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Vol. 1 No. 1 July 1985

Introduction: A Genealogical Society for Greene Co., TN, 85-2; Andrew Johnson Memorial Association, 85-2; Oral History Project at Tusculum College, 85-2; Greene Co. Courthouse Records Preservation Efforts, 85-2; Excerpts from Miscellaneous Greene Co., TN Records, 85-3; Book Reviews Olden Times, vol. 2 by Harry Roberts, Falling Leaves of Appalachia: Memories of Yesterday by Bertha Cox Harmon, 85-3; Sparling Bowman (ca. 1752-1839), 85-4; New Members, 85-5.

Vol. 1 No. 2 September 1985

Chapman Surname History Book, 85-9; John Gass, Sr. (1752-1840), 85-9, Books in Print; Partial Listing of Published Greene Co., TN Records, 85-9; Notice: Card File Index of Members’ Surname Research Interests, 85-10; 1805 and 1812 Tax Records for Greene Co. Area Available for Purchase, 85-10; Membership List, 85-11; Queries, 85-11; 1783 Greene Co., TN Tax List (All Surnames “A-Z” except “H”) 85-12, Miscellaneous Observations from the 1783 Tax List for Greene Co., 85-14.

Vol. 1 No. 3 December 1985

Early Villages of Greene Co., TN, pre-1800, 85-17; 1783 Greene Co., TN Tax List (All surnames starting with “H”), 85-17; New Members, 85-18; Queries, 85-19; 1944 Greeneville Sun Article on Middle Creek Community Residents, 85-20; Map of Middle Creek/Horse Creek/Camp Creek Communities, 85-22; 1967 Inventory by B. Reynolds of Old Hermon Cemetery, 85-23. 

Vol. 2 No. 1 March 1986

Rheatown: Community History and Early Residents, 86-1; 1967 Inventory by B. Reynolds of Pleasant Vale Cemetery (Rheatown), 86-2; Conditions of Older Headstones in Greene Co., 86-9; Inquiries, 86-9; New Members, 86-10.

Vol. 2 No. 2 June 1986

Ancestry and Descendants of the Gregg/Gragg/Grak Family of Greene Co., TN, 86-11; 1967 Inventory by B. Reynolds of Old Rheatown Cemetery Inventory, 86-12; 1943 Greeneville Sun Article on Horse Creek Community Residents, 86-15; 1931 Article on the Lost Mountain Community by Ananias Ripley, 86-17; Article by Dr. Samuel P. White: Lost Mountain Community, 86-19; Queries, 86-20; Donations of Family History Books: English, Beals, 86-20; Artisans and Trades of Greene Co., TN, 1850-1860, 86-21; New Members, 86-22.

Vol. 2 No. 3 September 1986

Inventory by Bobby Carter (approx. 1986) of the Carter Family Cemetery (Romeo Community), 86-23; Kirk Family Cemetery Inventory, Bible’s Chapel Community, 86-23; Black/Kirk Family Cemetery Inventory, Bible’s Chapel Community, 86-24; Ragen Family Cemetery Inventory, Bible’s Chapel Community, 86-24; Cemetery Inventory at Carter’s Station Church, Bible’s Chapel Community, 86-24; Milburn—Creamer Family Cemetery Inventory, Tusculum, 86-24; Joseph Kirk (b. 1820) family, 86-25; Ancestry and Descendants of Daniel Arnold (b. 1820) of Lick Creek, Including Bible records, 86-26; 1943 Greeneville Sun Article on Camp Creek Community Residents, 86-26; Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob Solomon Seaton (b. 1796), 86-30; Artisans and Trades of Greene Co., TN, 1850-1860,86-30; Queries, 86-31; New Members, 86-33; Historical Tidbits Relating to Pleasant Hill Methodist Church, Horse Creek Community, 86-36.

Vol. 2 No. 4 December 1986

Ancestors and Descendants of Peter King II & Mary Johnston, 86-37; Ancestors and Descendants of Littlepage Sims & Mary Sherrill, 86-38; Descendants of Casper Radar (1731-1812), 86-39; Approx. 1965 Inventory by Goldene Fillers of Zion United Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Camp Creek), 86-45; Tidbits from Greeneville Newspapers: July 1879 and March 1882, 86-45; Ancestors and Descendants of Phillip Babb Sr., 86-46; ca. 1965 Inventory by B. Reynolds of the Babb’s Valley Cemetery, 86-48; Queries, 86-50; New Members, 86-52.

Vol. 3 No. 1 March 1987

New Members, 87-2; Queries, 87-8; 1943 Greeneville Sun Article, College Days at Tusculum in the 1880’s, 87-15; 1966 Inventory by Carl Hays of Pleasant Hill Cemetery, 87-15; The Missouri Connection—Migration from Greene Co., 87-24; Smith Family of Bull’s Gap: Descendants of Robert Smith, Sr., 87-25; Connections: Dugger, Bright, Fraker, Starnes/Bowman, 87-26; Descendants of James Cotter, Sr. (cont. to vol. 3, no. 2), 87-27.

Vol. 3 No. 2 June 1987

Never Before Published Cemetery Inventory by Ozelle Scruggs for Warrensburg United Methodist Church, 87-29; Donation of Jones—Gillock Allied Families and Thomas Jarnagin Family, 1746-1802 Family History Books, 87-30; 1796 Greene Co., TN Tax List, 87-31; Reference Book for Broyles/Holt/Wilhoit Families of Greene Co., 87-33; Connections, 87-33; Carter Family History, 1893, by Rev. T.S. Walker of Tusculum, 87-34; Descendants of George Morelock & Elizabeth Baughman, 87-37; New Members, 87-39; Queries, 87-42; Index, 1985, 87-46; Index, 1986, 87-46; Cotter Family (pt. 2, cont. from vol. 3, no. 1), 87-53.

Vol. 3 No. 3 September 1987

War of 1812—Introduction, 87-56; War of 1812—Greene Co., TN Muster Rolls, 87-57; Greene Co., TN Bill of Sale Book (Slave Book), 1805-1842, 87-61; New Members, 87-64; Queries, 87-66; Crawford Cemetery at the Dallas Ricker Complex, 87-73; Crawford Cemetery Inventory and Coulson Burying Ground, 87-74; 1940 Greeneville Sun Article: Buckingham Road, 87-74; Bible Records of Wesley F. Vicars (1844-1928) & Sarah Anderson, 87-76; Introduction to Collier Letters to be Published in vol. 3, no. 4, 87-77.

Vol. 3 No. 4 December 1987

Collier/Johnston Letters, 1776-1832, 87-80; New Members, 87-90; Queries, 87-91; 1950 Greeneville Sun Article Regarding Ratliff Cemetery of Oak Dale (17th District), 87-92; Ratliff Cemetery Inventory (Article Title Says by B. Reynolds, But Could be WPA Inventory), 87-94; Connections, 87-94; Timber Ridge Church Book, 87-96; Bieble/Bible Genealogy: Ancestry of Early Greene Co., TN Bible Families, 87-96.

Vol. 4 No. 1 March 1988

Neas/Nease/Neece/Neice/Ness: Ancestry of Greene Co. Families, 88-2; Balser Roush (1745-1845) Family of Meadow Creek, 88-4; Gideon Morris Family of Hamblen Co., TN, 88-4; New Members, 88-6; Queries, 88-7; Tips for Researching in MO, 88-13; Donation of Stacy Family History Book, 88-14; Family Bible of Andrew Jackson Hickam & Sarah Lucinda Carter, 88-15; Philip & Ellen (Rein) Bible: Migration from Greene Co., TN to Illinois, 88-16; Descendants of Michael Woods (b. 1735), 88-16; Moore Branch of Michael Woods Family Tree, 88-17; Marshall Branch of Michael Woods Family Tree, 88-17; Linebaugh/Leinbach, 88-17; Index, 1987, 88-18; Descendants of  John Montgomery Crawford (1778-1858), 88-23; Bible of Henry Clinton Seaver (1833-1910), 88-24.

Vol. 4 No. 2 June 1988

Descendants of John Carter from Surry, Co., NC, 88-25; Ellenburg Family History Book, Surnames from GA-NC-SC-OK-TN, 88-25; Concord Baptist Church Minutes, 1860-1866, 88-26; Descendants of William Matthews, Sr. (b. 1777), 88-30; Ancestors and Descendants of John Snapp, Jr. (1788-1830), 88-33; New Members, 88-35; Queries, 88-36; Woods Family: Corrections to vol. 4, no. 1, 88-40; Ancestors and Descendants of Peter Burgner (1773-1824), 88-41; James Pierce, Sr. (1748-1833), 88-42; Bales/Beals: An Excerpt from Early Settlers of Lee County, VA & Adjacent Counties, Vol. II, 88-42; Ancestors and Descendants of Benjamin Seaton (1768-1859), 88-47.

Vol. 4 No. 3 August 1988

John Snapp, Sr. Family  (cont. from vol. 4, no. 2), 88-49; John Waddill, Personal Account of Regimental Service (1776-1781), 88-49; Civil War Journal of Capt. Thomas Bible, 88-52; Greene Countians Who Served with Co. C 8th TN Civil War Regiment, 88-56; Descendants of Jacob Harmon, Sr. of Lick Creek, 88-57; Descendants of Abraham Miller, Sr. (ca. 1762-1837), 88-62; Greene and Knox Co., TN Descendants of Michael Fraker, 88-63; John Bennett, 88-64; Descendants of David Benson & Margaret Wright, 88-64; Descendants of Solomon Baughard (ca. 1770-1823), 88-65; Pinkston Families of Colonial America and Early Greene Co., TN, 88-65; Wattenbarger Family, 88-65; Use of Family Roots Genealogical Software, 88-68; Queries, 88-70; New Members, 88-72; Inventory of Wm. D. Neilson Family or “McCorkle Cemetery” near Beulah, 88-73; 1936 WPA Inventory of Stone Dam Cemetery: Additions to the 1965 Inventory of Buford Reynolds, 88-74. 

Vol. 4 No. 4 November 1988

Unpublished Manuscript and Historical Compilation: Pilot Knob Community & Rutherford Cemetery, 88-77; Descendants of Julias Hacker & Martha Beeler, 88-80; Descendants of Jacob Alexander Hacker (1831-1913), 88-81; Bowers-Sizemore-Frazier-Ripley Family Notes, 88-83; Descendants of John David Maltsberger & Mary Bright, 88-85; Bible of Abraham Moore, 88-86; 1949 The Weekly News-Bulletin Article: Memorials for “Three Good Men Gone By”: Robert Johnson, Nat. H. Smith, Henry Burkhart of the Horse Creek /Chuckey Area, 88-87; Genealogies of Early Greene Co., TN Weems Families, 88-88; New Members, 88-93; Queries, 88-95; Connections, 88-97; Wattenbarger  Family, 88-65.

