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Transcribed by Steve Arnold from micro-film TSLA
(All of the men had "Franklin County" listed as their residence)

BLAKE, WilliamFARRIS, WilliamPARKS, Samuel
BOWAN, JohnGLEN, JohnQULLEN, Charles
BROOKS, John H.HARDY, John C.REEVES, Manier W. (Minor)
BURTON, JamesHARDY, William B.RICE, Larkin
BURTON, John O.HILL, ThomasROSS, William C.
CAUSBY, WilliamLOONEY, BenjaminSTEWART, William
COLSTON, CharlesMCCURDY, Nathaniel W.STONE, Thomas
DONALSTON, AlexanderMICKLE, JamesVICK, Nathan
ELLIS, Josiah S.MILLER, RichardWILLIAMS, Harden
FARRIS, JamesNORWOOD, HenryWILLIAMS, Philip (Phillip)

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Transcribed by Judy Henley Phillips
Franklin Co., TN Deed Book Q:256, (Deed of Mortgage) 27 October 1837

Benjamin CHERRY, Captain, and William GIBSON First Lt. of the company of Mounted Volunteers lately raised in the County and State aforesaid for the service of the United States in Florida, being Jointly bound as security with each of us, the undersigned members of the company, as aforesaid in the note which he has Executed for the purchase money of Horses which he now has, and is to use in the approaching campaign. Now to save said CHERRY and GIBSON harmless, each of us dose hereby convey to the said CHERRY and GIBSON their heirs and assigns forever all right Title and Interest which he has in and to his said Horse. this conveyance however is to be void as to each of the undersigned who pays his said note when it becomes due. Furthermore each of the undersigned does hereby empower and appoint the Cherry and GIBSON to be his lawful attorney to receive from the General Government of the United States as it fall due, the pay to which he may be entitled and to take all necessary steps to recover the same, should payment be delayed, They are also authorised to apply said pay when received to the payment of the notes in which they are jointly bound, with each of us if not before paid and the balance if any pay over to him of us to whom it is due. This 27th Octr. 1837. Signed:

John G. BOSTICK, James KEENEY, John W. GREER, Geo. W. CHERRY, John (his X mark) DILE, David (his X mark) HOWARD, Coleman (his X mark) MILAM, Jackson PATTERSON, Rowling DAVIS, Thomas SANDERS, Thomas J. WILLIAMS, Daniel GWINN (his X mark), Madison GOODMAN, Allen GILLIAM, Wiley KING, William (his X mark) SPAIN, Alexander STITH, Charles (his X mark) ODEAR, Jefferson (his X mark) HILL, Jonathan (his X mark) THOMAS, Jesse (his X mark) MCKELVEY, William C. BOYSE, Hiram R. SMITH, James SANSOM, Anderson (his X mark) SUMMORS, William FERRELL, John DAVIS (his X mark), Sydney (his X mark) ROBERTS, John M. WALKER, Abner (his X mark) DIAR, Claybourn C. SEGE, Thomas J. ROSE, Caleb (his X mark) MOORE, Jas. W. (his X mark) STAMPS, William GARRETT, Peter WILEY, William SIMS, Wilson MORRIS, Joseph M. STAFFORD, John B. COFFROTH, Wm. (his X mark) HILL, Ben (his X mark) LADD, John B. (his X mark) BRANNON, James M. (his X mark) SMITH, John (his X mark) HARGESS, Jesse (his X mark) COVEY, Obediah W. HUNTER, Charles SANSON, Jesse SANSON, Peter (his X mark) VIBBERT, Thomas F. MILAM, George (his X mark) KING, John MORRIS, John ELLIS, Elias SMITH, Geo. W. ROSE, Wm. HAYES, Abram HARGESS, Benj. ROLLINS, George SUMMERS, Benj. F. JONES. WITNESS: Samuel THOMPSON, Harris GILLIAM, G.W. SARTAIN, Jurat. ATTEST: John NUGENT, Zachariah (his X mark) GOWERS.

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Transcribed by Judy Henley Phillips - 1984

This is a muster roll for Captain Benjamin Cherry's Regiment, Lauderdale's Battalion, Tennessee Mounted Infantry, Cherokee War (Spies). They were mustered in at Ross landing 31 Oct. 1837 for six months.

Benjamin CHERRY and most of these men were from the civil district nine area of Franklin County and communities of Alto, Decherd, Roark's Cove. Some of the men lived in the part of Franklin that became Coffee and later Grundy.

