Henry County, Tennessee Queries - Q2 1997

P. Ross Tue Apr 1 16:39:19 1997
I'm trying to determine the ancestors of :
1) Malissa Jane SPENCER who married William Tolbert CLARK, probably in Henry County Tennessee. W.T. died and is buried in Puryear , Tennessee in 1908. They apparently were separated or divorced and I can't find anything definite on this Malissa Jane SP ENCER.
2) Elizabeth NIXON who married Thomas TURNER in Henry County Tennessee 27 Sept. 1849. Elizabeth was born in Tennessee about 1833. Any help appreciated.

Donna FordorrAlice Thu Apr 3 16:00:00 1997
Interested in info on Wm. E. ORR & wife Sarah F. Wm., born possibly about 1810 in Washington Co VA and may be the son of John ORR (who was the son of Arthur ORR, senior of York (now Adams) Co PA & latter Washington Co Va). Children: Son (10-14 yrs old in 1840 census of Wash. Co VA), Catharine R., John S., Patrick R., Mary R., Thomas, Florence A., George S., & Alice. (The "R" for the middle names may stand for Ryburn). John S. & Patrick R. were in the Civil War. Willing to share - Donna

Renea Burkholder Thu Apr 3 16:21:46 1997
I am looking for the ancestors of John REAVES b. c1800 and died c1837 in Henry Co., TN. He was married to Nancy Agness MARSHALL and they are living in Henry Co. by 1825. They had 4 known children: 1. William R., 2. Clinton Wade, 3. Lucy Ann m CULPEPPER, 4. Mahalliah m MERRILL. My lines are through Nancy's 2nd marriage. I'm willing to share, thanks! - Renea

Debbie Stamps Sat Apr 5 19:43:09 1997
I'm looking for info. on Benjamin Boykin BOWDEN, m. Mary Elizabeth CLENDENIN Dec. 20, 1870 in Springville, TN. Died 1926 in Knox Co., TX. Mary CLENDENIN was b. in Springville Jan. 11, 1853, dau. of Anderson & Temperance HINES CLENDENIN. Bow den children, Sumner Anderson, Edman Boykin, John Benjamin, James Orrin, Emma Jane, Eula Katherine, Ludie, Luther. Thanks - Debbie

Marie Hurd Sun Apr 6 14:37:55 1997
Am looking for anything on my Great Great Grandfather, R. S. ATKINS, from Henry Co., Tenn. He died before the Census for 1850. His widow died in 1850 (Mary THOMASON ATKINS). Her will is dated April 3, 1850. I need a full name, and birth date f or R. S. &/or death date, anything.????!!!!! - Marie

Rosemarie Meadows Mon Apr 7 20:31:13 1997
I am looking for my maternal & paternal genealogy Mother: Ruby Nell HAYNES  Father: Lonzie MEADOWS

Renea Burkholder Wed Apr 9 09:33:24 1997
STEGALL / STIGALL / STEAGALL - Hartwell in Henry Co. by 1860 census. Would like info on any of his children: William Alexander m Jane SOMERS, James, Sara Ann m Henry EDMONDS, Hartwell m Martha Jane WEAKES , Thomas R. m Delia LAMB, Martha E. m Wi ll FREELAND, Ralph G. m Susan COCKRILL, Mary J. Tennessee m BEDWELL and HUTCHINS, Margaret Ann Virginia , Wm. Bartlett Eaves, John W. m Lucy LISTON. Any help appreciated - Renea

Pat Lemonds Wed Apr 9 13:04:50 1997
BOYD, Pascall C. Pascall was born 4-17-1829 and married Nancy Bell SALMON on 5-8-1865. Their Children are: DeWitt T., Ivy C. born 4-6-1876, and Joseph A. born 7-3-1874. I would like the parents of Pascall and any information about this family. Any help would be greatly appreciated - Pat

Sharon Vega Thu Apr 10 23:39:40 1997
Searching for any information on George BROACH, his wife Miss FARRIS, and their daughter Ellen Price BROACH JONES, born 1848 died in Texas in 1918. Thank you - Sharon

