Hamilton County, Tennessee
Area Pictures

1941 Chattanooga Linen

Person circled Row 3, person 4 - Louise Bowman
This appears to be a company picnic. The photo is dated 1941. If anyone knows any of the other persons pictured, please let me know.
Contributed by Gayle Hassler - November 2004.

Book Cover

View of Fountain Square

'Martha Crow and friends'

Martha Jane Shell Crow (1865-1940) (later remarried a Glidewell) is the back, center with the black, boa? over her shoulders
her daughter Dovil Cook Crow (1889-1942) is seated on the right in a light dress.
If you know who the others are, please contact me - DChamp3599@aol.com

Contributed by Daniel Champion - March 2004

'The Gordon'

'Gordon C. Green'
at Shoal Creek - 1941

Contributed by Iley Thompson - October 2000

From a collection of postcards found in my grandmother's effects and other contributions.


Civil War Monuments
Confederate Cemetery Gate
Postcard Back
Hotel Patten
Illinois Monument at General Bragg's Headquarters, Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga - 1919
Jonas Bluff
Another View - Jonas Bluff - 1945
Lookout Mountain
Mocassin Bend
Roper's Rock, Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga - 1936

Umbrella Rock, Lookout Mountain
Can you identify any of the people?


Wilder Tower
WWI Fort Oglethorpe

If you have pictures of Hamilton County that you'd like to contribute or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me at Tim Stowell
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