This is an inventory of case files from various legal actions filed in Grundy County courts from about 1850 to 1920. These files were saved when the courthouse in Altamont burned in 1990. The originals are in the care of the Grundy County Historical Society in Tracy City. The files have all been microfilmed by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

The forms for obtaining copues may be downloaded from TSLA here and the prices are quoted there. If you have firther questions you may send an e-mail message to the Library and Archives . Be sure to state that you are interested in a Grundy County Loose Records case file. Some of the files are lengthy, while others contain only one or two sheets of paper.

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List of Case Files

Adams, J. P. vs Roddy, A. J.

Adams, A. vs Sanders, M.

Almond, W. vs Almond, et als.

Anderson, J. vs Bradshaw, J. R.

Argo, W. vs Myers, A.

Armfield, J. vs Dahlgreen, C. G.

Armfield, J. vs Phipps, C. W.

Armstrong, S. J. vs Armstrong, J. W.

Armstrong, M vs Hughs, J. N.

Aultman, T. vs Hampton, W. H.

Babb, B. F. vs Sartin, J.

Barrell, C. vs Barnes, W. T.

Barrett, T. vs Tn. Mt. Coal Co.

Barrett, J. vs Northcut, L. H.

Barnes, W. C. vs Spencer, W. A.

Barnes, L. H. vs Lynch, J. J.

Bell, A. T. vs Roddy, T. B.

Bell, A. T. vs York, R. R.

Bell, H. vs Adams, A. J.

Benefield, C. C. vs Barnes, J. N.

Bennett, W. S. vs Clay, G.

Bennett, J. vs White, R. H.

Bennett, W. S. vs Burnett, L.

Berry, J. W. vs Wilson, B. F.

Bess, B. vs Morgan, O.

Biles, & Smith, vs Wilson, & Call

Biles, J. C. vs Hill, F.

Blair, A. M. vs Patterson, J.

Bobo, B. F. vs Sartain, J.

Bond, J. vs Bond, W.

Bonner, C. F. vs Griswald, W. A.

Bost, Wm. -- Settlement

Bouldin, J. B. vs Woodlee, J.

Bouldin, M. --

Bouldin, N. --

Bouldin, J. M. vs Bouldin, J. B.

Bouldin, J. M. vs Payne, P.

Bradshaw, J. R. vs Fults, A.

Braley, A. --

Brazeal, T. vs Meeks, W. B.

Barzeal, E. vs Sartain, J.

Brophy, B. vs Brophy, J. & W.

Brown, A. J. vs Roddy, T. B.

Brown, J. R. -- Settlement

Brown, F. L. vs Heikins, G. H.

Brown, E. R. vs Gallager, M.

Brown, C. vs McGee, C.

Bryan, M. M. vs Rhea, M. C.

Bryant, W. T. vs Staubb, P.

Bryant, W. C. vs Layne, G. W.

Burnett, I. N. vs Roddy, T. B.

Burnett, J. vs White, R. H.

Burrows, J. vs Burrows, D.

Byars, W. E. vs Manley, Mfg.

Byers W. E. vs Nunley, C. C.

Byers, C. vs Sewanee Fuel & Iron

Byers, W. E. vs Hampton, W. H.

Byers, W. N. vs Grundy Co Bank

Byers, M. E. vs Manley Builders

Byrn, C. H. V. S. vs Griswald

Caldwell, A. J. vs Roddy, I.

Caldwell, G. B. -- Estate

Caldwell, R. C. -- Settlement

Calvert, W. A. vs Morritty, C.

Campbell, E. -- Estate

Campbell, L vs Campbell, B.

Campbell, J. E. vs Carpenter, W. F.

Campbell, Eliz -- Estate

Campbell, A. A. vs Cowan, M.

Campbell, A. J. vs Bouldin, L.

Caney Valley Bank vs Keithler, T.

Carden, R. H. vs Pearson, J. K. P.

Carmack, S. vs Hobbs, E. P.

Carry, J. vs Freeman, G.

Carrick, M. T. vs Pearson, J. S. E. P.

Cathcart, T. vs Woodlee, A. H.

Chappell, W. H. vs Fults, (court deed)

Chandoin, D. C. vs Parmley, S. R.

Christian, W. W. vs Christian, N.

City Drug Store vs Sanders, M.

Clay, J. vs Coppinger, A.

Clemer, G. vs Clark, J. A.

Clendenin, D. vs Parmley, S. N.

Cleveland, Eli --

Coggin, J. A. vs Gilliam, A.

