MARRIAGES 1807-1837

Compiled by Judy Henley Phillips

Our first marriage book for Franklin County begins January, 1838. There is no known marriage book prior to that date. For many years I have been compiling a reconstructed first marriage book for Franklin County - a spinoff from another project. As the cc for Franklin County, I decided to make my research available to those who visit my page.

Some of these couples lived in the part of Franklin that became Coffee County in 1836. I invite you to submit additions or corrections for inclusion here. The requirements for a marriage to be included is that the marriage should have come from as reliable a source as possible. Please state the source. See below. The submitter's name will be given.

1) Ancestral File (LDS)
2) Assumed (lived FC before and after marriage)
3) Bible
4) Court Records
5) Genealogies (older)
6) IGI (LDS)
7) Military
8) Newspaper
9) Publications

Franklin County formed December, 1807. There were many inhabitants living here in the years
prior to the county formation. The following pre-1807 marriages likely occurred here. 1806
John WILKINSON to Eleanor "Nellie" MILLER 24 June 1806.

Obediah BEAN to Barbara HEIFNER 1808.
Andrew PERRY to Jane CROCKETT 20 Sept. 1808.

Jesse MCANALLY to Joanna __________ 17 Jan. 1809.
Thomas DOUGAN to Hester KIMBROUGH 30 Mar. 1809.

Paul HERRIFORD to Sarah REED 16 Aug. 1810.

James DUNWOODY to Jane GIVENS 11 Apr. 1811.
John R. GRAVES to Agness NOE 17 Sept. 1811.
John UPTON to Mary "Molly" JOURDAN 14 Oct. 1811. Performed by James CUNNINGHAM, J.P. on Elk River.
Corneilus STANFIELD to Martha JONES 17 Oct. 1811. Performed by Hayman BAILEY, M.G.

Martin FERRELL to Frances NICHOLS 1812.
Charles WOODS to Susan JENNINGS 19 Mar. 1812.
John HANDLEY to Nancy COWAN 26 Mar. 1812.
Thomas ESTES to Cynthia _________ 1 July 1812, Richard CALLAWAY, J.P.
Edmond HODGES to Sarah MCCLAIN 29 July 1812, by John STURDIVANT, J.P.

Sharpe DOUGAN to Mrs. Rebecca (______________) DICKEY [c1814].
William SIMMONS to Sarah HAGOOD 1814.

Isaac ESTILL to Sallie EMBREY 1815.
Thomas JAMES to Sarah CHILDERS 15 June 1815
John J. MCGOWAN to Mrs. Mary "Polly" (THOMPSON) FLOYD 1815.
Alfred PETTY to Mary TUBB 1815.
John SCHMIDT/SMITH to Delaney STAMPS [c1815] by Rev. Billy WOODS.

Benjamin Franklin SELMAN to Sarah BEAN [c1816].
Davey CROCKETT to Mrs. Elizabeth (PATTON) PATTON 1816.
Isaac Shephard NELSON to Zelphia NORWOOD 22 Jan. 1816
Benjamin NEVILLE to Susan HEAROD 4 Feb. 1816.
Leroy D. BEAN to Jane MCQUEEN 10 Apr. 1816.
Zachariah STAGGS to Hulda E. GOWEN 17 July 1816.
Anger PRICE to Nancy SHROPSHIRE 10 Sept. 1816.
Elijah MCELROY to Catherine BURRIS 22 Nov. 1816.

James CARDEN to Jane MORROW 7 Jan. 1817.
Peter WOODS, Jr. to Sarah Winslow DAVIDSON 26 Mar. 1817.
William KING to Isabelle MANN Sept. 1817.

Greenville BARNETT to Eliza Adelaide GILLESPIE [c1818].
John HUTTON to Margaret McConnell DAVIDSON 1818.
John C. PRYOR to Ann E. BULLARD 1818.
Wallace W. ESTILL to Mrs. Eleanor M. (THOMAS) CRABB 8 Jan. 1818, Winchester, TN.
Thomas MCLAUGHLIN to Miss Sophia GILLASPIE 1818.
Archibald WOODS to Dorcas L. HENDERSON 30 Jan. 1818.

Wiseman MOORE to Mrs. Keziah (HOLCOMB) BLAKELY [c1819].
Rev. Robert BELL to Elizabeth HANDLEY 1819.
James BLEDSOE to Elizabeth STREET 1819.
Samuel M. COWAN to Elizabeth CAPERTON 1819.
John RUSSEY to Lucinda WILLIS 17 Jan. 1819.
Amos NICHOLSON to Nancy GOOCHER Mar.1819, submitted by Lynn Sheppa.
Benjamin Spyker DECHERD to Julia HENDERSON 6 May 1819.
Allen BOX to Mary BOX 9 Dec. 1819, sol. by Squire James STOVALL, J.P.
Joseph FRANKLIN to Mahala GRIFFIN 22 Dec. 1819.