Marilyn King Sat Apr 12 15:59:15 1997
Looking for people connected to this family: TARRANT 1. Thomas TARRANT. Died 1740 in Kent Co, DE. He married Mary MANLOVE, daughter of Jonathan MANLOVE & Ann. Died 29 Aug 1759 in Kent Co, DE. They had the following children:
2 i. Manlove TARRANT; 3 ii. Thomas TARRANT; 4 iii. Susannah TARRANT; 5 iv. Mary TARRANT
Second Generation
2. Manlove TARRANT. Born 1738 in Kent Co., DE. He married Frances DUNCAN, daughter of Henry DUNCAN & Rebecca Bragg REID, 1764/1765. Born 8 May 1744 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co, VA. Died 25 Jul 1827 in Bloomfield, Nelson Co, KY. Buried in Old Bloomfield, Cemetery. They had the following children:
6 i. Henry TARRANT; 7 ii. Fanny TARRANT; 6. Henry TARRANT. Born 2 Dec 1765 in Gloucester, MA. Died 7 Feb 1833 in Greene Co., TN. He married Osillar ELLISON, daughter of John ELLISON & Martha, 27 Oct 1785 in Rockingham Co, NC. Born May 1768 in VA. Di ed 22 Jan 1850 in Greene Co, TN. They had the following children:
8 i. Fanny TARRANT; 9 ii. Martha TARRANT; 10 iii. Rebecca TARRANT; 11 iv. Francis Duncan TARRANT; 12 v. Ursula Tarrant; 13 vi. Clara TARRANT; 14 vii. Jency TARRANT; 15 viii. Rachael TARRANT; 16 ix. Nancy TARRANT; 17 x. Henry TARRANT; 18 xi. Elizabeth TARR ANT
****** 14. Jency TARRANT. Born 25 Jun 1800 in NC?. Died 12 Aug 1835 in Monroe Co., IN. She married Elias BRUNER, son of Jacob BRUNER & Margaret KLEIN, 27 Apr 1820 in Greene Co., TN. Born 16 Mar 1797 in Millerstown, Shenandoah Co., VA. Died 10 Mar 187 0 in Benton Co., Ark. Buried in Thornbury Ch Cem, Washington Co, Ark. They had the following children:
31 i. Henry D. BRUNER; 32 ii. Othniel BRUNER; 33 iii. William Bascome BRUNER; 34 iv. Margaret BRUNER; 35 v. John BRUNER; 36 vi. Rebecca BRUNER; 37 vii. Jacob Joseph BRUNER; 38 viii. Louis Jordan BRUNER.
Marilyn (Bailiff) KING, 42306 - 61st Street West, Quartz Hill, CA 93536

Joy Iversen Sat Apr 12 19:46:51 1997
I am looking for information on John DIGGS b. ca. 1819 and died in the Civil War at Andersonville Prison, GA 25 Jun 1864. He was married to Rachel WALKER on 19 Aug 1837 in Knox Co. TN. The census' state he was born in TN but I find no DIGGS in Anderson, Campbell or Knox Co. in 1820. I find many in Henry Co. and hope to find his family there. If he fits into one of your families I have lots of information on him. I would like to share - Joy

Sally O. Boswell Sun Apr 13 11:10:54 1997
I am seeking information on any O'DANIELS in Henry Co., TN. My line of O'DANIELS were from North Carolina and migrated to Kentucky and Tennessee about 1820. Any help I can receive on this will be appreciated. Marraige records says these O'DANIE LS married into the families of BOTTOMS, SLOAN, ELROD AND IDLEBERGER AND KEATHLEY. Thanks - Sally

Lisa Parham Fri Apr 11 12:18:46 1997
Seeking information of Jimmy JACKSON born in TN 1/28/42. Married and divorced Burnetta (B.J.) FARLEY who is now employed at the Henry County Hospital. The had two children Celisa JACKSON SYKES born 4/8/59 and Susan born 11/8/60. Susan was given up for adoption at birth. In 1960 Jimmy JACKSON was 6', 145 lbs, black hair, blue eyes, medium complexion and possibly worked as a brick mason or service station attendant. It is my understanding that Celisa JACKSON SYKES lives in Paris, TN and works f or a pest control company. I am urgently needing to find Jimmy JACKSON. I would appreciate any information - Lisa

Wanda Bostick Mon Apr 14 07:07:02 1997
I am searching for any information on BOSTICK / BOSTIC and allied families in TN. Also, I have about 9,000 names in my data base and will be happy to look - Wanda

Jo Storie Tue Apr 15 04:36:19 1997
My Mary Martha LEE m. Henderson BAUCUM in 1840s. Believe Mary's father to be George LEE Sr. but need to prove it. Henderson BAUCUM died in 1850s and Mary Martha remarried Leonard STEM. They had a couple of kids together. Looking for these chil dren. James MEREDITH from Sullivan Co., Tenn. moved to Henry Co. in 1850s. To Henry Co. with the MEREDITH family came relatives, HOPKINS family. James Meredith had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Mary was one of the daughters and sons John and James. Looking for these descendents. Any help appreciated - Jo

