Cemeteries in Hickman County

The Cemetery Listing for Hickman County is a work-in-progess. If you have any information to contribute to this page please send
Darlene an email. Even a transcription of your family members in a cemetery or photos of tombstones will be accepted.

Allen 355218N 0871751W Littlelot
Anderson 354338N 0872515W Sunrise
Anderson 354338N 0872516W Sunrise
Arnold 354634N 0872240W Centerville
Ayers 354019N 0873919W Pleasantville
Baird 355413N 0871847W Lyle
Baker 354206N 0871610W Greenfield Bend
Baker 354238N 0871627W Greenfield Bend
Baker 354856N 0871345W Primm Springs
Baker 355416N 0872435W Texas Hollow
Bartley 355324N 0872133W Lyles
Bates 354246N 0873054W Beaverdam Springs
Beale 354952N 0871617W Littlelot
Beech Grove 353942N 0874143W Pleasantville
Bethel 353834N 0873903W Pleasantville
Bingham 354355N 0871729W Greenfield Bend
Blackwell 354826N 0873931W Coble
Blackwell 354839N 0874105W Coble
Blackwell 354936N 0874245W Coble
Booker 355751N 0872328W Texas Hollow
Breece 354449N 0873205W Beaverdam Springs
Brooks 354635N 0871345W Primm Springs
Brown 355327N 0871717W Lyles
Brown 355427N 0872819W Texas Hollow
Brown 355628N 0872549W Texas Hollow
Bruce 355825N 0872338W Texas Hollow
Bryant 354332N 0871408W Williamsport
Byers 354411N 0873124W Beaverdam Springs
Cagle 354654N 0873731W Coble
Campbell 354315N 0873320W Beaverdam Springs
Campground 354208N 0872612W Sunrise
Canady 355226N 0872711W Centerville
Carothers 354738N 0873030W Whitfield
Carothers 354929N 0873812W Coble
Cedar Hill 355616N 0872054W Lyles
Center Star 354155N 0871939W Greenfield Bend
Chandler 354232N 0873717W Beaverdam Springs
Chappell 355842N 0872506W Texas Hollow
Cheairs 355205N 0871512W Littlelot
Chessor 354344N 0873753W Pleasantville
Christian 355831N 0872956W Texas Hollow
Church 354253N 0871613W Greenfield Bend
Clark 355457N 0872739W Texas Hollow
Coates 354741N 0872701W Centerville
Cochran 355405N 0871833W Lyles
Coleman 355318N 0873624W Spot
Cooper 355531N 0871802W Lyles
Darden 354630N 0872029W Littlelot
Davis 354346N 0872354W Sunrise
Davis 355424N 0871302W Craigfield
Dodd 355001N 0873119W Whitfield
Dodd 355649N 0872749W Texas Hollow
Dudley 355625N 0872532W Texas Hollow
Dunlan 354303N 0871705W Greenfield Bend
Dunnagan 355746N 0872123W Lyles
Dunnagan 355816N 0872027W Lyles
Eason 354627N 0872537W Centerville
Edwards 353757N 0873745W Pleasantville
Elkins 354056N 0874317W Pleasantville
Elkins 354527N 0873526W Whitfield
Field 354908N 0873438W Whitfield
Flowers 354835N 0873928W Coble
Fort Cooper 354818N 0871618W Littlelot
Fowlkes 354718N 0873144W Whitfield
Frazier 355055N 0873327W Whitfield
Frazier 355129N 0873049W Whitfield
Givens 355133N 0872452W Centerville
Gossett 355205N 0872626W Centerville
Gossett 355327N 0871952W Lyles
Gossett 355339N 0872102W Lyles
Graham 355430N 0872818W Texas Hollow
Grays Bend 354713N 0872405W Centerville
Green 354912N 0872617W Centerville
Green 355645N 0871806W Lyles
Griner 354633N 0872844W Centerville
Grove 355356N 0871629W Lyles
Gunter 354538N 0874332W Coble
Hanes 344548N 0871446W Primm Springs
Harrington 354951N 0872648W Centerville
Harvill 354803N 0873125W Littlelot
Hassell 355045N 0873125W Whitfield
Hedge 354859N 0873643W Whitfield
Hickman 354815N 0873303W Whitfield
Hood 355824N 0872101W Lyles
Horner 353940N 0873513W Beaverdam Springs
Huddleston 354622N 0873037W Whitfield
Huddleston 354623N 0872359W Centerville
Huddleston 354648N 0872649W Centerville
Hudgins 355356N 0871712W Lyles
Humble 355619N 0872830W Texas Hollow
Jenkins 354544N 0873118W Whitfield
Jenkins 355500N 0873626W Spot
Jenkins 355506N 0871553W Lyles
