Volunteers Needed!

If you are willing to lookup information in the courthouse, on microfilm, or in the cemeteries for your fellow genealogists, please drop me a line. Jeff Kemp. Thanks!

Tana Morgan has copies of the index for deed books A & B (not the deeds themselves) and is willing to do lookups. This provides the name and the page number. Book A covers March 1822 - Oct 1826 and Book B covers Nov 1826 - Oct 1828. Be sure to put Henry County Deed Index Lookup in the Subject: line. Write to her at BOTAUS@aol.com

She also has a list of land owners ca. 1800, 12th Surveyors Dist. besides Henry Co. it also includes area that would become Carroll, Weakley and Benton Co.. The article states "In some cases, the land tabulated in the subject list overlapped into these other counties, but the over-laped acreage would be small." These deeds were under control of NC and Cumberland College. These land owners were not allowed into the area until 1818. Of course some never moved to the area. The list provides given and surname, # of deeds and acres.

Tana will also do lookups on the 1840 census head of household index......name only. Put Henry County 1840 Census Lookup in your Subject: line.

Tana also has records for these cemeteries in Calloway Co., KY: New Concord Cemetery and New Providence Cemetery. Put Calloway County Cemetery Lookup in the Subject: line.

The list of Confederate soldiers, sailors or civilians who died as POWs at Camp Douglas in Chicago, IL. This list of course contains more than those who served from Henry Co. it is a state wide list. It provides name, rank, co., reg. and date of death. If not otherwise stated these men were buried at Confederate Mound. Put Camp Douglas Lookup in the
Subject: line, to Tana Morgan

I have been doing genealogy research on my family for about 7 years now. I have been doing volunteer look-ups and cemetery pictures here in Henry County for another website. I would be glad to be added to the list of volunteers for Henry County. Sheila Hopkins

Linda Moore is willing to do census lookups.