Douglas Greenway Tue Apr 15 12:36:22 1997
Searching for names of Parents of Francis Jefferson GREENWAY born in Paris, Tennessee between 1840 and 1850. His presence should show up on 1860 or 1870 Census records. Also possibly on the 1850 Census records. Any help would be appreciated - Douglas

John Graves Sat Apr 19 06:23:02 1997
Would appreciate any info on the HALL family who migrated from Henry Co, TN to Bradley Co, AR in 1858: John HALL (b. abt. 1818) marr. Mary OWENS; son John Henry HALL (1857- 1909), possible dau. Susan HALL. Have been unable to locate them in TN s o far. Thanks - John

Melissa Sun Apr 20 18:38:15 1997
I'm looking for a George W. PARKER found in the 1850 census; married Temprish (???) March 16,1844 in Henry Co. They had 3 children: James A., George W., & Druscilla. George was born Abt 1818. Also looking for a Delia SANFORD who married a SMALLEY & her sister Josephine (Josie) who married the same SMALLEY after she die.

Myrna (Barnard) Ceccarelli Mon Apr 21 16:21:03 1997
Looking for BARNARD family in Claiborne related to John BARNARD. This John had a son named George Washington BARNARD born Sept 5,1818 and married Elizabeth ? in Chismville, Logn Co., Arkansas. They had son named Jackson Lafayette BARNARD, my dir ect relative, other children were Marcus Monroe, Runama Artmacia (born in Carroll co. TN), Benjamin Franklin, James Isaac, George Taylor, Anna Pernicia, and Lydia Anna. Any information would sure help and I will share any I have in return. My snail-mail address is 3838 N. Channing, Fresno, CA. 93705. Thanks - Myrna

Mike Tyler Wed Apr 23 22:26:47 1997
Would appreciate any help or info on Alexander Parrish ERWIN Family. Stories tell of him being a Marshall or Sheriff and being wounded in the line of duty. Not sure if fatal. 1850 census shows him living in Lewis County born 1821. Executor of will - Nov 1863 (deceased - G.Mcarnett) Henry County. Buried Manley Chapel Cemetery (Old Campground Cemetery) Henry County. Wives - 1st Sarah Ann- married approx 1844 Lewis County; 2nd Elizabeth Ann MOODY- married 1/9/1858 Henry County. Children - All born Lewis County: Theodrick A. ERWIN born 1844, Served in 7th TENN CAV - enlisted Paris Tenn 1861, Married 5/6/1866, Mary Elizabeth MOODY, Died - Early 1870's, Buried Manley Chapel Cemetery, Henry County (no date); Samuel P. ERWIN Born 1845; James P. ER WIN Born 1847 Died 1854; Mary Helen ERWIN Born 1849, Married Robert Westley COOK 1/3/1872 Manlyville Tenn., Henry County. Any info on any of these people would be very helpful. Mike

Landal Powers Sat, 26 Apr 1997 07:28:31 -0400 (EDT)
I am searching for connections with POWERS families in your area back to present day Marion and Darlington Counties in SC and Robeson County, NC.

Giles POWERS was granted land along Catfish Creek in Craven County (now Marion county),SC in the early 1700s. John POWERS in 1823 sold to Joel FORES land along Catfish Creek which was originally granted to Giles POWERS.

John POWERS (called Jacky) and Wife Darcus, with a family of 5 sons and 1 daughter, left Marion District in 1825 and settled in Henderson Co., TN. Five to six years later, his brother Bennett and family moved to Henderson Co. Jacky was born in 1782. Reference History Of Tennessee, by Goodspeed, and Henderson Co. Census records from 1830 through 1860.

The 1800 census for Marion District shows 2 John POWERS. The 1810 census lists John POWERS, Sr. and John POWERS, Jr. Also shown in the 1810 census for Marion Co. are James, Darby, and Archabald POWERS. There were also related families who had spread into Darlington Co., SC and Robeson Co., NC.

Some of the older people in Henderson Co. said that the POWERS families followed the course of the Tennessee River through Alabama, and up into West Tennessee. We expect other families of this POWERS line may have settled in other areas of West and Middle TN and are searching for connections.

