Wills of Henry County

Henry Co., TN Will Books G & H excerpts obtained through interlibrary loan (#103, reel 1),
from Tennessee State Library & Archives

Person Yates

From Henry Co., TN Will Books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 180 - P. Yates bought 1 log chain for .50 cents at the property sale of
John Culendure(?) dec'd on 15 Jan., 1847.
Pg. 190 - Person Yates bought 1 grind stone for $1 at the estate sale of Wm
Lyon dec'd in 1847.
Pg. 255 - Person Yates bought 1 small sugar for .12 cents and 1 gallon(?) of
whiskey for .50 cents at the estate sale of Wm. A. Willson deceased.
Pg. 252 - Person Yates bought 1 Turning Plough for .10 cents, 10 lbs. of
corn for $10.00, and 2 shuck collars for .10 & .15 cents from the estate
sale of Edward James(?) dec'd in 1848.
Pg. 289 - Person Yates bought 5 barrels of corn for $5.55, tobacco for .14
cents, stack fadder at 2.05, and 1 cutting blade for .05 cents from the
Edward James estate in Feb., 1849.
Pg. 295 - Person Yates bought 1 decanter and full whiskey at .50 cents from
the estate sale of Francis Mallory dec'd 20 Nov., 1848.
Pg. 330 - Person Yates bought 1 sheckel for .15 cents from Thomas Bourder
dec'd 1848.
Pg. 333 - Thomas Bourder's estate had one note on Person Yates due Feb.,
Pg. 673 - Person Yates bought 1 garden hoe for .10 cents, pg. 675 he
purchased 1 shotgun and pouch for $5.00, pg. 677 he bought fish hooks for
.15 cents and 1 feather bed and straw bed for $9.05 all from the estate sale
of Gideon Davis in June 1855. On pg. 679 there is one note on Person Yates
due 25th Dec. 1855 for $12.50 from the estate.
Pg. 748 - P. (Person) Yates bought 1 log chain for $2.25, pg. 749 he
purchased 1 bed stead for $1.10 and 1 __ng desk for $1.25 from the
Crutchfield estate on 13 Dec., 1855.

From Henry Co., TN Will Book, Vol. H, Oct. 1856 - Jan 1863:
Pg. 400 - Person Yates bought 1 wagon for $24.75 at the estate sale of
Thomas Diggs dec'd Nov. 10, 1859.
Pg. 414 - Person Yates bought shades? for .25 cents from the estate sale of
Asa Cox 21 Dec., 1859.
Pg. 499 - Person Yates bought 1 Ring & stassle(?) for .05 cents and on pg.
500 he bought 1 quilt for .05 cents at the estate sale of R. S. Dobbins on 1

Nathaniel Edwards

From the Henry Co., TN Will Book, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 180 - N. Edwards bought 1 hoe for .20 cents and Lot of Hail(?) for .10
from the property sale of John Culendore(?) on 15 Jan., 1847.
Pg. 255 - Nat Edwards bought 2 baskets for .20 cents from the estate of
Edward James.
Pg. 299 - Nat Edwards bought 1 pot rack for .75 cents from the estate of
Winnifred Atkins 14 Dec., 1848.
Pg. 332 - Nathaniel Edwards bought 1 lot corn 10 lbs. for $7.70 and 1 Bay
Mare for $34.50.
Pg. 750 - N. Edwards bought 1 table cloth for .90 cents, pg. 751 Nat Edwards
bought 2 pitchens(?) for .05 cents and on pg. 752 he bought 1 dish & pitcher
for .05 cents from the Crutchfield estate sale 13 Dec., 1855.

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. H, Oct. 1856 - Jan. 1863:
Pg. 398 - Nat Edwards bought 1 chopping axe for .20 cents from the estate of
Thomas Diggs dec'd 10 Nov., 1859.
Pg. 409 - Accts & Notes on the estate of John W. Blanton dec'd - Nat Edwards
note payable to Thomas B. Blanton $4.73 Jan. 2, 1842.
"List of Accounts in favor of the estate of N. A. Ewing from 1850-1858"
Nathaniel Edwards, doubtful, $10.00.

Wiley Hicks

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 191 - Wiley Hicks bought 1 axe for 50 cents from the estate sale of Wm.
Lyon dec'd in 1847.
Pg. 332 - Wiley Hicks bought 1 shot gun for $3.00 from the estate of Thomas
Bourder dec'd in 1848.
Pg. 673 - Wilie Hicks bought 1 pole ax for .30 cents and 1 tar bucket for
.20 cents from the estate sale of Gideon Davis in June 1855.
Pg. 752 - Wiley Hicks bought glass tumblers for .35 cents from the
Crutchfield estate 13 Dec., 1855.

Thomas B. Darby

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 707 - Thomas B. Darby will made May 30, 1854 - mentions wife Caldina
(Carena?) Darby, daughter Mary N. Darby McDermon (McGuman?) married to Clem
McDermon, son Thomas M. Darby, daughter Louisa A. Patience(?), 7 sons and 2
(he does not list the names of all of his sons and I assume the two
daughters he is referring to are the ones that are listed - Mary and Louisa)
Pg. 190 - T. B. Darby bought 1 mattock for .45 cents from the estate sale of
Wm Lyon dec'd in 1847.
Pg. 204 - Thos. Darby bought from the estate of Sarah Willson 12 Feb. 1847.
Pg. 255 - Thomas B. Darby bought from the estate sale of Wm. A. Willson
Pg. 255 - Thomas B. Darby bought 1 basket for .15 cents from the estate of
Edward James(?), he's also listed on pg. 288.
Pg. 679 - 1 note on Thomas B. Darby due 25th __ 1855 for $111.32 on the
estate of Gideon Davis.
Pg. 684 - Thomas B. Darby listed.