The Cherokee Volume begins in 1836, p114, TSLA. There were several muster rolls for this company. Some names were difficult to read from one list, but were clearer on other lists. I have taken the best transcription from the several rolls. All of the men were present for roll call.

Some pension information taken from original pensions and from, "Indian Wars Pension Files 1892-1926," by Virgil White. The index to the Indian Wars Pension files are in twelve volumes T318 at the National Archives. Request for pensions should indicate the title and the information provided in the index.

1 CHERRY, Benjamin Capt.
1 GIPSON, William 1st Ltn.
1 BRANNON, Williamson 2nd Ltn.
2 CARSON, James 2nd Ltn.

1 SARTAIN, George W.
2 LAXTON, Jesse

4 GILLIAM , Harris, wid Nancy, WA-1929 TN 11 Oct. 1892, FL War Srv TN Vols

1 MORRIS, John
2 WILLIAMS, Thos. Jefferson
3 BURROWS, Saml.
4 BELL, John H.T.


1 AUSTIN, John -
2 ANDERSON, Alfred P.-
3 ANDERSON, Samuel -
4 BOYCE, William C.-
5 BELL, Thomas A.-
6 BURRIS, William H.-

8 BRANNON, John B., SC-1769 TX 23 Sep 1892, Srv 1837-8

9 BOSTICK, John-
10 BURROWS, Anthony G.-

11 CHERRY, George W., SC-1780 TN 27 Aug. 1892 FL War Srv.

12 illegible-
13 CARSON, Terry?-
14 COTTON, Hiram-
15 COVY, Jesse-

16 COFFORTH, John B., wid Susan - WA-5785 OH 4 Sep 1894, Cherokee War Srv in Cherry's Co. TN Vols

17 CARROLL, Isaac-
18 DYER, Abner-

19 DOIL/DYAL, John, wid Avie WC-6309 FL 15 July 1902, Seminole War Srv

20 DAVIS, John-

21 ELLIS, John, John I. ELLIS wid Harriett, WC-1346 TN 16 Aug. 1892 Cherokee War Srv

22 FERRELL, William-
23 FINNEY, Patton-

24 GWINN, Daniel, SC- 3046 MO 25 Jan. 1893 FL War Srv TN Vols.

25 GILLIAM, Allen-
26 GOODMAN, Madison-
27 GIPSON, Allen, Although he didn't die until 1896, I have not found a pension for him or his widow, Minerva. He was a Private mustered in 31 Oct. 1837 at Ross Landing, Tenn for a period of 6 months. He was mustered out at Baton Rouge 8 May 1838. His horse was condemned on 24 Apr. I have placed a stone for his service in the Gillespie plot in the University Cem. at Sewanee, TN. He and his first wife, Anny LONG were the 2nd great-grandparents of Judy Henley Phillips and I think the 3rd great-grandparents of Charles A. Sherrill.

28 GIPSON, Frederick F., wid Sallie, WC-31 TX 27 Sep 1892, Creek War Srv in TN Vols. 2 Dec. 1892, Widow's Pension #1461 of Sallie GIPSON, P.O. Overton, Rusk Co., TX - Soldier, Frederick F. GIPSON - Rank, Private in Capt. CHERRY'S Co., Mtd. Tenn. Vols. (FL Wars) ... enlisted 31 Oct. 1837 dischared 10 May 1838 - Bounty Land Warrant No 4785 for 80 acres issued Oct. 1850. Married 10 May 1836 by Miniard GILLIAM ... died 6 May 1892. Declaration of widow 17 Sept. 1892 Rusk Co., TX states she is 73, resident of Overton, Rusk Co., TX and the widow of Frederick F. GIPSON. Husband discharged at Tampa Bay, FL. Husband enlisted at 19 years of age, 5 foot 10 inches, blue eyes, light hair, fair complexion, farmer and born in Franklin Co., TN. Wits.: Charley GILLIAM; H.J. MCRAY. Martha and Charlie GILLIAM say they knew Frederick and Sallie GIPSON from childhood. Wits.: Nancy GIPSON; Fannie E. STRAIN. Affidavit: Martha GILLIAM, 88; Eliza ASHLEY, 67, say they were both present at the marriage of Frederick and Sallie. Wits.: Nancy GIPSON; W.M. BRADFORD. Charles GILLIAM, 80; H.J. MCRAY, 54 ... Charles GILLIAM in the same company with Frederick ... Signed 17 Sept. 1892. Frederick died 6 May 1892, age 73 ... Sallie died 4 Aug.[sic] 1913. Fred was a witness that John Bird BRANNAN had served with him.