Vol. 5 No. 1 February 1989

Introduction to and Explanation of Early Greene Co., TN Tax Lists, 89-1; Index of Companies from Greene Co., TN Tax Lists, 1783-1800, 89-2; Greene Co., TN Tax Lists, 1787-1788, 89-3; Greene Co., TN Tax Lists, 1791-1792, 89-5; Wertenberger/Whittenburger/Wattenburger of VA & East TN (cont. in vol. 5, no. 2), 89-13; New Members, 89-16; Queries, 89-17; Descendants of William Malone (b. 1781) and Mary West (b. 1781), Ottway Community, 89-24; Descendants of Thomas King (1754-1847) & Susan Sharp of Sullivan Co., TN, 89-24.

Vol. 5 No. 2 May 1989

Greene Co., TN Tax List, 1796, 89-28; Notes on the Wattenburger Family of Washington Co., TN (cont. from vol. 5, no. 1), 89-34; Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel Stansfield (ca. 1750-1832), 89-36; Tadlock Genealogies of Early Greene & Washington Co., TN, 89-37; Queries, 89-40; Revolutionary War Memoirs of John Hays, Jr. (1778-1819), 89-46; Descendants of John Hays (1704-1789): From Ireland to Greene Co., TN, 89-53; Some Unmarked Interments in the Burgner Family Cemetery, Horse Creek—Hwy. 107 by Walter C. Burgner, 89-54; Index, 1988, 89-55; Humphreys-Morelock Family of Washington Co., TN, 89-59; New Members, 89-60; Addendum to the August 1988 Pioneer: Fraker Family of VA to Greene Co., TN, 89-62; Ealy-Smelcer Family and Descendants: From York Co., PA to East TN, 89-67.

Vol. 5 No. 3 August 1989

Greene Co., TN Tax List, 1797, 89-69; Addition to the May 1989 Pioneer: McCormick Family of Virginia and Sullivan Co., TN, 89-81; Descendants of Samuel & Sarah (Painter) Humberd/Humbert/Humber of Walkertown, 89-82; Neal-Neill-Neil: Early Families and Residents of Greene Co., TN, 89-95; Descendants of Conrad Barnhart & Barbara G’Fellers of Horse Creek Valley, 89-86; Genealogical Computing: Electronic Bulletin Boards, 89-87; Ancestors and Descendants of Abner Ellis (b. 1828): Wales to PA to Greene Co., TN, 89-88; Clarification on Traditions of  Levi Pickering of Greene Co., TN, 89-88; Queries, 89-89; New Members, 89-94; Family Bible of Nicholas King (1780-1846) of Greene Co. and Smith Co., TN, 89-96; Additional Queries, 88-96.

Vol. 5 No. 4 November 1989

Greene Co., TN Tax List, 1798, 89-98; Collet Family Cemetery at Limestone, 89-105; New Members, 89-105; Greeneville Herald Death Notices, 1881-1885 (cont. in vol. 6, no.1), 89-107; A Listing of Some Haile/Hale Descendants from Families of Colonial VA and MD, 89-109; Armstrong Family Notes: Scotland to VA to Greene Co., TN  (cont. in vol. 6, no. 1), 89-114; Descendants of William Jennings (ca. 1760-1840) and Elizabeth Baker of Greene Co., TN, 89-121; Queries, 89-123.

Vol. 6 No. 1 February 1990

Armstrong Family of Greene Co., TN  (cont. from vol. 5, no. 4), 90-2; Greeneville Herald Death Notices, 1881-1885  (cont. from vol. 5, no. 4), 90-7; Greene Co., TN Tax List, 1798  (cont. from vol. 5, no. 4), 90-8; Index, 1989, 90-18; Queries, 90-25; New Members, 90-29; Queries, 90-30.

Vol. 6 No. 2 May 1990

Ancestors and Descendants of Hugh Hays & Susannah Collier of Greene & Davidson Co., TN, 90-32; Bible of Archibald Hughes & Half-Brother Andrew Jackson Bruner, 90-33; Descendants of Absolum Bartley Thompson (1805-1885) of Cross Anchor and Green Shed, 90-34; Bible of Isaac Bible-Elizabeth Harmon, 90-35; Michael Wampler, Jr.: Descendants on Little Chuckey by 1811, 90-36; Notes on Weems Family of Lick Creek: Corrections to vol. 4, no. 4, 90-38; Campbell and Peek Family Notes, 90-38; Gaunt-Hunt Bible: Family Ties from Newberry, SC, 90-39; William Riley Reynolds of Greene Co., TN: Ancestry and Notes from Family Bible, 90-41; Additions to vol. 2, no. 4: Descendants of Phillip Babb, Sr. & Mary Perkins, from PA to VA to Greene Co., TN, 90-43; Queries, 90-44; Ancestors and Descendants of John Price, Sr. and Mary Brown: from VA to NC to Greene Co., TN, 90-46; Rev. John Cosson, Minister of  Providence Presbyterian Church of Washington Co., TN, 90-48; Rev. George Samuel Klug: From Germany to VA, 90-48; Descendants of Abraham Collett: From VA to Washington Co., TN, 90-49; New Members, 90-50; Ancestors and Descendants of Elizabeth (Wampler) Abel of Greene Co., TN, 90-51; Greene Co., TN Tax List, 1798  (cont. from vol. 6, no. 1), 90-52; Robert Kurtz Staten of Washington Co., TN: Ancestry, Civil War Letters, and Descendants, 90-54; Queries, 90-55; Additions and Corrections to Weems family of Baileyton (cont. from p. 90-38 of vol. 4, no. 4), 90-56; Descendants of Thomas Hill, Revolutionary War Soldier: from SC to Greene Co., TN to Logan Co., IN, 90-57; Simpson-McKeehan-Wisecarver-Bowman-Davis Ancestor Chart: From Greene to Loudon Co., TN, 90-58; Descendants of Samuel Weaver (1765-1842) of Washington Co., TN, 90-59; Notes on White-Lindsey-Myers-Carter Family of Greene Co., TN, 90-51; Family Bible of George Bible (of Christian Bible), 90-60.

Vol. 6 No. 3 August 1990

Interpretation and Explanation of Early TN Tax Lists, 90-62; Greene Co., TN Tax List, 1799, 90-62; New Members, 90-67; Queries, 90-68; Descendants of Thomas McCollum, Sr. of Lick Creek, 90-69; Ricker Families of Camp Creek, 90-72; Queries, 90-73; Descendants of Christian Bowers, Sr. (ca. 1750-ca. 1814): From VA to Greene Co., TN, 90-75; Several Recently Discovered Greene Co., TN Court Cases, 1792-1795, 90-80; Autobiography of Mary (Atrim) Roberts: A Reference of Early Greene Co., TN History, 90-83; Notes on the Taylor Family of Watauga River, 90-89.

Vol. 6 No. 4 November 1990

Alexander Wilson (ca. 1739-1824) of Limestone, 90-92; Bowers and Neas Family Notes (cont. from vol. 6, no. 3), 90-94; Rankin Genealogy: Relations of Greene and Jefferson Co., TN Families, 90-97; More Recently Discovered Greene Co., TN Court Cases, 1787-1790 (cont. from prior issue), 90-102; Some Greene Co., TN War of 1812 Pensioners, Survivors, Widowers, 90-104; Bible of Richard Scruggs (1766-1859) of Warrensburg, 90-105; Queries, 90-106; Moore Family Notes: Greene Co., TN to IN, 90-109; Elizabeth (Wampler) Kerbaugh: Ancestry and Descendants, 90-111; Joseph Hixson Family of Clear Creek, 90-111; Questions and Answers for Early Greene Co., TN Scruggs Residents of Warrensburg, 90-112; Ancestry and Descendants of William  McBride, Jr. & Sarah Delaney of Little Chuckey, 90-113; Smith Family of Little Chuckey, 90-113; New Members, 90-114; Alphabetized Greene Co., TN Tax List, 1800, 90-116.

Vol. 7 No. 1 February 1991

Some Washington Co. Loyalists-Revolutionary War Tories: 1778-1782, 91-3; The Robertson-Robinson Family of Greene Co., TN, 91-8; New Members, 91-10; Queries, 91-12; Some Previously Unpublished Greene Co., TN Court Records from 1790 and 1795, 91-18; Donations of Surname History Books: Jones, Hill, 91-19; Change of Address, 91-19; Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Earnest Collett (1812-post -1867) from Limestone, 91-20; Ancestors and Descendants of Nicholas Davis (1759-1829) and Mary Hays, 91-20; Additional Branches of the Bowers Family (cont. from vol. 6, no. 3 and no. 4) –Descendants of Andrew Renner and Maria Magdalena Bowers (b. 1841)--Descendants of John Peters and Sarah Bowers—Descendants of Andrew (b1844) and Martha Bowers—Descendants of Leonedous Bowers (b 1848) and Emaline Holt –Descendants of Michael Winter and Pernina Bowers (b. 1851)—Descendants of John Waddell and Leoma Bowers, 91-21; Index, 1990, 91-24.

Vol. 7 No. 2 May 1991

Descendants of William Crawford, a Lick Creek Resident of Greene Co., TN in 1797, Descendants of John Crawford (ca. 1774-1844) and Dianna Wheeler (ca. 1782- ca. 1875), 91-32; Ancestors and Descendants of Alexander (d. 1784) and Margaret Caldwell, 91-38; Queries, 91-39; Price: Census Information, A Supplement to Information Published in May 1991(see p. 20), 91-42; Descendants of Elijah Thompson (1788-1851) and Annis Hood (1790-ca. 1839): A Young Couple from the Warrensburg  Community Who Left ca. 1833 to Settle near Cass Co., MO, 91-42; A Correction to Prior-Published Information on Jacob Misemer (ca. 1743-post-1803), 91-49; The Several William R. Patton/Parten’s of Greene Co. District #5 (Timber Ridge), 91-49; Descendants of Nicholas Hays (1730-1804) and Alse Hunter (1731-post-1786) of Greene Co., TN, 91-59; Rader: Part 1 (cont. to vol. 7, no. 3) Casper Rader (1732-1812)—Three Generations of Descendants, 91-42; Preparation of a Subject Index to be Published in a Forthcoming Issue (Refer to the 1997 Special Bulletin), 91-46; New Members, 91-47; Some Johnson’s of Greene Co., TN: Additions to the Published Work of Dr. Lorand V. Johnson, Descendants of William and John Johnson, Children of Johns(t)on and Lucretia Massie, Children of Benjamin Johnson (  -1769) and Mary Moorman, Two Generations of James (1759-1828) and Abigail Johnson’s (   -1825) Descendants, Two Generations of Thomas Johnson and Ann Stanfield Johnson’s Descendants, 91-50; Greene Co., TN Tax Lists from 1785, 91-53; Descendants of Uriah Collins (ca. 1776-1866) of Rheatown, 91-56; More Queries, 91-57.

