Civil War Regiments

Before the beginning of the Civil War, there was a strong feeling among the citizens against secession, but as the war actually began, those feelings changed. At the election in 1861, the votes cast showed that the Henry Countians were largely in favor of secession. In April, 1861, the first company for the confederate Army was raised by Captain Edward Firzgerald.

Captain D.F. Alexander's Independent Cavalry Company; General H.B. Lyon's Escort
Captain J.R. William's Independent Cavalry Company
Napier's Tennessee Cavalry Battalion, Company "E"
7th TN Cavalry Regiment, Company "G"
10th TN Cavalry Regiment, Companies 1st "K", 2nd "K", 2nd"I"
18th (Newsom's) TN Cavalry Regiment, Company "D"
20th (Russell's) TN Cavalry Regiment, Companies "B", "E", "F" "K"
12th (Faulkner's) Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, Companies "E", "F", "G"
4th Mississippi-Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Company "C"
5th TN Infantry Regiment, Companies "A", "B", "C", "D", "F", "G", "H", "I", "K"
46th TN Infantry Regiment, Companies "A" through "K"
154th Senior TN Infantry Regiment, Company "F"


7th TN Cavalry Regiment, Company "D"

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Civil War Stories

From: "Jeanell Kutterer"
The story of the Richard Whitlow Randle Family as written by David McSwain. Mr. McSwain was married to Richard Randle's sister Beneter Randle.

Another was about Richard W. Randle's wife, Elmina Cannon (the daughter of Martin Cannon). During the Civil War the Yankees would come by the farm and take anything they could find, such as food, horse and particularly cured hams. She, Elmina, would tell them that the meat was in the loft of the house and a ladder on the wall led up. As the Yankees came down the ladder with a ham in their arm, she used a butcher knife to her own good. It was said that "she seldom lost a ham, but the Yankees lost soldiers".