Hosea REYNOLDS to Dorcas SELMAN [c1820].
Minyard GILLIAM to Martha "Mattie" HARRIS 1820.
D. Ed Westley SISK to Mary MONEY 1820.
William GIBSON to Sarah HENDRICKS 20 Mar. 1820.
William Henderson LUCAS to Griselda MCCALLISTER 23 Mar. 1820.
Benjamin ATKINS to Esther HOWARD 30 Mar. 1820.
John O. BOGGS to Mahalie RIPLEY 30 Mar. 1820.
John WHITEHEAD to Sarah WILSON Oct. 1820.
Thomas WILSON to Miss TOWNSEND 16 Sept. 1820.
Zachariah Haden MURRELL to Elizabeth PHILIPS 17 Oct. 1820.
Willis CHAMPION to Abigail DUNCAN 31 Oct. 1820.

Christopher A. BARBEE to Elizabeth HERRIN 1821, Winchester, TN.
William CAMPBELL to Levina METHVIN 5 Aug. 1821, Salem, TN.
Warning/William P. ROBERTSON/ROBINSON to Frances Holmes CALLAWAY 9 Aug. 1821. Performed by Rev. Billy WOODS.
George W. CARTER to Nancy HASTY 4 Oct. 1821.

Robert T. MITCHELL to Mary Winkfield SHROPSHIRE 1822.
Charles Joseph GILLASPIE to Miss Lilly Thomas CRABB 12 Jan. 1822. Lilly, dau. of Col. Ralph CRABB. Marriage performed by Rev. Ezra WITTER in Winchester. (Knoxville Register")
William W. LEA to Miss Eliza Augusta LEWIS, dau. of Col. Joel LEWIS, 12 Jan. 1822 Winchester. The marriage was performed by Rev. Ezra WITTER. ("Knoxville Register") Submitted by J.T. Limbaugh.
Jesse GOTCHER to Lucinda Annie PAYNE 22 Mar. 1822.
John PERKINS to Mrs. Frances (NICHOLS) FERRELL 16 Apr. 1822, by John CAMDEN, J.P.
John HARVEY to Mrs. Nancy (______________) HOUSTON, 1 Aug. 1822, by John "Jack" CAMDEN.
Stephen M. GRISWOLD to Sarah PURDOM 30 Oct. 1822.
James BOX to Jane MCELROY 22 Nov. 1822.
John M. KAVANAUGH to Samira S. WOODS 10 Dec. 1822.

Allen GIPSON to [Sarah?] Anna LONG [c1823].
Alfred HENDERSON to Sarah QUISENBERRY 3 July 1823.

Daniel NORMAN to Eleanor GRIGGS 1 Jan. 1824.
Harmon STRICKLAND to Nancy MCBRIDE 4 Jan. 1824.
Joseph GRAVES to Elizabeth BRAZIER 15 Jan. 1824.
Henry A. GARVIN to Eveline S. HAWS 10 June 1824.

John Baxter HAWKINS to Jane "Jenny" MILLER Mar. 1825.
James POE to Mary BAGGETT 12 July 1825.
Hezekiah FARIS to Matilda Steven ROBERTS 12 April, 1825.
Thomas WAKEFIELD, Sr. to Jemima GRIFFIN 19 Sept. 1825.
Louisiana TAUL to Jacob Tipton BRADFORD 17 Nov. 1825.

Malachi SIMPSON to Mary "Poly" ATKINS [c1826].
Joseph G. GENTRY to Mrs. Mary (MARSH) ROACH 1826.
Granville H. HOGAN to Salina A. Narcissa HARVEY 24 Aug. 1826.
John SHOOK to Mary KEITH 7 Sept. 1826.
Tillman SMITH to Elizabeth SANDERS 9 Sept. 1826.
Zachariah Haden MURRELL to Phoebe E. WHITE 19 Sept. 1826.
Benjamin NEVILLE to Mary Elizabeth STILES 23 Nov. 1826.
James PHILIPS to Winnifred MCELROY 18 Dec. 1826.

