Petitioners for Reduction of Constitutional Limits of Jackson County, TN-1806

Transcribed by Jane Hembree Crowley
From TSLA Microfilm, Roll 3, Legislative Petitions, 1805-1812

The Prayer of your Humble petitioners showeth that they Labour under many inconveniences by not having their County (to Wit Jackson) reduced to its Constitutional limits and their seat of Justice permanently fixed, relying on your clemency we hope your Honorable body will pass a Law to that affect and fix our seat of Justice at Fort Blount. And your Petitioners in duty bound will ever pray on. Jackson County, 8th July 1806.


Hamilton Johnson


Henry Jones

Jno. Allison

David Karbet (?)

John Anderson

David Kase

Caleb Anderson

Pleasant Kearby

Charles Anderson

Henry Lancaster

Uriah Anderson

Gorge Leeper

Ritchard Anderson

John Maken

Jas. Armstrong

John Martin

Moses Arshbrook, Sen.

Jorge Masterson

James Arshbrook

William McCall

Moses Arshbrook, Jr.

James McCall, Senr.

Thomas Gillingsley (Billingsley)

James McCall, Junr.

William Birdwell

David McDonald

John Black

Wm. McDonald

Benjamin Boman

Robert McKinley

Christopher Booler

Hy McKinney

James Breeden

David McLechy

Shadrack Bridges

Henry Mohannon

Matthew Brooks

Thomas Nichols

Matthew Brooks

Michael Orsborne

Robert Brooks

John Osburn

John Brooks

William Parker

William Brown

Sherrod Parrott

William Brown, Senr.

James Parrott

Thomas Brown

Elijah Parrott

Edmon Bruer

Sab. Pate

? Buller

Booker Pate

Jeremiah Bush

Willeroy Pate

John Bush

Wm. (?) Patten

Abner Caffen (Chaffen)

John Price

John Calhon

Robert Price

Thomas Calhon

Joseph Price

William Calhoun

James Ray, Junr.

John Calhoun

James Ray, Senr.

Charles Carter

Joseph Ray

James Carter

Jonothon Richason

Thomas Cassety

John Richason

R.H. Castle (?)

Nathl. Ridley

Joseph Chaffen

James Roberts

John Cluck

Silas Roberts

Cornelius Cokron

John Roberts

William Cown

John Rork (?)

? Cown

Owen (Rork) ?

Matthew Cown

John Ruffin

? Cown

Richard Runnels

Thomas Cribbins, Sen.

Robert S. Valliant

Thomas Cribbins, Jun.

James Sadler

Bignal Crook

John Sadler, Junr.

Samuel Cunningham

John Sadler

Henry Curton

Henry Sadler

Joseph Davis

Wm. Sadler

Amos Davis

Isaac Sand (Land)

Abraham Davis

Joseph Sand (Land)

Cad Davis

Elijah Simmons

Ephram Davis

Abednigo Skaggs

Thomas Dill

Archibald Skaggs

William Dillard

Frederick Skaggs

Henry Dillard

John Slon

James Draper

Mark Slon

Thos. Draper

Josiah Smith

John Edwards

William Smith

William Elrad

John Smith

Jils Elrad

Wm. Snodgrass

Jam(e)s Elrad

James Snodgrass

John Evans

Sam'l Stalcup

Andrew Ferrell

Georgey Steel

William Ferrell

John Steele, Senr.

Jabaz Fitzgerald

Joseph Steele

Patrick Fitzgerald

John Steele, Junr.

Ben Forde

Cornelius Stewart

Hugh Forgey (?)

Hugh Stewart

George Francisco

Robt. Stewart

Lewis Frankling

Benjamin Stone (?)

Owen Frankling

Levi Sweat

John Frazier

William Sweat

William Fuguee

Adam Teel, Junor

John Graves

William Teel

Charles Graves

George Teel

Esom Graves

Adam Teel

Beman Graves

Jam(e)s Tenplen

Reubin Graves

James Termin

Robert H. Castle

Bright Termin

Ben Hagood

Louis Thomas

Al Hair

William Tomson

Luke Handay

John Turner

Sam'l Hannah (?)

Benjamin Turner

Coleman Hardy

James Vinson

Stephen Henry

Joseph Ward

Jno. Hewell (?)

Robert Ward (?)

Andrew Hogin

Dennis Wauley(?)

Benjamin Holadey

Woodson White

William Holeman, Sen.

Gower Whittemore

Allen Holladay

Morgan Williams

James Holleman

Joseph Williamson

Thomas Holleman

John Williamson

William Holleman

Michael Williamson

Enoch Hollinsworth

John Williamson

Charles Holms

Isaac Williby

James Inggram

Richard Woods

Andrew Ingram

Jacob Young

Jacob Jinkns

John Young

House of Representatives - August 6th, 1806

Read referred to the Committee of propositions and grievances and sent to the Senate. Edward Scott, HC In Senate Aug. 6th, 1806

Read and referred as by the House of Representatives. John N. Gamble, Clerk.

The following words were written on a single sheet of paper and were copied with the petition: FREE SAMPSON WILLIAMS, KNOXVILLE, TENN.

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