Vol. 7 No. 3 August 1991

Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Bartley (1776-1864) and Elizabeth Doane (1777-1871), Descendants of John Wesley Bartley (1804-1833), 91-63; Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Hauff (1781-1852) of Timber Ridge in Greene Co., TN, Descendants of William W. Rader and Barbara Hauff (1803-1883) of Timber Ridge Community, 91-65; Descendants of William Bryan (d. ca. 1830) and Patsy Webster, 91-66; Connections, 91-67; New Members, 91-68; Descendants of Elijah Thompson and Annis Hood, 91-70; Ancestors and Descendants of James R. Kelton (b. 1830, Knox Co., TN; d. 1912, Greene Co., TN) 91-71; Cooper Families of SW Greene Co. (ca. 1791-ca. 1810) and Overton Co. (post-1810) TN, Sketch of Nathaniel Cooper (b. ca. 1765), a Greene Co., TN Resident ca. 1791-ca. 1810, Descendants of Nathan Cooper (b. ca. 1765) and Unknown, Descendants of  Nathan Cooper (b. ca. 1765) and Christina Hughes, 91-73; Ancestors and Several Descendants of Johann Jacob Leinbach/Leinbaugh (1740-ca. 1826), 91-77; Ancestors and Descendants of John R. Hughes (1839-1886) and Susanna M. Scarborough, 91-79; Queries, 91-80; Potential Biography and Descendants of Roderick Shelton (pre-1755-ca. 1816), 91-82; Ancestors of  Petrus Hillikus Roeder (b. Montgomery Co., PA; d. 1817, Greene Co., TN), Descendants of Petrus Roeder and Elizabeth Froshour, 91-85; Chesnut Family Relations between Greene Co., TN and Washington Co. & Knox Co., KY, Descendants of John Chesnut  and Patience Gum, 91-86; Letters from GCGS: Members: Additional Johnson Information to  Supplement the May 1991 issue, 91-89; Index of Surname History Articles Printed in The Greene County Pioneer, 1985-1990, Ancestors and Descendants  of  Charles Hays (1800-1874) and  Elizabeth Neil (b. 1804), 91-91.

Vol. 7 No. 4 November 1991

Potential Descendants of Jonothan Jackson (ca. 1739-1835): Revolutionary War Pensioner, Descendants of Richard Pierce (1806-1875) and Mary Ann Jackson (1812-1869), Descendants of James T. Jackson (1823-  ) and Elizabeth Dalton (1823-  ), 91-92; Potential Carter Settlers from NJ to the Lick Creek Community of Greene Co., TN, Descendants of John Carter (ca. 1730’s-1811), 91-94; New Members, 91-94; Queries, 91-98; Johnson Families of Greene Co., TN: cont. from vol. 7, no. 2, p. 50…Descendants of Hannah Johnson (1806-1870) and Dr. John Scott...Descendants of Lydia Johnson (1808-  ) and Charles Collins (1808-1861)…Descendants of William Moore Johnson (1812-1886) and Isabelle Neal (1815-  )…Descendants of Isabell Abigail Johnson (1814-1888) and William King Alexander (1812-1866)…Descendants of Martha Johnson (1816-  ) and Abel W. Cotter…Descendants of Nathan Barnes Johnson (1818-1860) by Nancy English and Mary Jane Meek…Descendants of Lucinda Johnson (1821-  )…Descendants of Phoebe Ann Johnson (1826-1894) and J. Gaston Gass…Descendants of David Richardson Johnson (1808-  ) and  Mary Jane Gray, 91-104; McNeese…Descendants of 3 Potential McNees Brothers: Wm. (?-1809), Samuel (?-1835). Isiah (?-1818)…Descendants of Jonas McNees (Son of William and Lydia McNees), 91-107; Ancestors and Descendants of Jessie Nelson (b. 1756, Stafford Co., VA; d. 1821, Lafayette Co., MO), The Nelson’s Resided in Cocke Co., TN 1794-1818, Until Leaving East TN for the MO Frontier, 91-110; “Reminiscences of Rogersville”: Genealogical & Historical Sketches from a Rogersville Herald Article, 91-111.

Vol. 8 No. 1 February 1992

Society News, 92-2; Feb. 1901 Article from the Rogersville Herald (Hawkins Co., TN), 92-2; Rector Family, Descendants of German Immigrant Hans Jacob Rector (1674-ca. 1729) and Anna Elizabeth Fischbach, Children of John Rector (b. 1711) and Anna Cattren, Some Children of John Rector II (b. ca. 1733) and Catherine Rector (a Cousin), Children and Grandchildren of John B. Rector (ca. 1764-  ) by Chloe McPherson and Rebecca Sevier, 92-7; Descendants of Isaac DeBusk (1794-  ) and Mary Jane Jones (1804-  ) of Rheatown, TN, 92-9; New Members, 92-10; Queries, 92-11; Change of Address, 92-18; Trobaugh FAMILY: Michael Trobaugh (Drorback) (ca. 1700-ca. 1771): A German Immigrant to York Co., PA, then VA & TN, Family of Michael Trobaugh (Drorback) (ca. 1700-ca. 1771): Family of  Adam Trobaugh, Family of  William Trobaugh, Family of  Nicholas Trobaugh, Family of  Frederick Trobaugh, Note:  Trobaugh Family History Article Cont. in Vol. 8, No. 2 on page 35, 92-19; Index, 1991, 92-23; Excerpts Regarding East TN Natives from Brown Co. Indiana History, 1884, 92-28.

Vol. 8 No. 2 May 1992

Family Bible of Jesse Isaac Wampler (1845-1915) and Mary Jane Harmon (1848-1913), 92-30; Preparation of an Allen Family History Book, 92-31; Addition to vol. 7, no. 4, p. 104: Johnson Families of Greene Co., TN, Descendants of Robert Russell Scott (son of Dr. John Scott) and Melvina Ripley, 92-31; Ancestors and Descendants of John Dunwoody (b. 1793), 92-32; Relatives and Descendants of Merriman Payne (ca. 1788-1844) and Dorcas Henderson (1790-1874), 92-33; Trobaugh Family: Cont. from vol. 8, no. 1, Family of  William Trobaugh (Son of  Nicholas Trobaugh), Family of  Henry Myers and Elizabeth Trobaugh (Daughter of  Nicholas Trobaugh), Family of  George Trobaugh (son of Frederick) by Regina Andes and Barbara Bowers, Family of William Trobaugh (son of Frederick) by Eve Harmon and Susannah Thornburg, Family of  Samuel Trobaugh (son of Frederick), Family of  Allen Trobaugh (son of Frederick), 92-35; New Members, 92-37; Queries, 92-39; Descendants of John Milbourne (1705-1761), 92-44; McAmis Family History Book Available, 92-46; Correction to vol. 8, no. 1: Transcripts from a 1901 Article from the Rogersville Herald, Ancestors, Descendants, and Biography of Dicks Alexander, 92-47; Common School Commissioner’s Lists, 1852-1856 (Schools, Courses Taught, Number of Enrolled Children of Each Family, and Teacher), 92-49.

Vol. 8 No. 3 August 1992

DeBusk Family, Several Immigrant Families, Descendants of Elijah DeBusk (1805-1863) and Mollie Ren/Wren (1806-1888), Descendants of Elisha DeBusk (1846-  ) and Isabella Huff (1849-1932), Descendants of Thomas Jefferson DeBusk (1853-1894) and Calidona Ervin (1851-1923), Descendants of Adanijah Newton DeBusk (1868-1935) and Lydia Wampler (1875-1958), Descendants of Allie Lee DeBusk (1875-  ) and Mollie Benona DeBusk (1879-1932), 92-62; March 20, 1901 Article from the Rogersville Herald (Hawkins Co., TN), 92-65; Common School Commissioner’s Lists, 1852-1862 (cont. from vol. 8, no. 2), 92-69; Kennedy (Canada-Canida-Keneday-Kenada-Kenedy-etc.) Family, Discussion of Records, Research, and Family Traditions of Early TN-NC Kennedy Settlers, Descendants of Hugh Kennedy (pre1798-  ) and Jane Delaney (ca. 1798-pre-1860), Descendants of Robert J. Kennedy (ca. 1801-ca. 1884) and  Cynthia Eason, 92-75; Ripley and Trevitt Families, Thomas Ripley (ca. 177—ca. 1823) and  Phoebe Stanfield (refer to Pioneer vol. 5, no. 2), Descendants of  Thomas Ripley, Jr. (1801-1862) and Margaret Matthews, Greene and Sullivan Co., TN Descendants of Robert and Unice Trevitt, Descendants of James Franklin Trevitt (1824-1891), 92-77; John King (1750-1798), 92-79; July 1835 Letter From Temperance (Hawkins) Click in Blount Co., AL to Nathan Hawkins, 92-80; Fred Lincoln Mercy (ca. 1880-1917): Born in Maine? Raised in MI? Wed in Greene Co., TN!, 92-80; New Members, 92-81; Inquiries, 92-83; Biography and Descendants of James Pearce (1748-  ) and  Margaret Dungan  (1775-  ), 92-86; Hensley  Family Settlers of VA (ca. 1654), TN (ca. 1780), NC (ca. 1798), Descendants of  Amos Hensley and Arty Norton from Shelton Laurel, NC, 92-88.

Vol. 8 No. 4 November 1992

New Members, 92-92; Queries, 92-92; Index: Alphabetized List of Surname Interests of GCGS Members, 92-97; Membership List: Name, Address, Membership Number, 92-111; Greene County, TN Genealogy:  Exerpts from Goodspeed’s History of Washington County, AR, Ancestors of Joseph Williams (b. 1844): Williams, Rankin, Missimer Ancestors of Dr. S.P. Sample (b. 1841):  Sample, Johnson, Rice, Ancestors of Rev. J.C. Robertson (b. 1846):  Robertson, Collier, Col. John Collier of Rev. War, Andrew Smith Gregg (b. 1827 in AL), son of Samuel and Mary (Smith) Gregg of TN, Samuel A. Craig (b. 1831), son of James and Jane (Hall) Craig, Ancestors of John M. Cox (b. 1831) of Rheatown.  Powell, Cox, English. James F. Hood (b. 1833), son of Benjamin and Mary (Draine) Hood of Greene Co., TN.  Ancestors of Phillip Hudson Babb (b. 1844), son of  Phillip and Artamica (Hale) Babb, 92-127.

