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Charles A. Reeves, Jr.
October 27, 2001

My great-grandfather, Dr. Charles Everette Reeves, was born 14 Feb 1871 in Gamaliel, Kentucky and died 2 Sept 1962 in Gainesboro, Tennessee. Although my Reeves ancestors came to Middle Tennessee in the 1830s, some of them moved to Kentucky prior to or during the Civil War. He received his M.D. from Vanderbilt University in Nashville in 1891 and practiced medicine in and around Jackson County, Tennessee from 1901 almost until his death in 1962 at the age of 91. Although he officially retired several years before that date, many of his old patients still came by the family home for consultation. Dr. Reeves was the classic "horse-and-buggy" doctor, and made house calls. Even though he has been dead almost 40 years as I write this, his name still brings instant recognition from many citizens of the county.

I have many fond memories of Dr. Reeves from visits to the Reeves family home in Gainesboro, and my father, Charles Reeves, Sr., has many "tall tales" of his years growing up around Dr. Reeves. One of my memories is of my mother telling Dr. Reeves about my "nervous stomach" when I was young. His remedy: take a tablespoon of Jack Daniels whiskey before a meal. I laughed at the time, thinking he was certainly joking, but of course he wasn't and was not pleased with my reaction.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Ms. Rhoda Denson of Jackson County, I have Dr. Reeves' journals he kept during his practice, listing the names of his patients and their accounts. Ms. Denson saved them when the family home was emptied after the death of the last member of the Reeves family in Gainesboro, my great-aunt Miss Vivian Reeves, daughter of Dr. Reeves. As far as I know, none of the rest of his medical records were saved. I am deeply indebted to Rhoda Denson for saving the journals and then contacting me to see if I wanted them.

I have finally been able to find some time to begin going through the journals, and have begun compiling patient lists. Hopefully these lists will be useful for those doing research in the county. The lists for the first four years of Dr. Reeves' practice follow, in alphabetical order by last name.

Notes: In contrast to that of many modern-day physicians, Dr. Reeves' handwriting was very good. But I still had problems discerning some of the entries; these are labeled with (?). The names are also given just as they were in the journals, including any misspellings that might exist. Two interesting entries are "Jailbirds" and "Jackson County Smallpox." I suspect they were grouped on these pages because the county paid for the services rendered.

R. W. Allen, Luke B. Anderson, Elis Howel, Harry Howel, Jim Lowe, Jerry McCormack, Ben Meadow, P.J. Murphy, Henry & Al Smith, E. O. Smith, Mrs. Pea Ridge Williams, Horace Young

James Allen, Balus Allen, Billie Allen, Thomas Allen, Frank Anderson, Byrd Anderson, Harrison Ausgasthorp, Raymond Bennett, Mrs. Lizzie Bilbery, Old Bill Dennison or Bill Branch, Vannie Burris, John Chapman, Frank Dennis, Richard Dennis Jr., Oscar Dewese, Will Draper, Lester Dudney, Alice Elice, Bud Gailbreath, Billy Gentry, Francis Gilpatrick, Lee Gipson (col), Jim Godsey, Uncle Bill Gore, John R. Gore, Big Jim Hawkins, Calvin Heady, Chuck(?) Herod, Jim Jackson, Ed Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Jailbirds, Bert Johnson, Sam Johnson, Charley Jones, Ernie Keith, Green Key?, Ompie Kirkpatrick, Harlan or Thomas Lasless, Widow George Linch, Jim Lock, Billie Lowe, Gid H. Lowe, Monroe Maberry, John Martin (col), Bill Maxwell, Joe Odam, Billie Patterson, Dina Patterson, James Monroe Pharris, Cort Ray, Jim Ray, Ike Richardson, Carl Wiley & Huey Roberts, George Rush, Bose Sadler, Andy Skimmehorn, Jackson County Smallpox, Burris Smith, Morrison Smith, Cicero Spivey, Dillard Spivy, John Spurlock, Ruben Johnson or Arch Stafford, Cleveland Stafford, Thos Tase, Joe Ann Tisdale, Red Tisdale, Jess Walker, Dottie West, Jim West Jr., James Wheeler, Alvin Wheeler, Vance L. Whitteaker, Bill York, Will Young, Riddle Young, W. J. Young

