Giles County, Tennessee

1820 Federal Census
Alphabetical Index

by John Young
Giles County, TNGenWeb Researcher and Transcriber

Note: This list is not the final index, but an early rough draft. This was started in 2000 and never finished.

Surname       Given
              Scipio? [Free]
Abernathy     Alan
Abernathy     Buckner
Abernathy     Burwell
Abernathy     David
Abernathy     Elisha
Abernathy     Elizabeth
Abernathy     James
Abernathy     John
Abernathy     John
Abernathy     John
Abernathy     Joseph
Abernathy     Sterling
Abernathy     Thomas
Abernathy     William
Adams         Hugh
Adams         John
Adams         Jonathan
Adams         Luke
Adams         Nancy
Adams         Robert
Ady           Walter
Akins         John
Akins         Thomas
Alexander     Elias
Alexander     Ezekiel
Alexander     Frances
Alexander     Milton, K.
Alexander     Ozni
Alexander     Polley
Alexander     William
Allen         Daniel
Allen         Jesse
Allen         Joseph [Free]
Allen         Samuel
Allen         Smith
Alman         Jacob
Alman         Nathaniel
Alsop         Joseph
Alsup         Thomas
Anderson      Mathew
Anderson      Robert
Anderson      Robert
Anderson      Samuel Y.
Anderson      Stephen
Anderson      William
Andrews       John
Angus         Alexander
Angus         James
Anthony       Elijah
Anthony       Joseph
Armor         Davis
Armor         Joseph
Armstrong     James
Armstrong     John B.
Arnett        James
Arnett        John
Ashmore       Calvin
Ashmore       James
Atkins        Ica
Atkins        Isaac
Atkins        Isham
Atkins        James
Atkins        Richard
Atkins        Spencer
Atkins        Thomas
Austin        James
Bailey        John S.
Bailey        Parks
Bailey        Richard
Baker         David
Baker         Joshua
Baker         Samuel
Baker         William
Balch         John
Baldridge     Alexander
Baldwin       Jacob
Ball          William
Balt          William
Barber        Joannah
Barber        John
Barnes        Abraham
Barnes        George
Barnes        Jeremiah
Barnes        Jeremiah
Barnett       John
Barnett       Richard
Barron        Abraham
Barron        Alexander
Barron        Dorcas
Barron        Samuel
Barron        William
Barron        William
Baskins       Nancy
Bass          Kinchen
Bass          Nathan
Bassham       Richard
Baumgarner    George
Beale         Micajah
Beale         Presley
Beale         Thomas
Beasley       Jesse
Beasley       William M.
Beaty         Thomas
Beeler        George
Beevers       Spencer
Bell          Adam
Benson        Benjamin
Benson        Early
Benthall      Mathew
Bentley       John
Bentley       Robert
Berry         Elizabeth
Bevers        Allen
Bigham        Robert
Bigham        Thomas
Biles         Michael
Billingsley   Edward
Billingsley   Thomas
Bills         Michael
Birdsong      Henry
Birdsong      Henry
Birdwell      John
Black         Alexander
Black         John
Black         Robert
Black         Robert
Black         Thomas
Black         Thomas
Black         William
Blair         Joseph
Blasseingame  John
Blount        Benjamin
Blue          John
Blythe        William
Boatwright    James
Boatwright    Sally
Bobbitt       Jubiter
Bodenhammer   William
Bogard        Abraham
Bogg          John
Bolling       Bailey
Bolling       James
Boram         Peter
Bostick       James B.
Bottom        William
Boyce         Mesheck
Boyd          John
Braden        Joseph
Bradley       Elisha
Bradley       Elizabeth
Bradley       James A.
Bradley       Joseph
Bradley       Richard
Bradley       Samuel
Bradley       William
Bramlet       Lunsford
Bramlett      John
Brandon       John S.
Brandon       Richard
Branston      Jonathan
Brashear      John
Brashears     Jesse
Brashears     Samuel
Bratton       Hugh
Bratton       James
Bratton       Margaret
Bratton       Thomas
Braves        Thomas
Brawley       Thomas
Brawley       Thomas C.
Breckenridge  James
Bridges       Henry
Bridges       John
Bridges       Reuben
Briggs        Richard
Briggs        Samuel
Britton       John
Brooks        George
Brooks        William B.? E.?
