox, Clerk & Master, would be suitable trustee. Executor was empowered to sell land at his discretion.

Tract of 50 acres conveyed to Testator by James Y. Quarles 5 Sept 1859 in Jackson Co.; also 50 acres and 8 poles in said county granted to John M. Burris by State of Tennessee 30 June 1858, No. 12[?0 - smear]93; also 100 acres to John M. Burris by State of Tennessee No. 7960, dated 1 July 1840. These lands are all disconnected from land deeded to said children, are unimproved hill land, but little value.

Testator in lifetime deeded to his children Winfield Scott and Eliza Jane Burris 484 1/4 acres on Roaring River including his mansion house and outbuildings including tract where William Stafford and his wife Elisabeth lived and now live, reserving in said deed 1/3 interest to Complainant Elisabeth Burris in her life or widowhood, deed made 5 Oct 1861. Said Stafford & wife set up claims and refused to deliver possession; in possession more than three years. An act of Ejectment was necessary... employed Cox & DeWitt and their fee remains unpaid.

Stafford & wife enjoined act of ejectment... sought to set aside deed... more attorney fees... they appealed to Tennessee Supreme Court, more attorney fees... necessary to sell land aforesaid that was not conveyed by deed.

[Another copy of will appears here, not one recopied by Court, but looks like all signatures by same person, including James M. Burris and witnesses].

REPORT OF SALES: 25 Sept 1875, 40 acres of John M. Burris' home tract next to lands of John VanHooser and James A. Williams, being Southwest corner of said Burris land, sold to Job M. Morgan, Executor of D. M. Morgan, deceased, $5 per acre.

John M. Gipson became purchase of 100 acre tract 1st Monday in July 1872, $61.25, no money paid, purchaser being very responsible will pay same.

[NEW] MORGAN, GEO H. vs STONE, JOHN N., et al Chancery 1870

BILL OF COMPLAINT: George H. Morgan of Jackson Co. against John N. D. Stone, Martha Stone, Mary Stone, Sidney Stone, Stanton Stone, Lucretia Stone, Emily Stone, Margaret B. Stone and William Stone, of same county/state.

Defendant John D. Stone is a Lunatic, so declared Sept term 1867, County Court of Jackson Co. At same time, Orator was appointed his regular guardian. Estate of said Lunatic is indebted:

Henry B. Fowler by judgment, $290.00. [Later listed by wife Martha "pd" except $40].

Steven S. Kirk by judgment, $130

Samuel Weaver by judgment, $45 [Listed paid]

A. D. Hall by note, $50 "

Chism & Bailey by note, $70 " except $12.00

Phillip M. Tinsley by note, $25 [Listed paid]

Amos K. Tinsley by note, $25 + interest unpaid

Thadeus S. Tinsley, $25 [Listed paid]

Albert Kirkpatrick, about $22 "

Jeremiah H. Roberts, Admr of James Roberts, dec., by note or judgment, $12, unpaid

John Fowler by judgment, $150, unpaid

Berry Moore by note, about $20

William F. Plumlee, judgment before J.P., $128 [Listed paid]

Elijah Holomon, judgment before J.P., $40 "

Two last mentioned levied on a portion of said lunatic, filed Circuit Court, Jackson Co., Tennessee.

Also another later listed by Martha Stone, Samuel C. Fowler, $40.00.

Estate also indebted to Tennessee State Hospital for the Insane, about $25.00.

Also debt from the year 1862 claimed by L. W. Oglesby of $1200 now in litigation [later listed as "Nothing owed"; widow may have prevailed; check another reel].

Said Lunatic's personal estate consists of one old house worth about $50, small yoke of oxen, 2 or 3 cows, a few calves and yearlings, pork to subsist his family for the ensuing year, few stock hogs, ordinary supply of household and kitchen furniture.

Real estate about 156 acres, north side of Cumberland River, Dist. 7 bounded by said River and land of Wm F. Plumlee, Amos K. Tinsley and others... where said Lunatic now resides. Will be seen... none of personal property can be sold to pay debts without great detriment to family. Orator does not desire to have all the land sold, but retain enough for comfortable home for family.

Said Lunatic... mental derangement since 1862, occasional lucid intervals. Spring 1868 placed Tennessee State Hospital for the Insane several months, released somewhat improved, but pronounced incurable.