Any helpful information will be appreciated, and I am willing to share information - Landal
Landal Powers, 8437 Barbee Lane, Knoxville, TN 37923, Landaray@aol.com

Ruth Heeder Thu Apr 24 20:00:20 1997
Searching for Edward BURTON born about 1810 and died about 1830 of Henry, TN. About 1830 he married Malinda HARVEY. Malinda was born 12 Sept 1812. They had five children all born in Henry Co. TN:
1. Samuel Harvey Burton born 1832
2. Clementine Cordelia Burton Born 1834
3. Solomon Eldridge Burton born about 1838
4. Rachael Caroline Burton born 1841
5. James K. Polk Burton born 1843
Please help me fill in the blanks and locate their parents, grandparents, etc. also need verification. Thanks - Ruth

Roxanne Beair Thu Apr 24 20:15:43 1997
STOKER, Elias (Sometimes STOCKER) born abt 1825 Henry Co., Tenn. Married Charlotte SHAFFER abt.1841 She died within four years and he later married a SIMMONS at New Madrid, MO. Moved to Ind, Ill, Iowa, KS by 1855. Civil War KS 15 Regt Cal Co. A. Thank you - Roxanne Beair e-mail Rbearlite@aol.com

Jim Bell Thu Apr 24 11:38:13 1997
Would appreciate information on ancestors to Thelma White BELL (my father).

Ruth Armstrong Fri Apr 25 00:46:18 1997
Searching for information about family of Arthur L. GASKINS & his wife Edna Lee (BEASLEY) GASKINS b. 1895. In 1920 census living in Paris, TN. Would like to know of any children, residences, descendants, etc. Would appreciate any help - Ruth

J.T. Dunbar Fri Apr 25 11:23:34 1997
Any records on any Giles C DUNBAR and family living in Henry Co., TN. Listed on the Henry Co., census of 1870 GILE.

Melissa Key Sun Apr 27 15:28:12 1997
I'm looking for any information on Samuel H.B.M. BYRD (BIRD) born May 1856 Henry Co., died Abt 1938 in CA. Married Isabelle PENDLETON 1st & Fannie May WILLOUGHBY 2nd. He had 7 children with Isabelle: Ethel Martha Ada Jane BYRD born July 04, 1875 Henry Co., TN, died May 16, 1961 Henry Co., TN. She md John Anderson PHILLIPS in 1891, Emma O. BYRD born August 16, 1877, Fannie R. BYRD born 1879, Levi Bird Byrd born March 06, 1882, William Reed BYRD born 1888, Mettie BYRD born October 1895. Ple ase help! - Melissa

Melissa Key Mon Apr 28 18:41:49 1997
I'm looking for a George W. PARKER found in the 1850 census; married Temprish (???) March 16,1844 in Henry Co. They had 3 children: James A., George W., & Druscilla. George was born Abt 1818. Also looking for a Delia SANFORD who married a SMALLEY & her sister Josephine (Josie). Any help appreciated - Melissa

Melissa Key Thu May 1 16:42:48 1997
COOK Looking for information on Hubert Sims Cook who married Edith Mae RAY I know their son was born in Humboldt, Gibson Co., TN, but do know much more on his Ancestors. Please Help - Melissa

Joyce Fugit Thu May 1 08:23:04 1997
Would appreciate any and all information about my great-great-grandparents, John L. and Henrietta Elizabeth GENT HARRIS (both born about 1827), or his father, Thomas HARRIS (born about 1798), or his older brothers (both born in Tennessee), or her first husband, Union McMICKLE (died before 1848), or his son, Winfield Scott McMICKLE (born about 1845), or any of her GENT relatives. All (except Thomas) believed to have been born in Tennessee, probably Henry County. Thomas believed to have been born in South Carolina. All died and lived most of their lives in Illinois and Texas. Thank You - Joyce

Melissa Key Thu May 1 12:09:36 1997
I'm looking for any information on the BARNHILL, CLAYTON & CROWDER family in Henry Co., also on John PHILLIPS who married Mary (???) They had 8 children: 1. Eliazabeth, 2. Elizah, 3. Elisah, 4. Newton, 5. Jasper, 6. Emily, 7. James, 8. John Alexander born June 10,1863 who married Martha Ada Jane BYRD. Her parents were Samuel BYRD & Martha.