Brookshire    Benjamin
Brookshire    Maurel
Brown         Aaron V.
Brown         Aaron, Junior
Brown         Abraham
Brown         David
Brown         Duncan
Brown         Edward M.
Brown         George
Brown         Isham
Brown         James
Brown         James
Brown         John
Brown         Leonard
Brown         Lewis
Brown         Lewis
Brown         Lewis H.
Brown         Morgan
Brown         Richard
Brown         Richard H.
Brown         Thomas
Brown         Thomas Jun.
Brown         William
Browning      Charles
Browning      David
Browning      Dorotha
Browning      John
Browning      John
Browning      Martin
Browning      Nicholas
Browning      Thomas
Browning      Tomas
Brownlow      Mary
Brownlow      William
Bryant        Elisha
Bryant        Jacob
Buchanan      John
Buchanan      Robert
Buchanan      William
Buford        Charles
Buford        James
Bunch         David
Bunch         James
Burch         Judith
Burgess       Harrison
Burgess       Nathaniel
Burke         Benjamin
Burkett       Burgess
Burnett       John
Burns         Andrew
Burns         Etheldred
Busby         Meredith
Bushy         Robert
Bushy         Sherwood
Butler        John
Butler        John
Byles         Charles
Bynum         Turner
Byrd          Francis
Cable         Adam
Caldwell      Alexander
Caldwell      Alexander
Caldwell      Alexander
Caldwell      James
Caldwell      John
Caleb         White
Callahan      John
Callahan      Miles T.
Callahan      William
Calloway      Joel
Calvert       Joseph
Camber        James
Camp          James
Camp          John H.
Camp          John H.*
Camp          Martha
Campbell      Andrew
Campbell      Crockett
Campbell      Hugh
Campbell      James
Campbell      John B.
Campbell      John B.
Campbell      Michael
Campbell      Robert
Cardin        Larkin
Carothers     Hugh
Carpenter     Hensley
Carpenter     Nancy
Carpenter     William
Carroll       Nathaniel
Carroll       Nathaniel
Carter        Jabez
Carter        Merry
Carvell       Edmond
Carvell       William
Carwell       William
Case          David
Casebolt      Thomas
Cash          John H.
Cates         Charles
Chambers      Frances
Chambers      Samuel
Chapman       Benjamin
Chapman       John
Chapman       Peggy
Chapman       Thomas
Chapman       William
Chelton       Stephen
Cheshire      Benjamin
Childres      Robert L.
Childress     Vaulton
Childs        Paul
Chisholm      Alexander
Choate        Valentine
Chrisholm     Alexander
Clark         John
Clark         Spencer
Clark         Thomas
Clarke        John
Clarke        Joseph
Clarks        Robert
Clemmons      William
Clower        Daniel
Clower        John
Cobb          Ambrose
Cobbs         Robert
Coble         Adam
Cochran       James
Cochran       Samuel
Cola          Thomas
Cola          William
Cole          Thomas
Cole          Willis I.
Coleman       John
Coleman       Samuel
Collier       Henry
Collier       Joseph
Collier       Joseph
Collier       Salley
Collier       William
Colliers      Thomas
Conner        James
Conner        John B.
Conner        William
Coody         James
Cooke         David
Copeland      William
Cordon        John
Couch         Elizabeth
Cowan         Joseph
Cowder        John
Cox           Robert
Cox           Samuel
Coxe          Fowler
Coxe          Fowlker
Coxe          Presley
Coxe          Samuel Jr.
Coxe          Samuel Jun.
Coxe          Samuel Sen.
Coxe          William
Craven        Robert
Crawford      James
Crittenten    William
Crockett      Archibald
Crockett      Patteson
Crockett      Robert
Crockett      Robert
Croft         Washington
Croney        Rhody
Crook         David
Cross         Henry
Cross         Shadrack
Crossland     Samuel
Crow          Martha
Crow          Samuel
Crowder       Ira
Crowder       Levi
Crowen        Abraham
Crowson       Jacob
Crowson       Mary
Crumpton      Basil
Crumpton      Isaac
Currey        Elizabeth
Cyrus         Peggy
Dabney        John
Dafo          Micah
Daley         James
Daley         John
Daley         Josiah
Daley         Josiah
Daley         William
Daniel        Solomon R.