29 GAGE, William-
30 GREER, John W.-
31 GOWERS, Zachariah-
32 HILL, Thomas J.-
33 HUNTER, Obediah W.-

34 HENLEY, John, wid Susannah, WC-2322 TN 6 Sep 1892, FL War Srv TN Vols. 27 July 1892 Indian Wars Widow Pension, Certificate #2322 and pension #744 of Susannah HENLEY widow of John HENLEY, began and was dropped in Feb. 1908 because of her death. 19 Aug. 1892, Mrs. Susannah HENLEY aged 70 resident of Alto, FCT and the widow of John HENLEY private in Benj. CHERRY'S Tenn. Batt. Mtd. Vol. spies in the war with the Seminoles, Florida War. 1837. Says that her husband enlisted at Hawkerville, FCT on the 9th of Sept. 1837 ... that I was married under my name of Susannah SEUTER [SUITOR] to my said husband, by Esq. Thomas MEADOWS on the 9th day of Apr. 1843 at Crow Creek, FCT and lived with her husband until his death 27 Jan. 1876, when he died at Sewanee, TN. He was discharged at Memphis, Tenn Spring 1838 ... she is 70 years of age and was born the 18th July 1822 at Jackson Co., AL. Certificate of Commission of D.S. LONG Esqr. this day forwarded to Pension office with declaration of Mrs. Amanda ROSE widow of Claiborne C. ROSE of Capt. JACOWAYS Co., AL Mtd. Vols. this Sept. 2, 1892. /S/ John A. LAWING Claim Agent. State of Tenn., FC: I William E. TAYLOR, Clerk of the County Court of FCT, hereby certify that the following is a true and correct copy taken from Marriage Record Book, Page 51 in my office: "John HANLEY to Susan SEUTER - I certify that I solemnized the rites of matrimoney between the within named parties Thos. MEADOWS, J.P." I further certify that the date of issuance and date of return of the license is not recorded, but the marriage record just preceding and immediately following the record of marriage of John HANLEY to Susan SEUTER is dated January 17th 1843, and June 14th 1843 respectively, and it appears that the license was issued and return made of the marriage of John HANLEY to Susan SEUTER between the two last named dates. Witness my hand and official seal. This August 24th 1892. W.E. TAYLOR, Clk. By Dick TAYLOR, D.C. 10 Mar. 1893, Alto, FCT - Mrs. Susannah HENLEY aged 70. General Affidavit: "I am the widow of John HENLEY the above named soldier. In reply to letter of Pension Office under date of Feb. 23, 1893. I have to State that I was married to said Soldier on the 9th of April 1843. Neither he nor I had ever been previously married. I herewith attach to this affidavit a specimen of his writing which is taken from the family Bible, and the record made by him in his own hand writing. David GIPSON, I think, purchased the Bounty Land warrants from Mr. HENLEY, but I do not know the name of the attorney who obtained land warrant for Mr. HENLEY. Mr. HENLEY obtained a Land Warrant before we were married, and he probably obtained one since we married, but I do not know who procured it. Some of the members of Captain CHERRY'S Company that soldiered with Mr. HENLEY were George CHERRY and William CHERRY, and I think they messed together, and Mr. HENLEY had a brother Thomas HENLEY, who belonged to same Company. Thomas HENLEY is dead. I think the CHERRYS reside somewhere in Coffee Co., Tenn. and William HILL who has testified for me ... Mr. HENLEY was 66 years of age when he died. /S/ Susannah HENLEY."[These are the 2nd great- grandparents of Judy Henley Phillips and I believe 3rd great-grandparents of Charles A. SHERRILL.. I have placed a stone in the Henley Cemetery in Roark's Cove showing John's service in this war.]

