Henry County, TN deaths from the court minutes 1825-1827
Transcribed by Sandra Wanamaker
Decedent Administrator Executor Widow Children
Samuel Piper        
Mabry F. Cox John P. Newland guardian     Susan, Charles W., Elizabeth Jane, and Sarah Mabry Cox
Reuben Searcey

Heirs, according to division of estate: James, Richard, Reuben, William, Penelope (who married William Brackin), Harriet (who married John B. Howard), Jane (who married William C. Rogers), Susanna (who married James Greer, had 9 children, and is deceased), Polly, Elizabeth, Asa (deceased, leaving one daughter Elizabeth who married Joshua Smith), and Bennett (deceased, leaving one daughter Martie who married Charles P. McLean,. She was deceased, leaving two children) Final division of estate into 17 parts of approximately 50 acres each, to 17 heirs which included all the  above heirs plus Stephen White  and the heirs  of Francis Richardson. 
Seth Wade
1826- $130.75for year’s provisions for widow and family Estate owed debts, court ordered sale of negroes Widow petitioned court for her dower rights from estate’s 1000 acres Later courts ordered she be given 1/3 of 517 ˝ acres (172 2/3 acres)
  James & Robert Wade   Several small children
Frances Richardon Joseph Tarkington guardian Asa    
Adam Beard        
Samson Sikes        
Charles Purvis
1826-year’s provisions -1500 lb pork, 30 barrels corn, 2 cows & calves,1 heifer with calf, 400 bb seed  cotton, 25 bb coffee, 100 bb sugar, leather she now has in her possession
  Dempsey Turner & Jane Purvis Jane Purvis Family
Joseph Smith
Later guardian: Lewis McKorkle
Willie Taylor,  guardian     Zachariah, Polly, Elizabeth, Absolom
Zadok McLester        
James Garland, Sr        
Joseph Sewall   William Sewall    
Joseph Gibson        
Benjamin Davis        
Richard Manley, Sr.        
James Spence
Suicide (coroner)
Isaac Beachem     Winey Beacham Son
Wife of John A. Randle   John A. Randle   Elizabeth & Charles W.
Peter Liggin   Robert Brown & Martha Liggin Martha Liggin  
Walter Martin   William Martin   Isabella, Eleanor, Rachel
Luke Thomas   Alexander Thomas    
Alfred Smith    Nancy Smith  Nancy Smith  
Jesse Turpin
James Turpin witness to signing of will
    Sarah ____ Seaburn, Vina, Polly (wife of  Andrew Shaw)
William Stevenson   Irene (wife of Matthew Irwin)    
Richard Bradford     Margaret Family
Oran Watson
George Oliver  guardian
  Cullen Brittain Lucretia Heirs
Caswell Powell
Late of Wake County, NC
  James Morphis   Benjamin & Caswell
Andrew Willoughby   John Landis   Heirs
Lucian Kennedy   Mary Kennedy & Samuel Hankins Mary Kennedy  
Jacob Meek
Jacob, W, Jeremiah, John K, Henry E, Isaac, Polly (who married Matthew Tate), Elizabeth, Delilah, (who married Bartlett Fry), Eleanor (who married Hiram Langston), Sally (who married first John Hickey, and then John Elder), Nancy (who married John Jones), and Rachel (who married John Witt) Isaac disappeared  about 9 years before, and by 1827 Nancy and her husband had died, as had Rachel. Widow asked for dower rights out of 508 acres, mansion house standing on that land.  In court heirs attested that 200 acres were sold by Jacob before his death, and so the estate included only 308 acres,.  The widow was awarded 1/3 of the total Jacob Meek died intestate
  Abner Pearce & Henry Meek Mary Meek  
Benjamin Davis   Benjamin Peeples &  Hamblin Manley Ann  
Unknown   Nathan Carter guardian Patsy Carter  
Aaron Cosy   William Rowlett & Lydda Cosey   William, Gabriel, Minta, John, Mary
Joseph Smith
Estate received $209  from North Carolina
  Lewis McKorkle    
Deveraux Dunlap   John, Hugh and Hugh W Dunlap    
James McClure James McClure      
Gideon R Allen William Simmons      
Thomas Watson   Peter R Young & Foster Watson    
Marshall French   Mary French & Edward Lindsy    
William G Blount
will proved in court
Richard Blount      
Joseph Hodge   William Henry Sarah  
Jacob C Hendershot   Kindred Rose    
George Hodge Francis Poindexter      
John Thomas Charles Crutchfield      
Alfred Lovels Jacob Hoover      
Ona Davis Benjamn Peeples      
Henry O’Daniel     Dolly O’Daniel  
John Martin   Johnson Martin Judith  
Harris Pope   Mannican Howard    
John Babb
Heirs : Anne (married William Walters), Martha (married Varner Caldwell), Medira (married James Davis), Mordice Babb, Thomas Babb, William W. Babb, J. P. Babb, and John Hassell Covenant between above heirs of John Babb to abide by a will written, but not signed sealed or attested, which appears to be the last will and testament of said John Babb deceased, which was proven in open (September 3rd 1827) court by the  oaths of George W Mix & William Stofle the subscribing witnesses.