Vol. 9 No. 1 May 1993

John Welty Family and Descendants: Immigrant to York Co., PA to VA to Greene Co., TN by 1801, 93-2; 1812 Ancestor Index, Vol. II is now available.  Information and Order Form, 93-5; Bicentennial History Book of Bethesda (Harrison’s) United Methodist Church Now Available, 93-6; Minutes of Session (1844-1887) of Shiloh Presbyterian Church in Greene Co., TN, Register of Members (1847-1914), Includes: Name, When Joined, How Joined, Reason for Leaving, Date Left, Death Date.  Baptisms (Alphabetized)  (1844-1886), Includes: Name (and Parents if an Infant), Date, Year of Baptism. Register of Deacons (1872-1954), Includes: Name, When Ordained, Ceased to Act, Died. Register of Elders (1849-1954), Includes: Name, When Ordained, Ceased to Act, Died, Years Served, 93-6; Joseph Davis (b. 1830) “Encounter in Greeneville.”  Article Contains Some: Davis Family Genealogy, Civil War References, and Summary of an Altercation in Greeneville Sep. 2, 1872.  Affidavits from Files at the National Archives, 93-18; Civil War Letter and Family Notes of Isaac Tipton Collins (1836-1862) of Greene Co., 93-22; Complete Civil War Records from National Archives for Robert Thompson Mercer, 93-24, Scottish Ancestry of Early Greene Co. Pioneer Lancelot “Lancy” Armstrong, 93-23; Descendants of John C. Humphreys and Lydia Margarette Armstrong of Greene Co., TN, 93-24; KIRK Genealogy: Family of Alexander and Sarah Kirk of Rheatown, 93-24; Descendants of Alexander Park Moorehead (of Adams Co., PA) and  Margaret Brown Park  of Greene Co., Descendants of  Andrew Park Moorehead and Margaret J.T. Scott, 93-26; Ancestors and Descendants of Christopher (Kit) Kirby/Kerby/Kerbie/Curby, 93-27; Inventory of the Rupe-Wallace Cemetery West of Rheatown, 93-38; Descendants of Solomon Wampler (1800-1881) of Greene Co., TN, 93-39; Peter Gauntt (1610-1680) Book Now Available.  Descendants of Peter Gauntt, Who Came to Greene Co., TN are Outlined.  Also Includes Some Stonecypher Connections, 93-40; Inquiries, 93-41; New Members, 93-49; Inquiries, 93-50; Buller-Roberts-Kirtley Research: Information and Questions Regarding ca. 1830 Migrations from Greene Co., TN to Logan Co., Ohio, 93-53; Index, 1992, 93-55.

Vol. 9 No. 2 November 1993

1800 Greene Co., TN Tax Lists, 93-62; Park Families of Greene Co., Descendants of James Park, Sr. (1765-ca. 1855), Who Came from Ireland to Greene Co., TN, Descendants of Andrew Park (1781-ca. 1855) & Eleanor Brown, Both from Ireland to Greene Co., TN (Further Details are Provided on Andrew Park’s Family in the May 1994 Pioneer on p. 6), Descendants of Enos Park (b. ca. 1792 in VA) and Elizabeth Alexander: From Greene Co., TN to IN, Descendants of William A. Park (b. 1804 in TN) of Greene Co., TN, Descendants of Richard Park (b. ca. 1820) and Jane Wilhite, Descendants of  James B. Park (1821-1894) by Wives  Margaret Armitage and Orlene Harris, Descendants of David Francis Park (b. 1840) and  Martha Emmeline White of Greene Co., TN, 93-69; Simpson-Jones and Related Families of Greene and Hawkins Co., TN.  Mentions Several Ancestors with the Following Ancestors Who were Born Between 1770’s-1860’s: Morelock-Dykes-Blakely-Crawford-Mowell-Bragg-Anderson-Price-Roarke-McInturff-Fields, 93-71; Strain and Related Families of Jonesborough and Limestone, TN.  Includes Descendants of Robert Woods Strain (1790-1870) and Mary A. “Nancy” Biddle (1791-1880), Hiram Remine (1803-1873) and Nancy Hays, and Also Surnames Allison, Taylor, Keezel, Biddle, 93-73; Descendants of Samuel and Sarah (Painter) Humber/Humbert: from VA to Greene Co. by 1777, 93-75; Ancestors and Descendants of Charles Loyd and Margaret Rogers of Greene Co., TN, 93-76; Registry Family Information Relevant to Pioneers of Greene and Washington Co., TN, Descendants of James Register (b. 1753 in MD) and Deborah Chance: MD to DE to Greene Co., TN, 93-77; Revolutionary War Service File of James Jack (ca. 1757-1835), 93-80; Business Ledger of Customers at Henderson’s Mill on Sinking Creek in Greene Co., TN, Ledger Also Contains Birth-Marriage-Death Information Pertaining to Johnson family, 93-83; Donation of Hixsons on the Warpath, a Book Tracing Joseph Hixson of Greene Co., TN by 1886,93-89; Jacob Linebaugh (b. 1828): Summary of Family Travels from Greene Co., TN to IN to IA to MO, 93-89; Inquiries, 93-90; Outline of  Phillips Descendants of Greene Co., TN from  George Phillips and Susanah Dyer, 93-99; HOW TO: Understanding the Filing System for Military Records in the National Archives, 93-100; Greene Co. Tax Lists, 1785, 93-101; Baptismal Records of St. James Lutheran Church of Greene Co., TN, Volume II (1830-1876), Inquiries, 93-118; New Members, 93-119; Greene Co. Tax Lists, 1785, 93-121.

Vol. 10 No. 1 May 1994

Ancestors and Descendants of James Mahan, Sr. and Nancy Ann Gordwin-Goodwin of Lick Creek, Descendants of Mashack and Milly (Farrar) Stephens: Lived in Caswell Co., NC-VA-SC-KY-Hawkins Co., TN, 94-2; Willoughby School Teacher’s Register, 1916-1917 of Greene Co., TN, 94-3; Earnest-Stephens Family History in Preparation, 94-4; Purcell Family Association.  Purcell-Pursell-Pursley-Percel-Persel, 94-4; “The Rocks”: A Firsthand Account of the Mysteries of “Lost” Graveyards and Markers in Greene Co., TN 94-5; Descendants of Andrew and Ellen (Brown) Park, 94-6; Waddell families of Camp Creek and Southeastern Greene Co.: Martin Waddell (b. 1763) and Susannah Stokes Family, Rufus King Waddell (1816-1878) and Sarah H. McAfee Descendants, Andrew J. Waddell (b. 1820) and Descendants Wives Catherine Good and Sarah Blake, Descendants of Benjamin Waddell (1792-1878) and Rachel Bowman, 94-7; Corrections to Published  Linebaugh Family (Does Not Mention which Publication) Ancestors and Descendants of  John Linebaugh, Sr. (1774-pre-1834) of MD to Greene Co., TN to IN, 94-9; Scott and Smith Families of Greene Co., TN, Potential Children of  David Scott (1812-1857) and  Elizabeth Ann Smith, 94-10; Descendants of Benjamin (b. 1824) and  Barbara (Stokes) Shipley of Sullivan and Greene Co., TN, 94-11; Crawford Family of Lick Creek in Greene Co., TN, Speculation Regarding the Origins and Descendants of William and Margaret Crawford, Descendants of  Hamilton C. Crawford (b. ca. 1815) and First Wife Ann Elizabeth Mullins, Descendants of Hamilton C. Crawford (b. ca. 1815) and Second Wife Melvina E. Alexander, 94-12; Trial Summary of Hamilton Neil and Samuel Crawford (Respective Son-in-Law & Son of William Crawford), Relationship Between  Patrick Neal of Scott Co., VA and  Hamilton Neil, 94-13; Indian Wars on the Holston: A Firsthand Account of Military Duty from Service Records and Affidavits of John Wheeler, Statement of  Susannah Wheeler, Widow of John,  with Further Details of Military Service by Her Husband, Family Neighbors, 94-15; Bible Records of Henry Myers (1877-1843) and  Elizabeth Trobaugh of Little Chuckey Creek Area, 94-20; Inquiries, 94-21; Descendants of  Moses Smith (ca. 1785-1834) and  Mary Ann Alexander of Greene Co., TN, 94-30; Daniel Kennedy, “Father of Greene Co.,” 94-31; Outline of 10 Generations of Wills Family of Southwestern Greene Co., 94-33; Gibbs and Youngblood Family Notes, Elijah-Abijah Smith Gibbs (ca. 1805) and Descendants: Lived in Greene Co., TN; MO; Ellis TX, Descendants of William Youngblood (ca. 1807-ca. 1865) and Elizabeth Garret, 94-37; Abstract from John Brabson I: Patriot of the American Revolution and Some of his Descendants, Descendants of John Brabson I (b. ca. 1746): From Wales to Frederick Co., VA to Greene Co., TN, Widow of John Brabson Remarried James Thompson. Several Descendants Migrated to Greene Co., 94-38; Bible of Absolum Thompson (1805-  ) and Sarah Dodd (1810-  ), 94-39; Listing of Biographies for Greene Countians Published by The Confederate Veteran Magazine, 94-42; Greene Co. Tax Lists: cont. from November 1993 issue, 94-42; Greene Co. Tax Lists:  1785, 1787, 1787-1788, 1788, 1791, 1791-1792, 1792, 94-44; Greene Co. Tax List, Unknown.  Probably Capt. Robert Campbell’s Company, pre-1796, 94-55; Greene Co. Tax Lists: 1796, 1797, 1798, 1799, 1800, 94-57; Index, 1993, 94-86; New Members, 94-92.

Vol. 10 No. 2 November 1994

President’s Message, 94-94; Mason Family: A Summary of Descendants of James and Sarah Mason  of Greene Co., TN, Includes Surnames: Ross-Carter-Gass-Brown-Park-Wilhite-Broyles-Davis-Russell-Starnes-Gosnell, 94-95; List of Persons Interred in Greene Co., TN Cemeteries with Surname of  Mason, 94-98; Bible of Thomas Starns (1809-1857) of Greene Co., TN, 94-100; Greene Co. Marriages, (#1-#72) Transcribed from Bk. 6, Sep. 1894 to 1900, 94-102; A Chronological Listing of Methodist Protestant Church Records, Providence Circuit Marriage Records (1881-1900) and Baptismal Records (1880-1902), 94-106; Bible Records of William and Catherine (Sevier) Matlock, Sister of John Sevier, 94-113; Special Index for Greene Co. Chancery Court Records (1860-1865), Volume I, Work of Goldene Burgner was Omitted from Her Chancery Court Minutes, Greene County, Tennessee, Nov. 1825-Jan 1831, 94-115; Inventory of the Cemetery at Solomon Lutheran Church, Cedar Creek Community of Greene Co. Aerial Photograph and Plot Map of the Solomon Lutheran Cemetery as of 1991, 94-127; Early Homes in the Solomon Church Community, Pen and Ink Drawings by Goldene Burgner, 94-151; Additional Genealogical Information for Families Interred at Solomon Lutheran Church Cemetery has been Provided for the Following Persons; Most Entries Reveal the Parents and/or Children:  Ona (Crum) Swatzell (1899-1974), Rev. Charles L. Fillers (1870-1948), Carl F. Fillers (1889-1962), Joseph Franklin Seaton (1861-1936), William Crum (1856-1942), Lon B. Lafollette (1890-1947), Emanuel Parman (1776-1856), James & Emma (Gibbs) Crum, Francis & Minnie (Parman) Crum, Solomon Wilhoit (1762-1824), Eliza B. (Freshour) Lowery (1888-1954), L.V. Ragsdale (1929-1988), John Freshour (1763-1804), J.S. Fillers (1856-1924), Daniel C. Allen (1843-1915), New Members, 94-157; Inquiries, 94-158.

