Families of Hamblen County, Tennessee


Family Info

Carson - Carole Thomason

Brown / Franklin - Robert Patterson

Fralix - Cheryl Whitlock

Kesterson - Chris Walters

Kirkpatrick - Tom Caulley 

Morelock - Carole Thomason

Purkey - Michael Tivis Purkey

Purkey - Fred Purkey

Purkey - Carole Thomason


Riggs - Carole Thomason

Roddy - Carole Thomason

Rogan - Carole Thomason

Thomason - Carole Thomason

Thompson - Carole Thomason

Trent - G. Donaldson Murphy, Jr.   - NEW!!

Williams - Carole Thomason


Family Narratives

Campbell and Taylor - Alton Christie

Thomason - Carole Thomason



We want to include your  family information here!

If you have a family tree website, e-mail the County Coordinator with your name, website address, and the applicable surname(s).

If you do not have a website but would like us to publish a family narrative or other report, send your information (in the body of an e-mail message or  as an attachment in either .txt, .rtf, .doc, .html, or .pdf format) to the County Coordinator.

Note:    Your family must be associated in some way with Hamblen County in order to be listed on this page.  No GedComs will be published due to server space limitations.

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