Hamblen County Archives

Located in the basement of the old part of the 
Hamblen County Courthouse building

Cindy Lane, Archivist
(423) 586-1961

Hours of Operation:
generally, Monday through Thursday - please call for times
June - July 2013:  Tuesday through Thursday

Official Website: http://www.hamblencountyarchives.blogspot.com/


What types of records are now in the Archives?

  1. Marriage licenses and records from 1870 through 1975. These have been indexed by both bride and groom.  These indexes, in four book volumes, are available for purchase.
  2. Wills from 1870 through 1974.  An index to these wills is available for purchase.
  3. Some birth records: 1908 - 1912 and 1925 - 1939.
  4. Some death records: 1908 - 1912 and 1925 - 1939. We also have Some Compiled Death Records from Hamblen County, Tennessee and Nearby Areas available for purchase. It contains over 30 thousand death entries which were compiled by Marguerite Williams over a span of years and sources.
  5. Guardian Bonds & Letters, vols. 2, 3 and 4.
  6. County Minute Books 1, 2, and 3, 1870 through 1891.
  7. Various County Court Books. One of these books is most interesting and dates approximately to 1850. Yes, Hamblen County was not established until 1870 but Morristown was in existence and the south side of Morristown was in Jefferson County. This book starts as a store journal, then it is a Jefferson County Court Docket and finally a Hamblen County Court Docket. There is a letter written and signed by Drury Morris, a store owner in Morristown, dated 1852.
  8. Hamblen County Tax Books. We have not located all of these records but they tell what the land owners were taxed for and who their neighbors were. We have located part of the 1890 records and these records are very important as they can be used to replace the 1890 census records which was almost totally destroyed nationally.  These 1890 tax records have been transcribed into a book entitled 1890 Tax Book Hamblen County, Tennessee, available for purchase.
  9. We are now working on cleaning and indexing the loose Circuit Court records. This is a very time consuming process. Of course we have to read some of the records while we are cleaning them. Some of the cases include 1) living together without marriage; 2) carrying weapons; 3) profanity; 4) disturbing church services; 5) gaming, betting with legal tender and 6) flirting. I do not know what was considered flirting at that time period, but they could be fined for it.  
    One of our interesting finds which was registered with the Register of Deeds Office was the marriage contract between L.F. Leeper and Caroline Carson. L.F. Leeper was the first chairman of the Hamblen County Court and elected 3 October 1870. This was a second marriage for both of them and a contract was written to "never to guard against any misfortune that might happen in consequence of marriage relations ever existing between us". We think of pre-nuptial agreements as being created recently. This was dated 25 of August 1873
  10. We also have over 1,000 books pertaining to family histories, state and country histories, census indexes and court records.

Why are these records important?

These records tell of our county's history and of our ancestor's history. They give us an insight into the lifestyles of our forefathers. They tell us where people shopped, how they traveled, if they were involved in court cases, who they married and if they left a will.

These records are not only important to our local citizens but are also important to people all over the United States. TN has been a gateway to other locations, not only to the west but also north, south and back to the east. Some of the emigrants only stated a short time in Hamblen County but they did leave their mark here.

Who staffs the Archives?

The Archives is staffed entirely by volunteers.


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