Davenport     Abner
Davenport     Abner
Davenport     Abraham
Davenport     George
Davenport     Mathew
Davenport     Robert
Davenport     William C.
David         Amos
David         Archibald
David         Larkin
Davidson      Daniel
Davidson      Daniel
Davidson      Robert
Davidson      William
Davidson      William
Davis         Barnett
Davis         Benjamin
Davis         Cloyd
Davis         Edward
Davis         James
Davis         John
Davis         John
Davis         Micajah
Davis         Nathan
Davis         Samuel
Davis         Thomas
Davis         William R.
Day           Jesse
Day           Samuel
Deering       Berry
Deering       Laban
Deering       William
Defo          John
Dempsey       James
Derring       Laban
Dever         Charles
Dickey        James
Dickey        John
Dickson       Elizabeth
Dixon         Henry
Dixon         Joseph
Dobbs         Polley
Dodson        Elisha
Dodson        Greenham
Dodson        Jordan
Doggatt       Miller
Donnelson     Mary
Dotson        Elisha
Dotson        George
Dotson        Samuel H.
Douglas       James
Douglas       Nathaniel
Downen        James
Downen        James
Downen        Joshiah
Downen        Josiah
Dugger        James
Dugger        James
Dukes         Sterling
Duncan        John
Durylar       Daniel
Duty          Thomas
Earnest       Mary
Eaves         David
Eaves         Davis
Eaves         Mark
Eaves         Mark
Edgar         Jesse
Edwards       Charles
Edwards       Daniel
Edwards       Elizabeth
Edwards       John W.
Edwards       Sampson
Elder         Mary
Elder         Tilman
Eldridge      Elisha
Ellington     Stephen
Elliott       John
Elliott       Mary
Ellis         Edmund
Elton         Samuel
England       William
English       Hannah
Eppler        John
Eppler        John
Erwin         John
Erwin         Joseph Jun.
Erwin         Joseph Sen.
Estes         Asa
Estes         Joseph
Eubanks       John
Eubanks       Lewis
Eubanks       William
Evans         Daniel
Evans         Eger
Evans         James H.
Evans         John
Evetts        Moses
Evetts        Samuel
Ewing         Andrew
Ezell         Micajah
Ezell         Timothy
Ezell         William
Fariss        Bowler
Farmer        Elizabeth
Farmer        Nathan
Farmer        Samuel
Farris        Wilford
Farriss       Edward
Farriss       Elisha
Farriss       John
Farriss       John
Farriss       Nimrod
Feild         Ellen
Ferguson      Thomas H.
Ferguson      Thomas H.
Ferrill       William
Field         Allen
Field         William H.
Finch         Joshua
Fine          William
Finney        Ellender
Finney        James
Fisher        William
Fitzgerald    Langford
Flake         Sampson
Flatt         James
Flatt         William
Fleming       Richard
Flint         David
Flippin       William
Flournoy      Alfred
Flournoy      Silas
Flunt         David
Flynt         Sandford
Fogg          John
Follis        Mary
Forbes        Colin
Ford          James
Ford          James
Ford          Jonathan
Ford          Thomas
Surname       Given
Foster        William
Fowler        Holman R.
Frances       Chambers
Franks        Brereton
Franks        Thomas
Franks        Wesley
Franshira     John
Frazer        James
Frazer        John
Frazer        William
Freeman       Harris
Freeman       Harris
Freeman       Reuben
Fry           John
Fry           Michael
Funderberke   George
Gamble        Samuel
Garrett       George
Garrison      Mason
Gatlin        Edmund
Gees          Moses
Gibson        George M.
Gibson        John H.
Gibson        Robert
Giddens       William
Gilbert       John
Gilbson       George
Gilliam       John
Glascow       Robert
Glenn         Mary
Glover        Ransom
Goff          Felix
Goff          John
Goff          Thomas
Goldsberry    James
Goldsberry    James
Golightly     Henry
Golightly     Sham
Goode         Joseph
Goodnight     Henry
Goodnight     John
Goodrum       John
Gordon        Robert
Gordon        Thomas K.
Gouch         Elizabeth
Graham        James
Grates        George
Graves        Anne
Graves        James
Graves        James
Graves        John
Graves        John
Graves        John
Graves        John O.
Graves        Ralph
Graves        Sterling
Graves        Thomas
Graves        William
Graves        William B.
