Hancock County, Tennessee















This index covers the years 1879-1894, Surnames A-Z

This is all the information I have at the moment. The index was transcribed from the index on microfilm that I purchased from The Tennessee State Archives. I haven't figured out what all the columns mean so the year may not be exact (give or take a year or two) but the index is a great starting point if you are looking for your ancestors in Hancock County, TN.






                Hancock County Deed Index

                It is alphabetized by Grantor (seller).

             The Grantee is buyer and the Grantor is seller.









1879   Allen, Jermina   Dalton, S.S
1883   Tignor, Anderson   Daniel, Delp
1886   Folley, H.C   Datson, J.B. Etux
1890   Davis, Josuah   Daughtery, Joseph C.
1894   Catron, E.P   Daughtery, M.C
1886   Campbell, I.W. & son   Davidson, James
1886   Mullins, Rheabin   Davidson, Sarah & James
1879   Davis, Nathan D   Davis, Abraham
1883   Hudson, K S   Davis, Abraham
1894   Hutson, Nancy P   Davis, Abraham
1879   Davis, John   Davis, Alec
1890   Royston, R A   Davis, Brownlow
1890   Turnmire, James   Davis, Brownlow Etux
1886   Campbell, I.W. & son Davis, George, Lien
1894   Buttry, Joab   Davis, G.L
1879   Buttry, Joab   Davis, Henry
1894   Holt, Henry   Davis, Henry
1879   Davis, Catherine B   Davis, H. Etal, Trustee
1894   Williams, Jas   Davis, H.A
1894   Seal, Alford   Davis, J.E.C
1894   Buttry, Joab   Davis, J.E.C
1894   Ledger, C.H   Davis, J.H  
1894   Quillen, Henry   Davis, J.R.M
1894   Mullins, Elis   Davis, J.R.M
1879   Davis, H.M   Davis, John 
1894   Neil, J.D     Davis, John D
1894   Campbell, I.W   Davis, John D
1894   Ross, MC.H   Davis, John D
1894   Williams, James   Davis, John Etal
1886   Jarvis, L.C   Davis, John Etux
1886   Rouse, Charles Broadway Davis, John W. Etux 
1883   Winkler, John   Davis, Joshua
1886   Dodson, Joshua B   Davis, Joshua
1890   Moles, Marshall Etux   Davis, Joshua Etux
1883   Ledger, Nancy M   Davis, Joshua
1890   Davis, Sarah    Davis, Melvin
1894   Testerman, J.W   Davis, Milam
1894   Davis, J.D     Davis, Milom
1886   Jarvis, L.C Trustee   Davis, Milum
1883   Livesay, A J   Davis, M H
1894   Seal, Wm     Davis, M H
1879   Campbell, W Y   Davis, Nathan
1879   Houston, Mary   Davis, R.J  
1894   Davis, G L   Davis, Robert D
1894   Davis, Agnes B   Davis, Robt. L
1894   Barnard, John   Davis, Sam
1886   Mahan, J.H Trustee   Davis, Sarah 
1886   Royston, R A   Davis, Sarah 
1894   Holt, Henry   Davis, Wiley
1890   Seal, Bailey   Davis, Wiley Etux Etal
1894   Buttry, Joab   Davis, W P
1894   Davis, R D   Davis, W P
1894   Testerman, R D   Davis, Etal
1890   Coleman, H F   Davis, Wm B etal
1879   Seal, Paley   Davis, Wm H
1894   Davis, G L   Davis, Wm P
1890   Cantwell, B C   Day, Alice
1890   Day, John J   Day, Alice
1890   Day, John J   Day, Alice
1890   Waites, Martha   Day, Alice
1886   Royston, Robt. Etux   Day, E.T Etux
1886   Wolfe, Gideon   Day, Elbert T
1886   McCoy, Eliza   Day, Elbert T
1886   Campbell, Harron & Co Day, Harvey & M Brewer
1890   Pullian, Wm S   Day, Harvey Etux
1890   Moles, W S   Day, R L  
1886   Gibson, Fleenor   Day, W.M  
1886   Campbell, Harrison & Co Day, Wm  
1886   Jarvis, Landen L   Day, Wm Etux
1886   Rogers, A L & Co   Day, Wm M
1886   Dean, D F     Dean, J W
1890   McMillion, Abraham   Dean, Miller Etux
1879   Baker, Joseph   Debard, Rufus
1886   Campbell, I.W & Son   Debord, F.L
1886   Jarvis, L C   Debord, F.L & James 
1890   Kilgore, Wm A   Debord, R.D etux, Etal
1886   Short, I.M R. Etux   Debord, Thomas
1886   Rogers, A L & Co   Debord, William
1886   Jarvis, Landen L   Debord, William
1886   Coleman, H F   Debord, William Mortgage
1879   Miller, P J     Dedric, J F
1883   Day, Albert   Dedric, J I  
1883   Tignor, Anderson   Delp, Daniel
1886   Riley, Patrick   Delp, Harvey & Jacob
1886   Nichols, J P   Delp, Hiram L
1886   Riley, Patrick   Delp, Jacob
1886   Delp, P H     Delp, James H etal
1886   Baker, John S   Delp, James H etux
1886   Delp, Orval   Delp, James H etux
1886   Kyle, A J     Delp, J H Etux etal
1886   Bowen, E D Trustee   Delp, Orval Etux
1886   Testerman, W T   Delp, Orvell Etux
1886   Cantwell, John   Delp, Orvil  
1886   Hale & Campbell   Delp, P H  
1879   Anderson, Malon   Delp, J H   
1883   Kyle, J A     Depew, James H
1883   Nichols, J P   Depew,Jas H
1879   Davis, Joshua   Dickerson,Perry
1894   Cowan, McClong & Co Dickerson,Perry
1886   Wallen, Jos B   Dingus, James W Etux
1886   Anderson,  F R   Dingus, Jas W
1894   Pridemore, Geo W   Dingus, J W
1883   Thompson, B S   D E Thompson ( indexed by first name)
1883   Mc H Ross   Dodson, J B
1886   Sampson, William Trustee Dodson, Joshua Etux
1886   Sampson, William Trustee Dodson, Joshua Etux
1890   Sutton, Henry   Dodson, Nancy V
1894   Green, J B   Drinnon, Amos
1894   Cantwell, Thos   Drinnon, Amos
1894   Drinnon, W K   Drinnon, Amos
1894   Coleman, H F   Drinnon, B J
1894   Drinnon, Geo   Drinnon, B J Etal
1886   Mullins, Christopher   Drinnon, B J Etux
1894   Coleman, H F   Drinnon, B J Clerk
1890   Lawson, W J K   Drinnon, B J Co Clerk
1883   Seal, Fred   Drinnon, Geo
1883   Bolin, Alford   Drinnon, Geo
1886   Tyler, A J Trustee   Drinnon, Geo
1894   Drinnon, Jesse   Drinnon, Geo N
1886   Drinnon, Mary   Drinnon, George N
1894   Drinnon, Geo   Drinnon, Jane
1883   Fuller, F M   Drinnon, J C Etal
1894   Drinnon, Amos   Drinnon, J L
1890   Price, Jefferson   Drinnon, John
1883   Drinnon, B N   Drinnon, Richard
1886   Drinnon, George   Drinnon, Richard
1890   McDaniel, Job   Drinnon, Thomas Etux
1886   Drinnon, Amos   Drinnon, Thos Etal
1894   Greene, J B   Drinnon, W K
1894   Drinnon, Amos   Drinnon, W K
1879   Smith H L     Drivers, Lorinas
1883   Baker, A      Dykes, Thos