Defendant Martha Stone is the wife of John N. D. Stone, other defendants are his children and only heirs, eldest of which Mary R. Stone is about 15, Sydney S. Stone almost 12, Lucretia about 9, Emily about 6, Margaret B. about 4 and William under 12 months. Dated 18 Feby 1870. s/s Geo H. Morgan

ANSWER: Martha M. Stone to Bill of Complaint of Geo H. Morgan filed 1 Feby 1870. All true except since filing, the new County of Clay was formed, land cut off so they now live in Clay Co. [Lists indebtedness paid; covered in above list - mlj].

Husband returned to Tennessee State Hospital April 1873, where he has been since.

Some of her money was used in purchase of land, but title taken solely in husband's name.

Respondent respectfully asks that her brother Amos K. Tinsley be appointed Special Commissioner to sell the land, not because of lack of confidence in Clerk & Master, but her brother lives near her, would be less expense, he might possibly be able to compromise some debts, she lives 15 miles from Gainesboro and in another county. Dated 2 Oct 1875. s/s Martha M. Stone

REPORT OF SALE: 11 Oct 1875, portion of land sold to B. K. Biggerstaff by Amos K. Tinsley, Special Commissioner... begin at Butler's Landing Ferry to Turkey Creek...

[NEW] MORGAN. J. M. vs LOFTIS, F. M. County 1912

PETITION: Filed to have Marion Loftis declared a Lunatic or person of unsound mind. Said Marion Loftis is now in the charge of Sheriff A. O. Birdwell on said charge.

Asks Marion Loftis to go to the Central Hospital at Nashville to undergo treatment for his Malady until pronounced cured. F. M. Loftis to be released to his brother J. A. Loftis who will accompany him to said institution at Nashville. Dated this the 3 August 1912. s/s J. M. Morgan, F. M. Loftis

PETITION: J. W. Morgan states defendant F. M. Loftis for the past three years has become person of unsound mind, that he is an edict [sic] or a lunatic... has become very cruel and abusive to his wife and son Fowler Loftis... false & slanderous accusations against wife... if sound mind, would know not true. Defendant's wife is Mary L. Loftis, have 5 or 6 children and maybe more, does not remember exact name and number, was dependent on means of defendant for support.

Defendant owns farm Dist. 8, Jackson Co., adjacent farm of G. W. and Major Flynn, Marion Harris, on Cumberland River worth $7,000-$8,000 [stock, other personal property listed]. Defendant becomes hostile, believes will harm, particularly when these papers are served, asks he be confined. 2 Aug 1912.

[NEW] MORGAN, J. M., Executor of MORGAN, DANIEL M. County 1882

SETTLEMENT: Sept term, 1882. Last settlement Decr, 1876 [Interim interest due 1877-1882].

Debts collected from R. P. Brooks, Guardian of W. S. Burris and Eliza J. Johnson dated Jan 1, 1877, plus interest.

Receipt from Geo. H. Morgan dated 1 Jany 1877, tombstone and burial clothes, $92.20.


I, Daniel M. Morgan, of Jackson County, Tennessee... being a little weak in body... sound mind... last will and testament.

1st Just debts and funeral expenses... paid... rest and residue of my estate both lands, stock, crop, household and kitchen Furniture I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Susannah Morgan and her bodily heires [sic]... life of my wife... control and dominion of no other person... My wife and my Executor provide means to educate my younger children... equal to that of my two older children John & Perrey or as near the same as practible [sic].

I hereby appoint John M. Morgan and George H. Morgan my Executors. 22 Sept 1865. [Signed] Danl M. Morgan

Wit: S. W. Cassetty, D. W. Hawes, J. P. [?], W. W. McCue


...My son Lewis Morgan be educated out of my estate... elementary education... class equal to sons John & Perry be changed as herein directed. Desire my grand son Lewis K. Smith share equally with my sons and daughters as he is the only representative of my deceased daughter Eliza Jane Smith.

I wish and desire my books be kept for my children and only grandson herein mentioned. 31 July 1872. [Signed] Danl M. Morgan

Wits: D. W. Hawes, W. W. McCue, A. W. DeWitt

SETTLEMENT: 1st Monday in Dec 1876, 1st settlement March 1, 1873.

Sale Bill after Susannah Morgan's death June 24, 1874 [Note: Could be date of sale following her death, not her actual date of death. Itemizes purchasers, items, price - mlj].

[NEW] MORGAN, J. M. & others vs SETTLE, M. W. & others Chancery 1885

BILL OF COMPLAINT: Geo. H. and J. M. Morgan of Jackson Co. and M. W. Settle of Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN, Joel W. Settle of Davidson Co., TN, Willis S. Stone of Wayne Co., TN, W. P. Stone of State of Texas and Mrs. Emma J. Mills, Adms of J. H. Stone, deceased of State of Kentucky and Nancy P. Hawes of Jackson Co.