Christie Ferguson Cirone Sat May 3 06:51:37 1997
Henry/Davidson Co.'s TN & VA: Judith "Judy" FERGUSON mar. Nathan GREER, Jr. in Bedford Co. VA or Davidson Co. TN -- probably removed from VA to TN with his parents, Nathan GREER Sr. & Lucy ARTHUR, of Bedford (Franklin) Co. VA. Judy was dau. of John FERGUSON, Jr. b. c1755/1760 Chesterfield Co. VA and unk wife. John FERGUSON Jr. was son of John & Mary (GILL) FERGUSON of Chesterfield & Bedford Co.'s VA. Judy (FERGUSON) GREER was still living Nov. 12, 1836. Judy's siblin gs: William; Joseph m. Sarah HUGHES; Archibald "Archy" m. Frances "Fanny" HIX (dau. Farthing HIX); John K. m. Mary "Polly" PHELPS (dau. John PHELPS IV); Mary "Polly" m. John PHELPS IV; Caleb m. Willey MARSHALL; Mos es m. Sophia Sophronia PHELPS (dau. John PHELPS IV); George W. m. Pamela HUGHES; Daniel m. Ann HEPTINSTALL (dau. Caleb HEPTINSTALL & Tege GREER); and Permelia "Milly" m. James ALLEN. Thank you - Christie

Skip Williams Tue May 6 19:18:13 1997
Seeking info on the WILLIAMS, PHILLIPS and COOK families who lived in Henry Co., TN early to mid 1800's. Randolph COOK, Abraham COOK, James H.M. COOK, William PHILLIPS, and Jefferson PHILLIPS, John WILLIAMS, and Edward WILLIAMS are just some of t he folks we seek info on. These families all may have migrated to Southern Illinois in later years. Any help appreciated, and willing to share histories.

Sara Norris Wed May 7 08:22:36 1997
Looking for Mollie Jane HICKS (HIX) supposedly from Henry Co., TN, born 11-30-1869. May be related to HAMMONDS. Came to McNairy Co., about age 17. Had a brother named Jesse. Any help appreciated.

Shauna Gilliland Beal Thu May 8 08:42:18 1997
Looking for any reference to a Mary CHRISTIAN, 1880's marrying John GILLILAND. I know there were CHRISTIANS in Carroll and Henry counties at time of civil war. Thank you - Shauna

Ben Reavis Thu May 8 10:04:28 1997
Robert DANIEL married Wincy TRAVIS abt 1818 and they are in the 1820 Stewart Co., TN census; the 1830 Henry Co., TN census; the 1840 Hempstead AR census, and Robert was in the 1850 Cass Co., TX census with his children. Wincy is listed in the 185 0 Texas Mortality census. Robert was born about 1792 in NC. Any help will be appreciated.

Robin L. McCutchenFri May 9 06:35:01 1997
I am looking for ancestors of John McCUTCHEN & Margaret MOODY from Manleyville, Henry Co., TN. I would like to hear from anyone researching these families, and I am willing to share. Thank you.

Patricia Crooks Sun May 11 13:50:54 1997
Seeking info on OLIVE, Leonidas Taylor, b 24 Sept 1831,Tn., d 26, Dec 1883, Fl., m Victoria ? b in Ky. They had 5 children, Leonidas, Jr., Mary Belle, Laura Izora, John Alna and Daisy. Only Leonidas Jr. was born in TN., the other children were b orn in Ky. Leonidas, Sr. was the son of John OLIVE and Holland BOWDEN. I'm interested in Victoria's maiden name, and why they moved from TN to Florida. Any help appreciated.

Betty G. McCollum Sun May 11 17:51:12 1997
Miles JACKSON & Wife Allena SIMMONS JACKSON came to Arkansas from somewhere near Paris, Henry Co., TN. ca. 1840. Miles was born in VA. They had children: Wincy, Nancy, Andrew, Lemuel, Hamblin Manley, Harriett, John & Thomas. Who were t he parents of Allena SIMMONS JACKSON? Who were parents of Miles JACKSON. Would like to hear from any of this JACKSON or SIMMONS family.

Kay Broach Sube Thu May 15 09:23:54 1997
Looking For information on George BROACH born 1768 in king and Queen Co, Va. Lived and died in Henry Co, Tenn. Wife was Jane BURCH of NC. Looking for parents of George BROACH and Jane BURCH. Also need where they are buried. I am also intereste d in any Bible records with these name in it. George died Oct 24, 1842 in Henry Co., Tenn. I would appreciate any help.