Coker, J. vs Sartin H.

Coldwell, A. C. vs Northcut, L. H.

Coldwell, G. B. -- Estate

Conant, S. F. vs Hill, V.

Cope, S. P. vs Hubbard, W. A.

Coppinger, D. vs Walker, J. J.

Coppinger, J. -- Estate

Countess, W. L. vs Blessing, B. C.

Courey, J. vs Freeman, G. E.

Coulston, A. E. -- Estate

Crouch, J. -- Settlement

Crownover, R. H. vs Phipps, R.

Cunningham, Wm. vs Meeks, S. J.

Cunningham, M. -- Sale

Cunningham, C. C. vs Christian, W. W.

Cunningham, B. B. -- Settlement

Cunningham, A. vs Warren Co. Milling Co.

Cumberland, Corp. vs Kopp, C.

Curtis, G. vs Curtis, H.

Cuthcart, I. A. vs Woodlee, A. H.

Custer, J. vs Owens, S. L.

Davis, Wm. -- Settlement

Deakins, J. N. vs Savage, S.

Deitzan, N. vs Morton, G. W.

Dixie Telephone Co. vs Barnes, Dr. L.

Dugan, J. vs Walker, J. J.

Dugan, J. vs Walker, J. J.

Dykes, J. vs Sweeton, M. B.

Earls, B. & H. vs Cagle, N.

England, A. -- Estate

Enocks, F. P. vs Castleberry, L.

Erinsburg, H. vs Schwoon, F.

Etter, R. vs Etter, R. R.

Fahery, J. & E. -- Estate

Fergurson, J. B. vs Winton, G. W.

Fergurson, J. B. vs Schwoon, F.

Fisher, O. E. vs Williams, D. W.

Floyd, E. vs Gunn, J. H.

Floyd, H. H. vs Goodman, S. P.

Franklin, H. vs Franklin, D.

Forester, A. P. --

Fults, H. vs Pearson, K. P.

Fults, A. --

Fults, A. --

Fults, S. --

Fults, S. vs Hampton, W. H.

Furrer, J. -- Estate

Gallager, M. A vs Farmers Savings & L.

Garretson, I. C. --

Ga. & So. Pitt. Coal & Iron vs Beersheba Improvments

Gilbert, J. -- Proof of Will

Gilley, G. -- Estate

Gilliam, S. vs Layne, A.

Gilliam, T. S. vs Cope, S. P.

Givens, J. M. vs Moffitt, J. M.

Gollahar vs Waterson & Maxwell

Goodall, F. & J. vs Crownover, M.

Goodman, A. S. vs Sanders, J. R.

Goodman, B. -- Land Title

Goodman, J. W. vs Cox, F. M.

Goodman, J. W. vs Scruggs, J.

Goodman, N. & F. vs Dixie Coal & Iron

Goodman, S. P. vs Meeks, T.

Goodman, S. P. vs Odam, T.

Goodman, S. P. vs Long, P.

Goodman, S. P. vs Carnes, S. E.

Goodman, S. P. vs Meeks, F.

Grewer, D. vs Corzelisus, J. F.

Griffith, M. vs Griffith, A.

Griswald, G. G. vs Tipton, J.

Griswald, W. A. vs Wooton, J. & Winton, C.

Gross, J. A. vs Walker, F. M.

Gross, J. -- Estate

Gross, J. -- Estate

Grooms, D. F. vs Sewanee, Fuel & Iron

Grundy, Co. vs Sanders, A. H.

*Gunn, J. A. vs Gunn, J.

Guest, M. -- Estate

Gwinn, W. D. vs Gwinn, E.

*Grundy Co. Bank vs Eller, Finch &Thompson

Hall, W. B. vs Roddy, T. B.

Halman, J. H. vs Roddy, I. E.

Hamby, E. W. vs Hamby, G. F.

Hamby, E. W. vs McGovern, P. H.

Hamby, E. W. vs Cribbs, W. T. W.

Hamby, Eli -- Estate

Hampton, E. L. vs Hampton, M.

Hampton, R. vs Walker, J. J.

Hampton, W. H. vs Hickerson Lumber Co.

Hampton, W. H. vs Davis, W. L.

Harris, G. W. vs Bradshaw, J. W.

Harris, J. -- Settlement

Harrison, J. A. vs Fisher, D.

Harrison, N. -- Settlement

Harrison, T. -- Settlement

Harrison, T. J. vs Byers, W. E.