1876 Cooke, Settle & Co. recovered judgment in sum of $591 against D. W. Hawes and Joel H. Stone, merchants in Gainesboro, name of Hawes & Stone... J. M. and Geo. H. Morgan became Stayors [agreed to guarantee payment of debt to avoid sale of property]. Up to this time, only $200 has been paid and $200 more secured by property.

Joel H. Stone has been dead several years, estate hopelessly insolvent. D. W. Hawes is insolvent.

Emma J. Stone (now Emma J. Mills), the widow of J. H. Stone, was appointed Administratrix of estate of Joel H. Stone, and as his widow received her part... was assigned dower, and she has an interest as mother of Joel H. Stone's child that was living at the time of his death (called Joel [?]Hardin Stone).

Tract of 70 acres in Dist. 1, Jackson Co., Roaring River belongs to defendants. One-half undivided to M. W. Settle, and undivided 1/3 of 1/2 to each W. S. Stone, W. P. Stone, and the estate of Joel H. Stone. It is the undivided interest of W. P. Stone and Joel H. Stone, which together amount to 1/3 of the whole tract.

Also one other small tract of 25 acres owned by same parties on the mouth of Doe Creek, Dist. 1, Jackson Co.

Said first mentioned tract known as the Jeff Roberts tract, bounded west by Cumberland River, south by Doe Creek, north and east by Z. M. Young and J. S. Quarles.

ANSWER: Margery W. Settle, Executor and sole devisee under the will of Leroy B. Settle, deceased. J. H. Stone died, estate insolvent. Joel H. Stone died 1876, widow Emma J. Stone wound up the estate under insolvent laws of State of Tennessee more than six years ago and removed to Kentucky. 1 Feby 1885. s/s Margery W. Settle

Acknowledged in Wilson Co., TN.

DECREE: Land sold for distribution of proceeds after costs paid, distributed as follows:

One-half to Margery W. Settle or her agent J. T. Anderson.

Shares of W. P. Stone and J. H. Stone paid to Cooke, Settle & Co. on judgment.

Share of W. S. Stone be paid to him after reasonable solicitor's fee.

[NEW] MORGAN, J. W. et al vs LEE, MARGARET, et al Chancery 1883

COPY OF DEED: I, Joseph Hawkins of Jackson Co., TN for natural love & affection... my daughter Polly, wife of Curry Lee and for the better mantannance [sic] of himself and ofspring [sic] this 13 July 1843 grant... convey to my daughter Peggy Lee during her life & her bodily heirs tract District 9, Jackson Co... waters of Spring Creek of Roaring River... being north side of said creek about one-fourth mile below where I now live... crossing said creek... 65 acres and surveyed 1 Aug 1812 by John Murry D S...

[Signed] Joseph Hawkins Wits: Perry Mahaney, Daniel M. Morgan

BILL OF COMPLAINT: J. W. Morgan, Austin H. Morgan, Archibald Loftis of Jackson Co. and H. B. Buckner of Davidson Co. against

Margaret Lee, L. M. Gipson and W. M. Gailbreath as General Guardian of John M. Gipson York and John M. Gipson York of Jackson Co. and Willis Dailey of Jackson Co.

In 1843, Joseph Hawkins conveyed to his daughter Pollie Lee, wife of Curry Lee, during her life 65 acres.

Also owns undivided interest in two tracts of 200 acres each.

Heirs of said Pollie Lee owned entire 65 acre tract at her death and the 1/3 interest in each 200 acre tract.

Pollie Lee died in Jackson Co. 29 Oct 1883, had the following children and heirs:

1. Nancy intermarried with Jefferson Maberry

2. Elvira intermarried with Willis K. Dailey

3. John Lee

4. Russel K. Lee

5. Mahala intermarried with John P. Hawkins.

6. Margaret Lee [Note: Margaret not mentioned her, is mentioned below - mlj].

Sons and daughters are six in number, her only children.

Complainant A. H. Morgan purchased the 1/6 interest of Nancy Maberry in the 65 acre tract and also her interest in each 200 acre tract.

John Lee's interest was sold by judicial decree and was purchased by John M. Gipson.

At the death of John M. Gipson, he held title, which passed to defendants L. M. Gipson and John M. Gipson York, sole surviving devisees under the will of John M. Gipson.

Complainant Archibald Loftis is owner by purchase of shares which belonged to Rusel K. Lee, a son of Pollie Lee.