Vol. 11 No. 1 May 1995

Weems-Young-Johnson Families Notes, Descendants of John Weems  (ca. 1745-1812) from Ottway/Wesley’s Chapel (See vol. 4, no. 4, p. 90), Descendants of Nancy Agnes Weems (1779-1869), Wife of John Russum Young of Ottway, Descendants of Margaret Young Who Wed George Johnson in Greene Co. on 1 Feb. 1825, Descendants of  George C. Johnson (1832-1874) and Wife Sarah Crumley, 95-1; Wilhoit Family Bible, 95-2; Greene Co. Marriages, (#73-#186) transcribed  from Bk. 6, Sep. 1894 to July 1900, 95-3; Methodist Protestant Church, Providence Circuit, VA District, for Liberty Hill Church 1856-1894, 95-9; Obituary for William G. Barnes of Mosheim from the Greeneville Democrat Sun, 1923, 95-13; Ripley Heirlooms: Genealogical Excerpts from Account Books and Ledgers Belonging to the Ripley Family. Birth Records for the Family and Descendants of Samuel Ripley (10-8-1793) and Wife Sarah (b. 6-15-1797). Ledger entries for John Rogers (in 1831); Wm. Stanfield (in 1837); Others Include: Wm. Litton, George Frees, John Delaney, George Gillespie, Thomas Moreless, James Syms, Issac Jones, John Dorson, Jan Johnson, 95-14; Special Index for Greene Co. Chancery Court Records (1866-1867), Volume II, Work of Goldene Burgner was omitted from her Chancery Court Minutes, Greene County, Tennessee, Nov. 1825-Jan. 1831, 95-18; Corrections to the George Family Information from Nov. 1994 Pioneer, vol. 10, no.2, p. 155, 95-28; First Families of Tennessee, a Bicentennial Project of the East TN Historical Society, 95-29; 1980’s Inventory of the Cemetery at Sinking Springs Lutheran church, 95-30; Baptismal Records of Sinking Springs Lutheran Church (Index Included), 95-42; Mary Jane (Barker) Gottschall’s Autograph Book (1881-1882).  Includes 34 Names of Persons from Chuckey, Jonesboro, Sneedville, Elizabethton, Johnson City, as Well as VA, PA, 95-55; Index, 1994, 95-56; Inquiries, 95-64; New  Members, 95-69.

Vol. 11 No. 2 November 1995

President’s Message, 95-72; Methodist Protestant Church, Providence Circuit, VA District, 95-73; Records from Talleys Union Church (Organized 28 Dec. 1861), 95-73; Greene Co. Marriages, (#187-#300), Copied from Bk. 6, Sep. 1894 to July 1900, 95-85; Bible of John A. Mason and Sarah “Sallie” (unproven Brown) of Church Street in Greeneville, 95-91; Postmasters of Afton (formerly Henderson’s Mill and Home) in Greene Co., TN, 95-92; Civil War Letters and Affidavits of William Milburn, a Former Resident of Greene Co., TN, 95-93; Descendants of John L. Masoner (ca. 1805-1859) and Nancy Kilgore of Greene Co., TN, Descendants of William Masoner (1834-1857).  Descendants of Margaret Emaline Masoner (1836-1926) by George Nease and Hiram J. Cogburn, Descendants of Mary Masoner (ca. 1838-1856) and Jacob Keicher of Greene Co., TN, Susan Harriet Masoner (1838-1906) by Nathaniel J. Wilson and William Renner of Greene Co., TN Descendants of Catherine Masoner (b. ca. 1848) and William Freshour of Greene Co., TN, Descendants of Harriet Florence Masoner (b. ca. 1855) and James Honeycutt of Greene Co., TN, 95-105; Descendants of William Kesterson, Sr. (1735-1821) from Northumberland Co., VA and Greene Co., TN, 95-113; Update of Family Outline of Michael Drorbach (Troughbaugh) of York Co., PA (cont. from vol. 8, no. 1, p. 18 and vol. 8, no. 2, p. 35), 95-116; Clarification of “Why Did John Dodd Marry Sarah Stoneycipher Twice in Greene Co., TN?”, Chronology of John Dodd and the Two Sarahs, Dodd Family Group Sheets, Notice of Stonecipher-Humbard-Morelock-Babb Family Organization with Biannual Publication of a Newsletter about These Families from Greene Co., TN, 95-120; Descendants of Casper Rader (1732-1812), 1877 Correspondence of William Rader of Greene Co., TN, Family Group Sheet for William Rader (1799-1877) and wife Elizabeth Rader (1799-1871), 95-122; July 1995 Inventory of Cemetery at Hermon Methodist Church (established 1879, formerly known and initially established as Henshaw in 1821), 95-137; Inquiries, 95-146; Change of Address, 95-151; New Members, 95-152.

Vol. 12 No. 1 May 1996

Society News, 96-1; Greene Co. Marriage Bk. 6: Sep. 1894-July 1900, 96-2; Methodist Protestant Church, Providence Circuit, VA District, Union Grove Church, List of Persons Received, Pastor, and Date, 96-8; Wagon Train: A New Column in The Greene County Pioneer, East Tennesseans in MO, Excerpts of Former Greene Co., TN Residents from Goodspeed’s History of Washington Co., Ark., Obituary of Jane Dykes, a former Greene Co. Resident, in Phelps Co., MO, Letters to the Editor of The Greeneville Herald, 1881-1884, from IN, AR, MO, 96-17; Six Generations of Janes/Jaynes/ Jayne/Jeanes/DeJeanne Descendants of Wm. DeJeanne, b. 1618, Descendants of Wiley Jean (b. 1780) and Morning Thomason, Descendants of Joseph P. Janes (1801-1879) and Mary “Polly” Ann G’Fellers,  Descendants of  Abram H. Janes(1833-1900) and Mariah Waddle, Descendants of Joseph King Janes (1864- 1959) and Mary Virginia Shaw, 96-22; Mt. Tabor M.E. Church: A Historical Review Per an 1882 Article from The Greeneville Herald, 96-26; Corrections to Hermon Methodist Church Cemetery Inventory, vol. 11, p. 137, 96-30; Cedar Grove Methodist Church Cemetery Inventory, Old Jonesboro Road, Chuckey, TN, 96-31; Civil War Pension Records of James O. Payne  Reveals Shelton, Gosnell, Madison Co., NC Connections, 96-37; 5-Generation Ancestor Chart for Carrie (Landers) Johnson, 96-40; Family Group Sheets for James O. Payne (1835-1915) and Louisa Fowler, 96-41; Family of Rev. Andrew Rader (1830-1897) and Catherine Peters (1855-1909), 96-46; Diary, 1852-1873, of Rev. Andrew Rader of Greene Co., TN and Webster Co., MO,  Includes the Following Surnames: Nease, Eisenhours, Barbs, Crumbeys, Wevers, Walters, Kalt, Houston, Freshour, Crum, Crumley, Ottinger, Broyls, Borden, Stuart, McCoy, Hauk, Gregg, Bower, Linebarger, Bell, Easterly, Henkel, Brown, Tinister, Blazer, Smith, Tilner, Duneasi, Keys, Wilhite, Michaels, Henderson, Holts, Johnson, Forester, Huff, Trench, Masoner, Reese, Ragen, Love, Evens, Kiker, Rite, Gestus, Hefner, Raiswater, Hodge, Lintz, Cobble, Fleanor, Harmon, Stine, Reckers, Miller, Winter, Bible, Luther, Peters Bird, O’Brian, Kieker, Glasscock, Eberlie, Knipp, Winters, Swaggerty, Bolch, Snider, Barger, Van Huss, Wood, Paxton, Guinn, Brimmers, Barnill, Medlock, Henry, 96-47; Extract from an 1824 Article in the American Economist and East Tennessee Statesman, Tax Notice on Properties in Greene Co., Years 1814, 1815, 1816, 96-75; Index, 1995, 96-76; Inquiries, 96-82; New Members, 96-87; Call for Information: Northern Greene Co. Genealogical Information and Records Needed for Communities of Baileyton, Romeo, Ottway, Walkertown, Union Temple, Cross Anchor, 96-90; Tennessee 200, 96-90.

