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NEW CROCKETT BOOK FOR SALE by the Franklin County Historical Society. The Society offers Gert Petersen's book "David Crockett, the Volunteer Rifleman, An Account of his Life, while a Resident of Franklin County, 1812-1817." This 56-page book sells for $15 (this includes postage). Send orders to: Franklin County Historical Society, P.O. Box 130,Winchester, Tennessee 37398-0130.

Joy Gallagher is looking for photographs of businesses around Winchester's Public Square for The Winchester Historic Preservation Committee. Also on First Avenue, N.W. (Prince Drug Store, Russell's stores, Paplanus & Woodbine stores, etc.) The committee is preparing a history of businesses around the Square as part of the celebration of Winchester's bicentennial in 2009. Contact Joy Gallagher:

The Historical Society is looking for a photograph of Colonel Peter Turney in his Confederate uniform or any of the soldiers who served in Turney's 1st. Contact Jerry Limbaugh:

SALE: Chuwalee, Chronicles of Franklin Co by Major MacKellar, 1972 $10.00. A History of Franklin County by Major MacKellar. Many of our settlers made their homes along the Elk River, which ran through Franklin County. Chuwalee is the Indian name for the river. An interesting little book.

Sponsored by the Franklin County Historical Society. This is a reprint of the Franklin County, Tennessee Family Histories, 1807-1996.This 392 page, hardback book contains a recent history of the county, its schools, churches, and businesses as well as some 900 individual family histories. The book has a rich burgundy leatherette cover featuring a gold seal of the Franklin County Courthouse. The price is $59.95 plus the $5 for postage, if mailing is required. Make checks payable to Franklin County Historical Society and mail to:

Franklin County Historical Society
Attn: Virginia Ellington
P.O. Box 130
Winchester, TN 37398-0130

Virginia Ellington, (931) 962-1476 will take your money and orders at the Local History Room at the Library.

Questions? Contact Virginia or e-mail:


Franklin County Historical Society
Virginia Ellington, Librarian
P.O. Box 130
Winchester, TN 37398
Phone:(931) 962-1476

NOTE: We are planning to publish Bible Records of Franklin County. If you haven't sent us a copy of your Bible register, please do so right away. Mail to the Society address given above. For accuracy, please provide us with a transcription as well as the photocopy.

The Historical Society works out of the History Room at the Library. You may use the books during the regular library hours. The history librarian's hours are from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. In order to access the microfilm, an attendant has to be on duty.
The society publishes:

The Tidings, reporting the society's activities, lists acquisitions, and donations, and has a section for genealogical inquiries. Queries are posted free to members in The Tidings. The charge to non-members is $5. Back issues of The Tidings is $1 plus $1 if mailed. The Review has been discontinued as of 2005.

This library has an excellent collection of books and microfilms. Of special interest are the family files with name index. The library has a collection of obituaries from about 1980, birth index 1908-1912, and the death records from 1914-1925. (The TSLA has vital records prior to 1944. The State and local health offices have the records after 1944.) Franklin County census records are available on microfilm from 1820-1930. The library does not have the old city directories. There are some old maps.

Membership: The Franklin County Historical Society is chartered as a volunteer, nonprofit organization. Membership is open to anyone upon payment of dues which along with proceeds from publications sales, special projects, memorial gifts and donations, provide the funds with which we operate. Memberships are available in the following categories:
Regular $20 - Contributing $30 and Life $200. Make checks payable to Franklin County Historical Society and mail to: Franklin County Historical Society, P.O Box 130, Winchester, TN 37398-0130. Please help your Society keep mailing costs down by renewing on time and keeping us informed of your address. Questions? Call Virginia Elington at (931) 962-1476. Or, email:

Meeting date/time/location: You should contact the Society for time and place.

NEWSPAPERS:The Franklin County Library has the following newspapers on film:

  • The Winchester Appeal, Feb. 1856-1860.
  • The Home Journal, Jan. 1857.
  • The Winchester Daily Chronicle, 1862-1863.
  • The Winchester Home Journal, 1866-1884. The years 1885-1917 are nonexistent.
  • The Truth and Herald, Feb. 1917-1950.
  • The Cowan Times and Franklin County Times, 1947-1950.
  • The Winchester Herald Times, 1950-1967.
  • The Herald-Chronicle, 1968-to date.
    Address: Davis Sons, Publisher, 906 Dinah Shore Blvd., Winchester, TN 37398. Phone: (931) 967-2272 This paper publishes twice weekly. There is an occasional article regarding historical events. You may query the "Letters to the Editor" section.

