Greene County, Tennessee

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Constitution of the United States
Andrew Johnson
Seventeenth President of the United States
Born December 29, 1808
Died July 31, 1875
"His faith in the people never wavered"

Eliza Johnson
Born October 4, 1810
Died January 15, 1876
"In Memory of our Father and Mother"

Mary Johnson Stover
Born May 8, 1832
Died April 19, 1883

Andrew Johnson Jr.
Died March 12, 1879
Aged 26 years
"To the Memory of my Husband"

Charles Johnson
Surgeon, United States Volunteers
Died April 4, 1863
Aged 33 years

Robert Johnson
Colonel, First Tennessee Cavalry
Died April 22, 1869
Aged 33 years

Stover Bachman

Andrew Johnson Stover
January 25, 1923

David Trotter Patterson
Died November 3, 1891
Age 73 years
Judge First Judicial Circuit
U. S. Senator

Martha Johnson Patterson
Died July 10, 1901
Age 73 years
"Lady of the White House 1865-9
Her Mother Being an Invalid"

Andrew Johnson Patterson
Born February 25, 1857
Died June 25, 1932

Belle Patterson Landstreet
Died July 9, 1891
Age 32 years

William Edward Harmon
North Carolina Fireman
2 C.L. U.S. Navy
May 19, 1934

Lacy L. Shackelford
Tennessee Corp. 117th Inf. 30 Div.
February 12, 1934

James Samples
Tennessee Pvt. 1 C.L. 120 Inf. 30 Div.
December 25, 1933

James Thompson
Tennessee Mus. 38 U.S. Vol. Inf.
March 24, 1933

Steven T. Killian
Tennessee Pvt. 44 Regt. Coast Art.
August 25, 1932

Jesse Moses Jones

Teddy Gray
Tennessee Mus. Coast Art.
February 15, 1931

Benjamin H. Bowers
Tennessee Sgt. U. S. Army
February 10, 1931

John Martin
N. J.

David Mass (?Moss)

William H. Wagner

Sergeant Ellis Banks
Born March 23, 1894
Died August 14, 1917
Served 3 years in Co. H, 28th Infantry
Served in Troop M, 11th Cavalry from Oct. until his death
"In my Father's house are many mansions"

Corpl. Benjamin F. Housley

Abner Babb

Winfield Worden

William Trompe
M. D.

F. Ferguson

J. H. Clendenon

James G. Alexander

S. H. Hendrix
Hospital Steward, Tennessee

Corpl. Edgar C. Burkey
Born October 19, 1896
Died October 13, 1918
Co. B, 57th Pioneer Inf.

Corpl. Ola K. Carter
Born May 10, 1897
Died December 5, 1918
Co. F, 330th Infantry

Walter O. Carter
Private Co. G, 3rd Depot Div. U.S.A.
Born July 9, 1895
Died October 5, 1918

Sergt. John H. Bolton

Albert D. Cutshawl
Prvt. Co. L, 117th Inf. USA
Born 1893
Died 1918

William G. B. Rollins
Prvt. 1 CL Co. A, 117th Inf. U.S.A.
Born May 18, 1894
Died September 24, 1918

William W. Gosnel
Prvt. 28th Inf. 1st Div.
May 29, 1918

George H. Wilhoit
HQ CO 117th Inf. U.S.A.
Born 1892
Died 1918

Charlie E. Cook
Tennessee Privt. U.S.A.
October 18, 1918

Jonathan R. Miller
Tennessee Pvt. 1 CL 117th Inf. 30 Div.
October 1, 1934

Thomas B. Starnes
Georgia Pvt. 1 CL 29 Inf.
November 24, 1934

William K. Aaron
Georgia Pvt. U.S. Army
January 16, 1935

Will Hux
Tennessee Pvt. 1 CL 117th Inf. 30 Div.
April 24, 1935

Richard T. Rutherford

Thomas Claud Hurley
Tennessee Pvt. 4 Inf. 3 Div.
June 19, 1935

Robert G. Brown
Tennessee Pvt. 1 CK U.S. Army
October 28, 1935

Fred D. Morris

Fain F. Pitts
Tennessee Pvt. U.S. Army
February 25, 1936

Douglas Lester Shoun
Tennessee Pvt. Satc.
Milligan College
January 9, 1936

Carl Clark
California Pvt. 1 CL
83 Field Arty. 8th Div.
June 16, 1936

David Andrew Kerbaugh
Tennessee Pvt. U.S. Army
March 8, 1937

Charles Honeycutt
Tennessee Prvt. 36 U.S. Vol. Inf.
August 1, 1936

Hugh J. Galbreath
Tennessee Pvt. SATC
Tusculum College
June 11, 1936

Jake Christy
Ohio Fireman 1 CL U.S. Navy
March 6, 1936

Hugh F. Davis
Tennessee BN Sgt. Majr.
316 Field Arty. 81 Div.
February 24, 1936

Corpl. S. G. Sergeant

Emmert C. Barrier

James Robinson Doty

William Leland English
Tennessee Chief Water Tender, U.S. Navy
April 24, 1923

Marcus F. Jones

Joseph Wilburt Williams
Tennessee Pharmacists Mate U.S.N.
September 14, 1922

Corpl. Andrew J. Alexander

John Stuck

Edward Nolen
Tennessee Pvt. 160 Inf. 42 Div.
October 18, 1918

Charles Upton

Porter Monroe Boles
Tennessee Sergt. 5th Inf.
June 16, 1925

Charles Colyer

Andrew Joseph Harmon
Machinist Mate 1 CL U.S. Navy
March 29, 1927

Jacob Curtis Miller
Tennessee Mech. 117 Inf. 30 Div.
February 25, 1928

Donald A. Roberts
Wagoner Supply Company
312 Field Artillery U.S.A.
Born 1896
Died 1929

John C. Branet
U.S. Navy

Ray E. Galbreath
Private Co. M. 152nd D.B. U.S.A.
Born 1895
Died 1929

Selby M. Broyles
Cook Co. F 24th Engineers U.S.A.
Born August 17, 1895
Died July 27, 1929

John Pitts
Pvt. Co. K 3rd Tenn. Inf.
Born 1879
Died 1929

John W. Strum

Color Sgt.
William E. Harris
W. W.

B. Lear
Engrs. W. W.

John T. Phillips
U.S. Vol. Inf.

David R. Wilcox
North Carolina
Cap. U.S. Army
February 7, 1933

Thomas Arnold Rosenblatt
Tennessee 2 Lieut. Field Art.
May 2, 1929

Rowdy, Son of
A. J. & Tempy Gentry
Born October 4, 1893
Died October 31, 1918
2nd Lt. Co. K 363rd Inf.
"My baby boy is gone, but not forgotten.
God be with him till we meet again."

Samuel W. Ramsey
Georgia 54 Pioneer Inf.
October 5, 1918

Lieut. William M. Haley

Josiah B. Bewley
Tennessee Supt. N.C.

Lucretia, Wife of
Pvt. J. B. Bewley
January 21, 1934

Ardia J. Jordon
Tennessee Pvt. 9 Cav.
August 23, 1929

Roy Woodford
Tennessee Cook, 10 Cav.
October 14, 1936

Jesse Moses Jones

Teddy Gray
Tennessee Mus. Coast Art.
February 15, 1931

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