Vol. 12 No. 2 November 1996

President’s Message, 96-91; Society News, 96-92; Memorial: Goldene Fillers Burgner, 96-93; Bibliography: Goldene Fillers Burgner, 96-94; “Old Churches of East TN”, A 1933 Article Extracted from a Special Edition of The Greeneville Sun, 96-95; 1824 Dead Letter Lists at the Greeneville and Jonesborough Post Offices, 96-99; 1882 Greene Co. Districts, 96-102; 1881 Greene Co. School Directory and List of Teachers, 96-103; Park Family:  Descendants of David Francis Park (1834-1920) and James Alexander Park (1829-1892), 96-105; Home to the RHEAs: “Long Distance” Research on the Family of  John Rhea (1790-1843), 96-107; Alexander and Laughlin Families of Greene Co. Pioneers, 96-111; Greene Co. Forebearers of Mary Louisa Stults, Includes Some Stults, Bible, Bottle, Cobble, and Eisenhower Families of Greene Co., TN, 96-112; John Harmon, Revolutionary War Soldier: DAR Lineage for Select Descendants, 96-119; Old Harmony Cemetery in Greeneville, Tennessee—1996 Map Prepared by Local Chapter DAR, 96-120; Old Harmony Cemetery in  Greeneville, Tennessee—1996 inventory, including 1936 WPA and 1966, 96-123; Ancestor Chart: George Wesley Ashley (1890-1967), Plus Kesterson, Troughbaugh, Harmon, Misemer, 96-128; Ancestor Chart: Lydia Josephine Britton (1897-1951), Plus Marshall, Courtney, Higgins, Cullent, Martin, 96-129; Wagon Train  Migrations: John Park (1855-1921); Moses Shanks (1809-1889); 1882 Letters from Missouri to Editor of The Greeneville (Tennessee) Herald; Sketches, Extracts, and Accounts which Reveal Migrations of Former Greene Countians; Obituaries of Louis Weatherford (1821-1902); Adam Smelcer (1820-1883); Mooreheads Go to Illinois by Train, Frys of Greene Co., TN: Ancestors and Migrations of Descendants to IN and WI, 96-130; Review of Genealogical Content of Veteran Headstone Applications and Pension Files; Mayor’s Request for Civil War Markers For Deceased Greene Co. Veterans; Case Study: Review of Civil War Pensioner’s Records for a Former Greene Countian, Application for Pension by Tillman Settles, Civil War Veteran; Affidavit of Civil War Service by the Veteran; Affidavit of Civil War Service by the Veteran; Correspondence of Reference by a Former Greene Co., Tennessee Neighbor; Additional Correspondence which Supports the Veteran’s Pension Claim; Affidavits which Support Transferring the Pension to the Veteran’s Widow; 96-142.  Ancestor Chart: Sidney Britton (1909-1985), Plus Peters, Hankins, Weaver, Humphreys, Miller, Earley, Hutchinson, 96-150; Bible Records   Descendants of John Robertson (1781-1858); Ancestors of Margaret Register, Isaac White (1752-1819) of Surry Co., NC and Washington Co., TN, 5-Generations of White Ancestors for Mary Winona Payne, 96-151; Photographs:  An Introduction and Example: George Brown Park, Thomas Starnes, 96-155; Book Review: Publications which Relate to Greene Co., 96-163; Publication Notice: Family History Book Initiatives in Hawkins Co., TN and Madison Co., NC, 96-165; Question and Answer, 96-166; Recognition of Charter Society Members, 96-167; New Members, 96-168; Inquiries, 96-169.

Vol. 13 No. 1 May 1997

President’s Message, 97-2; Correcting a Wrong Done to Wright!, 97-3; Elizabeth (Gass) Mason (1831-1901): Ancestry, Photographs, and Descendants, 97-4; Early White Families of Greene Co. and East TN, 97-6; 1859 Cocke Co., TN Census, 97-8; Thomas Brandon Family of Fall Branch, 97-18; Civil War Veteran Questionnaire: A Genealogical Source, 97-21; Complete Questionnaire of John (Bray? Gray?), 97-24; Extract of East TN Soldiers in Civil War Veterans Questionnaires, 97-27; Addition: Frederick & Francis DeWitt Family in Historic Greene County and Its People, 1783-1992, 97-29; Wagon Train: Meet Greenbury Hicks…; James Potter (1759-1840) of Greene Co., TN and MO; Francis Hensley (1831-1894), of Madison Co., NC, Greene Co., TN; Nancy Ellenburg of SC and Greene Co., TN; Dr. J.P. Fann (1814-1901) of  Greene County, TN and Dalton, GA ; Stephen Courtney (1822-1882) aka Andrew Jackson Haun of Greene Co., TN and Johnson Co., MO; Peter Ranson Foster (1783-ca1857) of Greene Co. and Rutherford Co., TN; Deoney Williams (1821-1875); Smethers Research; Wilkerson Harrison of Greene Co., TN and McLean Co., IL, 97-30; Correction: Old Harmony Graveyard, Identification of McClelland Interments, 97-37; Community Focus—Doty’s Chapel, Introduction, 97-38; Map of Newmansville and Surrounding Communities, 97-39; Doty’s Chapel Community Near Newmansville, 97-40; Doty’s Chapel Cemetery Interments: Inventory of the “New” Cemetery, 97-41; Interments at Doty’s Chapel Extracted From Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Records, 1908-1949, 97-49; Doty’s Chapel Cemetery Interments: Inventory of the “Old” Cemetery, 97-50; Jacob Gass, Sr. and Descendants, 97-54; Will of Jacob Gass, Sr. 97-56; Descendants of Claiborne Dugger, 97-58; Descendants of William Gass (1786-1847), 97-60; Descendants of Thomas Justice, 97-66; Descendants of Jacob Gass, Jr. (ca. 1795-1843), 97-68; Descendants of Dutton Lane (ca. 1785-1862), 97-69; “Spell Bound” : A Review of Phonetics and Spelling Variations for the Casey Family, 97-70; Clarification: Diary of  Annah Snapp, 97-72;Family Bible Records for Belvin Wheelr Payne  of Fall Branch, 97-73; News and Reviews, 97-74; New Members, 97-75; Inquiries, 97-77; Index, 1996, 97-87.

Vol. 13 No. 2 November 1997

President’s Message, 97-93; Timelines: A Genealogical Research Tool, 97-94; Hawkins Family Timeline: Ancestors and Descendants of Nathan Hawkins, 97-95; Select Listings of Hawkins Relations in Greene Co. Cemeteries, 97-99; Hawkins Family Cemetery, 97-100; List of Inquests into Deaths Extracted from the Greene Co. Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 97-101; Transcribed Copy from the “Lost” Diary of John Hall, 97-103; The Colonial Haile/Hale Family of VA and MD, 97-109; Hale Families in TN, 97-114; Pension Records, 97-121; Revolutionary War Pension Application for James Potter, 97-122; Self Reunion (Aug. 11, 1933), 97-124; Wagon Train: Migrations and Destinations; Mrs. Robert Rector Obit.; James R. Rector; James Potter, (1759-1840), William R. Stacy (1850-1925); Mooreheads  to MO; Bayless Feezel (1841-1921); Henry Feezel (1781-1860); Thomas McMackin (1794-1869); George & Margaret (Farnsworth) Alexander; James McCurry, 97-125; Community Focus—Greeneville: Introduction, 97-147; Old Mt. Bethel Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, 97-148; Greeneville in 1875 (Map), 97-151; Greeneville, TN in 1876, 97-153; Thomas Harrison Death Notice and MO Obituaries, 97-155; Members in Communion at Mt. Bethel Church, April 14,1848, 97-156; Mt. Bethel Cemetery 97-159; Old Oakland Cemetery 97-164; Descendants of Elijah Debusk, 97-166; The Mason House, 97-167; Family of Mordecai Lincoln, 97-171; The Balch Family of Greeneville, 97-173; Descendants of Alexander Kirk, 1814-1878, 97-175; Bible Records, Robert G. Cansler, Charlie B. Brown, Anna Johnson, Absolum Thompson, 97-179; Harvey Research, 97-184; News and Reviews, 97-185; Doty’s Chapel  Cemetery, Corrected Copy, 97-186; Russell Correspondence, 97-198; Inquiries, 97-200; New Members, 97-205.

Vol. 14 No. 1 May 1998

Project Status Report; White Families of Greene Co., 98-1; President’s Message, 98-2; Descendants of Matthias Nehs (Nass, Neas, Nease)--From Europe to Greene Co., 98-3; Descendants of Levin Windwright Morris, 98-9; Wagon Train: Harmon, Nease/Knipp Obituary, Fullen and Johnson Obituaries; Kenney, Rush Family to Kinnaman, Smithers, Welty, and Wilson Families of East TN, 98-13; Community Focus—Horse Creek of the First Civil District: Introduction, 98-27; 1882 Letters to the Editor Extracted from The Greeneville Herald, 98-28; Present-day Map of Eastern Greene Co., 98-31; Heads of Household in the First District of Greene Co., Extracted from 1860 Census Microfilm, 98-32; Inventory of Interments at Union Chapel Cemetery, 98-37; Timeline of Andrew Fox of Culpeper Co., VA and  Greene Co., TN, 1748-1819, 98-46; Descendants of James and Rebecca (Lackens) Cannon, 98-53; Descendants of George Washington House (1810-1873), 98-55; 12th District Greene Co. Tax Lists, 98-58; Family Bible Records, 98-63; W.M. Gass, 98-64; Julia Fine Hamlin, 98-65; Isaac Bible and Elizabeth Harmon, 98-67; Photographs: Who Are These People? 98-69; Ancestors of Judy Annette Hudson, 98-70; Descendants of William Date Hudson, 98-71; Pension Records: Joseph White, Civil War Veteran, 98-74; New Members, 98-81; Rebecca Dickson Cutshall and Wallace Tege/Teague, 98-83; Inquiries, 98-84; Index, 1997, 98-89. 

Vol. 14 No. 2 November 1998

President’s Message, 98-98; Death Notices from The Greeneville Herald, 1881-1885 (pt. 1), 98-100; Migration of the Starnes, 98-106; The Diary of John Gray (1848-1932) (pt. 1), 98-108; Descendants of Marshall Duncan (1700-1777), 98-115; Pension Records: Revolutionary War Pension for Jesse Gammon (1764-1849), 98- 118; Andes and Etter Families of Greene Co., TN, 98-124; Bible Records: Barnette, Myers, Pearce, 98-130; Bible Records and Descendants of John Hall, Sr., (1795-1889), 98-132; Clear Springs Attendance Rolls: October 1886 and January 1887, 98-135; Descendants of  William (son of David) and Eleanor (Miller) Black, 98-136; Descendants of Matthias Nehs, Conclusion, 98-138; Community Focus: Cedar Creek, 98-147; Various “Cedar Creek” articles from 1880’s issues of The Greeneville Herald, Centerfold, Copy of Page 3 from The Greeneville Herald, 24 Mar. 1881, 98-148; May 1998 Cemetery Inventory, Shelton Chapel on Caney Branch, 98-156;  Descendants of  Joseph Davis (1814-1908), 98-159; Descendants of  John Renner, Sr. (1767-1854), 98-164; Some Descendants of  James Collins and Cynthia White, 98-167; Descendants of  John Ellenburg and Adam Ellenburg, 98-172; Descendants of Andrew Jackson Waddell and Catherine Good, 98-176; Descendants of  James Cleveland Waddell (1884-1957), 98-178;  Bowman and Chandley  Connections; Ancestor Chart for Ken Wilde, 98-180; Descendants of  William Jennings and Elizabeth Baker, 98-185; Family Record of  William L. and Eliza (Harrison) Fillers, 98-188; Descendants of John Dunn (1843-1915), 98-189; Wagon Train: David Rollins, Nancy Ann Ricker, Wm.  L. Payne, Omer J. McCormick, Joseph Addison Thompson, Jacob M. Reser, Mrs. Joseph W. (Lelia Katherine Rogan) Stewart, KS Connections; Silas White, Columbus White, 98-190; Descendants of Daniel and Sarah Jane (Shields) Bales, 98-198; Photographs, 98-204; Inquiries, 98-206; New Members, 98-208.