Harrison, Wm. -- Adm. Settlement

Hefner, J. P. vs Coylar, W. E.

Heidenberg, C. vs Henley, J. H.

Heidenburg, C. vs Levan, J. L.

Henley, C. --

Henley, J. P. vs Moffat, J.

Hennessee, P. S. vs Sartain, J. R.

Hickman Lumber Co. vs No. Ala. Lumber Co.

Hill, I. B. vs Scott, J. & A.

Hill, I. B. vs Stepp, W. C.

Hill, I. B. vs Coppinger, J.

Hill, M. vs Sanders, A. H.

Hill, Wm. C. vs Fults

Hill, V. vs Nathurst

Hines, W. J. vs Yeager, A. R.

Hobbs, A. -- Allotment

Hobbs, E. P. vs Spencer, W. A.

Hobbs, J. vs Citizens Telephone Co.

Holcombe, E. W. vs Tennison, A. M.

Holm, J. L. vs Stotts, B.

Holt, W. B. vs Roddy, J. K.

Holt, W. B. vs Bolton, J. E.

Holt, W. B. vs Roddy, T. B.

Holt, W. B. vs Tnn. Coal & Iron & R. R. Co.

Holt, W. B. vs Ragsdale, J. T.

Horton, J. M. for Horton, J.

Houchens & Biles vs Johnson, M.

Houston, R. M. vs Myers, J. A.

Houland, F. for Howland, J. K.

Hubbard, W. C. vs Cope & Winton

Hughs, G. W. vs Sweeton, M. B.

Hughs & Northcut vs Staub, P.

Hughs, J. vs Kennedy, L.

Hunderwadel, A. P. vs Barnes, L. H.

Hunziker, E. vs Clark & Holms

Ikard, A. & E. H. -- Estate

Irvin, J. vs Meeks, W. & J.

Jenkins, C. vs Overturff, H.

Johnson, E. vs Johnson, T. heirs

Kelly, G. T. vs Northcut, J. H.

Kennedy, Mrs. L. vs Kennedy, L. heirs

Killian, J. D. vs Wimberly, William

Killian, N. -- Land sale

Kincannon, C. G. vs Payne, G. C.

King, J. vs Winton, J.

Kirkpactrick, & Co. vs Roddy, A. J.

Kirkpactrick, & Co. vs Cox, W. R.

Krahenbuhl, J. vs Chenny, L.

Lasater, D. C. vs Davis, W. L.

Lathrum, J. G. -- Estate

Legg, L. vs Roddy, T. B.

Levan, F. -- Estate Settlement

Levan, T. T. vs Bouldin, J. B.

Levan, T. T. vs Lasiter, C.

Levan, A. E. vs Patton, H. E.

Levan, S. C. vs Hamby, J. H.

Levan, S. C. vs Pearson, J. K. P.

Levan, T. T. vs Shelton, J.

Leverton, M. vs Smith, S. J.

Littelton, J. M. vs Schwoon, E. W.

Lockhart & Bobo vs Hamby, E. W.

Lockhart, A. vs Holder, L. S.

Lutrell, S. B. vs Intr. School Teacher Assn.

Lusk, B. vs Cunningham, A. M.

Lusk, J. vs Christian, J.

Lusk, M. F. vs Orniston, T. S.

Lusk, J. G. -- Estate settlement, part of

Lusk, R. vs Hill, F. M.

Lusk, S. -- Settlement

Manders, N. J. vs Nunley, H.

Mankin, N. F. vs L. L. & Globe Ins. Co.

Mankin, E. P. vs Bennett, W. D.

Martin, T. -- Estate

Marquet, F. P. vs Hobbs, E. P.

Marugg, A. vs Marugg, C.

McAdoo, H. M. vs Jones, E. S.

McCann, G. W. vs Garretson, Wm. heirs

McCoy, M. vs Hembree, J. & wife


Machine Co. vs Pearson, J. K. P.

McBride, J. -- Estate

McFarland, R. A. vs Bridgeport Land

McGee, J. vs Walker, F. M.

McGovern, J. vs Roddy, T. B.

McGovern, A. J. -- Estate

McNabb, T. vs Cline, W. G.

Meeks, J. W. & wife vs Hampton, W. H.

Meeks, J. W. Sr. vs Conrey, D.

Meeks, B. F. vs Meeks, E.

Meeks, Wm. M. vs Meeks, J.

Meeks, W. B. vs Sweeton, B.

Meeks, O. B. vs Meeks, E. & K. B.

