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M 35 PAGE 335

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“I M. V. Brown, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revokeing and making void, all other wills, by me at any time made.

I direct that my funeral expenses, and all my debts, be paid as soon after my death as possible, out of any moneys that I may died possessed of, or may first come into the hands of my executors,

I give and bequeath to my wife W. E. Brown (Westy Elizabeth Carter Brown) all of my real estate, during her natural life or widowhood also all of the personal property now or may be in my possession at my death that is exempt from attachment or execution, also one year’s Support for her, and her family and Stock, to be set apart to her, by commissioners appointed by the County Court.

I give and bequeath to my son, Robert G. Brown, four hundred dollars, to be paid to him within one year, after my death, this is additional to what he has already received, from me,

I have this day conveyed to my daughter Lucinda A. Couch and her husband T. (Thias) P. (Porter) Couch, by deed the Alexander Myers tract of land on the waters of Gap Creek, Greene Co Tenn, and I have allowed them a credit on the price of said land of eight hundred dollars in full, of the said Lucinda A. Couch’s portion of my estate, both real and personal, and they have this day executed thier notes to me for the balance of the price of said land,

I give and bequeath to, at the death or marriage of my wife W. E. Brown all of the real estate willed to her which includes all I own, to be eaqually divided between the following named children, Geo. A. Brown, Ida B. Brown, Charley G. Brown, Cora J. Brown, Bertie I. Brown and Cubert C. Brown,

I give and bequeath to my youngest son Cubert C. Brown, the sum of two hundred, ($200) dollars to be loaned at interest in one year after my death for his benefit and to be payable to the said Cubert C. Brown when he arrives at the age, of 21 years,

I give and bequeath all the balance of my personal estate of every nature and kind including money on hand or due, and all assets of every kind not already disposed of the proceeds to be eaqually devided between the following named children Geo. A. Brown, Ida B. Brown, Charley G. Brown, Cora J. Brown, Bertie I. Brown, and Cubert C. Brown, to be paid to each of them as they become, 21 year’s of age

I do hereby nominate and appoint Geo. A. Brown and Geo. E. Kenney, my executors in witness wherof I do, to this my will, set my hand and Seal, This the 6th day of March 1893.

M. V. Brown “SEAL”

Signed Sealed and published in our presence, and we have Subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the testator, This March the 6th 1893.

J. J. Rankin
Jacob Brubaker”

Transcriber’s Comments:

Martin Van Buren Brown died on May 7, 1893 and is buried in Price Cemetery in the Romeo area of Northern Greene County. His Will was probated on June 5, 1893.

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