Vol. 15 No. 1 May 1999

President’s Message, 99-2; Back Issues, 99-3; Corrections, 99-4; Death Notices from The Greeneville Herald, 1881-1885 (pt. 2), 99-8; The Kildays of Greene Co., TN: The First Four Generations, 99-13; Son Daniel Bryan and Father Bryant Bryan of Lick Creek, Greene Co., TN, 99-18; Descendants of Nicholas Coffman, 99-20; Pension Records: Family Records of Charles Henry Cutshaw, Including Civil War Pension Application Records for His Father, Henry Cutshaw, 99-22; Wagon Train: Moses Anderson Seaton (1804-1876) and Susanna Barnhart of Horse Creek, Greene Co., TN and Meta, Osage Co., MO: Two Generations of Descendants, 99-27; Descendants of Clinton Martin DeWitt (1803-1880) by Wife Anne Moore (Wed 1823, Greene Co., TN) and by Wife Anna Peale (Wed 1839, Roane Co., TN): Three Generations of Descendants, 99-31; Community Focus: Milburnton and Northeastern Greene Co.: Map of Milburnton and Surrounding Communities, 99-39; Scholastic Ledger of James Hill Dinwiddie, 15th District, Greene Co., 1852-1861 (pt. 1), 99-40; Memoranda Book of John Pickering (1820-1895), 99-48; Greene Co., TN 1870 Census, District # 15: Rheatown—Fullen’s Depot Towards Milburnton, 99-53; Providence Presbyterian Church: History of and Directions to, 99-74; Providence Cemetery Interments: Inventory of the “New” Cemetery, 99-75; Providence Cemetery Interments: Inventory of the “Old” Cemetery, 99-86; Interments at Providence Extracted from Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Records, 1908-1949, 99-88; Announcing the First Rader Family History on CD-ROM, 99-88; Bible Records: Kesterson, 99-89; Carter-Walker-Leib, 99-90; Photographs: John Pickering (1820-1895) and Wife Miriam Beals (1820-1882), 99-92; The Clinkenbeard Family—John Clinkenbeard, Sr., Revolutionary War Soldier, 99-94; Inquiries, 99-106; New Members, 99-110; Index, 1998, 99-111.

Vol. 15 No. 2 November 1999

President’s Message, 99-119; Death Notices from The Greeneville Herald, 1881-1885 (pt. 3), 99-121; Greene Co. Physicians, 1830-1912, 99-125; Scholastic Ledger of James Hill Dinwiddie, 15th District, Greene Co., 1852-1861 (pt. 2), 99-132; Fragments of the Temple Family, a Compilation by Robert H. McCaw of the Temple Surname, Including Oliver Perry Temple (1820-1907) of Greene Co., TN, 99-137; Descendants of Robert Ashley and Susannah Dial of Greene Co., TN, 99-143; Pension Records: Revolutionary War Pension Records for John Welty of Greene Co., TN, 99-150; Photograph of Jacob Welty (1831-post-1900) and Wife Nancy Smethers (1820-1895), 99-152; War of 1812 Pension Records and Family Group Sheets for Peter Harmon (1785-1870), 99-153; War of 1812 Pension Records for Leonard Keller (b. ca. 1781, PA; d. post-1853, Greene Co., TN), 99-163; 5-Generation Descendancy Chart for Enos Park (ca. 1792-1852) of Greene County, 99-167; 4-Generation Genealogy Report for Phillip Hoggatt (ca. 1686-1782), 99-168; Genealogy Report for John Beals (b. 1666, England; d. 1726, PA) and 2-Great Grandson David Beals (b. 1771, PA; d. 1870, Washington Co., TN), 99-171; 4-Generation Genealogy Report for William Dodd (b. ca. 1704, PA; d. 1769, VA), 99-179; Genealogy Report for Robert Monroe Salts-Saltz (b. 1836, TN; d. 1894, NC), 99-183; Keller-Bowman Ancestor Charts, 99-185; Ge’Fellers Family Records: Greeneville Democrat Article, Select Cemetery Records, Adam GeFellers’ Will and Personal Estate Sale, 99-187; “Glimpses of Greene”: Insight to the Greene Co. Court of Common Pleas Minutes, 99-192; Wagon Train: John Clinkenbeard: Revolutionary War Soldier (conclusion), 99-196; 3-Generation Family Group Report for Descendants of Louisa S. (Byes) Arrowood, 1843-1924, 99-201; Family History and Descendants of Andrew Jackson White and Rebecca (Lane) White, 99-207; The Barrett Holt Family of Greene Co.: Migrations from TN to MO, IN, SC, OR, MS, AR, WA, 99-212; Family Bible Records of Valentine Sevier (b. 1780) and Nancy Dinwiddie (b. 1786), 99-215; Inquiries, 99-219; New Members, 99-223.

Vol. 16 No. 1 May 2000

President’s Message, 00-1; Death Notices from The Greeneville Herald, 1881-1885 (pt. 4), 00-2; Methodist Protestant Church, Providence Circuit, Virginia District, Mt. Hope Church, 00-8; Descendants of Thomas Barham, Thomas Brown, and Joseph Jones, 00-10; Scholastic Ledger of James Hill Dinwiddie (conclusion), 00-16; Descendants of Pointen and Rebecca Charlton, 00-21; Descendants of Andrew Holland and Salina Grubbs, 00-24; David Crockett, 00-27; Descendants of William and Barthena (Harmon) Kelsay, 00-29; Community Focus: Midway, Greene Co., TN: Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, 00-36; McMillan Cemetery, 00-38; Kirk Family Cemetery, 00-39; Negro Cemetery, 00-40; Ragan Family Cemetery, 00-40; St. Joseph’s Chapel Cemetery, 00-41; Old Ailshie Cemetery, 00-48; The Infamous Adam Lones of Midway, 00-49; Midway Society Columns, 00-57; Midway Postmasters, 00-70; Southern Railroad Workmen’s Time Books, 00-71; The Cansler Family, 00-79; Midway School, 00-84; Andy Rader’s Home Reunion, 00-86; Bailey Cemetery, 00-87; Oliver T. French Pension Applications, 00-89; Queries, 00-93; Index, 1999, 00-98.

Vol. 16 No. 2 November 2000

In Memoriam: Harry Borden Roberts, 1915-2000, 00-105; Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Records (pt. 1), 00-106; The Black Community, 00-126; Two Stories about “Antney,” 00-127; News Excerpts from Greeneville Democrat-Sun (Most Articles from “Sayings and Doings of the Colored People,” by G.W. Clem), 00-129; J.W. Cloyd & Company Account Ledger, 00-146; Bible of Stephen Harmon, 00-151; John Alexander and Martha Simpson Jamison Bible Record, 00-157; Elementary and High Schools, Greene Co., TN, 1930, 00-158; Cemetery Law in TN, 00-163; Descendants of James Guin, 00-164; Erratum, 00-193; Cemetery Corrections, 00-196; J.G. and Margaret Wilhoit Renner, 00-197; Inquiries, 00-207.

Vol. 17 No. 1 May 2001

President’s Message, 01-2; Obituaries from The Greeneville Sun, 01-3; Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Records (pt. 2), 01-24; Locations of Cemeteries & Churches in Greene Co. Using Internet, 01-43; Greene Co. Poor Farm, 01-51; Map: Rivers and Creeks of Greene Co., 1796, 01-55; Greene Co. Jails, 01-56; Early Roads, 01-59; Little Joe, 01-60; Wagon Train: Parks Family (pt. 1), 01-61; Descendants of John Jacob Beals, Sr. (Preliminary), 01-71; Descendants of Thomas Ellis (Preliminary), 01-77; McGaughy/McGaughey Family Reunion Announcement, 01-85; Balch Family Reunion (Planning Stages), 01-85; McGaughy/McGaughey Pedigree Chart, 01-86; Robertson Family History, 01-87; Absolum Bartley Thompson Family (from the T.E. Cox Collection), 01-95; Inquiries, 01-100; Index, 2000, 01-101; Back Issues, 01-107.

Vol. 17 No. 2 November 2001

Petition by Inhabitants of the Western Country, 1784, 01-108; Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Records (pt. 3), 01-111; Johnson Marriages in Greene Co., TN, 1868-1888, 01-132; Greenley Family, 01-136; Stephen Brooks, 01-173; Bethesda (Harrison’s Meeting House), 01-177; Henry Earnest, 01-178; John Cooper Welty, 01-182; Announcement: Earnest Reunion, 01-189; Henry Wampler, 01-190; Palmer Family, 01-195; Maximilian Conner, 01-204; Wilson Bailey Johnson, 01-206; Palmer Cemetery Locations, 01-206; Items for Sale, 01-211.

Vol. 18 No. 1 May 2002

Letter from the Officers, 02-2; Cemetery Records of Jeffers Mortuary, 02-3; Greene Countians Who Fought in the American Revolutionary War, 02-9; Greene Co. Commissioned Officers in TN Militia, 02-11; Greene Co. War of 1812 Vets, 02-12; Greene Countians Who Fought for the Union, 02-13; Greene Countians Who Fought with the Confederacy, 02-18; Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Records (pt. 4), 02-19; Johnson Marriages in Greene Co., TN (cont.), 02-40; Southern Claims Commission, TN for Greene Co., 02-45; Interview with the Widow Reese, 02-50; John Welty: Revolutionary War Soldier, 02-52; George and Jane Alexander, 02-60; Bastardy Bonds, 1826-1835, Greene Co., TN, 02-72; James Houston-Houston Valley, 02-96; Inquiries, 02-102; Index, 2001, 02-109; Items for Sale, 02-117; Greene Co. Historical Map, 02-119.

Vol. 18 No. 2 November 2002

Letter from the Officers, 02-120; Additions to Goldene Fillers Burgner’s Book, 02-123; Photograph: Oakland Seminary, 02-125; Wesley Cemetery, 02-126; Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Records (pt. 5), 02-139; Descendants of Archibald Sawyer, 02-160; Elizabeth Basket Family, 02-168; Descendants of William Anderson Rader, 02-169; Descendants of George Carter (pt. 1), 02-178; Feller-Fillers-Fellers, 02-188; Greene Co. Post Offices, 02-191; Households with Free Persons of Color, Greene Co., TN, 1850, 02-202; Correction to May 2002 Pioneer, 02-221; Hendry Family Reunion Announcement, 02-221; Advertisement, 02-221; Inquiry, 02-222; Items for Sale, 02-223; Map of Rivers and Creeks in Greene Co., 02-226.