Thos Allen, Bornit(?) Allen, Henry Allen, Thos Allen, Ace Anderson, Louis Birdwell, Albert Birdwell, William Birdwell, Lud or Mat Brookes (col), Rachiel Brookes (col), Widow Jenny Brown, Raymond Brummitt, Wade Burris, Oliver Carlisle, Dale Carter, Louis Cason, Adaline Casteel, Thomas Chaffin, Patrick Chaffin, Billie Dennis, Ben Dennis, Bill Dennis (Dicks Bill), Walter Dennis or his sister, Preston Dill, W.W. Draper, Jim Dudney, Allen Durham, Jim Fields (col), Hyram Flynn, Arnel Gaw, Bob Gipson (col), John Groves, Joe Hamlet, Bill or Mary Henly, Dock Hopkins, Frank Hopkins, John W Howard, Nathan Hunter, Calvin Jackson, Jailbirds, Burris John, Andy Johnson, Fred(?) Jones, Reece Ford or Henry Jones, Fowler Kirkpatrick, Radford Kirkpatrick, Lev Kirkpatrick, Millard Lawless, Widow Lee, Arkley(?) Lee, Prince Mahoney, Calvin Meadows, Ike Merritt, James Madison Moss, Polly Ann Moss, Andy Percell, Daniel Polson, Ike Poteet, James Rhoden, Stonewall Robbins, Carrol Roberts, Wiley Roberts, Carrel(?) Robertson, Taylor Roddy, Alfred Rush, Boss Sadler, Sam Sebre, Agnis Smith, Alois O. Smith, Mary Smith, Tom Marian Smith, Docke or Marsh Spurlock, Dick Dennis Sr., Little Young Stafford, Joe Stafford, Lottier York or Eliza Stafford, Bedford Stafford, John H. Stafford, Nathan Staffort, Sam Terry (col), Sam Tinsley, Tom Tisdale, Bony Waddle, Van Way, John Willenford, Bill York, Dred(?) York, John L. Young, Zebade(?) Young Jr.

Dalis Allen, Miles Anderson, Louis Billie, Bill Branch, Johnnie Brown, Thomas Brown, Vannie Burroughs, Baily Butler, Allie Bybee, Thomas Caster(?), Noah Chaffin, Esq Ben Chaffin (Foxes), Billie Cherry, Ed Copeland, Hyram Crabtree, Frank Dennis, Art Draper, Jona Dudney, John Dudney, Luke Elice, Nathan Ellis, A. Farris, George Flynn, Thomas Fuquay, Tom Galbraith, Billie Gentry, James Hall, Clay Hawkins, Levi Heady, Ben Henly, Tete Hensley, Steve Hill, Jack Hix, A.M. Holland, George Huff, Bill Wat(?) Jackson, Jailbirds, Ace Lynn or Old Joe, Maith Johnson, Charley Jones, Bias Keth(?), Willis Hugh Kirkpatrick, Art Leister, Jim Linville, Billie Limb Loftis, Jim Loftis, T.M. Long, Virgil Lovelaldy, Tom McClellen (col), Jerry McCormick, Mrs. John Minor, Grundy Parish, Andy Percell, James Phillips, Harrison Price, James Ragland, John Rhoden, D.P. Richardson, Bob Ronen(?), Elvis(?) Smith, Eliza Stafford, John Hustler Stafford, James Stafford, Sam Tase, Thos Tinsley, Tom Allen's Tom, Abe Waddle, John Henry Walker (col), Sid Way, Roland Williams, John Williams, John Williams, Sam York, Grasy(?) Jim Young

Luke Armstrong (col), Benton Armstrong (col), Luke B. Anderson, Henry Anderson, William Birdwell, Gladice Braswell, J Lon Brooks (col), Jim Ad. Brown, Nathan Bybee, Newt Bybee, Ad. Casteel, Clarance Crabtree (col), Perry Crowder, Bob Dennis, Collumbia Dill, M.J. Dixon, Bill Draper, Brack Elkins, Bill Flat(?), Major Flynn, Bill Forkum, George Fuquay, Ambus Gaw, George G. Hale, George G. Hale, Jim Spirikey(?) Hall, Widow Nancy Hall, Jim Hamlet, Hortence Hering, Chunk Herod, Charley Hopkins Jr., Hugh Huffins, Claud Kirkpatrick, Frank Randolf or Joe Loftis, Harvey Long, Mrs. Nancy Lowe, Esq Jim McCoin, Comer McDeammon(?), Selton McDowel, Bob McNice(?), Slant Moss, Edward Pate, Leo Percell, Johnnie Phillips, U.S. Prisoners, Jim Ragland, Isac Richardson, Harve Rones(?), Morrison Roy, Alfred Rush, Marsh Rush, Bill Sadler, Henry Sadler, Tom Young or Andy Skimmehorn, Bob or Piecatiny(?) Bill Smith, Savage Smith, Tom Sparkman, Dick Rones(?) or Dillard Spivey, Alex Armstrong or Lee Stone, Lula Strode, L. Tisdale, Bill Tisdale, Perry Vanhooser, Hix Walter, Hamson White, Sidney W. Wilson, Rufs Young, Esq N.B. Young, Elizabeth Young, Jessie Young, Will Young

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