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Researchers Name
Notes & Personal Webpage
Allen Leonard J. McCown
Michael Goins  
Baird Leonard J. McCown
Bates Leonard J. McCown
Bates Tom Cagle
Beasley Leonard J. McCown
Beakley Jannine Coble Gregory  
Bishop Shelley Bishop Reyome  
Bratton Jannine Coble Gregory  
Briggs E. C. Hindle Briggs Family by E. C. Hindle
Brown Jannine Coble Gregory  
Brown T.Gentry  
Grimes Leonard J. McCown
Cagle Tom Cagle  
Chandler Tom Cagle
Chessor Tom Cagle
Coates Jackie Wood  
Coble Jannine Coble Gregory  
Jackie Wood  
Gordy Michael Goins  
Cude Jackie Wood  
Curb Tom Gagle
Easely Jackie Wood  
Edwards Michael Goins  
Elkins Darlene Anderson  
Felps Michael Goins  
Fielder Lisa Webb  
Finney Shelley Bishop Reyome  
Flowers Jannine Coble Gregory  
Gardner Jackie Wood  
Giles Michael Goins  
Gilmer Jannine Coble Gregory  
Glass Michael Goins  
Goins Michael Goins  
Gossett Jackie Wood  
Gunter Jannine Coble Gregory  
Lisa Webb  
Hardison Michael Goins  
Harmon Jackie Wood  
Harrington Jackie Wood
Hassell Jackie Wood  
Henley Sarie Beckett  
Hicks Jackie Wood  
Higgenbotham Michael Goins  
Hoover Larry Orr  
Hulme Jannine Coble Gregory  
Jenkins Michael Goins  
Ledbetter Michael Goins  
Lewis Jannine Coble Gregory  
Lyell Shelley Bishop Reyome  
Maddox Jackie Wood  
Malugin Jackie Wood  
Martin Michael Goins  
McCaleb Jackie Wood  
McCollum Jackie Wood  
McClanahan Sarie Beckett  
McDonough Sarie Beckett  
Martin Michael Goins  
Montgomery Jo Blankenship  
Oakley Lisa Webb  
Parker Michael Goins  
Phelps Michael Goins  
Regeon Jackie Wood  
Tarkington Jackie Wood  
Taylor Lisa Webb  
Tidwell Michael Goins  
Tidwell Shelley Bishop Reyome  
Thorton Shelley Bishop Reyome  
Michael Goins  
Towles Jackie Wood  
Turman / Thurmond Michael Goins  
Vaughn Michael Goins  
Worley Jackie Wood