Page #1 of Payne's Cove Cemetery

Info. on Payne's Cove Cemetery gathered by Charles Sherrill in 1977 with additions by Janelle Taylor.
Submitted by Janelle Taylor

These are the names on the page, please click this link for more info

All words in red are handwritten on the image.

Alma Nunley Magouirk
Olna Magouirk
Terry Delanie Meeks
George W. Magouirk
Martha E. Magouirk
William Elson Payne
Angeline Meeks Payne
Gladys Payne Meeks
Fred Elson Payne
Hoyt Allen
Annie Scruggs
Edgar Cribbs
A.L. (Cribbs?)
Lillie Bean
Annie Bean
Robert Oliver
Robert Oliver
William Oliver
Minnie Oliver
Donald Ray James
Danny Lee James
Michael Thomas Taylor
John Brinkley
Elizabeth Brinkley
Glen Sanders
Leo D. Sanders
William L. Sander
Nenie Sanders
Casper Sanders
Betty Sanders
Lill Sanders
Edward Nunley
Margie Wimberly
Phillip H. Roberts
G. Wilson Meeks
Luecindy Thompson Meeks
Willie Esther Meeks
Ida Tucker Meeks
Wm. H. Meeks

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