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US Flag

U.S. Flag, 100 x 55 pixels
file name: usflag.gif

Flag Maker to the White House!

Joseph von Eszterhazy of WebMagic USA is donating these animated flags to me for exclusive use on the USGenWeb, TNGenWeb system. He has made the flags for the White House web site.

Please respect the artist and his work and link to his web site if you use his art:

This is from his e-mail: “This flag has a fingerprint hidden in the frames to positively identify it as ours in case someone steals it from you and uses it without permission . . . You have permitted use ‘in perpetuity’ from WebMagic USA, Division of Eszterhazy Communications, that is granted by the creator of your flag, Joseph von Eszterhazy.” This means that it should not be used outside of our US - TNGenWeb system.

Proper Flag Etiquette

“"Proper Flag Etiquette” requires that our US flag be placed above any other flag or if flown at the same level, it should be to the right of the other flag. Align the flags on your screen so they look like this:
US flag ~ TN flag.

Animated Email Graphic

Mr Link

Email graphic sans border
140 x 140 pixels,
file name: mr-links.gif

Mr Link

Email graphic with border
140 x 140 pixels,
file name: mr-linkb.gif

Cross Line

Cross Line,
547 x 21 pixels,
file name:crossesd.gif

Flower Line Line

Flower Line,
547 x 21 pixels,
file name:flowerln.gif

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