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Richard Woods Brown died intestate about March 1874 at the age of 42 or 43 years. He is buried at Price Cemetery. The Greene County Court appointed Wylie Campbell to Administer the Estate. Several of the documents filed with the Court are repetitious. A transcription of the more informative documents follows.

Spelling and punctuation unchanged

“1875 File No 17
Wylie Campbell Adm. Vs Jacob Morris & wife et al
Action for: Richard Brown

To the worshipful County Court of Greene County Tennessee

Wylie Campbell adm of the Estate of Richard Brown decd vs
Jacob Morris and wife
Martha E Morris
Henry Luster and wife
Margaret E Luster
Elbert Brown (He is William E. Brown in the 1870 census.)
James Wylie Brown and
Mary B. D. Brown (She is Mary Bell Dora Brown)

Defendants all residents of Greene County and State of Tennessee

Your Petitioner Wylie Campbell Adm & a citizen of Greene County and State of Tennessee would most respectfully shew unto the Court, that sometime since, about the (blank) day of March 1874 one Richard Brown, then a citizen of Greene County, departed this life intestate, and that your Petitioner was duly, and regularly appointed by your worships administrator of the Estate of the deceased, to wit Richard Brown, That he gave bond and qualified, and entered upon the duties incident, to this, his said appointment And he has proceeded in part to wind up and settle the estate of said decedent, but (unreadable) finds upon investigation, that the Personal Assets of said decedent will be largely insufficient to pay off and discharge the bonafide debts due and outstanding against said estate-

Your Petitioner would also further represent and shew unto your worship that the said Richard Brown decd left surviving him the following named heirs to wit Martha E. Brown, his widow, since united in Matrimony with Jacob Morris – Margaret E. Brown his daughter – now united in marriage with Henry Luster, Elbert Brown, James Wylie Brown, and Mary B. D. Brown, all residents of Greene County and State of Tennessee as stated in the caption. And all of said Defendents minors, and without regular guardian except Martha E. Morris, and her husband Jacob Morris and said Henry Luster the husband of said Margaret who are of full and legal age – and are the only children and heirs of the said Richard Brown decd.

Your Petitioner would further Shew unto the Court that the said Richard Brown died seized and possessed of two certain tracts of Land. The one containing 130 acres more or less known as the Home Tract lying and being in the 11th Civil District of Greene County, adjoining the lands of S. Babb and the Brubakers – which land is held in fee simple, and is without any incumbrances except the widows Dower and perhaps a lien upon a small part of since to secure balance of purchase money to one Peter Brubaker for the purchase of the 30 acre tract about to be mentioned.

The other tract a parcel containing about 30 acres lying and being in the 11th civil district of the said County of Greene and state aforesaid – adjoining the home tract and Henry Morelock and others – and held by said Brown, at the time of this death – by Title (unreadable) but incumbered with Vendors lien for a small part of the purchase money, and also subject to the widows right of Dower – upon the payment of said balance of purchase Money.


The premises considered, our Petitioner prays – that the above named parties in the caption be made defendants to this Petition, and required to answer all the material allegations therein contained, according to the course and practice of this Court. That, Commissioners be appointed together with the County Surveyor, or some one of his legally appointed deputies, to go upon the lands of the said Richard Brown decd, and by actual survey, allot and set off to said Widow of said Richard Brown, now Martha Morris her dower interest, to wit one third of all the lands of which her late husband died seized and possessed - and that said Commissioners make report, as to what they may have done in the (unreadable) to the next ensuing term of this Court –

And upon final hearing, Petitioner Prays that the residue of said lands or so much therof as may be necessary to pay the debt and charges against said estate be sold – and all orders and decrees necessary to effectuate the object and purposes of this Petition be made that process issue for

And if Petitioner in any thing has mistaken his remedy, he prays for all such orders, further and different relief as he may in equity and good conscience be entitled to, and for general relief –

Personally appeared before me V. S. Maloney Clerk of the County Court of Greene County, Wylie Campbell and made oath, that the facts set forth in the foregoing action are true to the best of his knowledge information and beliefs sworn and subscribed before me.

