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523 Hexadecimal Color Codes

Disclaimer: About 2 years ago I found a text file online (know not where) of a list of colors and their hex numbers. I decided that was a good file to keep and did so. I set it up as a table file for my own use. I thought this would be something nice to share. The names for those colors are not mine. Some seem to show up as a different color than what the name indicates.
// Bridgett Smith, TNGenWeb State Coordinator, 1998

The following 8 pages are colors that can be used for background color for your page or for tables, or for the text on your page. You have 523 colors to choose from, happy hunting.

To set up your body background color:

<body bgcolor="ffffff">

To define your text, link, active link (alink) and viewed link (vlink) colors if you wish:

<body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000" alink="#0000ff" vlink="#ff0000" alink="#ffffff">

Next you may want to change colors within the text of your webpage as I did above with “Disclaimer.” You do this by adding the following tags to your code on either side of the text you want changed:

<font color="#ff0000">This is the code for red</font>

Remember, strange things occur when you forget to put the quotes (") and the pound sign (#) in the proper places.

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