Edwards Names mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 41 - William EDWARDS and Thomas A. C. EDWARDS bought from the estate
sale of Alex BARR dec'd 20 Nov., 1845 and Hugh W. BARR dec'd 2 (20?) Nov.,
1845. (not sure if this is the same as Thomas C. Edwards)
Pg. 180 - Wes (or Thos) EDWARDS brought from estate sale of John
Pg. 204 - Thos A. C. EDWARDS bought from the estate of Sarah WILLSON 12
Feb., 1847.
Pg. 255 - T. (or H.) C. EDWARDS and T. (or L) A. C. EDWARDS bought from
estate of Wm. A. WILLSON dec'd.
Pg. 254 - Thomas C. EDWARDS bought 1 barrel & 4 Bee __ for .30 cents, 1
scythe & cradle for $3.05, and on Pg. 255 he bought 1 slave boy Henry for
$3.70 and 2 baskets for .10 cents from the estate sale of Edward JAMES (or
Pg. 620 - J. M. EDWARDS listed.
Pg. 647 - Wm EDWARDS listed 1854.
Pg. 683 - Thomas C. EDWARDS bought from the estate of Sarah WARSHAM in 1854.
Pg. 784 - O. H. EDWARDS listed as guardian.
Pg. 742 - One note listed on W. B. EDWARDS.
Pg. 744 - Thomas C. EDWARDS listed.
Pg. 756 - Owen H. EDWARDS listed.

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. H, Oct. 1856 - Jan. 1863:
Pg. 330 - W. H. EDWARDS listed in 1858.
Pg. 366 - R. B. EDWARDS listed.
Pg. 409 - One note on W. EDWARDS $9.38 Jan. 3, 1843 payable to Thomas B.
BLANTON, B. EDWARDS (credits) $9.62 July 11, 1843 on the accounts and notes
from estate of John W. BLANTON dec'd.
Pg. 414 - Wm EDWARDS listed on estate sale of Asa COX Dec. 21, 1859.
Pg. 506 - Wm EDWARDS listed.
Pg. 579 - O. H. EDWARDS will 1861.
Pg. 599 - O. H. EDWARDS listed.
No. pg. # - List of accounts in favor of the estate of N. A. EWING from
1850-1858 lists G. H. EDWARDS for $5.00 and Thomas EDWARDS for $14.60.

Hicks (Hix) Names mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 550 - W. M. HICKS bought sundries for .20 cents and 1 froe for .55 cents
from the estate of Wm PARKER Dec. 1, 1853.
Pg. 624 - A. J. HICKS listed.
Pg. 631 - John HICKS listed.
Pg. 635 - John HICKS listed 1855.
Pg. 677 - Richard HICKS listed.
Pg. 687 - Wildon HIX listed.
Pg. 711 - John HICKS listed.
Pg. 747 - A. J. HICKS listed.

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. H, Oct. 1856 - Jan. 1863:
Pg. 307 - Wm A. HICKS bought 5 barrels corn at 170 $.50 from the estate of
Le WILSON dec'd 17 Dec., 1858.
Pg. 317 - A. HICKS, W. HICKS, and T. P. HICKS listed.
Pg. 319 - H. (?) HICKS listed.
Pg. 322 - John HICKS listed.
Pg. 331 - R. HICKS, W. G. HICKS, and Nathaniel HICKS listed
Pg. 338 - A. J. HICKS listed.
Pg. 364 - A. J. HICKS and G. B. HICKS listed.
Pg. 366 - B. HICKS and G. B. HICKS listed.
Pg. 409 - James HICKS note of $33.92 Jan. 5, 1844 payable to Thomas B.
BLANTON for the estate of John W. BLANTON dec'd.
Also, one note on Jas HICKS of $5.52 July 14, 1844 payable to Jno BLANTON
for the same estate.
Pg. 414 - A. J. HICKS listed at the estate sale of Asa COX 21 Dec., 1859.
Pg. 499 - W. H. HICKS bought 1 lot of sundries for .40 cents, 1 single trace
for .25 cents, 1 pot & hook for $1.45, 1 glass kettle for .30 cents, 1 small
___ for .20 cents, 1 skillet ___ for $1.30, 1 ounce ___ for .15 cents, 2
jars for .15 cents, 2 parsells(?) for .05 cents, 1 small bed stead for
$4.80, And irons & flat iron for .30 cents, plates for .10 cents, 1 sugar
bowl __ & spoons for .20 cents, and 1 pitcher & bottle for .05 cents at the
estate sale of R. S. DOBBINS Dec. 1, 1860.

