Grundy County
Burrows Bible

Submitted by: Catherine Stiles

I have Bible pages for a Burrows family, John G Burrows and Rosannah Myers who were married in Grundy County Dec 22, 1836. There are listings for births, marriages, and deaths of their children.  Apparently the family migrated to Arkansas and Texas.

The Bible was acquired by my grandmother, Carrie Doss Kimbrough (AL-TN-ARK-OK), probably in Arkansas or eastern Oklahoma, probably 1890-1910.

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Samuel Burrows was born 9 February 1838.
Abigail Burrows born 10 December 1839.
James Burrows born 1 November 1840
George Burrows born 17 October 1841
John Burrows born 3 February 1843
Thomas L Burrows 22 November 1845 (there is also the number 4 written where the 5 is.)
Robert J Burrows born 26 Feby. 1857
Dillie Clifton was borned Dec. the 25 1889.
Abagill Moyers was born 16 February 1769 which this date 1861 makes hur 92 years of age
Abagill Moyers departed this life 13th Jan. 1867 resided on Cumberland mountain Marion
Co Tennessee

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Parents Record

Father. John G. Burrows
John G Burrows was the son of Saml Burrows and his wife Cynthia and was born September 10th 1816 in Burrow's Cove.  Franklin County (now Grundy) Tennessee and married to Rosanna Myers Dec 22, 1836.

Mother. Rosanna Myers
Rosannah Meyers was the daughter of Abigail Myers was born February 4, 1816 in Warren County Tennessee and married as above John G. Burrows.
and the same Rosannah Burrows departed this life the 10 day of december 1895 in Mclenan Co Texas

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Abigail Burrows was married 19th July 1855 to Benjamin Meeks of Grundy Co the son of Isaac Meeks and Bytha Meeks

James Burrows was married 24th March 1869 to (the widdow) N. D. Byers of Wood Co the Daughter of Armon Coker and Nancy Coker

John Burrows was married 15th Feb 1865 to Sarah F. Oliver of Fanin Co the daughter of Andy and Elizabeth Oliver

Sam Burrows was married 17th Fanuary 1870 to Harriet E. Coker of Wood Co, the daughter of Armon Coker and Nancy Coker

Thos Burrows was married 22nd November 1878 to M. P. McGlothlin the Daughter of P. H. McGlothlin and Mary P. McGlothlin of McLennan Co Texas

William R Brock was married to Annie A Burrows on the 7th Day of Sept 1887 The daughter of Sam & Hairett Burrows of McLennan Co Tex by Porsons Morris

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George (George is written above the name again) Burrows died August 28th, 1862 at Litterock Arkansas a soldier of the confederate soldier army
James Burrows departed this life 6th October 1869, From the affects of Gunshot discharged by John Blaylock on the 3rd Oct 1869
John G Burrows deptarted this life February 6th 1879
Samuel Burrows departed this life Sept 24, 1881
Harriett E Burrows departed this life Oct 25 1878
Rosa L Clifton departed this lif Oct 15th 1892
James Burrows son of Samuel and Sintha Burrows departed this lif Nov 2nd 1836

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