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bond1.jpg (50545 bytes)                The Bond Family

The Bond Family can be traced back to North Carolina. A slave owner by the name of James Bond, born in North Carolina and his wife, Mildred, born in Virginia, came to Haywood County with their slaves around 1845. The 1860 Census has James Bond with 221 slaves living in 63 houses. For some strange reason, no slave was listed as being over 65 years old, except for one woman who was listed as being 110 years of age. James listed the value of his property in 1860 at $387,000.

The 1870 Census showed Benjamin Bond, a mulatto, working for the James Bond family. Benjamin Bond, born in North Carolina in 1830.

In addition, in 1845, a W. P. Bond came to Haywood County from North Carolina with his wife, Jane. W. P. Bond was born in North Carolina in 1821. He settled in District #6, just east of Brownsville. The 1850 Census listed his property value at 37 slaves. In 1850, he listed 80 slaves in 13 houses with a value of $45,000. James bond was 21 years older than William P. Bond was. They were both born in North Carolina, came to Tennessee in 1845 and settled around Brownsville, but no positive evidence shows that they were related.

W.P. Bond, in 1870, was a Circuit Court Judge in Brownsville.  These two slave owners are responsible for the large number of Bonds, in the area of Brownsville, living in District #7. In 1870, there were 4,200 people living in Haywood County.

Benjamin bond with his son, Alexander, and daughter, Hattie, worked for James Bond in 1870 as domestic servants. The 1870 Census did not list a living wife for Benjamin who married in 1851. In the 1880 Census, Alexander Bond listed his mother’s birthplace as Virginia. On July 16, 1874, at the age of 22, Alexander Bond married Emeline Johnson and settled on a farm.

Emeline Bond had 15 children, 13 lived to adulthood.

The Bond Family Tree

1) Benjamin Bond (North Carolina –1830)

a) Hattie
b) Alexander (1852) Married Emeline Johnson (July 16, 1874)

Charles (1871)

Charlie (b. March 7, 1897 – d. September 7, 1974)
A.D. (b. November 14, 1906 – d. December 17, 1989)
Willie Mae
Oliver Lee

John (1873)
Alexander, Jr. (1877)
Louise (1878)
Fannie (1880)
Ruby (1889)


Nathaniel (1884)
Theodore (1886)


Hettie (1892)
Anna (1893)
Austin (1895)
Lee (1896)


Hobson (1899) Married Ethel Anderson (1920)




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