Green         Philmer
Gregory       Byrd
Griffin       Solomon
Griffis       James
Griffis       Thomas Jun.
Griffis       Thomas Sen.
Grig          Robert
Griggs        John
Grigsby       Aaron
Grigsby       Amos
Grigsby       Samuel
Grimes        David
Grimes        James
Grisham       John
Grisham       Moses
Gross         Benjamin
Grubb         Hickerson
Grubbs        John
Grubbs        Thomas
Gurdin        John
Guthrie       Francis
Guthrie       Robert
Hackney       Jack M.
Hagen         Henry
Hale          Elizabeth
Hale          William
Hamblin       John
Hamblin       John
Hamblitt      John
Hamby         William
Hamett        Nathaniel
Hamett        Nathaniel
Hammock       Peter
Hammond       Edward
Hammond       William
Hammond       William
Hammonds      James
Hammonds      James
Hankins       Daniel
Hankins       Joel
Hanna         James
Hanna         John
Hansell       Sarah
Hansell       Sarah
Hardin        Elizabeth
Hardin        Jeremiah
Hardin        William
Hare          Daniel
Harris        Alfred
Harris        Robert S.
Harroway      Samuel
Hartle        Joseph C.
Harton        Thomas
Harvey        Alexander
Harvey        John
Harvey        Robert B.
Harwell       Buckner
Harwell       Coleman
Harwell       Featherston
Harwell       Frederick
Harwell       Gillam
Harwell       Hubbard
Harwell       Jackson
Harwell       Nancy
Harwell       Rebecca
Harwell       Richard
Harwell       Rolley
Harwell       Samuel
Harwell       Samuel
Harwell       Shadrack
Harwell       Thomas
Harwood       Thomas
Hatten        Joel
Hatton        Joel
Hawkins       John
Hawkins       John
Hayes         William B.
Hayes         William W.
Haynes        James E.
Haynes        John
Haynes        Joseph
Haynes        Rachel
Haynie        Thomas
Haze          Lewes
Henderson     James
Henderson     John
Henderson     Mary
Henderson     Thomas
Henderson     William
Hendrix       John
Hendrix       William
Hendry        James L.
Hendry        William
Henry         James
Hensley       Gideon
Herring       Peyton
Herring       Peyton
Hester        Graves
Hester        Henry
Hickman       William
Hicks         Arthur
Hicks         Francis
Hicks         Jesse
Hicks         Jesse
Hicks         John
Hicks         Jordan
Hicks         Joseph
Hicks         Thomas
Higdon        John
Higdon        William
Hightower     Hardy
Hill          Caleb
Hill          David
Hillhouse     George
Hillhouse     George
Himbrough     James
Hinsley       Simeon
Hocks         Elizabeth
Hodge         Joseph H.
Hogan         Anderson
Hogan         Isaiah
Holden        John E.
Holland       Jacob
Holley        Nicholas
Holt          William
Holt          Woodley
Hood          Alexander
Hooper        Nimrod
Hopkins       Jason
Hopper        John
Hopper        John
Hopper        Samuel
Hopson        John
Hopson        Lawson
Hopson        Youngar
Horn          Edward
Horn          James
Horn          James
Horn          Joshua
Horn          Willie
Hoss          George
Houston       Archibald
Houston       James
Howard        Hiram
Howard        William
Huckaby       Samuel
Huddleston    William
Hudson        Isham
Hudson        Leah
Hudson        Mary
Hudson        Peter
Huff          John
Huff          Valentine
Hughes        Sally
Hughes        Thomas
Humbbolt      Elizabeth
Hunnicutt     Robert
Hunt          George
Ingram        Beasley
Ingram        Charles
Irby          Gerald
Irvin         Charles
Irvin         David
Ishman        Benjamin
James         Henry
James         Isaac
James         William
Jenkins       Wilton F. L.
Jennings      William D.
Johnson       Meredith
Johnston      Benjamin
Johnston      Elisha
Johnston      James
Johnston      James
Johnston      John
Johnston      John
Johnston      Mathew
Johnston      Richard
Johnston      Thomas
Joiner        Thomas
Jolley        Martha
Jones         Alexander
Jones         Benjamin
Jones         Charlotte
Jones         David
Jones         David
Jones         David S.
Jones         Edward D.
