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Jane Kathryn "Katie" Shrum Kilgore
Date: 10/08/2014
Submitted by: Rita Sanders McConnaughey
b. Dec 6, 1921; d.Dec 25, 1985. Married to Walter Kilgore,

Regarding the Cemetery books, I've seen her entry, and I'm wondering how the parents were connected to the deceased, as I have found an error for the parents that are listed. This was my great aunt, sister of my grandmother. Her father was Joe David Shrum(8/15/1881-4/18/1965), mother, Bessie Leona Almany Shrum(2/3/1885-6/9/1948).

Understand this cannot be corrected for those books already in print, but if there is another printing, can this be corrected?

Also have first-hand information for others listed in your book, that may be helpful.
email: ritamac@hrtc.net
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Father of Laura Lorene Armstrong Sanders
Date: 10/08/2014
Submitted by: Rita Sanders McConnaughey
We found in the Cemetery book, Pleasantview Cemetery, Laura Lorene Sanders (Armstrong), that her father is listed as Jim Northcutt. How was this information obtained? and where can I find out more about Jim Northcutt? Is his given name, James?

We knew it was "Northcutt" but have no family history as to who this person was. That part of our lineage has always been a mystery, and we know there are parts that are unattractive, but we are interested in the truth.

I am very interested in any information anyone may have.

Thank you
email: ritamac@hrtc.net
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Nunley Family Group
Date: 07/06/2014
Submitted by: James Nunley
We have started a group on Facebook at the following address: facebook.com/groups/NunleyFamilyReunion

We are primarily the offspring of Jesse Claiborne Nunley. We are looking to contact with descendants of his siblings as well. If you are or know anyone who descended from Greenbury "Tobe" Nunley, we encourage you to come join us on Facebook and reconnect our families.
email: jnunley311@gmail.com
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unknown burial site
Date: 04/04/2014
Submitted by: Brenda Blessing
Have been looking for any details on the death and especially the burial place of Bedford Claude Blessing. He was killed after an altercation with Jim Hunter around 1900 in Pelham. He ran a hotel there and had a large family. His daughter, Annie, married William H. Young, and is buried at Pelham Church of Christ. Some other children were Lawrence Clarence, Joseph Cooper and Bedford Claude Jr. I need to get a death certificate, as well. Thanks in advance for any help.
email: blessingb@bellsouth.net
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Date: 03/11/2014
Submitted by: Carol Scott
I have been searching for years, the burial place of Telitha Scott (maiden name Green). She had Twins in 1859-60, and I believe she died of complications of the birth soon after. Between 1860 to 1865 maybe?? She was the wife of Henderson Pleasant Scott (Or, Pleasant Henderson Scott). Telitha was born about 1818, and Pleasant was born 1820. She was the daughter of Samuel Green and Mary Alcy Miller of the same county.

The next thing is Pleasant is getting married again in Kentucky to Alcy Foust Fredericks.

If anyone can help me I would GREATLY appreciate any help you can offer. She may be buried in the Philadelphia Cemetery, but I can't find a copy of the people buried there.

Thank You
email: clillig@twc.com
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Tornado in 1854
Date: 01/24/2014
Submitted by: Samuel Morgan
I am looking for information about a tornado that struck Hubbard's Cove in 1854, after August 1854. Mary Purcell and several of her children died in 1854. One daughter, James "Juber" Winton's wife, was said to have died in a tornado. It could have been that they all died during the same tornado.
email: mshmorg@charter.net
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Littleberry Stone
Date: 01/06/2014
Submitted by: Becky Counts
I find my relative Littleberry Stone in the 1850 census with his wife Arcineet and daughter Martha Jane. He was a gatekeeper for the turnpike. I can not find his wife's maiden name. Have looked for Marriage License but come up empty. Later she is shown as Arsenet or maybe even Laura...
Any help would be great!
email: bltcounts@gmail.com
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James Pearson
Date: 11/07/2013
Submitted by: Gail Woodlee
I am searching for information about my great-great-grandfather, James Pearson. He is in the house with Mary Peerson at 1 year old in 1850. I would like any info on Mary or who James's father is. He married Deliah Turner Meeks and they had one son George Douglas Pearson.
email: gailw@blomand.net
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Witschi - Indenture?
Date: 10/08/2013
Submitted by: Laura Witschi
My great grandfather Joseph Witschi may have been an indentured servant or farm laborer in Grundy County between 1884-1888. He arrived from Switzerland on the Amerique in 1884, then any record of him disappeared until 1887 when he married in Indiana.