Jackson Names mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 78 - Property of Bennis JACKSON dec'd sold by B. I. JACKSON executor
Dec. 29, 1845. Lists Mrs. Polly JACKSON, M. A. JACKSON, Joseph LEWIS,
Alexander DAVIS, and B. JACKSON.
Pg. 151 - Andrew JACKSON bought 1 wheat rock for .10 cents, set of
blacksmith tools ___ boards for $23.35, and grind stone for $1.35 from the
estate of James KINDALL dec'd c. 1846.
Pg. 171 - Alexander N. KANE (?) inventory in 1847 lists receipt of J. B.
GUTHRIE and note on N. H. JACKSON due 25 Dec., 1845 for $10.00.
Pg. 172 - Grantee of A. JACKSON of note on T. M. JONES due Jan. 1, 1836
$16.25 - from the Alexander N. KANE estate 1847.
Pg. 180 - Jep B. JACKSON bought from the estate of John CULENDURE (?) on
Jan. 15, 1847.
Pg. 288 - Jamie L. JACKSON and Jefferson ALEXANDER bought from the Ed JAMES
estate Feb. 1849.
Pg. 321 - Wm J. JACKSON listed.
Pg. 333 - One note on Wm JACKSON due Feb. 5, 1844 on the estate of Thomas
BOURDER dec'd 1848.
Pg. 552 - A. JACKSON listed on W. H. PALMER sale.
Pg. 558 - Spencer JACKSON listed 1854.
Pg. 560 - Mary JACKSON, Spencer JACKSON, mentions estate of Martha BELL,
James BELL and Phillip ADAMS all listed.
Pg. 633 - John F. JACKSON listed.
Pg. 634 - G. W. JACKSON listed.
Pg. 647 - J. A. JACKSON listed 1854.
Pg. 664 - Robert JACKSON listed.
Pg. 727 - John JACKSON listed.
Pg. 743 - Accounts listed S. A. M., D. JACKSON, and Jonathan JACKSON.
Pg. 744 - John JACKSON listed.
Pg. 755 - John N. JACKSON and G. W. JACKSON listed.

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. H, Oct. 1856 - Jan. 1863:
Pg. 310-313 - Inventory of Mark JACKSON, lists notes on Giles JACKSON,
Andrew JACKSON, and A. C. (?) JACKSON July (Feb.?) 19, 1859.
Pg. 319 - James JACKSON listed.
Pg. 322 - J. F. JACKSON listed.
Pg. 349 - Jesse B. JACKSON will, lists wife Elizabeth, children Green(?) H.
JACKSON, Dabnah(?) JACKSON, Angiline JACKSON and brother Anthony JACKSON as
executor July 2, 1859.
Pg. 352 & 357 - Ed JACKSON listed.
Pg. 367 - S. D. JACKSON dec'd.
Pg. 369 - J. B. JACKSON inventory lists Anthony JACKSON who bought hogs.
Thos JACKSON who bought a pitchfork and I. A. JACKSON Sept. 11, 1859. Also,
Pg. 387 - Robert JACKSON listed.
Pg. 407 - Willis JACKSON listed.
Pg. 415 - Andrew JACKSON listed on estate sale of Asa COX dec'd Jan. 11,
Pg. 422 - T. P. JACKSON listed.
Pg. 427 - Jonathan JACKSON listed.
Pg. 477 - Robert JACKSON listed.
Pg. 511 - Jas JACKSON listed.
Pg. 525 - _____ JACKSON bought 1 wagon sheet for $1.50.
Pg. 573 - Spencer JACKSON will, sons Thomas, George W., and Anthony and
grandson James D. JACKSON son of Thomas, heirs of Jess (or Jep?) B. JACKSON,
Eliza SIMMONS, Martha KING, and Lucy NORETTO(?) 1864.
Pg. 590 - James J. JACKSON from sale of S. C. DOBBINS, administrators of
Jonathan JACKSON.
Pg. 592 - From Spencer JACKSON sale on 6 & 7 April, 1864 (?), lists Thos
Pg. 598 - From the Spencer JACKSON estate sale - 1 note on G. W. JACKSON due
the 1st day December 1860 for $183.00 with a credit of $77.00 Feb. 12, 1853.

Yates Names mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 72 - Accounts and notes on John B. MCFARLAND dec'd lists Penncll(?)
YATES, good $4.00 and bad $11.50.
Pg. 333 - One note on J. M. YATES due 28 Dec., 1849 for $3.25 from the
estate of Thomas BOURDER dec'd 1848.
Pg. 617 - Ruffin(?) YEATS.

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. H, Oct. 1856 - Jan. 1863:
Pg. 340 - B. L. YATES bought 1 copy of Sorenzors Dows works? and 1 watch
charged to ___ for $10.00 from the estate sale of M. S. HOWARD on 24 May,
Pg. 470 - Note on B. S. YATES, E. A. Neowaco(?) due July 1, 1861 for $140
from the estate of Wm BYARS July 31, 1860.
Pg. 476 - Account on Basil YATES for .15 cents in 1858.
Pg. 482 - B. S. YATES listed.
Pg. 568 - Bazil YATES witness (test) of George BYARS will 31 March, 1858.

Rodery Name mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 294 & 333 - Calvin B. RODERY

Blakely Name mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 318 - James BLAKELY

Coley Names mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 552 - Thomas COLLEY listed on W. H. PALMER sale.
Pg. 663 - M. W. COLEY listed.

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. H, Oct. 1856 - Jan. 1863:
Pg. 447 - Thomas COLEY and A. J. COLEY listed Oct. 1859.
Pg. 466 - A. COLEY dec'd 15 March 1860, B. T. W. COLEY administrator, R. A.
and T. W. COLEY bought from sale.
Pg. 479 - One note of James M. COLEY listed.