1879   Sergeners, S S    Edds, G W     
1879   Davis, Araham?   Edds, G W Sheriff    
1886   Ramsey, James    Edds, G W Sheriff    
1894   Mondy, Jacob   Edds, Jane    
1883   Breeding, Patton   Edds, S J      
1883   Jarvis, H C   Edeborch, Rufus    
1886   Fuller, C B Etux   Eden, Gollman    
1883   Wooten, Mary   Edens, Andrew    
1894   Cody, J R     Edens, Francis    
1890   Herrell, Elbert   Edens, Hiram    
1890   Tipton, M Rufus   Edens, Hiram Etux    
1894   Vaughn, Wm   Edens, WM    
1883   Fletcher, Zeddy   Edins, Frances    
1886   Purcell, M V   Edin, George etux    
1886   Wallen, Evan   Edins, Isham etux    
1886   Vaughn, C A    Edins, William Etux    
1886   Neely, Wm E   Edins, Wm Etux    
1883   Wolfe, Nathaniel   E. McCoy indexed by first name  
1883   Testerman, W P   E. M  Tote indexed by first name
1883   Winkler, John   Elish Winkler indexed by first name
1883   Winkler, Jacob   Elisha Winkler indexed by first name
1883   Winkler, Landon   Elisha Winkler indexed by first name
1883   Winkler, Thos J   Elisha Winkler indexed by first name
1883   Trent, T R     Elizabeth Trent indexed by first name
1890   White, Joseph   Ellen, Jacob    
1890   Short, H J     Ellen, Jacob H Etux    
1886   Jones, J T     Ellen, J H      
1886   Simpson, Levi M   Ellenberg, Ancil?    
1879   McGee, Elisha   Eller, Jacob    
1894   Sutton, Ishal am    Elrod, John    
1883   Sizemore, Elizabeth   Enoch, Baldwin By first name?  
1879   Row, Wiley   Epperson, W B    
1894   Sutton, Isham   Epperson, W H    
1890   Seal, Neil     Epperson, Wm H    