My 92-year-old father said he was a laborer in Tennessee and "hopped a train" for Michigan sometime after 1884.

Joseph may have worked along side his Swiss brothers in Grundy County in the 1880s: Brothers are Gottfried, Johann, Frederick Witschi.

I am trying to find out if there are county records or Grundy County farm archives.

Laura Witschi
6334 Quail Run Dr.
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
email: lwitschi@pacbell.net
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William P Thomas
Date: 10/04/2013
Submitted by: Tom Ferguson
I am looking for the marriage of William P Thomas to Elizabeth in Grundy County about 1886 to 1889. I am hoping to learn Elizabeth's last name. W.P. was born 22 March 1870 in Grundy Co. Elizabeth was born 17 Dec 1874 in Maryland.

Any help will be appreciated.
email: Tdfergus@charter.net
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Marriage - Hiram Brown & Elizabeth Crossland
Date: 10/02/2013
Submitted by: Shelby Baltzley
I am having trouble locating the marriage of Hiram Brown and Elizabeth Crossland. They were supposed to have been married in 1829 in Grundy County, TN. Is there anyone who has access to the marriage records for that year that is willing to help?

Thank you in advance!
email: shelby_baltzley@comcast.net
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re: Marriage - Hiram Brown & Elizabeth Crossland
Date: 10/05/2013
Submitted by: David Johnson
There is a marriage of "Isiah" Brown to Elizabeth Crossland on 09/17/1859 in Grundy Co., TN. None other of the like.

Grundy Co., TN was formed in 1844; so it is not possible to have a county marriage record here before that, and it would be error to say anyone was born here in 1829. The county was formed mostly from Franklin and Warren Counties, and if a marriage record exists for 1829, it would be in one of those counties, although I did not find one.

I see a Hiram Brown in Franklin Co., TN in the 1850 census, but no wife. He is not found later. The Isiah Brown of the marriage record was not found before or after the marriage in the censuses, unless it is him later in Putnam Co., TN. Maybe it is possible that Hiram and Isiah are the same person, and your date was wrong? Don't know.
email: grundycc@gmail.com
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Shadrick Cemetery
Date: 08/14/2013
Submitted by: Peggy Ross
Is there a Shadrick Cemetery in Grundy County? I found the death certificate of Lillie Nolan (1906-1923), daughter of Edd/Mollie Partin Nolan which says that she was buried there.
email: pross_leesburg@yahoo.com
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re: Shadrick Cemetery
Date: 08/28/2013
Submitted by: Ed Burnett
The Grundy County Historical society recently published a list of known cemeteries in Grundy Co. and cemeteries in adjacent counties in close proximity to the Grundy county line. We did not find a cemetery named Shadrick. We also did not find anyone named Lillie Nolan. There were several people with the last name "Nolan" but none with a first name "Lillie". There were many people with the last name "Shadrick" buried in the Orange Hill cemetery which is in Tracy City, TN. The Orange Hill cemetery has an inordinant number of unidentified graves. The historical society also attempted to list people who were thought to be buried in cemeteries even if no grave marker could be found to support it. In the Orange Hill cemetery, there is a Mary Nolan who died in 1923 who was the daughter of William Edward and Ethel Sanders Nolen. This Nolen was thought to be 4 year old at the time of death.
email: ehburnett@comcast.net
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re: Shadrick Cemetery
Date: 08/31/2013
Submitted by: David Johnson
The death certificate you are referring to does not have the word "Cemetery" listed with the burial location. It says "Shadrick Hill". Go with that rather than searching for a cemetery by that name. She may have been buried on that hill or just in the vicinity. Shadrick Hill seems to be less than a mile southeast of Orange Hill Cemetery on Shadrick Hill Road. Mary Nolan in Orange Hill Cemetery (1919-1923) is the daughter also of your William Edward Nolan (he is listed as "m2" second marriage in 1910 census) and his second wife Ethel Sanders, according to Mary's death certificate.