Vol. 19 No. 1 May 2003

Letter from Officers, 03-1; Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Records (pt. 6), 03-2; Marriages of People of Color, Greene Co., TN, 1860-1870, 03-22; Southside Cemeteries: Camp Creek-Harris Memorial, 03-31; Greystone Free Will Baptist, 03-36; Price, 03-38; Sexton, 03-42; Stranger, 03-43; Walker, 03-44; Upper Paint Creek, 03-45; Gethsemane, 03-46; Mt. Olive (Red Hill), 03-58; Mountain View at Greystone, 03-65; Descendants of George Carter (pt. 2), 03-77; Descendants of William Edward Hendry, 03-87; Inmates of State Penitentiary, 1831-1850, from Greene Co., 03-94; Inquiries, 03-95; Additions to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 03-99; Items for Sale, 03-103; Index, 2002, 03-106; Map, 03-116.

Vol. 19 No. 2 November 2003

New GCGS Book Projects!, 03-117; Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Record[s] (pt. 7), 03-119; Michael Bright Bible Record, 03-140; John Harmon of PA / TN / TX, 03-142; Charles B. Bacon & Minnie B. (Bible) Bacon Bible Record, 03-143; Thomas Wilson Riddle, Delta Demaris Hensley, 03-144; Powell Hensley, Hazel Anna Haire Hensley, 03-145; Millard Jacob “Jake” Riddle, Elizabeth Arminda “Mindy” Sams, 03-146; Descendants of George Carter (pt. 3), 03-148; Sayings and Doings of the Colored People, 03-158; Miscellaneous References to Greene Countians from The Morristown Gazette, Morristown, Hamblen County, TN, 03-168; Greene County, TN Poor Farm Deaths, 1879, 03-170; Will of David Logan, Sr., 03-171; Rev. Stephen I. Brooks, 03-173; Afton Aria, 03-176; Ellen Ore Park (cont. from v. 17, no. 1), 03-178; Correction to Guinn Article in v. 16, no. 2, 03-192; Veterans in Old Harmony Graveyard, Greeneville, TN, 03-193; Inquiries, 03-194; Additions to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 03-196; Contents of The Greene County Pioneer, 1985-2003, 03-199; Items for Sale, 03-213.

Vol. 20 No. 1 May 2004

Carter Surname Project, 2; Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Record (pt. 8), 3-23; List of Teachers for Greene County, 1910-1911, 24-27; Roy Woodford, 1876-1936, 10th Cavalry Regiment: A Buffalo Soldier from Greeneville, Tennessee, 28-33; Greene County, TN Births, 1914-1924, Civil District 21, 34-42; St. James Lutheran Church Baptisms, Greene County, Tennessee: Early Records, Book s 1-4, 43-68; Ottway Photographs by James O. Young, c. 1910, 69-71; Descendants of George Carter (pt. 4), 72-80; Dickison / Dickson & Connecting Families of Greene and Washington Co., TN, 81-86; Inquiries, 87-88; Additions to T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 89-93; Items for Sale, 94-96; Index, 2003, 97-104.

Vol. 20 No. 2 November 2004

Tennessee County Clerk Addresses, 106-107; Greene Co., TN Births, 1881-1882, 108-112; Greene Co., TN Deaths, 1881-1882, 113-115; Rheatown Cemetery, 116-125; Chuckey Cemetery, 126-142; Map of Baileyton, 143-144; Ellen Ore Park (cont. from v. 19, no. 2), 145-158; Marriages of People of Color, Greene Co., TN, 1850-1859, 159; Caney Branch Cemetery, 160-164; Wampler Marriages in Greene County, TN, 165-172; Greene County, Tennessee Schools, 1879-1880, 173-175; Map of Civil Districts of Greene County, Tenn., 176; Dickison Variations and Moorehead (cont. from v. 20, no. 1), 177; Update for Thomas Wilson Riddle & Delta Demaris Hensley Riddle, 178; Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Record (pt. 9), 179-197; Additions to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 198-201; Carter DNA Project, 202; Inquiries, 203; Items for Sale, 204-206.

Vol. 21 No. 1 May 2005

Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Record (pt. 10), 1-20; United States Army Discharges, Greene Co., TN, 1861-1865, 21-44; Miscellaneous Greene Co., TN Divorce and Guardian records, 1818-1856, 45-51; World War I Records, Greene Co., TN, 52-54; Cross Anchor Grange (# 1230), 55-56; Photographs of Greene County, Tennessee Poor Farm, 57-61; Toll Bridge at Baker’s Ferry, 1842, 62-64; Abstracts from The Greeneville Herald, 1881, 65-75; First Civil District Map of Greene Co., TN, c. 1836, 75; W.T. Mitchell Forbidden to Drink, 76; [Advertisement for John Casper Rader Tombstone Project], 77; Babb Preservation Fund Launches Restoration Effort, 78-79; Inquiries, 80-82; Items for Sale, 83-85; Addition to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 86-93; Index, 2004, 94-100.

Vol. 21 No. 2 November 2005

Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home Record (pt. 11), 101-112; Two Hundred Years of the Cross Anchor Brown Families, 113-126; Will of David Brown, Sr., January 15, 1843, 127-128; Inventory of David Brown, Deceased, July 4, 1843, 128-130; Will of William Brown, October 3, 1864, 131-133; Will of Perry Allen Brown, April 7, 1834, 134-137; War of 1812, Captain Robert Maloney’s Company, 138-141; The Robert and Catherine Cooper Maloney Family of Greene County, Tennessee, 142-144; Emancipation Summary and Affirmations of Moral Character for Free People of Color, 145-147; Abstracts from The Greeneville Herald, 1882, 148-167; Reminiscences of Mary Elizabeth “Lyde” Bell Harrison Stone (1872-1957), 168-176; The Johnson Murder, 177-181; Warrensburg (Greene Co., TN) Journal Abstracts, 182-188; Old Harmony Graveyard Restoration Project, 2004-2005, 189-190; Origins of Tennessee’s Earliest Counties, 191; Call for Papers, 16th Biennial Ulster-American Heritage Symposium, 192; Inquiries, 193; Card of Thanks from Greene County Jail Inmates, January 3, 1935; 193; Additions to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 194-198; Items for Sale, 199-201.

Vol. 22 No. 1 May 2006

Brown Families of Greene County, Tennessee, 1783-1870, 1-59; Laurel Gap, 60-62; Great Indian Warpath Shown on Antiquarian Map, 63-64; Miscellaneous Death Certificates for Greene and Surrounding Counties, 65-68; Caney Creek Cemetery, 69-70; Man Killed by Automobile, 71; Cuff Rigsby and His Possible Progeny and their Kin, 72-75; [Unidentified Tintype], 76; DNA and Genealogy, 77-83; Dedication of John Casper Rader Memorial, 84; Lost Genealogy Books Found and Donated to Cox Library, 85-86; Search Undertaken for Underground Railroad in Greene County, 86; Items for Sale, 87-89; Additions to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 90-93; Inquiries, 94-95; Index, 2005, 96-102.

Vol. 22 No. 2 November 2006

Letter from Officers, 103; Guidelines for Greene County, TN Heritage Book Submissions, 104; Northeast Tennessee Heritage Symposium, 105; Items from Richard Doughty Estate Returned to Greeneville, 106-108; DNA and Genealogy: Four Case Studies of Greene County, Tennessee Families, 109-126; So Where is the Family Bible?, 127; The Willis Brothers: Sylvanus Willis of Greene County, TN, 128-135; Reed-Hartman Family Reunion, 136-137; Snippets of the Past from Cedar Creek Academy, Greene County, Tennessee, 138-145; Diamonds in Greene County Court Records: Early Records of the Rader Family, 146-152; Casper Rader’s Children in Greene County, Tennessee, 153; Households of Free People of Color in Greene County, Tennessee and Bordering Counties, 1830, 154-158; 1850 Greene County, Tennessee Slave Census, 159-184; Hankins Graveyard, 185; Miscellaneous Death Certificates for Greene and Surrounding Counties, 186-190; Tennessee Historical Markers, Greene County, 191-192; Rivers and Creeks of Greene County, 193; Inquiries, 194; Katharine Susong Harmon Books Still Available at Cox Library, 195; Items for Sale, 196-198; Additions to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 199-204.

Vol. 23 No. 1 May 2007

Letter from Officers, 1; Guidelines for Greene County, TN Heritage Book Submissions, 2; The Squabble State, 3-4; The William Crumley Family—Early East Tennessee Pioneers, 5-8; The Family of William III  and Lydia (Brown) Crumley, 9-10; The Family of William III and Elizabeth “Betsey” Johnston, 11-12; The Family of William III and Pequa Crumley, 12; The Family of Samuel and Mary Ritta “Writty” (Pogue) Crumley, 13-14; The Family of Abraham and Mary Elizabeth (Marshall) Crumley, 15-17; The Family of Abraham and Jane (McNeese) Crumley, 17-19; The Family of Aaron M. and Lydia (Brown) Crumley, 19A-23; The Family of Isaac and Rachel (Brown) Crumley, 24-26; The Family of Isaac and Mary B. (Gibson) Crumley, 26-27; The Family of Moses and Sarah (Crumley) Brown, 28-30; The family of Thomas A. and Hannah (Crumley) Weston, 30A-33; The Family of John W. and Catherine (Crumley) Brown, 34-35A; Last Will and Testament of David Robinson, 36; Alexander McGaughey Reunion, etc., 37-44; Tusculum College: Blazing the Trail, 1794-1969: 175th Anniversary Historical Pageant, May 1969, 45-46; Elizabeth Keicher Renner Obituary, 47-48; An Account of the Cannonball at Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 49; Hansel and Related Families, 50-67; Genealogical Abstracts from Miscellaneous Greene County, Tennessee Newspapers, 68-79; Inquiries, 80;  Additions to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 81-86; Items for Sale, 87-90; Index, 2006, 91-95.

Vol. 23 No. 2 November 2007

Letter from Officers, 96; Caney Branch Cemetery, 97-99; Renner and Related Families, 100-152; Alexander Jones, 153-154; Last Will & Testament of Rev. Hezekiah Balch, D.D., 155; Excerpt from War of 1812 Pension Claim of John McGaughey, 156-162; Pates, 163-166; The William Bailey Cemetery, 167-172; The Matthew Cox Family of Greene County, Tennessee, 173-177; The Eliakim and Nancy Long Cox Family of Greene County, Tennessee, 178-183; Inquiries, 184; Correction to v. 23, no. 1, p. 28, 184; Additions to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 185-191; Items for Sale, 192-194.

Vol. 24 No. 1 May 2008

Letter from Officers, 1; Guidelines for Greene County, TN Heritage Book Submissions, 2; Fellers / Fillers and Related Families, 3-65; Old Cooper Burial Ground, Greene County, Tennessee, 66-71; Hadareza Franklin, 72-82; “New” Information on Reverend Stephen Brooks, 83; 1890 Greene County, Tennessee Place Names, 84-85; Rivers and Creeks of Greene County, 86; Inquiries, 87; Additions to the T. Elmer Cox Historical and Genealogical Library, 88-92; Items for Sale, 93-95; Index, 2007, 96-102.

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