Meeks, W. M. & wife vs Crabtree, J. & wife

Meeks, M. -- Settelment

Meeks, J. -- Estate

Meeks, J. W. vs Sweeton, Wm.

Morgan, J. T. vs Wooton, B. F.

Morgan, J. T. vs Werner, S.

Moore Wm. & wife vs Hefner & Parmley

Mosar, K. vs Philpot, W. C.

Muckelroy, E. -- Estate settlement

Mullins, J. -- Estate

Mullins, J. vs Cullander & Hopkins

Mullins, W. -- Settlement

Murphey, H. D. vs Embery, T. A.

Myers, A. C. & wife vs Nathurst, E. O.

Myers, H. vs Hobbs, E.

Myers, H. -- Support for widow

Myers, J. R. vs Myers, P. M.

Myers, J. R. vs Cawthorn, J. H.

Myers, T. J. vs Kopp, C.

Myers, T. J. vs Cumberland Corp.

Myers, Mrs. M. S. -- Estate of Summers, G. W.

Nashville Trust Co. vs Smith, R. C.

Nevilis, B. O. -- Settlement

New York Stores vs Seagroves, W. A.

Nunley, Commadore -- Estate

Nunley, John -- Estate

Nunley, Jesse -- Dower for wife, Elizabeth

Nunley, Jesse vs Nunley, John

Nunley, William -- Estate settlement

Northcut, Adrian -- Estate

Northcut, Adrian vs Blue, George P.

Northcut, Archibald -- Estate

Northcut, L. H. et al vs Northcut, Wm. E. et als

Northcut, James H. vs Fry, L. L.

Northcut, Mary vs Walker, Isaac D.

Northcut, L. M. vs Winton, James

Northcut & VonRohr vs Hobbs, E. P.

Northcut, H. B. & Sons vs Wiggs Bro. & Others

Northcut, T. B. & J. H. vs Rust, J. F. & Stepp, J. W.

Northcut, T. B. & J. H. vs Philpot Lumber Co.

Northcut, T. B. & J. H. vs Anderson, Fannie heirs

Norvell & Co. vs Gould, John

Odom, James -- Estate Inventory

Oliver, R. B. vs Meeks, Elijah

Only, R. G. vs Wheeler, Osborn & Duckworth Mfg. Co.

Ooley, W. R. vs Meeks, Caroline

Orr, Scoggins vs Cox, W. R.

Overstreet, Walter vs Payne, George

Owen, W. E. vs Hampton, W. H.

Owen, W. G. vs Bradshaw, J. R.

Parks, O. F. vs Wilkinson, B. R.

Parmley, Ingram vs Parmley, Ladd

Parmley, John -- Guardian settlement

Parmley, N. B. -- Settlement report

Parnell, A. P. & T. E. -- Power of attny.

Pattie, James D. -- Estate

Patrick, William -- Estate

Patrick, Margarett -- Support

Payne, T. B. for

Meeks, J. vs Meeks, A. J.

Payne, T. B. vs Roberts, R. B.

Payne, G. W. vs Best, Jno. A. L.

Payne, Benjamin F. vs Tucker, J. T.

Pearson, G. W. vs Nunley, J. W.

Pearson, J. K. P. vs Spears, W. D.

" " vs Green, Eck

" " vs Sewanee Coal, Coke & Land Co.

" " vs Sartain, Jack

" " vs Roddy, T. B.

" " vs Tidman, John

" " vs Fults, Sarah

" " vs Fults, Jeff D.

" " vs Church, Henry

" " vs Grundy Co. & et als

" " vs Bean, W. E. & Northcut, S. A.

" " vs Nunley, J. W.

" " vs Lusk, J. M.

" " vs Phillip Jackson & Co.

" " vs Newton, Guinn

" " vs Staub, Peter

" " vs Northcut, E. O.

Purcell -- Estate

Pepper -- Inquest

Pettey, T. O. -- Estate

Phipps, Moses -- Inventory & Support

Phipps, James vs Pattie, F. A. et al

Phipps, John vs Northcut, James

Phipps, Margaret vs Nunley, C. C. Jr.

Phipps, David & others -- Bond

Phipps, Margaret vs Overturf, Henry

Pirtle, T. W. vs Roddy, A. J.

Picket, S. B. vs Miller, F. M. & wife

Purcell, Mary -- Estate

Reed, Delilah J. vs Reed, Wm. Claud

Reid, James N. vs Young, A.