35 HARGISS, John, John T. HARGIS, SC-2768 TN 30 Aug. 1892, Cherokee War Srv TN Vols

36 HILL, William, SC-1732 TN 5 Sep 1892, FL War Srv TN Vols. Franklin Co., TN Pension Claim of William HILL of Capt. CHERRY'S Co. of Tenn. Battalion Mounted Vol Spies on this 23 Aug. 1892 ... William HILL 76, resident of Alto, FCT. I belonged to Capt. Benj. CHERRY'S Company Tenn. Mounted Vols in Florida War 1837. I cannot remember what has been done with my discharge paper, but I am under the impression that it is on file with my claim for land warrants. I received two Land Warrants, but I do not remember the number of the claim. I have no papers in my possession to which I can refer. Nearly all of my old comrades have passed away very few now living. There is James P. LEE of Winchester, Tenn. who knew me in service, and William PARKS who was a member of my Company and now resides near Pelham, in Grundy County, Tenn. I will try and get the affidavits of these two to testify in my case. I am in feeble health and would respectfully ask early action in my case. /S/ William (his x mark) HILL. Wits.: W.L. JONES; John TURNER. Affidavit of James P. LEE, aged 86 resident of Winchester in FCT on 23 Aug. 1892. I am well acquainted with William HILL of Alto, FCT, have known him since 1837, and know him to be the man he represents himself to be as a late private in Capt. Benjamin CHERRY'S Co., Tenn. Batt. Mounted Vol. Spies. I was a private in Capt. Sanders FARIS'S Company of the same Battalion under Major LAUDERDALE. I was well and intimatley acquainted with the applicant William HILL while in service and since. He is now present and I know him to be the same man I soldiered with as before stated. We all went from this county together. CHERRY'S Comp. was made up in the uper part of FCT near Pelham in Grundy County, Tenn. and Sanders FARIS'S Company was made up around Winchester, Tenn. but all went out together under Major LAUDERDALE. We all enlisted in the Fall of 1837 and I think mustered in about 6 Nov. 1837 and we were discharged at Memphis, Tenn. in the Spring of 1838. I am no kin to William HILL, only an old friend and comrade and testify for him because I know him. /S/ James P. (his x mark) LEE. Wits. Sammie E. DENSON; Alice LEE. 17 Sept. 1892 William L. PARKS aged 72, resident of Pelham, Coffee Co., TN: I am well and personally acquainted with William HILL of Alto, FCT. I have known him ever since we soldiered together in 1837. We belonged to same Comp. and we have, you might say, resided in the same neighborhood ever since, but a few miles apart. I living in Grundy Co., Tenn. near FC line and he living in FC, near the Grundy Co. line. I know him to be the man that he represents himself to be, no doubt about it. We enlisted in same Comp., and went through the campaign together, and have lived near each other since. There is but three of us that I have knowledge of in my neighborhood that belonged to Ben. CHERRY'S Comp. Tenn. Mtd. Spies, and they are William HILL, the applicant, George W. SUMMERS, and myself, the rest have passed away. There is one or two more residing in remote part of this county. The Company was made up in this county, in my neighborhood near the line of Grundy and Franklin County and William HILL and I enlisted together, Soldiered together and returned to same neighborhood. /S/ W.L. PARKS. Henry UMBAUGH and David L. OAKLEY wit. another affidavit of William HILL on 25 Feb. 1893. HILL was then 77. A letter written with L.M. BAIRD'S General Merchandise letterhead on 7 Mar. 1894, Alto, Tenn. to Mr. William RULE U.S. Pension Agt., Knoxville, Tenn. Dear Sir, On Saturday the third of Feby at 10 oclock William HILL who has bin drawing a pension for Services rendered in the Indian war died. That was the day before his Voucher was to be Executed. I have bin appointed his administrator & having no experance in buisness of this kind write you to know how to proceed in the case, please answer as soon as convinient. /S/ A.J. HILL, Administrator.

37 HOWARD, David-
38 HAYES, William-

39 HARGISS, Abram, wid Louisa, SC-87 MO 27 Aug. 1892, WC-5619 MO 23 May 1900, FL War Srv TN Mtd. Vols

40 JONES, Benjamin F.-
41 KEENY, James-
42 KING, George-
43 KING, Wily-
44 LAXON, Charles-
45 LACKY, Abley-
46 LAXON, James-
47 LAMBERT, Westly-
48 MCDANIEL, Elijah-
49 MCFARLAND, William-
50 MILIAM, Wily [MILAM]-
51 MORRIS, Wilson-
52 MCKELVY, Copeland-
53 MILIAM, Coleman [MILAM]-
54 MILIAM, Thomas F. [MILAM]-
55 MILIAM, Ashford [MILAM]-
56 MOORE, Caleb-
57 MATLOCK, James M.-
58 MORRIS, John-
59 MARSHALL, Daniel-
60 MCKELVY, Jesse-
61 MORRIS, William F.-
62 NEVILL, Thomas E.-
63 OWEN, Benjamin W.-
64 ODEAR, Charles-
65 PRINCE, Nathan-
66 PATTERSON, Jackson-
67 PACK, William-