Johnson 354635N 0871340W Primm Springs
Jones 354540N 0871606W Littlelot
Jones 354630N 0871756W Littlelot
Jones Valley 354507N 0871411W Primm Springs
Kellough 354837N 0871800W Littlelot
King 355133N 0874232W Coble
Lancaster 354549N 0873513W Whitfield
Leathers 355406N 0873756W Bucksnort
Little Rock 355320N 0872214W Lyles
Litton 355047N 0871738W Littlelot
Lowe Bend 354845N 0873606W Whitfield
Lowe 355208N 08740007W Coble
Lyles 355559N 0872112W Lyles
Lynn 354626N 0873906W Coble
Malugin 354613N 0873659W Whitfield
Martin 354758N 0871919W Littlelot
Martin 355247N 0871456W Craigfield
Martin 355351N 0871511W Lyles
Mayberry 355024N 0871333W Primm Springs
McClanahan 355231N 0874104W Bucksnort
McCollum 354548N 0873342W Whitfield
McCord 355255N 0872212W Lyles
McCord 355320N 0871507W Lyles
McCord 355515N 0871746W Lyles
McCord 355525N 0871441W Craigfield
McFarland 355139N 0871837W Littlelot
Meacham 355759N 0872706W Texas Hollow
Milam 354215N 0873027W Beaverdam Springs
Mobley 354309N 0871839W Greenfield Bend
Monk 355844N 0872826W Texas Hollow
Morris 353749N 0872707W Sunrise
Morrison 353959N 0873240W Beaverdam Springs
Moss 355412N 0871459W Craigfield
Mount Pillar 354927N 0873040W Whitfield
Mount Pleasant 354916N 0871531W Littlelot
Murphree 355038N 0874212W Coble
Murphy 354637N 0873710W Whitfield
New Hope 355646N 0871504W Lyles
Nicks 354928N 0873359W Whitfield
Oakmont 354644N 0873003W Whitfield
Old Harder 353716N 0872711W Gordonsburg
Old Well 354048N 0871847W Greenfield Bend
Overbey 355509N 0871525W Lyles
Overbey 355658N 0871606W Lyles
Petty 355344N 0872835W Texas Hollow
Petty 355637N 0872844W Texas Hollow
Petty 355827N 0872657W Texas Hollow
Pickard 354513N 0873720W Whitfield
Plunkett 354912N 0872540W Centerville
Potter 355314N 0873940W Bucksnort
Potter 355622N 0872520W Texas Hollow
Potter 355634N 0873155W Spot
Potts 355559N 0871913W Lyles
Primm 354929N 0871641W Littlelot
Primm 355041N 0871848W Littlelot
Pruett 355308N 0874049W Bucksnort
Rainey 355732N 0871626W Lyles
Redden 355745N 0872931W Texas Hollow
Reeves 355729N 0872923W Texas Hollow
Russell 354809N 0873757W Coble
Russell 355609N 0872850W Texas Hollow
Shanes 354949N 0874035W Coble
Shipp 354609N 0872900W Centerville
Shipp 354626N 0872723 Centerville
Shipp 355311N 0872930W Texas Hollow
Shouse 354553N 0873021W Whitfield
Shouse 354819N 0871747W Littlelot
Smith 354309N 0871826W Greenfield Bend
Smith 355725N 0872752W Texas Hollow
Sparks 355002N 0874009W Coble
Spot 355318N 0873531W Spot
Springer 354407N 0873213W Beaverdam Springs
Stanfill 354514N 0872436W Centerville
Steele 355905N 0873031W Spot
Stewart 354601N 0872520W Centerville
Taylor 355443N 0871854W Lyles
Temple 355500N 0872713W Texas Hollow
Thornton 355321N 0872118W Lyles
Thornton 355428N 0873713W Spot
Tidwell 355517N 0873605W Spot
Tidwell 355541N 0871421W Craigfield
Totty 354727N 0872252W Centerville
Turner 355434N 0873455W Spot
Vaughn 355311N 0871315W Craigfield
Wade 354313N 0873119W Beaverdam Springs
Walker 354719N 0873801W Coble
Warf 355125N 0871317W Primm Springs
Watson 354335N 0872837W Sunrise
Weatherspoon 355107N 0873453W Whitfield
Weems 355624W 0871923W Lyles
Well 354112N 0871854W Greenfield Bend
Wells 355816N 0872754W Texas Hollow
Wheat 354324N 0872349W Sunrise
Whiteside 354013N 0872615W Sunrise
Whitson 354844N 0873309W Whitfield
Wilkens 355607N 0873449W Spot
Williams 354006N 0873901W Pleasantville
Williams 354642N 0872227W Littlelot
Willow Spring 355301N 0871852W Lyles
Wilson 354517N 0871436W Primm Springs
Wolf Creek 354812N 0874056W Coble
Woody 354613N 0871416W Primm Springs
Worley 355001N 0871908W Littlelot
Yates 355812N 0872045W Lyles