I have seen sometimes the burial be listed as a vicinty rather than a cemetery name. Finding an obituary for Ed (d. Sept. 18, 1931 in Palmer, Grundy, TN) might tell more about the family. I can try to look for that soon and maybe also look for one for Lillie? Not certain if there will be obits for them this early.

You can see Shadrick Hill Road and Orange Hill Cemetery on the Google map at this link. There will be a pin for Shadrick Hill, but it is in maybe the wrong spot, but close:

Shadrick Hill, Google map

email: grundycc@gmail.com
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re: Shadrick Cemetery
Date: 09/01/2013
Submitted by: Peggy Ross
Thanks for your response and help in this query. I found that Lillie Nolan's Father, Ed Nolan; Mother, Molley Partin Nolan; Stepmother, Ethel Sanders Nolan; Half-sister, Mary Nolan; Grandmother, Thomas Etta Dove Partin are buried at Orange Hill Cemetery. It is a possibility that Lillie is buried on Shadrick Hill near the Orange Hill Cemetery.
email: pross_leesburg@yahoo.com
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Date: 08/06/2013
Submitted by: Edward Hyatt
Looking for a marriage record for Littleberry Stone, about 1845, in Grundy County.
email: ehyatt9798@comcast.net
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re: John Little Berry Stone marriage
Date: 08/25/2013
Submitted by: B Counts
I too am searching for this marriage record. John Stone would be my 3rd great-grandfather, and I can not find his wife's maiden name or family. If you have any info please let me know.
email: bltcounts@gmail.com
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Date: 07/29/2013
Submitted by: Judith Camp
On a recent trip to Grundy County I located the grave of Ulrich Jossi and his 2nd wife in the Tracy City Cemetery. I also located the 1st wife's will dated 1872. I am still searching for the first wife's grave as I descend from Ulrich and the first wife. I've found half of my ancestry and now need the other half.
email: jud32841@aol.com
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Russell Rogers - Mary Tate
Date: 04/05/2013
Submitted by: Jay Rogers
I'm looking for info on a Russell Rogers, who died about 1838 in Grundy Co. He married Mary Tate in 1820. I'm curious if he had children in a previous marriage. I'm trying to find out if Russell Rogers was the father of Jefferson C. Rogers, who was born in 1820 in Warren Co., TN.
Any help appreciated.
Jay Rogers in San Antonio
email: jrogers2758@gmail.com
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HENSON, James Thaddeus & Ella Darrell
Date: 03/20/2013
Submitted by: Sherron Dearing
Thaddeus was born 1839 in Cass Co., GA ( now known as Bartow Co.) and died 1887 in Grundy Co., Tennessee. He was married to Ella Darrell in Tennessee. Any info on this couple would be greatly appreciated. Their daughter, Clara, was my husband's maternal grandmother. Thanks for any help.
email: swdearing@gmail.com
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Tornado in 1854
Date: 03/12/2013
Submitted by: Samuel Morgan
Around 1854 Malinda Pursell Winton was said to have been killed by a tornado in Hubbard's Cove. Also about 1854 Mary Pursell, Alezander Pursell, Nancy Purcell Paxton, Margaret Pursell Gaines and her husband John all died. I wonder if their deaths were due to a tornado also. Mary died in 1854 between 21 August and 31 December. All lived in District 1 near each other. I would appreciate any information.