69 ROSE, George W., wid Polly SC-3354 TX 28 Dec. 1893 - WC-4903 TX 2 Aug. 1895 FL War Srv Cherry's TN Mtd. Vols

70 SMITH, Jefferson [name marked out]-

71 WILLIAMS, Thomas T. [name marked out], Thomas J. WILLIAMS SC-2468 FL 12 Nov. 1892, FL War Srv FL Vols

72 ROARK, John-
73 ROBERTS, Sidney-
74 ROSE, Thos. G.-
75 ROLLINS, Benjamin-
76 ROBERTS, George-
77 SARTAIN, James R.-
78 SARTAIN, Lovel D.-
79 SIMS, William-
80 SANDERS, Thomas-
81 STITH, Alexander-
82 STAFFORD, Joseph-

83 SOMERS/SUMMERS, George W., Wid Catharine SC-1050 TN 24 Oct. 1892, WC-5618 TN 25 May 1900, FL War Srv TN Vols

84 SMITH, Hiram R., Wid Mary WC-3231 AL 2 Feb. 1893 FL War Srv TN Vols

85 STAMPS, James W.-
86 SOMERS/SUMMERS, Anderson-
87 S[illegible], Daniel-
88 SIMS, Elisha H.-

89 SPAIN, William, Wid Nancy WA-5398 AR 26 Mar. 1894 FL War Srv TN Vols

90 SUTHERLAND, Westly W.-
91 SMITH, Elias-
92 SMITH, James W.-
93 THOMAS, Jonathan-
94 THOMPSON, Wm. N.-
95 TODD, Benjamin-
96 VIBERT, Peter-

97 WILEY, Peter, John J. WILEY alias Peter WILEY, wid Ibey alias Isabella, WC-1115 KY 14 Oct. 1892, FL War Srv Cherry's TN Vols

98 WALKER, John W.-
99 WILLIAMS, John L.-
100 WILLIAMS, Leroy P.-
101 YOUNG, Mordicai-

Another list as previous, but continues with: (enlisted 6 Oct. 1837)

GILLIAM, Charles, SC-3047 TX 7 Sept 1892, FL War Srv TN Vols

GILLIAM, Braddock-
KIRBEY?, Isaac-
GIBSON, Armon-
GILLIAM, Johnson H.-
LYNCH, James-
AILOR, John-
ROARK, Geo.?-
GOWN, John-
MILLER, John P.-

Not on these rolls: Beverly B. OWEN, wid Jane WC-3732 AR 3 Sept. 1892 FL War Srv TN Vols [He was in Coffee Co., TN early and married into the GIPSON family of Franklin County]
Not on these rolls, but believe of FC: Wm. CROWNOVER wid Rachel WA-6737 TN 11 May 1896 Srv in TN and AL Vols, BLW#52295-120-55.
Not on these rolls, but lived in the part of FC that became Coffee: Josiah GUNN, wid Juda, WC- 3405 TN 9 May 1894, FL War Srv AL Vols

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MUSTER ROLL Of Captain Sanders Faris Company of the Battalion Regiment from the 6th November 1837 at Ross Landing for six months. Two lists virtually the same except the spelling varies between the two lists. One list may be partially torn, but the name can be made out from the second list.

Transcribed by Judy Henley Phillips 1990

1 FARRIS, Sanders Capt., wid Clementine, WC-546 TN 2 Sep 1892, Srv 1837/8 in FL War, died 20 Dec. 1889, wid died in 1895?

1 ESTILL, Isaac 1st Ltn.
1 WOODS, Spencer 2nd Ltn.
2 HOLDER, Joseph 2nd Ltn.

1 FOSTER, James B. 1st. Sgt.
2 STAMPS, Daniel B.
4 STREET, Anthony

2 BOSTICK, John G.
3 WILLIAMS, Sherrod
4 STAMPS, Nathan B.


1 AILOR, John W.-
2 BENNETT, William-
3 BAGGETT, Abraham-
4 BROWN, Wade C.-
5 BYROM, Milton-
6 BRADLEY, John-
7 BLACK, John F.-
8 BASS, William-
9 BOYD, Francis-
10 BAKER, Samuel-
11 BOSTICK, Littlebury-
12 CAPE/COPE, David-
13 [C]ANE, Hiram H. CRANE-
14 COKER, Joseph-
15 CUSTER, Albert/Elbert W.-
16 CUSTER, John W.-
17 CRATON, James-
18 CLINE, John-
19 DAVIDSON, James-
20 DIXON, Thomas-
21 DARDIS, Wm. T./J.-
22 DAVIDSON, Ransom-
23 DAVIDSON, John-