Carol Maynard Thu May 15 11:51:55 1997
I would like information on my great-great-grandparents, William MAYNARD and Sarah HICKS. I believe they were born in Carroll or Henry Co. I am searching for their parents. They had a son, William MAYNARD (Born 1843) who was married to Nancy Catherine ELLIS. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Joyce Sun May 18 13:17:40 1997
I am trying to locate information on the family of Mandy SHANKLE. I believe her name was Manda M. b. abt. 1855. She m. John C. BURTON 10-15-1873. I believe her father was Wyatt SHANKLE b. abt. 1824 in NC. I also think Wyatt's wife was Anna WAINSCOTT B. abt 1825. (I don't have any information on Anna WAINSCOTT) They were living in Henry Co. in 1850. Wyatt was 26 and Anna was 25. I also think Wyatt was the son of Beverly b. abt. 1791 and his wife, Margaret b. abt. 1791. I would really appreci te any help on this line. Thanks.

Edward K Hudson Mon May 19 14:00:18 1997
Need information on Peter 'Old Pewter Foot' KENDALL, born Randolph Co., NC (He was an early Tennessee politician). Also, need information on his son, Edward Nelums KENDALL, born 1801 at Paris, Henry Co., TN, died Hornbeck, Obion Co., TN. Will gladly swap data.

Stephen House Sun May 18 19:59:42 1997
Looking for a Richard A. BRACK b. 1847 in Henry Co. Thank you.

Carol Pitman Thu May 22 15:10:07 -0800 1997
Information concerning the OLIVER & LOVENS / LOVERS family of Henry Co., TN. Need info. on Willis OLIVER married Nancy LOVENS in Gibson Co. but lived in Henry Co. Their daughter Montrevillo OLIVER married Wyatt Coleman HAWS / HAWSE

Carol (Hawes) Pitman Thu May 22 15:10:07 -0800 1997
Would like to know the parents of Wyatt HAWS/HAWES, born 1817 in Illinois. To Henry Co. by 1837. Married Elizabeth SWEAT, 1839. Three children married and had families: Ann married William Henry BLALOCK, Wyatt Coleman married Montrevillo OLIVER Sarah Alice married 1st. John F. BROWN, 2nd. Benjamin SALMON Would also like to contact descendants of Wyatt & Elizabeth HAWES.

E. B. Wiley Sat May 24 05:32:43 1997
Searching for information on the Joseph WILEY family. Joseph was born about 1810 in AL, moved to Henry County, TN. His wife was Serena H. GAINER. Children were Samuel H., Adley B., Ann Vastine, Sara Louise, Eliza Catherine, William Alexander, John Morris, and James Joseph. Would like relationship of this family with the James WILEY family of Madison County, TN. Any help greatly appreciated - E. B.

Bruce Stemple Sun May 25 11:04:48 1997
I am looking for any information or records relating to Ottie Ann BRADY born 1880 in Milan, Gibson County, TN or her parents, John Thomas BRADY, and Sarah Virginia HARRIS. Also interested in information concerning any other histories involving these surnames in this area. Thanks - Bruce

William L. Smith Sun May 25 18:49:00 1997
Seek information on Ira KINNICK, or any KINNICK. Ira b. 11 Aug 1907, d. Dec 1982, per Soc. Sec. Desire obit or other related family information, on behalf of a grandson. Thanks - Bill

Melissa Key Tue May 27 18:20:36 1997
Looking for Mary Lou LOVE B: Jan 2,1827 D: Dec 23,1910 Md July 19,1842 James Johnson COOK. They are in the 1850 & 1860 Henry Co., TN census showing here being born in TN. Please Help, Thank You - Melissa

Joan Hatley Tue May 27 11:19:37 1997
I am researching the family of James ASHBY, who lived in Wilson Co., TN from the 1820s until his death after 1850 census. His widow and family was in the 1860 census of Henry Co. Their son, F. M. ASHBY came to Benton Co. and married Mary D. PEEBLES. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Joan

Ruth Heeder Wed May 28 15:44:29 1997
Edward BURTON b abt 1810 of Henry TN. Married Malinda HARVEY b 12 Sept 1812 of Henry TN. Children: Samuel Harvey, Clementine Cordelia, Solomon Eldridge, Rachael Caroline, and James K. Polk all born in Henry TN.