Sam Morgan
email: mshmorg@charter.net
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Communicate with living relatives of Tate Family
Date: 02/27/2013
Submitted by: Carol J. Tate-DeGraff
I'm looking to communicate with living descendants of Ladden Farrell Tate/Lousetta Missouri Colston-Tate of Laager.

They are my 2nd great-grandparents. I'm descended from their son Timothy Tennessee Tate/Nancy Delaware Ross.

Please give my email to concerned relatives...thank you so very much!
email: degraffcj@att.net
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Herman - Grundy/Marion County TN
Date: 02/06/2013
Submitted by: Mona Brown
I am looking for any information on my great-grandfather, George Herman - he died in 1899-1900 and was married to Jane Crow. They had 5 children. I suspect they lived in Grundy county at the time of his death but it may be Marion county. I have been told that where ever George is buried was in sight of their home in 1899.
email: mona.brown1@aol.com
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Maiden name of Mary Pursell (Purcell)
Date: 12/19/2012
Submitted by: Sam Morgan
Mary Purcell moved with her family including married children from Washington County, TN to Grundy County, TN. They show up on the 1850 census. I believe she has relatives in Grundy County. I am interested who they might have been, She was living near a Sain family.
email: mshmorg@charter.net
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Ellen Wagner Church or William Church
Date: 12/08/2012
Submitted by: Martha
I am trying to find out more about Ellen Wagner who married William Church in 1870 in Franklin County Tennessee. I can't find out who was her father and mother or his father and mother. Please email me if you have any information.
email: mjc8386@yahoo.com
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Smith Family
Date: 10/23/2012
Submitted by: Mary Broyles Shepard
Trying to find records or information on John C & Jincy Taylor Smith. The Smiths were from upper east Tenn around Carter & Sullivan County. The 1890 Veterans Schedule out of Grundy Co. shows John C Smith there in Grundy Co. Any information is appreciated.
email: willieshepard@att.net
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re: Smith Family
Date: 11/01/2012
Submitted by: David Johnson
John Smith and Jincy Taylor married Nov. 20, 1833 Carter Co., TN

1850 census Subdivision 30, Sullivan Co., TN, page 9 B:


Smith, Jno. 38 M laborer TN
Smith, Jinsy 36 F TN
Smith, James 15 M TN
Smith, Jacob 15 M TN
Smith, Nathaniel 14 M TN
Smith, Lydia 11 F TN
Smith, Sarah 10 F TN
Smith, Margaret 7 F TN
Smith, Mary 4 F TN
Smith, Rebecca 1 F TN

[John b. abt. 1812]
[Jinsy b. abt. 1814]

1860 census District 1, Sullivan Co., TN, page 13 A:


Smith, John C. 48 M day laborer TN
Smith, Jane, 47 F TN
Smith, Lydia C. 22 F TN
Smith, Sarah J. 20 F TN
Smith, Margaret S. 18 F TN
Smith, Mary A. C. 16 F TN
Smith, Rebecca C. 14 F TN
Smith, Marianne L. 10 F TN
Smith, William M. 8 M TN
Smith, John M. 6 M TN

1870 census of Bristol P.O., District 1, Sullivan Co., TN, page 373 B and 374 A:


Smith, John C. 59 W M farmer TN
Smith, Jency 58 F W TN
Harkleroad, Sarah 33 F W TN
Bradley, Margaret 30 F W TN
Smith, Mollie 22 F W TN
Smith, Rebecca C. 18 F W TN
Smith, William 15 M W TN
Smith, John 14 M W TN
Smith?, Harkleroad S. 4 F W TN
Smith, Lizzie 6 F W TN
Smith, Charley 4 M W TN

1880 Sullivan Co., TN:

John C. Smith 69
Jincy 67

1890 Union Veterans Census:
1890 John C. Smith private in unknown unit, residing Dist. 10, Grundy Co., TN., h/h 145/145

The 1910 census of District 2, Grundy Co., TN, page 150 B, household 147/147 shows a John C. Smith, age 64 (born 1846), as a Union Army Veteran in the Civil War (column 31 has "UA" in it). This same John C. is also shown in the 1900 District 10, Grundy Co., TN census as age 53 (b. Dec. 1846). And this John C. Smith served in the [edit- see message number 0009b below] according to the Union Army service records.

