Moses Guest's Estate Papers

State of Arkansas
County of Desha

To all to whom there presents shall come, greetings. Know ye that I, Mary GUEST, wife of John GUEST of Desha County Arkansas, son of Moses GUEST late of Grundy County, Tennessee, have made and appointed and by these presents to nominate, make, constitute and appoint and place in my room my relation Andrew Jackson GUEST of the County Desha and State of Arkansas my true and lawful attorney in fact for me and in my name and room place and to ask for demand and receive and recpt. for all money property dues and coming to me in any way whatever as heir at law of Moses GUEST dec'd. late of Grundy County, Tenn. hereby notifying whatever my said attorney may lawfully do in and about the premises in as full and ample a manner as if I myself were personally present in witness where of the said Mary GUEST hat hereunto set her hand and seal this21st day of April 1855.



State of Arkansas
County of Desha

  This day personally appeared before me W.D. NEELY one acting and duly commissioned Justice of the peace in and for the County and State aforesaid Mary GUEST to me personally well known and of lawful age and acknowledged that she had signed and sealed the above instument of writing for the purpose and condition ther in and desire the same certified by me given under my hand and official seal this April 21st A.D. 1855


State of Arkansas
County of Desha

  I, James P. CLAYTON, clerk of the Circuit Court of said state aforesaid which court is a court of record I do certify that I, W.D. NEELY whose name appears to the foregoing acknowledgement is and was at the time of taking said acknowledgement on acting and duly commissioned Justice of the Peace in and for said County and full faith and credit are due and ought to be given to all his official acts as such respectively.

  In witness whereof I have hereinto set my hand and the seal of said Court hereto announce this 2nd day of April 1855

James P. CLAYTON, Clerk

State of Arkansas
County of Desha

  I, Wm. R. ANDERSON presiding Judge of the County of Desha and State aforesaid do hereby certify that James P. CLAYTON whose signature appears to the foregoing certificate is Clerk of the County Court of Desha County and keeper of the record papers & seals of said Court and full faith are due and should be given to all his official acts as such respectfully.


State of Tennessee
County of Grundy

  I, W. P. BARNES Clerk of the County Court of said County do certify that the above is a true and perfect copy of the orignial power of attorney with certificates as presented for recording given under my hand at office this 30th of April 1855

  W. P. BARNES, Clerk

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