25 FARRIS, Fletcher B., wid Martha, WC-1355 TN 7 Oct. 1892, FL War. 7 Oct. 1892 - Martha FARIS applied for Widow's pension, Application No. 1853, certificate No. 1355 on Fletcher Blackburn FARIS who was a private in Capt. Sanders FARIS' Co., Tenn Vols., Florida War. The papers show she died in apr. 1900. He died 18 Feb. 1879 and they lived at Sewanee, FCT. William HILL of CD 9 of Alto, age 77, gave his affidavit: I am well and personally acquainted with the claimant Martha FARIS who is the widow of Fletcher B. FARIS. I knew Fletcher B. FARIS in the army. I belonged to Capt. Benj. CHERRY'S company and Fletcher belonged to Capt. Sanders FARIS' Company of same Regiment, Tenn. Mounted Vols. I knew Soldier and claimant nearly all my life, and before they were married to each other. Neither Fletcher B. FARIS nor claimant had been previously married. I do not remember exactly the date of their marriage, but it was sometime about the year 1838 and they lived together as man and wife from date of their marriage until he died sometime in the early part of 1879, near Sewanee, FCT, and claimant has never remarried. These facts are obtained from a long an intimate acquaintance with both claimant and soldier having resided nearly all my life in same neighborhood of them and soldiered with Fletcher B. FARIS husband of Claimant. /S/ William (his X mark) HILL. Affidavit of D.S. LONG, Esqr., aged 78, CD 9, Decherd, TN: I am well and personally acquainted with Martha FARIS, widow of Fletcher B. FARIS of Capt. Sanders FARIS' Co., Tenn. Mounted Vol. Spies. I know the fact to be true that neither Claimant nor Soldier had been previously married. Claimants name was Miss Martha HENLEY and she was married to Fletcher B. FARIS in my neighborhood on or about July 21, 1838 by Rev. Wm. GUINN, a Methodist preacher and they lived and cohabited together as man and wife from that date until he died at or near Sewanee, Tenn. on or about 18th of Feb. 1879 and claimant has never remarried ... having known them from my boyhood, and I am 78 and having resided in the same neighborhood of them nearly all my life, and have been a magistrate of the 9th Dist. of FC for over 30 years. I was present at their marriage and witnessed the ceremony. I visited Fletcher B. FARIS in his last illness, but did not attend his burial, but remember about the time he died and know it to be an accepted fact that he is dead. /S/ D.S. LONG. Another affidavit of D.S. LONG; .... commanded by Sanders FARIS who is now dead and his widow Clementine FARIS has applied for pension.... affidavit of Joseph HOLDER, Cowan, FCT: ... We enlisted at Winchester, Tennessee together in Fall of 1837 and Soldiered together and returned to FC together and resided here from date of return up to the date of his death which occurred on or about the early part of 1879 in the 17th dist. of this county near Sewanee, Tenn. I have seen his widow, Martha FARIS several times, but not well acquainted with her, but I am quite sure she is the identical widow... /S/ Joseph HOLDER 2nd Lieut. in Co. commanded by Sanders FARIS. affidavit of Martha FARIS: I am the widow of Fletcher B. FARIS the above named soldier who was a member of Capt. Sanders FARIS' Company, Tenn. Vols. in the Seminole Indian Florida War of 1837 ... he never made application for pension ... /S/ Martha (her x mark) FARIS. Wits. S.S. MONTGOMERY; Allen GARNER. Another affidavit of Martha: I am the widow of FBF of Capt. Sanders FARIS' Comp. Tenn. Mounted Vol. Spies in Seminole Indian War of 1837. In reply to paragraph No. 4 will state the FBF, my husband was about 24 years of age when he enlisted. He was born at Winchester, Tennessee. He was about 6 feet 1 inches high, light complexion light hair and gray eyes and by occupation a farmer. He enlisted at Winchester, Tennessee on or about the 6th of Nov. 1837 and discharged at Baton Rouge, LA in the spring of 1838. I do not know the number of my husband's land warrant. I believe he received one tho. He was residing in FCT I reckon when he received it, but I cannot tell anything positive about it and do not know who procured it for him. In reply to paragraph No. 9 I will state that neither myself nor soldier had been previously married. I herewith attach to this affidavit a letter written by Soldier in the year 1862. It is all the writing that I am able to furnish which contains his signature. Wits.: W.M. COWAN; W.H. MONTGOMERY, R.J. GILLASPIE, J.P. Declaration made by Martha FARIS 10 Sept. 1890 says she is 73 born 12 Sept. 1819, FCT. Part of letter: ... the rest of the boys are well we are all well at this time and hope that you will soon regain your usual health I have nothing strange to write health is very good We hav had the warmest winter so fare that has ever been known in this country before but very little frost as yet times are hard that thare seames to be a good deal of money in the country yet property is verry high corn is worthe three dollars wheat one dollar and fifty cents bacon will be worth 20 or 25 cents hogs and cattle high you state in your letter you wanted me to buy you a sow and pigs which would be money well spent as I think Billey I will give you my best advise and I do not want you to think that I am wanting one cent of your wages which I do not for I think you [torn] ... that you may want this is the best stock that a man can have now you wanted me to write who I got my cows of I have bought two one from Thomas PRYER in Winchester I paid him twenty dollars in cash the other from Doctor MORE I paid his twenty five we get plenty of milk and butter I am working at my new ground and think it rather doubtful about getting any of the old lands. I hav a fine stand of wheat in and it looks well you must come home as soon as you can so nomore farewell give my respects to John P. & to John Horace & Bell Tom and tell them all to write to me /S/ F.B. FARIS. Billey I want to see you very bad you must try and come home and if you dont come write to me and send your likeness. /S/ Virginia FARIS. Billey you must come home and see us as I cant goe to see you you must send me some of your hare I will take good care of the mule. /S/ John FARIS. Billey I will be a good boy until you come home and you must bring me some candy. /S/ Moore FARIS.