The John C. Smith at Grundy Co., TN in the 1890 Union Veterans Census at household 145/145 in District 10 is not your John. Yours would have been age 79 in 1890 and the Grundy Co. one was age 43/44 in 1890. There was also an age 40 limit to being allowed to join the military, and your John was 49 in 1861, and he likely did not serve in the Civil War.

I see no evidence that your John and wife Jincy ever left Sullivan Co., TN, being old enough in 1880 to possibly have died soon after.
email: grundycc@gmail.com
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re: Smith Family
Date: 11/21/2012
Submitted by: Barbara Smith Dunn
John Calvin Smith, buried in the Altamont Cemetery in Grundy Co. was the brother of my ggrandfather, William Hamilton Smith. The parents were Edward "Coonie" Smith, Kirby Cemetery,, and his wife Anna Smith, Charles Creek Cemetery in Warren Co., TN. The Smiths were originally from Jefferson Co., TN. "Coonie" was a shoemaker and born in 1818. These brothers were in the 6th Regiment, Co. E, Mtd. Cal. Inf. Union Troops. The marker on Hamilton's grave is INCORRECT. I have ggrandfather's original Civil War Document. You can find both of them in the fold3. They actually mustered out of Nashville, TN on June 30, 1865, not l864. These brothers both settled in Altamont, County of Grundy. John's 1st wife was a Scruggs and Editha was his 2nd. These wives are buried with him in the same cemetery, Altamont, side by side.
email: unclelance@netzero.net
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John Lincoln Hall b.1893
Date: 10/22/2012
Submitted by: Reuben E. Hall
I am researching my father, John Lincoln Hall, a WW1 pensioner from Tennessee. He was born in 1893. Any information on him or his relatives will be greatly appreciated.
email: rubehall@gmail.com
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Date: 10/20/2012
Submitted by: Gina
I have been looking for photos of buildings from an earlier time in Grundy County in Tennessee like the original Courthouse in Coalmont and the Courthouse in Altamont before it burned. I keep getting sent to sites that don't even make sense. I have even been sent to places I never heard of like Grundy, Iowa or Grundy, Virginia. It is so frustrating.
email: ashantedesmond@yahoo.com
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John and Sara Howard
Date: 10/08/2012
Submitted by: Paula Lyday
My great-great-grandparents John and Sara (Gilliland) Howard settled near Pelham around 1830. All their children were born there; the youngest being my great-grandfather George Winfield Howard, born in 1851. I would like any information anyone can give me. I have notes from my family stating there is a cemetery where they are buried.
email: plyday@gvtc.com
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Date: 08/03/2012
Submitted by: Judith Camp
Am looking for any information regarding Ulrich Jossi and wife Marguerita and son John who migrated from Switzerland. There may have been other children, but I do not know. I do not know when they came or on which ship. They settled in or near Tracy City. I know no more until son John married Mary Robinson in Warren County in 1880. Mary died and in the same year he married her sister Sallie. I would like any information regarding this family.
email: jud32841@aol.com
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Photo of Rev. A. C. Adamz as a 2 1/2 year old with other family
Date: 07/08/2012
Submitted by: Glenn Adamz
Hello, I am Glenn Adamz, grandson of Rev. A. C. Adamz. I noticed on a grundycountyherald website that there is a picture of my grandfather as a 2 1/2 year old with other siblings and family. It would be so wonderful to be able to have that information. He, his wife Eleanor and his mother-in-law are buried in the old cemetery across from the old high school near Werner's place. It has been a while since I have been in Tracy but remember playing with Bobby Foster, Cortney Arbuckle, and Hank Flury. I remember attending ball games at the park and the fair near the ball park. Lots of fond memories.