Nash Name mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 574 - Zuch NASH listed.

Harris Names mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 574 - Burrel HARRIS listed.
Pg. 687 - Note on J. G. HARRIS 1855.

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. H, Oct. 1856 - Jan. 1863:

No pg. # - Accounts in favor of the estate of N. A. EWING 1850-1858 lists Wm
HARRIS for $23.50, Mrs. S. HARRIS for .40 cents, S. M. HARRIS for $24.00,
John HARRIS for $72.69, and Howard HARRIS for $8.05.

Cavitt Names mentioned

From the Henry Co., TN will books, Vol. G, Dec. 1844 - Oct. 1856:
Pg. 687 - Note on J. M. COVITT (Cavitt?) and W. A. COVITT (Cavitt) 1855

Henry RICE   WILL BOOK H   16  May 1829     Will was proven in open court at the September term of 1829 in Wilson County   2nd wife Nancy, unnamed children
children by first wife, Susand and Ssrah plus others
1829 testators Test: S. A. Puckett James Rice
 Armstead FOREST     10 Nov 1845
wife Elizabeth;  boy Coleman a dwarf; estates of Richard Forest and John Forest deceased  of Halifax County , Virginia 
Jacob BUSHART Sr.   WILL BOOK G,  PAGE 432    23 March 1848.      Probated 1852
Wife Nancy; sons, John Bushart, Caleb Bushart. Daniel Bushart and Henry Bushart, daughters Elizabeth Ridenborn (,Ridenhour) , Sally Bachus, Ann Deets, , Polly Caldwell
W. W. WORSELEY  WILL BOOK G, PAGE 704  of the city of Louisville in the state of Kentucky, printer   14 June 1847. Probated 6Dec1852   Jefferson County, Kentucky, 
wife Rebecca Worseley;  at her death, to be equally divided among the children of Mary S. Timberlake, wife of Henry H. Timberlake of Lexington, Kentucky.
Friends Thomas S. Foreman of Louisville and Henry H. Timberlake of Lexington, Executors  
William Hill     Probated July 1854
wife Mary; daughters, Sarah Vancleave, Elizabeth Nance, Nancy Holden, Frances Guinn, Mary A. Nance, Isabel C. Potts, Martha Pierce and Penelope K. Hill . 
Emery Dent PRIER      WILL BOOK G, PAGE 703
Wife Sarah S. Prier, no children mentioned
6 September 1854. Test: Gabriel Utley John Jones  E. D. Prier
State of Illinois, Johnson County I certify that on the 18th day of September 1854, appeared Gabriel Utley and John Jones, who stated that at the request of the testator, they witnessed the signature of the testator and that he was of sound mind and memory at the time of signing
James JOHNSON   WILL BOOK G, PAGE 705       25 January 1855       Probated November 1855
wife; sons of current wife  Samuel G. Johnson, William, Robert, Felan and James; daughters Martha Conyers  and Malina
Samuel ANDERSON   WILL BOOK G, PAGE 706        Probated November 1855
sons William C. Anderson, Andrew W. Anderson, Samuel C. Anderson, Francis L. Anderson; daughters Harmona C. Miller, Temperance Y. Anderson
Thomas B. DARBY    WILL BOOK G, PAGE 707    May 30 1854      Probated November 1855
wife Caldina Darby; my daughter Mary N. Darby, now McDermon, who married Clem McDermon;  my seven sons and two daughters, Louisa and Patience;son Thomas M. Darby
ALBERT G. CHERRY    WILL BOOK G, PAGE 719       20 January 1856
wife Eliza, minor children, son John,    Nuncupative Will
THOMAS P. JERNIGAN    WILL BOOK G, PAGE 720      9  May 1855
brother William H. Jernigan, wife Elizabeth,  father Jesse Jernigan , minor children
James CONYERS  WILL BOOK G, PAGE 722       10 October 1855        Probated March 1856
wife Elizabeth; daughter Lavitha Emily, the heirs of the body of my daughter Talitha Cuma, deceased, formerly the wife of James Griffin;  grandson William H. Conyers, son of my son David H. Conyers, deceased; sons Benjamin L. Conyers, James H. Conyers, John Conyers,Mordica Franklin Conyers, and Zachariah M. Conyers ; daughter Lintha Emily Conyers; daughter Tabitha Ona, wife of James Aycock
John WALL    WILL BOOK G, PAGE 723       8 May 1855        Probated March 1856
No wife; sons Henry W. Wall, William Wall,  Robert H. Wall , daughter Susan McPherson, granddaughters Martha, Susan , Caroline and Jane Covington
 Wiliam NANCE  1854 WILL BOOK G, PAGE 732
No wife mentioned, daughters Tabitha Nance, Emily Diggs, Caroline B. Webb, Adeline Perry, sons Joseph Nance,Reuben Nance, Herny Nance,Martin Nance 
James  WALKER    WILL BOOK G, PAGE 740  
wife, five children.  Son Richmond,
Nuncupative Will .  Deceased March 20 1856 at 7 oíclock a.m.  To be buried at the graveyard where William Whitfield and his wife is buried  
William C. Rogers      WILL BOOK G, PAGE 760
Granddaughters Louisa and Margaret Gillespie; grandsons William Suton Allen, William N. Woodfin, William C. Rogers,David Leachy and John Chambers Ezell (children of my deceased daughter E. J. Ezell); nephew James McGavock
I do not wish my son-in-law B. T. Ezell to have anything to do with any of my property 
Dabney  D. BIRD     WILL BOOK G, PAGE 772     18 April 1856      probated October 1856
wife Mary F., brother and sister 