Isaac KUYKENDALL to Asenath FARRIS 12 Jan. 1827.
Andrew C. PARKS to Sarah FRANKLIN 11 Feb. 1827.
Green B. KITCHENS to Sarah M. BRAZIER 28 Feb. 1827.
Thomas Paine TAUL to Caroline Patton ANDERSON 7 Mar. 1827.
Oliver J. LINDSEY to Sarah M. CLARK 22 Mar. 1827.
Benjamin Jones JACOWAY to Margaret WILKINSON 12 Aug. 1827.
John Fitzpatrick ANDERSON to Mary HENDRICKS 23 Aug. 1827.
Rev. James CAMPBELL to Malinda C. ROBINSON Nov. 1827.
William KNOX to Anne Octavia LEWIS 7 Nov. 1827.
Peter Spyker DECHERD to Frances Henrietta HOLDER 26 Nov. 1827.

Daniel NORMAN to Polly HUTTON 1 Jan. 1828.
Samuel BAKER to Sarah A. BAIN/BANE [possible maiden name WILEMAN] by James B. STOVALL, J.P.
Rev. Reuben BURROW to Mrs. Elizabeth (WEAR) BELL 1828, near Salem, TN.
Willis SELMAN to Ann EMBREY 1828.
Elisha GUNN to Mary Ann Elizabeth GUNN 1828.
John SIMMONS to Nancy HUDNALL 15 Feb. 1828.
George W. THOMPSON to Charlotte SMITH 16 Sept. 1828.
Abijah Allen SIMPSON to Mary "Polly" JACKSON 23 Sept. 1828.
James G. MOORE to Rebecca WEBB 7 Oct. 1828.
Rice Wilson SIMPSON to Rebecca H. LASATER 7 Oct. 1828.
William Lyle HANNAH to Elizabeth BRAZELTON 28 Oct. 1828.
Dr. Elisha SIMS to Elizabeth T. RAWLINS 11 Nov. 1828.
William Claiborne HANNAH to Susan KEITH 25 Dec. 1828.

William Allen STRAMLER to Rachel COVEY 3 Feb. 1829.
James Wallace GOSA to Elizabeth Ann YOUNG 6 Apr. 1829.
David DECHERD to Elizabeth Callaway PATRICK 5 May 1829, Salem, TN.
Richard Charles ARNETT to Martha WOODS 12 Nov. 1829.
Joseph H. BRADFORD to Maria Catherine SPYKER 25 Nov. 1829, Pleasant Retreat near Winchester.

Benjamin Franklin GIBSON to Permelia CAPERTON [c1830].
William BENNETT to Lucretia RUNNELLS 1830.
Amazon KING to Masey HAWS Mar. 1830.
Ezachariah MITCHELL to Lucy WEAVER 1830.
James RUSSEY, Sr. to Nancy SCOTT 18 Jan. 1830.Wallis ESTILL, M.D. bondsman
Daniel MCLEMORE to Elizabeth "Betsy" KELLY 4 Feb. 1830.
James W. YOUNG to Isabella TRIGG 11 Mar. 1830, Salem, TN.
Archibald WOODS to Sallie G. CAPERTON 15 June 1830.
Thomas BYROM to Agness FARISS 1 July 1830.
James W. ROBINSON to Susan FARRIS 22 July 1830.
John Philip HOWARD to Sarah Qualls/Quarles GILLILAND 22 July 1830.
Alanson ROE/ROWE to Elizabeth M. PETTY 28 July 1830.
Rolla P. RAINES to Elizabeth B. EANES 3 Aug. 1830.
John C. LIPSCOMB to Sarah Ann "Sallie" MILLER 25 Aug. 1830.
James A. WILKINSON to Agatha Ann WILLIS 2 Dec. 1830.
William Gilbert SIMPSON to Nancy BROWN 9 Dec. 1830.
Everett HORTON to Telitha J. HORTON 14 Dec. 1830.
David GIBSON to Elizabeth GARNER 30 Dec. 1830.

Jesse CORN to Mrs. Margaret (THOMPSON) RAWLINS [c1831].
John F. GRAHAM to Mrs. Nancy Ann (____________) BOSTICK 1831.
John MASON to Nancy KEITH 10 Feb. 1831.
Allen YOUNG to Blanche ORSBORN [OSBORNE} 21 July 1831.
John P. CRITTENDEN to Martha R. TRIPPLIN 11 Sept. 1831, Salem, TN.

John MATLOCK to Eliza WILLIAMS 1832, Salem, TN.
R.P. ROBINSON to Sarah Ann BALL 1832
Thomas J. WILLIAMS to Margaret Ann HILL 1832.
George S. MILLER to America Ann HILL 17 Jan. 1832.
Thomas Harris WOODS to Appoline Shelton MILLER 28 Feb. 1832.
Alexander WILLIS to Delany DENNISON 12 June 1832.
Thomas HOLLAND to Mrs. Sarah Winslow (DAVIDSON) WOODS 12 July 1832.
George SIMMONS to Mary A. FANCY 9 Oct. 1832.
Presly GEORGE to Sarah MOORE 25 Oct. 1832.
Samuel J. KENNERLY to Helen TAYLOR 13 Dec. 1832.
Thomas N. HOLT to Rhoda ROBINSON 20 Dec. 1832.