Jones         Hezekiah
Jones         Hezekiah
Jones         Jacob
Jones         John
Jones         John Jun.
Jones         Joseph
Jones         Patsey
Jones         Thomas B.
Jones         William
Jones         William
Jones         William
Jourdan       George J.
Jourdin       Samuel
Kaskey        Samuel
Keath         Andrew
Keenan        John
Kelley        Cary T.
Kelso         James
Keltner       George
Kenneday      William
Kennedy       John
Kennedy       William
Kerney        Guston
Kerr          Henry
Kers          Hugh
Kersey        David
Kettner       Henry
Kimborgh      John
Kimbrough     Henry T.
King          Abery
King          Garrison
King          Henry
King          John A.
King          Samuel
King          Samuel
King          William
King          William
Kirby         James
Kirby         William M.
Kirk          Mary
Knight        James M.
Knight        John
Knox          Joseph
Koher [Koker] George
Kurnall       Wlliam
Kyle          William
Lacefield     Nancy
Lackey        Ennis
Laird         John
Lamb          Jesse
Lamb          William
Lancaster     Aaron
Lancaster     Agnes
Lancaster     Samuel
Lancaster     William
Lane          James
Lane          Joel
Lane          John
Lane          Martin
Lane          Owen
Lane          Thomas
Lanier        Henry
Leatherman    Daniel
Ledford       Samuel
Lee           Daniel
Lee           Edward
Lee           Elizabeth
Lee           William
Leitch        James
Lester        Fountain
Lester        German
Lester        Isham
Lester        James
Lester        Josiah
Ligon         John
Lindsay       John
Lindsky       John
Linville      Richard
Littleton     Charles
Littleton     Mark
Livingston    Henry
Livingston    John
Locke         Alexander
Locke         Walter
London        John
Loney         William
Long          Benjamin
Lovell        George
Loyd          Henry
Loyd          Stephen
Lucre         James R.
Luker         Joseph
Lynch         James
Lyons         Richard
Mabry         James
Maddox        William
Madray        Buckner
Magill        David
Magill        Robert
Majors        Isaac
Majors        William
Malone        George
Martin        Aquilla
Martin        Lewis
Martin        Lewis
Martin        Peter
Martin        Richard
Martin        Thomas
Martin        William
Martin        William
Mash          Elizabeth
Massie        Ephraim M.
Massie        John
Massie        William A.
Matlock       John
Matlock       John
Maultsby      Isabella
Maxey         Nancy
Maxwell       David
May           William
McAlister     Joseph
McAllilly     Richard
McAnally      Jesse
McAnnish      Daniel
McAnnish      John
McCabe        William
McCallum      Daniel
McCallum      Margaret
McCallum      Thomas
McCanless     David
McCanless     James
McCanless     John
McCanless     Samuel
McCanless     Thomas F.
McClung       Jonas
McClure       William
McCollum      Alexander
McCormac      John
McCormac      Masterson C.
McCormack     Charles
McCracken     John
McCreery      William
McCritchen    Andrew
McCulloch     David
McCulloch     James
McCulloch     John
McCutchen     James
McDaniel      Joseph
McDonald      Alexander
McDonald      Alexander W.
McDonald      Archibald
McDonald      John
McDonald      John
McDonald      Joseph
McDonald      Robert
McElroy       John T.
McFatter      Neven
McGahey       Mary
McGee         Asa
McGee         Richard
McGill        Sarah
McGill        Thomas
McGraw        Matthew
McGuire       David
McKaughan     Foreste
McKay         Henry
McKinney      Alexander
McKinney      John B.
McKinney      Lerender
McKinney      Reuben
McKinney      Robert
McKinney      Rowland
McKinney      Thomas
McKinney      William
McKissack     Archibald
McKissack     Thomas
McKnight      John
McKnight      Samuel
McLaurin      Robert
McLaurin      Willis B.
McLemore      Burwell
McLemore      John
McLinn        John
McMaster      Nancy
McMillian     Kennan
McMillion     Jesse
McMillion     John
McMillion     Stephen
McNairy       Robert
McNees        James
McVay         Claiborne
McVay         Kinon
Meadows       Celia
Meadows       Elijah
Meadows       Hierom
Meadows       Polly
Meadows       Rebecca
Melton        Henry
Melton        Philip
Melton        Plewry
Mennifee      Elizabeth
Mennifee      John
Mennifee      William
Mennifee      William
Meredith      Thomas H.