Filed 26th Nov 1875, V. S. Maloney, Clerk”

“Wyley Campbell Adm of the Estate of Richard Brown decd. vs Jacob Morris et al

Be it known that this cause came on for a hearing before the Worshipful County Court of Greene County, Tennessee, upon the 7th Day of December 1875. Upon the original Petition, Summons, answer of the Guardian ad litem. Judgment pro (unreadable) having been taken and entered against Said Defendants, who have made default, And it appearing to the Court that Martha Morris, formerly Martha E. Brown, is the widow of Richard Brown decd., and that said Richard died seized and possessed of two certain tracts or parcels of land lying in the County of Greene Civil District No 11 containing by estimation in both tracts 160 acres upon which there is a trust deed to cover the (unreadable) of the 30 acre tract to pay off said Trust Deed a certain boundry has been agreed upon by the parties in Interest – leaving a certain portion of the Lands of said Richard Brown unencumbered – And it appearing further that all the heirs of the said Richard Brown together with his Adm. Has had the Legal notice required, It is therefore ordered by the Court that E. R. Weems and George E. Kenney, freeholders of said County be appointed commissioners in conjunction with James Rhea, Deputy Surveyor, of said county, to allot and set off to the said Martha E. Morris, the 1/3 part in value of said lands for her Dower, Quality and Quantity duly considered. Said Dower to include the home and outbuildings where said Richard last lived – and said commissioners will report to the next term of this Court – Witness V. S. Maloney Clerk of Said Court at Office the 10th day of December 1875.”

“Wyly Campbell Adm vs Jacob Morris et al
In the County Court of Greene County Tennessee
Deposition of Wyly Campbell Adm and witness in the above case taken by order of the Court on the 3rd day of January 1876 at Greeneville in the Office of the County Court Clerk of said County and state aforesaid

The witness aged 55 years being duly sworn deposes and says –

Please state what amt of Personal asset has – as with reasonable diligence will come into your hands as adm –
I have received nothing except $2.00 cash. Nor will I – as there seems to be nothing on hand, except such property as is not able to sale -

What amt and to whom of debts still due and outstanding against said Estate
Said Estate owes a certain debt for unpaid purchase money for land bought of Peter Brubaker of about the sum of $500.00 and interest. Also a certain other debt due to one David Weems for about the sum of $15.00

What real Estate did Richard W. Brown decd die seized and possessed of?
He owned at the time of his death as near as I can gather, about 150 acres of common upland, very little bottom land – said land is worth about the sum of $8.00 per acre, watered by a small running stream part of the year – There is a well of reasonably good water on said land –

And further the deponent sayeth not

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3rd day of January 1876. V. S. Maloney Clerk

Wiley Campbell”

“Wylie Campbell Adm vs Jacob Morris & wife – Report of Sale

The undersigned would most respectfully report that in (unreadable) to an order of the worshipful County Court of Greene County Tennessee made at the January Term 1876 he proceeded, after giving due notice as to time and place of sale – on the 12th day of Febr 1876 – on the premises to sell and did sell at a private sale the land mentioned and described in the order – in two distinct and separate parcels, to wit No 1 to Peter Brubaker – he being the highest and best bidder and last bidder for the sum of $13 per acre amounting to the full sum of $511.7 there being according to computation the sum of 39.367 acres

And that parcel No 2 was stricken off and sold at private sale, it being that best for the interest of said Estate – on the day already indicated on the premises, and after the usual notice for the sale of Land under execution, to Martin V. Brown for the sum of $15.00 per acre accounting in all to $45.00 there being the sum of 3 acres in said tract -

And – as said land was sold for the sake of satisfying lien for the unpaid purchase money on said land. Since (unreadable) commission did not take notes for the purchase money – but said sale money was by special agreement – of the parties set over against the notes held by said Purchasers as payment for the same, all which is most respectfully submitted
This 1st day of March 1876
Wiley Campbell Admr”

Transcriber’s Comment
The widow of Richard Woods Brown was Martha E. Campbell Brown. Her relationship to the Administrator of the Estate, Wylie Campbell, is not known.

Richard Woods Brown died about March 1874. Martha had remarried to Jacob W. Morris before November 1875. He was 20 years younger than Martha. Martha Campbell Brown Morris died in 1902. She is buried with her first husband, Richard Brown, at Price Cemetery. Jacob W. Morris apparently left Greene County after Martha’s death.

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