John BEASLEY to Loucinda CRAIN 16 Jan. 1833
William FORRESTER to Narcissa VANZANT [c1833].
John Milton COPENHEIFER to Louisa WILLIAMS 1833.
Joab NEAL to Elizabeth ______________ 1833.
John WITT to Ara T. MCNEIL 3 Jan. 1833, Winchester, TN
William Cook HAMMAN to Eleanor ROWE 24 Jan. 1833, Winchester, TN.
Henry CUNNINGHAM to Nancy CARGILE 18 Apr. 1833.
Squire Brooks HAWKINS to Elinor MILLER 22 May 1833.
William DUROSSETT to Margaret PARSLEY June 1833. By Meredith KITCHENS, J.P. [sic CATCHINS]
John D. MATLOCK to Eliza Vail WILLIAMS 7 July 1833.
James W. ROBINSON to Nancy MARTIN 7 July 1833.
William P. CRAIG to Martha V. ALEXANDER 22 Aug. 1833.
Samuel HUDSPETH to Eleanor BROWNING 17 Sept. 1833.
Isaac VANZANDT to Fanny C. LIPSCOMB 18 Dec. 1833.

Wilson Liberty HUDSON to Euphana R. "Effie" MATHIS [c1834].
Dabney M. LIPSCOMB to Lucy Ann WOODS 1834.
Granville ARNETT to Nancy HATCHETT Feb. 1834.
William A. CALDWELL to Eleanor FOSTER 3 Apr. 1834.
William H. BERRY to Clarissa J. LANDERS 7 Aug. 1834.
Mitchell HOLDER to Nancy W. FRANCIS 4 Sept. 1834.
James H. MOSELEY to Miss Ann F. "Molly" IKARD 15 Oct. 1834.
James R. HOBBS to Jane ESTILL 16 Dec. 1834.
William SKIDMORE to Sarah KEITH 24 Dec. 1834.
Joseph Loch BAKER to Lucinda MARTIN 30 Dec. 1834.

Elihu BURK to Priscilla HAYNES 1835.
Benjamin F. JENKINS to Eliza JOHNSON 1835.
Wade Hampton BROWN to Elizabeth AWALT 11 Jan. 1835.
William DONALDSON to Ellen MORRIS 21 Mar. 1835.
James A. SNOWDEN to Sarah Sophia HOLDER 24 Mar. 1835.
David C. GIBSON to Miss Jane GRIFFIN 23 Apr. 1835.
Caleb H. JONES to Eliza M. HUMBE 24 May 1835.
Campbell HENLEY to Malinda THOMPSON 2 July 1835.
Reuben RIGGS to Elizabeth Caroline GRAVES 30 July 1835.
Henry MODENA to Lucy Ann Elizabeth DUNCAN 3 Sept. 1835, by A.J. STEELE, M.G.
James MATLOCK to Helene GRAY 13 Oct. 1835.
Isaac Miller WILKINSON to Mary Lucinda WILLIS 12 Nov. 1835.
Arthur L. CAMPBELL to Virginia YOUNG 24 Nov. 1835.
Walter D. SWANN to Nancy WILDER 22 Dec. 1835.
John Adlad CORN to Sarah MOORE 27 Dec. 1835.
Hilliard PETTY to Hannah WOODS 29 Dec. 1835.

John Bird BRANNAN to Permelia OWENS 1836, Hockersville (Alto), TN.
Frederick F. GIBSON to Sarah GILLIAM 10 May 1836, Sol. by Miniard GILLIAM.
Michael WILLIAMS to Eliza Jane JONES 1 Oct. 1836.
William Asbury HUDSON to Louise Marie Bizerah HILL 1 Dec. 1836.
John L. ROBBINS to Sarah Ann HUDSON 23 Dec. 1836.

Milton IKARD to Isabella TUBB 1837.
James LONG to Lucinda LINVILLE 19 Jan. 1837.
Thomas Moore PRYOR to Nancy DARDIS 9 Feb. 1837.
James Cowan HANDLEY to Cynthia Ann SHOOK 25 May 1837.
Coatsworth Pinckney HERNDON to Mahala Hall TURNER 8 June 1837.
John Washington CORN to Eliza MCCUTCHEON 16 June 1837.
John Palmer WEDDINGTON to Clementine SIMMONS 26 Oct. 1837

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