    NEWSPAPERS on microfilm at The Tennessee State Library and Archives:

  • Altamont
  • Manchester
  • Tullahoma
  • Winchester

  • The society has the following issues of the Review available: (the year and a brief description is given. Sold out issues are noted for reference that they do exist. An issue may show up in estate sales or be offered by an owner.) Please add $2 postage and handling for the first book ordered and $.50 for each additional publication. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    Dec. 1969. Hundred Oaks - (sold out)
    June 1970 Awalt, Legislature, Oehmig letter $6.25
    Dec. 1970 Cumberland Presbyterian Ch, Francis J. Campbell $6.25
    June 1971 Winchester Springs Hotel (sold out).
    Dec. 1971 Prehistory of FC, Woman's Christian Temp., Houses (sold out)
    June 1972 Terrill College, Decherd Nursery (sold out)
    Dec. 1972 Falls Mill, Belvidere $6.25
    June 1973 United Belvidere Church (sold out)
    Dec. 1973 Knies Blacksmith Shop, Good Shepherd Parish $6.25
    June 1974 Tunnel, R.R., Petition, Dripping Spgs, Old Salem Ch $6.25
    Dec. 1974 Bank, Newspaper History, Green Family
    Index, Vol. I-V, Dec 1969-June 1974 $6.25
    June 1975 Crockett, Historic Houses, Goshen Presby., Whitman $6.25
    January 1976 Jail Become a Museum (sold out)
    July 1976 Cherokee Map/Bicentennial $6.25
    Jan. 1977 Secession, Turney's 1st Tennessee $6.25
    July 1977 Mill, Marquette Co., Three Hist. Homes $6.25
    Jan. 1978 Stagecoach Inn, $6.25
    July 1978 Crimson Clover, $6.25
    Jan 1979 Southwest Map, Marble Plains Methodist Ch.$6.25
    July 1979 Woodhaven House, Donaldson Family$6.25
    Jan 1980 Mary Sharp College Art and Music$6.25
    July 1980 Baptist $6.25
    Jan. 1981 Vanzant, Manerva Ball (sold out)
    July 1981 Agriculture, Robert Lee, Custer House $6.25
    Jan. 1982 100 Oaks $6.25
    July 1982 Cross, Outside View, Stories, Miller Home, St. Mary's $6.25
    Jan. 1983 Sarah B. Elliott, Woman's Rights, Cumb.Presby Ch Belv.$6.25
    July 1983 Weaving, A.P. Stewart, Black Edu, Grandma, Franklins $6.25
    Jan. 1984 Cemetery $6.25
    July 1984 Gov. Sherwood, Tantallon, Crow Creek Bios, $6.25
    Jan. 1985 Carrick Academy, Winch. Normal $6.25
    July 1985 Isham Harris, St.Andrews $6.25
    Jan. 1986 Masons, Rev. Townsend, Two Daus. Winch. Fiction $6.25
    July 1986 The Story of Sam Tag $10 plus $2 to mail
    Jan. 1987 Quilt, Est.Spgs, Hydroel Plant $6.25
    July 1987 Courthouses, Ida Elliott, First Bap.Ch Es.Spgs $6.25
    Jan. 1988 Fulford Hall, FC Bishop and Gen. Bragg, 4th TN, Co.K, $6.25
    July 1988 Horses, Ikard Farm, Gager Lime Co, James Taylor Fam.$6.25
    Jan. 1989 James Winchester, Venable, Union Sol. Votes, Lewis $6.25
    July 1989 Historic mills, barns, houses, tunnel, depot, museum $6.25
    Jan. 1990 Prize Oration by Marks, Courtship by Mail, East Brook $6.25
    July 1990 Incidental Memoirs, Sherwood's Remarkable Landowner $6.25
    Jan. 1991 McCorry-Holder,etc. home, Prince Families, Lawyers $6.25
    July 1991 Mrs. Crockett, Green family, J.W. Booth, Scopes trial $6.25
    Jan. 1992 Vol. XXIII, No. 1, Famous Tennesseans $13.25
    June 1992 Confederate Action $13.25
    Jan. 1993 Kirby Smith, C.War Questionnaires, Durm Family $6.25
    July 1993 Mary Sharp College $6.25
    1994 Letters to Mary, Civil War Diary, 146 pages $16.50
    1995 Index Vol. I-XXV, 1969-1995 $13.25
    1996 The Way We Were, 175 pages $13.25
    1997 Estill Springs, 103 pages $13.25
    1998 Civil War 1861-1865 $16.50

    1999-2000 Before Wagner's Creek Ran Dry, by John Malcolm Delzell. Hardback, $25 plus $2 postage.

  • Family History Book (392 pages, hardback. $59.95. Makes a good gift.
  • Marriage Book (sold out)
  • Cemetery Book (2nd reprint) $45.00
  • Chuwalee, Chronicles of Franklin Co by Major MacKellar $10.00. A Collector's item!
  • William Crabtree of Crow Creek by Woodall with new index $42.00
  • Water Cure (Home Remedies) $6.25 (sold out)

    For information regarding the Franklin County Historical Society and its publications write: Franklin County Historical Society, P.O. Box 130, Winchester, TN 37398 or phone: (931) 962-1476.

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