Photos of Monteagle School Children Taken
By The WPA School Lunch Program 1935

Submitted by Brandi Hargrove

My great-grandfather, Frank Gracey Jarrell, was a clerk for the WPA, and saved a great deal of WPA photos in a scrapbook I now have. These are apparently from that, taken in 1935 of schoolchildren (the WPA had a hot lunch program for rural schools at the time). I thought you might like to put them on your Grundy Co. genealogy site. If anyone can identify any of the children, I'd be ecstatic to add the information.

The back of the photograph with the two kids in the cart being pulled's actually a goat, its head is just turned, says on the back: "Bessi Lu Long 2 yr old and Dillard King 2 the little boy who was sick."
The other picture with a border, of the kids by the car, says: "Ready to go home."
None of the others have any writing other than what's on the front.

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