Merrill       John
Messes        Christiana
Methency      Simins
Miller        Henry
Miller        Jacob
Miller        Mark
Mitchell      James
Mitchell      Jesse
Mitchell      Marcus
Mitchell      Thomas
Moncrief      Martha
Moncrief      Samuel
Moncrief      William
Monerey       Samuel
Montgomery    Charity
Montgomery    James
Montgomery    John
Montgomery    Samuel
Moody         Jonathan
Moody         Marshall
Moody         Nathaniel
Moody         Thomas
Moore         Abednego
Moore         Archibald
Moore         Arthur
Moore         Asa
Moore         Elizabeth
Moore         George
Moore         James
Moore         John
Moore         Lodwick
Moore         Nancy
Moore         Rachael
Moore         William
Moore         William
Morgan        Henry
Morris        Ennis
Morris        Isaac, Jr.
Morris        Isaac, Sr.
Morris        John G.
Morris        Lester
Morrow        Polley
Morrow        Thomas
Moss          Joannah
Moss          Solomon
Mullins       Clemm
Murrell       Andrew
Murrell       William
Muse          John
Myers         Ashar
Myers         Charles, Sr.
Myers         Marmaduke
Myers         Searles, Jr.
Myers         Thomas
Nantz         Joseph
Nash          Jonathan
Nash          William
Nations       Eli
Neal          James
Neal          William
Neale         Andrew

Surname       Given
Neale         Charles
Neale         Henry
Nelson        John
Nelson        Lewis
Nelson        Lydia
New           John
New           Pleasant
New           William
Newlin        Henry M.
Newsom        Charles S.
Newton        John
Nicholas      Holley
Nicholls      Joshua
Nickolls      Ephram
Noble         Gilbert
Noblett       William
Noblitt       William
Noel          William
Norman        John
Norrell       John
Norwood       William
Null          John
Nutt          Kedar
Nye           Shadrack
Oliver        George
Oliver        Lebulon
Oliver        Rebecca
Oliver        Robert
Osbourne      Fanny
Owens         Abraham
Owens         John
Owens         Smallwood
Owens         William
Oxford        Abel
Oxford        John
Paine         James
Paine         Robert
Paine         Rosanna
Paine         William
Palmer        Elisha
Palmer        Henry
Parham        Ephraim
Parker        Jeremiah
Parker        Sterling C.
Parker        William
Parker        Zachariah
Parr          William
Parrish       Calhoun
Parrott       Isaac
Pasteley      James
Pate          John, Jr.
Pate          John, Sr.
Patrick       Ephraim
Patrick       Samuel
Patterson     Bernard M.
Patterson     James
Patterson     Nelson
Paul          John
Paxton        Samuel
Peale         Benjamin
Pearce        John
Pearson       John
Pearson       Samuel
Peebles       Jesse
Penn          Jesse
Pepper        William B.
Perkins       Charles
Perkins       Samuel
Permentor     Malachi
Perry         James
Perry         John
Perry         William
Perrymore     James
Person        Simon
Peters        Andrew M.
Phelps        David
Phelps        Josiah
Phillips      Elizabeth Ann
Phillips      James N.
Phillips      John
Phillips      Thomas
Phipps        Berthena
Pickens       James H.
Pillow        Gideon
Pitts         Allen
Porter        David
Porter        James B.
Porter        John
Porter        Rees
Pounds        David
Powell        Bennett
Powell        Cyrus
Powell        John
Powell        Peter
Power         Edward
Power         Levi
Powers        John
Powers        Roadham
Pratt         William
Prewitt       Thomas
Price         Mary
Price         William
Pride         Eleanor
Pride         William
Pullen        Jesse
Pullen        Moses
Pullen        William
Pumkin        Edmond
Purvis        Grace
Purvyance     Eleazer
Quinn         Amos
Quinn         William
Racker        Seaborn
Raegan        James
Ragan         James
Rambant       Swann
Ramey         Henry G.
