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Welcome to the Three 
States of Tennessee

Tennessee, Trinity in Unity, three states by 
natural divisions, yet one in fact.

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Today, Tennessee is divided into Three Grand Divisions: Eastern, Middle, and Western. After the Great Chickasaw Cession of 1818, the area west of the west waters of the Tennessee River became known as Western Tennessee, commonly called West Tennessee. The Tennessee State Legislature officially adopted a new state flag in 1905. That flag consists of three stars on a blue circle, a red field, and a strip of blue on the fly. The three stars represent the three main geographical divisions of the state, the Three Grand Divisions.
TN flag
On this page, all the TNGenWeb Project logos use some version of three, the three pedals of the trillium or three stars. The four colored (red, blue, black, white) center design is a representation of the four cardinal directions as seen by the Cherokee. The bronze Indian Peace Medal logo is a representation of James Knox Polk, the eleventh President of the United States, serving 1845-1849. He served as Governor of Tennessee 1839-41

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