Complainant Archibald Loftis is also owner by purchase of shares of Elvira Dailey a deceased daughter of Pollie Lee, having purchased them after the death of said Elvira Dailey from her children, to wit John Dailey & Sarah Dailey, a son & daughter - and grandchildren of Pollie Lee.

Defendant Margaret Lee, a daughter of Pollie Lee, is entitled to 1/6 interest.

Defendant Willis Dailey, a son of Elvira Dailey and a grand son of Pollie Lee... Willis Dailey is a minor with no general guardian.

Below are not made party to this suit, as they have sold and conveyed their shares:

Nancy Maberry and husband Jefferson Maberry.

Matilda Hawkins

John Lee, deceased heirs, to wit Russell K. Lee and two children of Elvira Dailey, deceased, to wit Sarah Dailey now the wife of Venton Langford and John Dailey.

Complainant H. B. Buckner is owner of 1/4 share belonging to Complainant A. H. Morgan, the same having been conveyed to Bucker to secure a debt.

Each owns following interest as shares respectively:

x H. B. Buckner as assignee of A. H. Morgan, 1/4

x Margaret Lee 1/6 part

x L. M. Gipson and John M. Gipson York, jointly 1/6 part.

x Archibald Loftis 1/6 and 2/3 of 1/6

x J. W. Morgan 1/2 of 1/6 part

x Willis Dailey 1/3 of 1/6 part

[NEW] MORGAN, M. A. vs MORGAN, HENRY Circuit 1888

Asks divorce, alimony, alleges cruel and inhumane treatment, failure to provide, turned her out of doors. Asks property be attached. No maiden name/date of marriage/names of children mentioned. Dated 1st Monday in July 1888 [Note on back]: Issued 23 Oct 1888.

Prosecution bond signed by M. A. Morgan with W. S. Russel as security, 23 Oct 1888.

[NEW] MORRELL, WM vs ROSE, THOMAS & HALL et al Chancery 1859

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William G. Smith and wife Cynthia Emeline Smith, formerly Cynthia Emeline Morrell of Jackson Co., TN against

Curtis M. Hall, Thomas J. Rose and A. P. Hall, of Jackson Co.

The father of Complainant Cynthia Emeline Smith, to wit, John W. Morrell, died in Jackson Co. about 1839 intestate, leaving Oratrix and one brother his only heirs and distributees. Oratrix has since intermarried with William G. Smith, now her lawful husband.

Shortly after the death of John W. Morell, defendant Thomas J. Rose qualified as Administrator, took all the assets, paid his debts and in January 1842 made final settlement. [blank] June 1842, Curtis M. Hall qualified as guardian of Oratrix, never made settlement, but paid himself $118.35. s/s A. B. Botts, Solr for Complt

BILL OF COMPLAINT: William W. Morrell against Curtis M. Hall, guardian and Thomas J. Rose, Admr. Complainant is lawful heir of estate of John Wesley Morrell... your Orator and his sister are his only heirs [Remainder of complaint basically same as above - mlj]. s/s Lowe, Solicitor

PROSECUTION BOND: William H. Morrell, security Abraham Hicks, indebted to Curtis M. Hall and Thomas J. Rose pending trial...

s/s William H. Morrell, Abraham Hicks

DEPOSITIONS: To be taken 18 June 1859 of Cinthia Morrell, Lydia Cantrell & Richard Cantrell at the home of Cinthia Morrell.

DEPOSITION: Cinthia Morrell, aged about 70. I am the grandmother of Plaintiff [William Morrell], and lived with him or close to him for 23 years. He has made his living by his own labor since he was large enough to work. Curtis M. Hall and I lived close all the time and he lived in my home about eight years. I do not like him atall [sic].

Addison Hall paid William some money. Curtis Hall had the benefit of William's labor.

C. M. Hall is the complainant's step father. Complainant was three and his sister one or two when C. M. Hall married their mother. Cynthia [her X mark] Morrell

DEPOSITION: Mrs. Lydia Casteel, about 56. William Morrell was a hard worker. When he was with C. M. Hall, never knew of him going to school. Lydia [X] Casteel

DEPOSITION: Curtis M. Hall, age 41. I married the widow of John Morrell, deceased.

NOTE: To Thomas J. Rose, Admr, dated 19 June 1839 amount of $79.50, [Signed] Pauline Morrell

[Note: USC 1850 Jackson Co., TN, Index, lists 207-345:

HALL, Curtis M. 32, Pulina 34, William W. 13, Siretha 11, Anna S. 9, Robert B. 6, Amanda B. 4, Martha R. 2, Sentha Morsell 64. Curtis born Virginia, Pulina born TN].

End of Reel #101.

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