John C. SMITH    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 55    18July1856
wife Nancy, minor children, daughter Elizabeth C. Beavers, son William D. Smith 
JAMES RIDGEWAY  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 60         1 March1849,       probated 1 December 1856
Wife Ann Ridgeway; daughters Mary Valentine, Eliza Adams Old (the wife of William M. C. T. Old) ;  daughter  Ridgeway; widow;  Sophia Fiser (wife of Willis A. Fiser); Tabitha D. Poe (wife of William D. Poe); ,sons  William Ridgeway,  Benjamin F. Ridgeway,  James H. Ridgeway,  George W. Ridgeway,
Mary Elizabeth Valentine, daughter of Hardy Valentine, one half of the property, ,that Mary Valentine, deceased, is entitled to, and to the rest of the heirs of her body, Eliza Ann,and  Letty Jane Valentine
John F. MANLEY     4 February 1856      Probated July1856
wife Matilda; youngest daughter Martha Green; brother Green R. Manley; brother-in-law, Robert Jones; son James M. Manley: other children
 Amos MILLIKEN, BOOK H, PAGE 85      probated December 1856
wife Elizabeth ; sons William M. Milliken,George M. Milliken; grandson Elonzo T. Milliken 
James H. CULPEPPER  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 120       13January 1857        Probated June  1857
wife Elizabeth; children Pheby Ann Poindexter, Martha B. Grace, James W. Culpepper and Mariah Jane Bridgewater
Dorson BELL  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 120        26 May 1856       Probated June 1857
wife Nancy Bell,;children
J. B. GUERIN   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 128      20 June 1857      Probated  August 1857
Five of my grandchildren, heirs of my son Joshua Guerin (probably deceased),  except Caroline, the oldest daughter of my son Joshua Guerin;  son Henry Guerin, grandson James B. Guerin, son of Henry Guerin; sons Benjamin Guerin,Stokes Guerin,, Elijah Guerin, James Guerin, John Guerin; son William Guerin,  his two sons Joseph Ben and William Irby Guerin; grandson J. B. Guerin Sikes, son of William Sikes;  Joel Bennett, my son-in-law ;grandson J. B. Guerin Bennett, son of Joel Bennett; daughter Jane Bennett 
John PAGE   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 129     28June  1855       Probated August 1857
wife Kincy Page. ; daughters Lavicy A. Walker and Elizabeth Ann Page; son James W. Page
James R. WARE  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 151 deceased Christmasville, May 25th 1851. I have this morning had a difficulty with a drunken man who drew a pistol on me, and has threatened to kill me, therefore I now make this my last will and testament.   Probated  November 1857 H. T. Blanton, this day appeared in open court and produced a paper writing, purporting to be the last will and testament of James R. Ware, deceased
brother William, brother Hankersonís children,: Henry, Frank, Mary, and Lizzy
Elizabeth JONES  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 153      15 September  1857      Probated November 1857
sons Thomas Jones, John Jones,  Joseph Jones, heirs of my son Elizabeth Jones, deceased,   sons Levi Jones, Edward Jones, Jesse Jones, Daniel W. Jones, James D. Jones, grandson James Nathaniel Jones son of James D. Jones. daughter Mary O. Crittenden
John S. GAINER WILL BOOK H, PAGE 154      29 October 1857.     Probated November 1857
wife, daughter Sarah,  daughter Martha Hagler  land purchased from Joel Hagler 
Levi Simmons and Edmond J. Hagler, Executors.  Testator Edwin Hagler
Norfleet  P. CARSON    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 155        28 November 1857       Probated December 1857
wife Elizabeth, daughter Pollie
John L. HAGLER   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 156       13 November 1857     deceased 28 November 1857
David M. Scott to be guardian for his children, the heirs of the body of his wife Nancy F. Scott, deceased,    Brothers, Willis T. Hagler and Joel Hagler.   H. N. Marberry.  Wife  Joicy Hagler.   Nathaniel Porter and Felix B. Hagler  witnesses to nuncupative will
JohnSMITH  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 168    1 January 1858   Probated February 1858
wife Sarah, deranged son George Smith, sons Mitington Smith, Ludwill Smith, Williamson Smith, James Smith, John Smith,, daughter Mary Ann, wife of John C. Neal
Richard MANLEY  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 240  1July1858   Probated  July 1858
wife Sarah , daughters Lucy Green Foster; Mary Granade (poss. wife of John A); Susan Jones; Louisa Jarrett (grandsons John and Richard) oddly Louisa is both bequeathed to and mentioned as deceased;  deceased daughter Martha Currier, wife of N. Currier (grandaughter Mary Anna); sons Hamlin S.  and Newton A.Manley;  deceased son John F. Manley (widow Matilda, children Sally, James, John, and Martha Manley), Green R. Manley