Reid, William M. -- Estate

Rhea, Joseph -- Estate

Richardson, E. E. vs Hampton, W. H.

Roberts, Ann -- Estate

Roberts, Isaac -- Estate

Roberts, R. B. C & M for Walker, James

Roddy, John K. vs Roddy, T. B.

Roddy, Ida vs Scott, Steve

Roddy, Lottie vs McAlpine, G. W.

Roddy, T. B. vs Roddy, R. B.

Roddy, T. B. vs Staub, Peter

Roddy, T. B. vs Tidman, John

Roddy, W. B. vs Pearson, J. K.

Roddy, Ida vs Holt, W. B.

Roddy, Josephine vs Roddy, T. B.

Rogers, William vs Green, Alfred

Ruoff & Co. vs Moffit, M.

Rutchman, Alfred -- Inquest

Sanders, Jordin vs Cope, S. P. et al

Sanders, J. Crawford vs Sanders, H. H.

Sanders, M. P. vs Pearson, J. K. P.

Sanders, R. C & M vs Nunley, Jesse et al

Sanders, R. vs Bell, Harris & James

Sanders, Robert vs Metcalfe, Lewis

Sanders, R. vs Roberts, R. B.

Sanders, R. vs Sims, E. M.

Sanders, A. J. vs Burnett, John Sr.

Sanders, F. G. vs Best, E. L. & wife

Sanders, Harris vs Bean, W. E.

Sanders, Matthew vs Robert, R. B. C & M

Sanders, Thomas -- Estate

Sanders, James vs Bean, W. E.

Sanders, H. H. vs West, Bettie

Sanders, Catherine vs Bell, J. M.

Sartain, Aaron -- Estate

Sartain, James R.

& wife vs Seagroves & Austell

Sartain, James -- Title Bond

Sartain, L. A. vs Smith, William

Schwoon, Fred vs Smith, Wm. et al

Schwoon, Fred vs Greeter Fred et al

Schwoon, Fred vs Bradshaw & Mankin

Scott, Nancy -- Estate

Scruggs, John vs Hampton & Myers

Scquatchie & So.

Pittsburg Coal & Iron vs Schwoon, Fred

" " vs Northcut, James & T. B.

" " vs Beersheba Spg. Improvement Co.

Sewanee Bank vs Pound Gulf Lumber Co.

Shelton, E. C. vs Meeks, D. W.

Shelton, E. C. vs Northcut, H. B. heirs

Shelton, John vs Levan, T. T.

Shetters, Alfred vs Myers, H. R.

Shook, C. P. vs Stewart, J. M.

Simmons, James -- Estate

Smart, Esther -- Estate

Smart, R. vs Guest, A. J.

Smith, I. C. vs Payne, R. M.

Smith, E. D. vs Gilbert, John

Smith, E. D. vs Lay, Catherine

Southern Coal &

Iron Co. vs Schwoon, Fred Sr.

Spears, W. D. vs Sanders, A. H.

Spencer & Trimble vs Northcut, J. H.

Spurlock & Co. vs Hengler, Anton

State vs Dillinger, Susan

" vs Dykes, Clinton

" vs Dykes, Leonard & Oscar

" vs Dykes, Leonard

" vs Elliott, Will

" vs Foster, Roy

" vs Garner, Hobert

" vs McBee, Sam

" vs McCullough, Albert

" vs McFarland, Elbert & others

" vs McFarland, Jim

" vs Meeks, John & Grooms, Dillard

" vs Meeks, Lizzie

" vs Morgan, Bill

" vs Myers, Royal

" vs Sanders, Lee

" vs Sanders, Jess

" vs Sanders, Clyde

" vs Sartain, Herbert

" vs Shrum, Waldon
" vs Sissom, Bill

" vs Staub, Peter

" vs Sanders, Robert

" vs Stiles, John

" vs Summers, Mrs. H. H.

" vs Sweeton, Charles S.

" vs Sweeton, Arthur

State vs Tate, Robert et al

" vs Thomas, Auther

" vs Persons, Unknown

" vs Weaver, Dick

" vs White, Mrs. R. L.

Stauisics, Charles C. vs Deering, A. E.

Staub, Peter & wife vs Bryant, James

Staub, Peter vs Byers, W. E. et al

Staub, Peter vs Woodlee, J. J. et al

Staub, Peter vs Stoner, Joseph M.

Staub, Rosina vs Sewanee Coal, Coke & Land

Staub, Rosina vs Northcut, J. H. & T. B.

