- P R E F A C E -

In the preparation of this little book our aim has been to present things in a style that would prove a source of pleasure to the young as well as to the old.

Notwithstanding the gathering up of the facts contained in this book has cost us some time and labor, yet it has proved a source of great pleasure.

We believe the youths of to-day should be made acquainted with the history of the County in which they live, as well as the State; and with this idea in view, we have been prompted to write the present work.

In order to appreciate fully the blessings and advantages of the present age, it is necessary to study the pages of history and compare past days with those in which we live. History points out the causes of improvement, and places the reader upon a mental platform from which he can view the actions of men of the past; it points out the past errors as a warning for the actions of the present; and it is also in itself a species of revelation, which shows that events, though they seem to be fraught with evil when they happpen, beheld by the light of history in after-years, prove to have been kindest blessings in disguise.

We now present this little book to the readers of Hardin County, hoping that it will be gladly received; and if such be the case, our labor will not prove ineffectual.