Thank you for any and all help. Respectfully, Glenn
email: adamz@ebpfi.com
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Parents of John Dee Phipps and his wife Beulah
Date: 06/04/2012
Submitted by: Kay Largess
Looking for ggparents' parents and the name of Beulah's second husband last name Smith.
email: largesstree@aol.com
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re: Parents of John Dee Phipps and his wife Beulah
Date: 06/05/2012
Submitted by: David Johnson
Not related, just helping.

"John D. Phipps" died 04/22/1962 in Grundy Co., TN at age 86 according to his Grundy Co., TN death certificate #10012. I can only see the index entry for that; so I don't see his parents. You can get that certificate or rather they call it a "verification of death facts" by following the directions here: http://health.state.tn.us/vr/Genealogy.htm At that link read the directions, then get the form by clicking on the link "death". I have given you the name as it appears on the certificate, date, county, and cert. number. That's all the information they need.

The above certificate gives a birth year (by doing the math) of abt. 1876. As an adult, John D. Phipps states his age as 30 in 1910, 40 in 1920, and 50 in 1930. The 1900 census shows John D. Phipps as son of John and Martha (error corrected) Phipps, and born Feb 1877, age 23. He should also be in their household in 1880, but is not.

"Bulah Myers" married "J. D. Phipps" on March 8, 1903 in Grundy Co., TN. No record found for the second marriage. 1900 census Grundy Co. Dist. 11, shows Bulah [b. Oct. 1884] as the daughter of Casper S. [b. Feb 1859] and Margaret [b. Mar. 1870] Myers. Casper Myers married Tennessee McBride on March 26 1882 and second Margret Patrick on Sept. 23, 1891 both in Grundy Co. Margret will be Bulah's mother and was listed b. Mar. 1870 in the 1900 census.

There is a death certificate I am viewing for John D's father, "John P. Phipps", in Hamilton Co., TN where he had moved before he died. The 1900 census I cited above states the elder John was born Feb 1855 in TN, and this death certificate matches that exactly. He was buried in Hobbs Hill Cemetery in Tracy City, Grundy Co., TN.

From that death cert:

John P. Phipps-
resided and died at Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN, died at Erlanger Hospital
white, male, widowed, coal miner
born Feb 28 1855 Grundy Co., TN
died 5/14/1941
parents: Jackson Phipps and Sallie Smith both born TN
informant: Henry Phipps, Tracy City [this was another son seen on the 1900 census]
burial: Hobbs Hill Cemetery, Tracy City
undertaker: F P Ewton and sons, Dunlap, TN

John Phipps married Martha Dickerson June 25, 1873, Grundy Co., TN

Martha (Dickerson) Phipps has a death cert. in Grundy Co., TN #16189, year 1928:

Died Tracy City 07/02/1928
white, female, married, housekeeper
age 72
born TN, no date [1900 census: Mar 1857]
parents: father-don't know, mother-Miss Dickerson, birthplace not known for either.
informant: J D Phipps, Tracy City, TN [the one you are asking about]
burial: Tracy City [Cem not given]

With the censuses at familysearch.org and on this Grundy Co. GenWeb site you could take this back at least another generation, and maybe find a Dickerson family with Martha as daughter, and I think I have: See 1870 census, Dist. 8, Altamont, page 479, Sarah Dickerson, 72, with son Buckey, age 43, and supposedly granddaughter Martha, 11. Compare to William B. Dickerson, age 33 [a match] in 1860 Dist. 8, Pelham, wife Elizabeth, 29, and Sarah Dickerson is next door at age 63.