Staub, Peter vs Roddy, T. B.

Staub, Peter vs Grundy County

Staub, Peter & wife vs Hampton, W. H.

Staub, Rosina vs Henry, Amanda

Stepp, Esther vs Sanders, Robert

Stepp, Amanda vs Stepp, F. M.

Stephen, Raylance vs North Alabama Lumber

Stotts, B. F. vs Stotts, Speaker

Street, E. -- Estate

Sutton, J. D. vs Lockhart & Bobo

Sutton, J. D. vs Tenn. Coal & Iron

Sutherland, Joshua -- Estate

Sutherland, Garretson -- Estate

Sutherland, Samuel -- Estate

Swarngin, John vs Sanders, Matthew

Swarts, O. S. vs Clark, A. D.

Sweeton, M. B. vs Overturf heirs

Sweeton, M. B. vs Hampton, W. H.

Sweeton, R. B. vs Roddy & Lockhart

Sweeton, R. B. vs Phipps, Robert

Tate, James -- Estate

Tate Polly -- Estate

Tenn. Coal, Iron

& R. R. Co. vs Cunningham, Wm. et al

" " vs Kilgore, Steve

" " vs Spencer, W. A.

" " vs Hampton, W. H. et al

" " vs Hefner, John R. et al

" " vs Overturf, H.

" " vs Pattie, W. B.

Tenn. Coal, Iron

& R.R. Co. vs Pearson, J. K. P.

" " vs Roberts, R. B.

" " vs Sequatchee valley Land Co.

" " vs Grundy Co. (taxes)

Tenn Mt. Coal &

Land Co. vs Freeman, George R.

" " vs Freeman, E. R.

Tenn Property Co. vs Vickers, James et al

Thaxton, Mrs. Betty vs Thaxton, J. B. estate

Thompson, H. B. vs Eller, T. L.

Tipton, Callie vs Roddy, T. B.

Tipton, S. T. -- Estate

Tipton, Jonathon vs Givens, Jessie

Tipton, Flora vs Levam, T. T.

Tipton, John vs Pearson, G. W.

Trecy & Co. vs Bradshaw, J. R. & Powers, M.

Trigg, Dodds Co. vs Finney, O. F.

Trotter Bro. vs Sanders, J. J.

Tucker, Wm. Mahala -- Estate

Turner, John -- Estate

Turner, Northcut &

Woodlee vs Abernathey & Hill

Umbarger, John vs Campbell, Sarah, Wd. of Arch

VonBergin, Ed vs Overturf, H, admr of R.B. Roberts Walker, John J. Jr. -- Estate

Walker, Jeremiah -- Estate

Walker, James -- Estate

Walker, S. D. vs Levan, J. & Northcut, S. H.

Watley, James vs Pearson, G. W.

Werner, Elizabeth et al vs Hill, F. M. et al

West, Patterson B. vs Anderson, Wm., Peter & Mark

Whitson G. M. vs Cribbs, W. T. et al

Whitson, Wm. J. vs Roddy, Ida E. et al

Whitworth, E. M. vs Bell, Harris

White, T. M. vs Burnett, John

White, Robert G. vs Gilliam, Harris

White, Robert H. vs Burnett, John

Willis, W. H. vs Pearson, J. K. P.

Willis, W. H. vs Levan, S. C.

Willis, Susan, V. -- Willis, R. L. estate

Wilkinson, B. R. -- Estate

Winton, J. J. et al vs Winton, Mack et al

Winton, Mrs. Jessie vs Cunningham, Sam & Wick

Winton, William vs Winton, Jesse et al

Winton, V. C. vs Scott, Steve

Wright, J. J. et al vs Brewer, L. P. et al

Wood, N. B. et al vs Bolden, J. M.

Woodlee, Betty et al vs Fults, Hiram et al

Woodlee, A. H. vs Cathcart, J. E. et al

Woodlee, Claud vs Bonner, J. N. et al

Woodlee, Enoch -- Estate

Woodlee, Greer vs Nunley, Thresa et al

Woodlee, J. J. vs Lockhart, T. B. et al

Woodlee, John vs Bouldin, L. et al

Woodlee, John vs Bouldin, J. B. et al

Woodlee, J. J. vs Tnn. Coal, Iron & R. R. et al

Woodlee, Lydia et al vs Wilson, H. R.

Wootan, J. H. vs Hughs, John et al

Worley, George vs Tenn. Coal, Iron & R. R. Co.

Young, William A. vs Mitchell, Henry et al

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