Jean W. Stringham Sun Jun 1 17:10:54 1997
Seeking information on Miles B. GRIFFIN (b ca 1805 VA - ), md Margaret "Peggy" CAPLINGER (b ca 1821 TN - ), md 9 Aug 1842 Henry Co., TN. Children: Amanda GRIFFIN, b ca 1837; Martha Ann GRIFFIN, b ca 1843; Angelin GRIFFIN, b ca 1846; Francis M. GRIFFIN, b ca 1847; David T. GRIFFIN, b ca 1850; Mary GRIFFIN, b ca 1852; Elizabeth GRIFFIN, b ca 1855. Any information on this family appreciated. Would like correspondence with descendants. Willing to share - Jean

Alice Meyer Sun Jun 1 19:50:41 1997
Looking for information on Wiley J. COMER who moved with his wife Eliza A. GODSEY to Henry Co., TN from Rockingham Co., NC around the late 1850's. Some records indicate Wiley was from Halifax, VA - other's say he was born in NC. I am looking for information on his parents/siblings. The 1830 VA census (Halifax Co.) shows Wiley living close to John COMER and Thomas COMER. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks - Alice

Charlotte Vaughn Mon Jun 2 11:18:48 1997
Need information on Thomas C. VAUGHN Family. He was m. to Nancy ?. They had 7 children. Thomas, Daniel, John W. m. Elizabeth T. Ward, Eliza, Hobart G. VAUGHN b. 1/18/1854,(my g grandfather) m. Rachel Ann SHIPLEY b. 2/4/1857 m. 2/25/1873, Theodrick Pleasant Vaughn and Martha. Hobart and Rachel had 17 children. I have most of this information from Hobart and Rachel to present if any information is needed by someone else. Will gladly swap info. Contact me at CVaughn781@aol.com or Charlotte Vaughn, 530 Madie Street, Ridgely, TN 38080. Thank you - Charlotte

Nancy Mon Jun 2 22:07:21 1997
Looking for ancestry of Jacob MEEK, born in the middle 1700's. He was the father of Elenor, who married Hiram LANGSTON around 1824. Thanks for your time. - Nancy

Philip Venable Sat Jun 7 09:44:11 1997
I would like to find the parents of the following people: Leander Bennett VENABLE (b. 2 Apr 1822 in Tenn; d. 1901 in Denton, Tx) Leander married Sarah K. COWAN (b. 7 Oct 1821 in Tenn; d. 20 Oct 1879 in Denton, Tx). I believe Leander and Sarah were married in Henry Co., and I believe that both were also born in Henry Co. I believe that Leander's parents were John VENABLE and Sarah PINSON, but I am hoping to locate a birth certificate that would confirm his parentage. I have no info on the parents of Sarah COWAN. Thank you - Philip

Andrea Padula Fri Jun 6 10:41:59 1997
Looking for information on Great, Great Grandparents: James C. HAYS, b. 25 Dec., 1810, VA - d. 21 Jun., Henry County, TN. William F. ENGLAND, b. 26 Dec., 1817, VA - d. 17 Dec., 1876, Henry County, TN. and his wife Elizabeth Cayce WALKER, b. 21 Mar, 1820, TN. - d. 7 Mar. 1898, Henry County TN.

Melissa Key Sun Jun 8 18:44:13 1997
Attention ALL HASTINGS! I'm sending out a request for all info on the Hastings Family for a book to be put out the beginning of 1998. Please help me make it all that it can be. When it is available I well let every one know. Thank You.

Susan Barger Donahue Sat Jun 14 08:02:14 1997
Seeking information about the BARGER families of Carroll, Henderson, Henry and Weakley Counties in TN. George BARGER, res of Henderson Co. in 1830 - His sons Elijah BARGER and William O. BARGER were born in the Wildersville/Pleasant Exchange area. William O. BARGER married Catherine GRAY of Tippah Co., MS. Their son, William O. BARGER, Jr. married Martha Louella (Ella) HURT of the Palestine Community in Henry Co., TN. Another son, John S. BARGER married Dollie VICKERS of Carroll Co., TN. Thank You - Susan Barger Donahue, 411 E. Roosevelt Rd., Wheaton, IL 60187

David E. Bradford Fri Jun 13 11:15:45 1997
Searching for information on Henry J. BRADFORD who m. Sophronia McSWAIN about 1874 in Paris, Henry Co. TN. Need any information on his ancestors. Thanks very much.

Robbie Story Sun Jun 15 19:07:02 1997
Trying to reach Debbie SNYDER who inquired about James SIMPSON and Melinda Lucrecia PARKER at this site. James and Melinda are my great grand parents. I sent an e-mail to Debbie and the e-mail was returned, address unknown. Debbie if you see this query please e-mail me. If anyone can help me locate Debbie I would very, very, much appreciate it. Thank you.