Jackson Phipps and wife Sarah [Sallie is nick for Sarah] with son John are also at Pelham in the 1860 Grundy Co. census.
email: grundycc@gmail.com
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re: Parents of John Dee Phipps and his wife Beulah
Date: 06/06/2012
Submitted by: Kay Largess
Thank you Mr. Johnson for such a quick response to my first query. I need to verify that Margaret and Martha Dickerson are the same person.
However, my next point of interest is with my gggm's side, the Myers. I was always told that Bulah Myers was a native American and am wanting verification of this fact. Can you assit with this also, or is there another source I need to check?
email: largesstree@aol.com
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re: Parents of John Dee Phipps and his wife Beulah
Date: 06/06/2012
Submitted by: David Johnson
Margaret Phipps in my answer above as wife of John P. Phipps in the 1900 census was error. John P. Phipps, father of John D. Phipps had wife named Martha, not Margaret in the 1900 census. I have now corrected that in red in the earlier post. So, there is no Margaret (Dickerson) Phipps in the genealogy. It is just Martha.

At least I did correctly state: "
John Phipps married Martha Dickerson June 25, 1873, Grundy Co., TN". Now you do not have that conflict of names.

For the second question, proving Indian ancestry can be impossible. Indians had two choices: live among the white men as one of their society, or ultimately be sent to Oklahoma in 1835 in the Trail Of Tears. Those who tried to blend in with the whites in this area of TN did not state they were Indian for the race column. If they looked too dark-skinned, and only then, they were often listed as mulatto or "mu". Mulatto was a term also used for mixed races, though. So, census is no help, nor is any other government record as a rule. Sometimes the fact might come up in a court case, but seldom.

The only hope of proving Indian ancestry is in finding the person and their family on the "Indian Rolls". There were two that would most likely be of use to you: the Guion-Miller Roll of 1909, and the Dawes Roll of 1889-1914. The Guion-Miller Roll was an index of applications made by people and families claiming Indian ancestry in order to receive Federal compensation given only to those who could prove it. The applications contained their documents and letters of proof.

The Dawes Roll was a listing of all people who could prove their ancestry to one of the five civilized tribes and be enrolled in the tribe, Cherokee included.

There are indexes to these two rolls on the internet. It contains their names and the state they were living in; so, if you see a name in TN that matches a name you are searching for, then you can use the file number in the index to get a copy of the application by mail. Not every person of Indian ancestry applied to these. Some who applied could not prove their claim.

The Guion-Miller Roll index is here:

The Dawes Roll Index is here:

Bulah's mother was Margret "Patrick" before she married Casper Myers, and I cannot find a Patrick in the area in the census that I could link her to. She needs a search. Seems she came out of nowhere?
email: grundycc@gmail.com
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Greenville Killian (1848-bef. 1910) son of Susan Killian
Date: 06/03/2012
Submitted by: Cindy Hawse
Looking for death info on Green Killian, his mother, Susan/Susannah Killian or his wife Jane/Jennie (Fults) Killian.
email: chawse@aol.com
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Date: 05/19/2012
Submitted by: Roy Chadwick
Hi good people of Grundy Co.

I am still trying to find any info on my GGGmother Elender Choate Seitz born abt 1800 KY, per the 1860 Grundy Co., TN census. Could she actually have been a Elenor Choate Kelley who lived in KY abt 1812, married to Nicholas Kelley of MD/VA, and was in Warren Co. abt. 1820 when she was married to William B Seitz? This Elenor Choate was the daughter of a Richard Choate and Ann Lowe from MD. And was there a connection to the Meek/Meeks line who came from KY and was also in Warren/Grundy Co., TN at the same time? Her daughter, Mary Seitz, married my GGfather Silas Langford/Lankford, abt. 1821/22 in TN.

Any info will be appreciated.

email: chadwick011554@yahoo.com.au
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