Ramsey        Richard
Randal        John
Randal        Thomas
Raney         David
Raney         James
Raney         Zebulon
Rankin        Robert
Rathrie       Daniel
Rawson        Charles
Rawson        Elizabeth
Rawson        John
Ray           Reuben
Rea           Joseph
Rea           Margaret
Rea           Thomas
Read          Joseph
Read          Samuel
Read          Thomas Junior
Reddin        Stephen
Reid          David
Reid          Moses
Reid          Robert
Reynolds      Hugh
Reynolds      Isaac
Reynolds      Isaac, Sr.
Rhay          John
Rhea          Abner
Rhea          John
Rhea          William
Rice          Richard
Richard       Jonathan
Richards      John
Richardson    May
Richardson    William B.
Richmond      Joshua
Riddle        Elisha
Riddle        John
Riddle        Polley
Riddle        Thomas Senior
Riddle        Thomas, Junior
Riggs         Reuben
Riggs         William
Ring          William
Risenor       John
Risenor       William
Rivers        Robert
Rivers        Thomas
Roberts       Humphrey
Roberts       John
Robertson     Eldridge B.
Robertson     James
Robertson     John
Robertson     Peter
Robins        Robert
Robinson      John
Robinson      Martha
Robinson      Negg
Rogers        Joseph
Rolley        Brown
Rose          Francis
Rose          William
Ross          John
Ross          John
Ross          Robert
Rossin        Sarah
Rosson        Robert
Rowe          Joseph
Rowland       Jeremiah
Rowler        Ahart
Rowsey        John
Roy           Reuben
Royl          William
Ruff          Godsend
Ruff          Henry L.
Russell       James
Russell       John G.
Russell       Patsy
Rutherford    Thomas, Jr.
Rutherford    Thomas, Sr.
Rutledge      Joel
Samford       John
Samuel        Anthony
Samuel        John
Samuel        Stephen
Sandy         Margaret
Sanford       Samuel
Sanford       William
Saterfield    Peter
Saunders      James
Sawyers       William
Scales        Henry
Schuyler      Abraham
Scoggins      Benjamin
Scott         Alexander W.
Scott         Joseph
Scott         M.
Scott         Mary
Scott         Nathaniel
Scott         Robert
Scott         Samuel
Scott         Thomas
Scruggs       Allen
Scruggs       Thomas
Seith[?]      James
Self          Anne
Settles       Strother
Sevier        Benjamin
Shadden       Robert
Shafer        Andrew
Shane         Robert
Shannon       Quintin
Sharam        Matthias
Shelton       Edmund
Shelton       Stephen
Sheppard      William
Sherrill      Levi
Shields       Alexander
Shields       George
Shields       Leander
Shields       Samuel
Shiner        Hannah
Shott         Caleb
Shrader       Henry
Simmonds      Peter
Simmons       James
Simmons       James M.
Simmons       Solomon, Jr.
Simmons       Solomon, Sr.
Simms         David
Simms         Elizabeth
Simms         Parrish
Simms         Robert
Simms         Wythe
Simpson       Charles
Simpson       John
Simpson       Roger
Simpson       Thomas
Simpson       William
Skelton       David
Smith         Alexander
Smith         Allen
Smith         Austin
Smith         Benjamin
Smith         Catharine
Smith         Diana
Smith         Drury
Smith         Edward
Smith         Elizabeth
Smith         Ezekiel
Smith         Francis
Smith         Isaac
Smith         James
Smith         John
Smith         Lucy
Smith         Owen
Smith         Phelps
Smith         Rhoda
Smith         Richard
Smith         Thomas
Smith         William
Snipes        John
Snipes        Philip
Snow          William
Somers        Mary
Spruce        Joseph
Stafford      Ivey
Stafford      Josiah
Stanford      George
Stanford      James
Stanford      John
Stanford      Thomas
Steele        Henry F.
Steele        Nathaniel
Steele        Thomas
Steele        William
Stegall       Solomon
Stepp         Joshua
Stevenson     Elam
Steverson     Samuel
Steward       Richard S.
Steward       Salley
Stewart       James
Stewart       Thomas
Stewart       Thomas
Stinson       Alexander
Stogdon       David
Stone         John
Stone         Thomas C.
Story         Archibald
Story         Caleb
Stovall       Mary
Stricklin     Frederick
Strong        David
Sutton        Nancy
Swaine        William
Swanson       Peter
Swett         Caleb
Tabourn       Gilliam [Free]
Tacker        John
Tacker        Joshua
Tarpley       Alexander
Tarpley       Thomas
Taylor        Abraham
Taylor        Anthony
Taylor        George
Taylor        James
Taylor        John P.