Rebecca Palmer White Mon Jun 16 09:36:54 1997
I am looking for the parents, etc. of William S. PALMER, b. abt. 1843 in MO. or MS (1870 Desoto Co., MS Census). He married Martha M. DODDS in 1867 and then disappeared with their daughter, Martha. Their son, Edwin Isaac was with his mother's family in Desoto Co., MS in 1880. He married in Shelby Co. and later lived in Dyersburg, where my grandfather, John Thomas PALMER was born. This family returned to MS and eventually settled in West Point, Clay Co., MS. Someone suggested I look for PALMERS in Henry Co. around 1820-1850, in particular John, Benjamin, and Solomon, but others as well. I hope someone can give me a lead; perhaps some of these Henry Co. Palmers moved further west to MO. or even south to MS. Thanks for any help.

P.Ross Mon Jun 16 12:05:31 1997
Looking for Newman JONES, born before l800. In 1810 he was in Rockingham County, NC, in l820 he was in Simpson County, Kentucky, and in l830 we find him in Henry County, TN. He was the son of Robert JONES of Mecklenburg County, VA, and this is all that we know. Can you help?

Leslie Moore Tue Jun 17 11:02:08 1997
Looking for the parents of Census Hardy KENNEDY, born 1870. His father and mother died before he was 10 years old. His mother was believed to be part Indian. He had a brother named Sam KENNEDY and a half sister named Cordie BELSAR (?) Census Hardy KENNEDY was raised by a preacher (believed to be Baptist) named HALL. If anyone has information on these people, please contact me.

Joan Hatley Wed Jun 18 18:57:16 1997
Am hunting any information on James ASHBY who lived in Wilson Co. between 1820-1850. His wife, Jane, lived in Henry Co. and was head of household in 1860. Who was Jane? Who was the first wife? Where did they come from?

Neale Sorrels Fri Jun 20 12:06:43 1997
Am seeking information on a Thomas SORREL, listed in the 1830 Census of West Tennessee in Henry County. One of his sons is listed as age (5-10). This could be my Great-grandfather William SORRELS who was born in Tennessee on 1/28/1823. His father died at the age of 41. Neale Sorrels, 1314 N. W. Conklin Ave., Grants Pass, OR 97526 (541)479-8340 or jpd@cdsnet.net

Ronald L. Mason Fri Jun 20 17:08:14 1997
I am looking for info on the HUGGINS family from between Cottage Grove and Palmersville TN. May have intermarried in the BELL family. Their ancestors are buried in the MAHAN cemetery in NE Weakley Co., TN

Diane Rogers Sun Jun 22 19:54:11 1997
I would appreciate any information on the family of Daniel L. And Elizabeth ROGERS. Daniel was born in 1806 in TN and Elizabeth was born in 1811 in Warren Co., NC. I know Daniel was living in Henry Co. in 1850 and 1860, and believe all his children were born here (between 1828-1853). I would also appreciate any information on the ENOCH family. A Pernecia ENOCH married Samuel Harrison ROGERS, son of Daniel. Pernecia's father was J.B. ENOCH. Thank you.

Janice Mauldin Castleman Tue Jun 24 04:38:23 1997
Seeking family information on Thomas Jefferson POWELL b. c1840 Paris, Henry Co., TN who married Mary Elizabeth DUNLAP b. c1846 TN. Her father on the census was listed as S. H. DUNLAP. Anyone researching this line? Thomas Jefferson POWELL was the son of Dempsey POWELL b. 1802 Wake Co., NC. Any help appreciated.

LuJean Zion Fri Jun 27 12:57:46 1997
Would like information on the parents and ancestry of both WILLOUGHBY, William A b Apr 2 1841 and FINLEY, Mary b Feb 14 1842. Mary was born in Buchanan, Henry County. William is believed to have also been born in Henry county. William and Mary were married Sept. 11, 1859 in Buchanan, Henry County, Tenn. Left Henry County in 1883 to Homestead in Neb.

Cathie Diggs Sun Jun 29 20:28:33 1997
I am seeking information re: James Franklin DIGGS, born around 1878 and Lela Mae OWNBY, b. approx. 1883. They married 1900 - 1904. He had one brother, Robert Coy DIGGS, and several sisters. Ellen DIGGS and Lizzie DIGGS, b. 1870, who married a George CARTER, b. 1866, in 1900. I believe they came from Paris, TN. I believe Lela Mae OWNBY had a brother, Abner, and sister's, Beulah and Hattie.

David W. Davison Mon Jun 30 11:30:44 1997
Searching for the parents of Mary Alice BYRD bn. abt. 1873; married to Henry Allen MYERS bn. 1847. Also searching for his parents, they were both from the Big Sandy area. Thank you for your help.