Henry RICE   WILL BOOK H   16  May 1829,     Will was proven in open court at the September term of 1829 in Wilson County, and the above is a true copy from the records and from the minutes of the court of the probate, this 11th day of August 1858   
2nd wife Nancy, unnamed children
children by first wife, Susand and Ssrah plus others
1829 testators Test: S. A. Puckett James Rice Henry Rice
Elijah McGEHEE   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 259      September 28th 1858      Probated October 1858
wife Virginia, sons William H. McGehee, Elijah A. C. McGehee, daughters Mary A. S., Louisa S. and Elizabeth B. McGehee,  Rebecca Hays, Keren M. F. Gammon, Isabella V. Wallace
K. D. HUDGENS   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 261   23 July 1858
wife Sarah loaned land in District 13, children, grandchildren, Frances Brizendine, Nancy Jane Brizendine and Henry Brizendine by deceased daughter
Nancy PALMER   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 262       3 September 1858      Probated November  1858
James M. Palmer, heirs
tombstones at the heads of my and William Palmerís graves
Asa A. BARNES  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 265       January 22 1858        Probated December 1858
wife Margaret ,youngest sons, Charles Lewis and Mathew Barnes, son Asa A. Barnes, Jr
James MORPHIS  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 266        22 January 1858      Probated  January 1859
heirs of James Morphis, deceased, sons William A. Morphis,  Henry A. Morphis, Leonard A. Morphis, daughters Elizabeth A. Howard, and Grizy Ann Holmes
Israel  TEAGUE  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 300        24 December 1858.        Probated February 1859
wife Unity ,   sons James A. Teague, Hesekiah M. Teague,  Uriah S. Teague,; Russell Teague, daughter Elmira C. Gray,
Gideon E. HICKS   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 302        5 January 1859       Probated February 1859
brother Bushrod W. Hicks, mother Susan A. Hicks, sister Susan W. Hicks, nieces,
Harrison Hicks, Executor
Thomas RUMBLEY   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 304      28 December 1858    Probated February 1859
 daughters, Belinda Easley,wife of John S. Easley;  Rilley Ann Kendall, wife of William Kendall;  and Karon W. Upchurch, widow of Jackson J. Upchurch, John F. Kendall, my son-in-law, have 5 dollars as his portion, in full of all demands against my estate because his marriage to my deceased daughter Nancy, and on account of  her deceased child,    J. S. Easley.   John M. Rumbley Executor
James McEROY  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 310      January 29 1859       Probated March 1859
wife Manda ,  eldest sons Jack and William,  younger children, Wesley and James and Mary Malinda and Nancy Clementine
Henry HASTINGS    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 327      4  April 1858       Probated April 1859
about 75 years of age.  Wife, Sarah E. Somers, daughter of Nancy Sexton, deceased, Henry W. Woods, only son of Martha Woods, deceased, provided that he lives to be lawful age 
William  POINTER    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 333   12  March 1859     probated  May 1859
wife Polly
Thomas WILLIAMS   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 33    20 March 1859    probated  May 1859
 wife Martha, minor children, sons Solomon , Joseph C., James M. and Thomas G.,  daughters Sarah Jane Hinton,  Mary W. and  Lucy Ann G. Williams
son John S. Williams, and Ziba H. Williams and William S. Blakemore,  Executors .  R. J. Williams  Testator 
James  FARIBAUGH       WILL BOOK H, PAGE 341    20  March 1857  probated June 1859  
wife Dorothy,  son William A. , three single daughters,  Ursula  Martha C. , and Mary Ann S. , heirs of my son Thomas R. Farabaugh and my daughter Sarah J. Palmer
Gova COX    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 34  4 April 1857   probated July  1859
 wife Sarah, and child Gova R. Y, grandchildren by my son Joseph D. Cox  Gova A., and Emily, son William E. Cox, all lands in Texas , minor children
Thomas HAYNES   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 345      10   June 1859        probated August 1859
the property for my daughter Elizabeth Smith, shall not go in the hands of her husband, John W. Smith, but be held by my son John Haynes for her benefit
sons, Sam, John and Pres G. Haynes, Executors 
 Jesse  B. JACKSON    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 349   2 July 1859   probated September 1859
wife Elizabeth , minor children, Greer H. Jackson, Dabnah Jackson and Angeline Jackson,  brother Anthony Jackson,  Executor 
Mary J. PRITCHETT    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 361    5  September 1859   probated October 1859
husband, G. P. Pritchett,    A. C. Pritchett . niece Mary Ernest McDearman.  Testator J. W. Pritchett   

