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Welcome to My Personal Page
I am Judy Henley Phillips. I was born on a mountain top in Tennessee grandest state that you ever did see ... Sewanee, Franklin Co., TN to be exact. My ancestors came into Franklin County very early. Most of them stayed and I have not seen any real reason to leave for very long at a time.
My working career was at a local bank in Tullahoma. I became interested in learning about my ancestors and have been doing genealogy every day since. My special project is trying to identify the early settlers to Franklin County. It is wonderful to get to know so many of the descendants of these very special people.
Early on I became involved in the preservation of the court loose records. I have helped clean, organize and prepare the records for filming in Franklin, Coffee, Moore and Grundy Counties (until two guys decided to burn the courthouse down in Grundy).
I live in North Franklin County with a Tullahoma post office which is in Coffee County. No wonder we can't decided where our ancestors lived. I have served on the boards of the Franklin and Coffee Counties Historical Societies and been Director of our local Family History Center for almost twelve years. I have produced a few books over the years.
In about April of 1996 a discussion on TNROOTS resulted in the TNGenWeb. It was a real struggle at first. I took on Moore and Franklin in the beginning, but now just have Franklin. (I also have the Franklin County list on Rootsweb). I knew nothing about HTML, so went down to Huntsville to Books AMillion and stood dumbfounded trying to figure out which book would be the most helpful. I finally settled on a couple of books and read them while waiting to pick up grandkids at school. Billie McNamara was a very big help in those early days. I am amazed at the knowledge she has - and Fred, too. Nancy, Bridgett and Ann have been great! There are so many knowledgeable people hosting the Tennessee counties.
During all this time, I have cared for my grandchildren, done the T-ball thing, etc., etc. Of course, housework comes in there somewhere and I teach a class in church. I love my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Chirst, I love my family, I love doing genealogy and I love getting to know so many of you on the net.

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