26 FARRIS, Garland-
27 GUNN, Elisha-
28 GIPSON, William L.-
29 GILLIAM, Braddock H.-
30 GOWER, John-
31 GREER, Alexr. C.-
33 GUNN, Simpson-
34 GUTHRIE, West-
35 GIPSON, Armon-
36 GILLIAM, Johnson H.-
37 GILLIAM, Charles-
38 HOLT, Jackson-
39 HICKS, Perry G.-
40 HOLDER, Washington-
41 HOLDER, Cornelius-
42 HARDCASTLE, Enoch W.-
43 HOLT, Jacob-
44 IRVIN/IRWIN, Richard-
45 JONES, John H.-
46 JONES, Abner-
47 JONES, Laban-
48 KERSEY, Isaac-
49 LASATER, Richard-
50 LAMBERT, Howel-
51 LEE, James P.-
52 LASATER, John J.-
53 LYNCH, James-
54 LASATER, Thomas J.-
55 LASATER, Robert E.-
56 MCDANIEL, James-
57 MCCOY, William-
58 MORGAN, John-
59 MCLAUGHLIN, Richard-
60 MUSE, Hezekiah-
61 MILLER, John P.-
62 NORWOOD, Theophilus-
63 POE, James-
64 POWELL, Samuel-
65 POE, Lewis S.-
66 POE, John-
67 POSEY, James-
68 POSEY, Bartley-
69 RUNNELS, Dosiea T.-
70 RUNNELS, Barney M.P.-
71 ROWARK, Isal?-
72 RAY, Hiram-
73 RUNNELS, John
74 STEWART, William-
75 STAMPS, John S./T.-
76 SMITH, Andrew J.-
77 SANDRIDGE, Pendleton-
78 STANDIFER, William J.-
79 SWANN, Samuel-
80 STOVEALL, John D.-
82 TANKERSLY, Willis-
84 TAYLOR, Thomas L./S.-
85 WALLACE, Hiram-
86 WILLIAMS, Madison-
87 WILLIFORD, John S.-
88 WILLIAMS, Leonard-
89 WILLIAMS, William-
90 WAGNER, Solomon-
91 WILDER, William S.-
92 WEAVER, John-
93 YATES, William-

Additional names 31 Oct. 1837:
BOYD, George
SIMS, Elisha
STAMPS, James W.
FINNEY, Patton
JONES, Benj. F.

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The following pension on Robert Nelson Pylant is contributed by Joy Gallagher.
Bounty Land File #65810 for service during the Cherokee Indian War by Robert Nelson Pylant, second son of John and Martha "Patsy" A. Hilliard Pylant.
The State of Alabama County of Coosa The State of Alabama, County of On the 8th day of January A D one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one personally appeared before me a Judge of Probate...within and for the County and State aforesaid, Robert Pylant [listed in subsequent documents as Robert N. Pylant] aged thirty years, a resident of Coosa County in the State of Alabama, who being duly sworn according to Law, declares that he is the identical Robert Pylant who was a Private in the company commanded by Captain G. W. Hudlow, in the Tennessee Regiment of militia, commanded by Col. H. Youkim, in the War with the Cherokee Indians or aiding in removal of the same, in the year 1838 [other pages of file state 1836], that he volunteered at Franklin County State of Tennessee, on or about the seventh day of May 1838 [other pages of file state 1836], for the term of three months, and continued in actual service in said war for the term of about two months, and was honorably discharged at Fort Cass Tennessee, on the 12th of July A D 1838 as will appear by his original certificate of discharge herewith presented....