 Anna  Jane  BINGHAM       WILL BOOK H, PAGE 371     probated  November 1859
Daughters Magdalene W., Mary W.  and Anna Jane Bingham and M. S. Lynch; deceased son R. S. Bingham (daughter-in-law N. Matilda Bingham and children A. J. Matilda and Thomas Lynch); sons Robert , W. J. Bingham and John A;  William J. B. S., H. R. and Robert S. Bingham ; aunt Mary McDonald  Among legacies "The profile of their dear father and of William and Eliza Bingham, also J. A. Bingham"
Thomas HUMPHREYS  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 374      6  Nov  1859,      probated  December 1859
 Wife Sealy,  daughters Ann McLain Jane Jones, sons William D. Humphreys, James E. Humphreys, Hardy Humphreys and Abner Humphreys
Asa  COX, WILL BOOK H, PAGE 375    probated December 1859
wife Sophia ; grandson Asa Cox, son of Gova Cox, grandaughter Catharine Cox Alexander deceased; son John D. Cox; grandchildren, Elizabeth Barton and her two  brothers, to wit, James Hendon and Asa Hendon; daughers Elizabeth Sweatt,Anna Dial;  deranged daughter Henrietta Dial;  Ellen Dial, daughter of Henrietta Dial deceased, probated December 1859
wife Jane; children Elizabeth Green, William Suttle, John Suttle, Mary Cole, Frankey and Jane.
probated December 1859 
Joseph M. PEARCE   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 383    19 December 1859    probated  January  1860
wife N. E. Pearce
Elisha DIGGS   WILL BOOK H        12  November 1859     probated  January  1860
wife Nancy , sons Henry L, James M,  William,  Riley,  daughter Lydia J, grandchildren, the children of son Thomas Diggs, grandchildren Joseph T. Hill, Margaret N. Hill, James H. Hill, Rebecca Hill, Elisha L. Hill, Finas T. Hill and Sarah W. Hill, the children of  daughter Mary A. Hill, deceased.   Testator Benjamin H. Diggs
James A. COLEY   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 402    5 January 1860   probated  March  1860
wife Adaline, minor children.  Testator  James M. Coley
James DINWIDDIE      WILL BOOK H, PAGE 484      11 May 1853        Probated November  1860
wife; three first children by my first wife,, Andrew, Aranth Jane, and James Harris. five children by my present wife (including Mary A. S. Bell); sons Thomas H. Dinwiddie and Joseph R. B. Dinwiddie (probably among 5 children of present wife)
John W. WILLIAMS      5 June 1860
wife L. A. Williams;  married children already received money,   oldest daughter Hannah H. Ridley deceased leaving several children, daughters Fanny E. Morgan, Ann C. Williams;  sons, G. C. Williams and E. R. Williams, Nathan 

