Additions to Grundy County, Tennessee TNGenWeb

Most recent additions at top of list

09/02/2013- Added link to a map of the enumeration districts of the 1940 Grundy Co., TN census. It also shows the 1940 civil district boundaries. Also fixed all broken links on this site, having to delete links to information about three Warren Co., TN schools that were once on this site. The information used to be on USGenNet, but has since disappeared from there and cannot be found by any internet search. Since the schools had nothing to do with Grundy County, their links were deleted from this site. Also added a link to the Grundy County Historical Society's completed list of cemeteries, made possible by the publication in August of their new two-volume cemetery book. Info to buy that book set was also linked.

07/30/2013- Added link to a map of cemeteries located at TNGenWeb.

- Added a link to the War of 1812 images of the service record index cards for all soldiers of that War in the US, and also another link to images of all the WWI draft applications in the US. Both are free to view and download or print. The WWI applications are especially good for getting middle names that appear nowhere else in that time period and for getting full birth dates for these applicants.

05/12/2012- Added a photo page of children at a school in Monteagle, taken in 1935 by a WPA clerk, and submitted by his great-granddaughter, Brandi Hargrove.

05/12/2012- Added a biography, grave marker photo, obituary and descendant report for Jesse B. Bynum, a Civil War veteran, submitted by Virginia B. Jordan.

05/12/2012- Reworked this whole site to fix broken links and malfunctioning pages and scrambled html code and to add useful links to other sites. A new Query system was added to enable posting queries to this web site instead of at another web site. New and improved site search added that actually works. The search will also search the new queries when they start to be submitted.