Robert N. Pylant's pension application #3728 for service during the Cherokee Indian War State of Florida County of Polk On this 8th day of June A.D., one thousand, eight hundred and ninety six personally appeared before me, W. H. Johnson, Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for the County and State aforesaid, R. N. Pylant aged 75 years, a resident of Homeland, County of Polk State of Fla. Who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical R. N. Pylant who served the period of ninety days in the Cherokee disturbance service of the United States in the Cherokee removal of the Cherokee Indians from the State of Tennessee, who enlisted under the name of R. N. Pylant at Winchester County of Franklin State of Tennessee on the 7th day of May 1836 as a Private in Company of Captain G. W. Hudlow's Co. Tenn. Vols. Commanded by Colonel H. Yokum and was honorably discharged as a Private at Calhoun Tenn. 1836. Since his discharge from said service he has resided as follows: I resided after discharge from said service in Coosa County Ala. about 15 years, have lived in Fla. since about 36 years Polk County....[later in file states his name is Robert Nelson Pylant and then signs it as such] Applicant declares that he was born at Jones Cross Roads, County of Wake and State of North Carolina, that he was at the date he rendered said service 16 years of age...

Tombstone in Homeland Cemetery, Homeland, Polk Co., FL inscribed:
Rev. R. N. Pylant
Sept. 5, 1820
Dec. 5, 1905

Bartow Courier-Informant-issue December 7, 1905, page 1, Death of R. N. Pylant. On Sunday last, December 3rd, Robert Nelson Pylant, an old and highly esteemed citizen of Polk County died at his home near Homeland in this county. Mr. Pylant was born in South Carolina [should be North Carolina-see pension application above] on the 5th of September, 1820 and was therefore more than eighty-five years of age at the time of his death. He removed to Florida in 1858 and after living in Tampa for several years came to Polk County and settled at Homeland, where he spent the remainder of his life. He was a soldier in the Confederate service during the war [no service record in this war has been found], serving his state faithfully in her time of need and since that time he has been one of her best citizens. He was not only a consistent Christian but labored in the vineyard of the Master for many years as a local preacher of the Baptist church. Mr. Pylant was twice married, his second wife surviving him [in fact, he was married three times]. He also leaves two daughters and one son and a large number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The daughters are; Mrs. B.F. Stokes and Mrs. L.H. LaRue [initials should be M. H.], and the son of J. B. Pylant, former county commissioner and at present game warden of the county. The burial took place at Homeland on Monday afternoon, the Masonic fraternity of which the deceased was a member, conducting it according to their beautiful and impressive ritual.

Robert N. Pylant's widow's pension application #10098 for his service during the Cherokee Indian War State of Florida Polk County. In RE N10098 Widow of Robert N. Pylant Before the undersigned authority personally appeared Frank Wilson who being first duly sworn deposes & says that he is a regular practicing physician in said County & State; that affiant was well acquainted with Robert N. Pylant in his lifetime; that affiant was his attending physician when he the said Robert N. Pylant died; that said Robert N. Pylant died on the 3rd day of December A. D. 1905; that affiant knows of his own knowledge that said Pylant is dead; that there is no public record kept of his death in this County, to wit, Polk County, Florida, in which said County, near the village of Homeland, the said Robert N. Pylant died as aforesaid. Frank Wilson M. D. Subscribed & sworn to before me this 20th day of February A. D. 1906 A. B. Ferguson Clerk Circuit Court Polk County, Florida

1850 Coosa Co., AL census nine households from his half-brother, John Allen Pylant
Robert N. Pylant 30 NC
Manurva 25 AL
Lenacen 6 AL
Eliza 3 AL
Warren 1 AL
Esther Casey 50 TN

Coosa Co., AL Marriage Book A, page 128: 20 July 1843 Robert N. Pylant and Minerva Casey married by Guy Smith, J. P.

1860 Hillsborough Co., FL census household #420/334
August 25, 1859 Robert N. Pylant married 2nd Susannah Carlton in Hillsborough Co., FL

1880 Polk Co., FL census Robert was a widower again with children Bordman J., Helen, Adella B. and Susan J. Robert was 60 born NC and his father and mother were born NC.

Putnam Co., FL Marriage Book A, page 193: October 12, 1881 Robert N. Pylant and Mrs. Elizabeth Howard [nee Barker] married in Orange Lake, Putnam Co., FL by Rev. William Carlton

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