Taylor        Polly
Taylor        Rachel
Taylor        Robert
Tennery       William
Tennison      Zechariah
Terrell       James
Terry         Curtis
Thacker       Pleasant
Tharpe        Goodhope
Tharpe        John
Thomas        Jesse
Thompson      James
Thompson      Jesse
Thornton      William
Thurmon       Jesse
Tidwell       Eli
Tidwell       Isaac
Tidwell       Millington
Tidwell       Rhoad
Tidwell       Vincent
Tillery       John
Tinkersly     Rollings
Tinnen        James
Tinnen        Robert
Tinsley       Anderson
Todd          John S.
Tomplin       Jacob
Towers        John
Trotter       Joseph
Tucker        Anderson
Tucker        Butler
Tucker        George
Tucker        John
Tucker        Thomas, Jr.
Tucker        Thomas, Sr.
Tucker        William
Tungate       Susanna
Turnbow       Andrew
Turnbow       James
Turner        Hammer
Tuten         Obed
Tutin         Abraham
Tutt          Benjamin
Tuttle        Solomon
Tyree         Rodes
Ussery        Peter
Ussery        William
Vance         James
Vance         John
Vance         William
Vasser        George R.
Vasser        Peter
Vick          Sally
Vicke         Jonas
Vicke         Joseph
Vincent       Eliab
Vlack         Matthew
Waldrope      John
Walker        James
Walker        John C.
Walker        Susanna
Walker        Thomas
Wall          Ezekiel
Wall          John
Wall          John, Jr.
Wall          John, Sr.
Wallis        Andrew
Wallis        Joseph
Wallis        Robert
Walls         Ransom
Walston       Turner
Walthall      John
Warren        Joel
Warren        John
Waters        Charity
Watkins       John
Watson        Robert
Watson        William
Weaver        John
Weaver        Zebedee
Webb          Larkin
Webb          Littleberry
Webb          Morris
Webb          Robert
Webb          Thomas
Webb          William
Webb          William
Webster       Katherine
Weeks         John
Weir          George
Weir          Hugh
Weir          Margaret
Weir          Samuel
Welch         Nicholas
Wellans       Isaac
Wells         John
Wells         Thomas
Wells         William
West          Jesse
West          Joseph
Westmorland   Elizabeth
Wheeler       Benjamin
Wheeler       James
Wheeler       James T.
White         Benjamin
White         Caleb
White         David
White         Elijah
White         Elisha
White         Elizabeth
White         Henry
White         Hugh
White         John
White         Thomas
White         William 
Whitfield     John
Whitman       John
Wilcoxon      Aaron
Wilcoxon      David
Wilcoxon      Isaac
Wilkins       Willis
Wilkinson     Thomas
Williams      Allen
Williams      Burgess
Williams      David
Williams      Elizabeth
Williams      Isaac
Williams      John
Williams      John B.
Williams      Joseph
Williams      Martha
Williams      Rebecca
Williams      Sarah M.
Williams      Thomas
Williams      William
Williamson    Edmond
Williamson    Lewis
Williamson    Samuel
Williamson    Seth
Williford     Britton
Williford     Hardy
Williford     Willie
Willis        James
Wilsford      James
Wilson        Abel
Wilson        Archibald
Wilson        Boyd
Wilson        Catharine
Wilson        Francis
Wilson        Isaac
Wilson        Jacob
Wilson        James
Wilson        John
Wilson        John
Wilson        Samuel
Wilxoxon      David
Wisdom        John
Wisdom        Thomas
Withers       Jesse
Wood          James
Woodfin       George
Woodfin       James
Woods         Daniel T.
Woods         Isaac
Woods         William
Woods         William
Woodward      Jeremiah
Workman       John
Wright        John
Wright        John
Wright        Richard
Yancey        Alfred
Yancey        Elizabeth L.
Yancey        Tryon
Yarbrough     Ambrose
Yarbrough     John
Yates         Abraham
Yates         Samuel
Yokeley       Andrew
Yorke         Edward
Young         Archibald, Jr.
Young         Archibald, Sr.
Young         Jarratt
Young         John
Young         Joseph
Young         Nathaniel
Young         Rufus
Yount         Sally
Zellner       Arnold
Zimmerman     Christian