 Spencer HILL  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 529       8  October 1860,     probated April 1861
No wife; daughter Polly Denny Jenkins and Sally Dumas; sons William F. Hill and Green C. Hill.
George HART   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 548       30 April 1861       Probated August 1861
Wife Catharine ;sons Aaron, Stephen Hart, Lucian Hart , George W. Hart and  youngest James L. Hart; daughtera Mary Swor, , Catharine Hudspeth, deceased (daughter Malinda R. Hudspeth); Elender Jackson; Elizabeth Sturdivant, Nancy Lassiter; Malinda Hart; Manda Hart; and the portion of Elender Jackson to be appropriated to the benefit of her and her children.   
Preston CALDWELL       17January 1861,       Probated February 1861
wife Ann ; eight youngest children now living, to wit, Sarah H., William, David W., Preston B., Esther, Francis J., Laura A., and Anna C.    As to my two oldest daughters not named above, they have heretofore received their portion of my estate
Willie PRICE   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 546      10 November 1856      Probated 1861
Wife;  And also I wish the rest of my property divided equally between my children and grandchildren, to wit, to my son Oren W. Price, Elizabeth Price, Alfred Price, Drucilla Price, and my granddaughter Sarah Jane Womack. If either of my children or my grandchild (Sarah Jane Womack), shall before such division, have died leaving lawful issue, such issue to receive the parentís share; brother Alfred Price
Alexander ROBERTS   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 549       29   May1861       Probated August 1861
brothers Isaac S. Roberts ,David, Columbus, William D, Samuel;  sisters Martha Jane Roberts , Margaret Stagner, Hannah Moore Wimberly,; father and mother;nephew Alonzo Roberts  
Sarah Moore, Lewis Wimberly. wife Mary Wimberly - relationship undetermined
June 26th 1860. I, Samuel GROOM, in the fifty-eighth year of life    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 551    Probated September 1851
wife Elizabeth;  Heirs of my body: Eliza Chilton, Satira Walker, Samuel M. Groom, Frances Baldwin, Mary Scott, James M. Groom, Martha Smitty, Sofiah Groom.  
Martha E. CRUTCHFIELD    probated February 1862
brother-in-law Samuel C. Dobbins, sister America Dobbins , little niece Ida Crutchfield
Pay for tombstones of my departed mother and father 
Peter KENDALL   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 554      13  August 1860       Probated June 1862 
wife Jemima W. Kendall; son Eli Kendall, D. J. Kendall; daughter Elizabeth Manley, deceased
John C. NARON    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 556   5 July 1852      Probated August 1862
wife Mary Ann Naron; ; daughter Martha Ann, deceased, who married Ashley Askew;  sons Hampton D. Naron,  Green V. Naron,  daughter Malissa C. Naron,  Richmon G. Naron
 Henry T. WILSON    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 557      August 21 1862       Probated February 1863
wife Julia Wilson; sons R. C. Wilson, I. B. Wilson, W. C. Wilson and R. H. Wilson; daughters Mary Ann R. Clark and Nancy Jane Wilson
Andrew W. CARSON    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 559        6 September 1848      Probated  March 1863 
wife Margaret Carson;  daughters Margaret Julia Bumpass , Mary Young Douglas and her bodily heirs after her; sons Thomas H. Carson, William A. Carson, Robert A. Carson, and John A. Carson, 
Daniel PERRY    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 560    23 August 1862     Probated March 1863
wife Martha W. Perry; son Harberd Perry, Nancy Vaughn, M. L. Perry, Mariah Angel, and my youngest son William H. Perry
Simeon WALTON WILL BOOK H, PAGE 562   29 September 1863.
Sons F B, L M, Nelson ,G W and I N;  daughters Elizabeth Harman, Martha H. Crass, Mary A. Mitchell,  Louisa V. Patterson
B. T. BOWDEN       probated 1863
wife Drusilla,; daughters Elizabeth E. Jones, Louann F. Cox , Elliner E. Bowden, and Mary Ester Bowden; sons James C. Bowden,  George W. Bowden, Frances M. Bowden, John W. Bowden,  Thomas L. Bowdenís heirs, to wit, Mary A. Bowden and Samuel Bowden;  nephew R. L. Veazey
Wiley BRAKE  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 565      14   April 1857      probated  1863
Sons Jesse Brake, William D. brake, John W. Brake, Robert Brake and Wiley Brake; daughters Elizabeth and Malinda I. Brake, Partheny Robertson, Caroline Miller
Rubin NANCE   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 566       Probated May  1863
wife,daughters Elmira J. and Susan C., plus wives of E. F. McLaughlin  and R B Foster, sons  J. W. and P. H. Nance
George BYARS   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 568        31 March 1858       Probated November 1863
daughters Anna Daniel Jackson , Emily Jane Lampkins, Mariah Frances (?Byars)and Sarah Hawkins (?Byars) ;  sons John Henderson Byars, William Henry Byars
Testator George Byars
Herod BOMAR   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 569    12th day of August 1848       Probated November 1863
wife,; daughters Nancy, Martha, Cyntha, Prudence , Elizabeth, Lovey Ann;  sons Hosea, John William, James and Herod
Calvin C. Bomar  testified to hanwriting
William FITZGERALD   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 572      22 January 1864      Probated April 1864
being old in my 65th year.      wife E. A. Fitzgerald, no children mentioned
Spencer JACKSON   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 573       16   March 1864      Probated April 1864
Eliza Simmons, Martha King,  Lucy Noredís four children.; sons Thomas Jackson, George W. Jackson's three children, Anthony Jackson, grandson James L. Jackson, son of Thomas Jackson, son Jesse B. Jacksonís heirs 
 James B. McCLELLAND   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 574   4 May 1864   Probted July1864
wife Mathana; her three children, Rosannah Jane, Margaret Ann, Mary Katherine
John BALLARD    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 575        30 September 1863       Probated January 1865
wife Lucy B. Ballard: children; grandson Benjamin Ballard Son-in-law John W. McFarland,  Executor.
William R. McFarland and Henry Hinson as his securities
Joseph P. BLAKEMORE  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 576       20 May 1861      Probated February 1865
father and mother, James Blakemore and Martha P. Blakemore; sister Sally Jane Blakemore ,brothers James H. Blakemore and Benjamin F. Blakemore and their heirs
William C. BUSHEART and Nuton J. BUSHEART   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 577       May 22 1861      Probated April 1865
John F. Busheart and Amanda Haley, Mariah Hornsby, Susan E. Busheart, Virginia Busheart, Alabama Busheart, Thomas Franklin Busheart
O. H. EDWARDS  WILL BOOK H, PAGE 579  May 26 1861    Probated March1864
wife; lawful heirs 
John ROBERTS   WILL BOOK H, PAGE 580       10   February1864        Probated April1864
Mary E. Busheart, the wife of John Busheart --the Busheart farm, lying in the second District 5 ľ miles from Paris on what is known as the Rumbly Road; James B. Busheart and Thomas F. Busheart, sons of John Busheart
Bayliss H. UPCHURCH    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 580         April 20 1864      Probated June 1864 
Dear Rany, I am going to rite my will. I havenít got no paper, but I will rite it on my day book and send it to you for I may never live to get back home. I want you to have it recorded.
I give to my dear and beloved wife Raney, my land and negroes, Wesley and Sharlot, to do as she pleases with, after all debts being paid. I witness this myself. Balys H. Upchurch this April 20th 1864
Will was produced at the June term of 1864
Henry S. BALDWIN    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 581    30 June 1859      Probated March 1864
wife;  youngest daughter Caroline M. Baldwin, daughters Eliza A. Groom, Sarah A. Kimber, Mary C. Groom, Francis J. Miller; sons William R. Baldwin,  Henry D. Baldwin.
Testators Samuel Groom, W. R. Baldwin
Samuel C. CURTIS    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 582      14 March 1865     Probated June 1865
wife Rachel ; children
Mortitia KENDALL     BOOK H, PAGE 583     9 Decembe 1864      Probated June 1865
little granddaughter Lavana Alcena Kendall, daughter of my son Ben Kendall
Testators William Kendall,  Martha F. Kendall
John PAGE     BOOK H, PAGE 584       20   July    1849.      Probated March 1864
sons Jesse C. Page, Joseph Page, John L, Iverson W., ; daughters Sabrina, Cyntha, Nancy C, Mary
John C. FREEMAN     BOOK H, PAGE 585   11   February   1860      Probated May1865
wife Eliza Ann Freeman;  eldest daughter Elviny J. Hurt, second daughter Ann E. Freeman,third daughter Mary F. Freeman, eldest son Macon H. Freeman, second son John T. Freeman, four youngest children, Prudence A. Freeman, Henrietta C. Freeman ,Charley H. M. Freeman, and Sally J. Freeman
Tabitha KENDALL  BOOK H, PAGE 585   8 April 1861 
ElizabethC. ROSS    WILL BOOK H, PAGE 600     26  March 1866      probated July 1866
son James C. M. Ross, minor.  brother William Ross