1890   Reed, John   Faddis, Andrew etux  
1886   Givens, Joshua W   Fairchild ? Etux  
1890   Burchett, John   Fairchild, Geoge , Jesse Etux
1886   Farichild, Wayne   Fairchild, Jacob N  
1890   Arnold, Wm D   Fairchild, Jacob N  
1890   Anderson, A B   Fairchild, Jacob N etux
1886   Burchett, John   Fairchild, Jacob S etal
1886   Fairchild, Wayne   Fairchild, James M  
1886   Farichild, Wayne, Abijah Fairchild, James M  
1886   Fairchild, James   Fairchild, Jesse  
1886   Mathis, Geo W   Fairchild, J N  
1890   Mathis, G W   Fairchild, J N Etux  
1886   Fairchild, Jacob   Fairchild, Wayne  
1886   Russell, James   Fairchild, Wayne  
1886   Fairchild, J P   Fairchild, Wayne  
1886   Fairchild, Jesse   Fairchild, Wayne Etux
1886   Fairchilds, Wayne   Fairchilds, Abijah  
1890   Arnold, William   Fairchilds, Jesse Etux
1883   Cantwell, Wiley   Fairchilds, J N  
1894   Fairchilds, Jacob  s   Fairchilds, J N  
1894   Campbell, I W   Fairchilds, J N  
1894   Martin, John   Fairchilds, J S  
1883   Baker, Geo   Fairchilds, Obija  
1883   Gray, Jackson   Fairchilds, Wain  
1883   Legere, Elizabeth   Fairchilds, Wayne  
1883   Fairchilds, Abija   Fairchilds, Wayne  
1883   McNeil, B F   Fairchilds, Wayne  
1883   Bray, S      Farmer, Wm  
1879   Bray, Stragnor   Farmes, Wm  
1879   Bray, Stragnor   Farmes, Wm  
1890   Campbell, A D   Farria, John etux  
1886   Coleman, H F   Fergerson, John etux  
1886   Furgerson, Lee   Ferguson, James  
1879   Burns, J R   Ferguson, Jerry  
1894   Campbell, I W   Fields, Asberry  
1886   Tyler, A J Trustee   Fields, Asberry Etux  
1890   Fuller, F M   Fields, James  
1890   Head, James   Fields, James Etux  
1879   Edens, Curtis   Fields, Peter  
1890   Vickers, J J   Fields, Peter  
1879   Vaughn, C A    Fields, Shade  
1879   Davis, Wm B   Fisher, Shade  
1879   Vickers, James   Fisher, Shadrick  
1890   Gibson, Tandy   Fisher, Wm  
1894   Cody, James   Fleenor, Eli  
1894   Ross, G R    Fleenor, Taylor  
1894   Fletcher, Henry   Fletcher, Benjamin  
1879   Lousan, Molinda?   Fletcher, Henry  
1894   Nicholas, Sue   Fletcher, Henry  
1886   Fisher, & Short   Fletcher, J J  
1879   Wolfenbarger, Pete   Fletcher, John G  
1890   Sommers, Wm J   Fletcher, John J etal  
1886   Loman, J H   Fletcher, Wm W etux
1879   Dodson, Lusan?   Foley, H C  
1883   Isam, Corley   Ford, Hiram  
1890   Church, Geo   Ford, Jefferson D  
1886   Greene, Thomas   Forganson, Jerry Etux
1886   Carpenter, C F Etux   Frazier, Jesse G  
1879   Cloud, Wm   Frazier, Robt  
1879   Seal, M F J   Frost, Stephen  
1886   Jaynes, John   Frost, Stephen  
1886   Gains, Jack   Fisher? Mary  
1886   Coleman, H T Trustee Fugate, Harrison  
1894   Hopkins, Nancy   Fugate, J T  
1894   Coleman,  C R   Fugate, J T  
1879   Overton, R R   Fugate, John  
1894   Overton, L J & G D   Fugate, P P  
1886   Southern, R J   Fugate, P P & W C  
1886   Roger, Thomas   Fullen, C B Etux  
1890   Edens, Curtis etal   Fuller, C B Etux  



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